Filer's Files #18 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
May 15, 2000, [email protected] (609) 654-0020
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A gigantic coronal mass ejection (CME) occurred on May 13, 2000. Probably
the largest of the year was recorded by NASA. Every eleven years our sun
goes through a period of solar storms and these storms have been with us for
centuries of recorded history. Solar flares emit high-speed particles that
cause the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Radiation from the solar
flares can give passengers in aircraft or UFOs a dose of radiation equivalent
to a medical X-ray. Severe weather on Earth, volcanoes and earthquakes may
be all tied to this activity on the sun. Satellites, communications, silicon
circuitry, portable phones and alternating current outlets can all be
effected. If your appliances start acting up it may be the result of these
solar storms. Even severe headaches may be tied to the sun's activity. We
are watching to see if the UFO activity is influenced by the sun's heavy
solar activity and initial indications are that reports have slowed in recent

Pope John Paul's visit to Fatima, Portugal was punctuated by eruptions on the
sun, marking the 83rd anniversary of miracle of Fatima that occurred on May
13, 1917. Witnesses at Fatima claimed to have seen the sun dance in the
sky." Some claim this was an early UFO sighting, others claim it may have
been unusual solar activity. The Vatican revealed the Third Secret that the
Virgin Mary the mother of Christ is said to have told three children when she
appeared at Fatima. The first two secrets foretold the end or World War I
and the start of World War II along with the rise and fall of Communism.
The Third Secret foretold the shooting of Pope John Paul II several years ago.


MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Don K. "Deke Slayton in his book gives his account
of seeing a UFO. Deke was conducting a maintenance test flight in an F-51.
"I was up about the middle of one afternoon-a nice sunny day--- wringing out
this particular 51. I had just come out of a spin at around ten thousand
feet over the Mississippi River, near Prescott, where the Mississippi and the
St. Croix meet, about twenty-five miles from the Twin Cities. I was heading
back to Holman Field when all of a sudden I saw this white object at my
altitude, at one o'clock. I didn't think anything about it. My first
thought was that it looked like a kite. But logic said nobody's flying a
kite at this altitude. So I started kind of watching it to see what it was.

I was closing on it, but I still didn't think too much about it. The closer
I got, the more it like a weather balloon, and I'm thinking; that's what it's
gotta be. Then I flew past it a little high, about a thousand feet off. It
still looked like a three-foot diameter weather balloon to me. My guess on
the dimensions couldn't have been too far off. I had plenty of gas, so I
figured I'd make a pass on it. Burn some gas and have a little fun. I
pulled into a turn. But when I came out of the turn and headed straight at
it, all of a sudden it didn't look like a balloon anymore. It looked like a
disk on edge! I thought that's strange. Then I realized I wasn't closing on
the son of a bitch. A F-51 at that time would cruise at 280 miles an hour.
But this thing just kept going and climbing at the same time at about a
forty-five degree climb. I kept trying o follow it, but he just left me
behind and flat disappeared.

I wondered what that was, but I never saw it again. I turned around, headed
back and landed, and didn't tell anybody about it for two days. I was afraid
they'd think I 'd lost my mind. A couple of evenings later I was over in the O-club with
my boss, a full colonel, and after I had a couple of beers I thought I'd better tell
him, and I did. He said, "Get you ass over to Intelligence in the morning
and give them a briefing." So I did. They sat there and nodded and took notes.
Then they told me: Just for your information, the day you saw this object a local company was
flying-high-altitude research balloons. They had a light airplane tracking
it, and a station wagon on the ground. Both observers were watching this
balloon and had seen this object come up beside the balloon.
The object appeared to hover, then it took off like hell. The guys on the ground
tracked it with a theodolite, and they computed its speed at four thousand miles
per hour. I guess they were trying to tell me I wasn't crazy. U.S. Manned Space
From Mercury to the Shuttle Pages 49-50. Thanks to James Westwood.

