Filer's Files #48 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
December 4, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts; Webmaster
C. Warren - [email protected].


Our Sun is continuing its severe eruptions of sun flares, coronal mass
ejection's and gamma ray bursts that have been striking our Earth's
magnetosphere. A series of large flashes, and unusual light activity in the
Earth's atmosphere have been reported recently that may be related to this
heavy solar activity. There is speculation that the Sun's eleven year solar
cycle is much larger than normal and many scientists are extremely concerned
due to escalating solar events. Last week, there were eight large solar
events in rapid succession. This cycle appears unusually severe and may
trigger comparatively bad weather here on Earth. Heavy solar activity often
results in colder than normal temperatures, and heavy snow storms during the
winter. New evidence suggests the Sun effects the Earth's weather to a much
larger degree than we have realized. This solar activity also seems to
effect the number of UFO sightings which have been lower the last few weeks.

Scientists at Armagh Observatory in Ireland claim a unique weather record
could show that the Sun has been the main contributor to global warming over
the past two centuries. The weather observations, made almost daily since
1795, comprise the longest climate archive available for a single site in
Ireland. Dr. John Butler, the astronomer in charge said, "We can see global
warming taking place over the past two centuries that suggests that changes
in the Sun are at least partially responsible." What makes the data so
useful is that the site of the observatory has not changed all that much in
200 years," said Dr. Butler. "Other weather stations have been engulfed by
towns and cities that make the long-term reliability of their data
questionable." "It's quite apparent from our data that global warming, of
about a degree C, has been taking place for at least a hundred years. The
Sun's activity affects the flux of cosmic rays, high-energy particles from
deep space, that strike our atmosphere are likely the chief source of
ionization that influences cloud formation. Thanks to BBC News Online.


NASA announced its going to make a major announcement about a new discovery
on Mars. NASA claims this is the "most significant discovery yet" from the
Mars Global Surveyor, which has been orbiting our neighboring planet since
1997. Michael Malin and Ken Edgett, who are in charge of the Mars Orbiter
Camera that discovered evidence of recent water near the Martian surface last
summer, will attend the news conference. Also to attend is Ken Nealson, the
director of the Center for Life Detection at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
in Pasadena, California. My guess is that the announcement is likely to
reveal that NASA scientists have discovered ancient sea or lake beds on the
surface of Mars that could once have harbored life, writes Jonathan Leake of
BBC. The discovery is among the most significant concerning Mars so far,
because such places are the most likely locations for fossils or other signs
of past life. NASA will announce the discovery in this week's edition of
"Science" with the suggestion that the next generation of Mars landings
should be sent to such areas. A British group building a craft bound for
Mars said it was already considering rerouting its vehicle, Beagle II, to
land in the middle of one of the newly discovered sea beds. It is said to
have sent back detailed pictures of rocks that could only have been created
by sedimentation, in which particles sink to a sea bed and are compressed
into rock. Thanks to BBC and NASA.'Recip.MemberID')

Editor's Note: There is also evidence on Mars for an ancient civilization
that is remarkably similar to sites in Egypt and Mexico. During the Egyptian
Israeli War we flew Austrian Peace keeping forces into Cairo frequently over
flying the Pyramids at Giza. Later on vacation I also visited the mysterious
Mexican City of Teotihuacan, where three distinctive pyramids dedicated to
the Sun, the Moon, and to Quetzalcoatl exist. As a former intelligence
officer I've had experience in analyzing aerial photographs and it is my
opinion the similarities between the Mars Face, the pyramids, the Fort and
City Mound in the Cydonia region are similar to the pyramid sites on Earth.
Further, it is important to understand the Mars Cydonia site is located on
the edge of what I feel was once an ancient lake or seas. Also, the ancient
City Mound appears to have a trench or a moat and looks very similar to
ancient mound sites on Earth. The pyramids and the Mars Face appear similar
to the Sphinx and pyramids at Giza. The sites at all three locations have an
ancient road or pathway connecting the various key structures. If the
photographs were taken on Earth rather than on Mars it would be assumed we
are looking at ancient ruins. These allegedly natural structures are
strongly suggestive of a conscious design. I admit that any single structure
could have been formed by natural forces, but this combination of structures
would require an unbelievable coincidence of nature. This combination of
structures strongly indicates to me this is the site of an ancient Martian


ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- Around 10:00 PM on November 19, 2000, the witness
observed an object flying southeast overhead across a flight path to the
Reagan National Airport only a few miles out side of the District of
Columbia. The aircraft fly so low you are very accustomed to their sounds,
different lighting, and even at times are able to read the company logos on
the side of the aircraft. I looked up I saw blinking white then red then
white again lights that were unfamiliar to any normal aircraft that we have
seen. These lights formed a somewhat circular pattern and would alternate
between the red and white in this clear pattern. This first caught my eye
and as I observed if further it seemed to move in a pattern of front and back
and then side to side but all the while moving forward, almost as if it was
gliding or floating. I pointed this unusual sighting to my daughter and her
friend (both honor students at George Washington University where I work. We
then proceeded outside and watched as this light pattern and movement
continued. As it moved closer and continued over the house, it was not close
enough to determine the exact shape. We closely watched the light pattern
that was circular and most definitely not our usual jet or helicopter. The
object continued with a very exacting movement and light pattern when
suddenly we saw another one meet with it and they both seemed to
instantaneously disappear. What perplexes me is how something like this can
fly across a flight path, so near to the district where it is heavily
populated, and then toward the direction of the Pentagon and yet we have
heard nothing about this on the news. I have to believe some of these pilots
or our own radar would pick something this strange up. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFORC


NORTH MIAMI BEACH - At 6:42 PM, on November 28, 2000, the witness observed an
object like a plate with an upside down cup in the top. The disk had yellow,
white and red lights at the bottom. Some of the lights were steady and
others were blinking at the top. The witness stated, "I just remember seeing
something around the object, but not too close. They looked like stars to
me, but they were following the object. There were at least three of these
little things." I watched it thru a window. It was bright in some parts.
The lights also had some kind of movement or perhaps the object itself had
some kind of rotation. The disk was north of me and it was moving west, when
I came out of the apartment to see it again, but it was gone. Although, I
saw it for only 35 seconds I can still see it in my mind's eye. Thanks to
Peter Davenport NUFORC


NEWARK -- Kenny Young reports that on November 29, 2000, a resident from the
of Licking County alerted the Ohio State Highway Patrol that her 11-year old
son at 5:45 PM observed an UFO. Her son rushed into the house shaking with
tears in his eyes. His face was red and he was yelling: "Mom! I just saw a
UFO!" This child does not tell stories and was clearly shook up. The mother
looked outside to see for herself, but nothing was there. The son described
a low-level object flying just above the trees that was a gray-colored UFO.
It had eight bright green lights on the bottom with a red light in the
center. The UFO was round and "big enough to put four cars" inside of it.
The object made no sound and hovered stationary at an angle with the bottom
toward her son, situated so that he could not see the top of it. She
contacted the Ohio State Patrol office located at State Route 16 and County
Road 40. Thanks to Kenny Young - U F O R e s e a r c h


FOUNTAIN CITY -- Jim Aho writes that he received this report from Timothy
Dust on November 23, 2000, who indicates, "My brother, Jonathan Dust and I
were both at our parents' rural cabin on Thanksgiving Day. After dinner
around 6:25 PM, my brother and I decided to go outside on our 2nd floor deck
for a breath of fresh air. We had an awesome view above the tree tops of the
clear night sky. Looking around at the stars, I suddenly noticed a large
"stationary" red and orange light, hovering a 100 feet above Canada Ridge
that's a half mile away. My brother got a pair of high-powered binoculars to
view it more clearly. It changed its position several times - up and down,
left to right, then right to left, as if bobbing on the waves. The colors
changed as well, from rosy red to orange to white with a tint of green and
then back to red. At one point it looked as if it was leaving but returned,
and then lowered itself down into the tree-line and proceeded to go back and
forth until it disappeared into Eagle Valley. We both watched this "orb" for
over 30 minutes. There was no sound. The craft at arm's length, was the
size of a pencil eraser. Johnathan the brother says, "We were identifying
several constellations when Timothy noticed a bright red light hovering over
the ridge tree line by 100 feet. From my perspective it was a bright red
light, it was not a plane (no associated green or white lights) because it
held position. It moved like a settling leaf (back and forth) at one time
like it was looking for something. The weather in that direction was
overcast so it was not at a far distance. Thanks to Tim and Jonathan Dust
[email protected] and Jim Aho, the W-Files


PEORIA -- Two objects were seen over the downtown area on November 28, 2000.
Each had four bright white lights on them. The first one condensed into one
light and suddenly disappeared. The second one was in a wide V formation.
It was very low to the ground. Too low to be an airplane. It almost looked
like it was going to graze the tops of the Peoria buildings. Then it to
condensed into one light and disappeared. The UFOs were against the orange
glow of the city lights and were very easy to see. Normally, I would not
report something like this but my wife is a skeptic and when she saw this she
absolutely freaked. She encouraged me to report this so I did. Thanks to
Peter Davenport NUFORC
Editor's Note: Last January a similar craft was seen by four policemen in
Southern Illinois. The Discovery Channel has been carrying this Illinois UFO
Sighting Television Program in recent weeks and I encourage you to see the
show. Drs. Bruce Cornet and Colm Kelleher are the stars of the show.


