Filer's Files #04 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
January 28, 2000,
[email protected] (609) 654-0020
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Each day the earth is bombarded by space dust, spores, meteoroids,
interplanetary particles, radiation, fireballs, bolids, meteors, and
meteoroids. Some estimates indicate that most if not all of the water on
Earth came from space. Periodically even large asteroids and comets find
their way to Earth. Fortunately for us when a meteoroid strikes the Earth's
atmosphere, it loses some or all of its mass by ablation, vaporization,
sputtering and fragmentation. The fragmented pieces fall relatively gently
to Earth. Recent studies indicate that bacteria and virus's may be able to
survive this ride through space and through our atmosphere. Science has come
a long way since the 1800s, when the French National Academy of Science
conducted a study and concluded that the entire phenomenon was an optical
illusion. Today about 500 reports a month are received indicating that
Unidentified Flying Objects are in our skies. Most of these reports are from
multiple witnesses and well educated people who use the Internet. According
to Dr. Don Johnson of some 100,000 sightings in the UFOCAT Study the highest
number of reports occur between 2 and 4:00 AM local time. This indicates
UFOs operate when they are least likely to be seen by the public and appear
to move with the various time zones. Additionally, our satellites are also
regularly picking up unidentified objects that appear to be intelligently

Professor and Colonel Donald G. Carpenter's book, "Environmental Space
Sciences" taught at the Air Force Academy appears to be correct when it
states. "From available information, the UFO phenomenon may have been global
in nature for almost 50,000 years." The book also discusses the scientific
study of UFOs conducted by the Battelle Memorial Institute of 2,199 UFO
reports. The results of the study show 434 or 19.7% were unknowns, 240 or
11% had insufficient information, 479 or 22% were astronomical, 813 or 37%
were aircraft or balloons, while 233 or 10.6% were others. The of 664
'unknowns' and 'insufficient information' sightings add up to the startling
conclusion that 30.6% of the sightings are likely to be UFOs. That is almost
a third of UFO reports cannot be explained away even by a respected group of
scientists and engineers at Battelle. Colonel Carpenter also writes, "An
exciting discovery revealed that the better the quality of the report, the
greater the probability that the report will be classified as an unknown."
These finding agree with my own observation of Eastern MUFON investigations.
I have found that sightings over an extended period of time by multiple and
qualified witnesses were most likely to be confirmed as UFOs. The reports
frequently state UFOs travel at fantastic speeds with unbelievable
maneuverability. Their characteristics show an advanced technology unlikely
to be ours. Although, these sightings may represent an unknown phenomenon,
the evidence seems to point towards alien visitors.

If we are in fact being visited, the visitors come for a reason. Carl Sagan
often noted one of the primary reasons to visit and spread life to Earth
would be some form of missionary zeal. Many abductees report a kind of
religious awakening after being in contact. Others speculate the aliens are
here to farm for food, obtain water, refuel,
and mine our minerals. Later in these files we discuss some theories of what
might be happening based on the reports of brave people who have come forward
with their stories. Each day you are bombarded with information, I caution
the reader that we are all searching for the truth. I'm just one person
attempting to analyze the data, so keep an open, but skeptical mind. What
frightens me the most is that I receive communications from scientists who
complain about the closed minds of their colleagues. Despite this there is
an awakening taking place in France, Chile and all over the world, that we
are not alone.


Francis Crick won the Nobel Prize for helping to discover 'the structure of
DNA,' the master molecule of life. He now believes that the 'origin of life'
was from space. He and Leslie Orgel of the Salk Institute may have also
discovered the 'origin of all life' on Earth.' The two scientists theorize
that life came from a distant planet, and was brought here aboard an ancient
space ship or meteorite. Their theory is called "Directed Panspermia" and it
may explain how life arose spontaneously on Earth. The scientist's point out
virtually all-terrestrial life on Earth is based on a single type of genetic
code. If creatures sprang to life in some great "primeval soup," as many
biologists believe, it is surprising that organisms with many different kinds
of genetic codes do not exist. Crick and Orgel feel that a single code seems
to be entirely compatible with the theory that all life descended from a
single instance of 'Directed Panspermia.' Its likely the building blocks of
DNA could have formed in space providing a starter kit of genetic material
for life to evolve rapidly on Earth.

