Filer's Files #46 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
November 20, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts; Webmaster
C. Warren - [email protected].

LEONID METEOR ACTIVITY thus far has been disappointing. Clouds may have
ruined sightings of the expected shooting stars in many parts of the world.
The annual Leonid's light show is caused by the passing of Comet
Tempel-Tuttle, a huge ball of ice and dust. Most the activity was expected
in the vicinity of the moon, but some spectacular shooting stars were
photographed over Maryland. They are caused when the Earth passes through
the dusty debris that follows the comet's orbit. Also a balloon launched with
photograhic equipment was brought down early when it strayed into airways.
The number of UFO sightings is steady with reports over New York,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, and California. More
evidence points to life arriving on Earth from space. More discussion on our
Moon's history of strange activity.


FREEPORT, LONG ISLAND -- Ruth writes, "Since December 1994, I have had
fairly frequent sightings of flying triangular craft near several inland
waterways on the South Shore." The most recent sightings were on November 3,
6, 7, and 8th, 2000. I am not sure of the exact size, since they are always
seen at night or very early morning before sunrise. Ruth says, "Lighting on
these crafts consists of two very bright white strobes, one on each side,
which flash simultaneously, and one red light on the underside, in the
center, which flashes alternately." There is never any sound! My oldest
daughter and I both have witnessed these craft.

They "glide" very slowly over the houses across the street, just above
rooftops, and then turn and continue on out over the Atlantic Ocean. I have
also seen them fly behind my house, either just above the rooftops, or over
the canal directly behind my house. An ex-neighbor also saw the craft
hovering over the canal in her backyard at 9:30 PM in February 1995. I have
seen them within a one-mile radius of my house, many times. We've had
several sightings looking west of a group of seven to eight craft flying one
by one, at 2 to 4 minute intervals, heading due south, then eventually
turning slightly to the right, going out over the ocean. This always happens
between 5:30 to 6:00 AM at low altitudes. I am located in a flight path for
planes from Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports and these are different. These
craft fly much slower and much lower than the commercial planes. The flying
triangles never make any sound, and are able to maneuver and perform," just a
short distance away from my house." Thanks to Betty LaRosa: RLaRosa331 and

Editor's Note: We encourage readers who live in Connecticut, New York and
New Jersey to be on the lookout for these craft. It appears they navigate
moving south along the Meadowbrook Parkway only ten miles from Kennedy


CRESSKILL -- On November 2, 2000, my father and I witnessed a very large,
disc shaped object hovering over, or near the town of Cresskill near the
Hudson Valley at 7:50 PM. The object was too large to be man made, and moved
over the northern valley, from east to west, doing less then 40 mph. I would
have to say by my line of site, the disc shaped object had to be roughly 1000
feet over the tree line. It was very brilliant and had a blinking white
light at the top. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


READING -- Alexander J. Broskey reports, "I was driving home on October 30,
2000, out in the French Creek State Park area where I live and tonight as I
neared my house an object materialized out of nowhere." It was a bright UFO
with swirling green, yellow, blue, and red lights. I slowed down and stopped
on the road to watch it for about two minutes. I was not surprised because I
have seen different kinds of UFOs out here before. This one flew to my left
about 50 yards and then flew out of sight. I drove home and later went up to
my room on the 2nd floor. I was looking out the window over looking the
valley and a flying object appeared again. I woke my Dad up and we both
watched it fly across the sky very slowly. We saw a smaller red UFO fly from
one side of my vision to the other and then stop turn around and fly in the
other direction out of my site. Both of us observed a multicolored larger
size UFO moving over the valley. As I'm writing this the big multicolored
one is back. I'm a little paranoid because I know what these guys do to
people. I'm watching it fly across the sky right now. I just got tired of
seeing these UFOs and not saying anything. This is real!". Thanks to Alex
[email protected].

Editor's Note: I talked to Alex on the phone and he has seen these craft on
a fairly regular basis over the valley.


PHILADELPHIA - Peter Davenport reported on the Jeff Rense show this and
sighting below occurred only thirty minutes apart. Amateur astronomer and
former Marine, Michael was observing the sky on November 13, 2000, though his
900 mm Refractor Telescope from his home in Upper Darby. He uses the scope
nightly and had observed Venus, Jupiter, the Pleiades, and the Moon. He was
looking east at the Moon's Terminator at 8:15 PM. This is the area between
the dark and light parts of the Moon where good viewing is often present.

