Filer's Files #33 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
August 21, 2000, [email protected], Sponsored by Electronic Arts
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These files provide warning of numerous problems in our world that
might be created by our visitors. These visitors may even attempting
to help. Investigator John Thompson writes, regardless of what one
may believe about the UFO phenomenon, we have a serious problem
that confronts humankind. We had better find out what this
phenomenon is and how it is affecting humankind. It is my opinion
that the nature of the UFO phenomenon is eloquently stated by
Dr. Jacques Vallee in his book "Messengers of Deception" when
he said: "Human beings are under the control of a strange force
that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a
bizarre game of deception." ( p. 20) He also states, "The UFO
phenomenon represents a manifestation of reality that transcends
our current understanding of physics. The UFOs are physical
manifestations that cannot be understood apart from their psychic
and symbolic reality. What we see in effect here is not an alien
invasion. It is a control system which acts on humans and uses
humans." - Dr. Jacques Vallee, "Messengers of Deception," p. 209.

Talking of the control system that aliens use to control us Vallee
says, "The system I am speaking of, a system with mastery of
space and time dimensions, may well be able to locate itself in
outer space. Nonetheless, its manifestations cannot be
spacecraft in the ordinary nuts-and-bolts sense. The UFOs
are physical manifestations that simply cannot be understood
apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. What we see
here is not an alien invasion. It is a spiritual system that acts
on humans and uses humans." "Dimensions," Contemporary
Books, Chicago-New York, 1988 p 284-285.)
About his investigations in Brazil involving fatal contact Jacques
Vallee said, "Many of them involve secondary physical and
medical effects, including twelve cases of fatal injuries in
which the victim typically survived less than twenty-four
hours." (p. 20).
"But my immediate conclusion is this: whatever else they may
be, UFOs represents technology capable of harmful actions.
This observation should send us back into the field with better
esources and a renewed sense of urgency." "Confrontations",
Ballantine Books, NY, 1990, p. 23).
Thanks to John Thompson.

I don't know if our visitors had anything to do with recent events,
but our information indicates they move through our oceans and
atmosphere at tremendous speeds so on occasion accidents
may occur. The Kursk, a Russian sub has been badly damaged
and lying on the floor of the Barents Sea since August 12, 2000.
Unfortunately, the equipment capable of rescuing the 118 sailors
arrived too late. Norwegian divers were able to open an outside
hatch on August 21. A few hours later, they were able to open
the airlock's inner hatch, but found the sub full of water and
assume all crew members are dead. Russia has asked Norway
to help recover bodies from the wreck. The Russian government
claims the sub rammed into an unknown submerged object. The
identity of this object may never be known and the claim may be
hiding mechanical failure in the sub. There is criticism of the
Russian government for not responding quicker.

Naval personnel who operate sonar in the underwater domain
often report high speed comparatively large objects. Ivan T.
Sanderson wrote, "Many submarines have just plain vanished,
and not only in wartime. Two of them disappeared at the same
time in the Mediterranean Sea only a few weeks before the
Scorpion--one Israeli, the other French. Also, we have lost
other nuclear-powered subs such as the Thresher." "Invisible
Residents." We can assume these craft have the capability of
operating under the ocean or in the atmosphere with equal ease.
Underwater bases provide an ideal locations for operating unseen.
Throughout the Cold War years there were numerous chases of
mystery subs. Many chases occurred in Scandinavian where it
was thought the craft were Soviet. Naval forces would corner
he mystery sub in a fjord, but inexplicably the underwater craft
would vanish.

Several months ago fires started raging in the US Western states.
Many of the 100 fires remain out of control burning millions of
acres. Some 20,000 fire fighters are on the scene but 1500
homes are in danger of being destroyed in Montana alone.
Many are questioning the limited government response to the
fires and ask why more fire fighters from all over the US and
more military are not rushing to the fires. News media shows
men working with shovels instead of bulldozers and heavy

Thousands of people are complaining that there is spraying of
toxins from the sky by large aircraft. I was not particularly
interested in these claims until several MUFON investigators
saw low flying aircraft spraying and making contrails. Then
suddenly the aircraft disappeared. The mystery continues
but interestingly the Air Force Times published an article
claiming that maintenance crews have medical problems
that may be caused by JP8 jet fuel. Ethylene dibromide is
a key component of JP8. The 1991 Chemical Hazards of
the Workplace warns that repeated exposure to low levels
of ethylene dibromide results in "general weakness, vomiting,
diarrhea, chest pains, coughing and shortness of breath, upper
respiratory tract irritation" and respiratory failure caused by
swelling of the lymph glands. "Deterioration of the heart, liver
and kidneys, and hemorrhages in the respiratory tract," can also
result from prolonged contact with JP8. According to the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency's hazardous materials list:
"Ethylene dibromide is a carcinogen and must be handled
with extreme caution." This pesticide is extremely toxic,
Exposure can irritate the lungs, may cause bronchitis,
development of cough, and shortness of breath and damage
the liver, kidneys and the reproductive system." Crew chiefs "
seem to have more colds, more bronchitis, more chronic coughs
than the people not exposed to jet fuel." EDB is 6.5-times
heavier than air. It is possible the contrails of aircraft burning
P8 are causing the complaints? Now we have to gain evidence
on why the aircraft disappear.


