Filer's Files #21 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
May 27, 2000, [email protected] (609) 654-0020
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Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, Pioneer of psychiatry, stated in 1954:
"A purely psychological explanation is ruled out ... the discs show signs of
intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots ... the authorities in possession
of important information should not hesitate to enlighten the public as soon
and as completely as possible" (Dr. Carl Jung on Unidentified Flying Objects,
" Flying Saucer Review, Vol.1, #2, 1955.)

"Unfortunately, however, there are good reasons why the UFOs cannot be
disposed of the in this simple manner. It remains an established fact,
supported by numerous observations that UFOs have not only been seen visually
but have also been picked up on the radar screen and have left traces on the
photographic plate. It boils down to nothing less than this: that either
psychic projections throw back a radar echo, or else the appearance of real
objects affords an opportunity for mythological projections. " ("A Fresh Look
at Flying Saucers," Time, August 4, 1967.)


Mark Buitron writes, "I was happy to see a recent report from Filer's Files
#20 mentioning the Solar Magnetic connection to the UFO sighting levels. In
1998, I also came to the conclusion that there was such a connection. I
compared data from 1994 through 1996 and found proof that during large Solar
Magnetic events and storms the UFO levels dropped in many cases to near Zero.
I wrote and posted a report called the 'UFO Scheduler' in which I used these
findings. In that report I also pointed out that UFO sightings peaked during
times when the four inner planets around the sun lined up in certain
configurations. My theory was that the UFO entities were using the planetary
configurations to conduct most of their interplanetary flights. I suggested
several reasons why such configurations would have increased the efficiency
of their missions. I knew that some UFO types did not seem to match the
Solar Magnetic theory. What I discovered was that when solar magnetic clouds
reached levels of what scientists called B(nT) of 10, that nearly all UFO
types ceased to be seen near earth. In the few cases when they were seen,
such as when a large cylinder UFO the ships seemed to be in some distress, as
in wobbling a great deal. More interestingly I found that FTs (Flying
Triangles), other polygons, and spheres tended to ignore these magnetic
storms. Only when B(nT) levels reached 15 or greater, did these types of
craft tend to diminish.

My conclusions were these: 1. Large cylinders, saucers, cones, and falling
fireballs represent incoming shuttle or packet ships from space. Smaller
ships associated with these such as small saucers, also tend to avoid solar
magnetic storms, mainly because they are associated with these incoming
mother ships. 2. Flying Triangles are a kind of earth based
TRACTOR-Workhorse. They especially are used during periods when incoming
motherships may be experiencing trouble, such as during solar storms. 3.
Small spheres appear to be a kind of earth based jeep. They often are used
as beacons when they are seen to be stationed in one spot for long periods of
time. They too ignore solar storms. I mentioned in 1998, that by 2000, the
UFO groups would be experiencing a drop off of interest because I saw the
coming solar storm period as a period when UFO levels would be dropping off.
Thanks to: Mark Buitron
[email protected]


200 MILES ABOVE EARTH -- Cliff Rowe reports he was watching day three of the
STS 101 shuttle/space station live Internet broadcast May 21, 2000, between
12:30 AM and 2:30 AM. I had the shock of my life while watching the
astronauts on the Internet as they performed their duties working outside of
the shuttle. Suddenly in the black background of space, a silvery disk with
a slight dome on top appeared just to the right of the shuttle and stayed
fixed in that spot for a few seconds. It held its position for ten seconds
and then shot off to the left and disappeared. The image of the bright
silver disk was very sharp and distinct, in fact it was more defined than the
image of the astronauts hanging on to the space station. A minute later,
another light appeared to the left of the space station, but seemed to be
further away and not as sharp. It also stayed fixed for a few seconds then
it suddenly disappeared. All of this took place during the time the
astronauts began working on the shuttle arm on the outside of the shuttle and
before they returned to the shuttle bay. It is possible I was seeing a
camera reflection but this film should examined. Does anyone have a copy of
NASA of day 3 broadcast? Thanks to Cliff Rowe
[email protected] cliff rowe
[email protected]>


