Filer's Files #35 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
September 4, 2000, Sponsored by Electronic Arts, C. Warren
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UFO REPORTS RELATIVELY LOW: Heavy rains in Eastern US,
sweltering heat in South, fires in West and a mass ejection of electrified
gas from the sun's corona on September 1, 2000, kept UFO reports
low. Sunspot activity remains fairly high in recent weeks but sightings
are reported in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Canada, and Pakistan.
Debunker Phil Klass denies that the US Government has ridiculed those who
see UFOs.


POMPTON PLAINS -- Chis writes that he observed a UFO on August
8, 2000. It was silver, no lights, and at > first it seemed long looking but
changed shape to typical UFO or disc look. My brother and sister saw
it too, but I had the first and closest view. I took about a two minute
showing the UFO rotating frame by frame. Thanks to Chris.


POTTSTOWN -- I was observing the night sky from a hill in Berks County,
west of town on August 20, 2000, at 10:00 PM. I saw a disc shaped
object moving slowly and silently from south to north above the
Limerick Nuclear Power Plant. I was 6 miles from the power plant and
from my point of view, the UFO appeared about 1/2 inch across, The
sky was clear. The object was flying at approximately 700 feet. I used
binoculars and could see the object clearly. It was transparent and glassy
around the entire surface, with bright lights, blue, white, red, and
orange, flashing across the center of the object. I also observed
another, tiny white flashing light below and to the north of the
object, traveling near it. I observed the disc until it was no longer
in my field of vision. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National
Reporting Center


MT. JULIET -- I saw two cylinder shaped UFOs in close formation on
August 21, 2000. They were moving across the sky to the southwest at
7:35 PM. The sun had just gone below the horizon and the objects seemed
to be reflecting sunlight. I'm not sure of their altitude but it must
have been at least ten thousand feet for them to still be reflecting
sunlight. First, I thought they were large military aircraft flying in
formation, but as they passed overhead and the trailing object seemed
to break formation and continue in a more southerly direction. They
moved fairly quickly and made no noise. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director National Reporting Center


James Bond Johnson the photographer of the Roswell crash debris flown
to General Ramey's office in 1947 writes, "We have further evidence
that this series of historic photos is not part of a staged "press
conference" but the press camera chronicling a high level initial
personal investigation of the strange wreckage by the commanding
general of the 8th U. S. Air Force. "Neil Morris from the University
of Manchester, England' has made fascinating observations that some of
the "debris" displayed in my six Ramey Office Photos "move around" in
some of the shots. I spent some time carefully comparing these photo
enlargements. I completely concur with Neil that many of the debris
objects in fact ARE arrayed differently in some shots! Further, the
later photo taken of Warrant Officer Newton and the debris was
drastically "sanitized" and a number of key objects seen in my six
shots -- including the bars upon which the glyphs appear -- are not to
be seen in the Newton shot. It occurs to me that the likely reason for
this strange development is that as General Ramey apparently was
conducting his initial examination during the photo shoot he would have
been picking up various pieces, looked them over and then replaced them
on the pile. This also is consistent with our growing beliefs that the
Ramey Message -- which obviously is being read by General Ramey
during the photo shoot -- contained information that caused General
Ramey to take several drastic and unprecedented actions immediately
1. He prevented any further exposure of the Roswell crash debris to any
known members of the media, or any other civilians.

2. He did not hold any "press conference" but only gave vague answers
on the phone or through his staff to questions by the press. He never
mentioned the Roswell Incident again after that day and ordered his
staff -- at least Colonel Dubose and Major Marcel -- to "NEVER"
discuss this incident with anyone.

3. He ordered his weather officer, Warrant Officer Newton, to rush to
the general's office and after a hurried "briefing" arranged for Newton
to agree that the displayed debris was "nothing but a weather device!"

4. Ramey then went immediately to radio station WBAP where he
broadcast live to the waiting world that the debris displayed in his office --
earlier officially announced by the AAF as being "a captured flying
saucer" -- actually was "nothing but a weather device!" It was quite
extraordinary that an Air Force commanding general in 1947 would take
these kinds of personal and official steps. Normally such announcements
would have been made through his PIO or other staff officer.