Suddenly most of his telescope was filled with a huge massive black flying
object that moved from the bottom to the top of Moon. It crossed the surface
moon and looked strangely biological. Michael felt the object was most
probably within our atmosphere and flying over New Jersey. Right afterwards
a military jet appeared probably an F-16 that may have been attempting an
intercept using its after burners. Later he noticed the object moving in and
out of the clouds. This object was very massive and appeared to be flying
over New Jersey. He drew a picture of the object that was a large triangle
appeared to have protrusions similar to arms and legs. The object looked
similar to a skydiver jumping out of an aircraft with his arms against his
side. The head had two points. He estimated the object was flying at 25,000
miles per hour. He would not have seen it without his telescope. He called
several radar stations, but had no confirmation of the sighting.

Editors Note: The 177th Fighter Wing (ANG) at Atlantic City International
Airport flies F-16 aircraft and is located about 35 miles from the sighting.


ATLANTA - Peter reports that Carl stopped his car on the side of road on
November 13, 2000, and watched a hovering object at 7:45 PM. The flying
object looked similar to the top of a light house from the side. Two
vehicles passed by his parked car as he watched for some fifteen minutes, but
they didn't stop. He thought the flying object was quarter to half a mile
away. It was very large and three dimensional and seemed to be made of clear
glass. It slowly dimmed and disappeared. Carl said, "It was something he
never saw before and he was amazed by it." The next morning he returned to
the area to see if any towers or other possible explanations were visible.
He visited an open field where strangely all leaves had been cleared and
there were numerous animal tracks of all types. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director NUFORC and Jeff Rense


MINNEAPOLIS -- MUFON Headquarters reports that Paul Tally saw an object
almost directly above him on November 14, 2000. The object was first
observed traveling from east by southeast to the west by northwest at 12:50
AM. It was extremely bright in a clear sky with a full moon. The object
moved rapidly about half way across the sky and exploded over north central
Kansas. The color of the explosion was similar to ball lightning. Thanks to
Marilyn, and Paul Tally:
[email protected] and [email protected]..


CYGNET October 31, 2000, Tim a teacher and his friend were traveling on Route
I-75 and saw a meteor like object moved across the sky coming towards them
from the East. It was ahead of them and came to a sudden stop above the
highway. This is fairly open farmland and the object appeared as a shooting
star. They stopped their car and got a good look at the hovering object. It
was red, green, blue, yellow and magenta. There was no sort of rhythm or
pattern they could discern. It was about a quarter of the full moon in size.
He felt it was less than a mile away.

Denise says the object appeared to come out of the trees no more than a
hundred yards ahead of her as she drove towards I-75. It was headed across
her path of vision at a hundred yards. It moved at a slow speed above I-75
and seemed to hover over the centerline of the highway. There were no
It appeared roughly egg shaped with a glowing energy coming out the rear.
Later both men developed a pain in their abdominal region right below the rib
cage. The abdomen was inflamed and red. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport,
Director National UFO Reporting Center http://


ELK CITY - Jim Hickman reports, "I had a phone report come regarding an Oct
19, 2000, sighting in a rural area west of the town of Elk City near the
intersection of Highways 34 and 66, that a unknown object described as having
red, white, blue lights flew over a family's farmhouse. It was reported that
the object appeared from the southwest at a very low altitude, hovered
overhead for about ten minutes, then made a 180 degree turn on it's axis and
flew away to the north. This was witnessed by one adult and three children
that were outside at the time. One of the children actually got a flashlight
and attempted contact with the object. There is no report that the object

The object was described as being dark gray or black, it was too low to
distinguish its shape. Its altitude was only 150 feet, and it was described
as being over a mile long. The witness stated she was able to judge the
distance/size by measuring it against a new race track that had been built
nearby. She described the object as being larger than the race track. It
was also described as making no noise. It was also reported that sightings
occurred on several other nights, but this was the closest encounter so far.
I have been given permission to meet with the witness's and I will update
this report when I get more detailed information. Thanks to Jim Hickman The
Hickman Report


SAN FRANCISCO -- On Friday, November 10, 2000, at 6:04 PM, Shelah J. was at
her apartment in San Rafael, California, across the bay from San Francisco,
when she spied something odd outside the window. "At first the object seemed
like it was not moving and was standing stationary," Shelah reported. "Its
light, or the brightness of the vehicle, was brighter than the surrounding
planes." "It moved very slowly and flew low over the mountains and then just
seemed to move (west) over the water towards the city of San Francisco.
After watching for what seemed like ten minutes. I ran downstairs to get the
binoculars. Through the binoculars, the object looked incredible."

