Filer's Files #39 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
October 2, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts,
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A Russian video cam mounted on the Zarya Space module captured a picture of a
cigar shaped UFO object in the area of the STS 106 Shuttle. Strange lights,
critters and UFOs were reported over many areas of the US with some sighted
in Spain and Egypt. Meanwhile, the largest sunspot, AR9169, in nine years
seemed sure to produce spectacular eruptions when it appeared in
mid-September, but nothing happened for two weeks as the giant spot glided
quietly across the face of the Sun. Finally on September 30, (2321 UT just
as AR9169 was disappearing from view over the Sun's western limb, it
unleashed a powerful X1-class solar flare on followed by an M5-class eruption
eight hours later. Fortunately, the limb-directed explosions did not send
solar material toward our planet.

Dave Fugere writes: "Last week on one of Jeff Rense's archived shows I heard
you talk about a friend who had been flown to a remote lake in Alaska to see
UFOs." They observed a basketball size object come out of the sky, and then
transformed into a huge space ship of some sort. It hovered for a while
taking on water, and then again turned into a basketball size object and went
back up into space. Well, I'm sure your speaking the truth because about
four years ago my daughter and I stepped out on the front yard and she said,
"Look Dad!" and from the North we saw what we thought was an airplane with
red blue and yellow lights. It started with three lights, then four, then
five, and then all the way up to 7 or 8 lights. It would turn some off and
they would switch the light patterns around and it continued to fly right
over us. We could not make out any frame and Kayla even got me the
binoculars, but I still couldn't make out a structure, just lights! It
traveled over the house and then shortly stopped and reversed to about a 45
degree heading without turning around. Again the light patterns would change
and flew towards the Radar Base Road, and stopped. It came back towards us
again without any evidence of turning around. It just changed direction and
flew over our area. All of a sudden there was just one whitish and pulsating
light that and it looked as it was sitting still and then slowly went
straight up pulsating. It was about the size of a basketball at arm's
length. It never changed into anything that resembled a plane or any kind of
known flying object. This was defiantly so strange and bizarre that I didn't
want to tell anyone about it and didn't until I heard your story. Thanks to
Dave Fugere
[email protected]

Editor's Note: I'm a scheduled guest on the Jeff Rense Show the first Tuesday
of each month.


LONG ISLAND -- On September 22, 2000, on a bright sunlit day Betty LaRosa saw
a glint of light in the eastern sky. Betty says, "I saw three tiny lights,
two lights one behind the other were moving slowly in a westerly direction
with a good distance between them at about 3:50 PM. The third, and brighter
light was moving slowly in a southerly direction. All three lights seemed to
fade and flicker for a period of time and then reappear. The third brighter
light appeared to flicker more rapidly. I watched them for 3 to 4 minutes to
attempt to identify what I was observing. All lights were a whitish color
and at about 60 degrees of elevation from the horizon. I calculate their
flight at about 25,000 to 30,000 feet. There was no sound. These flickering
lights had no form that would identify them as airplanes. If they were
reflecting sunlight, they should not have been flickering. They disappeared
several times and then reappeared after about ten seconds and continued to
flicker for perhaps 20 seconds. There was no high cloud cover to account for
their disappearance. Then they finally disappeared altogether. Thanks to
Betty LaRosa RLaRosa331


CLINTON -- Anjali Shalit writes, I was headed west on Route 78,
and the sky was beginning to turn pink at sunset as I approached the Clinton
exit, I saw three lined up lights to the south. They were at less than a 45
degree angle from the tree line. They looked like smudges of light and
appeared to be stationary. Its hard to judge how far apart they were but
they were spread out from each other. They reminded me of light when it's
shining through a contrail, but they weren't contrails. They may have been a
quarter of an inch long and a few inches apart at arm's length. I watched
them for about 8 minutes and when I turned off at the Route 31 exit, I saw
that across from them was another, identical light. If I drew two lines
connecting the single light to the three lined up lights, I'd have a
triangle. I lost sight of all this at 7:05 PM when I started heading for
Route 31.

Editor's Note: Many reports of similar lights have been reported recently.