WILMINGTON -- On May 17, 2000, a truck driver traveling north on I-495 when
he noticed a big bright light traveling north over the Delaware River at
12:35 AM. The trucker at first thought it was a blimp, but when he got a
real good look, the entire "body" was white/gray and totally illuminated like
the full moon. It was football-shaped two rows of strobing white lights top
and bottom with no other colors. It was very low in the sky, and was moving
at a medium speed. The witness stated, "It was the strangest and most
spectacular thing I've ever seen." Unfortunately, I could not pull over and
get out of my truck to see if it made any noise, and I did not have a CB in
the cab. All I know, I used to be in the USAF and this object was definitely
NOT an airplane or a blimp. I did not see any wings or stabilizers or a
cockpit. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center,


CHARLOTTE -- On May 10, 2000, I saw a UFO when I was riding my bike to the
store to get some beer. It was a clear night and I had just left the store
and was enjoying the ride back home when I felt like I was being watched. I
noticed some of the street lights went out and on kind of flickering all up
and down the road at 10:00 PM. I just kept on peddling. There was this huge
solid Triangle, black and silent. It was a floating just about 300 feet up
or so, and sort of swinging from side to side. No lights, no sound. Just
like a big black balloon about 100 feet across. Thanks to Peter Davenport


LORRAIN -- I never thought that in my life, I would ever see a UFO but I saw
one recently around 1:30 AM while working on my computer hobby of 3d
modeling. I looked out the window and saw a bright light hovering in the
sky. I went outside to get a better look and it was still in the same spot.
There was no sound, but I could hear my heart pounding very hard and broke
into a sweat. The color was blue green and white like a metallic shine. I
could see clouds passing under it. Its strange there were no sounds from
something that could shine so bright. Thanks to:
[email protected] (3Dmaster)


SHEFFIELD LAKE -- On Sunday, May 21, 2000, at 11:30 AM, Sarah M. was in a
small town on the southern shore of Lake Erie, when she spotted a dazzling
gleam in the sky. According to Sarah, the UFO approached from the north,
over Lake Erie, and then shot away to the east. The object was a shape about
like an oval and a square. It was very bright. I practically had to use
sunglasses because it was really bright, almost like the sun's rays. It was
about 15 feet high and about 30 feet long, flying 200 feet (60 meters) above
the ground." It flew at an estimated speed of 30 miles per hour on approach
and 60 mph flying away." Sheffield Lake population 9,800 is on Ohio Route 6
approximately 25 miles west of Cleveland. Thanks to UFO Roundup,Vol. 5, # 21
May 25, 2000, Editor: Joseph Trainer,
[email protected],


DETROIT -- Dr. Harry Willnus writes he has been following the UFO scene for
more than fifty years. He is the past MUFON Michigan State Director and
presently a MUFON consultant. Regarding Filer's Files recent mention of
UFO's near airports, I must share that I spent 36 years in education teaching
in the Romulus Community School District that contains within its borders the
Detroit Metro Airport. The airport ranks as one of the top ten busiest
airports in the nation. Northwest Airlines uses Metro as a hub. Over my
years of teaching I had classroom contact with thousands of students and
hundreds of parents who resided in different sections of the township. My
intense interest in UFO's became known in the community. Over the years, I
heard hundreds of stories that were UFO related. The reports were sometimes
dramatic, with close-in sightings of strange crafts over roof tops or trees.
All of this occurred in a little community of 36 square miles with a major
airport nearly in the middle of it. Detroit had a major UFO flap in February
and March 1978 .

While some of the sightings made the local papers and TV stations, little
information appeared out state. The flap had major airport implications.
Some of the sightings occurred inside airport fence lines on or near ground
level. A few of the sightings were during the day but most came at night. I
called the FAA tower control people on a daily basis, but never did receive
any confirmation of any UFOs during the specific times sightings were
reported. There were dozens of other cases in nearby communities, some
multiple witness affairs. The whole flap was pretty exciting. Then it died
out after several months. My own guess is that some UFO's use airports as
"hiding places". Since there are multiple sets of lights around busy
airports at night, it becomes easier for these strange crafts to go about
their business without attracting a lot of attention. My gut fleeing is that
major US airports have numerous UFO sightings by people who reside in the
immediate airport area. Generally these sightings are seldom reported.
Thanks to Dr. Harry Willnus
[email protected]. Editor's Note: Some of our
best cases are in sight of Philadelphia Airport and McGuire Air Force Base.
A vice president of a major company claimed the UFOs would hover near his
home ten miles from the airport. When helicopters or planes flew near the
disc shaped UFO, it would hide in the trees.


