Filer's Files #52--1999,MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
December 31, 1999,
[email protected] (609) 654-0020
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It is obvious that there is new interest and excitement over the realization
that UFOs are real, and we might not be alone in the universe. To sum up my
knowledge as an Ufologist, I have learned that most media personnel,
scientists, military, congressional and government employees know very little
about UFOs. Most have never studied the subject or been privy to highly
classified and compartmentalized data. You the average reader know a great
deal more than 99% of these people. Most of you have visited web sites with
released government documents that indicate about 30% of the sightings are
unknowns and insufficient information. We are in a sense the teachers and
experts. You are very important to the future of our world because of this
knowledge. Recently there have been more than 400 sightings reported each
month by concerned witnesses. The majority of these reports involve multiple
witnesses who spend several hours reporting their sighting. The craft are
frequently seen at low altitudes well below normal air traffic. Most of the
observations were for several minutes' duration. This is very different from
a conventional aircraft conducting normal business; they seldom stay in view
for more than a minute. Often the reports involve an object hovering just
above the trees. We are also obtaining more frequent UFO reports from pilots
and radar operators. Many of my Air Force friends and I have chased them.
I've met with several of our astronauts who have seen them. We are obtaining
video footage from our Space Shuttle missions that show them. Our satellites
and Deep Space Sensors are also observing them. When we send our probes to
Mars less than a third make it through. I feel the "Environmental Space
Sciences" book authored by Colonel Don G. Carpenter and taught at the United
States Air Force Academy is correct. Page 696 states: "From available
information, the UFO phenomenon may have been global in nature for almost
50,000 years." (snip) "This leaves us with the unpleasant possibility of
alien visitors to our planet, or at least of alien controlled UFOs." If
these craft and their crews have come to earth on a regular basis, we can
assume they have influenced our lives throughout history.

We are nearing the time for elections for many politicians. I encourage you
to support those candidates that will not be stonewalled by pat answers to
the UFO problem. Jimmy Carter had his own sighting and ran partially on a
platform to provide answers about UFOs. After being elected, he ignored the
subject and still does today. John Moss a California politician is the author
of the Freedom of Information Act. He was surprised to learn that its
primary use is for obtaining information on UFOs. They remain of great
interest to the American people. I have been writing Filer's Files for three
years and sending it out to several hundred people a week. A few months ago
Chuck Warren volunteered to build a Web Site for me. I want to thank Chuck
for his hard work. During December, a half million people visited our Web
Site. This is proof of the amazing interest in UFOs. I want to thank my wife
Janet for making these Files possible, she goes to work selling real estate,
while I stay home and put them together.

Its time to say farewell to the 1900s, where I learned a couple important
lessons in my life that you might enjoy.
(1) Love one another, especially your spouse!
(2) UFOs are real and we owe allot to great persons like Major Donald Keyhoe,
Leonard Stringfield, J. Allen Hynek, Karla Turner, and James McDonald who
have passed on in the search for the truth.
(3) Ancient religious writings have great wisdom. I encourage everyone to
receive the comfort of religious faith in his or her life.
(4) I learned that when you see certain code words such as fire in the sky
and clouds in ancient religious writings, they mean UFOs. The Bible, Book of
Dyzon, Koran, Maha-Brharata, and Torah are some of the best UFO books ever
(5) Wars are bad, its time to stop them.
(6) It is important to search for the truth since it is the foundation of all
knowledge. Schools that don't teach about the various religions fail to
produce well-rounded students.
(7) Our search for the truth over the Internet builds friendships that can
change the world. I look forward to a happy, progressive, prosperous, and
wonderful future together. Happy New Year.