PROVIDENCE - Peter Davenport played me the tape of a pilot's
UFO encounter. I felt the pilot's testimony was forth right and
concerned. The pilot saw an egg shaped object pass in close
proximity to his aircraft on June 22, 2000, about at 8:30 PM,
while flying on an IFR flight plan at 8000 feet msl. He states,
"Due to thunderstorms in the interior of Massachusetts, I was
unable to fly northbound to my destination, and I was tracking
the RI/CT coastline to the west trying to get around the weather
." The Sun had already set below the horizon, but the western
sky was still very bright orange and ground detail was still easily
identifiable. At first, I saw what I thought was a bird directly in
my flight path, it appeared to be writhing in effort to avoid my
plane (this is not an uncommon sight). Very quickly, I determined
that the bird (object) was not on a collision course, but it would
pass very close to my position. As it drew closer I could see that
it was not a bird, but rather an egg shaped object standing on end.
The top and bottom of the "egg" was not rounded but spiked with
three points each. Against the bright sky it was just a black
silhouette and possessed no lights. It appeared to be moving
in an eastbound direction and passed very close to and above
he right wing of my aircraft. The first officer was looking for a
fix on a navigational chart and did not observe the object.
However, I immediately contacted ATC and inquired about
any radar targets on his equipment in my vicinity. The initial
response was no, but shortly thereafter he reported a primary
target (no transponder or verifiable altitude info) behind me in
trail about a mile. ATC then informed me that object appeared
to be stationary and then began to drift slowly to the east. I had
no further contact with the object. Shortly, before I was handed
off to another co FAA ATC voice or radar controller. "On a
separate frequency, I heard the object called as stationary traffic
to an airliner."

((NUFORC Note: We have talked to the witness on several
occasions, and we find him to be exceptionally credible. In
addition, we have received from the FAA Boston Center both
audio and radar tapes for the time period indicated. The Quality
Assurance Office at Boston Center, which processed NUFORC's
FOIA request indicates that the audio tape confirms that a pilot
reported an anomalous object to the Center handling his flight.
We will post more information, once the tapes are processed.
Thanks to Peter Davenport


HILLSBOROUGH -- On August 8, 2000, I saw a round
metallic object that had indentations. It was moving slowly
across the sky at 5:30 PM. The object appeared to move
under its own power. It was moving too fast and traveling
in to deliberate fashion to have been a balloon. It was much
shinier than a Mylar balloon, and also appeared much larger.
There were both children and adults present at the sighting.
We watched the object until it was obscured by the trees.
NEWARK AIRPORT -- NUFORC reports that on August
17, 2000, at 10:24 AM two witnesses observed a fast moving
silver ball shaped UFO. The witness reports, "I work for a
moving company and was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike
with a co-worker. As we passed Newark Airport, we watched
the planes land and take off. I saw the sun glint off a plane
that was traveling north toward us. It glinted again so I looked
closer. It was round in front, but it didn't look right. As we got
closer I asked myself, 'What the [email protected]$%#! is that? It was just a
big round silver ball about two miles away. It just kept traveling
toward us and passed us on the left moving faster than any plane
we have ever seen going to Newark Airport. It was silver and
round about the size of a helicopter but without windows or lights,
nothing on it at all. It moved in a perfect straight line as it traveled -
no wobble- no up or down no side to side or spinning motions. It
just went straight. There was no noise no smoke nothing. To us it
looked to be made of a solid metal and glistened bright in the sun.
We were listening to CBS 101.1 FM a strong station, but started
picking up static. The object turned to go north following the
Turnpike in a straight line at 2000 feet high. The sky was very
clear. The UFO moved north six miles toward us in a straight line
following the Turnpike. The event lasted about 30 seconds but
we don't think it was a balloon since they can't travel so fast and
in straight lines.
Thanks to: Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting
Center (
[email protected])