Robin writes, "'I was reading about the New Jersey abductees and I want you
to know that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is well known with abductees as well as
Fibromalgia." I suffer with Fibromalgia and many abductees do. When I was
abducted I immediately came down with Epstein Barr virus associated with
Mononucleosis. I was 14 yrs old at the time. I am 41 and still suffering,
but with the Fibromalgia. It is painful to just move about at times and I get
most discouraged. If it is related to EM I hope they soon find the answers.
My body can't take much more. Fibromalgia is not fatal from what I have been
told, but it makes you wish you were dead. Dr. Kavorkian was dismissed for
helping a woman commit suicide who had Fibromagia. I wonder if that was the
correct move by the courts. Sometimes, I wish the pain would stop but death?
I question that?. Thanks to Robin Editor's Note: Abductees report they suffer
from several similar ailments that usually involve severe fatigue and pain.
Last week, we reported that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and possibly
Epstein Barr is helped by taking magnesium according to England's
University of Southampton. Most of the diseases are relatively new and
often called yuppie diseases. Admittedly, we have very sketchy evidence to
date, but many of the abductee ailments point to weaker immune systems that
seemed to first develop about 1950, the time of the first UFO waves.
We do know that UFO propulsion systems develop massive electromagnetic
effects that could cause weaknesses in the human immune system.
Ufologists have little resources for research, but the relationship between
various diseases and UFO encounters would be fascinating. I always recommend
that a close encounter should be followed by a visit to your Doctor
and blood tests. Perhaps its just another coincidence, but magnesium burns
with a hot bright light, very similar to the hot bright lights reported on
UFOs. We have a group of intelligent people who claim contact with UFOs, they
have measurable medical and physiological effects that may help prove the
existence of this phenomenon.


PINEY FLATS -- Lady Morgan Moonstone writes, "I'd like to report a
sighting: On May 9, 2000, at about 9:15 PM, in the Piney Flats Industrial
Park, I observed a triangle shaped UFO hovering about 50 yards above the trees.
It had a white light on each corner and an orange light in the middle of it."
It made no sound and disappeared before I could pull over to take a picture. It
appeared about the size of a bus at my distance from the object. Two weeks
earlier, I saw an orange ball-shaped light at a very far distance and was able to take a
picture of it but do not have it developed yet. (I will send a copy if it turns out.)
Additionally, several friends of mine have spotted this triangle-shaped UFO
and all of them have the same description. This particular area seems to be a
"hot spot." Thanks to Morgan Moonstone, @Morgan preferred.


LITTLE ROCK -- My friend and I went outside at 10:50 PM to walk the
dogs on May 1, 2000. I always look at the stars; I am an amateur astronomer
and have had a keen interest in that subject for some time. As I looked to
the Northeast, I saw what I believed to be a satellite moving to the Southeast. I pointed
this out to my companion. As the object past over head at 90 degrees I saw there were
actually three objects flying in formation, or one large object forming an
isosceles triangle. It moved silently at a uniform speed with no change in
intensity The person with me was able to see two of the three points of light
before they faded in the Southeast. The space between the triangle points
was very large. I estimate you could place 3 full moons within that area.
Movement of the object(s) was very fluid, no sound, the points of light
making up the triangle remained fixed, not increasing or decreasing in distance.
I observed no stars being blacked out as the object(s) passed over.
Distance above the earth was very difficult to determine other
than to say they appeared to be in low earth orbit at about 45 degrees above the


Lamar James writes that Pat Carithers, a wire editor for the Arkansas
Gazette newspaper, once confided in me that he encountered a UFO 45 while
driving in west Texas. He said he was driving an old gas/oil guzzling Mercury across
country accompanied by his wife and a noisy parakeet in a cage on the
backseat. Pat said just before reaching some mountains, the radio died as did the car engine.
The parakeet also shut up. A couple of hundred yards in front of them, a
silvery saucer shape rose out of mountains, tilted at an angle and zipped out
of sight within seconds. The car engine and radio started, but the parakeet
remained silent. The sighting produced unexpected benefits. Pat swears his
oil guzzler didn't burn another drop of oil and the parakeet never uttered
another sound for the rest of the trip. By the way, I saw ball lightning during a
storm when I was 11 years old, and it looked nothing like a UFO.
It was like a soccer ball made of sparks which hit a fire hydrant and bounced down
the sidewalk before disappearing. It was so incredible, I doubted what I had seen for a while
Thanks to Lamar James
[email protected]


