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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #07 -- 2006
Feb 15, 2006, 14:31

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Moon Explosion Might Indicate Mining

 NASA scientists have observed an explosion on the moon. The blast, equal in energy to about 70 kg of TNT, occurred near the edge of Mare Imbrium (the Sea of Rains) on November 7, 2005. Several astronauts claimed to have seen construction and UFOs on the Moon an explosion could indicate mining or perhaps an accident.

"What a surprise," says Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) researcher Rob Suggs, who recorded the impact's flash. He and colleague Wes Swift were testing a new telescope and video camera they assembled to monitor the moon for meteor strikes. On their first night out, "we caught one," says Suggs.

Lights are frequently recorded on the moon going back to 1540. Often the lights are noticed within or near craters for extended periods of time ruling out meteor strikes. Aristarchus is a large crater on the edge of a plateau within northern Oceanus Procellarum has had 448 recorded Transient Lunar events many before electric lights existed on Earth. Its at the upper left side at 10 o'clock just left of the red spot.

Moon Can Solve Our Energy Problems


The lunar regolith. This picture was taken on July 20,

1969 by Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin NASA: AS11-40-5878.

Lunar samples of the smooth dark areas on the Moon's surface are called Maria (plural for mare; Latin for seas) have revealed an ample source for the Helium 3 isotope He-3 which is very rare on Earth, but can power nuclear fusion energy stations. He-3 is the key to safe fusion energy reactors. There is no radioactivity or threat of explosion. Vast amounts of He-3 exist in the Seas or dark areas of the Moon. A mining process would scrape up the top soil and heat to 900 degrees to obtain the He-3 that has been deposited by the solar wind over millions of years. A ton of He-3 is worth more than 3 Billion dollars. Much of Earth's future energy needs could be met by burning only 200 tons per year of He-3. The same soil would also provide vast amounts of oxygen and other minerals. The Artemis Project provides detailed analysis of the tremendous possibilities in returning to the Moon. There are indications that aliens are already at work.

If we examine some the photos taken by one of NASA's Lunar Orbiters in 1967, we see unidentified flying objects like Buzz Aldrin stated on the History Channel accompanied Apollo 11 to the Moon.

Anomalous Structures on the Moon

Stratton K Crater Moon coutesy of NASA

Keith Laney writes, Enlargements made from both Apollo and LO photography show anomalous structures out of the path of further deposition and wasting that have walls and buttresses higher than the natural terrain. Meteoric rain degrades them but straight walls within walls simply don't appear on levels higher than the highest points of crater flanks which some of the �archeology�s I've found seem to do. I believe these are remnants of structures that used to be much larger and more defined.

If there is a single, ancient, long-abandoned edifice on the moon, if there is a single object indicating earlier intelligence, if there is still one recognizable rock drawing to be found, then just think what such a find would do to our conventional history.

A Soviet scientist who defected to the West claims that photographs taken by an orbiting satellite clearly show the ruined temples of a civilization�on the planet Mars!

The 58-year-old scientist was a high-echelon member of an elite team that has worked on Vostok I and carried Yuri A. Gagarin the first man in space. He reports in 1982, a Soviet satellite reached Mars and beamed back photographs of a large city.

Mars Twin Towers

Norman Bryden writes, "It is difficult to display an image at this file size where structures can be seen on Mars. I have selected this portion of the Mars Global Surveyor photograph I discovered to help people possibly see what kind of structures may be on Mars. Although this section is nearing the limit of resolution, identifiable structures of geometric and large scale proportions can be seen.

I know the image is not the best quality, but I asked NASA for better pictures and clarification, but for some reason NASA prefers black and white hard to process photographs, and they do not respond to email.

To the top left of the section below are two very light markings. This looks to be the top of two twin towers or buildings reflecting light. Rectangular shapes can be seen standing up next to each other below the light markings. These rectangular blocks appear to have segmented levels as would be seen on buildings on Earth. Just above and slightly to the left of the dark lower left marking is another tower shaped building. What looks like windows or portals can be seen on the sides and top. If you follow the tube like structure to the upper right corner of the image, you can see a giant arm chair shaped structure.

