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Mainstream Media and Websites Abuzz With Bright Light on Mars

mars light

Bright spots that look like a beacon flashing from a distant Martian hillside are attracting a ton of attention from UFO websites as well as the mainstream media — but are they real or just photographic glitches? The evidence so far favors a pixel dropout as the explanation, but the ...

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Saturn’s hexagon: An amazing phenomenon

colorful view from NASA's Cassini mission

An unusual structure with a hexagonal shape surrounding Saturn’s north pole was spotted on the planet for the first time thirty years ago. Nothing similar with such a regular geometry had ever been seen on any planet in the Solar System. The Planetary Sciences Group has now been able to ...

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V-Shaped Black UFO Over Las Vegas, Nevada On April 6, 2014

V-Shaped Black UFO Over Las Vegas

Date of sighting: April 6, 2014 Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA This is a classic V-shaped UFO. Notice how it moves slowly and even does a loop, much like an alien drone ship scanning for something below. Many such UFOs have been seen all along the Extraterrestrial highway ...

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Check it Out: Flying saucers to become a reality?

Kennedy Flying Sauser

FOX News: Douglas Kennedy reports on Florida company’s invention

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Daytime UFO filmed in Lenoir NC Aug 2011

Daytime UFO filmed in Lenoir NC Aug 2011

Filmed By: Michael Beckham https://www.facebook.com/PatrioticUnderground I recorded the video in August of 2011 in Western North Carolina in the town of Lenoir. I had a camera on hand because I was filming various geoengineering activities on that day in particular. I watch the skies alot and have witnessed 5 encounters ...

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