Filer's Files #08 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
February 25, 2000,
[email protected] (609) 654-0020
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The number of UFO reports in the United States dropped
dramatically to less than 200 during December and January compared to 400
reports in November. Reports from China dramatically increased with
thousands seeing the UFOs over major cities. UFOs were also reported over
Chechnya as Russian troops continued their offensive. We can speculate that
people in the US have been too busy to report sightings during holidays and
New Year. Another factor is that our military forces are relatively static
with Congress cutting appropriations to only two new F-22 Raptor fighter
aircraft and deactivating the 13th Airlift Squadron at McGuire Air Force
Base. UFO interest in the state of Georgia where the Raptor is manufactured
has greatly slackened. Conversely China is developing new weapons that seem
to be of interest to the UFOs. Perhaps the UFOs have also headed south for
the winter. In the last few weeks there does seem to be a slight pickup in
new reports from New Jersey, Illinois and New Mexico. Although, we can not
verify all reports, like the Air Force we find more than 20 percent are
genuine unknowns.


Nancy Talbot of BLT Research writes, "Last week's announcement by Marilyn
Ruben (Filer's Files #7) regarding the discovery of trace material which has
been found in the dust of self-described "abductee" homes was accurately
presented. Although the findings are very preliminary, there are two reasons
why they were presented:

(1) It was felt by Levengood that, if we are to obtain dust samples
from a broader sampling group, Ms. Ruben's website was a good place to begin
to acquaint people who have had "abduction" experiences, with the possibility
that anomalous material might be present in their house dust.

(2) This type of exploratory investigation demands quite a different
approach than does, for example, the exploration of changes in crop formation
plants and soils. Thorough examination of house dust samples requires hours
of tedious microscopic measurements and manipulation, as well as the
availability of associated spectroscopic analyses. It was thought that a
brief statement concerning these preliminary findings might stimulate other
scientists to have a look at such materials.

Because of other ongoing research projects and the considerable
eye-strain involved in this type of work, Levengood is not able to spend long
hours on the microscope. However, these micron-sized "glassy particles"
which have now been found in dust samples from multiple self-described
"abductee's" homes are, in fact, of considerable interest, and the BLT
Research Team is conducting a long-term evaluation of these strange
particles. Many of them, in spite of their microscopic size, appear to have
both internal and external complex structures. Some of them have what appear
to be nuclei, in spite of the fact that Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
analyses indicate a silicate-type composition. Also, similar particles have
been found in white deposited material at crop formation sites in several
countries and in material retrieved from witness-described UFO trace cases.

The fact that the BLT Team is looking at these particles, whether from crop
formation sites, UFO-trace cases, or from "abductee" homes, should not be
construed as acceptance by BLT of an extraterrestrial causation; we have no
opinion as to the origin of these particles at this time. For information on
dust-sampling contact Nancy Talbott at the BLT office in Cambridge, MA
(phone: 617/492-0415)." /BLT Research Team Inc.

Editor's Note: The BLT Team does an excellent job and I encourage donations
to support expensive testing and research.


Russian astrophysicist Boris Rodionov claims to have proof of the existence
of "a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization on one of the 16 moons
of Jupiter. The astrophysicist also claims the UFO phenomenon could well be
"Outriders for this civilization." Wielding a vast amount of scientific data
and photographs transmitted by NASA's "Galileo" probe, Rodionov, a tenured
professor of Microphysics and Cosmophysics of the State Institute of Physical
Engineering, stated that Europa, smallest of Jupiter's four main satellites,
"was inhabited by an ancient and technologically advanced civilization."
Through the use of a high-powered computer and sophisticated photographic
analysis technology, the scientist managed to obtain a close-up with a
record-breaking resolution of nine kilometers from the satellite's surface,
enabling him to make out the contours of what he calls pipes, tunnels, and
spherical domes.