Videos take from Shuttle Flights, STS 48, 80, 96 and 103 show anomalies that
appear to be unexplained fast moving unidentified flying objects. Sam
Sherman an expert in filming, Dr. Jack Kasher a Ph.D. in physics and many
other experts have questioned NASA's forth rightness in explaining the
anomalous objects as ice crystals or camera lens smudges. Sam writes: "I am
a longtime film producer. Recently working on documentary films, I have had
cooperation from various divisions of NASA and I can tell you that this
entire subject has not been thrown away by them as being of no importance.
Furthermore, I also have D-2 Digital Video clones of the NASA Master tapes of
the STS-48 event which I have taken to a high end video studio for analysis.
I can report that our initial study reveals that the subject cannot be easily
explained away. Physicist Dr. Jack Kasher has written a book on the STS-48
events, which has his scientific analysis and is quite compelling.
Without knowing the exact technical specs of the camera being used to record
the STS-48 events, including Lens formula and specs. Video pickup CCD or
tubes and other information, these multiple and different visual events
cannot be simply explained away. The STS-48 tapes show at least a dozen or
more distinct events each different from one another and not commonly seen on
other shuttle tapes. If these were normal occurrences they should been seen
in repeat viewing as
commonly noted visual events which could be exactly identified as what normal
occurrences they are, not merely explained away to conveniently drop the
subject. When I state that NASA has refused to give me technical information
to be used in making a further analysis of the tapes, that is the specific

As media, we are entitled to get this information, unless it is classified,
from a US Government agency. The refusal by NASA to deal with the subject
with us clearly indicates to me that the subject may have some part of US
security implications, which their sister agency DOD does not wish to have
media light shined on. When our questions are properly answered by NASA we
will complete a fair evaluation of the tapes, regardless which way the
answers should result. The failure to deliver such information, gives the
conclusion that NASA has something to hide. Thanks to Sam Sherman. Editor's
Note: NASA is spending billions of taxpayers dollars to find life on Mars.
Most of their recent satellite missions to Mars are a failure, including the
last two. Whoopie Goldberg, stated yesterday, "It appears the Martians don't
want us there."


YANTIC -- Neaba writes that on December 22, 1999, at 6:12 PM, I was driving
my car and looking for the last full moon of the year. It was reported to be
the brightest in 122 years. Suddenly a bright blue white ball went past
flying west to east in the sky. I saw this for only a few seconds. It had no
tail and did not change color in the short time it was visible. Thanks to


PINE BUSH -- On December 18, 1999, Dr. Bruce Cornet took Herm Fischer, a
colleague from California, on a tour of the Wallkill River Valley, where he
had conducted seven years of research on the Pine Bush Phenomenon. Sightings
of Anomalistic Observational Phenomena (AOP) activity in Pine Bush has been
rare in the last two years. Cornet and Fischer spent several hours watching
from a farm field near the old Jewish Cemetery on Route 52. All they saw were
conventional aircraft. At about 8:40 disappointed they began their trip back
home. They drove to the town of Walden and then took Rte 208 south to I-84.
As they approached a traffic light just before the super highway interchange
Cornet spotted a bright light off in the distance, which seemed to be pacing
their car. Fischer was driving. Cornet had his camcorder ready, because on
several occasions in the past AOP had shown up either just before or just
after he got on the highway. At 9:00 PM, Cornet began videotaping the light
through the windshield of their Chevy Impala. The AOP seemed to be pacing the
car. That fact became clear when Fischer stopped for a red light and the AOP
slowed down and stopped also. The light was to the left of and ahead of the
car, and in view by both driver and passenger. It was about a mile away when
it stopped in midair. Cornet suggested that when the traffic light turned
green, he should pull over to the shoulder of the road and stop, which
Fischer did next to an industrial park. The AOP moved forward with the car,
and then stopped again as the car stopped. The AOP reversed direction and
headed back towards them. Cornet zoomed in on the AOP as it made a rapid
approach. The AOP descended rapidly from the southeast as if simulating a
conventional aircraft on approach to an airport runway, but there is no
airport in the area. To their surprise the AOP descended below roof top
level and behind a cluster of buildings across the road. There was no crash
or explosion. They drove back and checked out the area to make sure there
was not a landing strip or place there where a plane could land. Bruce
states, "We finally had to accept the fact that we had been had, the Pine
Bush Phenomenon had struck again!!" A 37 second video was shot with a Sony
Handycam video Hi 8, model CCD-TRV81.