Other structures can be made out at the intersections of the tubes. The standing structures can be identified by the shadows of one side to the lower right and the lighter sides to the upper left, with the lightest side on the top. Thanks to Norman Bryden Link to NASA image:

Mars Artificial Substances

Thanks to NASA/JPL Mars-2M178564842EFFAE03P29772M1

Bob writes from Australia, "I just wanted to point out something in first photo of Mars. Notice the rounded edge on the large piece of stone above the red box and also the rounded edge on the bottom of the piece to the left. They are smoothly rounded, as if plastered or shaped. Also on the large piece above the red square note the slightly raised edge at the back edge of the smooth surface. This is typical of a piece of molding being broken away from an adjoining wall to which it was fixed. Blessings, Bob

Extra-solar Planets Reach 170

Using a new technique called gravitational microlensing astronomers can spot worlds one-tenth the mass of our own. Researchers have discovered a potentially rocky, icy body that may be the smallest planet yet found orbiting a star outside our solar system. "This important research, partly funded by NASA, is providing us the opportunity to search for planets that could support life," said Zlatan Tsvetanov, Terrestrial Plant Finder program scientist at NASA Headquarters. Earth size planets can now be detected.

Located more than 20,000 light years away in the constellation Sagittarius, close to the center of our Milky Way galaxy, planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb is five-and-a-half times the mass of Earth. Orbiting a star one-fifth the mass of the sun at a distance almost three times that of Earth's orbit, the newly discovered planet is frigid . One web site concludes that 170 extrasolar planets have been found Thanks to NASA. � 2006 Jean Schneider (CNRS-LUTH,

Editor's Note: It would be foolish to assume all planets are barren without life. It is a lot of space to waste. Our UFOs are now circling Mars. We can assume advanced civilizations would be visiting our Earth.

Iraq General Georges Sada Says Weapons of Mass Destruction Flown to Syria

Publishers Weekly writes, Former Iraqi General Sada delivers a riveting inside account of Saddam Hussein's tyranny, in his new book, "Saddams Secrets" including confirmation of the existence and hiding of weapons of mass destruction. Despite being a Christian and refusing to join the Baath Party, Sada was promoted to Saddam's inner circle for his honest advice. Sada criticizes most countries and the United Nations (whose workers he accuses of accepting bribes) for their complicity in propagating Saddam's regime. But he strongly praises Operation Iraqi Freedom. Snip

General Georges Sada the second highest ranking officer in the Iraqi air-force claims that the illusive Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) were flown aboard 747's and 727's to Syria. They were disguised as humanitarian aid for Damascus' victims of a dam break. The specially equipped planes ran 56 flights from Baghdad to Damascus to airlift, raw materials as well as refined weapons. The remainder of the weapons were moved to Syria via 18 wheel trucks. He claims the intelligence of the US, Russia, UK, Egypt were correct until the weapons were moved. There is a large pile of captured Iraqi military documents that also prove the existence of the WMD. Thanks to Publishers Weekly and Muscle Head.

California Photo of UFO

Los Angeles Ana Luisa Cid Reports: "The image of the Zeppelin belongs to Eduardo Garc�a and was taken on February 8, 2006 in Los Angeles, California at 5:52 p.m. using a Nikon D-70 camera. These photos were taken with a digital camera and suggest the possible presence of "chance UFOs" that were not visually noticed by the witnesses. Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid Thanks to Scott Corrales, (translation (C) 2006, IHU

Connecticut UFO Photos

FALLS VILLAGE � George writes, " I have been researching sky and weather phenomena seriously since March 7, 2005 from my locale and have taken pictures of a remarkable variety of craft. Photos were taken between March and October 10, 2005. I have some bazaar photos taken with my 1970's era Konica 35 mm camera using Kodak or Fuji 200 asa film.

They are processed at the local CVS store. I use photo shop to organize and format the presentation. The only things I do to photos are blow ups, contrast and brightness controls to enhance. Thanks to George NaytowhowCon.