"At first the object seemed to be elongated and looked like a cigar shape.
But after watching for a longer period of time, it seemed more like a saucer
shape and glowed brightly. It was the same color as a fire ember. It was
bright orange and its glow seemed to radiate much energy from inside." "The
vehicle was massive in size. I cannot estimate how large but very, very
large and easy to see through such binoculars." Shelah said, "It seemed as
if two planes were circling around or near it, and later a third plane also
monitored it." "My roommates came home at about 6:45 p.m. and I told them
what I saw. I thought the object was gone because it had gone out of sight
earlier. But then Michael, my roommate, looked from his bedroom (window) and
saw a gleaming object adjacent to planes' lights and asked me if that was it?
We took the binoculars out and a small telescope and indeed it was the same.
This was when I saw the third plane tracking the vehicle." "Even though the
vehicle was further away than when I originally saw it, it gleamed with a
very bright fiery orange glow. Michael said, 'I've never seen anything like
it.' He was also able to make out some red and white lights on the side of
it and the light that circled around it." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol.5, #46
11/16/00 Editor: Joseph Trainor


San Pablo -- B. R. Thomas who lives on East Bay Hill with a panoramic view
overlooking San Francisco Bay saw many white objects on Sunday afternoon
November 19, 2000. She at first noticed a thick contrail in the sky and to
the right of she noticed many small objects in the eastern sky away from the
bay behind their home at 3:07 PM. The white objects appeared stationary and
looked how a Constellation such as the Big Dipper would look at night. She
did not see an aircraft making the contrail, but there were other aircraft in
the afternoon sky not making any contrails. The white objects were similar
to spots before your eyes, but she noticed clouds passing in front of white
and round objects. These lights or objects were in a definite pattern. She
saw the objects for two or three minutes and determined they were not moving.
She thought, they may have had some connection to the thick and unusual
chemtrail/contrail?. At first, she thought the objects might be balloons,
but since they were not moving, stayed in formation and seemed to have their
own light source. Last weekend, she also noticed an aircraft making a
similar thick contrails, but she had not noticed any objects at that time.
She watches aircraft regularly from their deck and had noticed unusually
thick contrails the last two weekends from one or two aircraft. The clouds
were moving past but she could still see these twenty or so white objects
that were not moving. Thanks to B. R. Thomas.


MAJACHKALÁ --, An alleged UFO has jeopardized and eluded Russian troops near
Daguestan, a Republic bordering Chechnya on November 14, 2000. Alarms went
off at 01:00 AM local time (22:00 hours GMT yesterday). An hour later,
confusion was extreme in the garrisons on the ridges separating Dagestan from
Chechnya and the war which has raged in the area north of the Caucasus for
over a year and a half. At 02:00 AM most lucid reports began to arrive from
the Magaramkent region on the Caspian Sea regarding the "unidentified flying
object," which had caused Russian forces to sound battle stations. Soldiers
provided a detailed description of the device they witnessed for a long time
as it flew slowly eastward toward the sea. Some garrisons noted the object
was flying at low altitude of only a 100 meters and had three fluorescent
lights above with two meter spaces between them, according to the Russian
Ministry of the Interior in Dagestan. Several civilian witnesses agreed on
the description and light arrangement of the mysterious phenomenon, while
hesitating to ascribe its origin to a secret weapon of the Russian army or a
new weapon in the hands of the Islamic separatists.

Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Dagestan were cautious and
stated their unwillingness to state if the object in question was a UFO. Jet
fighters were scrambled too late to catch the UFO. The pursuit has renewed
mistrust regarding the traditional secrecy shown by Russian authorities.
Acting quickly to forestall any possible reprimands, the most mistrusting
military officers indicated that it could be a NATO spy plane interested in
Russian maneuvers in the Caucasus and the Caspian, which are rich in gas and
oil. Dagestan Muslim leaders claimed the strange heavenly event was a
portent which bore a message from Allah himself. Even a mufti or spiritual
legislator from Dagestan showed no compunction in stating that without any
doubt it was "a jinn, an angel or other heavenly being, since God's
masterpiece is filled with them. "Thanks to the translation by Scott
Corrales -- Institute of Hispanic Ufology and Gloria Coluchi.

