Filer's Files #41 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
October 16, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts, C. Warren
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YEMEN -- A terrorist bomb was detonated next to the destroyer USS Cole
killing 17 sailors in the port of Aden, one of the deepest natural ports in
the world. The explosion ripped a forty by forty foot hole in the side of
the destroyer and the ship is in danger of sinking. This is the most
damaging attack since the 1996 bombing of the Air Force barracks in Saudi
Arabia that killed 19. The USS Cole was in route to the Persian Gulf where
it was to perform maritime intercept operations in support of the UN embargo
against Iraq. The US and its allies have carried out continued bombing of
Iraq and this may be a retaliatory attack. Iraq makes billions of dollars
from its oil exports that include shipments to the United States. In fact
Iraq provides the second largest portion of OPEC Nation's oil to the US.
Meanwhile, Saddam Hussein is recruiting suicide volunteers for terrorist acts
against Israel and the US. The attack may have occurred in Yemen as a
warning to US forces, since this is an important military base from which
naval forces can quickly reach the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Indian
Ocean. Strategically, the US Navy has recently lost key points of control to
countries like China in the Suez Canal, when a Chinese company with ties to
the People's Liberation Army (PLA) won important rights to facilities there.

Economic war is also being raged against the US. Heating oil prices have
been increased 16 to 20%, while oil prices reached their highest level in the
last ten years with more increases likely.

Saddam Hussein has encouraged Arab countries to expel Israeli ambassadors and
revoke any agreements with the Jewish State. Israel's main ally is the US
and acts of terrorism may cause the US to lose its resolve to support Israel.
 Meanwhile, Iraq is strengthening its military forces using cruise missiles
and other equipment purchased from China. Regional instability plays into
Saddam Hussein's hands and the Palestinian rioting was likely encouraged by
Iraq. The lynching of three Israeli soldiers by a Palestinian mob has ruined
chances for peace in the immediate future. Meanwhile, the Israelis are
deeply disappointed and discouraged with the United States abstention from
the recent UN vote and feel very strongly that "silence gives consent." The
lack of a strong expression of support for Israel from the US in the UN
council meeting has conveyed to the Israelis, that they are now alone. Not
even America will stand with them any longer.

Although some potential terrorists have been caught at US border checkpoints,
it is relatively easy to penetrate poorly protected US borders. The US is at
risk since terrorists can conduct sabotage in numerous ways. The most
damaging forest fires in recent history tore through the West this summer and
fall. Many of the fires were started under suspicious conditions that likely
included terrorism. Further attacks could take place against the subways,
buildings, or water supplies of major cities. Biological attacks may already
be under way.

The West Nile Virus that was first found in New York City last summer has a
suspicious history. The virus is spreading throughout the East carried by
Japanese mosquitoes. This strain of mosquitoes was unknown to the US prior
to the outbreak of the disease. This mosquito is particularly well suited to
spread the disease by biting and infecting various birds that are now flying
south for the winter. If the disease were introduced by accident it would
appear that American or Egyptian mosquitoes would be the primary carrier of
the virus. If the American public realizes we are under terrorist attack and
comparatively vulnerable, the outcome of the presidential election is likely
to be effected.

Strange heavy contrails are also being reportedly sprayed from unusually
bright white colored four engine aircraft. Reports suggest heavy airborne
spraying may be going near many cities in the US. Strange black puck shaped
objects and UFOs are also being reported. This activity is followed by
unusual respiratory illnesses among the populace. Pittsburgh was hit by
heavy contrails on Friday, and the sky quickly clouded over by nightfall.
The spraying may be tied to the prevention of an outbreak of more serious
diseases. Cattle mutilations are also continuing at a high rate.