New Hampshire Sighting

Squam lake -- My aunt Eleanor writes, "As for the UFO's, this family is a FIRM believer." When Kim and Becky were in grade school we were at Squam Lake for the night and my folks were there, too. My father, my two sisters, myself and a couple of the kid's friends watched two of them performing practically over our heads. After about three hours one of them landed in the lake quite near us. It was a dark moonless night and all we could make out was sort of a big blob sitting there. When we went to bed it was still there but gone in the morning. We also found out that they can control your mind---or make you think that you are seeing things that you are not seeing. They made it so that we could see the head of the lake, so part of our attention was taken away from them while we discussed the fact that we had never been able to see that far up before. In the AM all was normal, wecould not see the head of the lake! Thanks to Rod Morrill

New Jersey Three Lights in Row

DELRAN � On January 25, 2006, the witness was driving on Route 130 and Bridgeboro Road around 6 PM, and saw in front of me three orange spheres of light on a clear night at an unknown distance. They were in a horizontal row just floating there for about ten seconds. Then, they disappeared one by one in a row. I turned down a side road to see but they had disappeared. A drawing of the incident is attached. Thanks to MUFON

Sewell --I was standing by my shed and looking up in the north sky at a bright star just before dusk, on July 20, 2001, at 8:30 PM. It was still light outside when I noticed slightly to the right of the star, a large black doorway with silvery objects going in to it. Some objects were coming out. It only lasted for about a minute then the black rectangle shifted sideways and disappeared. This, also, happened the next couple of nights, then suddenly stopped. Thanks to MUFON HQ.

New Mexico Disc at Rocket Launch

White Sands Missile Range � Edward P Bedy writes, "I was an engineer working on the NASA rocket program for 26 years." I didn't work that particular rocket because I had been back a Goddard Space Flight Center near D.C.. But I have over 850 launches under my belt.

On this morning in June of 1967, we were having a rocket launch at 8:20 AM. Since I had been traveling, I was excused from the actual launch. I was standing in front of Navy Headquarters with 9 other people, looking east to the launch site ten miles across the range. We were listening to the range radio net, that was giving the countdown, when someone said, "Look at that!" He was pointing to some object that was flying a circular pattern directly above the launch area. At times the object just appeared as a small black dot except at the right and left edges of the orbit it would reflect the sun and appear as a shining object.

This is astounding because the whole valley is covered by numerous radars, including those at Holloman AFB. The skies over WSMR are restricted airspace, and if a plane or other object flies over the range, the range goes to red status and no one can launch anything. The object evidently had not been detected by any of the radars and the countdown continued.

We saw the rocket rising from the launch pad and the 1/4 inch disk was pacing along side the rocket, going straight up. All of us saw this, and I know we did not possess an aircraft at that time that could fly straight up and pace that rocket. I can't explain it. Thanks to Chris Augustin Alien/UFO/Paranormal Investigator

LORDSBURG -- Benjie Medina writes, "I keep my eye out for UFOs and we are seeing and video taping them on a regular basis. I'm also writing to let you know we've got some new video on January 2, 10, 15 and 24th. I think you'll like it. We're interested in showing the truth. The aliens found us that is for sure. May you have the Peace of Jesus with you. Thanks to Benjie Medina.

New York Cylinder

TICONDEROGAOn July 2, 1998, Frank Soriano video taped this cylinder shaped object high above St. Mary's Church steeple at 8 PM. No aircraft was heard by Frank or on the video. The cylinder does not have wings or tail. Frank felt compelled to go outside and shoot the sky. The object was moving south to .north UFO apparently moved backward in the last photography. Thanks to Frank Soriano

Ohio Videos

FOSTORIA � George Ritter continues to video tape UFOs and has over 500 video tapes with hundreds of UFOs, birds, planes and insects. He sets up the cameras and video tapes for several hours. He then examines each frame. George is planning on video taping with infra red capable cameras since many UFOs are known to operate in that type of light at high speed. Occasionally, I spot them with the naked eye while taping. He can film on a scientific repeatable basis. Thanks to George Ritter for his donation to these files. Photos Copyright 2006

