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Movement on Mars
Sep 27, 2005, 11:28

Some objects appear to be moving on Mars. These may be caused by camera angle, rover movement and the like. However, Norman Breyden sent the following images. The object seems to change shape. Below is an enlarged composite image of an object I found in the Mars Opportunity Rover Pan Cam images that looks like a moving life form. The upper right image and the lower left are the same image with the brightness and contrast adjusted in the upper right to help see detail.

The object has a spike that seems to change shape and disappear over three of the Pan Cam images. This object can be found in other images but seems to be less pronounced as in the three images that make up the image below. The spike kind of looks like part of some type of flowering plant or an appendage of some type of small animal. You can also make out a pattern of some sort on the spike protrusion.


Link to NASA images:

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