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New Mars Anomalies for 2011
Mar 16, 2011, 09:05

Mars Town and Vegetation

Norman Bryden writes, "Images show a probable travel system laid out as a grid, with buildings located within the matrix. Some of the light-colored road-like structures appear as two lanes of traffic separated by dividers. Bridges and underpasses are present. This image is less than 1 km wide." s MOC narrow-angle image E19-00409 Attempt repeat of image M19-01733 crater at 70.0 N 295.1 W

Mars Uncensored 7yeq .

Are These Relics from a Lost, Ancient Martian Civilization?

Mars images often show an object similar to Egyptian Gods

This image show a truck like object carrying a load on a lowboy carrier

Mars Viking Lander dating from 1976 found evidence of the algae and microorganisms.

This rock shows a black idol figure, that again suggests a past civilization.

This image reminds me of a boat, that as run aground..

This is a questionable image of an apparent body.

47 43N 77 17W location shows apparent writing such as a V

Mars face at top third center inside possible town or transportation hub.

Mars spirit metallic device taken on sol1402.jpg

Mars Satellite disc

Mars tower in upper right of the image

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