MIDDLETOWN -- Larry Clark reports that on October 14, 2000, Dean Burgess went
out to have a smoke on his porch that sits on a high hill overlooking a
valley. Dean says, "The sky was hazy and I couldn't see any stars except for
one that seemed kind of low in the sky." I was attracted to that one spot
because it was so bright. He says, "I grabbed my spotting scope that I use
for stargazing at 2:45 AM and saw a diamond shape craft hover for two minutes
then move at a progressive speed." It was moving east and roughly at about 5
mph, and I could see a light on each end of the diamond actually making a
diamond shape. In the center parallel to each other there were two pulsating
lights that flashed like a railroad crossing sign. I estimate that the
object was a mile away and I could see it very clear through the scope from
start to finish. I observed it for five minutes total. After hovering for a
couple minutes I saw it move off for three minutes until it was out of sight.
 All the lights were white and very bright. Thanks to Dean Burgess and Larry


BRIDGEWATER -- After work, I was driving home on Washington Valley Road on
September 24, 2000, when I saw a big light like a very pointed star. At
first, I thought it was some tower over the hill, but the light was moving
from left to right and it was impossible to be an airplane. I stopped my car
at 11:45 PM, since I thought that probably my windshield was blurry and
showed the light so big. I got out of my car, and it was a really big flying
light. When the light crossed almost over me, I saw the side of the object
that looked heavy without a shape to fly and no wings. It was flat in the
front, the same as the back. It had red and green little lights blinking
across of the side of the object. It made a very little noise like
whistling. I didn't see the color; it was a dark object flying slowly and
low. I couldn't believe it when the object passed. I made a U turn to try
to see more and I follow it, but it faded away behind the trees. I made a
left turn to follow and it was gone. Luckily I found Route 78 that I had
been searching for. I wasn't scared but tears started to come from my eyes
at that moment. I phoned police to see if anyone had filed a report or
complaint about UFO's over Bridgewater, but no one had called. Thanks to
Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


WASHINGTON MEMORIAL -- On September 29, 2000, high in the sky over the Mall
while facing the Capitol Building I saw what I first thought was a metallic
airplane reflecting light. At 4:35 PM there were no clouds in the sky and
flying high was an object that looked like a little ball. It was moving in a
straight line, much like an airplane would. Then, I noticed another one, the
same size and description was flying towards the first object. I thought
maybe they were planes flying at different altitudes, because it looked as
though they were going to have a head-on collision. I became anxious as I
thought I was going to watch a midair collision, but just as they were going
to crash, they VERY QUICKLY (much faster than an airplane ever could) spun
off in opposite circular directions. They danced around each other in
circles, occasionally disappearing then reappearing. The most I saw at one
time were 4. Then, and actual airplane passed through my area of vision
(flying much lower than the objects) and as it did, the objects disappeared
totally. After the plane had been left for about a minute, one UFO
reappeared and continued to dance around, and another one appeared.
Sometimes there were two. During the course of this, I stood up to observe,
and sat down, and laid back down, just to make sure I wasn't contorting my
body in a way that was effecting my vision. But, these objects were clearly
in focus. Finally, I decided I had seen enough and wanted to leave. I NEVER
thought I would ever see anything like this. There was no other explanation
for what I saw today. Two minutes later, I developed a very bad inner ear
ache that lasted about a half hour. I don't know if its related, but just
thought I'd mention it. Thanks to NUFORC


ST. PAUL--M. J. Ruben writes, "We have received two incredible UFO video
clips for analysis at the Alien Abduction Experience and Research web site
from MUFON." Darryl Djos of Minnesota took both videos. The first video
clip taken October 11, 1999, shows a UFO at night, with two square lights on
the same side. The UFO is rotating silently in a counterclockwise direction
and is hovering several hundred feet in the air above a city street. At 8:51
PM the UFO emitted a tubular beam of light parallel to the sloped roof of the
house below. At that moment, "Beam me up Scotty!" seems appropriate.
Enhanced still frames from the videotape may be seen at The second video clip taken by Mr.
Djos is of a shape-shifting UFO over St. Paul. In this video clip, the UFO
hovers in and out of trees and changes shape five times in 32 seconds. Thanks to: Bill McNeff, Minnesota
MUFON State Director for sending in these excellent videos for analysis.


