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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #39 - 2007
Sep 26, 2007, 10:57

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NASA Orbiter Finds Possible Cave Skylights on Mars




This story is a major breakthrough that Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA suggest underground caves with skylights suggesting possible or former life on Mars that Norman Bryden and other researchers have been reporting for years in these files for years.

JPL RELEASE: 07-207 Possible Cave Skylights

PASADENA, Calif. - Jet Propulsion Laboratory released data that, NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has discovered entrances to seven possible caves on the slopes of a Martian volcano. The find is fueling interest in potential underground habitats and sparking searches for caverns elsewhere on the Red Planet.

Very dark, nearly circular features ranging in diameter from about 328 to 820 feet puzzled researchers who found them in images taken by NASA's Mars Odyssey and Mars Global Surveyor orbiters. Using Mars Odyssey's infrared camera to check the daytime and nighttime temperatures of the circles, scientists concluded that they could be windows into underground spaces.

Evidence that the holes may be openings to cavernous spaces comes from the temperature differences detected from infrared images taken in the afternoon and in the pre-dawn morning. From day to night, temperatures of the holes change only about one-third as much as the change in temperature of surrounding ground surface.

"They are cooler than the surrounding surface in the day and warmer at night," said Glen Cushing of the U.S. Geological Survey's Astrogeology Team and of Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Ariz. "Their thermal behavior is not as steady as large caves on Earth that often maintain a fairly constant temperature, but it is consistent with these being deep holes in the ground."

A report of the discovery of the possible cave skylights by Cushing and his co-authors was published online recently by the journal Geophysical Research Letters."Whether these are just deep vertical shafts or openings into spacious caverns, they are entries to the subsurface of Mars," said co-author Tim Titus of the U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff. "Somewhere on Mars, caves might provide a protected niche for past or current life, or shelter for humans in the future." The discovered holes, dubbed "Seven Sisters," are at some of the highest altitudes on the planet, on a volcano named Arsia Mons near Mars' tallest mountain.

The features have been given informal names to aid comparative discussion. They range in diameter from about 100 meters (328 feet) to about 225 meters (738 feet). The candidate cave skylights are (A) "Dena," (B) "Chloe," (C) "Wendy," (D) "Annie," (E) "Abby" (left) and "Nikki," and (F) "Jeanne." Arrows signify north and the direction of illumination.

The new report proposes that the deep holes on Arsia Mons
probably formed as underground stresses around the volcano
caused spreading and faults that opened spaces beneath the
surface. Some of the holes are in line with strings of bowl-
shaped pits where surface material has apparently collapsed to
fill the gap created by a linear fault.

The observations have prompted researchers using Mars Odyssey
and NASA's newer Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to examine the
Seven Sisters. The goal is to find other openings to underground
spaces at lower elevations that are more accessible to future
missions to Mars.

"The key to finding these was looking for temperature anomalies
at night - warm spots," said Phil Christensen of Arizona State
University, Tempe, principal investigator for the Thermal
Emission Imaging System on Mars Odyssey. That instrument
produced both visible-light and infrared images researchers used
for examining the possible caves. Solar illumination comes from the left in each frame. The volcano is Arsia Mons, at 9 degrees south latitude, 239 degrees east longitude. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/USGS


Israel Attacks Syria's Nuclear Weapons Site

The London Sunday Times said, "Shortly after midnight on September 6, 2007, the 69th F-15I squadron crossed the Syrian coastline to attack an underground Syrian nuclear storage facility. The Israeli attack came just three days after a North Korean ship docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, thought to contain nuclear equipment sold to Syria. One of the pilots involved said they operated under such strict operational security that the airmen flying air cover for the attack aircraft did not know the details of the mission. The pilots who conducted the attack were briefed only after they were in the air, he said.

The Israeli F-15s aircraft dropped their external fuel tanks near the Turkish border and may have passed over Turkey. It was a large-scale operation involving eight planes, F-16s as well as F-15s, and they were armed with Maverick missiles and bombs weighing 400 pounds. This was likely a rehearsal for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Former Iraqi General Georges Sada the second highest ranking officer in the Iraqi Air Force claimed Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Air Force flew WMD equipment to Syria just prior to the beginning of the Iraq war. General Sada in his book, "Saddam's Secrets" confirmed the existence and the hiding of weapons of mass destruction in Syria. General Sada claims that the illusive Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) were flown aboard 747's and 727's to Syria. The Israeli’s had bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, and are expected to attack Iran’s nuclear bomb manufacturing facilities.

