Filer's Files #28 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
July 17, 2000,
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I enjoyed the MUFON Conference and feel MUFON is moving forward in a positive
manner with the appointment of John Schuessler as the new director. John has
participated in the manned space program since 1962, and has many new and
exciting ideas. I wish to personally thank Walt Andrus for starting MUFON in
1969, and keeping it viable since then. We all owe him a great deal for his
years of hard work. MUFON is moving to Denver, Colorado and an improved
MUFON web site will be going on line soon. Like most conferences I learned a
great deal by talking to the various field investigators, and state directors
there. It was nice to put faces on those who I often communicate with on the
Internet. Ron Regher and Elaine Douglas had new and exciting data on the
Roswell crash.

Dr. Roger Lier the noted implant surgeon and I talked to late in the evening
about new and exciting developments concerning implants and his contacts with
Japanese industry. Major laboratories are examining a recovered implant that
has antennas that move when a magnetic force is near. Dr. Leir, stated,
"These new discoveries may give us some real evidence that we've all been
trying to obtain." He had talked to a Japanese Physicist who was working
with plasmas that can be produced and given instructions which allows them to
proceed in an intelligent manner. I know our government is working on
similar technology. Analogous plasmas have been seen creating crop circles.
Jerry Rowles had some great stories about his Air Force exploits. I saw
unbelievable photographs of Mars showing geysers, like Old Faithful at
Yellowstone National Park. Photographs of what might be an ancient city and
even what appeared to be a frozen lake. Despite all the controversy
regarding the Lt. Col. Jessie Marcel tapes recorded by Dr. Linda G. Corley,
she told me that, " Jessie definitely believed that he had seen the wreckage
of an alien craft at Roswell." Kenny Young had fascinating information about
the Cape Girardeau UFO crash of 1941.

Tom Sheets is already planning for a great conference in Atlanta with
important visitors in 2002, as is Robert Wood for the Irvine Conference next
year. I talked with abductees with heart wrenching stories. There were
numerous state investigators with startling cases that we'll bring to you at
a later date. The real stories were told in the hallways and private rooms of
the conference. The collective knowledge of some 300 attendees needs to be
gathered together. Almost everyone had an untold great stories. The MUFON
Proceedings 2000 can be purchased from MUFON
[email protected]. Bruce Widaman and
the Missouri MUFON should be congratulated for putting on a great conference.


A powerful interplanetary shock wave struck our planet's magnetosphere on
Saturday and triggered a severe G5 category geomagnetic storm. During the
event, which began around 1500 UT (11:00 am EDT) on July 15th, the solar wind
velocity soared to nearly 1000 km/s. Bright Northern Lights were spotted as
far south as 40 degrees latitude in Asia, Europe and eastern North America.
U.S. sightings included reports from Virginia, Missouri, Washington, Illinois
and Michigan. Southern hemisphere observers in New Zealand and Australia also
reported instances of bright Southern Lights. Thanks to Space Weather News


WEST WINDSOR -- Driving home on July 2, 2000, a couple with their son and
cousin saw an oval football shaped object at 9:45 PM. It was luminescent all
the way through with no shadows. It moved at a steady pace from what looked
like the south-southeast to the north-northwest. It had flashing red, blue,
and white lights on top and bottom. It was last observed going behind the
A second witness saw a very bright object in the sky at 10:10 PM only
twenty-five minutes later in the same general area. The witness stated, "At
first I thought it might be part of a control tower, but then it started
moving, and I saw the saucer shape of the object." There was a strip of
flashing lights around the bottom of the spacecraft. It was moving from right
to left in the sky, and was larger and brighter than an airplane in another
part of the sky. It was also traveling much faster than the airplane. When I
picked up my son I told him what I saw, and he started making fun of me
because he thought I was crazy. Once I pointed it out to him in the sky,
still traveling very rapidly, he believed me. The object was moving away from
us, so we drove in the direction it was going. After a few minutes, it was
on the horizon, and finally disappeared from sight. Thanks to Peter
Davenport NUFORC


