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Filer's Files #10 -- 2006
Mar 8, 2006, 15:50

 General George S. Brown Chairman JCS Comments on UFOs

In 1968, when I was an Intelligence Officer, I briefed General George S. Brown, at 7th Air Force Headquarters in Saigon, Vietnam about UFOs near the DMZ.

General Brown states in a Department of Defense transcript of press conference in Illinois, October 16, 1973. "I don't know whether this story has ever been told or not. They weren't called UFOs." They were called enemy helicopters. And they were only seen at night and they were only seen in certain places. They were seen up around the DMZ in the summer of '68. And this resulted in quite a little battle. And in the course of this, an Australian destroyer took a hit and we never found any enemy, we only found ourselves when this had all been sorted out. And this caused some shooting there, and there was no enemy at all involved, but we always reacted. Always after dark. The same thing happened up at Pleiku at the Highlands in '69." Thanks to General George S. Brown, USAF Chief of Staff and later Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

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Mars Mining Structures With Signs

Images courtesy of Euopean Space Agency

First note the green valley behind the possible open pit mining on Mars in the region of Lunae Planum area, at approximately 5° South and 297° East. Below is a close-up perspective view of the mountain in Juventae Chasma, thought to be composed of sulphates that used on Earth in health and beauty products.

ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

The European Space Agency Mars Express obtained this image on March 26, 2004, during orbit 243 with a ground resolution of 23.4 metres per pixel. Note the green vegetation on the lower left of image. A much larger photo can be seen at

The mining photo of Mars looks very similar to the Barrick Goldstrike Mine in Nevada.

Mars Sulphate Deposits with Sign

These images, taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft, show the depression of Juventae Chasma and the mine with an apparent sign, cut into the plains of Lunae Planum on Mars. The depression of Juventae Chasma, is located north of Valles Marineris.

Notice that the green vegetation in the valley. To the northeast, there is a mountain composed of bright, layered material.

The OMEGA spectrometer on board Mars Express discovered sulphate on the surface of Mars and confirmed that this mountain is indeed composed of sulphate deposits.  The Mars Express shows the sulphate mine with a sign or writing symbols at each end. The one on the top right is reversed, enlarged, and shown below. .

The mining area is marked by a huge sign at the upper left probably showing ownership.The symbol ý, like the Latin Y and possibly an H can be made out on the mining sign. A wild guess is that this could mean YHWH, "to create."

I'm looking for an expert in ancient languages, since they may have a relationship to alien writing. Many civilizations claim they were taught writing by extraterrestrials or gods.


On the far side of the Open Pit Mine there is a second sign shown in 3D with the letters Y and S. I suggest these signs are deliberate and not an accident of nature.

This YHWH sign is similar to one in this JPL image taken by the Opportunity Rover of Burns Cliff inside Endurance Crater. Note the symbols similar to P, Y, I, A, Y, IV,.and X.

Moon Mining

Enlargements made from Apollo photography show anomalous structures, lights, and sites of mining on the moon. Walter Shirra aboard Mercury 8, was the first astronaut to use the code name 'Santa Claus' to indicate the presence of UFOs. When Apollo 8 came out from behind the dark side of the moon James Lovell, Jr. broadcast for everyone to hear. (NASA Photo)"

"We have been informed that Santa Claus does exist!" Many people sensed a hidden meaning in those words. Buzz Aldrin claimed a UFO followed Apollo 11 to the moon.

With binoculars anyone can view various craters on the Moon with bright rays expanding out from the craters. Rays are the most mysterious and most extraordinary features on the Moon. Astronomers believe the rays are composed of fine particles explosively ejected when a meteorite hits the lunar surface. They are likely pulverized rock of the kind that covers the lunar surface A crater is formed when ejecta is ejected generally in a circular pattern around the crater for a few miles.

However, strange white trails are visible on the lunar surface that go on for hundreds of miles. It seems unlikely that any meteoritic impact would create rays that form single lines for these long distances. When the astronauts reached the Moon they complained about the white dust they picked up on their feet and clothing and carried inside their craft..

Lets assume that mining is a reality on the Moon and that spaceships would pick up the white dust as they land and are loaded. When the ships take off the dust would tend to fall off leaving a trial or path across the lunar surface.

This Apollo photos shows an elliptical crater 1 km long with an unusual, wing like pattern of rays in Mare Tranquillity near where Apollo 11 landed. (AS15-9254P)  I suggest this pattern would more likely be formed by mining activities than by a meteoritic impact. Orbital view of the unusual Moon craters Messier (labeled 1) and Messier A (2) from Apollo 15. From images like this, lunar scientists have concluded that these lunar craters were produced by high velocity projectiles following shallow trajectories traveling from east (upper right) to west (lower left).

