Filer's Files #42 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
October 24, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts, C. Warren
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I obtained some background data on Halloween to determine the significance of
the popular American holiday. I was surprised to learn some startling
similarities in ancient folklore of Halloween and modern abduction stories.
Apparently, Halloween started with the Druids several thousand years ago who
were a great far-reaching priesthood who ruled over a people known as the
Celts in ancient England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The Druids were in
control of everything and often even controlled the kings. They served as
priests, teachers, prophets, magicians, doctors, and lawyers. They were
cruel, bloodthirsty, superstitious, and practiced human sacrifices. The
Irish Druids believed that on Samhain evil spirits came out of the Cave of
Cruachan in Connaught, known as "the gate of hell." With them came copper
colored birds that killed farm animals, and stole babies, leaving demons
(changelings) in their place. Today, abductees tell similar stories of
flying metal objects, that their animals are mutilated and their babies have
been taken by the aliens. The people also believed that the Druids could
cause sleep, illness, or death by casting spells. Abductees describe how
they are unable to move, suddenly fall asleep, and later become ill.

Researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee who has searched for logical answers states,
"The 'medical examination' to which abductees are said to be subjected, often
accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscent of the medieval
tales of encounters with demons. It makes no sense in a sophisticated or
technical framework: any intelligent being equipped with the scientific
marvels that UFOs possess would be in a position to achieve any of these
alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time and with fewer risks."

Halloween originally a festival of fire and death, is still celebrated by
satanists, and witches as the eve of their New Year and is considered to be
the High (Black) Sabbath that is often celebrated by orgy and sacrifice.
Halloween celebrates a spirit world of witches, ghosts, hobgoblins, ghouls,
demons, phantoms, vampires, and even monster aliens. It is becoming one of
United States' the most celebrated holidays and millions of children dress in
costumes, masks, and go to their neighbor's doors asking for candy or gifts.
It struck me that if any aliens lived among us, these costumes and the new
styles of teenagers might be useful for aliens to hide among us.

The Druids claimed to be able to change into animals and other shapes
(metamorph, shape-shift), to become invisible, to control the weather and to
produce fruitfulness. Abductees often mention they see various animals,
aliens changing shape and moving through walls. It was believed that on
Halloween the barriers between the physical and spiritual world were the
weakest, and demonic spirits as well as the souls of the dead walked the
countryside. The origins of Trick or Treat are also interesting. The Druid
priests would go from house to house demanding food, and if they were given
none, they would speak a curse over the household to cause someone to die
within the next year. They carried with them a large turnip or pumpkin,
carved out on the inside with a demonic face carved in the front. Offerings
of food and drink were also put out for the ghosts who came to warm
themselves in familiar households. A gray ghost is similar in appearance to a
gray alien. Those who have investigated abductions may see many similarities
between the ancient customs and today's testimony from abductees. It is
possible UFOs come from places we cannot comprehend; and the aliens are
beings we cannot even understand? Reality may include concepts, ideas, and
factors we never considered.

Although, most UFO investigators have come to the conclusion we are being
visited by advanced alien civilizations, other respected investigators have
come to very different conclusions - John A. Keel for example states, "The
UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the
age-old demonological phenomenon." " Operation Trojan Horse"

Almost every day, I'm able to obtain creditable reports, photographs or video
from reliable people. It appears the aliens deliberately hide their
identity, perhaps to cover up their vulnerabilities. Many abductees claim
they can stop the abductions by a powerful prayer. During this Halloween
season it might be worth considering other possibilities for the alien
presence. See for
information on Halloween.


JONES BEACH -- On October 11, 2000, while taking a drive my girlfriend and
her friend and I, who are all in our 30's saw two shapes appear in the sky
coming in off the ocean. It was moving too quickly and was much too large to
be a plane. As it came closer at 8:55 PM, we were all in shock and still
are. I jammed on my brakes and watched it. It landed on the beach just past
the dunes with an amazing rainbow effect going around underneath the craft.
We stayed in the car with the lights off to see what would happen. As we
were staring at the objects, the larger one sent something like a red beam on
our car. We all screamed and I tried to start the car that would not start.
We then tried to open the doors, which would not open. We all were very
upset. Then the lights on us changed to blue. I felt a calming feeling
coming over me and heard someone telling me that nothing had happened and
that I should leave and never come back. After that, I felt the car drop and
we all were bounced around the car. All of us felt we should get the hell
out of there fast. We have been together for the last few days just talking
about this and this is our first attempt to let anyone know about it. We are
very scared about saying this and want to keep our identity from anyone as we
are all known. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO
Reporting Center