WICHITA - Jim Hickman reports that on October 13, 2000, large objects with
lights were observed in the sky over the Midwest. KSN News Video online and
other news programs covered the strange sight was seen by hundreds in the sky
at 7:30 PM. Witnesses including Jim saw mysterious fireballs in the sky that
Jim thought were probably Bolides. Witnesses from Erick, Enid, Clinton, Elk
City, Blanchard, Alva, Leedy, Oakwood, Choctaw, Mangum, Ringwood, all
reported sightings." The object was shown on television and the National
Weather service and NORAD were contacted. Several fireball like objects were
moving in a group and caught on videotape. Eyewitness's report they saw the
objects exploding, even raining down sparks. Many claimed they could hear
explosions and hissing. One caller even reported that cars were stopped
along an Oklahoma highway I-40 and drivers were standing on the side of the
road watching the fireballs as they passed by. NORAD said, they are setup to
track man-made objects and nothing appeared on their radar so it was most
likely a meteor. The Infrared Signature of meteors would not necessarily be
significant enough for NORAD to pick up.

Editor's Note: If NORAD cannot pick up heavy bolides they are unlikely to
pick up UFOs entering our atmosphere. More meteor showers are expected from
the 10th to the 29th of October, with the heaviest coming down around the
15th. There is some speculation that the alien craft penetrate the
atmosphere at these times. Bolides are sometimes reported hissing, crackling
and rumbling. A meteoroid, traveling on a solar orbit before entering the
Earth's atmosphere, travels at an average speed of 25,000 mph. Friction
would slow the speed of the object considerably upon atmospheric entry, but
the speed would still be very high -- many times in excess of the speed of
sound. Since bolides move so fast, its probable that sounds cannot be heard
from the object until after it has passed. Bolides sufficiently large to
reach the ground would be capable of producing a sonic boom. Some space
debris such as Skylab Space Station produced multiple sonic booms after the
debris passed.


ALBUQUERQUE -- Mike Harman reports that a truck driver spotted a huge
triangle shaped UFO on I-40 on September 26, 2000, about 40 miles southeast
of Albuquerque. I had a chance to interview a relative who drives an
18-wheeler truck who took me along for the ride. The incident started when
truckers were reporting on the CB radio about a huge triangle being observed.
One of the truckers stated that he could clearly see the triangle, and could
also see bright white lights on each corner of this triangle with a red light
in the center. He pulled the rig over and grabbed his 12x50 binoculars and
observed the object that looked fairly large. One of the truckers talking
over the CB radio said the unidentified object was about 10 stories wide and
20 stories tall. Making it look taller than wide. The witness said, "It was
slightly curved on the top with the point pointing down, with the curved end
on what he thought was the top of the object." It was glowing orange white,
similar to how a light bulb would look if it was turned on in the daylight.
Thanks to [email protected]


Peter Davenport reports that four out-of-state hunters were camped for a week
at a remote site in central Idaho on the night of Wednesday, September 27th,
2000. They had been in the area for approximately a week, an area where they
have hunted annually for over two decades, and with which they had become
very familiar. At approximately 9:45 PM one of the four men went outside
their camper to obtain food from a storage locker. As he approached his
pickup truck, he seemed to sense that something didn't seem quite right,
"like a thick blanket suspended overhead," he said. However, it was not
until a few seconds later that he realized just how correct his senses were!
As he stepped up on the rear tire of his truck to reach into the bed, his
flashlight swept across the clear night sky above him, illuminating something
very large, and directly overhead. He immediately glanced up, and was so
startled by what he saw that he fell to his knees from shock. He was looking
at the bottom of a huge, silent, unlighted triangular-shaped object, that was
sitting motionless in the sky directly above the campground! His initial
impression was that the object was at least the size of a football field,
hundreds of feet on a side. It had rounded corners, and its skin, where his
flashlight had swept over one corner of the bizarre object, exhibited
distinct texture. It was so large that it seemed to blot out the sky above