While traveling on United flight 739 from Denver to San Jose, in a window
seat, I saw a round silvery object with a "hump" or rounded top pass below our
plane on April 23, 2000. The rounded top heading east was identifiable by a
shadow that was cast by the low setting sun at 1840 PDT. Assuming we were
at about 30,000 feet, the craft was at about 25,000 feet, as it looked about
a mile away, at the 7 o'clock position in reference to the planes forward
motion. That means I saw it along the bottom of my window, as well as the window in
front and behind the one next to me. I first caught a glimpse in the window
in front of me, across the window next to me, and followed it through the window
behind me until it disappeared underneath the wing. I was in row 10 on the left
side of the plane, so I was looking down and to the South. It took about 10
to 12 seconds to cover that span of sight. Ten minutes later I saw another
jet liner about three miles away, also going east and it took about 40
seconds to cross my view in just the window next to me -- hence the UFO was
traveling at about five times faster than that airliner or roughly 3000 mph.
I believe we were over northern Nevada at the time, just after clearing a very
rugged mountain range. I estimate the object to be 55 feet in diameter based
on the width of the occasional dirt road I could see on the desert floor.
It was a very desolate area. I tried to seek out the pilot and crew after the flight,
by waiting for them about 20 minutes to deplane, but they did not get off,
so I went about my business. Some research of who piloted that flight
should be able to identify the crew, and they may be willing to confirm the sighting.
Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC


Eugene H. Frison MUFON's Nova Scotia Provincial Director writes that
further investigation of a black triangular object observed by a local
paperboy has revealed some additional facts. The witness decided to take a shortcut
through a cemetery to get a paper to a customer who wanted his paper very
early. Upon entering the cemetery, he immediately felt something was not
right -- the wind was different and seemed to have a whining sound mixed in with it.
After walking a considerable distance along the road into the cemetery, he
felt a cold wind and noise come up behind him and, out of the corner of his eye; he
watched a solid object pass about three feet away from his right elbow. He
could feel the cold rush on his face as it passed. His scalp became hot as
it went by. Once it had moved in front of him, he could discern its triangle shape and that it was
cruising very fast just above the ground. He estimated the object was about nine feet
tall and five feet along the base. It veered off sharply on a 45-degree angle
after negotiating a near 90-degree change of direction in the cemetery road.
The witness reported tiny raised blisters that burned and stung so much if
picked that it brought tears to his eyes troubled his face and chest area.
These began shortly after the sighting and lasted a couple of days. Thanks
you for sending me Filer's Files. Thanks to Eugene H. Fresno, Nova Scotia
Provincial Director (MUFON)
[email protected]


TANDIL -- The "El Eco de Tandil" Newspaper of May 5, 2000, states,
"Residents claim witnessing UFOs over the area." Once again, several
people claim to have seen powerful beams of light whose characteristics
do not match those of any machines known to man. One of these persons
is Hugo Macias, 60, who works for La Capital newspaper in Mar del Plata
for the past 37 years. He has delivered newspapers every morning
traveling along a circuit made up of Balcarcel and Tandil, giving him perfect
knowledge of National Highway 226. "On Tuesday at 5:00 AM, as always, "
he explained, I left the newspaper at the National Gendarmerie at Planta
Terrena, heading toward Mar del Plata. I traveled some 6000 meters and
suddenly heard a very strange noise approaching me from behind, and I felt
myself "contained" within a powerful bright light. I say, "contained"
because the light covered a diameter of 50 meters, and penetrated all sides
of my vehicle. It seemed to pierce the rooftop." How long did this last?
"Seconds only, but they appeared to be rather long." There were no other
vehicles on the road? "None whatsoever--during the remainder of the trip I
may have passed two other cars. It was a light traffic day." So, what
happened later? "Well, I returned to Tandil, discussed the event with a
group of friends and with a gentleman who belongs to the Army Command and to whom I deliver
the paper every day. When I returned to Mar del Plata, I headed to the
Gendarme Station to see if the duty guard had seen anything that night. The
guard had left but another one who told me that on five or six separate
occasions similar strange things had been seen. The next day, Macias was
shown a story appearing in the local evening paper a similar case thirty
minutes later over Tendril. The gentleman from the Army Command also told me
that the guards on duty had also witnessed a light in the sky, with a very
strange shape.