PORTERSVILLE -- On Saturday, October 7, 2000, at 9:00 PM, Mr. and Mrs. Alan
Yost drove up on the hill to see if any thunderstorms were headed in their
direction. Alan says, "I was outside our van, checking the electrostatic
meter I had made when my wife called me back inside to see what she had been
observing through her binoculars." "Using my binoculars, I was able to
clearly see a small but brilliant point of light which was flicking about in
an extremely unusual manner, changing color as it did so. It would be
crimson red in one spot, then blink out only to reappear in the same instant
in another but would now be brilliant green, or a silver blue/white. I
observed this one for a few minutes, then I checked for a reference point of
land so I could make sure that the UFO's movement was not caused by my
binoculars. I was able to put the tree line just inside the bottom of the
lens and still see the object. It was definitely doing the moving as the
tree line remained perfectly still." "Then I was able to see that there was
not only one but three or more of these 'objects' all doing the same 'dance
in the sky.' I also noticed that whenever they blinked out and reappeared
they would form a perfect triangle. The size of the triangle was constantly
changing as they darted about." The UFOs "remained in the same quadrant of
the sky--a couple of miles due west" of the hilltop. "Many airplanes were
also flying into and out of Pittsburgh International Airport. One of their
main flight paths goes straight over the hill where we were, and I was able
to track the airplanes quite well with my binoculars." The UFOs formed
triangular formations in the same quadrant of sky. "We were able to view the
objects doing their 'dance' for 25 minutes, and then they suddenly
disappeared." Thanks to Alan Yost and Joe Trainor Editor of UFO Roundup Vol.
5 #41 Oct. 12, 2000.


SEVERN -- At 6:10 PM, I was out in the back yard grilling a steak on October
4, 2000, when I saw an orange white light shoot down and across the sky and
stop dead a hundred feet away. It hovered about 40 feet above the ground.
It just hovered there and wobbled a little before it moved sideways to hover
again. The first thing I thought was did anyone else see this? My neighbors
were all indoors. I really did not want to move but, I ran inside and got my
digital camera. When I got back outside it had apparently moved some more
and was a bit lower. I was kind of scared to get any closer so I just
snapped a couple pictures right where I was. One came out OK, so that is the
one I'm sending. It was a domed craft or kind of like a half a donut with
some smaller dome with a point on top of it. It had what looked like smaller
lights all the way around it. There wasn't any noise but I heard a very low
hum. The lights on it would alternate between yellow and orange to white now
and then. It seemed like it would always wobble before it moved. It would
wobble then shift to the side. When the lights were mostly white it looked
like it was shiny on the outside like silver or a shiny gray color. I tried
to watch it every second. I just couldn't figure out what this thing was. I
was going to try getting more pictures of it and started to reset the camera,
but all of a sudden it shot straight up! I mean like a rocket. One-second
it was sitting still and the next it was moving at top speed! Either the
lights went out or it just disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director
of the National UFO Reporting Center,


ARAB -- Field Investigator Mark Ausmus for MUFON of Georgia has investigated
the UFO videotaped on September 19, 2000, shortly before sunset. In Filer
Files #40, M. J. Ruben wrote: 'We have received incredible UFO footage at the
Alien Abduction Experience and Research web site. A colorful star' UFO was
spotted in the sky over Arab and as night fell, the 'star' UFO dropped below
the horizon." Mark Ausmus writes," I immediately recognized this object as
an old friend, and a quick check with my astronomy software confirmed that
this is NOT A UFO, nor a star. It is the planet Venus. From the picture on
the website I was able to determine the approximate position of the object to
the setting Sun. This relationship was quite fortunate in that it
establishes the position of the planet Venus perfectly. On Sept 19, 2000 at
sunset, Venus was approximately 35 degrees south of the Sun and 15 to 20
degrees above it. The movement of the object as described by the witness was
also identical to the movement of Venus. It is interesting to note that
camera artifacts of focusing on a pinpoint of bright light can be mistaken as
rotation. Fortunately, we have MUFON to investigate cases. Our job is to
separate the wheat from the chaff. Tom Sheets and John Thompson have done
much to get our Georgia chapter on the right track of performing serious UFO
investigations. Thanks to Mark Ausmus Assistant State Director
[email protected], and ISUR founding member