The Darwinian theory has shown that there is change within a species, but it
has been difficult to find much evidence that the various species slowly
evolved from primitive life forms to eventually become Homo sapiens. There
is obviously also the problem of how inanimate objects became alive. Crick
and Orgel who have studied the building blocks of life note that the element
molybdenum plays a key role in many enzymatic reactions that are important to
life. Molybdenum is a very rare element on earth and seems unlikely to be
part of a system that developed by chance here on Earth. The human DNA code
is amazingly complex and is still being unraveled with some of the most
powerful computers in the world working for years on the problem. It appears
fairly obvious that life is likely to have developed first on another planet
where molybdenum was plentiful. Molybdenum a lustrous brittle silver white
metallic chemical element is used in alloys and points for spark plugs. The
Atomic number is 42 and its symbol is MO. So even Nobel Prize winners are
looking to space for the spark of life.


New studies indicate that even, the flu virus may come from outer space.
Additionally, the flu virus may have worse in store for us according to
scientists who claim to have discovered an alarming explanation for the
epidemic. Dismissing as dogma the conventional medical wisdom that flu is a
virus passed by human contact, the distinguished astrophysicist Sir Fred
Hoyle, and his colleague at Cardiff University, Chandra Wickramasinghe, warn
that we may be on the brink of a global epidemic. In a report to be
published in the journal "Current Science," they claim the outbreak was
caused by dust deposited high in the atmosphere by passing comets being
forced down to earth by energy generated by cooler patches on the sun's
surface, known as sunspots. They reach the peak of their activity, the
maximum, every 11 years, coinciding, the scientists say, with all major flu
outbreaks since 1761, including the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic blamed for 20
million deaths worldwide. The latest cycle began to peak in September and
its peak is due sometime this year. Thanks to Stuart Millar.,4678,0-12


JACKSON - Michael Rogalski writes, "Last weeks article about seeing a UFO on
digital camera images taken at Great Adventure theme park may be
significant." This could be a meaningful UFO sighting technique at hand.
With the new digital cameras people are starting to use, there may be
magnetic, thermal, or infra red influences in bandwidths that only video or
still camera sensors are able to see. They may show up when people do not
know they've taken a picture of a UFO. It is not a secret that some of the
"night vision" camcorders companies are simply removing their infrared filter
from in front of the standard solid state image sensors. They have always
been sensitive to infra red, and it had to be filtered out. You can take a
camera, remove the filter, blow out a match in the dark, and still videotape
it's thermal signature. I just thought you'd like to know about this, and
add it to you book of tricks in analyzing sightings. This could change the
level of validation on some of these pictures. NOT seeing it, and taking a
picture of it, could lend credibility to a sighting, especially when subjects
do not know UFO's can be photographed under these conditions. Thanks to:
Mike Rogalski
[email protected].


SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - On January 17, 2000, the witness reports, "I was
visiting my mother. It was bitterly cold, 15 degrees Fahrenheit and very
windy." At 6:02 PM, I went out back into her small yard to have a cigarette.
About a minute or two passed when I saw movement in the sky. It was mostly
dark with indirect distant light from further down the street. The sky was
devoid of any clouds and the stars were visible. I looked up quickly and
moved further into the yard to see better. I saw three rectangular objects
moving in tandem. They were not like anything I ever saw in my entire
lifetime. They were moving much faster than any commercial or military
aircraft based on my estimate of their altitude. They glowed with a subtle
consistent amber color. They were rectangular in shape but with smooth
edges. I followed them without a blink for about 6 seconds before they flew
out of view over the rooftop. When I first saw them they were in tandem,
before they went out of view they were moving out of formation. I was
stunned but excited. Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC


SOUTH PASEDENA --The witness called MUFON investigator Lorraine Gerber to
report he had observed a cylindrical object on October 15, 1999. The witness
was having lunch and relaxing watching birds in the sky at 1:00 PM. He saw a
dark cylinder high in the sky at 70 degrees above the horizon and only a mile
away. He got out of his car and walked to a clearing for a better view. The
cylinder was dark in color and the bottom looked black with a rim around it.
His radio started to make crackling sounds that seemed related to the
sighting. He looked to the north and saw a second object following the first
object. It was a Lenticular shaped disc that was dark gray in color moving
north. As the UFOs disappeared a Stratus cloud beneath the craft appeared to
be sucked up to the altitude of the UFO. The first object was the size of a
pea at arm's length and it traveled three inches at arm's length. The disc
was about the half the size of the cylinder and moved in an irregular
pattern. He yelled at some painters to look at the objects, but they had not
looked in the right spot. The witness had been sick with a migraine headache
and nausea up until the sighting. Suddenly he felt much better and elated
because of his sighting. The witness was in the military and he knows
various aircraft. Personnel at Mac Dill Air Base were called and claimed
they had no aircraft flying at the time. Thanks to MUFON State Section
Director Elaine Gerber.