Syria's young ruler,
Bashar al-Assad, has mildly protested the attack and no casualties were reported. Unlike its destruction of an Iraqi nuclear reactor, Israel made no announcement of the recent raid and imposed strict censorship on reporting by the Israeli media. Arab leaders have remained silent.

Israel fears Syria will try to mount a nuclear warhead on their North Korean-manufactured Scud-C missiles. Syria now possesses about 100 North Korea Scud-Cs, with chemical warheads from Iraq. On September 13, 2007, Syria announced that its forces had opened fire on an Israeli aircraft that had infiltrated its airspace and dropped bombs on its territory. It has said that it is weighing an appropriate response to the Israeli "aggression".

Iran Building New Saegheh Jet Fighters


TEHRAN -- Iranian Air Force pilots on Thursday successfully completed a test flight of two domestically manufactured fighter jets, that are similar to the US Navy’s F-18 fighter. These aircraft are equipped with much more powerful engines. Iran is building its own aircraft called the Saegheh, which means lightening in Farsi. The two aircraft will officially join the Iranian Air Force on Saturday." Thanks to the Official Islamic Republic News Agency.

California UFO Triangle 

ACTON -- I took about four pictures several seconds apart of a fire on September 2, 2007. I'm in Tujunga and we can see the fire just popping over the ridge here at 7:20 PM, when I took the pictures. I didn't notice the black object until I showed them to my husband. The object appeared in that single picture and we've been watching intently to see if maybe it was a helicopter, but have not seen any in the sky. The cause of the fire is supposedly lightning and it's 102 degrees + right now. Of all four photos taken within seconds of each other starting at 7:12 PM, the first three are void of anything then bam, something is in the last photo.

Investigator's Notes: The object in the photo does not resemble a helicopter nor a bird. Given available data I don't know the identity of this object. The object was not seen visually and was only noticed in the last of four photos indicating the object suddenly appeared. The photos were taken with a Kodak Z730 Zoom Digital Camera. (Maximum resolution is 5 megapixels.) Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Great Lakes Mysteries


Several people have claimed there is an underwater base in Lake Ontario. Hugh Cochran who wrote the book, "The Great Lakes Triangle" is absolutely convinced there is something going on out there particularly in Lake Ontario. His book has numerous reports of something going on and under the Great Lakes. Some reports date back to the 1700’s, and continue to today. Discs and orbs are being seen diving into and leaving the lakes. Numerous reports occur near Toronto and Nuclear Power Stations in the area. Researchers have also collected reports of huge triangles surfacing in the Great Lakes and flying away. Lake Ontario seems to be a center of activity although all the lakes have quality reports. Numerous boats, ships and aircraft have disappeared flying over the area adding to the mystery.

Idaho Photo of Cylinder UFO


Around 5:30 PM, I was parked at the Samuels Service Center when I saw some interesting cloud formations so I started to snap photos on my Minolta digital camera set on continuous shooting taking a shot every 1/10 second, on the largest file size - 2274 X 1704.

I wasn't aware of anything unusual until I loaded the photos and noticed an object on the very right hand side of a photo. After having my husband look it over today, he advised me to write. On frame 97, I had the camera a bit more to the left. Then on frame 98, I moved to the right and caught the image. On frame 99, the object is gone. I have more photos of the area taken at the same time from different angles and also the exact same angels, but at different times. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Orb, Update on O’Hare Airport Sighting


CHICAGO MIDWAY AIRPORT – I was driving home from work taking I-55 south to exit at Cicero Avenue near Midway Airport on September 19, 2007. I was on the I-55 when traffic came to a dead stop near Wentworth Avenue then moved a few feet every couple minutes. The typical scenery here is lots of Midway Airport plane traffic. Except, I noticed a golden red contrail like on fire inside with a ball of light going down not up. I could not see an aircraft attached. The contrail was very short and vertical hovering about 200 feet above the southbound side of traffic. I was wondering what it could be; contrails don't go from the ground up. Seeing contrails is normal around all this airplane traffic, but not going up like this.