This unique crater, situated in Mare Fecunditatis has a form deviating remarkably from the usual circular one and has two bright and conspicuous rays. Messier is about 1,250 meters deep and of an elongated form, measuring about 11 km in length and 8 km in width. Its longitude is 48 deg East and its latitude at 2 deg South.

Messier A lies about 20 km west of Messier, at a longitude of 47.6 deg East, latitude 1.9d South. It is a double crater, measuring 11 x 13 km. The smaller, older crater was superimposed by a newer, a bit larger crater. The bright double ray, reaching out from these two craters to the West for 120 km resembles a comet with a tail. Scientists claim the craters and the rays were probably created by a 1-5 degrees very narrow-angle grazing impact.

I suggest that mining dust carried by spacecraft could explain the unusual patterns. Previously, numerous speculations have been involved in attempt to explain the particularities of these two interesting craters (see e.g. Charles Wood's article in Sky & Telescope, November 2000 issue, p. 126).

Those who ascribe to theories of rays being formed by finely pulverized ejecta that radiate from craters must explain why less than half the craters have rays. The rays of Tycho extend for over a thousand miles radiating from the outer walls even to the limit of the visible hemisphere. The rays do not extend uniformly in all directions but suggest a route traveled by craft. We are told there is no atmosphere on the Moon to cause erosion of some type that ay cause the rays to disappear from most of the craters.

Shuttle Columbia Videotapes UFOs

The Shuttle Columbia video provided by Frank Soriano shows a large UFO close to the shuttle on the left and three others in space over the Pacific Ocean on March 6, 1996.

Alabama Four lights Going In Circle Pass

-- My two daughters, wife, and I were going down the road on February 10, 2006 at 8 PM, and my wife said, "Do you see those lights?" After a minute or two we all saw four good size round lights going in a circular motion. They met in the middle and went through each other moving at the same speed in a perfect circle. they looked like the ends of the lights had an ora or dust coming from the tail end say they was moving going toward LaGrange, Georgia.

My wife said, "They were stationary, but to me they seemed to be moving. When we got to the store, my girls were pointing at them and other people in the parking lot looked up and saw them. We asked each other what are they we have seen them for 11-14 miles, Just about every night we have seen something strange for the past 4 or 5 months. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Arizona a Very Bright Object

Scottsdale -- On February 26-28 of 2006 at 2:30 AM, I noticed a very bright star outside my window. I knew that it was a star that was not usually in that location. This time around I paid great attention to it as I lay in bed. There is a telephone pole out side and the "star" hung in space just above it. As I lay still I watched as this "star" slowly moved away from above the top of the telephone pole and just to the side of it.

I became excited and went to my sliding glass door and watched this object. I then decided to go wake up my boyfriend and told him there was a UFO outside. We both watched this object and he noticed it was changing colors from blue to red and mostly white.

I went and leaned up against the glass door and from that point I could not see the object at all, as where just moments earlier I could. So I snapped some photos, and took three different small videos. The next night I again saw the "star" object as I was driving. This time it was about 7:30 PM and again north west. Then I saw three of them south and grabbed my camera only to catch one of them as it disappeared in the clouds. The other one quickly shot upwards and disappeared.

On December 17, 2005, I saw a huge oblong craft two football fields long, (200 Yards), that had many lights that quickly blinked all around the object like twinkling lights. Thanks to Brian Vike Director

California Low Flying Massive (UFO)

Concord -- It was the early summer of 1968, I was walking home through an open field with old walnut trees at 10 PM, on a clear star filled night, but the sky turned black, as the stars had disappeared. There was a huge object hovering silently some two hindered feet above my head. I remember seeing the lights that moved from side to side, they flickered like tiny stars against the massive platform. It started to slowly move forward, without a sound, to glide like that of a great sea ray.

I could make out the outline shape of a triangle. I don't remember being afraid, and told my parents about what I had just seen. My Mother thought it may have been a new type of aircraft the government was working on over at Travis Air Force Base that is fifty miles north of us. I am now fifty two years old and the events of that night are still unsettling to me. It's hard for me to dismiss the encounter. Thanks to Brian Vike Director

Colorado Lighted Objects

Evergreen -- On February 13, 2006 at 5:30 PM, I saw a lighted object in the sky hovering and moving slowly west of town. They could be lit by the sun, but this is the third time this week we saw the strange lights. This evening I saw it four times in 45 minutes. It either moved away from me and disappeared to the west or moved down behind a Floyd Hill Mountain. At dusk I saw it again but it was dark and still hovering and moving slowly. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida Orange Ball of Light

