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Aurora UFO crash remains a Texas alien mystery

Alien grave marker Aurora Tx

By John Boyd Aurora, Texas was Roswell before Roswell: a middle-of-nowhere town that suddenly became surrounded by legend when an alleged alien visitor crash-landed from outer space. On this date in 1897 the alien UFO allegedly smashed into a windmill belonging to Judge J.S. Proctor. It’s pilot, who an officer ...

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Scientists reconstruct ancient impact that dwarfs dinosaur-extinction blast

representation of the size of the asteroid thought to have killed the dinosaurs

Picture this: A massive asteroid almost as wide as Rhode Island and about three to five times larger than the rock thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs slams into Earth. The collision punches a crater into the planet’s crust that’s nearly 500 kilometers (about 300 miles) across: greater than ...

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Check it Out: Flying saucers to become a reality?

Kennedy Flying Sauser

FOX News: Douglas Kennedy reports on Florida company’s invention

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Shocking Ancient Discoveries

Egyptian temple wall at Abydos are strange hieroglyphics which depict what appears to be modern day aircraft.

“Well-Over” 2,000 Year Old Analogue Computer, Power Tools, Drones, and Instructions For Aircraft–Advanced Electromagnetic Weapons! (Videos and Photos) Ancient technology is fascinating, and mysterious. It is something that leaves science questioning their own pre-conceived notions based on, “If we haven’t seen it or do not understand it, it can’t possibly ...

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Did Iranian Fighters Battle UFOs?

F-14A Tomcat

FORBES As if the Iran-UFO connection (the Axis of Alien-ness?) couldn’t get any weirder, it now appears that the Iranian Air Force attempted to shoot down aircraft that didn’t seem very Earth-like. Before I go any further, the following does not come from a conspiracy Web site. It’s from an ...

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