Pennsylvania Three Football Fields Long

Schwenksville --I live right across from the Perkiom Valley Library so I was returning a book on January 14, 2006, at 9:35 PM, that was over due. I noticed a huge moving light in the sky about thirty yards away from me. Must of been at least three football fields long, huge. I can only image how big it is up close, it was huge. There were three rows of lights, top, bottom and middle. The top and bottom rows were plain yellow lights,the middle row was an intense red shining light. The very intense light nearly blinded me. And strangely a big gust of wind was blowing. It wad a weird shape to it, like a star- like triangle, cylinder shape. I didn't get a chance to get my camera, but by the time I went back outside, it was still moving behind some trees. I believe some other people saw it, too. Two orthree3 cars pulled over. I have seen others in the past but not as huge as this one.

Tennessee Two UFOs Fly Along Ridge line

Kingsport -- Reports were received by AUFORC from two different witnesses on January 30, 2006, that a pair of round orange objects were seen maneuvering over Bays Mountain at 5:50 AM. The first witness had gone out to get his newspaper, when he saw the pair of objects traveling northeast, along the ridge line. One object proceeded slowly along, and the other object dipped almost touching the trees and then ascended. It then hovered, then descended into the trees and out of sight. The other object proceeded out the ridge line and out of sight. Both witnesses have reported approximately the same events and live near each other. Neither witness heard any sound but one witness stated that his dog was going hysterical at the time. This area is over Holston Army Ammunition Base, a British Aerospace facility. Also of note, witnesses described the light emitted from these objects as not very bright and appearing as something would if it were simply very hot and glowing. Thanks to Kim Shaffer

Texas UFO Photographed

Kaufman -- I was taking photos of this small plane on January 24, 2006, about 5:30 PM,. because it was traveling fairly fast. I couldn't make it out too good through the viewfinder and thought it may not be a plane. I took five photos of the plane and this object was in just one of them. I'm thinking it could be something else. Thanks to � lawwalk 2006 and

Canada Sightings Continue

Scarborough � Paul Shishis, "I have a report of another "unknown" seen with my own eyes." At work on January 27, 2006, I was looking out the dock window above a transport truck ready to pull out at 1 PM. I noticed a white" rod" type object about a foot long and thickness would be a guess of a few inches. It moved "very' fast over the truck about 10 feet and over our workplace roof. I witnessed this for about 2-3 seconds because of it's speed. That might explain the black helicopter hanging around once again. I have also attached a picture of craft from Sunday moving in unison. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Oshawa, Ontario --On January 27, 2006 after 1 PM, the picture was taken to the southwest over Lake Ontario. I could see some white objects moving and flashes in that area of the sky. There appears to be two different shaped objects. One an oblong in a vertical position and the other, a much rounder shaped object. I had taken three other photo's within a minute of the same part of the sky but no other objects were seen in those. On January 27, 2005, a year ago I took my "first" pictures of multiple objects. Thanks to Brian Vike

Finland the Inferior Mirage

Pekka Parviainen who writes for Virtual Finland reports, "Inferior mirages are quite common. For instance, the water seen on desert sand or on hot pavement is a mirage of sky above the hot sand or asphalt. Mirages are not optical illusions, as many people think." They are real phenomena of atmospheric optics, caused by strong ray-bending in layers with steep thermal gradients. Because mirages are real physical phenomena, they can be photographed.

The ship and light house are mirages. They exist in another location.

Optical illusions, on the other hand, are perceptual quirks of human vision, in which the observer sees something that does not exist physically. Of course, the distorted images produced by mirages may elicit optical illusions, when an observer misinterprets the scene �Landing aircraft in films or car races on television are often filmed from a point quite close to the surface of the hot tarmac of the runway or race track. This means that below the car or plane, you can see a mirage of the sky, but also an inverted image of the actual car or plane � its inferior mirage.