Barbara Becker writes, "In investigating the triangle sightings here in
Missouri. I began to wonder if there was a correlation to the moon cycles.
When I saw the boomerang shaped object in Kansas City it was a beautiful
moonless night. Very dark. In fact, dark enough that I could have easily
missed the object all together even though it was right over my head. I then
recalled the summer I investigated a flap in Missouri. The thing that is
most striking is that the nights of the most activity were moonless prior to
moon-rise or after moon-set. I am not saying that we were in a new moon
phase, no, I am saying that the moon, in whatever phase, was below the
horizon, making it a very dark night. I am interested in hearing others
thoughts on this Barbara Becker UFO Research Network
Editor's Note: A similar timing of Flying Triangle operations occurred in
England for many years. Eight sightings of such objects were reported from
New Jersey to California and British Columbia from May 8 - May 14, most
occurring between the hours of 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM. Sightings included one
in Edinburg, IL on May 7; two on May 8 in Carpineria, CA and Kamloops, B.C.;
two on May 13, near Randle, MN and Independence, MO; and three in New Jersey
on May 14, near Union Beach, Tuckerton, and Stafford Forge.


Regarding the article "Arkansas Flying Triangle" in Filer's Files #19, it
sounds like what these people saw were three of the NOSS satellites. I saw
them myself a few months ago and they look just like the Arkansas
description. These look highly unusual when you see them. It is part of a
secret space project whose official name remains a topic of debate, so
observers dubbed it the "Naval Ocean Surveillance System," or NOSS. The US
currently operates three sets of spy satellites, launched consecutively in
1990, 1991 and 1996. These satellites orbit pole-to-pole in groups of three
at an altitude of 1,100 kilometers, monitoring the position, speed and
direction of military ships at sea by detecting radio and radar signals and
then triangulating the point of origin. Thanks to: Ted Toal Nevada City, CA


Su Walker writes thanks for hosting such a fantastic site. I am a weekly
reader and look forward to Monday's latest postings! I have a comment on the
fibromyalgia and abductees connection from personal experience. I have
found, personally, that my fibromyalgia is made much worse by antibiotics.
There is some sort of a fungal connection and high carbohydrate and sugar
makes the pain worse. Antibiotics only seem to serve to kill of the "good
bacteria" in the system. I would like to read more about the
"nano-bacteria." As a professional medical intuitive, I have seen something
like nano bacteria (I have called them proto viruses/bacteria much simpler
DNA structure than regular) for more than ten years. I have kept a log of my
own conscious experiences since June 4, 1998. If you would like to read
about my own abduction/encounter experiences, you may find them at: and . Bev Trout, our Iowa MUFON State
Director is a friend and has helped me a great deal in my self education in
encounters and experiences. Thanks to Su Walker
[email protected]


CARPINTERIA -- Don Robertson writes, "At our MUFON meeting last night, I
asked one of our members if he would be interested in filming the Triangle
that shows up almost nightly when conditions are clear. He has a night
vision video camera so we'll see how that goes. Skywatcher Kirk reports that
there has been a new flurry of Triangle sightings the first two weeks of May
2000. The first sighting this year occurred on May 1, when he and his
thirteen-year-old son, Joe, saw the object. "It was pretty high up," said
Kirk, "not as low as it usually is. It was triangular outlined by small
lights, and flying from southwest to northeast. Consecutive sightings took
place on May fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth." On May 7, Kirk
walked out on the patio and looked up into a clear, star-studded sky at 10:15
PM to see one at 2000 feet. "As soon as I looked up, there it was," he
exclaimed. "I was really excited!" " He went back inside and told his family
the object was back again." Then Kirk heard his neighbor calling him from
outside. Kirk's neighbor was very skeptical about UFOs. So Kirk kept
scanning the sky, and spotted the Triangle in the western sky coming back
toward them from Santa Barbara up the coast. The object was now much lower,
about five times the size when he first saw it. "There it is!" Kirk yelled,
pointing at the large ship. "I grabbed him by the shoulder and pointed him
right at it." He just stood there saying, "Oh my God! What is that?" " I
told you it was out here flying around," Kirk told him.