Then I saw a flash of silver light about half a mile in the distance. It was a whitish/silver orb about 300 feet altitude moving slightly during a minute of observation. So now I am watching two odd things in the sky. When I turned my attention back to the contrail I saw that it had changed to a rocket like white/blue contrail with a small black round ball at the top. Then as I drove the orb/disc reappeared on the other side of the south bound traffic hovering near the contrail. A commercial aircraft flew right over these two objects. The orbs/disc were the size of about four of those large work-out balance balls put together.

After two minutes, the orb/disc disappeared into thin air and I drove right underneath the rocket contrail and could almost touch it. I lost track of it but traffic eased and I again saw the same hovering orb/disc. As I reached my Cicero exit, I could see over the train tracks the orb hovering really low and next to the setting sun at 7:30 PM. Thanks to MUFON CMS

CHICAGO O'HARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Bill Puckett updates the November 7, 2006, sighting. Recent analysis reveals that some radar data may not have been released by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA Tower Logs reveal that United Airlines personnel reported the flying disc to the FAA - (PDF)

Voice Tapes (MP3) Reveal Discussion of Flying Disk as follows:

Tape 1 - United Airlines reports disk to FAA Area Supervisor from 4:30 to 4:32 PM.

Tape 2 - Inquiry to Tower regarding sighting of flying disk from 4:52 to 4:53 PM.

Tape 3 - United confirms flying disk to FAA Operations Manager from 4:47 to 4:49 PM.

Tape 4 - FAA Incoming Ground Control alerts pilots that flying disk is sighted above airport gate from 4:55 - 5:00 PM.

Further analysis reveals that cloud layer above the airport is over 7,000 feet thick and what could blow a hole in a 7,000 foot cloud??


This map shows numerous airport radar returns during the times the disk was sighted. No radar returns are recorded prior to and after the event. Legend: Radar Echoes Are Designated as Circles With Black Center & White Edges

The radar plot from 4:25 to 4:29 PM, Central Standard Time shows only one echo within several miles of the O'Hare Terminal and Gate C17 (denoted as red cross on map). The flying disk was first sighted at 4:30 CST and apparently hovered for several minutes before departing at a rapid rate of speed. Although no radar returns were seen above gate C-17 several radar returns appeared about 0.5 miles west of the runway from 4:30 to 4:35 PM, when the disk was in sight. This is an unusual occurrence. One would think that if the echoes were birds or some other phenomenon detected by radar that the pattern wouldn't be specific to when the flying disk was present.

WEATHER RADAR shows one return about 3 miles south of Gate C17. Doppler weather radar was analyzed using three sets of data. The first set was from 4:25 PM, the second from 4:35 PM, (flying disk was visible at this time), and the third at 4:45 PM. The analysis showed that only the 4:35 PM data set showed any echoes close to where the disk had been sighted above Gate C17). The other two data sets did not show any echoes (returns) close to Gate C17. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Indiana UFO Photo


I was at home working on my artwork on May 30, 2006, during a very bad thunder storm going on. When it was over I noticed the sun came out and thought it was in the right position for a rainbow. Instead I witnessed a beautiful cloud formation and started taking pictures and didn't notice anything unusual until I downloaded them into my PC and saw "UFO's" around the clouds.


I became very excited and maybe a bit scared and I figured right away it was an UFO. I was snapping the pictures rather fast. I have shown them to a couple people and they believe as I do that it was not an airplane. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky Man Shoots UFO in front of the Moon


MOREHEAD – Channel 26 reports, Jeromy Staggs was filming the lunar eclipse on August 28, 2007, when he captured a strange object crossing the face of the Moon.

