Filer's Files #12 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
March 28, 2000,
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The story continues to persist that an alien vehicle crashed near Roswell,
New Mexico in 1947. Several teams of researchers are racing the clock to
reach witnesses before they pass away. The Air Force claims that a Mogul
Balloon train with radar reflectors was responsible for the many legends
surrounding the crash. Some claim that people from Roswell even made up the
story to save a dying town and to keep tourism alive. Most of the key
witnesses lived around Roswell and had financial reasons for keeping the
story going. The new witness is from Texas so these accusations do not
include him.


Investigator Tom Carey writes: "Don Schmitt and I have just returned from an
eight-day research trip to New Mexico and Texas. On this trip, we spent an
entire day on the Plains of San Agustin looking again at the Barney Barnett
story of an alleged UFO crash there in 1947. We believe that we have broken
new ground on this case and may have solved it. More about this at a future
time. We traveled to El Paso, Texas to interview a new first-hand eyewitness
at the 1947 UFO crash site outside of Roswell. Now 83 years-old, Tex
(synonym) was a civilian working for the military at the time and describes
the crash scene thusly:

Tex said that as they approached the crash site, he started noticing pieces
of silvery-like metal on the ground. It was light and very hard. On one of
the pieces [not an I-beam structure as described by Jess Marcel, Jr.] he
noticed strange symbols, like "hieroglyphics", on it. He and the two NCOs in
his vehicle picked up some of the pieces, but the debris was taken away from
them by the military before they departed the scene. The witness stated,
"The craft resembled something that reminded me of something I saw on the old
Buck Rogers serials. It was tear-drop-shaped with stubby curved-back wings,
which gave it a scalloped-shape in back. It was small, about twenty-feet
long by about 12-14 feet wide. It had a dark canopy in front which was open.

In the canopy were two 'beings'. One was slumped over but still alive, and
the other was standing up in the canopy looking at us as we approached.
There was a third one, dead, which was curled up on its side at the base of
the small hill that the craft had hit. It had apparently been thrown from
the ship. I did not get a real close look at them, as I was about 15 feet
from them. One of the NCOs in my group had gone ahead of the rest of us and
shouted back to us, 'They're aliens', and we knew he wasn't talking about
Mexicans. They were small with grayish/greenish skin. Large heads, small
noses and ears but with a small lobe of flesh near the ears. Had about 1-2
inch slit for a mouth? The eyes were dark- not black- and slanted but not
like those big black eyes that you see on book covers and in pictures. I
couldn't tell their uniforms - if they had uniforms - from their skin. I
also cannot recall their hands or feet as the one curled up was too far away
and being halfway inside the ship obscured the other two. I heard later from
another NCO involved in the recovery that there were two more 'beings' found
dead further inside the ship. We left shortly after the recovery began. I
noticed that the two 'beings' that were still alive were also placed in
body-bags as was the one dead one that I could see. After returning to base,
we were told not to talk about what we had seen and made to sign a
non-disclosure form of some sort. By my calculation, the non-disclosure
agreement ran out a few years ago. That's why I am talking now." This
witness was found in good health living comfortably in El Paso. He was an
electrical engineer at the time of the Roswell Incident. George, you have my
permission to use this for your "Filer's Files". Thanks to: Tom Carey

Editor's Note: This new witness is very significant. He verifies much of
the what other Roswell witnesses have reported and that the debris had
strange writing on it.


There are several independent teams now researching photographs taken by
James Bond Johnson in General Ramey's office in 1947. Of particular interest
is a message held in General Ramey's hand as he posed in front of debris.
These photographs are important because their authenticity has never been
questioned by the government. The government maintains the debris is a RAWIN
radar reflector similar to a box kite. The Roswell Photographic
Interpretation Team (RPIT) team believes that the material is thicker than
kite like panels. Niel Morris and other researchers claim to see evidence of
"heiroglyphic like writing" on the debris. Blow ups of the photographs are
being analyzed and attempts to read the message are meeting with some
success. Due to the lighting and the way the message is bent not all the
words can be read. Although there is some controversy between
interpretations of particular words the overall meaning implies that a wreck
with victims was found.