The Pine Bush Phenomenon is not dead, just mostly dormant. It may be waiting
for us to develop a strategy, a plan, and a method for analyzing the
information they are willing to give us. That will require the use of the
latest instruments and technology available, which means that it will cost a
lot. It will also require more mainstream scientists and engineers to become
challenged by the phenomenon and want to investigate it. It will require
government and/or private funding to pay for the salaries of those who are
hired to work on the project. It will require the very same type of effort
NASA employs to send probes to Mars. It is time for a change. Anomalistic
Observational Phenomena will not go quietly into the night and disappear. The
methods and tactics of ridicule, disinformation, and unavailability of
funding used to date have not worked in silencing the phenomenon. They have
instead made humans look stupid. Are you one of them? Let's prove that humans
can investigate a phenomenon which appears to challenge conventional science,
and do it correctly and with conviction and funding. In the past humans
studied life on this planet which is less intelligent than us. The tables may
have been reversed. For the first time modern scientists are studying an
intelligence equal to or greater than our own (certainly one that possesses
technology that surpasses human technology). Are we up to the challenge? I
think so. Detailed analysis of the case may be seen at: Thanks to Bruce Cornet.
[email protected] Editor's Note: I've gone hunting with Bruce and also
video taped some very strange lights.


WOODBRIDGE - December 10, 1999, On three separate occasions over a
three-minute span, we saw objects moving around and interweaving with each
other at a high speed and they appeared to be moving upward. On a clear,
cold, windy night at 9:30 PM, two witnesses who had never seen anything like
this before. The lights were so fast compared to an airliner. They also
disappeared very quickly. We have never seen anything so spectacular before.
Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.

LUMBERTON - On December 26, 1999, a large Flying Wing was spotted in the
night sky at 8:30 PM coming from the north. It had six large brilliant
lights shining forward on each wing. Three witnesses observed the craft
flying at approximately 2,000 feet. Its size appeared much larger than any
other aircraft in the night sky. It made a sweeping turn over the South
Jersey Regional Airport and headed west towards Philadelphia. There were no
blinking strobe or standard warning lights visible. Only a large red light
was visible behind the forward lights. Thanks to Anastasia.


BLAIRSVILLE -- Tom Sheets, MUFON's State Director writes, "Our fellow member
Carroll Watts sent me an update before leaving on a holiday trip. He
indicated that on the evening of the December 22, 1999, an object or light
was spotted. It apparently remained in the area and was also observed the
next morning from darkness up to 7:45 AM, first in the SW, then moving
incredibly fast to the SE. Carroll observed with binoculars and saw red,
green and blue lights, changing colors rapidly, shimmering, with the standard
erratic movement. He also observed smaller objects that were ejected from
the larger, then returning after going only a short distance.

MOULTRIE -- On December 26, 1999, about 9:00 PM, I received a call from what
we believe to be a reliable source. He indicated that he was right at that
moment watching a bright white star like object about 35 degrees above the SE
horizon (this is flat rural area, dark as a coal mine). He indicated that it
was making all sorts of erratic movements back and forth, moving in an area
larger than the spread hand extended AAL. He viewed it through binoculars,
but it did not reveal any detail. MUFONGAs Earle Blanton may be able to spot
it if it returns.

TROUP COUNTY -- John Thompson reports that on Monday morning a 44-year-old
landowner and his 12-year-old son came in my office and related a dramatic on
December 26, 1999, close-encounter. At 8:15 PM the father was outside his
truck listening for the bay of coonhounds in a nearby patch of woods.
Standing on a hill on Dennis Smith Road he saw a large, round, white-yellow
light approach from the west-southwest. His son who was still in the pickup
said, "Daddy, look at that plane." The father replied, "It's not a plane. Get
out and look!" By this time the unknown "plane," according to father and
son, was at ground level and jumping a stand of pine trees to avoid hitting
them. As the boy hurriedly exited the parked pickup, the cab and bed lights
of the truck came on. Immediately, the UFO did a "zigzag" maneuver. Going
first left (north), straight (WSW), right (south) and then left again, it
arched upward. While flying in front of the witnesses, who were facing
north, the UFO had the appearance of a huge meteor. The round or egg-shape
UFO, however, had a thin, gray, "belt-like" horizontal line across its
middle. Behind the ball was a stream of "sparks" and "ashes." The combined
ball and sparks gave the craft a teardrop shape. At no time was any sound
heard. The UFO according to the landowner, whose property the UFO crossed at
its closest, flew at speeds of fighter jets seen swooshing by in the past.
This would be approximately 400 knots.