BELCAMP -- While viewing the lunar eclipse I saw a triangle of 11 small dim
lights pass between me and the moon on January 20, 2000. The formation
traveled to the southeast at a high altitude until it passed from my sight at
11:57 PM. I can say it was higher than the average air traffic, which I
witness on a daily basis.

I was observing the lunar eclipse on 1/20/00 at 11:10 PM. I witnessed a
triangular formation of lights in the sky that passed between the moon and
me. There were eleven lights in the formation of an equilateral triangle.
The triangle shaped formation of lights did not vary in shape at all. The
intensity of the light also remained constant, about that of a dim star, but
varied in color from amber to faint red. They traveled from northwest to
southeast over the Belcam. Thanks to National UFO Reporting Center.


RICHMOND -- Thanks for posting our last UFO disc sighting report in your
Filers Files #03. However, the sighting actually occurred on 2/10/99 not
10/2/99 and was investigated by Richard Lang (ASD), Frank Mclean (SSD), and
myself. I'm sorry for the confusion. Thanks to VA State Director Ricardo
Russ Vincent writes, "Your article about the sighting the vicinity of Ft. Lee
was most interesting, since I live a couple miles from there. The old army
airfield and deserted dropzone are not used anymore. The area along the
Appomattox River has been a haven for strange and unusual sightings since I
was a child. The deserted quarries from the 20's, have always had a strange
haze around them and might hide UFOs. Thanks to:
[email protected]

HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA CASE INVESTIGATION - David Nelson saw the car in front of
him weave on and off the road and realized the driver was looking at a V
shaped UFO hovering 500 yards ahead of him. It was hovering a 100 feet above
a pond on the south side of Temple Avenue on November 2, 1993. The bottom of
the object was a dull aluminum color with five circular, fluorescent green
lights. The sides were gray-black and appeared to be about ten feet thick.
He estimated its size to be 75 feet from wing tip to wing tip. When he was
almost beneath the UFO, it tilted its sharp nose up at 45 degree angle and
shot almost straight up and was out of sight in a second. It left a puff of
dark gray smoke. The case was reported to the Colonial Heights Police and
the Hopewell News. They covered the original story and a follow up story
that brought in more reports. The police noted there had been a similar
sighting a week earlier. Thanks to investigators Mark Blashak and VA State
Director Ricardo Atristain.


MELROSE - Tonda Nooney writes, "On January 15, 2000, my husband and I were
having dinner on our deck. The night was clear and my husband noticed, what
he thought at first was a plane at 7:00 PM. The object did not move closer
or depart during the next 15 minutes. It hovered above the pine trees with
red, blue, yellow, green and white lights. When he pointed the UFO out to
me, I went inside and got our camcorder. When I started filming the object I
had trouble at first focusing it in. I had to focus 50x to get the image.
On camera, the object appears round in shape, darting all around in and out
of the viewing area. During the next three minutes of filming, the object
changed size five or six or 6 times. The colors that were very clear to the
naked eye are like sparkling diamonds on film. When you looked with the
naked eye, the object appeared to be stationary. I became nervous at one
point and decided that I had enough on film and went inside the house.
During the next hour, we observed the UFO from our dining room window. It
moved approximately 200 yards from the original position above treetop level
east of our porch. When we looked for the last time, the object had
departed. The UFO was about 300 feet in diameter, but I'm terrible with
measurements. This is the first time we have seen something this strange
this close. Thanks to Tonda Nooney. Editor's Note: I asked the family to
watch each night about the same time to make and to determine if because
sometimes the UFOs will return to the same area. We also wanted to make sure
they were not observing a celestial object such as Venus.