They watched as the craft made a hundred and eighty degree turn back towards
them and started following the nearby 101 freeway toward Santa Barbara.
"Look at the wingspan on that thing," the neighbor said. "It's huge!" "But
there's really no wings on it, they look thicker than that," Kirk explains.
"You can tell it's not a plane. The thing was gray looking' -- you could see
the metal on it; you could see not just the lights, but what the lights were
attached to. It was kind of the color of a Navy ship. The back end went in
a little bit, but followed the shape of a triangle. It had no tail and no
fuselage. There is absolutely no sound. The past two years it shows up in
May." Last year the object showed up three nights in a row starting on May
22, 1999. It made three appearances on the twenty-second. The Triangle
started a slow turn to the right and finally stopped directly over Kirk's
house. "I was so scared I ran inside!" he said. But Kirk told me on May 19,
that the triangle has shown up almost nightly when conditions are clear. We
have had some fog lately. He also said that many of his neighbors have also
seen the object near the Canalino School and from the bluffs overlooking the
ocean in Carpinteria. One interesting aspect of these sightings is that one
night while he was out looking for the object, he saw another triangular
formation passing silently overhead, and realized that it was a flight of
geese. Thanks to Don Robertson
Editor's Note: Carpinteria is about 100 miles west of Edward's Air Force
Base. Some of these Flying Triangles may be government aircraft.

COVINA/LAVERNE -- Bill Casey, Director of Investigations, MUFON LA wrote I
received the following report. On May 12, 2000, at 10:17 PM, a male witness
and his fiancé were exiting their vehicle at her home and noticed something
floating in the night sky. It was gray in color and first appeared to be a
bird with a large wingspan hovering over her house. Upon closer inspection,
they both realized that it was a UFO that floated about 500 to-2000 feet
above them. It moved slightly faster than a blimp, but not as fast as a
conventional aircraft at less than 50 miles per hour. It was very well
camouflaged in the orange-gray night sky with very tiny and faint orange
lights all over it's under carriage. The craft had a wingspan of about 30 to
60 feet in the shape of a boomerang. The craft did not change course or
speed as it moved in a northeast direction. There were no engine sounds or
navigational lights common to conventional aircraft. The witnesses agreed
that they had observed a UFO, and advanced technology. The witnesses noticed
some police helicopter activity about two miles away but the UFO was headed
in the opposite direction. The witness was a senior aircraft maintenance
technician in the Air Force reserves and is very familiar with conventional
aircraft. His cell phone was inoperative for the next three days. Thanks to
Bill Casey,


MAYEN -- Regarding Filer's Files #14 dated 4/10/99. Stephan Marzi a 14 year
old, writes on February 11, 1998, my friend's Sebastian Krull and Benjamin
Braun saw a UFO. We were in position to record it through my camcorder and
we used the 15 x zoom function. That was a mistake because there are no
reference objects in the video. You can see the shape of the object and its
silver color. It wasn't dark so you can also see it looks like a circle and
definitively had no real wings. It flew at an estimated Mach 2 or 1200 mph.
There was absolutely no noise. The object came back a second day too, but it
flew much faster and higher. Sincerely, Steve Marzi
[email protected]


It was a cold dark night in 1947, and the street lights in our small country
town in Australia had gone out. It was about 9:15 PM, when my schoolmate and
I got on our bicycles and rode towards our home. All of a sudden the whole
area lit up like daylight and looked in horror at some huge jelly fish type
object just above our heads. It got the impression it could not land because
of the power lines or because it was too wide to land in between the shops.
We simply stood there for a good three minutes occasionally looking down, at
ourselves, in amazement. It was about the height of a normal lamppost, and I
had a clear and uninterrupted view of the whole UFO and what was inside it.
Many lights under it appeared as if coming from a dozen or so torches
directly on us and around us. It slowly flew upwards and reached high in the
sky diminishing to the size of a football. It turned away towards a place
called Dookie College. We got on our bicycles and went home and never told
our parents or anyone for years. It was a few months later that people were
reporting flying objects in the sky in Australia and several months later,
the American Roswell crash incident in July happened. I believe we were the
first people to have a close encounter with a UFO! What I saw, and what
happened later, and followed in the past decades is amazing. I want to get a
promoter to help me with having some UFO Seminars in America. I am going
back over fifty years now, so those interested in my real life experience may
email me direct to Dr. Neil McIntyre D.D.
[email protected].