Chuck Rogers reports further details on last weeks FF #38 "flying rod" story.
Dennis' observations indicate the flying rod like object that flew in his
home was organic. Apparently it was caught inside a grocery bag in his sink
and started to thrash until it flew swiftly out of the bag. Barely visible,
it flew into the next room where his lab is located and hit the foam tile
ceiling a few times. Sulfur powder was in the lab and used to control
parasites on their dog. He spotted the flying rod and sprayed insect spray
at it and didn't see it for a while. He spotted a diaphanous, transparent
and obviously immobile (dead) object in the sulfur powder. When he touched
the object, it disintegrated into the powder. This organic-ness reminds me
of the book "CRITTERS." I think about these creatures in the sky that we
humans sometimes can see, and in this case encounter. Thanks to
[email protected] and Joseph Haas" [email protected].

Editor's Note: Periodically we receive reports of flying objects that appear
to be something like flying transparent jelly fish, caterpillars, or rods.
They have been video taped and appear to come in various sizes from a
few inches long to ten feet or more. They seem to have hundreds of wings
that propel them through the sky.
Science does not seem aware of them, but we obtain a steady stream of these
reports. We urge anyone to attempt to capture them for scientific analysis.
Assuming these reports are accurate we may have discovered a new life form.
Sometimes they appear to have light making ability similar to lightning bugs.

MARYSVILLE -- Stan Gordon reports a frightened driver had a UFO sighting
which occurred on September 19, 2000, between 4:30 and 4:45 AM in a rural
area. The witness regularly travels through this valley with fields
surrounded by mountains on the way to work. From approximately a mile away,
the driver observed "what looked like stadium lights over an open field."
This observer knew that no such lights were located in that area. As the
witness continued to watch, he lowered his car window, but no sound could be
heard. The observer saw two very large non-blinking round white brilliant
lights. The luminous source was extremely large and was estimated as being
as long as a football field. At first it seemed as though this was one
object, but it became apparent that there were two separate lights positioned
side by side. The lights were quite low in altitude, motionless over the
field, and according to the driver, the illumination from the lights "lit up
the whole sky." The witness proceeded down the road for a distance, then
returned several minutes later, but the lights could no longer be seen.
During the time of the observation, another vehicle came up the road. The
witness is hopeful that driver of the other car will also report this event.
There have been numerous UFO sightings reported during August and September
2000, across Pennsylvania. Thanks to Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone:


HAMPSHIRE COUNTY -- A housewife in near rural Romney reported that the
mysterious gossamer substance known as "angel's hair" fell in profusion on
her family farm during the evening of Tuesday, September 19, 2000. The
witness Rusty reports that, "Last night at about 7:00 PM, I heard a loud
'droning' sound, like a large airplane." I went out to look to see if I
could spot it, but I could not. The droning lasted about an hour." "This
morning, when I got up, my yard was full of this 'spider web stuff.' Don't
know exactly how to describe this other than they looked like spider webs,
but at the same time they were not your usual 'circular' webs?" "I
immediately got the camera out and took a dozen photos. I had my husband go
the seven miles to town to buy some rubber gloves so we could get some
samples. There was other spots of angel hair along the way, but nothing as
heavy as was in my yard." "The first sample he tried to get with the gloves
soon turned into a goo-like substance as soon as he touched it. He put the
samples on a piece of paper towel and put the gloves in with it in a plastic
bag." We were able to photograph the angel hair. Thanks to Louise A. Lowry.


West Manchester -- Ginny Burgess phoned me concerning four UFOs in her
backyard on April 8, 1996. The UFO reports were accompanied by various
malfunctions of appliances and light bulbs in people's homes that have
started again. Back in 1996, two UFOs were spotted over an electric
transformer on a utility pole and in two of the neighbors' backyards.
Numerous reports were collected throughout the area. The local transformer
failed causing our neighborhood to lose all electrical power. When the power
company work crews came here early that same morning to replace the failed
transformer, I told them what I had seen earlier over this transformer and
asked them to save it for study upon returning with it to the power company.
They said they would and said that they had a lot of failures at their
substation. They also said, "They wondered due to the other failures whether
UFOs might not be the cause for knocking out their other equipment, because
we've been replacing allot of them lately." Later, I was told it was a
normal failure and the power company was getting ready to replace that
particular transformer anyway. By golly something caused all these power
equipment failures. It seems the electrical problems are returning and her
kids are reporting balls of light following them. Thanks to Ginny Burgess
[email protected]

Editor's Note: Ginny explained to me that her home was now being plagued by
electrical and phone problems. While talking to her my new Sony phone
started buzzing badly. It continues to buzz on both lines and is no longer
useable. I can verify something strange is going on at Ginny's house.