The photos clearly shows -- according to Rodionov -- that lines formerly
considered as mere fissures by the scientific community actually cross over
each other, like expressways. According to Rodionov, the variety of
"pipelines" and "tunnels", having a diameter similar to the "Chunnel" that
crosses the English Channel is surprising. "There are 100 kilometer
segments, as well as other pipelines having immense junctures or orifices
between them." Anyone may join the controversy, since the image in which
Rodionov claims to see the aforementioned pipelines and tunnels is available
to anyone having Internet access and a simple photo-retouching program
capable of analyzing it. The images from the "Galileo" mission, show
fissures which cross each other but never at different elevations, as the
scientist has claimed. Having a width of 20 to 40 kilometers and thousands
of kilometers in length, it is believed that the fissures are attributable to
a period of global expansion on Europa, caused by volcanic eruptions or
geysers under its frosty surface, creating a series of fractures on the ice

Editors Note: I cannot confirm these findings however, I'm aware that new
calculations by Christopher Chyba, a professor of geological and
environmental sciences at Stanford, has figured out that the charged
particles of Jupiter's strong magnetic field could provide the energy to
sustain life. Water is the key to life, and while it may have once flowed
freely on Mars, it is Europa that's believed to have a liquid ocean right
now. However, the ocean lies under a thick layer of ice that is too thick to
allow sunlight to be the primary source of energy necessary for life.


BRISTOL -- The witness states, "I arrived home on February 9, 2000, and
looked straight up at the stars, and saw a very large triangular splotch of
light moving to the northeast." It was more like a luminous cloud rather
than a fixed definite shape. It was brighter at the edges, but stars could
be seen faintly through the object, but it did dim the background. It seemed
high up in the sky, but was huge. Using Big Dipper as an indicator each edge
of the object was about 1/3 the length of the distance between the last two
stars of the handle. I watched for a few minutes at 6:15 PM and called my
wife to come out and she also saw the object. She went back inside, and I
continued to watch using binoculars. I followed its path to the horizon
where it split into a series of four objects, two each that acted and moved
like any other satellite you may see. I have observed the triangular weather
satellite formation that occasionally passes overhead, and have always
enjoyed looking for satellites. These were not standard satellites. Thanks
to Peter Davenport and the National UFO Reporting Center. Editor's Note:
Alkaid 1.9 and Alioth 1.7 magnitude stars are the two end stars of the Big
Dipper handle. They are separated by 13 degrees (Sidereal Hour Angle) and
are easily visible in the northern sky.


-- On Friday, February 11, 2000, Marc Librescu reports, "I was
driving south on Route 17 when I saw a bright light streak across the sky
directly in front of me, but farther south." It was a white-yellow light,
moving very fast, much faster than a plane. The object moved so fast that it
appeared to have a tail, like a meteorite might, but it was flying too low to
have been a meteorite. The object disappeared in the clouds before it left
my field of view. If I put both arms straight out in front of me, the object
would have disappeared near my right hand. I have no way of telling how high
the object was, but it was about the size of an aspirin held at arm's length.
I looked at the car's clock and noted the time was 6:54 PM. The object was
about 45 degrees from the horizon and was traveling east to west southwest in
a horizontal trajectory. There were planes flying in the immediate area as I
was about four miles from Teterboro Airport. It is interesting to note that
the same UFO tubular in shape with a pointed arrow-like front was reported by
Sam Sherman about 50 miles due south of my location at 6:55 PM or within ten
minutes of my sighting. Thanks to Marc Librescu
[email protected]

Editors Note: There regular reports of high speed UFO flights along the
latitudes 30 30 "N and 40 30"N. Based on observations from our space
shuttle flights and ground reports these UFOs move at speeds as high as
100,000 mph and are therefore often difficult to see. They cross the horizon
in a second or so, but people are regularly observing them from the ground
and on the shuttle films. If you would like to see them I suggest on a clear
evening about dusk you look to the east and watch for objects moving at high
speed in a westerly direction. There have been several unexplained aircraft
losses along the regular UFO routes of flight. I feel research is needed
into this safety problem.