Because the father's total familiarity with the land, he estimated that the
UFO covered over a mile in ten seconds. At its closest, the UFO was only 200
yards away when the cab and bed lights of the truck came on. It is the
witnesses' distinct impression that the UFO somehow sensed the lights coming
on and flew the zigzag pattern as a means to evade, perhaps, ground fire. On
completing its zigzag, the UFO did not continue its straight-line path as
before. The father and son said they lost sight of the UFO as it flew upward.
The white-yellow light around the craft and backend sparks "turned off."
Instead, what remained was only a faint red ball that quickly dimmed to
nothing. They are unsure if the UFO accelerated out of sight or turned back
to the west. In any event, the father feels the UFO was mimicking a fireball
as a form of camouflage. This camouflage he says was turned off by
intelligent control. It can be speculated on leaving straight away that the
red exhaust of the UFO's engine was only seen. The father believes that what
he saw was not a true UFO; rather, it was an exotic stealth cruise missile.
If so, it can be presumed that the car size missile was partially guided by
onboard, terrain hugging, radar controls. The missile would have also needed
infrared or laser sensors to take the evasive action it did after detecting
the nearby flashes of light. The local authorities have no reports. The
father and son said there were eight airplanes flying in the area at the time
of their sighting. The UFO had an apparent size at 200 yards of slightly
larger than a full moon. At no time did the UFO appear high enough for radar
detection. After newspaper reports that the shuttle, perhaps, was mistaken
for a UFO in south Mississippi around the same time of the LaGrange incident,
the witnesses were re-interviewed. This, they said, was "not the shuttle!"
There have been many reports of several types of UFOs in Troup and Harris
counties in the last 60 days. The reports come from multiple first and second
hand sources. Some of the sightings have been low enough to illuminate the
ground beneath. Weather conditions were excellent visibility, unlimited
ceiling, and temperature 34 F. with 5-10 mph northwest wind. Copyright 1999,
John C.Thompson. All rights reserved.


MADISON -- Benjamin Kenneth McGill, reports he observed a fast moving object
on December 26, 1999, at 8:00 PM on I-55 south. It looked just like a
shooting star, except it was going much slower and we could see that it was
leaving a long tail with pieces of fire falling from it. It was not
descending it was flying on a level plane in a northwest heading. Thanks to
Ben McGill, Madison, MS. 39110

Ken Fink and Todd Twilley of the Sun Herald reports that several reports of a
UFO came in to local authorities and the Sun Herald concerning a sighting on
December 26. 1999, at 7:00 PM. Keesler Air Force Base and the Ocean Spring
Police Department both received calls of a white light streaking across the
sky headed in a northern direction around. An Ocean Springs police
dispatcher said personnel at Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport said they saw
the object as well. A caller to the Sun Herald described the object as a
white light with a tail and sparks. Witnesses said the object was moving too
slowly to have been a meteorite. NASA stated the STS 103 Shuttle passed over
New Orleans at 5:34 PM, and over Natchez at 5:42 PM Sunday night," said Lanee
Cooksey, a spokeswoman at the John C. Stennis Space Center reported the
Discovery passed over the Coast at an altitude of 368 miles and a speed of
16,926 mph covering 280 miles per minute. For shuttle info go to: Editors Note: The times are over an hour apart, so
it seems unlikely the eastern moving shuttle that passed over in seconds is
responsible for all the reports.


