Filer's Files #26 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
July 3, 2000, [email protected], Sponsored by Electronic Arts
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who have given their lives, their fortunes, to support democracy in the US and other nations.
Many of us are convinced that our Earth is being visited by alien craft.
These aliens may be our friends or a deadly enemy, but to ignore them is
foolishness. We encourage the news media to consider that we receive
thousands of reports each year from witnesses who see, photograph and video
UFOs. One eyewitness in a court of law can convict and put to death a
murderer. Why are multiple witnesses ridiculed and ignored if they see a
UFO? Just look at NASA shuttle tapes with an open mind. There are UFOs all
over the place. I'm convinced it is our patriotic duty to find the answer to
what is in our skies. Ignoring a threat does not make it go away. I have
numerous friends who have served our country gallantly who have chased or
seen UFOs, I wish to thank the patriots who had the courage to report UFOs
despite the ridicule. In some ways this is harder than going into battle.
Have a great summer.

this year on the 4th of July, but don't expect a break from the heat of northern summer. The
Earth has a slightly elliptical orbit around the sun. The sun is in an
eleven year solar storm cycle that appears to effect UFO activity. Low solar
storm activity and high number of reports. Now with high solar storm activty,
reports in June are about half the number of last year's. Low UFO activity
may reflect the high cost of aviation fuel this year? But since 1947, when
high UFO activity was first reported there appears to a reverse relationship
between solar storm activity and UFO reports. Air Force Blue Book files
reveal over a thousand reports for 1952, 1957, and 1966 years with relatively
low solar activity.


Royal Air Force Director of Intelligence, R. V. Jones, states in the Condon
Report that, "Over the period from January 1959 to September 1967, the
British Ministry of Defence received 6254 UFO reports. Seventy remain
unexplained after investigation. For comparison, the American figures, given
by the Staff of Project Bluebook are 6817 alleged sightings in the years 1953
to 1965, of these, 1248 were reported too vaguely to allow an attempt at
explanation. Of the remaining 5569, there were 237 for which explanations
could not be found. Summarizing the British and American experience, it
appears perhaps 10% of the sightings cannot be explained. In this residue,
it is probable that the majority of witnesses have made substantial errors in
their descriptions. A point of dispute is whether after such errors have
been allowed for, there is enough left that is unexplained to make us think
that there is a gap in our knowledge either of natural phenomena or of an
extraterrestrial invasion of our atmosphere, perhaps by intelligently
controlled spacecraft." The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects,
Dr. Edward Condon Director, pages 929-930

HINTS OF LIFE ON MARS -- The crust of the planet Mars may hold two to three
times more water than scientists had previously believed. Additionally, new
photos show obvious areas of water erosion apparently caused by flowing
water. Water is the universal solvent that life must have to exist.
Scientists appear a little perplexed since the temperatures are thought to
average only -50 Centigrade and water on Earth freezes at O Centigrade.
Apparently the water on Mars is not the same as our water, it is probably
much heavier. This finding is based on a study by Dr. Laurie A. Leshin of
Arizona State University, whose report will be published in Geophysical
Research Letters on July 15. She compared the amount of deuterium, an
isotope of hydrogen, found in the Martian atmosphere. Deuterium, a heavier
form of hydrogen, combines with oxygen to make "heavy" water. In today's
thin Martian atmosphere, water has a deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio five times
higher than is found in water on Earth. The heavy water compound mixed with
other chemicals found in sea water may have a much lower freezing temperature
than water here on Earth. Comets probably carried water rich in deuterium to
Mars since they have the same ratio of deuterium as Martian interior water.
The core of Mars may generate heat thawing the water of the planets anciet
ocean. There have been reports of geysers and infrared indications that heat
exists. Our ancestors may have been Martian since some hardy Martian
organisms may have survived a journey through space and colonized Earth. As
you read this, flash floods may be carving new channels on Mars as
photography shows clear evidence of erosion caused by floods. These new
findings point to the likelihood of life on Mars, since almost every where on
Earth where water has been found life exists. Life flourishes in even the
most unlikeliest places such as 10,000 feet below the surface in Antarctica.
Scientists claim its just too cold on Mars for life but ethylene glycol or
methyl alcohol retard freezing and melt ice. We use them everyday in our
autos to keep them from freezing. We may have unknown chemicals, minerals,
or unknown heat sources that occur on Mars that create flowing water.