If you look at an object along the wall of a house which is warmed by the sun, you can often see a mirage of the object very close to the surface of the wall. Inferior mirages by the sea in autumn are worth investigating by trying out different observation heights: the higher you are as you watch the phenomenon, the less visible it becomes. Meanwhile, the lower you go to watch the phenomenon, the thicker the slice that the mirage 'cuts' off the horizon to project the inferior mirage on. Sailors know this phenomenon well: islands look suspended in mid-air. Thanks to

Gulf of Mexico Oil Platform UFO

OIL PLATFORM OF LOGWOOD -- Rossana Tejeda, the leader of the Sleeper of Orizaba, reports for Jaime Maussan and For several days my friend who we will call Juan Pablo because he wishes to remain anonymous sent photos to me that captured a strange object. Juan Pablo was taking photos of impressive squalls in the Gulf of Mexico with his digital camera and never imagined that he could also capture something else. An apparent metal object was detected in the clouds. Thanks to Rossana Tejeda, the leader of the Sleeper of Orizaba, reports for Jaime Maussan and

Italy "Olympic Games and UFOs

Turin -- The Italian Newspaper, La Stampa, reported, "In Turin the countdown for the beginning of the winter Olympic Games 2006 has already started. It is a very important event. "Perhaps a too important event to be ignored by the Extraterrestrial Intelligence constantly visiting the Earth and perhaps would explain the weird sightings that occurred in these last few days in Carmagnola Turin. One of these anomalous unidentified flying objects was photographed by a witness, Saverio Mirabelli, living in Carmagnola, very close to the town where the next Olympic Games will take place.

"The advance of the object was preceded by a "kind of lighting coming from far away. Subsequently a ball of light came out from the trees, emitting a sort of "whisper". Source: LA STAMPA/Torino/Nord Ovest - 7 February 2006)

Mexico: UFO Photographed

MEXICO CITY Airport --The photo of the airliner was taken by this writer in the vicinity of Mexico City International Airport on November 17, 2005 at 2:57 p.m. using a Samsung UCA-505 camera. These photos were taken with a digital camera and suggest the possible presence of "chance UFOs" that were not visually noticed by the witness. Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid

(translation (C) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU

UK Cylinder Over England


NORTHWOOD MIDDLESEX � Cylinder shaped objects have been photographed near over Northwood NATO base and RAF Stanmore in Middlesex. The craft appears very small and was taken on my friends digital camera. It is an early generation camera and had almost no zoom, if we had a zoom lens the pictures would have been far better. We were unable to view the craft through the viewfinder on the camera so it was 'point and click'. You will need to zoom into the picture to see the craft better. Photos are � 2006 ATS. Thanks to Brian Vike

Family Disaster Plan

Over a foot of snow hit my area Sunday, and I have been predicting earthquakes so here are some tips. Plan how your family will stay in contact if separated by a disaster; pick two meeting places: 1) a location a safe distance from your home in case of fire; and 2) a location outside your neighborhood in case an evacuation prevents you from returning home. Choose an out-of-state friend as a "check-in contact" for everyone to call. Try to keep cell phone use to a minimum to avoid overwhelming the system.

Emergency Supplies Kit

Whether it's the threat of bio terrorism or a severe winter storm, citizens are always encouraged to prepare for emergencies. Assemble supplies you might need if confined at home or evacuated due to an emergency. Items you will need in an evacuation should be stored in an easy-to-use container such as a backpack or duffle bag.

Your Kit Should Include:

� A supply of water (at home, keep at least a three-day supply for each person�one gallon per person per day is recommended).

� A supply of non-perishable packaged or canned food and non-electric can opener.

� Blankets or sleeping bags.

� A change of clothing, rain gear and sturdy shoes.

� A first aid kit and prescription medications.

� A battery-powered radio, flashlight and plenty of extra batteries.

� An extra set of car keys.

� Credit cards and cash.

� A list of family physicians and their telephone numbers.

� A list of important family information and documents such as insurance policies, immunization records, bank account numbers, important telephone numbers; include the style and serial number of medical devices such as pacemakers. Keep these records in a water-proof container.

� Special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members.

� Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses and supplies needed by frail elderly or people with disabilities. Make plans for childcare in case parents can't get home.


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