Filer's Files #40 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
October 9, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts, C. Warren
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UFOs may start turning up on the evening news and in top newspapers. UFOs
are being video taped in space from the Shuttle, from helicopters flying over
New York, around the US and in such places as the Australia, Chili, China,
the Philippines and the United Kingdom. Eventually the news media is bound
to pick up some real news just to help their ratings.


UFORCE International reports, "In what can only be described as a beautifully
coordinated effort on the part of international UFO reporting agencies around
the world, a UFO that shadowed shuttle mission STS-106 has been verified by
several independent verifiable sources! Preliminary reports had indicated
that the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which was launched on September 8, 2000, had
first spotted, then filmed a UFO. Our web site affiliate Cosmic Conspiracies
in the UK has received an audio record of this very same transmission between
Shuttle astronauts and mission control. In the first transmission, we hear
NASA say "'Atlantis, Houston, you're go for ET photo and plus x', then
Atlantis replies 'We got a second!'" In the second audio sequence you hear
"'Gus, sounds like your picking up an echo!'" There is some speculation as
to what the astronauts were referring to when they had asked NASA if they
could film "ET."

UFORCE-UK affiliate Cosmic Conspiracies has made this transmission available
to the public, by way of a free download. These tapes consist of (2) audio
sound-bytes that are short. When this evidence is combined with other
information that we are presently receiving from our World-Wide UFO reporting
network, it makes the potential of a NASA cover-up even more likely. The
AUDIO TRANSMISSION:, Thanks to Dave ______
[email protected] (Cosmic Conspiracies)

Editor's Note: The photo of a cigar shaped object can be seen on my website
thanks to Jeff Chandler. NASA may be talking about photographing External
Tanks rather than ET. Jeff writes that, "The STS-106 mission observed
several objects flying over the Eastern States just before Sunup. The
pattern holds. I noticed early on in this work, that wherever the time is
5:00 AM, give or take an hour, THAT is where we see these things zipping
about over the surface of Earth from the Shuttle cameras. That last hour
before dawn. So if a person wanted to increase his/her chances of capturing
a UFO on video camera, the time to consistently be outside looking is between
4 and 6 AM. I believe from my NASA observations that those who follow this
advice, will be successful in the long run."


MIAMI -- Tom reports that on Saturday's NBC Network News there was a segment
on the Fighting in Israel that focused on a 17 year old Palestinian boy who
was in the wrong place and was killed in the crossfire. NBC Reporters
interviewed his parents in their house and showed the boy's bedroom and on
the wall was a 18 inch wide by 30 inch high poster with a UFO hovering in
plain sight. Across the bottom of the poster in large block letters it said
"I WANT TO BELIEVE." You have probably seen one of these posters. The media
pointed out the words and said -- See! He even had a poster saying "I Want
To Believe" (then their words) --> IN PEACE !!! Totally ignoring the hubcap
size UFO! Watch for a repeat of this segment on NBC Network news. It
couldn't have been more obvious that they are well trained to avoid the
subject of UFOs. Thanks to Tom:
[email protected]

Editor's Note: The situation in Israel is very disturbing. UFOs have been
seen there on a regular basis. There has always been a strong religious tie
in to these UFO reports. It seems little will be gained by the fighting.
There is possibility of war on two fronts for Israel after more than a week
of clashes with the Palestinians and Lebanese Islamist Hezbollah guerrillas
who attacked and captured three Israeli soldiers on Lebanon's southern
border, capturing three of them.


Oil prices continue to climb as expected despite the release of 30 million
gallons of crude oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve by the Clinton
Administration. Oil is part of a global market and it appears much of this
oil may be diverted to European Markets where oil prices are even higher.
The Energy Department admits that only a third of the extra home heating oil
refined from government crude reserves may actually reach US customers.
Inventories for heating oil in New England are 65 percent below normal and
there could easily be a shortage home heating oil in the US. Releasing of
the Petroleum Oil Reserves likely helped increase prices because it had a
stabilizing effect until released. If Clinton Administration wants to cut
prices they must reduce the amount of oil used and increase US production.
As the possibility of war becomes more likely in the Middle East it is
possible the Arabs may decide to cut shipments to the US. Saudi Arabia and
Iraq provide us with large amounts of oil.