RIMROCK -- Rob Meyers went to the window in his living room at 7:18 PM, on
December 1, 2000, and saw a strange light above his backyard. Rob said,
"Come here and look at this." Dar looked and exclaimed, "That's an UFO!"
She immediately ran out side saying, "Grab your camera, its a huge ship!" Rob
grabbed his equipment and ran out to the creek and saw a huge UFO about 1000
feet off the ground. Rob started to video the UFO. That's when two ships
appeared. Rob said, "It was not one, but two." It started to shine a beam
of light down on the ground and started moving towards us. It stopped, and
all of a sudden one ship blinked and disappeared. Rob continued to observe
the craft. He came into the house and called a friend and asked him to go
outside to see if he could also see the UFO. The friend also saw the craft
and Rob again went outside and it was still there. Thanks to Ed Burdick and
Rob Meyers
[email protected].


PHOENIX - November 28, 2000, I was in my backyard in north Phoenix around
7:00 PM, when I heard the rumble of a passing jetliner. As I looked up to
see it a giant mass in the shape of a Flying Triangle with a deep red light
on each point. As I watched the object I noticed all three lights would
blink on an off together. I observed it traveling to the Northwest for about
10 seconds when the object began to lean to the left and began to rotate in a
clockwise motion, still holding its northwest direction. I was able to watch
it long enough to see it make a full rotation before disappearing behind some
distant trees. The movements were so smooth and unwavering that it seemed
unreal. The amazing thing of it all was the amount of air traffic that was in
the area. I counted no less than 6 airplanes within my vision as all of this
occurred. I see the commercial air traffic coming and going from Sky Harbor
International airport in the North. The sight of this object from a small
plane must have been intense. Thanks to Jason Ingraham.


BALLINA - On November 22, 2000, in broad daylight a metallic disk appeared
from behind Mount Neiphin and traveled silently but at huge velocity across
countryside in a "S"pattern before ascending vertically into clouds at 2:00
PM. The UFO was witnessed by at least five people including a Garda police
officer, but it is likely that more may have seen it, although the area is
sparsely populated. We wish to remain anonymous to avoid local ridicule,
however we will help out if more witnesses come forward. I am a high school
teacher and others are shop owner, electrician and a student. The UFO was
about 20 meters in diameter. Thanks to NUFORC


EDINBURGH -- The eyewitness Nevel Bell writes, "I had my first UFO sighting
on a clear Saturday night, November 25, 2000, at about 7:.15 PM while walking
home. I saw what looked like a satellite moving through the eastern sky, as
it's path was constant and straight. To the left of the satellite there was
another. Perfectly normal I thought. Then it all started to get weird. The
two moving objects started to move closer to each other, visibly picking up
speed. Then they seemed to cross each other's path and they did this several
times. I thought that they could have been fighter jets at high altitude as
there was no sound. The two star like objects then arced across the sky at a
tremendous speed, something I've never witnessed before. Then they dipped
down and disappeared into the horizon. Now, I've work in radio and have
investigated these sort of sighting in depth. During my work on that
particular program, I became the worlds biggest skeptic! My logical
explanation for my sighting is that the objects where in fact fighter jets at
high altitude, or they really didn't exist. Has anyone seen anything like
this? Gerry Far Shores Anomalous Phenomena Resource / Nevel Bell
[email protected].


Nick Balaskas, from the Physics and Astronomy Department at York University
writes, regarding the fireball discussed in Filer's Files #47. Below is some
information about fireballs taken from the 'Observer's Handbook 2001'
published by The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, which I think you will
find very useful. Some of the web sites mentioned below have reports from
others who may have witnessed the same fireball or UFO. A fireball is
defined as a meteor that is brighter than -4 in apparent magnitude that is as
bright as or brighter than Venus. Exploding meteors or bolides often change
direction while other meteors can seem to remain stationary in the sky for a
very brief moment if they are falling directly at you. There are
photographic examples of both. While looking through a telescope, I saw a
rapidly moving point of light moving from left to right, then I saw what I
thought was the same object now moving from right to left. When I looked at
the sky through unaided eyes, I saw two satellites moving away from each
other in opposite directions. If there happened to be a small patch of cloud
in that region of the sky, I would probably have concluded that this
satellite (or UFO) changed direction by about 180 degrees.