Tonda wrote again, "We have been watching every night since the 15th and
nothing appeared until January 21, 2000. The same object returned again
around 7:00 PM,. This time there were two more objects just like it, but
these seemed smaller and further to the east. I also have these UFOs on film,
along with the original object including a shot of the full Moon for size
comparison. Thanks to Tonda Nooney. Bland Pugh the Florida State Director
indicates MUFON is investigating the sightings.


JASPER -- I just read a small article on the sightings web page where you
reported a bright object streak across the sky from south to north in Alabama
on January 7, 2000. I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I saw
it too near Jasper. It was a very bright object moving fast sort of like a
meteor. But we both thought it looked strange and we were pretty excited
about it. I'm glad we weren't the only ones to see it. :) Thanks to Jenny


PUERTO BELGRANO NAVY BASE - On January 18, 2000,
a retired sailor Marcos Herminio Faini saw a shiny object at an
estimated altitude of 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) and simultaneously the
presence of a powerful whirlwind on the ground surface below." The weather
station Commandante at Espora Air Base stated that atmospheric conditions at
the time were not conducive to the formation of tornados. The sailor said,
"I can tell you that after spending half my life at sea, I have seen
something very special which I believe to be of scientific value." Faini
took a bus 12:45 PM from Mitre, and was startled by a whirlwind on the ground
above he the future Fleet Junior Officers School now being built. "The
whirlwind was concentric and wasn't moving." Completely out of the
ordinary." He stated, "When I visually tried to locate the column of dust, I
noticed a glowing object stationary in the southeast." I showed it to the
sergeant in charge of the base hospital's military command." "'It's a flying
saucer,"' he replied laconically, and the other passengers stared at it, as
well. More curiosity seekers joined the group. The object showed some
slight movement, always in the same direction." (See the La Nueva Provincia
newspaper 1/19/00), Thanks to Scott Corrales, author of Chupacabras and UFO
Roundup Vol 5, #4, 1/27,00. Editor: Joseph Trainor


Jolene Rae Harrington writes that in Filer's Files #3, "Your advice to
potential abductees to be on the lookout for evidence is a good warning."
However, as Derrel Sims frequently notes in his lectures there appears to be
subconscious suggestions made to abductees to eradicate any such evidence.
For example, one abductee recently wrote to me reporting an event saying,
"For some reason, I felt compelled to get up and brush my teeth and shower,"
this in the wee hours of the morning. One action those suspecting they have
had an abduction can take even days afterwards is to check for fluorescent
traces with the use of a black light. Hopefully by then the urge to destroy
evidence will have dimmed. This technique, discovered by Derrel Sims and
still under investigation, can reveal traces on clothing, bedding, carpets,
windows, and especially on the human body that defy attempts at removal.
However, I would take issue with the recommendation to turn evidence over to
law enforcement officials. Artifacts in the hands of officials have a way of
mysteriously 'disappearing.' On the other hand, a researcher knows how to
get physical evidence to reputable, open-minded scientists for further study.
Any one who feels they may have such evidence and/or who needs help dealing
with their experiences can contact Derrel Sims and his Saber Enterprises/at:
[email protected]. Thanks to Jolene Rae Harrington: [email protected] .

Editors' Note: I thought MUFON investigator Evelyn Gaulson may have
discovered the black light technique first, but I won't quibble about dates.
The aliens may be using some kind of a dusting spray on abductees bodies to
protect themselves or others. There is some concern that their medical
techniques may not be sterile.


Joseph A. Marmo writes, "I had some strange experiences in the middle of the
night in 1993. I saw three short hooded midget sized characters in my
bedroom. The room would be filled with a strange glow that I can only
describe as an infrared looking light. I had some very frightening night
time experiences at this time as well. I would hear what sounded like many
voices moaning and screaming. "I thought I was in hell." Once I remember
saying an "Our Father" (I'm Catholic) because these voices sounded like pure
evil. While I said it one of the voices mimicked the prayer in a strange
mocking tone. My room mate at the time would see a helicopter flying very
low near our apartment the day after these occurrences. I cannot come to any
conclusions as to what was going on, but it was extremely frightening and
very bizarre. I am a rational person but I have no explanations. Thanks to:
Joseph A. Marmo
[email protected]