Editor's Note: The Russian Air Force has now denied the above report
stating, "Gen Bolkhovitin's assertions, with reference to a Central Air
Defence Control post, that a Russian space vehicle flew over Dagestan are
not true to fact," spokesman Aleksandr Drobyshevskiy told Interfax. 161903
Nov 00


David Saxton suggests that you expand your thinking for a moment. The
presence of Jupiter makes life on earth possible because it acts as a "meteor
sink". Without the massive gravitational pull of Jupiter to attract the
uncountable numbers of periodic and rogue meteorites which pass this way,
life on Earth would be impossible. The intervals between catastrophic
impacts would be such that no life could develop before being exterminated by
an impacting space rock. It gets better, Remember that all is based on
fractal patterns which unfold endlessly. Someone has put everything in place
deliberately. Thanks to David Saxton
[email protected]


Marcus Allen from the NEXUS MAGAZINE UK Office writes, "Your Files are a
welcome addition to our understanding of this fascinating phenomenon." That
you picked up activity on the Moon comes as no real surprise. The Lunar
Orbiter photos of the Vitelo crater taken in 1967 shows two large objects
leaving tracks on the Lunar surface as they move up out of a crater has
always intrigued me. In your recent posting #45 you mention the work and
ideas of Jan Lamprecht about the Moon. This is an area I have also devoted
considerable time and effort to try to understand. You may be aware that the
idea that the Moon could well be of considerably stranger origin than is
generally accepted was published in two books by Don Wilson, 'Our Mysterious
Spaceship Moon' 1975 Dell NY and its sequel 'Secrets of our Spaceship Moon'
1979 Dell NY. Both by Sphere in the UK.

These books expand on the thesis of two Russian scientists, Mikhail Vasin and
Alexander Shcherbakov of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Because the three
main theories of the Moon's origin did not answer very many of the questions,
in fact it was easier to prove that the Moon should not be where it is than
that it should be they proposed the idea that the Moon could well be of
artificial' construction and deliberately placed in orbit around Earth. As
to 'who' and 'why' they were, as scientists not prepared to speculate without
evidence to back up their ideas. There are many anomalies which can be
observed about the Moon which on any reasonable examination cannot be fully
explained: There are many thousands of craters on the Moon ranging in size
from a few inches to hundreds of miles in diameter. Yet all the large
craters seem to have flat floors and small walls. Copernicus is 60 miles in
diameter and 3 miles high. The laws of physics indicate that an object, such
as a meteorite traveling at very high speed will leave a crater about 8 times
as wide as it is deep. It will not have a flat floor either. Meteor crater
in Arizona is a good example of an impact crater.

Most of the larger craters could better be described as 'ringed plains.' The
floors of many of the larger craters are the same level as the surrounding
surface, with no ejector blanket of material thrown from the crater. How are
these craters made? The surface of the Moon is covered with craters on both
sides numbering many tens of thousands, yet the Earth has at most about 200
impact sites discovered to date. Any object wandering through space looking
for a planet to hit and finding the Earth/Moon system would naturally be
drawn to the Earth due to its higher gravity rather than the Moon, which is
shielded by Earth anyway for half the time. So why does the Moon show such
damage and the Earth hardly any?

Geological weathering does not answer it. The fossil record indicates that
for the first 4 billion years very few advanced life forms existed on Earth.
Then around 550 million years ago there was suddenly a huge variation of
creatures existing showing far more advanced features than had been in
evidence before. This is called the Cambrian Explosion in geological time.
Could this be the time when the Moon went into orbit around Earth? And why
does the Moon keep one side, the far side, turned permanently away from
Earth's gaze? Could this be in order that ET can come and go unobserved. It
just seems so logical (as Spock would say) Perhaps that is what Clementine
was really sent to find out back in 1994. Has anyone ever seen the pictures
it must have taken with its cameras of the Apollo LMs still on The Lunar
surface? Thanks to Marcus Allen.
NEXUS MAGAZINE UK Office e-mail:
[email protected]
I always considered Ingo to be the worlds' most experienced RV exponent.