Many of these fireballs caught in NASA satellite film footage may not be real
meteors. For example, visible charged particles moving in space could be
attracted towards or away from the Shuttle and would exhibit a curved
trajectory. There is no way to accurately determine real changes in altitude
or distance of an object from a single observing point. Some objects may
seem to zigzag back and forth while in fact they only really changed their
heading by a couple of degrees at most. People see this all the time if they
look towards a distant busy airport. Do not forget that there are many
surprises in nature still waiting to be identified by science. It is only
recently that we have discovered Red Sprites, Blue Jets and ELFS (huge saucer
shaped atmospheric phenomena) associated with large thunderstorms. It was
just announced that there is E.T. bacteria in our upper atmosphere. Ever
since the Russian announced recently that fossils were discovered in their
lunar samples, I would not be surprised if someone will also find proof that
astronaut Musgrave's space snakes, which have been seen and photographed in
Earth orbit, are real too!

I would like to share a story with you of a meteor-like event I witnessed but
still cannot explain. After reading a passage in the Bible about life after
death, I stepped outside my home and place of work high up in the Asir
Mountains of Saudi Arabia. I looked up into the black night sky and wondered
if indeed human life is eternal. I then saw a bright meteor streak across
the sky. After it disappeared completely it brightened up again and
continued streaking on further along in the sky in the same direction as
before towards the ground. Although I attributed this unusual sighting to a
special meteoroid composed of materials with different volatility's, as my
eyes got adapted to the darkness I discovered that the entire sky was
overcast with low clouds! I could not possibly have seen a meteor burning up
in the sky between the ground and the cloud layers, especially one which was
of such exceptionally long duration in time from start to finish. A possible
flare or firing of a missile by our Yemenese neighbors also did not seem to
be the answer since it originated from above. Spooked, I entered my home
again, closed the door and wondered if this sighting was simply the answer
from God to my question rather than just another unexplainable UFO sighting.
The preferred method for submitting fireball reports is by completion of an
electronic fireball reporting form at one of the following locations:
Canada (only): United States
(AMS): Thanks to Nick Balaskas [email protected]

Editor's Note: Once I became very disgusted regarding God and UFOs while
driving home, and said out loud, "If you are real give me a sign." I also
got a bright light, meteor or UFO that almost smashed into my car's
windshield. It scared me, but I know something is out there.


Bill Dungan Jr. writes, ":I was reading your Filer's Files #44 and find the
possible reasons for the chem-trails interesting." I have some experience
with SF-6, sulphur hexafluoride gas that is being sprayed on Salt Lake City
by the Department of Energy's Chemical and Biological National Security
program, whose goal is to develop systems the US can use to respond to
attacks during the Winter Olympics. Sulphur hexafluoride is being released
into the skies above Salt Lake City for these tests by aircraft. Monitoring
and censoring equipment are tracking the chemical to determine wind patterns,
temperature and moisture patterns and how air is mixed in lower and midlevels
of the atmosphere. The Department of Defense's, Defense Threat Reduction
Agency (DTRA) is also supporting this study. DTRA which is responsible for
protecting the US and its allies from weapons of mass destruction, will use
the information to assist police, fire and military personnel in the event of
an attack involving nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

When I retired from the US Air Force in 1988, I was an Airborne Radar Tech on
E3 AWACS aircraft. The statement you made about it being "nontoxic " and "
inert " was only partially correct. In radar systems, if there is an
electrical arc through the gas a byproduct is a type of cyanide gas.
SF-6 gas was used to pressurize the waveguides and high voltage system under
a max. pressure of 15 psi. In the E-3's aft lower lobe (where the high
voltage equipment is located) we were constantly on the alert for the "almond
smell " of cyanide gas whenever we suspected any high voltage arcing. The
positive pressure within the waveguides worked to keep contaminants from
entering the guides and degrading the microwave signal used as the radar
beam. Sensors in the waveguides constantly monitored the electrical
conductivity of the gas which, without contaminants, would be infinity.
Should enough contaminants get into the waveguides, the sensors would then
show some amount of electrical conductivity which would "signal " the need to
purge the guides and/or look for a serious degradation of the waveguide
material. Contamination within the guides can produce electrical arcing.
The arcing produces the cyanide gas. For the life of me, I cannot think of
any plausible reason to spray this gas into the atmosphere unless it is mixed
with some other material to act as a "protector " of that material against
stray ions in the atmosphere. The reason I'm writing you about this is
because lightning arcing through this stuff would be a large scale cyanide
"generator " if the gas is in any large amount. Thanks to Bill Dunnage Jr.