Weston – On March 1, 2006, at 7:07 PM, I was upstairs looking out my second story window on a very clear and crisp night and in the distance I saw an orange ball of light that was slowly moving toward my direction. I watched and waited for it to get close enough so I could identify it. After only a few moments, it was close enough to see that it had no structure and was just a solid ball of "self contained" orange light. It didn't glow or shine, it just was a solid color. It then came to a stop and was motionless in the sky. Then, a normal plane aircraft caught my attention and was coming into view from the left. The aircraft looked as if it was going directly toward the UFO. The second it looked like it was going to cross the UFO, the UFO suddenly "blinked out". I was in total shock! I waited and it did not appear again. I walked away stunned! Thanks to Brian Vike Director Check out his 85 Eyewitness UFO Audio reports on CD

Kentucky MUFON State Director

Earl Benezet states, "I read in your latest Filer's Files that you will be trying to tape UFO's in Infra Red? since you say many are seen at high speed....but this is a low should be trying to capture them in ultra violet, x-ray or gamma...that is high speed....the ultra violet is the spectrum in which we saw hundreds of objects pulsing BEHIND the tether on Feb 28th, 1996 while STS-75 Space Shuttle Mission was in me it is the reason why NASA then instituted a policy of a 40 minute break between what it films and what WE get to SEE....I feel it is censorship....the objects we saw in 1996 were pulsing in ultra violet, there were hundreds of them and each was 2 ½ to 3 miles across....and amazing things happened to that satellite at the end of the Tether....

Remember Dan Aykroyd and David their film "Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs," these video is VERY short and doesn't do justice to their 3 hour video of course. Thanks to Earl Benezet State Director Kentucky MUFON.

Illinois Silver and Orange UFOs

Fairview Heights – On February 9, 2006, at 11:45 PM, on the way home from work on a clear night I noticed colored lights to my right. I slowed my car but didn't stop. Above a treeless yard was a hovering object, silvery or grayish, with an "art deco" sort of smooth, stair-step shape. I did not count the number of different levels in the shape, but it was longer than it was tall. From right to left lights were flashing, first red, then blue, then green, then the red at the far right again, etc. Each flash was not particularly fast.

I have no idea how high the object was hovering. I am bad with distance measurements. I was doubting my eyes and thought this might actually have been a small (12"x 24") object suspended not too high in the yard, but I have looked in the area twice since the sighting and have seen nothing. I believe I saw something quite large that was hovering very high in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Michigan Sphere

Hudsonville/Allendale/Standale -- On February 12, 2006, at 6:05 am, I was traveling northbound on 48th Avenue in Ottawa County, and looked to see a greenish light moving in a circular pattern. It would make one revolution about every two seconds. I continued to travel northbound and the light seemed to move with me as I moved. I pulled into the Georgetown Ice Arena so that I could get a better look. It was about fifty feet high making a perfect circle around the house across the street. After about five minutes of pondering what it could be, I continued down the road, and it seemed to follow. It never got any closer or farther away.

I turned eastbound onto M-45 and it started to move with me. Once I started to get into the city, it flew higher. After I arrived at the grocery store to pick up my girlfriend, I looked up and could not see it, but when we got away from the city lights we could see it circling over the Sand Creek Golf Course. It was now about 6:50 AM, as the sun started rising. We could see it faintly on the drive back home on M-45, but lost sight of it at about 7:17 AM. The sky was kind of hazy/foggy. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico Videos

Lordsburg -- Benjie Medina writes, "We have a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video. We captured a cloud like object that was lighter than the sky, when suddenly strange maneuvering light came out of the cloud. The light hovered in the sky, and periodically it changed into two bright lights, then back to one. In some of the video UFOs are flying near normal aircraft. In the second image, an aircraft passes into the center of the picture and flies off, while the light stills hovers at the left. The lights are similar in brightness except for the bright flash. Thanks to Benjie Medina

New York City -- Gil Rodriguez writes, I was able to capture a 50 second video of a strange object that can be seen to change shape three times from a chevron, sphere or disk back to a cylinder shape. While filming outside, I am joined by my ex-wife, mother-in-law and my then 11 year old daughter Mikki whose voices can all be heard on video. My daughter can be heard saying, "It's going into the clouds".

My daughter Mikki and I have had four sightings together and Mikki has had seven sightings total. She will be twenty one this year. My oldest daughter (38) has been having sightings since she was 13 along with some missing time. My son Gil, Jr. (36) has had sightings since his early teens. My brother Luis had several sightings in Vietnam and my younger brother Armand had sightings in Brooklyn, Florida and Richmond, VA. Both my brothers are now deceased. I wrote to you a few years ago about my grandmother's North Carolina sighting from around 1919-1920 of a silver pie pan shaped object that landed in a field where she and other family members were picking cotton. My grandmother died in 1991.