Dr. Donald Burlson's interpretation of the message reads our take on the
Ramey memo is in CAPS. We believe that we will be proven correct in time.
"R RAMEY" Thanks to Tom Carey and Giuliano Marinkovicc -of Croatia,
[email protected],


UK Sunday Times printed the following story March 26, 2000, by Jonathan
Leake, Science Editor, Saucerful of Secrets: The disc-shaped Avro plane was
intended to fly at 2,500mph. It is the nearest the RAF got to a UFO.
Recently discovered photographs taken at a secret laboratory in the 1950s
reveal for the first time how close Britain came to developing a
saucer-shaped stealth fighter after the second world war. The pictures,
taken at a research centre in Canada, show a revolutionary ultra-high-speed
jet fighter designed by the British engineer John Frost. Aviation experts
who studied the pictures last week said the jet incorporated some of the
features on America's stealth fighter plane. Work on the aircraft in the
1950s was codenamed Project Y. Frost and his team initially set out to
build a disc-shaped machine with vertical takeoff, but ended with a sleek,
arch-shaped aircraft. "The pictures are a wonderful find," said David
Windle, who has researched the history of Project Y. "It is technology that
Britain just lost and it is a pity the project was abandoned. Who knows what
would have happened if they had pursued it." The photographs were taken at
a laboratory in Malton, near Toronto, where Frost was Alex Raeburn, then
assistant superintendent of manufacturing at Avro, described the life of
secrecy for those on the base. "The security was very tight," he says.
"Armed guards were stationed on the doors and drawings were taken away as
soon as we'd made the component. In fact, we never knew exactly what it was
we were making." Verne Morse, one of the team who worked on the secret
project, said he was amazed any pictures had survived because of the total
secrecy surrounding the project. He described how he saw a subsequent model
designed by the team.

"When I saw it [the plane] for the first time I was stunned," he said. "I'd
heard rumours we were working on a flying saucer, but I dismissed them. Now,
here I was looking at it, and I was speechless." In 1954, the Canadian
government decided to end the development of the aircraft. The American air
force took over the project and later a scaled-down version of the plane
became an "air jeep", which was nicknamed the Avrocar. The photos can be

Editor's Note: Much of the same information was revealed in these Files in
1998, #37 and #40 dated 9/17/98 and 10/8/98. The orginal Silverbug release
was accomplished by Jack Pickett and myself. The photos show a heal shaped
craft that was apparently the fore runner of the Silverbug. The heal shaped
craft looks similar to those over flying Arizona in 1947 and similar to the
craft that crashed near Roswell in 1947. They also are similar to Nazi
designs recovered at the end of World War II. What we all hope to find out
is were these new designs based on alien technology, Nazi designs or the
brilliance of British engineer John Frost?


After the reported recovery of the craft near Roswell the wreckage was
believed to have been sent to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) in
Dayton, Ohio. Leonard Stringfield and now Robert M. Collins are the chief
researchers who have attempted to discover where on base was the craft
held? The folklore rumors state that it was Hangar 18. But, through the
many years of intensive effort the only evidence found to support such
stories was a series of buildings called 18 A, B, C, etc. but no Hangar 18.
From all this investigation it appears that Hangars 4 A, B, C may have been
our famous Hangar 18 and even today there are classified projects still being
conducted in these hangars.

According to Stan Friedman and others a highly secret panel code-named
Majestic 12 or MJ-12 was formed by President Truman. In August 1999, Tim
Cooper was sent a draft copy circa 1961 of the Mj12 Directive. It is
undergoing authentication by Bob and Ryan Wood. These Mj12 directives may
be authentic and urgent authentication is needed. Tim Cooper's reasearch has
uncovered a key figure in the story. He writes; James Jesus Angleton was
born on 9 December, 1917, in Boise, Idaho, to NCR businessman and OSS Colonel
James Hugh Angleton. Upon Graduation from Yale in 1941, Angleton moved to
Harvard Law School where he met his future wife Cicely d'Autremont. Inducted
into the Army on 19 March, 1943, Angleton was recruited into the OSS in
August through the efforts of Angleton's father and Norman Pearson, his old
Yale English professor who was, at that time, head of the OSS Counter
Intelligence division in London. Angleton may have been part of Majestic.
See the following URLs to learn more: Thanks.To Robert Collins: further
reports and updates


BUFFALO -- Researcher Kenny Young writes that
[email protected] wrote: "We
have just seen a series of four UFOs. At first we thought they were air
planes but they were making no noise and flying too high to be airplanes.
They had flashing lights going in a circular motion. One was a shadow of a
disk shape with a lid on top. Something very small came out of it. If you
can help identify these objects please email us at
[email protected] or
[email protected]. Thanks to Kenny Young [email protected] -- UFO Research


ROCHESTER -- On March 15, 2000, around 6:30 p.m., M.J.C. decided to go for a
hike in the woods near his apartment complex. He lives about a half-mile
from Expressway 590 "That evening I started hiking through the woods on a
trail which starts at the back of my apartment complex and skirts north along
the edge of the Brighton landfill. "Glancing up ahead, some movement caught
my eye. Something dark up in the air. First I thought it might be a kite,
then a balloon, then a bird. Finally, as it drew closer, the only
possibility that I hadn't eliminated was a radio-controlled model of some
sort. But then again, what kind of radio-controlled plane is absolutely
silent?" "The object was totally black in color and flat on the
underside. The closest thing that I could say the craft resembled was the
Stealth fighter plane, but it was quite scaled down in size. Although it's
difficult to estimate size against a background of clouds, the object was
eventually close enough to me where I'm confident in saying it wasn't more
than six feet (1.8 meters) long, and my best guess is that it was only four
feet (1.3 meters) long."