Frank Gualberti writes, "This is getting scary I sat out again tonight just
to see if these things are still active, they are and I saw something pass
directly over me that has me really scared to death. With the moon becoming
fuller the sky is not as dark as it was during the past week. Tonight, July
11, 2000, not more than an hour ago, I saw this large shadow moving in the
sky, so I grabbed my binoculars. It was not just one, but four triangles
moving in a west-east direction. Frank states, "I could see the shadow of
triangles because they were darker than the sky above and had a faint light
in the back of them." He said, "They didn't make a sound and that is what
scared me sitting out in the dark and seeing these things going over me,
WOW." This past week has been the most sky action I have ever witnessed.
They traveled in a pattern like this:
<> <> <> <> ^
* *
Thanks to Frank Gualberti
[email protected] and Barry Taylor [email protected] Australia.
Editors Note: We have sent an investigator to obtain further detail on the


GULF BREEZE -- MUFON Headquarters received a report from Missy stating, "I am
reporting a UFO sighting that happened tonight, July 7, 2000, at 10:00
central time." I spotted it first, but my husband and I both saw the UFO
while driving back from Pensacola, on our way to Ft. Walton Beach. It was
seen in Gulf Breeze area over a Federally protected forest area near the new
apartment community being built called "The Reserve". It had a large
triangular shape with both very large and small lights outlining the craft.
The smaller lights were in the middle. When we first saw it flying low, we
could have been mistaken it for an airplane except the lights were not
blinking and never did. When it became a triangle my husband then agreed it
could not be an airplane or helicopter. We see every kind of aircraft flying
all over our area daily because of Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field. The flying
triangle definitely hovered or stayed still for about three or four seconds
before moving down behind trees out of sight. It was pretty exciting! It was
the second sighting of a UFO for both of us. I saw my first in Moss Point, MS
when I was five and my husband saw his first over 20 years ago outside
Boston, MA. Thanks to: MISSYZART and MUFON HQ.


MARIETTA -- Olivia Newton and Michael D. Hitt investigated the May 1, 2000,
UFO sighting by the wife of a prominent minister who is very respected in the
community. Peter Davenport, Director of the National Reporting Center had
alerted MUFON State Director Walter (Tom) Sheets about the case. The witness
lives in a fine home on a lake where the sighting took place. The witness
stated, "Above our bed is a skylight that we enjoy on a clear night as we
observe the stars and the moon of God's beautiful handiwork. The sighting
occurred between 3 and 5:00 AM when she was awakened and saw through the
skylight over her bed a stationary disc shaped object. She described the
craft as more oval then round hovering in the southwest sky. There were
three triangular shaped lights on the upper portion of the object, which gave
off brilliant white lights. She did not awaken her husband who was beside
her in their bed, because she did not want to disrupt his rest as he had a
very busy schedule the following day. The stationary disc shaped craft began
to move toward the witness as soon as she observed it. The upper portion
moved slowly in a clockwise motion, and made an audible sound, soft, faint,
and swishing sound. Within a few seconds the craft was covering the entire
skylight that measures 19 by 62 inches. The witness said, "When the object
was near the skylight, the clockwise motion of the external part of the
object stopped and the object stood still, but continued to make a soft
swishing sound." She said, "As it moved away there was no visible motion of
any part of the object but the soft sound continued. As the object moved
across the space of the skylight, I observed the bottom of the object. There
were a series of lights embedded in the bottom of the object. These lights
were white and red. The finish on the side of the object was a gray metallic
finish. The object was so close and the light was so bright that I could see
the detail of the surface. The night was as bright as day as the object
stood still over the house. The object stopped motion briefly and then
proceeded moving past the skylight. As it moved it made a swishing sound and
the darkness reappeared. I just lay there in the dark staring in the night
unable to move a muscle. As soon as my husband awoke at 6:99 AM, I told him
about what I had seen."

Measurements, photos and drawings were made indicating the disc came within
forty feet of the witness. The craft was 70 feet from the ground when it
hovered over the impressive home. The skies were clear with little or no
wind. Star charts indicated no large astronomical reasons for the sighting.
The investigators felt this was a high quality witness and in their opinion
what she observed was not a natural phenomena. The home is located six miles
from Dobbins Air Force Base. There are no other know witnesses and the FAA,
local police and airports were not aware of the disc. The case is evaluated
as a significant unknown. Thanks to Peter Davenport of NUFORC, and Muffin's
Tom Sheets, Olivia Newton and Michael D. Hitt.
Editor's Note: I want to thank all those involved for their excellent work. I
talked with Tom Sheets and Michael Hitt at the MUFON Conference and was
impressed by the their professionalism and hard work. Both of these use their
investigative skills learned as policemen. Michael recently published Georgia
's Aerial Phenomenon 1947-1987 that provides an excellent compilation of
cases during that period.