5. No member of the media EVER has been permitted to examine or
even to see this debris ever again, even though more than 53 years have
passed. Thanks to Col. James Bond Johnson


FORSYTH -- I live up high on a ridge which looks toward the south on
September 1, 2000, while having breakfast on our deck, I watched a
precise line of contrails 6 in a row so far; they are still doing them
as I type. They are short bursts of contrails probably 10 to 20 miles
in length, all in a row, and the contrails persist and are gradually
spreading out. Earlier they must have been doing this north of Forsyth
because I also looked directly above my house from the deck and there
was two contrails which had been done earlier because they were very
spread out and turning into cloud-like wisps. These current contrails
look as if they are drifting slowly toward the northwest. Thanks to
Ken in Forsyth
[email protected]


PALOS VERDES PENINSULA - A reader writes that several years ago,
two friends of mine were driving in a convertible along the Palos
Verdes Drive in L.A. County. They saw a large glowing light moving
very swiftly underwater from the general direction of just east of
Santa Catalina Island towards them. They watched the light surge
toward the cliffs below, but their view was blocked by the cliffs.
Suddenly a bright UFO flew up over the cliff's edge and over their
heads, and up the ravine cut into the steep slope of the mountain.
They chased after it with their sports car speeding up the road, then
drove off the road as high up as they could go. They then ran further
up the hill toward residences high up the mountain. Abruptly, they
were accosted by a policeman in an "odd" uniform and police car, who
asked them what they were doing there? They told him what they saw
and that they were investigating it. He told them that they were
trespassing on private property and that they would have to leave, so
they did. A few weeks later on the same area, my friends were paced by
a shiny, metallic disc for some distance before it took off into the
night sky. A site focused exclusively on incidents involving UFOs and
water is:


CAPE BRETON -- Eugene H. Frison the MUFON Provincial Director
reports that another Flying Black Triangle was observed in the region
by a new set of witnesses on August 1, 2000. The local newspaper
carried an article claiming three of these flying black triangles were
spotted by multiple witnesses. Again, on August 13, 2000, another
Flying Black Triangle was viewed by multiple witnesses. These
sightings occurred in the River Bourgeois area of Cape Breton near the
Atlantic Ocean. The Cape Breton Post newspaper article August 25,
2000, contains a good representation of one of the objects. This photo
was taken from the television screen as the witness played the master
tape for the media. Attempts are being made to obtain copies. In
January of this year, a paperboy observed another Flying Black Triangle
in a cemetery. This occurred in Cape Breton (Glace Bay) and you
published the incident in Filer's Files #6-2000, with an update in #19-
2000. I am presently investigating these incidents for MUFON and
will keep you informed. Thanks to Eugene H. Frison
[email protected].


Harry Mason writes, "I have some input for you on the disappearing
aircraft technology?" I have a friend in a foreign country who is
their top English language translator. I will not name the country for
her safety. In the early 1980s, she went with a foreign military
delegation from her country to the USA to meet with top US Military.
She translated for both sides. One aspect of their visit was to
observe film and hard technology of the operation of a "cloaking
device." This made ships, aircraft, or airfields totally invisible in
reflected light and radar wavebands. It was being offered to her
country as an inducement to back US policy. The device was capable of
retrofitting to any aircraft etc. There is "eyewitness" evidence of
such a device in operation at an RAF-NATO airbase on the Mull of
Kintyre in Scotland. One day a bunch of golfers noticed a 'V' shape
wave rushing across the calm sea surface with a vague shimmering space
in the air above it -- similar to that seen in the movie "Predator."
The 'V' wave of unsettled water and the shimmering air shot towards
them at a fair speed and the shimmering went over their heads
accompanied by a loud roaring noise -- exactly in line with the
airstrip. They concluded that a high powered invisible aircraft had
approached low over the water and landed at the airfield. Thanks to
Harry Mason
[email protected]


Investigator John Thompson interviewed a crewman from the USS
Roosevelt who told of that the ship was operating near "Gitmo Bay,
Cuba. " On leaving the area on October 18, 1956, the ship hit
"something" that was submerged. Whatever they hit, it raised
the fully loaded 64,000 ton ship out of the water nearly three feet!
According to the retired chief they were never told what they hit.
Scuttlebutt had it that they had hit a submarine. What is certain is
that they did not hit a reef or run-aground? As far as hitting a
submarine, the witness is doubtful. He said in his
twenty-odd years in the Navy he never heard of a carrier
raising out of the water on hitting something. The ship soon after
went into dry dock in Virginia, to repair the considerable damage
done. Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR.


