Filer's Files #01--2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
January 6, 2000,
[email protected] (609) 654-0020
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Once again at Christmas time the UFO reports have taken a major nosedive from
over 400 a month to less than a hundred in December. It appears the UFO
occupants have gone on a holiday or people are just too busy to report them.
Even so several good sightings were reported from Georgia, California, and
China. The New Year came in with spectacular fireworks displays from around
the world and UFOs were sighted in Italy and the Philippines watching the
celebrations. Congratulations to the US and Russian military experts who
worked diligently to avoid any Y2K nuclear disasters. It appears the world
came through relatively unscathed from any Y2K problems. For the Chinese
this is the year of the dragon when great turbulent change often occurs. The
year has started off with a series of UFO sightings that have been wildly
publicized throughout China. UFO's could be described as flying dragons with
short wings breathing fire. These UFOs indicate that cosmic forces are at
work, not unlike those that defeated communism in the Soviet Union. The
Falun Gong members who are strong believers in UFOs continue to be arrested,
while several million Christians remain in jail. The attraction of capitalism
versus communism indicates change as well. It is amazing that the Chinese
government has allowed the 500 reported sightings in 1999 to be published in
its news media. The military often scrambles fighters to intercept the UFOs.

The future century promises significant changes. There are important
indications of a warming trend in the weather with the massive melting of ice
in Antarctica. There is a trend towards one world government versus the
hundreds of nations that exist today. One advantage of world government is
that there would be little need for the military unless they were fighting
against the military forces of another world. A whole series of new
technologies are being developed that will change the world for the positive.
Much of this new technology seems to explain many of the science used aboard
the UFOs. Nanotechnology or the miniaturization of computers is occurring at
a tremendous pace. Now, you can now wear a tiny cell phone on your collar.
Your wristwatch may be your new computer. Theoretically within this century
you can wear your automobile. It comes as a suit of clothes. When you need
your car, it literally grows up around you. Tremendous changes in medicine
are also coming with the unraveling of the genetic DNA code. It turns out we
are a combination of some 180,000 DNA codes. Each one is different and
composed of various genetic building blocks. It is taking years for powerful
computers to unwrap the unbelievably complicated codes. I suggest that we
are not the result of pure chance. All living organisms have a similar
coding indicating a designer, engineer, biochemist, or the Creator was at
work. A single cell is more complicated than the city of New York. Most
religions claim that their God created them. For example, the ancient Indian
Vedic documents claim that earthly humans descend from higher human like
beings from other planets. It appears that science and religion may become
more in agreement with each other during the next century.


LONGVIEW - I've contacted MUFON's Bob Fairfax and I met with National
Reporting Center Director Peter Davenport concerning the February 25, 1999,
elk abduction near Mount Saint Helens. Elk are moose-like deer and weigh
around a thousand pounds. A work crew composed of 14 forestry workers of
Mexican descent were planting seedlings on the side of a mountain on lumber
company land. A herd of elk were grazing about 280 feet down slope and to the
north of them about 1600 feet away. Just before noon, a twelve foot in
diameter UFO flew slowly over the ridge, wobbling as it flew toward the herd.
The craft was a small elongated disc with the back cut off, roughly in the
shape of the heal of a shoe. About 100 feet from contact with the herd, the
animals become aware of the craft and ran uphill to the east. One of the elk
separates from the rest and the UFO pursues. Without pause the craft goes
over the animal at a height that might have brushed the elk's head. The
craft with the elk dangling beneath then begins to ascend wobbling even more
than previously. As the object gained altitude, the elk, which was suspended
upright below the disc, rotated slowly beneath it. When the craft reached the
end of the clear-cut and encounters the tree line the elk is almost totally
inside as the craft appears to grow slightly in size to accommodate the elk.
The UFO is not high enough to clear the treetops and the witnesses watch it
brush the tops of nearby trees. The UFO reverses course and proceeds to the
west. As it climbed to an altitude above their vantage point, they no longer
could see the animal suspended below the craft. The witnesses could discern
no windows or doors through which the animal might have been taken into the
craft. The UFO circled after much wobbling gaining altitude then ascended
nearly vertically until it was lost from sight in the clouds.