I don't know if some people are somehow more sensitive to UFO's being around or maybe it could be like color blindness, some people just naturally see things others don't see. I do think however that if you look at the skies enough, you will sooner or later see something that you cannot identify and if you're lucky, you'll have a friend/family member, or a camera or camcorder with you to validate your sighting.

Again, I want to thank you for continuing to publish Filer's Files for believers and non-believers alike who can see for themselves that sightings continue to be reported each day by credible people of incredible objects in space, in our skies and around and on our planet. I want to thank you for continuing to publish Filer's Files Thanks to Gil Rodriguez

North Carolina UFO Above Power-Lines

Grey's Creek -- I saw a UFO on Highway 87 on or about December 12, 2005, as I drove north entering Cumberland County and spotted a red and bluish green light hovering 180 feet off the ground just over a power-line. I drove just about underneath it and drove to the next exit to make a U-turn. I saw it fly across the road and I started driving south again. I looked to my left, and it was hovering 80 feet above the lines. As I drove past it, to make a left turn to try to get a closer look as I couldn't see it through the trees. I went back to the highway made a right to see if it was still there but it was gone. It was an orb shape. The way this thing moved across the highway from a stand still, this was no helicopter. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Ohio Video

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter continues to take video of strange UFOs that seem to have high magnetic fields surrounding the craft. The fields and high speeds tend to blur the ends of the craft. Thanks to George Ritter.

Pennsylvania Oblong Shape, Giant Bullet.

Mount Cobb -- At 7:30, on February 26, 2006, I saw a white object that looked like a plane with no wings, no windows, and no markings. The object was ascending from about 10,000 feet high at a fast speed in the blue sky. The object came from a northeast direction and flew to southwest. The object was the size of a 747 airplane, but just the fuselage. I had one other sighting of an oblong object like this one about two years ago. It was descending from 2000 feet to a unpopulated area partially wooded and farm fields. Thanks to Brian Vike Director

Tennessee UFOs Illuminate Area

Kingsport -- A witness reports he awoke late in the night on February 10, 2006, seeing a golden shimmering light outside which was illuminating his bedroom slightly. Unconcerned, he decided to go to the bathroom and he did not have to turn on the bathroom light due to the intensity of the light from outside. He saw what he described as a golden shimmering oval shaped object hovering over a hill, several hundred yards away. The object was illuminating everything outside, trees, grass, and houses. He watched for a few minutes and the object remained unchanged. He also remembered having no feelings of excitement toward this event and went back to bed. Twenty minutes later he realized something bizarre had happened and looked again but the oval had left.

Carter County -- On February 27, 2006, we received a call from a female witness who saw a large arrowhead shaped object which was illuminated with a soft white glow. The object landed on a ridge top and remained there for five minutes. As she watched from her stopped car, the object slowly ascended and flew over her position, causing her car to sputter as it crossed overhead. It was the size of a golf ball at arm's length. The object was strangely silent and had a white glow. Thanks to Kim Shaffer, AUFORC Network


Argentina: Ufologist To Visit Policeman

GENERAL PICO (Agencies) - Corporal Sergio Puchetta, visibly recovered from the odyssey he underwent for over 18 hours in which he claimed to have come in contact with aliens, ratified all of his statements yesterday and through close friends asked that "he not be taken for a nut." Puchetta remains hospitalized in a ward of the Medical Clinic of the city's Centeno Hospital, indicating that he may possibly agree to newspaper requests for an interview. UFO researcher Oscar "Quique" Mario of La Pampa, reached the site where Puchetta vanished on Thursday morning and did not conceal his satisfaction at having secured the officer's testimony shortly after he was found. Thanks to (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

Brazil Low Flying Star Shaped Object

Parana -- I was leaving my girlfriend's home on March 2005, at 9:00 PM, when we both saw a strange brown object flying near the street lights. Then, it passed over our heads and we could see it was not a balloon. There was no sound coming from the object on this very warm and clear night, and no wind blowing. The shape was like a star drawn by little children, with many edges in numbers of four. It seemed to be rotating and its texture was dark metal like bronze, but non reflective. The object was flying about eleven meters off the ground, and was about 2 x 2 meters (the size of a man arm's opened). It was flying near the electric lines. I could throw a rock and hit it. We were amazed and a little frightened of a sinister thing was flying just over our heads. It was flying straight and its behavior was like a recognizing machine, or our satellites with nobody inside, unless the "pilots" were really small. Diagram can be viewed at:

Canada Flying Lights

OSHAWA – Paul Shishis, "I have a report of another "unknown" seen with my own eyes." On February 18, 2006, I took images of objects high in the sky around 1 PM. I noticed a white oval object high above the house. I witnessed this for about 2-3 seconds because of it's speed. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Cornwall, Ontario -- This event happened on Friday, February 24, 2006, at 5:45 PM, as I returned from a museum visit with my girlfriend. We noticed a couple of strange white lights close to the horizon. We were trying our best to figure out what they were as they looked like two straight extremely bright lines, close to a crescent moon. They flew back and forth in the sky and looked very large. There were a few very thin dark clouds above them, but otherwise the sky was clear. We went through a drive-thru to get a coffee and I phoned my brother to go outside and take some pictures. While I got my coffee, the objects were out of sight for about five minutes.

When we started driving again, one had disappeared, but one was still bright as it was previously. As we drove westward, the object slowly flew higher towards the dark cloud and vanished behind it. The cloud was very sparse and very thin, yet the brightness completely vanished.

My girlfriend pointed out the object rising from the top of the cloud, but it was not as bright, it was black and looked like it was extremely high and moving extremely fast. It looked like a giant 'V' shaped object climbing above the clouds. When we got home, I ran to get our camera, but it had flown so high it was out of view. Thanks to Brian Vike Director

Hamilton, Ontario -- I am writing as possible confirmation of the sighting report from Hamilton on February 24, 2006. I live in the north end of Hamilton sort of down in the valley and saw an extremely bright light just as the sky was starting to brighten at sunrise about 6:45 AM. At first I thought it was Venus, but its pulsing and shimmering was extremely bright and unusual. It seemed larger, brighter and closer than a planet and there were no other stars anywhere.

I would probably not have written you except for the other report. Thanks to Brian Vike Director

Black Point, Nova Scotia -- It was quite dark out on February 25, 2006, at 8 PM. While watching TV, I happened to see this bright orb hovering over the bay. I got up to the window to get a closer view, but it had dimmed its lights. It was flying on the left side of the house over the trees, and I noticed there were no stars. I ran to the front of the house and it was moving really slow but I could see the lights underneath it. It had a white flashing light in the back, and a red light flashing in the front. It drifted into the darkness and for a few seconds, all I could see was a flashing red and white light. Then, it veered to the left and disappeared.

A couple hours later my dog was acting weird and sitting by the door which overlooks the ocean and the same object appeared again. It was flying slowly vertically over the ocean with small white lights around the object in a circle. I ran to get the digital camera but it was now just a white flat silver object flying above the trees.

It was hovering fairly low over the water, I'm guessing 15 to 20 feet, and the sighting lasted for five minutes. It was loud and it made a smooth noise, not like an airplane. It looked shiny and round. It had a white light and a red light blinking on each end and I could see the outline of it. It wasn't the shape of an airplane. Thanks to Brian Vike Director

Mexico UFO Photographed


Teotihuacán -- "I was in with my wife, my children and my brother’s family in 1982. We were on holiday and that’s why I took several of photos of Teotihuacán as a keepsake. My intent upon pressing the shutter was to have my family heading toward the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, using the impressive ancient structures as a background. They can be seen on the far right within the photo. "When I took the photo, there was nothing unusual to be seen and upon developing the roll of film, my brother became aware of the possible UFOs, since they are in fact three, forming a triangle, although the largest one is highlighted. We subsequently checked the negative and realized that they could also be seen. Thanks to Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)

Poland UFO Photographed

Przemysl -- Piotr Cielebias, JTU/NPN writes, Please check this strange case and attached photos of extraordinary chance UFO over Przemysl [2006]. Thanks to Piotr Cielebias NOL - The Polish Ufological Journal contact: [email protected]

Scotland Fast Traveling Object Stops

Edinburgh -- On January 3, 2006, the witness saw a round object in the sky traveling fast that came to an immediate sudden halt in mid air at 1:42 AM. This was not a slow or gradual stops like a helicopter but it was traveling at speed and stopped immediately. Then the object somehow disappeared afterwards. But I am not sure how or when. I do not seem to have lost any time or have bad or missing memories. I noticed it in a clear sky and this was no aircraft I have ever seen. Thanks to Brian Vike Director

UFO Seen Near the Sun

Harold Carver writes, "While observing the latest SOHO images, I came across this object near the sun on January 24, 2006, at 01:19. It is clearly seen in the image I am sending with this e-mail." Thanks to Harold Carver

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