I am Beth of the Downers grove sighting. I read Filer's Files #34, and
I feel I must respond to one of the articles on UFO's and the ocean.
I feel that just because the reason for underwater crashed and sudden
boat sinking are not confirmed does not mean UFO's are abundant in
our sea. I feel that we are not given credit for how much we do know
about our sea. In fact there are some very plausible explanations
for these crashes and sinkings. The seas are extremely volatile. They
act in sudden changes. Supercells clouds that form above the warmer
waters of the ocean (like the Bermuda Triangle) can produce sudden
and violent down drafts that can reach over 200 miles per hour with
no notice and very little evidence of the occurrence. If any aircraft was
caught in such a terrible force, they would crash and sink so fast,
there would be virtually no time to radio help or location. There
are literally tons of a substance called methane hydrate under the
sediment at the bottom of the sea. When this sediment is ruptured
or disturbed, then Methane Hydrate releases a lot of methane gas.
For example, when you are drawing water from a water cooler in
an office, the bubbles start small at the bottom and then grow until
they reach the top and burst, sometimes hitting the top of the blue
container. The same sort of thing happens here, but it takes over
two miles before it hits the surface, and then the sea literally boils.
If a ship was passing over an area where this gas was being
released, the ship would loose buoyancy and sink, immediately.
Also, if you were a sub and were cruising along at 12 knots and
hit a huge bubble of methane gas, you would feel like you hit
another sub, and if that highly combustible gas were to be drawn in,
you would probably explode. This, happens without warning.
The firing of a test missile may have disturbed the sediment.
Methane Hydrade is so powerful, it is being considered as a fuel source.
Methane Hydrate released from the ocean contributes to global
warming 400 time more than human pollutants. Thanks to Beth.
Editors Note: We may never know what happened to the Kursk,
but the Russian government is sticking to their story that their sub
hit an underwater object most likely a submarine. I got a call from
a Navy diver who claims they see some very strange craft underwater.


An American scientist DR James says the ice cap at the North Pole has
melted. Oceanographer McCarthy, says he found a mile-wide stretch of
open ocean on his trip this August to the North Pole aboard a Russian
Ice Breaker. Some experts believe it is the first time in more than 50
million years that the North Pole has been covered in water rather than
ice. They point to it as further evidence of global warming -- but
other scientists say movements in polar ice regularly create gaps in
the ice cap -- including at the North Pole itself. "It was totally
unexpected," he said. Another scientist on the cruise, paleontologist
DR Malcolm C. McKenna, said the ship was able to sail all the way to the
North Pole through only a thin crust of ice, and arrived on the spot to
discover no ice at all. "I don't know if anybody in history ever got
to 90 degrees north to be greeted by water, not ice," DR McKenna was
quoted as saying. In the past the North Pole has been covered by 9
feet of ice.


CAIRO -- Egypt's Pilots' Federation has threatened to file a lawsuit
against the US President if the US investigation committee fails to
consider all possible causes of last year's EgyptAir plane crash,
including missiles and technical failure. The National Transportation
Safety Board (NTSB) said earlier this month it had been unable to
conclude what caused the crash of Flight 990 from New York to Cairo,
which plunged into the Atlantic on October 31, 1999, killing all 217
aboard. US says they are working on a theory that relief copilot
Gamil al-Batouti deliberately crashed the plane. The NTSB's assessment
dismissed Egyptian theories that technical problems on the Boeing 767
or that surface-to-air missiles downed the craft," said Ali Murad, of the
Egyptian Pilots' Federation. `They have no tangible evidence that Batouti
committed suicide,'' Murad said. ``But they have many witnesses of the
fireballs flying towards the plane,'` The Egyptians want the US
authorities to release radar images and to question an air traffic
as well as two pilots from Germany and Jordan said to have seen a
missiles while flying in the area at the time of the crash. Five fishermen
are possible witnesses. EgyptAir Chairman Mohamed Fahim Rayan
said last week he was 99 percent sure a technical problem in the
elevator system caused the crash, citing Boeing's bulletin
as evidence to inspect the elevators on the horizontal tail
surface. Thanks to Ed Komarek
[email protected] and
Esmat Salaheddin (Reuters)