Jeromy describes the object as being T shape with a square underneath it that floated across the lower part of the moon. He contacted the Morehead Space Research Center that indicated this was no known object such as the Space Shuttle. Thanks to Channel 26 WtvQ

Montana Disc and Cylinder Photo


While traveling west on US 90 on September 6, 2007, at 11:12 AM, my wife was taking pictures of the beautiful landscape. I was driving about 75 miles per hour and she shot the pictures through our Ranger truck front and side windows. When we got home yesterday and loaded the pictures from my Canon S60 digital camera set onto my computer and viewed them I saw objects I can't identify.

Picture #6 has at least 4 objects and #7 has one (upper sky left). At the time neither of us saw them. Thanks to Jerry Schilling and MUFON CMS
New Jersey Rectangular Object Possible Abduction.

ATLANTIC OCEAN – A string of reports of sightings have occurred over the ocean during September. I'm looking for eye witnesses to these sightings. Coast Guard boats and helicopters have been launched to investigate the strange red and green lights plus flares over the ocean. Some reports indicate craft were seen diving into the ocean. Please contact [email protected]

NEWARK -- Three beings with large heads, about 4 feet 3 inches in height, examined me while I was on the floor of my bedroom paralyzed at 4 AM, in September of 1994. I could not move my mouth to speak, but somehow I knew that I could communicate with these being telepathically. I asked what was happening to me and the one closest to me sent me a telepathic message that, "I was dying and they were trying to prevent it." I became a little nervous then. The other two beings were positions to my left, near my left leg as their hands touched my abdomen area. Their touch seemed tingly, as if static electricity was coming from them.

Suddenly, I began to get sleepy and I asked, "What is going on with me now?", and the one closest to my head telepathically said that I was getting sleepy because I was receiving something similar to an anesthetic. I just remember getting sleepier and sleepier until I blacked out. When I woke up, I was in the exact spot on the floor where the beings were examining me. I had fallen asleep in my bed, now I'm lying on the floor, opposite the position that I went to bed in. My abdomen was still tingling from where these beings had touched me. This was very, very real. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New York Rectangle Drawing


OGENSBERG -- On August 19, 2007, at 9:45 PM, I witnessed a number of weird objects and all of sudden I had this white light object go over my backyard and witnessed a major power-up. I then moved to the middle of my backyard and caught a glimpse of this object. It was completely silent and without lights and the craft was so low that the city's street lights were illuminating the object.

I would guess that the object was at least two stories high minimum and over 3/4 of a city block long. It was incredible. On its side there were these 3-D circles, not flat. I live in a small city and there's just a small airport here nothing military nearby less than 50 miles away. It was one of the best and stirring sightings of this year. I only have access to paint from Microsoft to make this sketch of the object. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

North Carolina Flying Oval


CARLBORO -- I am just writing to let you know that you can add my name to the list of persons who have experienced the unusual concave scoop mark upon waking up. I woke up one morning in early March, 2003 with what until today I assumed was a spider bite on the inside of my left arm, half way between the wrist and elbow. It exactly matched the "scoop mark" you posted in several other reports. I had significant swelling with my entire inner arm inflamed from wrist to elbow. The "hole" itself never bled, but it eventually turned a sickly black.

I never had a Doctor check out the hole, I sorely regret the decision. It may have been diagnosed as a punch biopsy. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Ohio Bright Orange Lights

FOSTORIA – George Ritter took this still photo taken from a video of a craft above a nearby farm not far from Lake Eire. George indicates his videos may show a type of energy that surrounds the craft and tends to distort the video. Often craft appear to enter or fly out of the ground. Sometimes the craft appear and disappear suddenly as if entering a portal, a worm hole or another dimension. I have seen what appeared to be thousands of flying bees massing and forming a disk shaped object as they landed. Obviously the UFOs operate with advanced technology that often makes them appear to us as magic. They seem to broadcast the craft through time and space like we broadcast a TV signal. The small particles are usually not seen as they move from one place to another. We have video of disc shaped clouds dissipating at one point in the sky and moving to another. Almost like one bath tub emptying and one a mile away filling. The Star Trek statement, "Beam me up Scottie may be a reality."


Sometimes UFOs are seen within clouds and may be absorbing energy creating a cloud of condensing water. Other times when the craft are radiating heat the clouds will start to dissipate. We can speculate that there is some kind of portal or traffic corridor a few miles from Lake Eire. The underground area is honey combed with caves. There are numerous reports of UFOs operating near known underground caves and bodies of water which make ideal hiding places. Thanks to George Ritter for his photos.