NEW YORK CITY -- Several readers have written concerning the Sightings TV
show # 4032 that aired on Friday, October 6, 2000. The portion
showed an excellent home video of a couple taking a helicopter tour of New
York City with an amazing disc shaped UFO in the video in flight. Close up
pictures were very good of the UFO and its speed was amazing. Thanks to

Editor's Note: The video can be seen on


Michael L. Stovall tells me that, "One observation I have made, as I fly a
good deal, is that the UFO's occasionally seem to be more easily seen from
the side than from the underside. I have watched them from a side view, then
could not see them when I got underneath. They just looked like the sky,
clouds or clear. Perhaps a camouflage effect is in place. Ever heard of such
from others? Just a note of my experiences.

Editor's Note: ----In a case I investigated with Dr. Don Johnson at McGuire
Air Force Base in 1980, a witness called the base and told them they had two
disc shaped UFOs over the base. The witness owned an Art Supply Company and
drew the UFOs on his window with a grease pencil. He was an excellent
witness and I have no doubt that he saw them. The Air Force looked outside
and claimed they couldn't see anything. The witness called a neighbor who
could also see the UFOs hovering over the base. They then called the state
police. Those under the UFOs could not see them. Those off to the side were
able to do so. On triangulation of the UFO position from the witnesses it
turned out they were hovering over a nuclear weapons storage site.


CHESAPEAKE BAY -- Bill Bean writes, "I went on a Skywatch on October 3, 2000,
with some members from my group and we witnessed some incredible activity
between 9:15 PM and 10:15 PM from Bowley's Quarters over the Chesapeake Bay.
An erratic moving object was traveling east and then circled back twice at
about 8,000 feet. The craft had blue flashes coming from it and through a
spotting scope and binoculars it looked triangular in shape. No sound could
be heard. The UFO moved very erratically and it would stop and start, d zig
zag, while it gained and lost altitude. We saw this UFO for about 45 minutes
and then it disappeared. We also saw three other craft that accomplished
mind boggling in maneuvers. Two UFOs, one approaching from the east and the
other from the west appeared to be at the same altitude were heading right
for each other at 9:40 PM. They were about to collide when both performed a
TWIRLING Maneuver. The one heading east gained in altitude and went out of
sight and the one going west went back to a steady course and out of sight.
At 10:05 PM, a blue flashing object was approaching from the west and it was
moving toward what we thought was a star. The blue strobing craft appeared
to run into the star making a bright blue flash upon impact. The star like
object started moving like a craft and headed east and the UFO that struck
it, became a stationary star like object and hovered there in the same spot
as the first. I have seen many strange things, but this is the most
incredible sighting that I have ever had. Thank GOD others witnessed this
with me. GOD Bless, Bill Thanks to Bill Bean..
[email protected].


ARAB -- M. J. Ruben writes: "We have received incredible UFO footage at the
Alien Abduction Experience and Research web site. Shortly before sunset on
Tuesday, September 19, a "star" UFO was spotted in the sky over Arab,
Alabama. The "star" UFO remained in its silent, counterclockwise rotation
and did not move out of its orbit. Sissy Tripp, area resident, videotaped
the UFO in its entirety. As night fell, the "star" UFO dropped below the
horizon as a star would due to the rotation of the Earth. Given that the UFO
looked like a star from the ground, it is very likely this UFO went
undetected by most residents who would have ignored it. Does this "star" UFO
represent a bolder, more aggressive strategy by aliens to monitor Earth?
Enlarged still frames from the videotape may be seen at the web site for
Alien Abduction Experience and Research, or at Thanks to Marilyn Ruben Alien
Abduction Experience and Research


GIRARD -- Investigator Kenny Young interviewed Mr. Rodney Happney of
Youngstown who reported sighting a UFO in Trumbull County on September 19,
2000. Happney was formerly in the 82nd Airborne Infantry as a paratrooper
and is very familiar with many types of aircraft. While driving north on
Salt Springs Road between 12:10 and 12:15 PM, Happney caught a glimpse of
something in the sky. "I just saw these things from the corner of my eye," he
said. The next thing that caught Happney's attention was a crowd of people
standing in the parking lot of a Sheetz Convenience store and gas station.
"This crowd of 25 people were all standing around looking up and I realized
we were looking at the same thing, so I decided to pull in and stop." The
objects, which were described as roundish star-like lights, in the daytime
sky, seemed 'pretty high' yet below the thin cloud layer. Happney observed a
total of six independent objects. Some of the objects would shoot straight
up, above the clouds while others would seem to roll around and reflect
sunlight. They would perform quick "bee-like" maneuvers and then assume a
formation in what appeared from his vantage point to be a "straight line."
"Two of these objects from the rear of the straight-line formation would
remain stationary while the rest of these things just fell, suddenly,"
Happney recalled. "They seemed to be flying or buzzing around real high, but
there was no sound at all that I could hear."