D. Alan Eastwood writes, "Among the various approaches to investigating the
UFO phenomenon, the Biblical approach is productive for those who accept its
historical aspect as accurate." I too have studied the Bible apart from the
dogma/doctrines of religious organizations and have found it to have great
value in making sense of modern-day UFO-related reports. In my estimation,
the history and prophecies contained in that collection of books--as well as
the ancient writings of other cultures--shed a great deal of reliable light
on the subject from within that conceptual framework (reality tunnel). Those
who have not actually read the Bible may be shocked to find that angels are
described as looking and acting a lot like human beings (walking, talking,
eating meals, etc) but having abilities exceeding those of humans. They are
not described as having wings or ghostly appearances. And there are many
passages describing aerial objects that match with modern-day descriptions of
UFOs. A number of well written books are available to those who wish to
explore this avenue, including Barry Downing's book: The Bible and Flying
Saucers. It is not surprising to me that some "abductees." I and other
researchers I've worked with have found that by using traditional prayers for
the removal of oppressive spirits their oppressive visitors departed
immediately. Some will say that such a view is religious and not
science-minded, but I call those efforts "successful scientific experiments."
If others would like to try this, the prayers or formulas are found in books
like Francis MacNutt's book: Healing. Thanks to: D. Alan Eastwood
[email protected] Editor's Note: Some of our investigators report abductees
claim some success in using prayer to stop or limit abductions.


Bill Hamilton reports, "Recently Kelly Cahill gave a presentation here at
MUFON LA. Her abduction involved a group of six near Melbourne, Australia.
This case was thoroughly investigated and included identical marks on
different bodies, similar after reactions, ground traces including tripod
marks in the soil. Soil samples were taken and a magnetometer revealed a
magnetic anomaly at the landing site. Three witnesses produced similar
drawings of craft and beings. This is not the only multiple abduction case or
the only case with trace physical evidence or witness corroboration. Albeit,
many "bedroom" abductions may not be physical events similar to Kelly's and
many may be confabulations, but just a few off-road cases like hers is enough
to establish a scientific basis for further research. Bill Hamilton
[email protected]


Cara E. Anderson writes, "I have been working with a Doctor from the Biology
Department of the University of Houston on a Planetarium show." In our
efforts to find funding and notable scientists to be in our project, my
partner has heard from several reliable sources (scientists at NASA AMES /
JPL) that NASA has recently accepted that there is undeniable proof of life
on Mars. They have not gone public yet but intend to do so in the not so
distant future. They have suddenly decided to accept the theory that there
is, after all, fossilized microbial life in the Alan Hill's meteorite
(ALH84001). "Not only that, but they have discovered a section of the
Martian terrain that undergoes seasonal color / color temperature changes
that they attribute to be ALGAE." This has come from an extremely reliable
source. Editors Note: Rumors of this type continue to come from various
sources associated with NASA.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) _ Another attempt is being made to contact the Mars
Polar Lander after controllers noticed a very weak radio signal That could
have originated from the silent probe, NASA said Tuesday. ``This week's test
is a real long-shot, and I wouldn't want to get "Anyone too excited about
it,'' said Richard Cook, the spacecraft's Project manager at NASA's Jet
Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. The probe was last heard from Dec. 3 as
it was about to enter the Martian atmosphere for a 90-day mission to study
the planet's climate And dig for frozen water beneath the surface. It was
the second NASA Spacecraft to disappear in three months.
Seven senior Russian space experts have been meeting with NASA center
directors and may be discussing the similarities between the loss of the
Soviet Phobus 2 mission and our own Mars Lander.
The last known photos taken from Phobus 2 shows it being intercepted by a UFO
while orbiting Mars. The photos can be seen on


VANCOUVER, BC (Wireless Flash) - It looks like Canada and England got the
cream of the crop circles last year. According to Vancouver-based crop circle
researcher Paul Anderson, there was a 50 percent increase in crop circle
sightings in England in 1999 and a 33 percent increase in Canada. Meanwhile,
the United States had only 12 crop circles, down from 15 in 1998. Israel,
which had never had a crop circle before 1997, had three sightings in 1999.
Anderson says it's normal for crop circle sightings to fluctuate around the
world and he hopes further research will uncover the reason. Thanks to Paul
Anderson, Vancouver, BC; (604) 731-8522; Access Canadian crop circle report
Editor's Note: High concentrations of meteorite dust are being found within
their boundaries of most verified Crop Circles. The question now is to
determine how the meteorite dust was deposited in such a way to form these
intricate patterns.

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