The witness, 43-years of age, started yelling almost hysterically for the
others to come outside immediately. The men in the camper were so alarmed by
tone in their friend's voice that they rushed for the camper door, expecting
to see a bear attacking their mules, or some "normal" event-taking place
outside. They were not prepared for what they saw. Fortunately, two of them
were able to get outside in time to witness the object overhead move slowly
and silently away from their campground toward a nearby mountain. Even
before they had managed to get out the door, however, the object had begun to
generate a distinct whining sound, at which time lights suddenly appeared on
the ventral surface. A large, round, subdued, white light was now plainly
visible in each of the three corners of the triangle, and a prominent red,
strobing light was visible in the middle of the ventral surface. The two
witnesses who had rushed outside quickly grabbed high-quality binoculars and
were able to focus on the object long enough to be able to observe it for 45
to 60 seconds.

As if the event were not stunning enough already by this time, the object
proceeded to ascend and maneuver up a narrow canyon in the side of the nearby
mountain. They described its motion through the sky as being "like a hockey
puck gliding over ice," i.e. very smooth and unwavering. One of the three
has been a private pilot for over two decades, and he felt certain that it
was not moving through the atmosphere the way an aerodynamic body would.
Their sighting stunned the group! After they had discussed the event for
several hours, two of the party felt so threatened by the event that they
decided to leave the area, drive several hours to the nearest major town, and
spend the night in a motel. The first witness spent a very uncomfortable
night, lying awake and thinking about the object. The next morning, they
contacted local government offices to report the incident, providing them
with the coordinates and details of the sighting. Interestingly, the two men
who remained at the camp witnessed military jet fighters fly down the valley
and pass directly over their camp. They reported that the jets were rocking
their wings dramatically as they descended down the valley toward their camp.
 Further investigation into the incident is forthcoming. Thanks to Peter
Davenport NUFORC


H. Bahadýr writes that between 1970 and 1973, when I was very young, "I saw
seven ships landing in a field." The ships landed on their main body and had
no tripods or tires. I wanted to touch them so I approached one craft. They
were so shiny that you could see yourself in the metal like looking into a
mirror. I touched the surface of the metal and it was cold, but it sounded
really thick. I touched it again, but my hand somehow went into the metal.
It was not normal metal and my hand felt wet like I was touching water.
Surprised, I touched it again to try to understand what I was feeling. I
felt like my hand was lost in the foggy or gas like metal. I did not feel
anything when my hand was lost inside the shape. My hand felt cold and I
though to myself, I don't think they use doors. They change the metal's
phases in some way so they can move into or out the ship. Several minutes
later I heard a buzzing, then no sound. I could only move my muscles
slightly and I couldn't hold my eyelids open. Within a few minutes they were
gone and the buzzing stopped and I could use my muscles normally. Thanks to
H. Bahadýr [email protected]

Editor's Note: Another witness claimed to have had a similar experience but
indicated it was like putting your hand into a wet sponge. Although the
material appears as metal it absorbs objects and repairs itself
automatically. The material almost seems alive. It would be ideal to absorb
the impact of meteorites in outer space.