PINE HILL -- On February 17, 2000, the witness reports, "I was driving with
my girlfriend in a semi-built-up suburban area when spotted two alternately
blinking lights the sky at 9:30 PM." One was yellow and the other white. My
girlfriend asked me what it was and I told her it was a tower and not a
plane, because it was completely motionless in the sky. Then I remembered
that there was no tower there, so we both took a second look as we drove
closer. This became more frightening because there was only space between
the two lights and the ground, and a boomerang-shaped craft came into focus.
We were driving 35 miles per hour. "What the #[email protected]! is that?," we both
repeated. I began to slow down but the driver behind me didn't even notice
and was beeping at me to keep driving. Finally we got closer and I saw a
black metallic ship between the two lights in an extremely aerodynamic shape
(almost a V shaped pattern). I do not know what was scarier, the fact that
the color of the metal was a glossy black and grey (unlike any kind of metal
I've seen) or the fact that it hovered motionlessly as I drove under it.
When I drove past it I turned back while I was driving and saw the shape of
the ship along with it's menacing metallic parts. It couldn't have been even
more than 3 blocks above us. It was the most unbelievable amazing technology
and I still can't believe the way it looked. What the hell was that thing?
I am a commercial artist and am trying to make realistic drawings of the
object. Thanks to NUFORC.


ROCKFORD -- On February 16, 2000, my wife Fran and I were baby sitting with
our grand sons. It was about 9:35 AM, when my daughter Christy was yelling
for us to come outside. I walked out onto the driveway and she was pointing
toward the sky. "Would you look at that!" she was saying. There was four
large glowing objects in the sky traveling toward the southeast. They were
the color of the sunlight that must have been reflecting off of them.
Christy and Dave said that they watched them all the way as they were coming
home. There were eight of them when they first spotted them. I asked Christy
if she had a camera so she ran and got hers? She snapped four pictures with
her camera. Also the local TV station was WIFR in Rockford captured them on
video and showed them on TV this morning. As we watched the largest pulled
away to the right and one by one they flickered away as they lost the
sunlight. The largest one was the last to flicker away. Thanks to Robert
Clark Expertreal, author of "How The Heptan's Colonized Earth" WIFRTV (815)

ROCKFORD -- On February 16, 2000, a family including their sixteen year old
son and five year old daughter were on States Street at 9:15 p.m. heading
east when they noticed five large orange glowing lights flying in formation.
The husband pulled the car off the road and his son, who just so happened to
have his 8 mm video-camcorder jumped out the car and began video taping the
flying objects for almost fifteen minutes. My wife and I sat in the car with
our windows down and intently watched as these objects three times larger
than stars flew around in intelligent formation. First, they flew staggered
vertically. Then two of the lower ones flew directly along side each other,
almost touching. Immediately one of these objects flew below the other then
in a counterclockwise rotation. It arced up around the other object, and
then resumed its position along side. The four objects then began flying in
a straight line stacking up vertically one over the top of the other flying
east to west. They hovered at a slow speed.

The fifth object and highest object stayed slightly ahead of the other four.
After the lower objects flew a couple of aerial acrobatic moves, the next two
above them also made a few acrobatic moves. The lower objects then rapidly
sped away and disappeared. Three objects remained visible while the top lead
separated into two objects and appeared to drop a second object out the
bottom. They systematically one by one sped away. After returning home the
witnesses called the Rockford Airport Control Tower and reported the UFOs.
The tower personnel indicated several others had also called in. They did
not have any aircraft flying to match the UFOs. They contacted the local
news agencies and told many others were calling in. Thanks to Peter Davenport
and NUFORC The event was reported on the 10:00 p.m.
newscast by WRAX-TV.


LORDSBURG -- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., writes concerning further details of his
sighting of two half-mile in diameter motherships. He and twenty other
witnesses observed one of the scout craft flying from the well lit
motherships. The craft got within 1500 feet of their position. The viewing
site is at the highest point on Highway 464, approximately 12 miles north of
its junction with US Highway 70, northwest of Lordsburg. The actual ET
mothership landing zone was eight miles northwest of that viewing site,
across trackless the BLM desert. David Shoemaker says the aliens were
attempting to make Brown's Gas an energetic gas that is a mixture of hydrogen
and oxygen gas prepared by electrolyzing water. Generators which prepare
Brown's Gas are sold for welding. Brown's Gas has also been proposed as a
fuel for internal combustion engines and as an input gas for fuel cells."
Thanks to Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
[email protected].