NEWBURGH -- Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. writes that on October
4, 1992, he went to Stewart International Airport to photograph
aircraft with navigation lights on at dusk. He witnessed and
photographed a C-5 military transport aircraft disappear and
then reappear as it landed at the airport. He photographed this
extraordinary event just outside the perimeter of Stewart at the
end of the main runway. Immediately after taking five pictures
of the C-5 landing, red lights began to flash and a military police
jeep sped down the runway access road to identify who had
photographed the aircraft. After MPs saw Cornet, they returned
to their base at the other end of the airfield. Soon thereafter a
New York State trooper pulled up and stopped his car by
Cornet's vehicle. He walked up the hill to where Cornet was
standing, and asked him for his ID. He asked Cornet why he
was taking pictures. He then told Cornet that taking pictures
of aircraft at the airport was prohibited. He did not specify
military aircraft. Stewart airport is a joint civilian and military

Puzzled by this statement (Cornet had been to Stewart airport
numerous times to photograph civilian and military aircraft
without anyone objecting), he asked the trooper where he
could go to get permission. The trooper told him to go to
airport administration and security. Cornet drove over to
the airport and asked an official in administration if he could
take photographs of aircraft. He was told, "Yes," and that
he could park alongside the perimeter fence and take as many
pictures as he wanted. That series of events raised a number
of questions in Cornet's mind, especially since he had observed
and photographed the same C-5 circling above the area where
he and two other witnesses had seen an AOP descend and
disappear two days earlier. At Stewart after several aircraft
landed, he heard the distant sound of a C-5 as it approached
the airport. Because the Sun was low on the horizon to the
right of the picture, he had to reduce the f-stop or aperture, which
slowed the shutter speed down to about an eighth or a quarter
of a second. Then he saw something large approaching from the
south. As the C-5 came into range of his camera, he snapped a
picture. But as soon as he had taken the picture, he could not see
the C-5 anywhere. The photograph shows an enlargement. Only a
blurred portion of the left wing and one navigation light can be seen.
The entire fuselage, tail, and right wing are not visible in the photograph

Cornet's initial reaction when he saw the photograph was that he
didn't have the aircraft inside the range of the camera. But he
remembered seeing the aircraft disappear. Moments later the C-5
reappeared, but now much closer to the runway. Cornet rotated
his camera and took another picture, this time capturing the C-5
well within the picture frame. When he examined this photograph,
he was puzzled. The image did not show normal motion blur. In
addition, the C-5 appeared as if it were a shadow. It was coal
black in color. Based on the movement of navigation lights, it is
clear that this photograph was taken as a slow speed. Blurring
should have occurred only in back as the C-5 moved. But there
is no blurring. Instead, a silhouette of the aircraft's shape is
replicated in discrete steps, each becoming darker as it gets closer
to the center of the image. In other words, the image of the aircraft
is expanding in length and breadth in pulses, while absorbing any light
that reaches the airframe. This is what one would expect for a
contracting energy field around an object, if that energy field was
capable of bending light or causing light to wrap around the airframe.
Take a look at the negative and the sequence of images taken.
In image #3 there is no aircraft. In image #4 the C-5 appears on the
right side, but it is mostly invisible. In image #5 the C-5 is visible,
but it does not appear normal. In image #6 the C-5 is clearly visible,
but it still has blur both in front and in back. It is also lighter in
Details of its engine pods and stabilizers can be made out now, whereas
before they could not. In each of these images the amount of apparent
blur decreases, as the color becomes lighter. In the last image showing
the C-5 on the runway, the multicolored camouflage paint on the
airframe can be seen clearly.

Soon after the C-5 landed and came to a stop, a military jeep
containing MPs sped down the access road seen on the left, and
stopped opposite Cornet, who was on the other side of a wire
fence. As the C-5 landed, it slowed in speed rapidly, accounting
for some of the decrease in motion blur. However, the fact that
step-like blurring occurs both in front and in back of the fuselage,
along with significant light absorption, implies that something else was
happening. The fact that only a portion of the airframe is visible
which should not have been the case (same camera, same shutter
speed, same f-stop), implies that something else was happening.
The fact that soon after the C-5 landed MPs attempted to identify
who had taken pictures implies that something else was happening.
A New York State trooper was called in to investigate and get
Cornet's ID, and that he was told to tell Cornet that taking pictures
of aircraft was prohibited, implies that something else was happening.
What's the big deal taking pictures of C-5s, which can be seen
parked on the tarmac? The fact that an airport official told Cornet
later that same night that there was no ban on taking pictures of
aircraft at the airport implies that something else was happening.
Thanks to Bruce Cornet. The extraordinary photos are at:


FORT WORTH -- My name is Doug McGinnis. I have been
photographing contrails beginning in July of 1999, in the (Westpoint)
/Saginaw area and I have both seen and photographed sphere type,
star type and an oval type objects. I would like to inform you of this
most recent sighting. On August 3, 2000, at work in Saginaw at 6:15
PM, I noticed a contrail elongating within a cloud in the eastern sky,
then saw a silver 747 type jet emerge going straight up in a westward
direction emitting a staggered line contrail. I walked into our home for
no more that two minutes, when I returned the jet had vanished! I than
observed a small white ball in the sky hovering near where the jet had
been. I pointed it out to another coworker who also witnessed the
sphere. It moved very slow to the west, where after about 5 minutes
it disappeared. A week later on August 11, while at work in Saginaw
(Bana Box Inc.), and two co-workers and I noticed a white ball in the
same place in the sky at around 6:00 PM It just hovered there with
just a little westward movement! The sky was relatively clear and I
don't think it was "just a balloon". It was the same height as before,
maybe around 5000 feet. Thanks to Doug McGinnis and Debra
Livingston. Living=Tracer Enterprises
[email protected]


Amy Hebert writes, "I began studying contrails and "chemtrail"
claims in October, 1999. I also began video taping and
photographing the contrails overhead at the same time. In addition
to collecting photographic evidence, I conducted a correlative
study and studied other information but have not found verifiable
evidence to substantiate the claims that contrails (or "chemtrails"
as they are automatically labeled by believers) cause illnesses in
human populations. In reference to claims of photographic
evidence of UFO's in contrails, I reviewed the images as posted
on the internet and found almost all resembled the same images
of birds, bugs, lens flare, debris and conventional aircraft I had
captured with my own cameras. I wrote a letter to MUFON
about the claims of a Mr. Avery who says he has captured images
of UFO's in chemtrails and referred them to a web site where I had
posted images of birds, bugs, lens flare, debris and conventional
aircraft similar to Mr. Avery's images for comparison. A Mr. Jeff Sainio,
MUFON staff photoanalyst, wrote me back saying he had analyzed
some of the images presented to him by Mr. Avery and found Mr.
Avery's images of "UFO's" to actually be insects. As for "
disappearing aircraft" I have observed this optical illusion many
times and video taped it. That high up, anything can seem to
"disappear" due to the haze. We must use common sense and
analyze phenomena with careful, scientific study to avoid reaching
premature and baseless conclusions.


MUSKOGEE -- I read your article about aircraft disappearing after
leaving chemtrails. I wanted to let you know about two separate
incidents that occurred approximately a month ago. The first incident
occurred when I left my office and saw what appeared to be a C-130
prop driven transport plane. It was flying north on following Highway
69 right through Muskogee. The plane was bigger than my fist and
appeared to be less than one hundred yards away. I noticed the plane
did not make any noise and when it reached Highway 62 it turned west.
After turning west, I noticed a brown substance being sprayed from the
tail section of the aircraft. It was very low in the sky and I was
wondering if it was having problems and was trying to find a place to
land. The second occurrence happened while driving down the Broken
Arrow Expressway between Broken Arrow and Tulsa. I looked up
and saw what appeared to be a stealth black aircraft. It was also
flying at low altitude and was as large as my fist and appeared to be
less than one hundred yards away. I kept trying to hear the aircraft
but never did hear anything. Other drivers were also looking at it
because we do not see such aircraft around this part of the country.
Thanks to Mike.


RIGGINS -- While camping along the Salmon River at 10:10 PM
in north central Idaho, I saw a fire ball moving slowly from south
to north for a couple of seconds, then was gone over the horizon
on July 21, 2000. The fireball was yellow-orange, but appeared
to have a blue halo around the core. The fireball moved parallel
to the Big Dipper and its length was consistent with its length.
The fireball moved very slowly compared to a shooting star and
had a very long and very bright tail. It is hard to judge its distance,
but I heard no sound nor anything that would indicate impact.
Since the event was of such short duration, its hard to
describe further. Thanks to NUFORC


ASHLAND -- Myself and a female friend on July 30, 2000,
looked out of the car window to observe a large saucer hovering
about 100 feet off the right side of the car at 11:38 PM.
It then took off after what seemed like an eternity. I don't know
how long it had been since my watch stopped along with the car.
I estimate it was only 30 seconds although it seemed much longer.
Thanks to NUFORC
[email protected])


Jon McIntyre writes, "Dear Major George, my name is Jonathan
I'm 12 years old, I'm very interested in UFOs. The first time I saw
on was in the year 1999, when I was in fifth grade. My brother s
aw it first around noon. The UFO was shiny like tin foil and went
behind the trees. We didn't get to see it again. When I was in
sixth grade I was spending the night at my friend's house with my
other friend. We were sleeping on a tarp and we saw two lights
heading straight for each other. I think the little one crashed then
the big one started to disappear and reappear. Thanks to:
[email protected]