ORLANDO -- On Sunday night December 12, 1999, I went outside on my patio and
noticed this bright object in the air at 8:10 PM. At first I though it was a
couple of planes. But to my surprise it was a UFO floating in the air. It was
a bright around circle of lights floating in the sky. It looked like a
mountain of diamonds brightly shinning. It was floating down. It was bright
lights and had an oval shape on top and under the bottom of the round circle.
Under the bottom of the object it had like a black shadow. I ran downstairs
to my friend's house and told her to come outside and to see. By the time she
came out the UFO was still there and she saw it. It was floating down and
going behind a building. There were planes flying very low in a circle. I
went back upstairs and try to use my computer and it was not working right.
The next day at work, many of the computers seemed effected. Thanks to Peter
Davenport, Director, NUFORC,


HOT SPRINGS -- Jessie Grider writes on December 23, that for months now I
have been seeing a strange light over the city as I drive home from work down
Malvern Avenue. At first I speculated that I was seeing an airplane, but
after seeing one again tonight I feel that it is definitely not a plane. I
would call it a UFO or it could be something experimental that the public is
not aware of. The light blinks very fast like a strobe light and is usually
white but I have seen other colors. It moves very fast in a straight line
and blinks very fast, not like the slow steady blink of an airplane. Somehow
I get the impression that it knows I see it, because as I look at it, it
usually just blinks out a few seconds later. It is very reliable; I have been
seeing one in the sky almost every night on my way home from work. I just
wanted to report it; maybe someone in the area can set up a video camera and
get some film of it. Thanks to: Jessie Grider
[email protected]


COOS BAY -- I experienced a UFO sighting on December 20, 1999, to be exact at
about 5:35 PM. The object was low in the southern sky appeared to rise
slowly, got very bright, white with an orangish cast, flickered and shimmered
at its height it got as bright as anything I've ever seen in the sky. At
least 3-4 times that or Venus the slowly went out with an afterglow like
something very hot cooling off. This all occurred on a clear twilight night.
I'm a former Professional Pilot currently sell Real Estate. Also, my wife and
I experienced two orange-red lights that did a similar thing about two years
ago in February 97.' Curiously that was also near the Full Moon, also.
Another thing was the proximity of some sort of little putt-putt type
aircraft--either that or they hide behind a hologram of a Cessna. I had
friend whose career as an UPS pilot was nearly ruined because he came
forward. Thanks to UPS pilot.


BEAMOUNT -- On December 10, when I saw my golden triangular object, I really
hoped it was a sign, an angel. I have read several things on the Internet
since then. Some say that the aliens we see, UFO's, are the fallen angels,
bad angels. I want to believe that my golden object is a good angel from
heaven, maybe God just letting us know that he is real and he is in control.
I have also heard several accounts in the Bible talk of UFO's. Deep in your
heart, what do you really think? Do you think someone or something is trying
to communicate with us? Do you think the scriptures in the Bible are really
talking about UFO's? Thanks to sankysue13. Editor's Note: Yes, they are.


SAN Antonio - Carol Potter writes my boyfriend and I were watching the sky on
December 19, 1999, about 5:00 AM, when we saw a shooting star like object
overhead. It flew by and burned as if hitting the atmosphere and went out.
Then it became a light again, flew a little way, went out, came back on, and
went out. This kept up until it flew out of our sight. It was definitely not
a plane or a satellite. About 10 minutes later in the northern part of the
sky, a very bright object appeared. It was much brighter than a star. It got
bright then dimmed and floated away. I was able to see it through some high
powered binoculars and it looked like there were two objects. They moved
towards each other then went in opposite directions and disappeared. We
watch the sky almost every weekend. We have seen a lot of strange things, but
these were the strangest by far. If you have any info, it would be
appreciated. Thanks to Carol Potter
[email protected]

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Edwards AFB. Tower operator Sgt. Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the
Air Defense Command. Sgt. Sorrels is heard on the original tapes and in a
new segment where he verifies the event as it is heard on the archival
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