"Obviously Mars looks dry from photographs, but it is quite possible that a
layer of permafrost exists beneath the planet's surface evaporating into the
atmosphere at a very slow rate. There is even the possibility that, in some
regions, sufficient water is collected to form subsurface oceans." These are
not my ideas, but they are contained in the Air Force's Environmental Space
Science's Book taught at the Air Force Academy 1972.

Every few years tremendous windstorms occur on Mars with 200 mph winds that
raise voluminous dust clouds and obscure the surface. When these winds
subside, there is a noticeable greening of the planet. This greening
according to scientists is actually greenish ferrites making it appear the
planet has vegetation or micro organisms similar to lichen. This is called
false foliage, but perhaps there really is a form of life? Up until a few
weeks ago, we were told there was little or no water and no life on Mars
based on findings from the Viking Lander. I suggest inaccurate testing was
accomplished by the Viking Lander.


MANHATTAN -- On Tuesday, June 27, 2000, five witnesses observed a partial
black ring which they described as a flattened "U" shape slowly movng
overhead across the sky towards the northeast at 8:00 PM. The sky was light
in the early summer evening when five witnesses saw a donut or "U" shaped
craft. It was different from the sky and was likely a light colored material
which was blocking our view of the rest of the dark ring, thereby creating
the initial impression of the flattened "U" shape. All I can say is, the way
it looked and the way it moved it was not tumbling or changing orientation.
It was a black partial ring with a light sky-colored or perhaps shiny
reflective material transmitting the color of the sky. It filled the
interior and seemingly blocked our view of the rest of the black ring, giving
a black flattened "U" shape moving slowly, steadily, and solidly across the
sky. It was an unusual ring flew out of site due to extreme distance. I
have seen nor heard of no other which quite fits the same description,
although I have been studying this field for several decades. It is hard to
determine the size, but I would guess it was a bit smaller than a 747
aircraft at 3 or 4000 feet up. There were five of us watching the object as
it flew over lower-mid-Manhattan heading east-northeast. The consensus was
we saw a UFO. Thanks to Larry Clark and Steve Jones
[email protected]


MONTCLAIR -- On Saturday, June 18, 2000, at approximately 7:00 PM, Max
Gebhardt sighted a strange dark object high in the sky. Max reported, "The
UFO approached from the northwest and departed to the west. It was a very
small black object, possibly a U-2 or a low-orbit satellite, very near the
air traffic corridors." Montclair is only 13 miles west of New York City.
"I lost sight of it after 15 minutes due to its size. It was tiny, black,
elliptical, possibly very far away, maybe 20 to 30 miles flying at 30,000
feet at about 550 miles per hour." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 26 June
29, 2000 Editor: Joseph Trainor


TROUP COUNTY -- Researcher John Thompson reports a father, his
fourteen-year-old son and friend saw a strange "green beam" in the sky on
Saturday, June 17, 2000." Standing outside on Old Chipley Road at 1:30 AM
the two boys saw the beam while looking southeast towards Pine Mountain.
Turning around one boy said, "Do you see that?" The other, looking up,
replied "Yea." At about a half-a-mile way, perhaps in extreme north Harris
County, the boys saw a laser-like "ocean-green beam" standing between a
low-hanging cloud and the ground. The beam was perpendicular to the ground
and had an equal diameter its entire length. The somewhat dark green beam
did not expand or retract; it was just there when they saw it. Watching the
beam for "four seconds" one boy said it "totally went away." It did not
fade; recede or contract but simply vanished while the boys had their eyes on
it. Ten to fifteen seconds later, the boys saw a strange bright white
shooting star fly south where the beam had just been seen. This seemed a
rather odd coincidence. To this investigator it brought to mind a stranger
incident in south Troup County that seemed to have a "cause and effect"
relationship involving a "shooting-star" like object. On October 10, 1996, a
TV producer was driving northwest on the Big Springs-Stovall Road at around
10:00 PM when he noticed a bright, white, star-like light above a hill to his
north. On the nearby hill, he noticed some kind of dim light or reflection.
As he continued to drive, a standing "circle of red lights" on edge shot
across the Stovall Road only fifty feet in front of him towards the
illuminated "target" on the hill. After the 8 to 10 feet wide revolving
circle of red lights hit the "target," the bright "star" shot away out of
sight. The producer was entirely unnerved by the incident and initially
thought someone had shot tracers at him, but could not explain the cause and
effect relationship he had witnessed. He had not heard any gunshots.