Robert Fairfax stated this is an excellent sighting because the 14 forestry
workers were working on contract for a large corporation. Some worked 15 to
20 years with the same company. It is not likely that they would risk their
jobs to pull a stunt. The forestry people were sincere and believable family
men and their corporation vouched for their integrity. The voice tone and
body language during the interviews left me with no doubt that they had been
frightened, awed, confused and were telling the truth. They were all
frightened by the UFO abduction of the elk and remained close together for
the rest of the day. The Game and Wildlife officer says, there have been hard
conditions this year for animals and most are undernourished and many have
starved. 'Thanks to Peter Davenport and Bob Fairfax. Editors Note: It is very
unusual for UFOs to attempt to pick up animals in broad daylight in front of
14 witnesses. The UFO's aircrew may also have problems in obtaining food.


Phil Duke Ph.D. writes, "Stick to your excellent posts." Many so called
Ufologists are really just debunkers. I point out that with a little
technological help the thin atmosphere of Mars will maintain life, there is
water there and the plentiful iron oxide can provide iron for construction
and oxygen for breathing and power. Therefore Mars is much more suitable as a
base for both ET aliens and humans than is our Moon. Best speculation is the
ETs come from another star system, but find Mars convenient. The low surface
temperature and thin atmosphere dictate underground facilities. We were
allowed to map the surface and find nothing, but more detailed information is
being prevented. NASA has its own agenda and is required not to anticipate
intelligent life anywhere out there. The agenda is spelled CIA/NSA. I
predicted awhile back continuing major problems with NASA launches and
eventual cancellation of Mars's exploration by humans. You will see. Thanks
to Phil Duke Ph.D. Non-UFO sighting Evidence posted on
[email protected]


WAYCROSS --Dan Coble writes I live about an hour north of Jacksonville
Florida. During Shuttle missions we often hear the sonic boom of the shuttle
decelerating for it's approach to NASA. Most of the time when the landing is
at night we go outside to try to get a glimpse of the shuttle reentering. On
December 27, 1999, my family and I were outside looking for the shuttle to
reenter. My daughter and I saw a very bright light at high altitude
traveling east. It was too far north to be the shuttle. As a pilot, I'm used
to seeing commercial and military aircraft at various altitudes, satellites
passing overhead, and the shuttle. The craft was traveling on a parallel
course with what would have been the approach corridor of the shuttle over
the Gulf of Mexico, and was visible at the precise time of the shuttle's
return. We watched as the craft traveled almost out of sight to our east,
then it made a sharp turn to the north, accelerated, climbed to a VERY high
altitude at high speed. The shuttle would have turned south. It was
immediately followed by high altitude aircraft, I assume were military.
Their speed was much greater than commercial jet traffic. We watched as
military aircraft converged from the north and from the south. I assume
from the altitude the UFO was at that time, there was no way they could have
caught it. It zipped a distance of a 100 miles in the blink of an eye. My
wife was able to follow it until it appeared to slow and continue north. The
craft was about half the size and brightness when we first saw it, leading me
to guess that this UFO had climbed to an extremely high altitude. I am sure
you are aware that this part of the country is a hotbed of UFO activity.
During last night's shuttle landing, my mother spotted a light in the
southeastern sky, emitting bright shafts of light toward the ground. There
seems to be allot of UFO activity during nighttime shuttle launches and
landings. I suggest people should spend some time looking up. Thanks to Dan
[email protected] See for information on the


GLASSBORO -- My husband and I had a strange experience just before Christmas.
On Saturday we received a call from our son who called at 5:10 PM and talked
for a few minutes. We left the house to go grocery shopping at 5:20 PM. It
takes about 9 minutes to get to the Shoprite grocery store. We entered the
store at about 5:30 PM and did our usual shopping. At one point I heard two
men behind the meat counter talking about UFO's. Just before we checked out
I bought ice cream. We pulled the carts to the check out counter, and I
started putting the groceries on the conveyor belt. When I put the ice cream
on the belt it spilled over. Strangely, the ice cream had melted. We were
surprised that it had happened, because we had picked it up last. The cashier
told me to get another one, so I did. We took the groceries to the truck and
loaded the groceries in it. A friend pulled up in his car and we talked for
about 15 minutes and then we left. It was only about 25 degrees and we were
freezing so we didn't talk long. We went straight home and when I got into
the house I looked at the time, and I just couldn't believe it, it was 11:00
PM. How could 5 hours have passed in an hour? It was impossible, no way
were we in that store for 5 hours. We checked all our watches, times,
answering machine, and Shoprite surveillance cameras. There is no
explanation for the missing time. Editors Note: I have been getting many
similar reports of missing time. The people involved have no memories that
can account the missing time, but are positive it is gone. Thanks to Evelyn