"This is not science fiction. It could happen tomorrow or several decades
from now--an insignificant piece of time, geologically speaking--but it will
happen. The volcano Cumbre Vieja, located on the Atlantic Ocean Island of La
Palma, is thoroughly unstable and could collapse at any moment." La Palma is
the largest of the Canary Islands, located west of Morocco. "The island
could split in two. Half a trillion tons of rock will fall into the sea
within seconds and form a colossal wave measuring some 1,868 feet or 560
meters in height traveling westwards at a speed of 720 kilometers per hour
(432 miles per hour). A gigantic tsunami will devastate the islands of the
Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. Water from the wave could
penetrate more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) inland." "This would seem to be
the plot of a disaster movie, but they are in fact the computations of a team
of Swiss scientists concerning an advanced geological profiling program. The
results have been published in the Journal of Vulcanology and Geothermal
Research." "'It could happen at any time, within 10 to 100 years. But
please note this: if I lived in Miami or New York, and I heard that Cumbre
Vieja was erupting, I wouldn't listen to the news a second longer,' Dr. Simon
Bay of London's University College told the BBC. La Palma is in a precarious
geotechnical balance and the Cumbre Vieja volcano, last eruption occurred in
1971 (See the Spanish newspaper Sociedad for October 6, 2000) Thanks to
Scott Corrales and UFO Roundup Editor Joe Trainor.


Tim Cooper writes, "When candidate John F. Kennedy won the 1960 presidential
election on November 7, Allen W. Dulles, then Director of Central
Intelligence had already briefed Kennedy on three occasions exposing him to
the world of covert operations of the CIA." Dulles had already cultivated an
intellectual relationship with the young Kennedy when Deputy Director of
Central Intelligence, USAF General Charles P. Cabell briefed him earlier in
the summer of 1960 on certain political targets deemed critical by President
Eisenhower to national security. For young Kennedy, it would be an eye
opener to the big league game of conspiracy, assassination, and political
expediency necessary to maintain the US intelligence power structure and the
cold war diversion required by the military-industrial complex in its ongoing
MJ-12 scientific and technical black project programs. See,


Preliminary reports indicate that the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which was
launched on September 8, 2000, had first spotted and then filmed a UFO two
days later. Cosmic Conspiracies in the UK received an audio record of the
radio transmissions between the Shuttle astronauts and mission control. In
the first transmission, we hear NASA say, "'Atlantis, Houston, you're go for
ET photo and plus x', then Atlantis replies 'We got a second!'" In the
second audio sequence you hear "'Gus, sounds like your picking up an echo!'"
There is some speculation as to what the astronauts were referring to when
they had asked NASA if they could film "ET."

Jeff Chandler who obtained the photo of the Cigar shaped UFO writes: "I
seriously doubt that the astronauts would need ground permission to take
pictures of an External Tank which carries the liquid fuel that the orbiter
burns during the acceleration to orbital velocity. I see no correlation with
any unusual UFO event and the radio transmission two days apart. The
explanation that the term ET stands for External Tank is the standard NASA
explanation. I read it, and looked around for some corroboration. It does
make sense given the circumstances and time it was used. A British ham radio
operator intercepted the audio, just as Atlantis was passing over the UK
after lift off and climb to orbit. This area is where Shuttle always
jettisons the Tank (it reenters into the Pacific west of Hawaii). And the
fact that the nomenclature was settled on in the late 70s (years before the
Hollywood movie "ET") when the Shuttle program was just getting started. I
see too many above board facts to jump to the conclusion that the term ET
refers to anything else but the external tank. The cigar shot was taken
during docking to ISS, and was two days separated from the radio
interception. It's awful hard to tie the two incidents together.

Now if the Shuttle crew had asked MCC's permission to photograph "Santa
Claus," red flags and alarm bells would be going off all over the place for
me. Remember, in this case, these are only my opinions based on past
experience and observation. I am not pleased with the way the cigar picture
is being connected to the audiotape. Had I known that this would be used in
such a sensational and imprudent manner, I would have told them they couldn't
use the picture at all. Live and learn. I won't be so naive in future.
Thanks to Jeff Chandler.


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA is picking up
UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the UFO better and then
they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends hundreds of hours
watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff
does. He has gained his experience from watching numerous shuttle missions
and using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between
space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. Using his experience you can also
learn the difference. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from
space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any
jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to:
Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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