The objects continued to scatter about before they made a rapid departure to
the east. Happney informed that he had never seen anything pull away at the
speed these objects traveled. "Nothing could compare to how fast these things
were going," he said. Rodney Happney declares that these objects were
nothing that could be addressed with a satisfactory explanation, and was
absolutely certain they were no type of aircraft or military jets in practice
or mock combat. The crowd of spectators were pretty worked up, about the
strange goings-on in the sky above them. After the objects departed from
sight, Happney reports that a C-5 military plane over flew the area. "No more
than 15 or 20-seconds after these things pulled away. After the sighting,
Happney was excited about the occurrence called 9-1-1 and eventually got the
Youngstown Airport. He was informed that nothing was seen at the time in
question. Happney was advised by the tower operator to contact the National
UFO Reporting Center and he did/. Thanks to Kenny Young, UFO Research


MARSHALL - On September 20, 2000, at 10:57 PM I saw something out of the
corner of my eye that at first I thought was a "V" formation of a flock of
birds. I cupped my ear to listen, but it made absolutely no sound. It
glided smoothly but quickly from the north towards a south-southeasterly
direction. It spanned the portion of sky from Hercules to Capricornus (where
I lost it behind the trees) in about 5 seconds. It was shaped like a
flattened out "V." At arms length it was about 3" across and about 1" long.
It's shape was made up of many pinpoints of white lights, not brilliant,
about as bright as the average star. It was a perfectly clear night, the
moon had not risen yet. I was outside just gazing at how spectacular the
Milky Way looked when I saw it. I'm a 37 year old male and own a hardware
store. I have a college degree in management and I' am an avid starwatcher
with telescope. I do not believe in extraterrestrial life but I am miffed by
what I just saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


Jim Hickman writes, "Reference Filer's Files #39, I also saw those Arkansas
contrails on September 30, reported last week." I was on Interstate 40
between Memphis and Little Rock when my wife noticed several large white
aircraft in the area, they were producing strange white contrails to our
southwest, that ended up in a strange pattern almost looking like a
tic-tac-toe board in the sky along with several circles. I also wanted to
report a sighting my wife and I had the night before at about 8:00 PM. We
were attending the Mid-South Fair in Memphis, TN, when my wife looked up and
saw an object. She pointed it out to me, I saw a dimly lit object, it
appeared to be as large as a commercial aircraft that we had seen in the area
earlier, as we were in the flight path of Memphis airport. It didn't display
any FAA lighting. I could easily judge it's relative size. This object was
displaying only a dim gray colored light and it moved quickly from northeast
to the Southwest. It covered the sky from where we first saw it to the
horizon in less then 15 seconds. I observed several "normal" aircraft in the
area at the time of my sighting, including a police helicopter. Thanks to
Jim Hickman.


DICKINSON -- Dave Fugere writes, "We saw this strange craft over our town
with three lights, fairly, bright, and if I remember right they were red,
blue and green." Slowly more lights went on as it approached us and got up
to at least 7 or 8 lights, but the patterns kept changing. I don't know if
the lights were positioned in a way that concealed the shape of the craft or
if they were separate lights flying together and materializing and
disappearing. This was one of the strange things about it because it was
right over us and I couldn't make out any frame at all linking the lights
together. My daughter had even gotten my binoculars and I still couldn't put
a shape together. Thanks to "Dave Fugere" <
[email protected]


LINCOLN -- Scott Colborn writes, "Today a middle-aged man reported seeing two
bright lights, one behind the first light on September 18, 2000. He was on
the front porch at 6:15 AM when objects brighter than stars moved northeast.

KILLDEER LAKE -- A woman came into my store and told me she and a male friend
were parked by the lake when they saw a pair of bright lights coming over the
trees on September 10, 2000. Both of them noticed that the crickets and bugs
went totally silent suddenly and simultaneously. The lights flew toward them
40 feet above the ground just clearing the trees. She felt "they" were
interested in the lake because it's drying up. They then realized that she
and her friend were parked watching. The "UFO lights" swung towards them and
when the "lights" illuminated their vehicle and them inside, she said she and
her male friend could feel the "heat" from the beams of light. Then the
lights" swung away and turned back towards the trees and were gone from
sight. Ever since this UFO sighting last Tuesday night, there has been a
"ghost" in her basement. I asked her to tell me about this ghost, and she
said that she isn't seeing a clear outline or features, rather that it is
more like several balls of light, but she was explicit in using the choice of
"ghost" a number of times in our conversation. She said she thought the
"ghost" was a male -- that was the impression she had. They were going out
to do more hunting. Thanks to: Scott
[email protected]