TEXAS -- The Contrail Research and Reporting Center writes that research is
needed in the relationship of Unusual Contrail Formations (UCFs) and flu-like
illnesses in areas where spraying has occurred. Usually four engine jet
aircraft have been video taped spraying at low level around the US leaving
contrails at a few thousand feet. The Contrail Center reports that North
Texas has had unusual contrail formations observed over the North Texas area
for about ten days of the month. According to Fox news Dallas affiliate,
Channel 4, flu symptoms significantly increased during the third and fourth
weeks of December 1999. North Texas reported increased flu symptoms: Plano -
98%, Lewisville - 81%, Lakewood - 76%, Dallas - 30%, and Ft. Worth - 25%.
Doctors cited possible causes of the increases as due to people traveling
more during the holidays and spreading the viruses. Warm weather has also
delayed the delayed the flu season. The cities north of Dallas had the
highest increase in cases with flu symptoms. These are comparatively rural
areas while the larger cities -- where one might expect *more* flu cases --
had the *lower* percentages. According to the "Flu-O-Meter" at
"," the flu levels in Texas are reportedly "low."

There appears to be a correlation between contrails and flu symptoms in the
North Texas cities of Plano, The Colony, Carrollton and Lewisville during
December 1999. I caution against reaching premature conclusions and advise
more studies need to be conducted. There is, as yet, no conclusive evidence
linking unusual contrail formations to illnesses. Heavier concentrations of
unusual contrail formations and "conclouds" (artificial clouds that develop
when these unusual "contrails" seem to extend and spread out) may be causing
flu-like symptoms in people as a side-effect of some process rather than due
to any viral agents being "sprayed" over our populations. We do not know
what is actually taking place and that's why more research is needed. Thanks
to Amy at Contrail Research and Reporting Center. See for views of he aircraft spraying. Flu is a virus
and there are simple tests to determine if someone has the flu.
Antibacterial drugs have no effect on a virus.


YUCCA VALLEY -- Patrice Erwin writes, "My mother got a pretty good look at a
low flying object on January 2, 2000, at 9:30 PM. She swears that it was not
a meteor, but a low flying "football" shaped silver gray ship. It was
traveling south in a straight line as slow as a small plane would fly. It
had a bullet shape with a tail of bright orange fire. The fire emitting from
back was half the size of the vessel and a solid mass of fire with no
sparking. It's hard to tell how large it was since she doesn't know its
distance. The nose and body shaped was shaped like a football, but the rear
part seemed to be rounded where the fire was coming out. (As if you had cut
the football 3/4 down so it was rounded.)" It was reported on the news as a
left over meteor from a recent meteor shower. It moved northward very slowly
toward San Diego. It made a very low deep sounding hum, like an idling
diesel truck. The object was reported to the FAA by aviators, ground
observers and various news stations. The reports were made to our local
radio station at around 9:30 PM, and were reported in the Los Angles basin
around 10:00 PM. There were numerous sightings around this region. The FAA
was unable to track anything on it's radar probably because the object was
flying very low. We live in Yucca Valley, it is 30 miles from Palm Springs,
near the 29 Palms Marine base. The idea that "we're not alone" has always
fascinated me. Thanks to Patrice Erwin
[email protected]