Editor's Note: Ron Regehr informed me about the article in the Salt Lake
Tribune regarding the DoE and the DoD plan to release sulphur hexafluoride
into the skies above Salt Lake City, ostensibly in an effort to gather data
to combat potential terrorism. The article claims SF6 is "non-toxic" and
"inert." Ron Regehr says, "SF6 is a gas is now recognized as one of the
world's worst greenhouse gases. Because of its high chemical stability, it
remains in the upper atmosphere of the Earth much longer than carbon dioxide.
In addition to it's debilitating effect on the upper atmosphere, it is
potentially harmful to those with upper-respiratory problems." SALT LAKE
TRIBUNE 10/21/00. by Brent Isralsen


Dr. Richard Haines announced the National Aviation Reporting Center on
Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) is a research organization formed to study the
Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Impact on Aviation Safety. NARCAP is a
non-profit, scientific organization that will provide pilots and air traffic
controllers with a special reporting facilities to improve US aviation
safety. Ted Roe, NARCAP's executive director said, "Our center was developed
to help enhance aviation safety by better understanding the nature and
potential effects of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) upon ground and
airborne systems, piloting, and cockpit/aircrew procedures." The center
takes no position on the source or nature of such phenomena and prefers to
let the data speak for themselves. "We provide a confidential, telephone and
Internet-based reporting system for radar and air traffic controllers, and
pilots to assist in documenting high quality, scientifically relevant data on
UAP of many different kinds," Roe stated, Dr. Richard Haines, a retired NASA
research scientist and NARCAP's chief scientist, explained why the new
organization was formed. "We conducted a thorough, fifty-year review of
pilot reports of UAP and found almost one hundred incidents that appeared to
impact aviation safety either directly or indirectly. For instance, we found
numerous instances of temporary or permanent disabling of one or more
on-board electrical or magnetically controlled systems during close proximity
to UAP. We found that many pilots changed their altitude and/or course to
avoid a collision with nearby UAP - sometimes with passenger and crew injury
- and we found cases of cockpit confusion during these intriguing close
encounters. These reports suggest that an unexplained aerial phenomenon does
exist and deserves serious scientific study, and that US aviation safety
could be adversely affected by UAP under certain circumstances."

NARCAP has a flight simulation capability to assist the pilots in carrying
out a flight re-construction. This capability helps us "tease out those small
but important hidden details of an incident." Dr. Haines stated, "Based on a
comprehensive review of past US pilot, radar operator, and controller
reports, we believe there is a potential and ongoing threat to aviation
safety posed by so-called anomalous aerial phenomena. In the same way that
wind shear, lightning strikes, bird strikes, and other very low probability
of occurrence events can influence aviation safety, so can some unidentified
aerial phenomena. Pilots must be prepared to deal effectively with them. We
would like to work with the nation's airlines to implement special pilot
training classes directly related to coping with such close encounters." Dr.
Haines stated that Federal Aviation authorities have taken wind shear very
seriously, requiring special commercial pilot training. Yet UAP appear to
occur with equal or greater frequency than does wind shear. UAP have caused
transient and permanent effects on cockpit instruments basic to navigation
and flight control, and UAP have also contributed to an increase in both
pilot and air traffic controller workload due to their unexpected appearance
and poorly understood characteristics that can lead to overreactions on the
part of aviation personnel. "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena must not be
disregarded any longer. US aviation officials should face the documented
facts and then quietly but effectively introduce procedures and programs to
help pilots and controllers cope more effectively. Our science community
should also become involved in the serious study of UAP for the common good
and we would like to collect the data they need," said Dr. Haines. Thanks
to: TED ROE Phone: (831) 338 - 4783)

Editor's Note: It is my feeling that UAP may include missiles or unknown
aircraft that may be responsible for many near misses and possible airline
crashes. TWA Flight 800 and Egyptian Air Flight 900 crashes have many
mysterious aspects that need further investigation. An organization like
this is needed. Government agencies have so many political factors
restraining them, they are often unable to react or release pertinent data.

PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO photographs available and data on
their propulsion systems by US Navy Commander Graham Bethune. $10.00. Send
check or money order to G. Filer 222 Jackson Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA is picking up
UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the UFO better and then
they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends hundreds of hours
watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff
does. He has gained his experience from watching numerous shuttle missions
and using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between
space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. Using his experience you can also
learn the difference. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from
space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any
jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to:
Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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