South Carolina Triangular UFO Over Ocean

MYRTLE BEACH -- My husband and I were on vacation September 10, 2007, at the Ocean Park Resort’s 12th floor, ocean view. I am a " night" person, I had just decided to go in for the night at 2:50 AM, when I noticed three lights, two white, and a small red one in the southeastern sky. They did not appear to be moving and were totally soundless. I grabbed my binoculars and what I saw, was NOT a plane. It was very large and appeared to be triangular with numerous lights. This object was at least five times longer then a passenger jet. I was able to see a cluster of many white lights on the far end. In the middle of these bright white lights, there was one small green light. I sat outside and watched this object for an hour and a half, it did not move, it just " sat " there in the sky, about 200 feet above the ocean. The white lights on the back end changed frequently, some appeared to go off while others came on. The red light in the front and the green light in the rear always remained small without blinking, while the white lights at times changed in size.

After an hour and a half, it started slowly moving toward me, until it was directly in front of our hotel, then it stopped. It stayed motionless and soundless for about 15 minutes. I was so scared that I quickly closed the drapes to " hide " from it! I did continue watching peering though the sliding glass doors while pushing the drapes aside enough so I could see. After about 15 minutes, it turned directly toward the open ocean and slowly glided away. I was able to see clusters of white lights on either end and directly in the middle was the small green light I had detected earlier. The white lights often changed in size and in brightness, five would " go out " and ten would " come on." I dared to venture outside on the balcony again and watched it as it just drifted out of sight, over the ocean. The entire viewing lasted one hour and 50 minutes. The next day I spoke to several of the hotel employees and guests, but no one had seen it.

Investigator's Notes: The witness has issued a very detailed report and is quite explicit in her description. She was obviously quite frightened by her experience and was convinced that she saw something that defied explanation. Her description of the lights is similar to the many reports that are made of triangular shaped objects. Unfortunately no other witnesses have come forward. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Texas Photographs of UFO


SHERMAN -- On September 15, 2007, I was photographing northern stars ten miles east of town 50 miles north of Dallas. I was not looking through the camera lens as I took the photos, while talking with my wife and mother. I noticed a dark shadow moving across the sky and then a bright flash in the south. The explosion like object was pretty intense for about four seconds before fading out. The thing I noticed the most was the intense red in the middle with a black spot with white illuminate particles going to the side especially where it looked like it was flattening out to a point. I took around 250 shots in all in various directions of the sky. None except these two show the four white and red dots.

Another curiosity is the way the white translucent strips seem to wave over the dots in both pictures. Also each shot was on a 5 second exposure, with 20 something seconds between them.

Investigator's Notes: The witness did not notice any flying objects, but concluded this after viewing the photos. The photos were taken with a very high resolution camera making it possible to zoom in and still preserve detail. In the first photo the 3X zoom in shows a linear pattern of four red dots synchronized with adjoining four white lights. The 3X zoom in the second photo shows a red streak by the adjoining four white lights. The photos were taken with a 5 second exposure. The source of these red lights is not known, but could be an aberration associated with the photographic process. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Virginia Photos

ROANOKE – I had been working on a feature film just off the Blue Ridge Parkway when on Tuesday night, September 18, 2007, I observed a very bright, multi-colored (green/red/blue) strobing craft on the western horizon near the town of Vinton, VA. The craft was far too bright to be a star and was making erratic movements on a vertical plane as well as circular. The movement was nearly constant, and without any pattern. It would suddenly move up and down on the same vertical plane for several passes, then come to a stop. Then it would move in semi-circles, sometimes changing directions severely in opposite directions.

I asked two other people to come verify what I was seeing. They verified my observations, and spotted another closer vehicle which looked exactly the same, appearing just over the top of a nearby set of trees. We all confirmed that the vehicles were maneuvering and emitting exactly the same colors and strobing patters. Collectively we felt known craft would be hard pressed to make such aerodynamic movements. We had an unobstructed view and the crafts rose proportionately to each other in the night sky over the course of the next three hours.