LANCASTER - Mike Rogalski formally of NASA, writes that on January 2, 2000,
my girlfriend, her son, and I saw an impressive aerial display of objects,
seen frequently in this area just a few miles from the Lockheed Skunks Works.
Three bright fluorescent green objects shared the same relatively flat
trajectory through a short arc of about 15 degrees across the sky 9:32 PM.
Traveling from the north to south they disappeared in short succession, one
after the other, after displaying a yellow tail of light. There was no
visible origin seen, such as a rocket burnout, or any noise heard. The
entire brilliant, eye-grabbing sighting lasted not more than 15 seconds. We
estimate the objects were a mile away and about 2,000 feet up. Speed at that
distance was estimated at 300-400 mph. The bright green dot-like objects
could be seen individually in the beginning, but blurred into a green, then
yellow tail. For those familiar with the area, it was estimated to be
traveling down Route 14 at 20th Street west. I have seen four of these
sightings, three with north to south trajectories. One had a west
orientation directly overhead significant enough to scare my teenage daughter
who was present at that sighting. No details of the objects could be seen.
These objects have been reported on successive nights traveling in opposite
trajectories, making a meteor shower unlikely. Thanks to Mike Rogalski.
Editor's Note: Both of these sightings were at the same time within a 100
miles of each other.


Paul Anderson the Director of Circles Phenomenon Research Canada reports
there were 20 crop circles across Canada in 1999, up from 14 the year before.
Numerous others were reported in England, the Czech Republic, Germany,
Holland, the USA, Israel and elsewhere. This past year's "circle season" in
Canada, from July to October was the greatest ever. Some were small circles
while others were formations two to three hundred feet in size, and
elaborate. There were many associated anomalies, notably stalk nodes from
some formations with very significant stretching, swelling and expulsion
cavities as compared to normal control samples. There were numerous
electrical equipment malfunctions in and around some formations. Formations
were reported in six provinces - British Columbia (1), Alberta (4),
Saskatchewan (10), Ontario (3), Quebec (1) and Prince Edward Island.
Images are available on the CPR-Canada web site


YORKSHIRE MOORS -- Andrew Makinson writes, "My girlfriend and my brother and
I were driving slowly due to the fog on A635 from a millennium celebration
over the New Year. We approached a car that had stopped up ahead. The
occupants of the car were still inside and my girlfriend said that I should
stop and ask if they required any assistance. My brother and I approached the
driver's window and knocked on it. The driver wound his window down and said,
'Tell me that you see that?' He was pointing toward some bright white lights
facing the road about 100 meters away. Oh my God someone's come off the road
in an accident. "I asked the man if he had been over to the car?" and he
said, "It's not a car mate, I don't know what it is?" At this point we heard
a sort of blast of noise rather like a ships horn, its lights turned greenish
and dimmed slightly before a reddish bluish glow appeared underneath. The
lights shot up into the air. No noise no nothing and they were gone! We
exchanged telephone numbers and names and said that we should contact each
other. I am skeptical about such things, but five people witnessed a craft
that was not a helicopter. Thanks to Andy Mak and Todd Lemire uk.rec.ufo
[email protected] Stalybridge


GLOUSCESTERSHIRE-- Dave Cosnette writes, "On December 7, 1999, at 6.30 AM I
saw an incredibly large craft near my house while taking the dog for a walk.
I first spotted a large white light that had many different colors moving
inside of it. On closer inspection I noticed a star formation behind the
craft was moving with it. This craft was as big as an open daily newspaper
at arm's length. The lights at the back were like a triangle, but flying
backwards. The point was at the rear and a large white light was at the
front. Others also saw it. I ran back home to get my brother and we both saw
the craft was just moving over a hill, four miles away. It was still three
inches wide at that distance. Another witness said he couldn't believe how
big it was and that he couldn't hear any noise. Thanks to "Dave Cosnette
[email protected]


ROME -- Francis Paliekara writes, "I was watching CNN and MSNBC on New Year's
Eve when they showed celebrations from around the world. They were showing
footage from the Vatican during the pope's New Year's blessing. As they
panned around St. Peter's Square There was an object in plain sight which
hovered completely still in the sky on the right. It was gray and disk
shaped and had no light coming from it or around it. I don't know what it
was. I was curious if others saw it? Thanks to Francis Paliekara
[email protected]


MANILLA -- McMahons writes, "Hi, while walking by the T.V. set that is hooked
up to receiving dish for the "ABS-CBN TFC Direct"( The Filipino Channel
satellite broadcasting to many areas of the world via tape delay) I watched
the a portion of the New Year's celebration which included fire works and a
Laser light display. Right after the news portion covering the Laser lights,
they showed, what they described, as a bright light that was very high in the
sky and moving slow enough that it was there for at least five minutes. There
was no guess as to its actual altitude but it was "very high" and they were
positive that it was not a Laser projection, it was also observed by their
President and members of his "party".. V/r EK mcmahons <
[email protected]
of San Diego