FORT WAYNE - The witness reports, "I was out fishing with my two
brother-in-laws when they were looking up in the sky and saw a jet liner fly
overhead September 16, 2000, at 5:54 PM. They asked me, "What were those
trails coming out from behind the jet?" I told them that they were from the
water in the jet fuel turning to vapor and reacting with the cold air like
cars do in winter. They said it wasn't cold out so why were they showing up?
I told them the higher you go the colder it gets. That is how you can tell
if a jet is real high or if it is low. We then saw a small cigar craft (UFO)
that appeared to be higher than the jet. The jet was flying west and the
smaller craft was heading north and it crossed behind the jet. I thought it
was kind of weird for a small plane to be that high and continued to watch
it. I was steering the boat we were on and turned to make sure we weren't
going to hit anything. "I turned around and looked to continue to watch the
cigar and didn't see it anywhere." The craft wasn't flying fast so it
couldn't have flown out of sight. The jet was still visible but yet the
other object just seemed to disappear. The object was dark gray in color,
cigar shaped, and it looked like it had two big circles on the side and no
contrails. Thanks to Peter Davenport National UFO Reporting Center


BIRMINGHAM - Two engineers observed two slow Flying Triangles or objects with
delta wing construction on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, at 9:05 PM. The wing
span was about 100 feet across. Two objects were observed traveling
approximately 2 to 3 miles apart at an estimated 200 feet altitude with a
speed of around 85 mph. There were two white lights at each wing tip with a
red light at the nose. There was no sound being emitted from the objects and
no sign of jet engines. The objects were being followed by a police
helicopter around four miles behind.


OPELOUSAS -- A very large Flying-wing shaped object was observed moving north
to south Tuesday, September 19, 2000, at 8:55 PM with no running lights.
There were four or five very faint reddish bands of light fore-to-aft light
bands were very dim that marked the edges of the object quite well. Two
other aircraft with running lights were visible -- one prior to this
observation and one immediately after. No sound was heard from the dark
object, but the other aircraft were audible. Total viewing arc was 90
degrees. The size is estimated as width of outstretched hand or about the
width of a 747 wing at 3,000 feet. (A 747 has a wingspan of 196 feet.) The
flying wing was black in color, and reflected no light. It passed in front
of two stars. Overall impression was a very large, dark, wing-shaped object
silently moving at a low altitude and a very high speed. Thanks to Peter
Davenport National UFO Reporting Center
Editors Note: It is illegal to operate without running lights. The sighting
over Louisiana and Alabama occurred within a few minutes of each other 300
miles apart.


FORT WORTH -- Doug McGinnis reports on February 18, 2000, my fiancé Nantz and
I were outside in our backyard in Westpoint watching the planes flying
overhead. There were two paths the planes were flying, one just overhead of
us and one to the north. We were commenting on how the aircraft's display
lights would constantly change colors and blinking patterns. Then at around
9:30 PM a plane was flying west overhead at 5000 or 6000 feet, when I saw a
bright flash of light. Nantz said, "That plane just shot something!" I
immediately noticed a flying object near the plane that was small, only twice
the size an aircraft's landing wheels. One light was red and the other white
blinking at about 5 or 6 alternating flashes per second. It seemed to move
kind of "jittery" as it zigzaged its way north towards the other flight path.
Both the object and the burst of light came from the right side of the
plane. The object was within a "planes length" of the aircraft when I first
observed it. Four minutes later, it seemed to fly near another plane and
soon disappeared. About 15 minutes later a very similar object flew overhead
traveling north in the same weird manner as the first. We have never seen
this kind of thing before. Thanks to Brenda Livingston


HOUSTON -- The witness reports, "I was taking pictures of planes spraying
chemtrails September 14, 2000, when I noticed an odd floating type rotating
cylinder. I took some still photographs of the object but ran out of film at
7:51 PM. So I hauled butt upstairs and got the video camera. I filmed this
object for at least three minutes before it passed over our roof. After it
passed overhead I went downstairs and watched it for another five minutes.
It floated and moved very high in the sky and appeared to stop, but it
continued to rotate. I could clearly see it rotate and change color from
white to a brown color. Later, I noticed another plane leaving a contrail in
the sky, and flying high up to the west was another of these cylinder shaped
objects. It was rotating and changing color like the other object. I saw it
rotate to my left and it disappeared.