SOLSBERRY -- Barry Taylor writes, "A correspondent from Indiana sent me this
report and image of Chemtrails that had been sprayed over his property. Paul
says, "I managed to get twelve excellent photographs Friday the 13th of
October. The sunset was beautiful Saturday, with chemtrails everywhere. The
sun was orange with a halo covering probably three degrees. I was seeing as
many as six aircraft at a time, they were changing course as they flew over,
one actually made an 'S' shape as if following a predetermined course. When
I arrived home it was dusk and there was a chemtrail directly overhead
illuminated by the moon. A few minutes later, the trails had spread and the
whole sky was haze. I am going to mount a camera on my eight inch scope and
photograph the aircraft, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks to Barry Taylor
[email protected] and Paul.

Sally Suddock writes, "Chemtrails derive their name from the vapor trails
(contrails) left by jet aircraft in flight--harmless condensation common in
the world's skies and air traffic routes." Chemtrails, on the other hand,
are reported to be more sinister, and are suspected to be composed of
chemical vapors and matter that are reported to cause flu-like and other
illnesses. Unlike contrails, that dissipate in a relatively short time,
chemtrails fan out and cause the sky to haze and, in some cases, appear as
oily rainbow-like residue above. Chemtrail patterns in the sky range from
parallel to criss-crossed formations distinctly different from typical
commercial flight patterns. A consensus among witnesses associates the
spraying with large, unmarked military or white jet aircraft. In a number of
recent cases, witnesses also have seen and photographed what appears to be
UFOs within the chemclouds. This week, one of the most dramatic photos of
chemtrail activity appeared on the website--taken by an
Orbital Imaging Corporation SeaStar satellite over Green Bay, Wisconsin and
Lake Michigan on October 9, 2000.

Submitted to Sightings by the Health Action Network Society (,
of Canada, the photo was taken as part NASA's Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-View
Sensor (SeaWiFS) project. The bird's eye photo eerily portrayed
"contrail"-like vapor extending from cloud cover for a short distance and
then disappearing. On the Sightings site, as well, is a detailed letter from
a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, who says the phenomena are nothing
like the typical contrail he ever experienced. "At the time I retired after
29 years of service, I was a squadron commander with a KC-135E unit and I
certainly can recognize a normal tanker contrail when I see one or identify
the shadow outline of one of our aircraft in the sky," wrote Den Ardinger, of
Pittsburgh. "One of the things I want understood is that 'spraying' from a
tanker is not unheard of regardless of what anyone tells you. It's what is
being sprayed that is the puzzle," said Ardinger, adding that military
aircraft often jettison fuel for load reasons. "However, what we are seeing
today is not the occasional spraying I am talking about. When we dumped fuel
we didn't fly in a grid pattern, for example." Meanwhile, a new group has
formed to inform the public on health issues related to toxicity and promote
alternative environmental technologies. "The initial focus of Blue Skies
International will be to address the assault on our health and environment by
the ongoing chemtrail operation," said Toni Thayer, the founder of the
organization. Thanks to Sally
[email protected]


DULUTH -- Brenda Livingston writes a friend sent her this story. "I've been
watching the chemtrails aircraft in this area for a couple of years and taken
a lot of photos. I noticed while using my binoculars that some chemplanes
have a strange antennae attachment on the back. It was quite tall and
appeared to be made of some type of tubular metal and somewhat resembled a TV
antennae. It was located just ahead of the tail section. I noticed these
same large aircraft fly into the Duluth Airport. The 148th Fighter Wing
(ANG) is located there, but they fly small fighter aircraft. One Sunday
morning around 11:00 AM, near the Duluth Airport I encountered a convoy of 12
tanker trucks, in green camouflage. Its possible these tankers could
transport some of these special chemicals they are spraying? Thanks to
Brenda Livingston