Last night (September 19, 2007) we observed the same craft that were joined by two more identical vehicles appearing in a quasi-triangular spacing over the lower western horizon acting the same way for several hours. These may be military aircraft as I believe there is a base in the general area of Roanoke. They were quiet and demonstrated extremely fast and severe maneuvers as if they were anti-gravity devices. A few digital photos were taken, not by myself however, and appear as an amber globe. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington UFOs Photographed


MOUNT RAINIER – The witness reports, " On September 15, 2007, my girlfriend and I went hiking and right before the top at 12:43 PM, she stopped to take my photo. I didn't smile, so a few seconds later she took another one." The next day we noticed an object in the background. We both had worked on an aircraft carrier and would notice any kind of aircraft noise. So we zoomed in on the object and it has no features like an aircraft and also to the left is another black object which is not in the other photo.

Investigator's Notes: The witness used a very high resolution Canon Powershot SD550 digital camera with a maximum resolution of 7.4 megapixels.) The high resolution camera allows one to zoom in on smaller objects and still determine detail. The larger object in the photo has the appearance of a cloud, but this explanation is quite doubtful considering the fact that the photo taken four seconds earlier did not show any objects in the sky. The smaller black object is not known, but could possibly be an insect or bird. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Argentina Researcher Photographs Two UFOs

VILLA QUILLINZO --The Journal of Hispanic Ufology


Reports Mr. Hector Serpez, a member of the Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense (COR) was at his home on September 10, 2007 at 14:30 hours when he saw a strange object in the sky that captured his attention. He got his new digital camera, a 5-megapixel Panasonic, and took three photos of the object. He asked a nephew to download his photos to a computer and the object could be clearly seen.

On September 17, 2007, Serpez contacted the COR's director to report the photo was analyzed and determined that the image does not show a single object, but rather two UFOs. Thanks to Mario Bracamonte, COR. Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU)

Canada On Track For 'Record-Breaking Year'

NIAGARA FALLS -- Shortly after 7 PM, on September 19, 2007, while in a parking lot, I looked up over the tree line and saw a dark, black sphere tilted on its side. It was hovering with a string of lights on a partial tail on its right side angled down. My husband and I stared at this huge object that was sphere-like. The sky was still light out, and we could not make out what it was.

As we started the ignition, we noticed that a bright light appeared diagonally down to the right of the object, like a bright star. And then another bright light appeared to its upper left hand corner, diagonally. This lasted until the trees blocked our view. A few minutes later when we got to the river, the black object and lights were gone but, I counted six aircraft moving in various directions.

As we drove to leave the park area on a busy road, a bright light like we saw before was seen in the sky behind us, and moving at a speed in the same direction we were headed. We felt we were being followed, and then it completely disappeared. Then a slow moving noisy plane flew down and made a pass over the town houses. The object we saw looked exactly like the Trent UFO Photos – in McMinnville, Oregon. It was surprising to see two star type lights as close, and bright as they were, and so white near this black object.

As for the tail, it was stationary and also not moving. It ended as I represent in the drawing, and did not seem to be tethered to the ground. It just oddly, ended and left us scratching our heads.  

FALKLAND B.C. -- The Vike Report interviewed Lottie and another person who were driving along the highway between Vernon and Falkland when a moon sized object hovered low and right above them. The witnesses stopped on the bridge and sat observing this huge craft. Lottie made this drawing of the object they saw. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research.

WHITE ROCK B.C. -- My wife and I were at White Rock last weekend September 8, 2007. At 1:30 PM we were down at the ocean going for a walk and I took some pictures looking west out over Boundary Bay. I like to put one of the pictures up as a desktop for a week and I noticed something in the sky over the clouds. I went in to my picture viewer and started to zoom in on the thing in the sky and it started getting bigger so it's not something on my monitor screen, and you can clearly see that it's not an airplane, It is round flat and has what appears to be three lights on the side we can see.We were not far from Boundary Bay Airport, so chances are it is just a plane. Thanks to UFOINFO for this report.  