However, I had a most bizarre experience this morning after reading your
article on the theory that the moon may have been placed into orbit around
the Earth in order to stabilize and allow for life to be sustained. This is
actually not the first time I've heard this as Alex Collier a contactee
claimed the moon was in fact placed here by ET's . many millions of years
ago. So, I went to bed thinking about this theory again.. and how it seemed
to add up that we may indeed be an experiment by highly advanced ET's, who
set up an environment for their product to develop. I'm not particularly
religious but I awoke this morning with what sounded like a minister
preaching on the radio, but my radio was off. He said that I would find the
answer to my question in Psalms 8. I followed his directions and found the
Bible verse. King David states in verse 3 that: "When I consider your
heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which YOU have set
in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you
care for him? You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and
crowned him with glory and honor" Psalm 8.3. Pretty interesting, I thought
since it answers the question and indicates that the ET's are of a higher
order, as we are lower than the heavenly beings, but we are also crowned with
glory and honor. I would bet that the higher spiritually evolved ET's work
in cooperation with God, the Creator. I thought you might find this
interesting. Thanks to Jimmie.

Editor's Note: There are many statements in the Bible that can be
interpreted that we have been visited on a regular basis.


Data from instruments flown on airplanes during last year's Leonid meteor
shower show that the seeds of life, long suspected to exist in comet dust,
could have survived a fiery passage from space to Earth's ancient atmosphere.
A range of findings, reported by an international team of NASA-led
scientists, provide support for Panspermia, which holds that life on Earth
did not spring up spontaneously out of some primordial soup, but was instead
seeded from space Findings to date indicate that the chemical precursors
to life -- found in comet dust -- may well have survived a plunge into early
Earth's atmosphere," said astronomer Peter Jenniskens of the Ames Research
Center and the SETI Institute.

The studies were published in a November 14 special edition of the
Netherlands Journal Earth, Moon and Planets. "Sowing the seeds" The idea
that the seeds of life, or life itself, constantly fall from space is the
central idea of Panspermia. Not only did life on Earth begin this way, the
concept holds, but the genetic pool is constantly modified, even today.
Other researchers have shown that meteors both small and large do not heat up
as much as previously thought, allowing the possibility that dormant life
could arrive on an incoming space rock or, just possibly, embedded in the
dust grain of a comet. Jenniskens and others said all this work at least
supports the notion that life's recipe -- in the form of organic molecules --
can survive the trip into the atmosphere. Chandra Wickramasinghe, a leading
proponent of Panspermia, cheered the newest work. "I think the results
reported by NASA are clear proof that bacterial particles could survive,
hence vindicating Panspermia," Wickramasinghe said. He and astronomer Sir
Fred Hoyle have, since the 1970s, argued that organic particles of bacterial
sizes survive entry through the atmosphere. "However, there is still a
tendency to interpret results like this as merely showing that organics,
rather than life, are being added to the Earth, but the trend is surely
moving towards panspermia," Wickramasinghe told


Only 13,000 years ago a meteorite from Mars plunged through the Earth's
atmosphere and crashed into Antarctica. The Journal Science indicates that a
meteorite the size of hard ball had living organisms that survived the trip.
The rock stayed cool enough to sustain life. Benjamin Weiss, a graduate
student at the California Institute of Technology states, "What's exciting
about this study is that it shows the Martian meteorite made it from the
surface of Mars to the surface of Earth without ever getting hot enough to
destroy bacteria, or even plant seeds or fungi." Thousands of tons of rock
have traveled from Mars to Earth carrying living organisms. The study
indicates life may have existed on Mars in the relatively recent past and
life forms on Earth may have begun on Mars. Tiny bacteria could have ridden
on board meteorites blasted off the surface of Mars and traveled here. Its
been proven the heat generated coming into our atmosphere was not great
enough to kill the bacteria. The findings also suggest that life could still
exist on Mars.

Editors Note: The area of Cydonia where the Face on Mars exists could have
been an area not unlike the Pyramid area at Cairo. Not only is there the
Mars Face, but a series of pyramids, a fortress, an ancient city and what
appears to be an ancient road or canal running through the area. Certainly
natural forces could have made the face, but not the total complex.


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA is picking up
UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the UFO better and then
they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends hundreds of hours
watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff
does. He has gained his experience from watching numerous shuttle missions
and using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between
space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. Using his experience you can also
learn the difference. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from
space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any
jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to:
Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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