L. G. Sikes writes, "We've recently had a rash of bolides sightings in
Oklahoma which have been well covered by the Media. I do not know what makes
bolides explode in the air and display the type of fireworks displayed when
they do. The "Experts" do not have the answers either. One of our major
Meteorologists at TV Channel # 9 says the prevalence of these bolides is very
unusual and was not expected because there was no meteor showers forecast.
Observers claimed the object lit up the sky at sunset and took a full minute
to cross from horizon to horizon from the south to north northeast passing
almost overhead of Dodge City, Kansas. KFOR news in Oklahoma City claimed,
NASA had studied the video and concluded that it was a Russian "Proton"
Rocket that had reentered the atmosphere on October 13, 2000, at 6:08 PM, Thanks to L. G. Sikes [email protected]

Hundreds of people in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska reported seeing
several fireballs streak across the sky about sunset. An explanation on a
NASA news Web site, says the lights' trajectory matches the path of three
Glonass satellites that launched from Kazakstan aboard a Russian Proton
rocket earlier in the day. But military officials said there's no way the
lights were caused by anything made on Earth. "We're chalking it up to
natural phenomenon," said Maj. Perry Nouis, with US Space Command at Peterson
Air Force Base in Colorado. The lights were associated with the Orionid
meteor shower, he said, which is expected to reach its full splendor this
weekend. "We track that stuff," he said. "We did not record a re-entry."
North American Aerospace Defense Command also discounts the space junk
theory. "That was not man-made," said Master Sgt. Larry Lincoln, a spokesman
for the agency. "We track man-made objects. Had that happened, of course we
would have known that!" Some witnesses reported hearing noise from the
object. A video of the object showed an effect similar to a cloud of bright
stars. Various reports claim that the object was orange in color, although
some of the fragments were bluish. Thanks to the Wichita Eagle:

Editor's Note: Fireballs seldom last more than 15 to 20 seconds, so reports
claiming it was visible for more than a minute suggest satellite reentry
fragments or a slower moving object. NASA and astronomers assert its space
junk, yet US Space Command and NORAD claim this was definitely not space
junk. One possibility is that thousands of observers were looking at
antimissile weapons system that had been fired to calibrate the Project
Starshine Strategic Defensive Initiative targeting systems. Of course people
may have observed a UFO entering our atmosphere.

TEXAS UFO Sighting Report

DENTON -- George writes, "I think I saw a UFO tonight as I was leaving the
Lodge, at 8:53 PM on October 3, 2000. I was looking due east at Morison's
Corn crib through my car's windshield. Above the red Morrison's sign I saw a
white light composed of a steady white and a flashing white, just like an
ordinary airplane. Since some of the Dallas air traffic passes near Denton,
I thought it was an airplane with its landing lights on. At that moment, it
stopped flashing, brightened, and reversed direction moving off to the east
from whence it came. There is no way for me to estimate how far, how high or
how fast it was traveling. It suddenly reversed direction without turning
around, slowing down or stopping as an ordinary aircraft or helicopter would
have done. I noticed no sound. The sighting lasted about half a minute from
the approach to the departure of the light. The sky was clear with no
clouds. The light was not Venus, which had all ready set in the west, nor
was it Jupiter nor Saturn which had not risen. In any event, no planet moves
or flashes like that. Thanks to George A.


TUCSON -- On October 6, 2000, at 9:15 PM while sitting in my back yard in
East Tucson, I noticed six to eight amber lights." The lights were
approximately 200 feet off of the ground using a tree in our yard known to be
50 feet tall. The lights moved in unison as only a whole object would move.
I don't think even a group of aircraft, could move in unison like that. And
do it so perfectly. At night? The object's shape was hard to define since
it was dark. But I will try to come as close as I can:

There were two lights on the top left * *
and more under those two * * *
and a couple of more kind of like * * *

It came from east to west over the top of my head and as they made their way
towards downtown Tucson, about over the University area it seemed, it made a
slow banking turn southeast, almost turning around, but making an adjustment
carrying him directly south. As I said, the object seemed to be at least two
hundred feet high, It went directly overhead and I never heard a whisper of a
sound. Just for comparison, I decided to see at what height I could begin
hearing airplanes overhead and at what height I could stop hearing them. I
was not expecting what I saw next. From the Southeast their lies a large US
Air Force base that shall remain Monthan-ious. Four minutes later six A-10
Tank Killers went overhead to the northwest. They were at least at a thousand
feet in altitude, and I had no problem hearing them. It was by the very
definition a UFO in my book. Thanks to Waltpeg