DERA GHAZI KHAN -- An UFO from the west side landed in the
tribal area of Dera Ghazi Khan on August 27, 2000, reports reaching
here said. The UFO which was seen flying over Fort Munro and Rakhi
Gaaj towns hit the ground between Baghalchor and Rounghin, some 80km
from here, at 8.30 PM. Sources in the Border Military Police quoted
tribesmen living in Rounghin area as saying the unidentified flying
object had come from the West, Balochistan. "It was nose-diving and
after a few moments the sky was lit up," the tribesmen said. The area
where the UFO probably landed was deserted and was the second UFO
which landed in the tribal area in the last two weeks. Its wreckage was
removed by members of sensitive agencies a few days ago. Thanks to
Tariq Birmani and Don Ware
[email protected]

Editors Note: Some of the seven objects streaking through the skies in
Balochistan on August 15, were probably Ghauri III missiles, tested by
Pakistan deliberately on India's Independence Day. The missiles are
being developed by Pakistan to carry its recently exploded atomic bomb
against its potential adversaries such as India. Historically, when the
US and other countries were developing atomic weapons UFOs were also
frequently seen and reported around such areas as White Sands Proving
Grounds. Intelligence sources indicate Pakistan has likely obtained the
two-stage North Korean Taepodong-1 missile, which uses the Nodong
as its first stage. The rash of UFO sightings probably indicate the
visitors are interested in Pakistan's nuclear missile progress.


Although a novel "SPYTIME," this latest work by William Buckley is
clearly identified as based on Angleton's career over three decades
in the OSS and CIA, even if half the pages are taken up by an account
of Antonio Crespi, presumably a fictional recruit and Angleton protégé.
According to reviewer Allen Weinstein the result is an "absorbing but
at times disconnected narrative, illustrating some of modern American
tradecraft's recurrent dilemmas." Please see below and the follow on
report for a possible UFO/Mj12 connection:


Debunker Phil Klass writes, "This is to challenge the false allegation
by Jeff Chandler in FF #34 that there is a U.S. Government "policy of
aggressive attacks on [UFO] witnesses," and your claim that "there really
is a national policy to ridicule UFO reports." I herewith offer to
$1,000 to your favorite charity for each and every one of the many dozens of
UFO reports publicized in Filer's Files since its inception--in response
to which ANY U.S. Government agency has issued a statement which "attacked"
the person(s) reporting a UFO sighting or "ridiculed" the report. Excluded
from my generous offer are the USAF reports which it issued in the
mid-1990s based on its investigation into the "Roswell Incident," which the
USAF conducted at the request of the General Accounting Office.

You err in claiming that the Robertson Panel of five top scientists
(including a Nobel Prize winner) "was formed at the request of the
White House to quell the situation." In fact, the Robertson Panel
was convened by the CIA to assess the best UFO cases to assist
that agency in deciding whether to request White House
approval to launch its own research into UFOs. This was disclosed
in documents declassified and released in late 1978--as reported
in my book "UFOs: The Public Deceived." (Chapter 3) You err
also in your claim that the Robertson Panel was "given several poor
UFO cases to examine." Among the many UFO cases presented
to the Panel were TWO home-movies of UFOs, taken by Coomamder
Delbert Newhouse and Nicholas Mariana. According to David
M. Jacobs' book "The UFO Controversy in America" (P. 92):
"The Project Blue Book staff believed the films were among the
best evidence it had to give credence to the extraterrestrial
intelligence hypothesis."