Strongly illuminated beams were seen in South Troup County in August of 1995,
on the Willie Hodnet Road. A married couple saw a square box over a pasture
casting a white beam straight down. The beam they saw retracted and expanded
but, like the latest incident, did not widen at any point. A third person
saw this same UFO from a different vantage point. On January 8, 1998, just
north of LaGrange on Highway 219, another married couple saw an intense beam
start in mid-air and go down to the ground a hundred feet below. This wide
beam was so intense they said that it could not be seen through. At no time
during all of these beam sightings was any sound heard or aircraft/search
lights found to be responsible. The normal cast of characters was contacted
to find, perhaps, a mundane explanation for the Old Chipley Road sighting.
Calls to Callaway Gardens and its nearby airport showed that there were no
lights of any kind displayed. Mr. Brad Castleberry, a civilian public
affairs officer at Ft. Benning, said none of their fixed or rotary wing
aircraft were in the Troup-Harris County area or had the capability to
display a green beam. An earlier call to another source at Ft. Benning
revealed that any craft based there capable of casting light only have a
"night-sun" light capability. A "night-sun" light mounted on an aircraft
illuminates an area beneath it much like daylight, but does not project a
narrow beam. Calls to Troup County 911 and the Pine Mountain police brought
forth no other reports. The ocean-green beam remains unexplained. The
shooting star may have only been a coincidence. Weather on the night of the
sighting was scattered cloud cover with light wind and a temperature of
around 70 degrees F. Ceiling was unlimited, visibility excellent and a near
full moon out. The witnesses, despite their relative young age, are judged
reliable. Thanks to John C. Thompson Copyright, 2000. All rights reserved.
[email protected]


SAULT SAINT MARIE -- I had gone out in front of my house with a digital
camera on June 15, 2000, to take a series of photographs, and to try out a
new panoramic photo construction program for my computer. I took a total of
eleven photo's of three black sphere's, in a 360 degree circle from the
ground to the sky using a tripod, at about 5:30 PM-EST. I then went back in
the house, copied the jpg. photo's from the disk in the camera onto my hard
drive, and constructed the panorama. As I was scrolling around in a circle,
I could see a small black dot in the sky to the west. The program allows you
to zoom in, so when I did this, the dot appears to be a black sphere. I
zoomed out and scrolled to the north, and there were two more black spheres'.
In the photo, they almost appear to be in a large triangle formation. I
would estimate the size of them in the photo to be about the size of a pencil
eraser held at arm's length. I have the photo at 768x1024 pixels. Thanks to
Peter Davenport NUFORC


GREENFIELD -- On June 14, 2000, the witness reports, "I walked outside and
looked west at a 2 o'clock position in the sky. I noticed nine brightly
flashing lights in a V shape and moving in perfect formation and in unison at
9:30 PM. I immediately called a friend to look and we were on the phone as
we both watched the black triangular craft. The lights were not quite as big
as Venus appears, but they were blinking randomly. The open part of the V
was at least 5 to 6 full moons across. Commercial aircraft would not have
been in such a formation, and military aircraft at that distance would have
been heard. There was no sound as they moved east to west across the sky at
about the same speed as commercial jet aircraft. If these were multiple
aircraft the formation was perfect. I watched them until they passed behind
some trees. My friends who were still on the phone with me reported it moved
west for at least another five minutes. They reported seeing an obviously
recognizable airplane in the vicinity of the black triangle.