"The object looked very much like a black arrowhead in shape, complete with
an arrowhead's notch toward the rear. But it also presented a multi-faceted
design on top, similar to the Stealth's anti-radar deflective design.
However, the ends of the object appeared to have a clean edge but I noticed
they were partially ragged, as in the difference between a standard pyramid
and the stepped look of a South American (Mayan, Toltec or Aztec--J.T.)
pyramid. Although the effect was mere detail, I thought it was worth
mentioning." "As the object glided directly past me, I could begin to
see what clearly looked to be windows arrayed in a hexagon-shaped dome on
top. Now picture a Stealth cockpit positioned directly in the middle of the
craft with these same types of windows being on all sides." "The object was
traveling at a constant speed and altitude, absolutely level. The degree of
steadiness it showed combined with the fact that it was moving over a long
distance without making a sound made it seem utterly unnatural to me. It
also flew at a very low altitude, perhaps a mere 30 to 50 feet above the
highest treetops at 10 miles per hour throughout the entire sighting which
lasted maybe 45 seconds." (Editor's Comment: This is not an aircraft as we
understand the term. At such a low airspeed, any plane would stall and drop
out of the sky. The UFO obviously was using some other means of "lift" than
its wings.) Thanks to UFO Roundup Joe Trainor editor.


POWHATAN -- I operate a small business west of Richmond. Thursday night,
March 9,2000, at approximately 7:00 PM. I was on the front porch with my
husband. It was dark. We were listening to music and I was just looking out
towards our horse field when I saw a glowing green object swoop down onto the
pasture and proceed to move horizontally but in a circular fashion to the
north going up the field. It irradiated a green color and lasted about 5 to
8 seconds and just disappeared. It seemed about almost as high as our
2-story house so it was fairly low to the ground. I ruled out a child's toy
or anything else and for lack of a better word, call it a ufo. I have no idea
what it was.


John Thompson writes, "I bought a copy of Life magazine today (allegedly the
last issue to be published.)" It's front cover is devoted to UFOs. If you
get it, turn to page 49 and look at photo number 8. This is almost exactly
what my family and I saw for 45 minutes on 20 Feb 1994. The only difference
is that there was huge non-blinking white light in the middle and at its
bottom. We also saw it at just above tree top level from our high hill,
giving it an almost level vantage viewing point. Hence, we saw a straight
edge of Christmas tree like lights. This is the first time I have seen this
photo (taken, according to Life magazine by a deputy sheriff in Western
Connecticut, along with a hundred other witnesses who saw it, in May of
1988. Incredible photo!) The photo, a "circle of lights," is a most common
UFO in the Troup-Heard Corridor and a truly unexplainable UFO.


NORTHEAST TIP - Peter Daavenport writes that he was contacted by a Flight
Attendant for a major airline who had a sighting. On March 12, 2000, I was
flying from Memphis, TN to St. Louis, MO. at approx. 9:10 PM. While serving
a first class passenger on the left side of the aircraft I noticed out the
window that a ball of light was approaching from the rear of the aircraft at
a speed faster than what we were going. (I would guess about 700 mph). The
object appeared as a fuzzy ball of light pinkish in color which went out when
it came parallel to our aircraft. It then began producing reflective sparks
over the top of the ball shaped object of what appeared to be of a metallic
nature. It then veered toward the aircraft and went under us and
disappeared. When I notified the flight crew, they said that they had no
reports of anything in the area and refused to talk about it any further. I
asked the passenger what she thought it was and she replied that she could
not make out anything that would make sense or anything she had ever seen
before. I have never seen anything while flying in my 12 years with the
airlines. This was worth investigating. Thanks to the National UFO Reporting