HOWARD -- Christopher O'Brien writes, "Its real quiet here in the valley
lately, but I received a call from a reliable skywatcher who lives near
Howard who claims she had a sighting Tuesday night October 17, 2000. She was
able to videotape including a zoomed in close-up of the UFO! I'm waiting to
meet with her on Tuesday and review tape. I'll keep you posted and let you
know what the scoop is. Christopher O'Brien
[email protected] author of: "My
Mysterious Valley"


TUCSON - My name is Donna and I had an encounter similar to one you wrote
about recently that stated, "I went to bed a 3:00 AM and I was very tired.
All I remember was just laying my head down. Next thing I was awake wide
awake and I couldn't move. The whole room was filled with this whitish-bluish
light and I saw this tall hooded figure walk across the window in my room!"
Donna says, "The night before last, there was a tall, hooded figure that sat
on the edge of my bed. I tried to kick him off, but he would not budge." I
tried to turn on the light, but could not. I didn't feel scared (as would be
a normal reaction), but I did feel exasperated. The rest I don't remember;
there is a blank space. Later on, I woke up, turned on my light okay and
went to look for the intruder. Dream? Reality? A merging of both? My
imagination? This is just one of the weirdo things that have happened around
here in the past few months. Thanks to Donna B.


Popular Science Magazine for November portrays a black world-style
fighter-bomber nicknamed "Switchblade" by pilots because of its ability to
move its wings in and out of the fuselage. The plane dubbed "Bird of Prey"
by magazine writer Steve Douglass is described as a follow-on to the FB-111
Aardvark switch-wing fighter-bomber that bombed Libyan strongman Moammar
Khadafy's palace in 1985. The aircraft operates with its wings extended for
landing and airborne refueling at 550 MPH. The wings are almost completely
tucked into the fuselage as it builds its speed to more than mach 5 over 3000
mph. Air Force officials have denied the announcement but presidents
regularly release data on advanced technology just prior to elections.


Lan Fleming writes, the September 8, Fox News article stated: "according to
the disparate band of believers who since the big letdown have kept the torch
of artificiality burning on Web sites and in newsletters and books. They
branded NASA's image "the Catbox" or "the Footprint" and said a poor-quality
picture was deliberately released as a public relations move to kill the

While there is no way, of course, to prove what the motives were behind JPL's
release of the shoddy Catbox "enhancement" of the MGS Face image to the world
news media two years ago, it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that a
deliberate fraud was perpetrated once it is understood what extreme and
bizarre image "processing" had to be done to produce the Catbox from the raw
image. What I think is a very likely procedure is described at:

While the resulting "enhancement" is not an exact replica of the Catbox, it's
close enough for government work. The process involves the use of a
high-pass filter, which has long been suspected to be the primary culprit in
the creation of the Catbox. But to get something as truly bad as the Catbox,
it was also necessary to apply the Photoshop noise filter and embossing
filter. Both of these latter two filters are used for fancy special effects
in computer graphics, but are bogus in the extreme for any image purporting
to depict a real scene. In summary, it appears likely that JPL used a
high-pass filter to remove visual cues to the true height and shape of the
object, a noise filter to obscure unwanted features that couldn't be removed,
and an embossing filter to add features that don't exist, but that make the
terrain look rougher and more "natural" than it would in an honest
enhancement. I see very little chance that this is anything other than
deliberate fraud. It seems unlikely that even gross incompetence could
explain the Catbox. Thanks to: Lan Fleming

Editors Note: It seems obvious JPL is attempting to hide the Mars face. An
ancient Face on Mars was already accepted as fact by the public. Why go to
all the trouble to carry out steps to deny its reality? This infers that
other secrets are also being hidden such as ancient cities, underground bases
come to mind.


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA is picking up
UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the UFO better and then
they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends hundreds of hours
watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff
does. He has gained his experience from watching numerous shuttle missions
and using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between
space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. Using his experience you can also
learn the difference. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from
space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any
jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to:
Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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