WINTERSVILLE -- The witness stated, "My friend and I were sitting on our deck
looking up at the stars on June 24, 2000. I was tilting my head back at 10:15
PM looking at the cloudy sky when I saw a dark cylinder shaped object sweep
across the sky passing straight above me. It came from the west angling off
to the northwest. It was not brightly illuminated and had a pale orange
color in spots. If I had not been looking at a star, I may not have noticed
it. It was more shadow than lit up but, I could see enough too see that it
was a cylinder. It passed through a thin transparent layer of broken up
clouds. My guess is that the clouds helped illuminate it for me to see. It
was so large in the sky, I jumped up and said, "My god" and tried to point it
out to my friend, but he was unable to see the fast moving object. Believe
me, I do not see how anyone could miss it! But I guess it was not meant to
be noticed, even though it was so large. It seemed to cast a feathery blur
when it angled off towards the north. It almost looked like a dark wing,
with the cylinder in the middle. If you hold your arm out straight up to the
sky, and made a space of about two and a half inches between your index
finger and your thumb, that's how big it would have appeared in the sky. It
made no noise, no sound at all. It was very exciting!! Thanks to Peter
Davenport NUFORC


RADIGAN DAM - Last week, I incorrectly coupled this Wisconsin sighting with
one in Michigan. Eddie and a small group of friends went camping and saw a
strange craft in the Dairyland area of Wisconsin. Eddie reports, "South of
Superior two of my friends went for a walk a little after dark on July 3,
2000, only to come back and get me at about 11:00 PM." They were very
excited and brought me a very short distance from our camp site and asked me
what I saw? About half mile away, there were two levels of lights, one at
the lower portion of the distant tree line and another closer to the top of
the trees. It didn't look like fog, as we could plainly make out the trees
in the lighted areas. We walked back to our camp and they jumped into their
truck to see what was causing the lights. I stayed at the site with two
other friends. We had been using my telescope to check out some very bright
stars. I noticed a very distant light in the sky, moving very quickly. I
called to my friends to check this out, as there were no blinking lights like
an airplane would have. We watched this circle of bright lights move from
east to west very fast. It suddenly stopped for just a split second and sped
away in a minute. I didn't have enough time to track the object with my
Meade DS 114 mm telescope that we had been using to watch stars. Thanks to
Jim Aho W-Files and Eddie


MINOT AIR FORCE BASE -- Ken Seven writes, "Regarding last weeks Filer's Files
#27, I can verify verbally, and have the papers to prove that I was stationed
at a radar installation about 22 miles south of Minot during 1966 to 1968
with the 786th Minot Radar Station." I was involved in the incident alluded
to your Files last week and in the book "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good,
that states on page 300, "The much respected researcher Raymond Fowler, who
once served with the USAF Security Service, had revealed details of a
NORAD-related incident that occurred on 5 March 1967. NORAD radar tracked an
uncorrelated target descending over the Minuteman missile site at Minot AFB
(91st Strategic Missile Wing), North Dakota. Strike teams were notified
immediately and sighted a metallic disk-shaped UFO with bright flashing
lights moving slowly over the site. Three armed trucks chased the intruder
until it stopped and hovered at 5000 feet. The teams had orders to capture
the UFO undamaged if it landed, but it then began circling over a launch
control facility. F-106 jets were about to be scrambled when the UFO climbed
vertically and disappeared at high speed. Fowler has received confirmation
from undisclosed sources that there have been other instances when UFOs have
hovered directly over nuclear missile sites."