History continues to be made in the Show-Me State, where the Missouri
secretary of state recently certified the signature-petition language for the
first-ever ballot initiative to combat official government secrecy on UFO
reality. "With receipt of this action," explained petition-drive committee
co-chairs Bruce Widaman, "we can start gathering the requisite number of
75,000 signatures for placing the measure on the ballot during the general
election this fall." After several months of navigating the complex
review-and-approval process, Widaman and some of his Missouri-based
colleagues in the Mutual UFO Network, Inc. now are gearing up to start
circulating the signature petition. "To have any chance at all of meeting
the state's deadline of May 7th, we have to round up at least 500
signature-gathering volunteers", he said. "And maybe some benefactor will
step forward to fund a corps of professional circulators. But even if we
fail to muster that degree of support, we already have achieved a moral
victory in coming this far -- and there's always the prospect of renewal for
the next general election." That moral victory can serve as a model for the
other 15 direct-initiative states (as well as the seven indirect-initiative
ones). And Widaman hopes that volunteers from those states will come forward
early to follow the Missouri lead. In doing so, they will have added their
voices to the growing call for full accountability as to what the government
really knows about the origin and nature of unidentified flying objects.
Widaman noted that a UFO-ballot-initiative dedicated banking account has been
established at MUFON headquarters in Texas ( to help
support the project. "As in all public-interest endeavors, we need some
funding from the citizenry to offset expenditures," he said, adding: "And
now's the time for volunteers to start the process in Alaska, Arizona,
Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota,
Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Numerous UFO
researchers worldwide view this initiative as a formal means for gaining (and
expressing) the sense of the electorate on a vital public issue:

"If indeed the Earth is being visited by alien spacecraft, then we have a
right to know and the government has the duty to tell," Widaman concluded.
He defined the direct-initiative process as a grassroots means for empowering
the voters to legislate statutory change -- in this case as an official
proclamation to urge congressional action toward ending the government
cover-up of the UFO experience. Here's the full text of the proposed
proclamation: "Be it enacted by the people of the state of Missouri that
the year 2000 be proclaimed and observed as the Year of UFO Awareness.
Because of the Federal Government's failure to be officially forthcoming
about Unidentified Flying Objects, the public remains ill informed and
confused on a matter of potentially great consequence. We therefore urge the
U.S. Congress to expeditiously convene open, comprehensive hearings in which
government personnel (military, civilian-contract, and agency employees --
active and retired) are permitted to present sworn testimony regarding their
personal knowledge of any UFO-related evidence, to be given under immunity by
waiver of any applicable security oath or agreement of nondisclosure. This
proclamation acknowledges the following facts: (1) the weight of the
cumulative evidence -- e.g., eyewitness, electronic-detection,
photographic, documentary -- overwhelmingly supports the conclusion of a
majority of Americans that some of the reported UFOs represent somebody
else's spacecraft; (2) the Federal Government's handling of the UFO issue
has contributed to the public cynicism toward, and general mistrust of,
government -- a development injurious to our republic; (3) this initial
year of the third millennium affords us a renewed opportunity to explore,
assess, and convey every facet of UFO reality." : Thanks to
[email protected] and Bob Bletchman (860-675-6379)


Aaron Crossley writes I was very disappointed to find out that there is not
an IMAX Film showing at Space Center Houston. They did however have several
cars from the Roswell Parade (Including shock comedian Tom Green's 'Space
Mobile'), An original newsclipping of the Roswell Newspaper that fateful day,
some older photographs of UFOs (And not any good ones), and some rubber
aliens (Including the one Tom Green sexually molested on national
television). It was more of a kid's thing, and I was disappointed. It does
however point children in the right direction. Children probably don't watch
Tom Green, so children will be left with their imaginations soaring to
extra-terrestrial highest.. Thanks to:
[email protected] (Aaron


Christopher O'Brien reports eight unusual aerial sightings have been
forwarded to this investigator. On St. Patrick's Day, March 17, at 3:00 p.m.
Alamosa County resident "Chuck" was driving southbound on Hwy 285, just north
of Antonito, when he witnessed "a metallic sphere at about 30 degrees up. It
did not move in any extraordinary ways but it sure didn't look like any
airplane I've seen." Montrose, CO investigator Davina Ryszka is
investigating a report that occurred a few months ago in the same area."

On Tuesday, March 7th, 2000, 9:30 PM, near the town of Olathe, CO, a mother
driving on a back road had an encounter with a low-flying aerial craft. The
craft/object exhibited a "very bright white light and had a red and green
lights on its sides". The woman reported to Ryszka that whatever-it-was
"seemed to be confrontational". As the object approached her car head on, at
first the witness thought it was a low-flying airplane. "The witness slammed
on the brakes to try to avoid what seemed would be an inevitable crash" and
the craft stopped right in front of her car. When she tried to move, it
moved. When she attempted to turn the car around and go back the way she
came, it moved in front of her car. At this point she was "really frightened
especially because she had a small baby in a car seat . . ." Finally, she
managed to get in front of the object and it "ended up behind her and she
could see it in the rear view mirror. Then for a time it was not visible at
all and she was relieved that maybe it was gone." Suddenly, a bright light
came on directly above her illuminating her car and the surrounding area "and
she drove quickly on to Olathe," understandably shaken by her experience.
[email protected] Author of The
Mysterious Valley (1996) and Enter The Valley (1999 (St. Martin's

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