Reference your claim that "CIA documents reveal one of the
panel's recommendations was that a policy of debunking UFO reports
should be instigated." What a gross, perverse distortion of the
Robertson Panel's wise recommendations, highlights of which are
quoted below:

"(1) Pursuant to the request of the [CIA] Assistant Director for
Scientific Intelligence, the undersigned Panel of Scientific Consultants
has met to evaluate any possible threat to national security posed by
Unidentified Flying Objects (`Flying Saucers'), and to make
recommendations thereon. The Panel has received the evidence
as presented by cognizant intelligence agencies, primarily the Air
Technical Intelligence Center (USAF), and has reviewed a selection
of the best documented incidents.

"(2) As a result, the Panel concludes that the evidence
presented on Unidentified Flying Objects shows no indication
that these phenomena constitute a direct physical threat to national
security. We firmly believe there is no residuum of cases which
indicates phenomena which are attributable to foreign artifacts
capable of hostile actions, and that there is no evidence that the
phenomena indicate a need for the revision of current scientific

"(3) The Panel further concludes that the continued
emphasis on reporting of these phenomena does, in these
parlous times, result in a threat to the orderly functioning of the
protective organs [i.e., Armed Services] of the body politic.
Soviet air attack], and the cultivation of a morbid national

"(4) In order most effectively to strengthen the national
facilities for the timely recognition and appropriate handling of
true indications of hostile action, and to minimize the concomitant
dangers alluded to above, the Panel recommends:

"(a) That the national security agencies take immediate
steps to strip Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status
they have been given and the aura of mystery they have
unfortunately acquired.

"(b) That the national security agencies institute policies
on intelligence, training, and public education designed to prepare
the material defenses and the morale of the country to recognize
more promptly and to react more effectively to the TRUE
[emphasis added.]

"(5) We suggest that these aims may be achieved by an
integrated program designed to reassure the public of the TOTAL
THE [UFO] PHENOMENA, to train personnel to RECOGNIZE
MEASURES." [Emphasis added.]

In the early 1950s, when the Robertston Panel made these
recommendations, the U.S. was desperately trying to build a radar
network which could warn of possible Soviet nuclear attack. But we
were still largely dependent on volunteer human observers (of which
I was one: from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Tuesday nites). The Robertson
Panel wisely warned of the REAL threat to national security: spurious
UFO reports, clogging communications channels, etc. Also,
spurious UFO reports breeding "harmful distrust of duly constituted
authority." Thanks to Phil Klass.

Editor's Note: I certainly am aware of the former Soviet threat, but as a
former Intelligence Office I feel the US Government made a major mistake
in not handling UFOs in a forth right manner. They potentially lost
thousands of UFO sighting reports, and some could have been Soviet
aircraft, because their policy of ridicule. Major Keyhole tells of a
by an Electra airline crew approaching Washington when a strange flying
object hurtled toward the plane. To the terrified crew they seemed only
seconds from a fatal collision in January 3, 1965. This started a flap of
reports and a huge lying disc flashed over NASA Wallops Island, Virginia
two days later. The satellite tracking chief , Dempsey Bruton, calculated
its speed at over a hundred miles a minute. According to the book
"Aliens from Space", Major Keyhole states, "Dempsey Bruton, and other Space
Administration observers at Wallops Island, were labeled
incompetent. Without the slightest investigation, AF Headquarters said the
Navy radar was found to be faulty, then for good measure it branded the
radar operators as inexperienced. Within forty-eight hours, dozens of other
factual reports were hastily explained as mistakes or hoaxes." I ask
anyone who has called a government agency and had them ridicule your UFO
report to please contact me. I personally have had this happen when
contacting Mc Guire Air Force Base concerning sightings near the base.


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that appear on
recent Shuttle Tape footage. Jeff has noticed that when NASA is
picking up UFOs they have tendency to first zoom in to observe the
UFO better and then they cut the feed to the outside world. Jeff spends
hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space. He is
probably more of an expert at watching NASA tapes than most NASA personnel.
Even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff
does because of his experience watching numerous missions. Using Jeff's
directions I have learned to pickup up the difference between space junk,
ice crystals and real UFOs. Using his experience you can also learn the
difference. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from space.
I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury
that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to
Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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