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Einstein Was Right

Einstein was right again There is a space-time vortex around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of Einstein’s theory of gravity. Researchers confirmed these points at a press conference at NASA headquarters where they announced the long-awaited results of Gravity Probe B (GP-B). “The space-time around Earth appears ...

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Writings of LTC USAF (Ret) Donald M. Ware

LTC USAF (Ret) Donald M. Ware

Donald M. Ware LTC USAF (Ret); Fighter pilot, Teacher Truthseeker since 1952 BS in Mechanical Engineering, 1957, Duke University MS in Nuclear Engineering, 1972, AF Institute of Tech. Eastern Regional Director, MUFON, 1989-1993 Director, International UFO Congress, 1993 to 2010, WWW.ufocongressstore.com Participant, Sep. 2000 State of the World Forum Advisor, ...

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ROSWELL: Man behind UFO crash proof mixed up in string of alien hoaxes

The point of this article is “the everlasting search for proof”, that so many people smear with loads of (censured) false evidence. UFO’s are a money industry, you might as well realize it. You might as well understand that the bigger part of all proof of extra terrestrial life is ...

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Alternative wormhole hypothesis


True story   At 2 pm in the afternoon, I had a booked deliverance from C&W Food on wheels (or something like that). At 1:55 pm, five minutes before the expected deliverance I had to use the bathroom. I felt pretty stressed at the time, didn’t want to make the ...

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Proof of transparent UFO’s! – Added material

First of all, I think it’s a brilliant idea to hit me with challenges and questions. Keep Em coming!   Second, I planned yesterday’s article to be about an event that recently took place in UN. Scientists went together and sounded the alarm about electromagnetic waves causing brain tumors, from ...

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