Phil Duke Ph.D. writes, "I am for you all the way. Stick to your excellent
posts. Many so called Ufologists are really just debunkers." Phil points out
that with a little technological help the thin atmosphere of Mars will
maintain life, there is water there and the plentiful iron oxide can provide
iron for construction and oxygen for breathing and power. Therefore Mars is
much more suitable as a base for both ET aliens and humans than is our Moon.
Best speculation is the ETs come from another star system, but find Mars
convenient. The low surface temperature and thin atmosphere dictate
underground facilities. We were allowed to map the surface and find nothing,
but more detailed information is being prevented. NASA has its own agenda
and is required not to anticipate intelligent life anywhere out there. The
agenda is spelled CIA/NSA. I predicted awhile back continuing major problems
with NASA launches and eventual cancellation of Mars exploration by humans.
You will see. Thanks to Phil Duke Ph.D. Non-UFO sighting Evidence posted on
[email protected]


Researcher Bob Durant writes, "In the unlikely event that a Bigelow or a
Firmage or a Rockefeller should ask my opinion about the wisest way to invest
money in UFO research, I would reply at once: sign up a good polygraph
examiner. Yes, a polygraph, commonly known as the "lie detector." Ufology
desperately needs a basic truth filter to sort out the stories that soak up
so much time and energy, to the detriment of genuine research into the UFO
phenomenon. And the filtering needs to be done before the stories spread,
not after the fact. The polygraph is not an absolute gauge of truth-telling.
It can be defeated by taking a fistful of valium tablets, because the device
is a stress gauge. Psychotics can't be tested. Apparently there are a few
tricks one can practice to sidestep the process.

Aldrich Ames, the CIA official who betrayed dozens of agents to the KGB, and
who in the course of his business seems to have picked up these wiles, passed
several polygraphs. Nor is the polygraph admissible in courts of law. On the
other hand, it continues to be used in a wide variety of settings, from
industrial hiring sessions to law enforcement. Every federal law enforcement
or intelligence agency uses the polygraph. All day and all night. That's
because 99% of the time it works. My modest suggestion is that this
technology be introduced into the wild world of ufology. Snip. Apparently
Rockefeller got "bit" once too often, and has backed away from UFO projects.
How much more of this nonsense can we take? We haven't the funds to do
appropriate testing of the scores of alleged "alien implants," or to
translate the recently published high-level French study of the UFO problem,
just to name two items that cry out for accomplishment. And I claim the
money would be there, but for the frauds who got there first, and permanently
alienated the few funding sources available. It's time to demand that the
"established" characters on my list take a lie detector examination. And
from this point forward, those who want us to believe in their films, or
documents, or Area 51 adventures must submit to the polygraph, or be branded
with the ufological version of the Surgeon General's beer bottle warning:
Caution -- this "source" refused to take a lie detector test. Reading his
book, or his documents, or viewing his film may cause damage to your mental
health, and waste your time and money, and will almost certainly do nothing
to enhance your knowledge of the true nature of UFOs. Thanks to R. J. Durant,
106 Hessian Hill Drive, Pennington, NJ 08534
Editor's Note: Bob gave me a list of people that he would like to see
polygraphed and why. He has an excellent suggestion. Do our readers have
their favorites?

US GOVERNMENT UFO PROOF RELEASED: Audio tapes of a genuine UFO Alert at
Edwards Air Force base and studied by the Foreign Technology Division at
Wright Patterson Air Force Base, are now available for distribution to the
public. Sam Sherman's audio documentary tape called THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE
BASE ENCOUNTER on the night of October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice
recordings provided by the Air Force. During this event 12 high tech
luminous UFOs invade secure air space and came down low over the runways at
Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the
Air Defense Command. Sgt. Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a
new segment where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival
recordings. The UFOs are described and a decision is made to launch F-106
fighter interceptors. You are there for an important part of UFO history.
Hear it for yourself, it's the best UFO tape ever made. Tape cost is $14.95
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