HOUSTON - Five days later, on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, the witness
reports, "I looked into the northern sky because there were quite a few jet
contrails in the sky that caught my attention. I saw a silvery shining sphere
or ball dancing in the sky." The shiny object moved in 4 or 5 directions
over downtown Houston at 11:50 AM. The sky was clear with a bright sun. At
one point a Southwest Airlines Jet looked like it was going to hit the VW bug
automobile size sphere. I took pictures and called the Houston Police
Department and was told it was a weather balloon. It moved from very fast,
to slow, to still. It seemed to continue to move to the north until out of
site. I also looked at it with 60x28 field glasses. It was round 3d and
very shiny or spinning possibly. The total event lasted about 30 minutes.
It moved very smoothly, not in a jerking fashion. Those contrails have been
occurring allot lately. I am a 38 year old professional with a college
degree and generally clear head. I have never seen a UFO before. It was
probably less than a two miles from me when this began. Thanks to NUFORC.
Peter Davenport comments. We do not understand how witnesses are able to
distinguish the alleged "chemtrails" from genuine contrails. We received a
report of 5 or 6 silver-colored objects reportedly seen by a large group of
witnesses on the west side of Youngstown, Ohio twenty minutes later at 1215


OUCHITA NATIONAL FOREST MOUNTAINS -- Louisiana MUFON's George Sewell writes,
"I was on a camping trek along the Cossatot River this past weekend.
Saturday afternoon, September 30, 2000, at 2:40 PM to be precise, I was
walking along the river looking for driftwood when I glanced up and noticed a
low-flying, bright, white jet. The sky was clear. The jet appeared to be a
commercial craft but my attention was focused on how slow it appeared to be
going west. The jet left a contrail. Then the contrail stopped -- a gap.
Then another contrail streamed from behind the jet. Then stopped creating a
gap. Then the craft moved behind the mountain ridge and was no longer
visible. The course was from east to west. No reliable estimate of
altitude, but the fact that it was low got my attention as I'm quite familiar
with commercial and military jet activity. The jet was slightly smaller than
my thumb at arm's length. The area is wilderness. Thanks to George Sewell
[email protected]
Editors Note: Assuming the size of the craft is almost the size of George's
thumb the craft must have been flying at a fairly low altitude where normal
contrails are unable to form. This infers some kind of spraying was
occurring over a remote area.


COLORADO SPRINGS -- The case of 'Tim' an abduction victim is under
investigation by Colorado members of the MUFON. Edward Burke says, 'Tim' is
one the most unusual cases he has ever investigated. According to Burke,
'Tim' has a lifelong history of alien abductions that began at age four and
has discovered a tiny object, possibly an implant, in his cheek. Tim claims
he has been repeatedly threatened by strange women. Tim is suffering from
chronic fatigue and has no idea how he gets the ugly bruises that show up on
his body without warning. When Tim and two friends witnessed the "recovery"
of a meteorite, they suffered burns on their hands and arms. The case is
still under investigation." Thanks to Edward Burke


MINNEAPOLIS -- Zapp Jones reports, "This past Sunday, September 24, 2000, my
dad stepped outside around 8:20 PM and noticed an unusual light in the north
20 degrees off the horizon, just to it's left was the Big Dipper." He called
us out to watch. With the naked eye and 10 X 25 binoculars we watched as it
appeared to shift up and down and left and right. It definitely rotated
inconsistently the colors of white, green and red. We are seeing this from
the country side an hour north of Minneapolis. As time elapsed and the earth
rotated the object remained the same distance from the Big Dipper and moved
higher off the horizon and to the northeast. An hour and a half later others
were called, and they saw it too. To them it also appeared to shift quickly
in different directions. Monday night was clear and the object was back in
the exact same place at 8:00 PM and rotated to the NE over the next couple of
hours, however the quick movements were not present. On Tuesday night it
appeared again and my son mentioned it to his professor during their evening
astronomy class. They spotted it with naked eyes and then brought out the
telescope and could clearly see the inconsistent change of colors, red, green
and white. Again the object did not appear to make any movement, as it did
on Sunday. My sons professor was unable to explain what it was but was
curious and was looking into it. He ruled out any type of satellite that he
was aware of and knew of no planet that would emit a continuous rotation of
color or move in the description we gave him of Sundays viewing. Tonight
when we checked we could not see the object. Thanks to Z Peterson,
[email protected]


CASTELLON -- Three children on Spain's Mediterranean Coast sighted two UFOs
during the evening of September 21, 2000. They were identified as Serafin
Andreu, Antonio Jose Alvarez and Gil Salvador, who were playing when they
witnessed the approach of a luminous sphere that flew over Ribalta Park.
According to their report, the sphere passed swiftly over the city. A few
minutes later, the children were in Huerto Sogueros Plaza when they again saw
the luminous object. The children explained these events to the "Policia
Armada" Thanks to Institute of Hispanic Ufology, Gloria Coluchi and Scott
Corrales El Periodico On Line at:


CAIRO -- Omar Hilal wrote, "I was in a meeting at my office in Mohandeseen,
Giza on the 25th of January 2000, when I received a call from my mother at
5:05 PM. She excitedly told me, "Omar, I see two massive UFOs above the
pyramids. They look just like the one I saw last summer in Alexandria.
They're huge and very bright." Before she finished her sentence, I ran to a
window that looks in the direction of the pyramids. My work mates thought I
went nuts, but they ran along with me. Five minutes later, after searching
the sky, we saw one about 10 km away. It was MASSIVE cigar shaped bright
orange craft moving at slow speed from northwest to southeast. It was 45
degrees high and it flew past for about 35 seconds in the area between the
buildings opposite us. Regrettably, we have a huge building across the
street blocking our view of the pyramids, so we couldn't see the other UFO.
My mother and her driver were much more fortunate. She parked on el-Muneeb
Bridge, and had a clear view. She described them as two massive "neon bars,"
each 30 meters long, (100 feet) coming at slow speed from opposite directions
meeting exactly above the second pyramid. They paused above each other for a
half a minute or so and then continued moving in opposite directions. The
UFOs were a beautiful sight over the Giza complex at sunset for 15 minutes.
My mother, felt they resembled a UFO that emitted white smoke, that she had
seen in Alexandria four months earlier. Omar further explained that strange
things had been happening to him in recent days prior to the sighting. Omar
states, "I called a friend of mine, one of Egypt's top columnists, who at
first thought I was mad, but realized he had also seen them when he flew in
from Rome. He wrote about what we saw in four episodes in his weekly column
in "Al-ahram." Thanks to Omar Hilal and
[email protected] and
[email protected]


Marshall Rosenthal I am surprised that the important work of Dr. Paul
LaViolette, astrophysicist was not mentioned. "The Talk of the Galaxy; An ET
Message For Us?" In this well researched book he shows that at least three
of the radio pulsars are artificial and have been erected by ET to
demonstrate the passage of the last Galactic Superwave of cosmic ray
radiation, occurring 14,000 years ago, having devastating effects on all life
on this planet. He also recognizes that the 'jet' emerging at a forty degree
angle from the Crab Nebula is exactly a scalar EM shield, producible using
presently classified weapons technology, that could and must be erected
outside the solar system, on the Galactic Center facing side, to deflect the
next superwave, which is about due. I invite you to personally look into the
entire body of Dr. LaViolette's work, , Thanks to Marshall
Rosenthal, MA MUFON


UPDATE -- Robert Collins writes...Barry Taylor recently received a call from
a lady saying she had awaken to find a "cross" scratched on her upper left
arm. She also said that there were strange 'finger prints' on her bedroom
mirror that she had not noticed before. This case is still under
investigation, and the following details are basic only, until further
details are compiled. See below URL that shows a possible link between those
'four finger' prints and the FTD-Wright Patterson Air Force Base "Alien"
Graphics ?


BORDENTOWN --The Confrence will be held at the Days Inn on October 7 and 8,
2000. Scheduled speakers are Tom Carey - the Roswell Crash, Hans Holzer on
Life After Death, Antonio Huneeus on the UFO Briefing Document, Don Ecker on
the Dark side of the Moon, Vicki Ecker - In search of the Secret Keepers,
Mike Mannion -Project Mind Shift, Pat Marcattilio - on the Origins of
Civilizations, James Mosely - A Skeptical Ufologist and Sam Sherman -on
Edwards AFB Encounter


Jeff Challender has captured a picture taken by a Russian B/W videocam
mounted on the Zarya module. In it you can see a cigar shaped object in the
area of the STS 106 Shuttle. See Jeff feels there are
other anomalies associated with these most recent flights. NASA has been
playing very cagey with live video again, much more so than on the May flight
of STS-101. Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that
were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA
is picking up UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the UFO
better and then they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends hundreds
of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is now an expert on
NASA missions and even those onboard the shuttle are likely to see what Jeff
does. He has gained his experience from watching numerous shuttle missions
and using Jeff's directions you will be able to learn the difference between
space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs. Using his experience you can also
learn the difference. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from
space. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any
jury that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to:
Jeff Challender Thanks to
[email protected] (Jeff Challender 2768
Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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