TUCSON -- In November of 1996, one of my roommates and I experienced an
encounter. For a month, I would see these dancing lights just outside. I
would be compelled to go or look outside. Also I would feel like I was being
watched. I would be watching TV and feel a presence, but when I turned
around I didn't see anything. I was scared to go to bed with all the lights
out. I went to bed a 3:00 AM and I was very tired. All I remember was just
laying my head down. Next thing I was awake wide awake and I couldn't move.
The whole room was filled with this whitish-bluish light and I saw this tall
hooded figure walk across the window in my room! I couldn't move and I was
frightened. Then I got this calm feeling and I guess I went out because I
opened my eyes in the morning. I was wondering what happened, and who was in
my room. I know without a shadow of doubt there was someone there.

My roommate told me he had something very similar happen to him to that night
and he woke frightened and on the floor. T he room was filled with the
whitish-bluish light and that a tall hooded figure was hovering above him.
He was scared out of his mind and was wondering what the heck is going on.
We both know that something definitely happened that night. Since then I
haven't had any encounters. I've seen the dancing lights since I was a child
but I don't want to encounter what my roommate and I encountered again.
Thanks to Elizabeth Wall


I was watching "Inside the NFL" the other day and as plain as day in the air
flying over the Cardinals football stadium in Arizona. There was an object
that looked like a transparent blimp but it was moving too fast to be a
blimp. I cant believe no one has mentioned this on the news. People at the
game surely had to have seen this thing. Anyway I taped it the next time it
was on and have the video if you would like to see it. It is very clear
footage and is quite fascinating. Thanks to IMJETONE

Editor's Note: Yes I would like to see your video and put it on our web site
for others to see. I will be recording next Sunday's Eagle's vs. the
Cardinal game as well. The Eagles will win 21 - 17.


RIDGECREST -- Mike Rogalski writes, "I saw something strange enough to cause
me to stop my vehicle October 7, 2000, at 9:00 PM and get out to listen for
noises of what looked like a very slow moving meteorite." I was not
immediately alarmed, because we had just driven past the Ridgecrest Balloon
Festival. It turned out to be an airplane with large wingspan, shooting
MASSIVE sparkler traces out the wingtips, Roman candles and other displays,
while actually doing spirals in the air. This redefines the entire concept
of fireworks displays! It will also wreak havoc on UFO reports, because the
show is practically a summary of all the kinds of displays we get reports on,
except for cigar shaped sightings. This does not appear to be a simple
amateur-generated one-time show. I have seen meteorites do practically all
of what this show did, minus the Roman candles. In fact, the only telltale
giveaway of the origins of these displays are the blinking lights on the
craft. It was truly impressive, but thoroughly bogus. Thanks to Mike
[email protected]


BERKELEY - On September 15, 2000, at 8:57 PM while looking from west over the
Pacific Ocean just after sunset, an orange light was seen about 5 degrees
above the horizon. At first we thought it was a star or planet. It appeared
to be pulsating. We got out our telescope. With the telescope, there was a
black disc, and this was surrounded by a pulsating orange halo. It slowly
moved below the horizon over about five minutes.
((Peter Davenport Note: We spoke briefly with this witness and addressed
whether the object might have been an aircraft flying west, reflecting light
from the setting sun. The witness reported that they had addressed that
possibility, and rejected it. The apparently got a very good look at the
object, and found it to be exceptionally strange. Witnesses hold quite
responsible jobs. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


LAS PITAS - A team of investigators from the United Nations led by Dr. Jean
Chu is investigating businessman's Antonio Israel, video which shows "what he
claims was an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering over his neighborhood
in Carmela Homes on September 3, 2000. "Antonio Israel, 37, said that he was
able to capture on video 'small balls of light dancing frenetically in the
evening sky.'" "Israel said the 40-minute footage showed 'at least three and
up to 17 balls of light bouncing in the clear night sky' and the 'show' gave
his neighbors 'a visual treat.'" He had just awakened in his small office in
the rear of his home at around 7:30 PM when he looked up in the sky 'to gauge
the weather' and 'two odd-looking stars or big red circles caught his
attention.'" "The 'red balls of light, which at times turned to white and to
yellow, moved around and hovered' in the evening sky, he added." His
neighbors yelled excitedly while pointing at the UFOs and the shouts of his
neighbors could be heard in the background. A seven member United Nations
team was examining the footage and asking questions. Apparently, they were
investigating unofficially and not for the UN. Philippine officials also
seem puzzled by the video. Israel said, "I think those balls of light were
really UFOs,' He said, 'Some people may dismiss our claims as the fruits of
a fertile imagination, but my footage will prove them wrong.'" (See The Star
of Manila for September 20, 2000, "Is the truth out there?" by Rainier Allan