"The Gendarmes don't discuss the matter because things can get complicated.
If word of this should reach NASA, there would be disturbances and people
looking into the subject." Did they tell you what they believed to have
seen? "No. People just say what they saw but don't express opinions about
it." Are these objects commonly seen here? "On my way from Tandil I made
the comment with Sheriff Lopez of El Dorado (on Route 226), who's
knowledgeable about UFOs, and he advised me on why the Gendarmerie avoids
getting into the subject because it knows how NASA works: they can send an
airplane with six scientists anywhere in the world and carry with them an all
terrain vehicle in which they can visit locations in person. Many locals
don't like strangers visiting them." My experience was lovely, because what
began as fear, at first, is now the satisfaction of having been contacted
by something that researchers in the field would like to have seen and never
have, " noted Hugo. " I am convinced that it was not from this world. The
power of that beam of light is not a power produced by any luminous source
that we have at this time. I felt nothing at all, physically then, but for
the past two days, I have felt headache, laryngitis, and many other symptoms. I'm
just happy for the chance to have lived through a contact experience like
this one." Thanks (c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) for the


DUBLIN -- On Tuesday, March 14, 2000, at 10:52 PM, Gary Mugan was listening
to the radio at his home in Ballinteer, a suburb of Dublin, the capital
of Ireland, when he spotted a strange glow in the sky. "I saw a light green
glowing object, cylindrically shaped," Gary reported, "It passed over my
house and paused momentarily. I was listening to my radio and it stopped.
It took off at amazing speed over the mountains. There was no sound."
Gary estimated that the UFO was "a green cylinder about 40 feet
(12 meters) long" and "flew at about 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per
hour)" and took off at the speed of a supersonic jet. Afterward, he added,
"I rang up a local radio talk show and told them about it." The radio
station was 104.4 FM in Dublin. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 5, # 19 May 11,
2000 Editor: Joseph Trainor


"EXOPOLITICS", a new book by former Stanford Research Institute
(SRI) futurist Alfred Webre, claims that a 1977-78 White House study
into Extraterrestrial communications during the Carter years was secretly
suppressed at the behest of Pentagon officials, led by the SRI liaison with
the Pentagon. The study was to have been undertaken jointly by the
National Science Foundation and the Center for the Study of Social Policy
at SRI where the author was a futurist and principal investigator of the
study. According to EXOPOLITICS, the suppression of important Carter White
House study is part of what he terms "Exopolitics" or the process of
government and politics in the Universe. EXOPOLITICS asks: Is there
intelligent life in the Universe? In fact, the truest conception of our human
circumstance may be that we are on an isolated planet in the midst of a populated, evolving,
highly organized inter-planetary, inter-galactic, universal society. Earth
is isolated because we are in intentional quarantine by a structured, rational universe society.
Exopolitics, the dynamics of politics and governance in inter-stellar
society, is a key channel to transforming our human future. EXOPOLITICS
politics' immediate goal seeks a decade of human education and community
politics about the extraterrestrial initiative. Part One was released in March 2000;
Part Two is scheduled for release in September 2000. Early reviews UniverseBooks'
non-fiction eBook serial, are saying: "It is great!! You can access more information including a
reader's excerpt at:


Bill McDonald writes, in the annals of the CIA's secret history, no man's
name stands better known than James Jesus Angleton, the Legendary "Master Spy
Hunter" who was as much a "Fundamentalist" institution within the CIA complex
at Langley, Virginia, as J. Edgar Hoover was as the Director of the FBI, or
Hyman Rickover was as the father of the U.S. Navy's nuclear
submarine fleet. Please see
. and, for
further information and updates...


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