David Shoemaker writes he made a 20-minute videotape of a mothership landing
on another occasion called, "Secrets of the Gila" David took attendees of
his recent conference to a patch of roadbed on Highway 464, six miles north
of its junction with US 70. A UFO had touched down and left metal melted
into the blacktop, leaving embedded paper-thin strips when the UFO lifted
off. The debris field the size of a football field yielded more of the
metal. They were able to pull silvery metal from the roadway as a souvenirs.
Thanks to David Shoemaker,

FINLAYSON -- ISUR reports that the witness, whose initials are SDM, was on a
New Mexico hunting camp during the summer of 1996, when he was awakened at
4:00 AM by a weird popping sound. He observed what he thought was
electricity rising up from some powerlines located along the road to the
south. He continued to watch and noticed some sort of airborne craft
floating toward him, about 45 feet above the power lines. The witness felt
his presence was noticed and there was silence there after. The object
appeared dark in color and as long as a full sized pickup truck. It
continued moving until it was about 30 feet away and estimated 65 feet above
the ground. It then continued moving until lost from sight. The witness did
not mention any EM effects or other unusual occurrences. Thanks to: ISUR and
Walter Sheets
[email protected]. Editor's Notes: Plasma objects have been
known to develop above power lines in damp weather. However, these are
usually reported as glowing like a cloud with electricity inside.


Ron Wheeler reports, "Low level contrails are again flowing above Central
Oregon and many people report a flu like sickness that they associate with
chemical spraying or low-level contrails." I went on a walk Tuesday evening
February 8, 2000, and watched in the dim-lit sky many chemtrails above the
area where I live. A couple hours later I got very ill. This lasted during
the evening into early morning. It was like the flu, yet not it. I even had
blisters around my mouth! Very slowly I started to feel better and one day
later all was okay. Now a friend's wife, who works on a Native American
reservation near my home as a teacher, told that the school is running out of
sub teachers due to the same type of illness. Other areas of the country
report many people ill with flu like symptoms. Ron Wheeler,
[email protected]


CORONA -- John Pinkston who works for the Veterans Administration writes that
he observed spraying on February 19, 2000. He says, "After today there is no
doubt in my mind that they are spraying us!" I live in south Corona, CA.
Today, at 1:15 PM, I watched them make three passes from west to east and you
could see the spray dropping down and making what looked like clouds! What
really confirms this is, I watched two airliners traveling in the same
direction at the same altitude at the same time, close to the spray, and
there were no contrails or vapor trails!! " I know something is being dumped
on the population for sure." Thanks to Jeff Rense and John Pinkston
[email protected].

Editors Note: I have bee n trying to determine if there is a real story with
these reports of low level spraying all over the country. I saw some very
interesting video of a low-level four engine jet aircraft spraying in
California. I estimate its altitude was only 2000 feet, where it would be
very unusual for contrails to form. Furthermore aircraft passing by at
higher altitudes did not create contrails. Contrails are formed by the
condensation of water vapor at generally high altitudes. What appeared to be
a 707 aircraft without any visible markings was conducting the spraying.
Small light aircraft have been spraying crops for years. The jet aircraft
appeared to be spraying or dumping a liquid out the fuselage at the rear of
the aircraft. Many aircraft have fuel dumping outlets at the rear in case
fuel must be dumped in an emergency. The jet engines were not causing the
contrails to form, they were caused by the spraying. The aircraft was
spraying the area in a large checkerboard pattern, and the sky completely
clouded over after an hour. Aircraft without visible markings are fairly
unusual as well. Although, markings frequently cannot be observed due to
observers distance from the aircraft. In several areas of the country, it
has been reported that analyses of the sprayed substance, indicates it is a
watered-downed anthrax virus. This may be a response to terrorists carrying
the anthrax virus into the US. I'm trying to confirm these reports. See more
information at:


Joseph A. Marmo writes, "Back in 1993, I had some strange experiences in the
middle of the night." I would see three short hooded midget sized characters
in my bedroom. The room would be filled with a strange glow when they
appeared. I can only describe the glow as an infrared looking light. I had
some very frightening night time experiences at this time as well. I would
hear what sounded like many voices moaning and screaming. I thought I was in
hell. Once I remember saying an "Our Father, (I'm Catholic) because these
voices sounded like pure evil." While I said it one of the voices mimicked
the prayer in a strange mocking tone. My room mate at the time would see a
helicopter flying very low near our apartment the day after these
occurrences. I cannot come to any conclusions as to what was going on during
that time, but it was extremely frightening and very bizarre. I am a
rational person, but I have no explanations.
[email protected]


Palmiro Campagna engineer and author the UFO Files: The Canadian Connection
Exposed writes, "The stories that NAZI Germany had developed flying saucers
towards the latter part of the Second World War persist." In Canada, several
individuals claiming to be designers of these devices approached the
government, looking to exchange the secrets of their designs for money,
and/or employment and immigration to Canada. In March 1952, Rudolf von
Meerscheidt-Hullessem sent a letter to the Canadian Embassy in Bonn stating
he had developed a flying saucer capable of speeds and altitudes limited only
by the strength of the metals used in the saucer's construction. In exchange
for his invention, Rudolf wanted $100,000 and a salary of $1,500 per month
tax free and Canadian citizenship. He claimed he had been approached by the
US, but wanted to get his idea into the hands of Canadian experts. He
further claimed the US made him an offer but he wished to hear from the
Canadian government first. In the end, the Canadian government declined
Rudolf' s offer but it is not known what the United States did. Not long
after this episode, the US government contracted A. V. Roe Canada, to build a
flying saucer -- what would later become the Avrocar and Project Silverbug.
Details are found in National Archives in Ottawa from Records Group 24 and
25. Thanks to Palmiro Campagna


The Air Force chief of staff said the service's integration of air and space
will influence not only commerce in the coming century, but also the way
"mankind's wars are fought." General Ryan said, "The aerospace domain is a
major component of the battlespace, and must be integrated into how to
fight." He characterized the aerospace domain as a "seamless volume," in and
from which the nation's military will provide the capabilities to support
national security. "Space is a place where the best investment gives us the
best capability to fight and win America's wars" He indicated that space
currently makes up one-fourth of total aerospace industry sales, and the
United States commands about 33 percent of the worldwide launch business.
"As a nation, our investment alone in space is truly astronomical."
Government wide spending on space in 1998 totaled $30 billion, "and that
amount will be matched and surpassed by industry early in the 21st century."
This is part of General Ryan's address to Air Force Association.


One great delusion of the public is that only UFO fans report UFO's
sightings. The opposite is actually true. Usually the best reports come
from educated, articulate, and often well qualified people such as pilots,
teachers and scientists. UFOs are often reported at close range, and
detected on radar. It has been the governments practice to deny all UFO
reports on radar. I have personally seen UFOs on radar and many of my radar
operator friends have seen them as well. In fact, they are picked up by
radar almost on a daily basis around the country. UFOs operate at either
very slow speeds or at very high speeds. Almost all radar computer displays
are distorted to diminish UFO reports. The visual display is computer
enhanced to remove slow moving craft and aircraft moving above normal jet
aircraft speeds. This procedure eliminates most UFOs, however both FAA and
military radar operators still frequently observe UFOs. Most aircraft also
broadcast identification codes, so the radar operators can readily identify
them for safety purposes. UFOs do not broadcast. When pilots spot UFOs and
ask about them, the FAA and military personnel are instructed to deny the
sightings. Few will traffic control personnel will acknowledge the sighting,
but they do have instructions to keep the aircraft and the UFOs separated to
avoid collisions. So if you have a sighting and receive a heading changes
it's a good chance the UFOs are being picked up on radar.


A recent Life Magazine poll found 49 percent of Americans believe the
government is withholding information from the public about the existence of
UFOs. More than 2.7 million people say they have had an encounter with
beings from another planet. More than 30 percent believe aliens have already
landed on Earth. More than 50 percent believe there is intelligent life in
the universe.

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