Popular Mechanic's cover story of the November 2000 issue reveals the Air
Force attempted to develop a Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV) that was 40
feet in diameter, 90 inches thick at the center, and had an empty weight of
17,042 pounds. The craft was designed to operate for six weeks at an
altitude of 300 nautical miles. It was part of the black budget, classified
as secret on Dec. 12, 1962, and remained classified until May 1999.
Thereafter, the Department of Defense successfully sought to have the
documents distribution restricted to defense contractors. Popular Mechanics
obtained a copy of the documents and speculates the LRV may have been
responsible for some UFO sightings. An engineering study describes a reentry
heating test that, at the time, could have allegedly been accomplished only
by a high-altitude drop of a flying prototype, probably from a high altitude
balloon. A friend of mine claims to have seen the LRV at a Florida base in
the late 1960s. The Popular Mechanics article also speculates that a LRV
crash may have been responsible for honeycomb-like debris Jean Fraser found
during 1975 on her family's ranch in Brisbane. According to a report by the
University of New South Wales, the debris contained minerals commonly found
in aircraft-grade fiberglass panels. Based on the report, MUFON rejected
rumors that the debris were of alien origin. A photo on page 68 compares a
bit of the debris to an LRV engineering drawing.


BELGRADE -- I wish to congratulate the new government, its people, and the
intelligence personnel who helped arrange the fall of Milosevic. Britain and
American intelligence agencies have been hard at work to undermine
Milosevic's control for some time before he launched further attacks on
surrounding areas. In the past, I predicted his fall from power and was
surprised that it took so long. Part of the difficulty was that much of his
opposition could be discredited as agents of NATO. The average Serb felt
victimized by the NATO bombing and claims of atrocities. I wish the best to
the new Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica and hope the new government
will be friendly to UFO investigation.


LIMA - A Symposium is to be held on Sunday, November 5, 2000, at The Veterans
Memorial CIVIC & CONVENTION CENTER 7 Town Sq. Lima, Ohio 45801, Box Office
Coordinator of Event: Jan M. Pheneger,
[email protected] Guest Speakers of
Symposium Are: Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Stanton Friedman, Budd Hopkins, Nancy
Talbott, John P. Timmerman, For ticket information contact the Veterans
Memorial Civic & Convention Center Box Office. Tickets: $25.00 per/person
with general seating Thanks to Jan M. Pheneger (419)-224-1552, Fax
(419)-224-6964, E-mail
[email protected], +


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA is picking up
UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the UFO better and then
they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends hundreds of hours
watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are likely to see what Jeff does.
He has gained his experience from watching numerous shuttle missions and
using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between
space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. There is a sequence from STS-96 in
which an object does appear to be watching the Shuttle. There is a Florida
sequence in which the payload bay camera allows the viewer to watch 24
objects cavorting about over thunder storms in the Atlantic just before Sun
up. Using his experience you can also learn the difference. One segment has
24 UFOs watching the shuttle from space. I feel confident we could go into a
court of law and convince any jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed
around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender
2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011

US GOVERNMENT UFO PROOF RELEASED: Audio tapes of a genuine UFO Alert at
Edwards Air Force base and studied by the Foreign Technology Division at
Wright Patterson Air Force Base, are now available for distribution to the
public. Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE
BASE ENCOUNTER on the night of October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice
recordings provided by the Air Force. During this event 12 high tech
luminous UFOs invade secure air space and came down low over the runways at
Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the
Air Defense Command. Sgt. Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a
new segment where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival
recordings. The UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch F-106
fighter interceptors. You are there for an important part of UFO history.
Hear it for yourself, it's the best UFO tape ever made. Tape cost is $14.95
each plus $2.00 for shipping - total $16.95 -- (for overseas orders-out of US
- add $6.00 shipping cost --total -- $20.95) you can send either a personal
check or money order to: Independent International Pictures Corp, Box 565,
Dept. GF, Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857.

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