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Filer’s Files #24 – 2014 – Aliens May Live on Space Ships

Newton Abbot Devon, United Kingdom at 2:30 PM on June 5, 2014

           June 11, 2014        In special reports, this week’s files cover: Secretary of State Cordell Hull Saw Aliens, Aliens May Live on Space Ships, Texas Humanoid, Angles and Demons Spiritual Natural Selection, and Sun Erupts with 3rd Huge Solar Flare in 2 Days. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported ...

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Football field sized UFO stops Alabama I-20 traffic

The witness was near this location traveling eastbound along Alabama’s I-20 nearing the 205 exit when she first saw the triangle-shaped object hovering at the tree top level on January 20, 2014. (Credit: Google Maps)

An Alabama witness eastbound along I-20 nearing the 205 exit reported stopping her vehicle to watch a silent, triangle-shaped UFO “as large as a football field” moving slowly at the tree top level that terrified her and appeared to cause missing time, according to May 29, 2014, testimony in Case ...

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That Viral Video Of A ‘UFO’ Attack In Afghanistan Is An Obvious Hoax

"UFO" destroying a Taliban camp is an obvious hoax

By Paul Szoldra A YouTube video currently making the rounds across the internet showing a “UFO” destroying a Taliban camp is an obvious hoax. While debunking videos isn’t exactly my forte, it’s worth it this time since The Daily Mail, The New York Daily News, International Business Times, and others have ...

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The view from Greece: Meteor? Flare? UFO?

Montanus images over lake

Jim Montanus stood on a dock at Braddock Bay Marina Wednesday night making long-exposure photographs of a clear dark-blue sky set with twinkling stars being overrun from the west by a dense mass of clouds. “It was a very dramatic situation with that front coming in. I was all excited ...

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Disc – shaped UFO filmed passing near a plane over Belgium on 25th April 2014

UFO Photo belgium- ufo sighting 25 april 2014

If this video is authentic, it is truly an amazing video. It was filmed by Eric Giavedoni and published on UFOvni2012’s YouTube channel. The video shows a disc shaped craft exit a cloud next to a large passenger jet and speed away at a very high rate of speed. The ...

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