LOS ANGELES - Media person Damian Barna called to say he
observed a low flying UFO on Wednesday, August 16, 2000,
around 6:00 PM. The witness was at work at the Democratic
Convention Center and noticed a low flying C-130 type green
aircraft circling the area. He assumed it was there for some kind
of antiterrorist aerial protection for key government officials.
Looking to the West he noticed a fast moving luminous contrail
being formed moving east in the clear blue sky coming towards
him. At arm's length the luminous jet trail was two inches long
and a quarter inch high about 8 inches above the horizon. When
the luminous object and the C-130 aircraft came in close proximity
to each other the luminous object disappeared. Damian felt the
object deliberately put on a show to be seen by those around the
convention and the aircraft. Thanks to Damian Barna.


ORO-MEDONTE TOWNSHIP -- The Ottawa Citizen ran an article
August 12, 2000, reporting a preliminary diagram of a cluster of three
circles found two days earlier in a farmers field. Based on aerial photos
in the newspaper and from investigator June Mewhort the farmer
reports no tracks or pathways; the circles look quite good in the aerial.
|They are clean, crisp swirls with sharp edges. Thanks to Paul Anderson,
CPR-Canada Circles Phenomenon at
[email protected],


QUETTA--The Nation Newspaper dated August 17, 2000, reports that the
unidentified flying objects seen in the air Tuesday night in six different
administrative districts of Balochistan remain unresolved. The
government conducted a massive search for the culprits throughout
day on Wednesday in two districts of Loralai and Barkhan. The
witnesses say they saw seven flying objects, omitting lights and flames
which were flying in echelon formation towards southeast coming
from northwest. The provincial Home Secretary, Major Shehryar
Khan Mahsod said, "Four helicopters were sent to the possible sites
of landing of these objects in vein and that no one knew for sure what
exactly flew in the air." Knowledgeable sources claim that these objects
were even seen in Zabul province of neighboring Afghanistan while
they traveled all along the seven districts, and then disappeared When
contacted by The Nation, the Political Agent at Loralai, Shoib Mir
Memon, told this scribe that it was strange that three flying objects
were seen at the same time with the difference of few seconds of
minutes in all districts right from Chaghi near the border of
Afghanistan, to Loralai near the Punjab border and to another end.
It is speculated they might be meteors because they disappeared.
Thanks to Gerry at
[email protected] (gerry)


The following is from AIRWise News - Aug 14, 2000. The head of the
Egyptian pilots' federation yesterday accused U.S. investigators of
withholding key evidence in the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 off the
U.S. coast last October, according to Reuters. Walid Murad called
for the release of radar images and the evidence of two pilots who
said they saw missiles in the area where the plane went down, killing
all 217 people on board. He told reporters that U.S. investigators said
they were denying access to the radar images because they contained
military secrets. "This is a weak excuse," he said. "This American
stance is evidence of concealing facts, and we demand the release of
these radar images and to hear the testimony of the two pilots, one
German and one Jordanian, that they saw missiles where the Egyptian
plane crashed," he said. Egypt Air Flight 990, headed for Cairo from
New York, suddenly plunged into the Atlantic Ocean on October 31,
1999. Information from the flight data and cockpit voice recorders
led to assertions by some U.S. investigators that relief copilot Gamil
al-Batouti deliberately caused the crash. Egyptian officials have
rejected that line of inquiry and worked on a theory that the plane's
elevator panels on the tail, which control whether the nose points up
or down, may have jammed. Murad said the Egyptian pilot's federation
demanded the recovery of the remaining parts of the aircraft and the
completion of an investigation to determine whether there were
echnical problems in the tail section. By concealing and leaking
information, Murad said, the U.S. investigation risked losing credibility.
"The National Transportation Safety Board did release 1,665 pages
of data of its investigation into the crash of Egyptair Flight 990,"
August 11, 2000, "but drew no conclusion about the cause, a move
that allows the political dispute between the United States and
Egypt to continue."


Tim Cooper writes, According to Edward Ruppelt's account preserved
OBJECTS" published in 1956, there were sightings in August, September
and October of 1951. At approximately 9:00 P.M. on August 25, 1951,
an employee of the Sandia Corporation's AEC subsidiary division, and his
wife observed a large, triangle-shaped craft pass slowly and silently over
Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a very low altitude. The object was
described as a V-shaped wing with six-to-eight soft, glowing, bluish
lights on the wing's leading edges. See,


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