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO -- The Ottawa Citizen by William Lin -- On Aug. 4, 1977, Paul Shishis was just a regular teenager working at a Scarborough grocery store. But, it was no ordinary evening shift. He remembers that day well. That Thursday night, he said, out in an adjacent open field, the 18-year-old saw what most people encounter only in science-fiction movies: a pear-shaped unidentified flying object with rotating multi-colored lights in the night sky.

This image shows an unidentified object (Circled by UFO researchers) over Niagara Falls earlier this year. The researchers also marked the tower at the bottom (in the square) to compare the objects' distance and resolution.

"This photo clearly illustrates a ball of light photographed. Today, at work on September 12, 2007, after 10:15 AM. I noticed high in the sky one object at a time heading south towards the Lake Ontario at twice the speed of a jet. They reported about 150 Ontario sightings so far this year up to the end of August out of a rough total of 300 in Canada. Compare that with 188 Ontario sightings in all of 2006, according to another count that also includes Mr. Vike's numbers, the Canadian UFO Survey, and the results could be surprising, he said. Thanks to Ottawa Citizen, Published September 16,

Italy Flying Metallic Object Photographed


FROSINONE -- Towards 8 PM, on August 9, 2007, I was carrying out of the tests with a Nikon fortified D200 optical AF-S DX 18-70. I have simply released one photo series accidentally. We noticed something anomalous on the series. There was an object up in the center-right, between the roof of the house and the cable. The visibility conditions were optimal.

Peru Villagers Sickened Near Crater

PUNO -- Villagers in Southern Peru have been struck by a mysterious illness after an unknown object made a fiery crash. At first the object was identified as a meteor, and residents complained of headaches and vomiting brought on by a "strange odor. Seven policemen who went to check on the reports also became ill and had to be given oxygen before being taken to hospital. Reports now claim that more than 600 people have fallen ill after inhaling toxic gas and coming into contact with the glowing rock that people believed had monetary value."

Scientists dispatched to the site by the Peruvian government claim to have examined the rocks and state it is a "chondrite" meteorite. However these do not release gasses or contain radioactive material.

Russian rumors stated the object was a KH-13, US military imaging satellite but there are no reports of metallic wreckage.

Some satellites are powered by plutonium fuel cells that could explain the sickness of the villagers.

If the 30 meteor crater was caused by a meteorite, it would have hit the ground with about as much energy as 1 kiloton tactical nuclear weapon, and which would have been recorded by seismic stations around the world. Thanks to Scott Corrales.

Rumania Superman Flying


GEMENI – The Daily Times reports, "Police are investigating after villagers claimed to see a Superman-like figure flying through the sky ." Almost 20 villagers, from Mehedinti County, claim the UFO was wearing a shiny blue suit, just like Superman’s. Police officers took written statements, Ion Anuta said: "We talked to people of different ages who are all reliable citizens in our village. They all said they saw this strange creature at about 100 yards from the ground, .who flew over their houses in his shiny blue costume in a standing position. He didn’t make any smoke or sound. Just cruising around."`Thanks to the Daily Times

UK/England Egg Shaped Object

YORK -- On Saturday, September 22, 2007, just after 21:00 hours I was alerted to the fact that there was something hovering in the sky. My son viewed an egg shaped object with a yellow glow hovering and then moving west and returning. My instant

reaction was what the hell is that? One of my sons was frightened, the younger one was almost euphoric. I watched this object move about for just over an hour and then lost sight of it behind some trees. My son saw a much smaller bright globe like object come away from the main body and fly away at speed. I class it as unidentified. We live near a private air field so we can identify standard aircraft at night , this thing was a lot larger and oval in shape with a yellowish glow. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Massachusetts UFO Show on Oct. 12, in Watertown

Featuring: Shag Harbour UFO Crash 40th Anniversary with Chris Styles; Flying Triangles with Don Ledger; Crop Circles with Nancy Talbott; USO's with Carl Feindt and Roswell 60th Anniversary with Matt Moniz.

Mass Monster Mash on October 13 in Watertown, MA

Featuring: Dover Demon with Loren Coleman, World's Scariest Ghosts with Jeff Belanger; E.V.P. with Karen Mossey; White Sasquatch with Don Keating and Bridgewater Triangle with Chris Balzano.

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