Anyway, your mentioning this incident makes me think it was the same one that
I was involved in. My "experience" was from an entirely different
perspective than from the air but only adds validity and depth to your case.
I was involved in an indirect-direct sort of way with the missile incident
involving a UFO. My friend, who was on the shift manning the radar scopes,
during this incident, even though we were told later that the incident was
classified, wrote a letter (brave of him, or, naive) to the then military's
spokesperson Dr. Hynek. He actually tried to correct Hynek, who at that time
was saying publicly, "If there were solid aerial UFOs that our military radar
systems would be tracking them." In other words, officially and publicly,
our radar are not giving evidence to validate the public's claims, which my
friend, and all of us knew quite the contrary. He wrote Hynek a letter
saying the evidence is there, they are solid, they are maneuvering, and they
were at that time showing a lot of interest in the missile sites in North
Dakota. Not only that, there were two radar site fixes on that UFO with both
the 786th's and Minot AFB; (see below), This pretty much ruled out that our
radar site was faulty; plus, you had the Non-commissioned officers (NCOs)
ground observation of it also.

I was in a position to verify the tampering with missile sites by the UFOs.
There were a group of about ten NCOs, that were a maintenance crew at a
missile site, who phoned our radar site reporting they had a ground visual of
a UFO (or UFOs?) doing very odd maneuvering near their missile site. The
UFOs would drop down from out of sight to about a mile in elevation and stop
at that point; then float like a leaf to about 500 feet? They would reverse
the floating leaf back to the mile elevation, and then repeat this maneuver.
I have forgotten how many times, because it may have been several UFOs at one
time. Only one dropped down as if to land. Meanwhile our radar got a fix on
it such that it indicated a very real unknown/s. These were solid maneuvering
object/s at the site. Our protocol required us then to phone the radar
systems at Minot AFB for them to also get a fix on the unknown. They also
got a fix on their radar, which meant, for a certainty, that it was a very
real unknown. Protocol required that jets be scrambled to intercept and to
identify the unknown. In this case, they sent two jets to intercept/identify
the UFO, which meant, it wasn't ours.

Because of my job function, I unfortunately had to leave my access to this
activity at the critical point in which, one of the NCOs said, "Several of
the crew have taken one of the vehicles to get a closer look because a UFO
has descended behind a nearby hill because it looks like it is going to
land"! I could not find out later what the conclusion of that incident was.
I did hear later from an officer who came to our radar site, "That the jets
were unable to intercept (and that even though we had two radar fixes and the
ground visuals, the jets could not lock onto or see the UFO/s. The radars
showed that the UFOs and the jets converged or should have been seen
visually? The UFOs would climb vertically and shoot upward from the mile
high level to out of sight at more than either 3,000 or 5,000 mph, which my
friend in the radar room corroborated.

I can confirm that the military were well aware of the UFO activity and that
in this Minot instance, it was associated with a missile site, and the
military at normal operational levels were dealing with such activity as
standard operating procedure. "They were told to track but keep it quiet."
Yet, publicly, Hynek was saying, there was no solid radar evidence. I vaguely
recall that my friend was visited either by Hynek, or a representative of
his. It was, as if, Hynek was not in the loop about the military's real
stance; that he had to come and visit the radar site to get a confirmation
rather than the military offering the evidence to his Blue Book investigative
team. If they did, it was probably filtered; it was probably about this time
that Hynek's thinking began to change, if I recall. Well that's my been my
"experiences" while in the USAF ADC. Thanks to Ken Seven.

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE - John Hickman writes, "I read your article about the
B-52 at Minot with much interest- and I have a slightly similar story that
may interest you. I was stationed at Offutt Air FB (55SRW) near Omaha from
1981 to 1984. Around 1982 or '83, a story was making the rounds about either
one or several UFOs being seen over several missile launch sites in Montana.
(I believe they would have been under the control of Malstrom AFB.) The
interesting thing about the sightings was that shortly after the occurrences,
several of the missile guidance computers located in the missile warheads had
their data banks wiped clean- so they couldn't be launched- launch and
preprogrammed course data was just gone. Since we were co-located with
Strategic Air Command (SAC) Headquarters, I am reasonably sure that this was
a real occurrence that leaked out. At any rate, I have always wondered what
they were trying to tell us, it is obvious we were pretty much helpless
against their technology, or maybe just a warning that we'd better play with
each other nice or they'd take our toys away. Thanks to John Hickman
[email protected]


MERIDIAN - On July 3, 2000, a white to silver, shaped like a seed of rice,
traveling a direct path from almost due west to due east. At 5:00 PM, I
observed the above-described object traveling at what appeared to be a very
high altitude. I detected no sound as it traveled across an approx.
105-degree arc in a straight line. From Straight up, it was approx. 10
degrees to the south. I observed the object through the arc over a period of
approx. 10 to 15 seconds until it went out of sight. From my location I first
saw the object at approx. 45 degrees to the west and lost sight of it at
approx. 60 degrees to the east. Background - I am a 29 yr. retired police
officer presently operating a private investigative agency. Thanks to NUFORC.