CAHOKIA MOUNDS -- We were driving past the mounds on an old road near Route
111 on June 16, 2000, when we saw a strange light but just figured it to be
an airplane. At 9:45 PM, as we got closer we could tell it was no airplane.
It had four lights with blue and green colors. The craft was black in color
but almost gray. It was only a 1,000 feet above the ground. It was a
perfect triangular shape, with no curves at all. It was obvious that it was
no airplane. It flew very slowly without sound and the lights from the craft
were just so bright it lit up the area around the craft. The weather was a
light rain, but we had clear sight of it.
ST. LOUIS -- A couple hours later at 11:30 PM, a caller to the National
Reporting Center stated, "My mom and a friend were returning home, crossing
the McKinley Bridge over the Mississippi River into Illinois. As they began
to cross the bridge, they saw a large object hovering in the sky. The object
was above the bridge near the CAHOKIA MOUNDS. They stopped and watched it
for a minute or so. They said it was perfectly still, at a height where a
very low flying plane would be. Both witnesses claimed it was difficult to
make out an exact shape - but drew me a picture and verbally described it.
They saw two large glowing circular white lights on the side, that were
attached to a long cigar shaped fuselage. They had difficulty describing
what attached the lights to the body. I asked what made them think it was
not a helicopter? They said, "It was WAY too large for a helicopter and
remained perfectly still without any sound." They decided to keep moving and
the passenger was looking out the rear window at the object. She lost track
of the object briefly but saw it just in time to watch it streak across the
sky at incredible speed. She said, "It then stopped instantly over the
Mississippi at a point south of their current position." They continued
home. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


DALLAS -- Jonathan Miller writes, "I'm 17 years old and on June 23, 2000, for
the first time I actually saw real life proof of something going on." I went
outside at about 10:27 PM, to play basketball and was waiting my friends
sitting on a swing. I am looking up at the sky, which had no stars and saw
two bluish almost futuristic type planes soar by faster than any planes can
go. They flew by quickly but I was able to see them in the dark. What I saw
gave me chills. They passed by in not even in a second. They left blue
lines in the dark sky that was visible for a couple of seconds. They
appeared to be breaking the sound barrier over our neighborhood and I
expected a boom. But they were totally silent. The lines disappeared and I
yelled to my friend to come out fast. Thanks to Jonathan Miller
[email protected] and Larry Clark [email protected].


HOOD RIVER -- James A. Gilliland reports that on June 24, 2000, there was a
wonderful display of UFO activity. One very large craft flew directly over
the Bridgehouse. It morphed from one light disk into three and four then
returned to one again. Yes, it is on film. We have footage of ships rising
on both sides of Mt Adams now. One in particular was immense. It rose up,
went behind the mountain then moved right towards us. An aviation expert was
present and had no doubt he had seen a UFO. It later ascended and hovered
for the rest of the evening next to a triangular star pattern. Several were
filmed last night, with one crossing the sky at a very high altitude and
speed. Thanks to James Gilliland Self-Mastery Earth Institute
[email protected],


On May 20, 2000, NIDS was alerted to a two year old Charolais cow which
had been mutilated near Cuba, New Mexico, three days previously but the
animal had survived. The animal was recovering at a nearby veterinary clinic.
On May 22, 2000, the NIDS veterinarian plus two NIDS investigators arrived to
examine it. The animal's left ear had been removed completely, its right ear
was substantially removed and the animal's lips appeared to have been injured
or degraded. A search for needle marks was negative. Both veterinarians
concurred that there was no evidence whatsoever that the animal had been
attacked by predators or scavengers. Rather, they concurred that a sharp
instrument had likely been used to remove the ears. Multiple blood samples, a
small tissue biopsy and fecal samples were taken and analyzed. See


Strange Daze is an English publication that contains serious articles and
papers by leading authors and researchers in the fields of Ufology, the
paranormal and cutting edge science. There are no hard and fast rules
governing submissions to the magazine, apart from an insistence on quality,
integrity, and a realistic approach to the subject. So far, Strange Daze has
been primarily aimed at a semi-academic readership and the magazine's
detailed technical features often reflect this. The quality of writing is
high and for this reason, much of the material showcased in Strange Daze has
eventually finds its way into the wider world of publishing. Editor Gloria
H. Dixon and the editorial team have a bold vision for the magazine's future,
focusing on the profound issues of consciousness and our hopes, fears and
expectations in this brave new world. The current edition (Issue 20) of
Strange Daze contains a major feature by aviation writer Bill Rose on secret
"Cold War" space projects, including the Pentagon's plans to build a military
fortress on the Moon. In his lengthy article "The Scare in the Air,"
journalist DR David Clarke traces UFO sightings back to the beginning of the
last century and takes a close look at Zeppelin activity during World War
One. Kate Taylor, who is now regarded as an important authority on modern
American political history, examines the possibility that Ted Kennedy was
framed at Chappaquiddick. Ufologist Michael Lewis looks back at Millennium
madness, while Dave Newton, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
discusses the latest astronomy and space exploration developments. Last is
Gloria Dixon's fascinating account of paranormal events at one of Britain's
most mysterious locations, Windwhistle Hill. Strange Daze costs 10 for four
issues per year in the UK and 15 for other subscribers. Website at: [email protected]