Dr. Joseph Burkes, regarding last weeks Filer's Files #20 and Bruce
Maccabee's, Ph.D., comments that many abductees have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(CFS), Fibromalgia and similar yuppie type diseases." Dr. Burkes writes, "I
am a practicing internal medicine physician and volunteer UFO investigator, I
believe the search for "Et diseases" will likely be quite fruitless." The
basic problem has to do with our current level of knowledge where there is no
reliable data concerning the actual frequency of CE-4 type experiences in the
general US population. Surveys suggest that possibly one percent or less of
responders might have high strangeness type experiences that might be CE-4s.
Many of the interactions are also interpreted as other paranormal phenomenon.
Without a proper denominator as to the true numbers of so called "alien
abductions" it is impossible to determine whether an illness associated with
an experiencer is present at more, less or at the same frequency as in the
general population. The biases of self-reporting are legion. UFO
investigators frequent pick and choose the cases they care to report,
depending on how those cases match their pet theories. The self help groups
led by abduction counselors do not pick up contactees who are allegedly
having favorable interactions because they are not complaining that they have
been victimized and are discovered. Many of these counselors are often
merely trained as hypnotherapists and they lack a network of referrals to
clinically trained and board certified medical and psychology specialists.
The problems go on and on.

Eight years ago, two courageous physicians in my medical group interviewed
over 2500 patients from our practice concerning whether they had had a UFO
sighting and other type of interactions with non-human beings that might be
extraterrestrial in nature. Their results were quite important. The project
was done on an informal basis but with their supervising physicians support
in the departments of immunology and family practice. Their study was
rejected by every major professional journal that they submitted their
findings to. Ten percent of the responders had a sighting. Five percent so
close that they could identify it as an anomalous structure craft that often
carried out non-ballistic movements and was not simply a nocturnal light.
One percent of the 2500, about 25 individuals reported interactions with
non-human beings. Many of those interactions were described in what might be
construed as so called "angelic" in nature. The great thing about this study
was that my colleagues had complete medical records on the potential
responders and removed from consideration any patient who had a history of
psychiatric problems or chemical dependency. My two colleagues became
fearful when John Mack reported having to spend close to $100,000 in legal
fees in an attempt to avoid censure by the Harvard Medical School Faculty.
They ceased their study and their attempts to publish what is to my knowledge
the only population based clinical survey carried out by physicians on this
subject. There is always a tendency to blame in our patients. Those who
feel they are being victimized by non-human intelligence of a presumed
extraterrestrial nature have been ignored by the mainstream medical community
and often are under great pressure to draw attention to their plight. This
is not an atmosphere to carry out constructive sober medical investigations.
Sincerely, Joseph Burkes MD
[email protected]

BOSTON GLOBE Newspaper changed its URL address from the one I posted last
week to the Globe Online: Date: 5/21/2000 Headline: UFO Theorists Gain
Support Abroad, but Repression at Home. If you're interested in seeing the
story about the French Cometa UFO Report: see


Robert Collins writes there apparently was flying saucer wind tunnel testing
at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1947. The below is only page 1 of 2 pages and
comes from an 80 page declassified package (1994) detailing Counter
Intelligence Corps (CIC) collection requirements or information gathered on
the Horten Brother's Flying Wing type aircraft. These documents were
courtesy of Tim Cooper. The document makes reference to what are called EEIs
or Essential Elements of Information which gives a background of "what to
look for" in gathering information or "what has been found" on "flying wing
type aircraft" which includes "flying saucers. " Although these 80 pages
of declassified reports mix the subject of flying wings and saucers together,
there was never any evidence that the Germans tested "flying saucer" type
aircraft. For further information please see, And, for

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