BAKER -- On July 1, 2000, Peter Davenport reports that a witness was
traveling just north of Baker when they spotted a huge cigar shaped craft two
stories that was silver or aluminum in color. It had tall rectangular lights
across the front of it. It was bigger than any airplane and it's
maneuverability was unbelievable. It was totally silent. The craft chased us
three times. The last time it chased us nine miles and was only one to two
feet above our car as it chased us at speeds of up to ninety miles per hour.
There was quite a bit of air pressure of some kind exerted on our vehicle
from the craft. It was so strong we could not close the windows all the way.
They were being pushed in. We were driving in the open desert where
visibility was great and the sky was clear. This cigar shaped craft flew down
and actually blocked the road. We were forced to stop. Then it approached us
closer. We shut our lights off and it advanced toward us quickly. We then
turned around and fled. The first time it chased us it did so for
approximately a half mile at 100 to 200 feet behind us. The second time it
got even closer. The third time it came after us and actually stayed right
above us. Part of the craft was actually almost touching our vehicle. When
we arrived at our destination, we heard that there was a report of a UFO near
the town where we observed this UFO. (NUFORC Note: Peter Davenport stated,
"We spoke with the witness who submitted this report, and we found him to be
quite sincere in his description of what allegedly occurred."

The second witness provides his version of the story. We were traveling
north on Highway 127 outside of Baker at 3:30 AM that reports, "Brian and I
noticed a light in the sky then seem to disappear within few minutes. Very
soon we noticed dim lights on the road ahead so we pulled over on to
investigate and turned the car lights off to see better. Suddenly there were
bright lights from the object coming toward us. We turned the car around and
started back south on the highway. It followed us for a mile or so and
disappeared. We weren't happy with that so we turned around and headed
north again. We got maybe a mile when the object appeared over a sand dune
mountain and started coming toward us with its lights on. We made a 'U' turn
and drove south again. We stopped the car so the passenger could take over
the driving. He asked, "Where is it?" When I looked out the driver's
window, the object was flying next to us. It chased us for about a mile and
disappeared. We again turned around and headed north again. To our surprise
it was waiting again, so we immediately turned back towards Baker driving at
speeds of over 90 mph. Brian then asked, "Where is it?" When I turned to
look, it was right on top of us. " I could see what appeared to be airline
engines in the back window. When I looked out my passenger window, I could
clearly tell this was no plane for the bottom of this aircraft was directly
above us. It made no noise. I yelled to get us out of here and proceeded to
raise the car windows. The windows would not shut for they were bowed in. It
was very bright inside the car, and at first I thought the panel lights were
on so I reached down to turn them off. This is when we both noticed the lime
green glow inside the car. I looked straight ahead and noticed a car coming
toward us and yelled for Brain to watch out, when suddenly our ears popped
and the object was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC for these reports.
Editor's Note: The witness's claim to have observed similar craft with a
comparable modus of operation. The UFOs may have been attempting to abduct
the occupants or to keep them from traveling up the road. This is a very
unusual case that requires detailed investigation.


HOPLAND -- On July 7, 2000, John Mini an acupuncturist was driving with his
girl friend at dusk near the Indian Reservation. They saw an extremely bright
light shining a light on a home below. They had never seen a light so
bright. At first they thought it might be a helicopter shinning a million
plus power light. They realized there was no sound and the light was much
too large. Suddenly the light seemed to swirl and became pinkish and then
completely vanished. It left an ionized trail that moved through the air.
The ionization trail lasted for thirty minutes. The driving ahead of them
also stopped to see the show. The sky was clear blue and it was a beautiful
day. 415 482-9188. 711D Street Apt. 3115, San Rafael, CA 94901 Thanks to
John Mini
[email protected].

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