Editor's Note: Bill Rose's article revealed the US planned to build a
military fortress on the Moon were stopped apparently due to the high cost,
but I wonder if there were other reasons? Dr. David Clarke's Clark's article
concerning Zeppelin Dirigible activity during World War I was particularly
interesting to me since I flew over England for four years. During World War
I hardly a night would go by without numerous reports of German Zeppelin
activity over England, but the Germans only had one Naval Zeppelin and five
Army airships in service when war was declared. Within a few months most had
been destroyed or wrecked. German records reveal Zeppelin activity was very
limited any where near England, yet sightings of airships was frequent and
may have been UFOs. Captain Stansfield of the trawler SS Ape and many of his
crew on December 15, 1914, reported sighting a black airship. After the war
airship records were read and all German airships were in their hangars due
to bad weather. On September 6, 1914, Flight Commander C.E.H. Rathborne of
the Felixstowe Naval Air Station, Suffolk returned from an early morning
patrol in his RNAS seaplane to make perhaps the first report of a UFO by a
military officer. "At 5:35 AM. whilst on patrol. I sighted an airship
steering south-southeast, with a silver colored envelope on the horizon while
flying at 1,300 feet, 27 miles south of Orfordness." A military intelligence
report estimated the total number of reports of "enemy signaling" to be as
high as 2,000 from the Scottish Command alone during the first year of the
war. By January 31, 1916, nine Naval Zeppelins had been built and were
ordered to bomb central England. The Zeppelin scares and rumors generated
thousands of reports of phantom airships that based on their records seldom
ever flew near England. It appears many of the reports may have been UFOs
since records reveal no known aircraft or airships were flying. Were these
British eyewitnesses lying, mistaken, or had they really seen UFOs in their


SASKATCHEWAN -- The first crop circles for 2000 were reported to CPR-Canada
on June 19, 2000, near Willmar, south of Regina. Field assistant Beatta van
Berkom and local reporter Dawn-Marie Barker report five rings were found in
pasture grass, each averaging about 26 feet in diameter, and two feet wide.
At least three of the rings have a cut in the ring, making them more like a


YUZHNOYE -- The overnight appearance of crop circles in a field in Southern
Russia June 24, 2000, has puzzled farmers who claim aliens landed there.
Russian Public TV reported that a farmer from the village of Yuzhnoye,
Stavropol Territory called in local officials "to record an act of vandalism"
after finding that his field of ripe barley had been ruined. Closer
examination revealed four distinct circles -- one 20 meters in diameter in
the center and three outer ones 6 meters in diameter each. The barley had
been smoothed down "as if by hand" in a clockwise direction. Representatives
of the Stavropol Security Council found no traces of radiation or chemicals,
and human intervention was ruled out. Eyewitnesses in a neighboring village
said they had seen a UFO landing in the field. Vasily Belchenko, Security
Council Deputy Secretary, was inclined to believe them. "Aliens" took crop
samples from the field. "There is no doubt that it was not man-made," he
said. A 20-cm-deep cylindrical hole with polished walls was found right in
the center of the large circle suggesting the aliens were taking soil
samples. Thanks to the BBC monitoring at Caversham and Steven L. Wilson,
[email protected]


Robert Collins writes...Besides all the other possible scenarios as to why
JFK might of been assassinated UFOs have come up as perhaps another reason:
Did JFK really intend to make an announcement on Roswell and an assassin's
bullet got in the way? Was JFK's willingness to be open about many things
including UFOs within the government earn him the permanent wrath of people
like Dulles, Colby and Hoover? Please see:

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