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Filer's Files #39 - 2009
Sep 23, 2009, 17:08

Special Reports
 If You Don’t Look You Won’t See


Moon Structure Found About Center of the Moon on NASA Google


 Richard Buchli D.V.M. writes, “Google Earth’s shows a Moon Structure from NASA satellites at 19 58'48.31N 21 11'35.57E. This is one of the subsurface structures that is 755 feet wide. All of my findings have been within a corridor 240 by 80 miles. So far I have not found signs of life anywhere outside of this region.”
I have sent you pictures of three more craft, making a total of four so far. Also five subsurface building locations have been located.
I have been researching the NASA, ASU, JAXA images on the Moon over 10 hours today and anticipate being able to send you a whole fleet in the future. Google Earth streams show a series of newly released structures and craft on the Moon. Wireless networks enable users to virtually go anywhere on the moon and see places in photographic detail. This is a 3D model of the real world, based on real satellite images.
Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M. and Dorothy Buchli W.B.W.
Editor’s Note: To find the images these images for yourself. Go to  ( download Google Earth; then Look under View, Then hit Explore, and the Moon and put in the coordinates.

Spaceship or Structure Found on the Moon

Richard Buchli D.V.M writes, “This is the most exciting thing I have ever found! It is located on NASA image and Japanese Jaxa Selene images at 20 51 42 06N   19 20 41 57E.” The object is thought to be 500 feet long and appears to have windows and wings
Editor’s Note: Correction. Artist Bill McDonald writes, “The drawing you credit to Cosmonaut Alexandr Baladin in last week’s Filer’s Files of the UFO seen in orbit was a drawing I rendered for Henry Winkler at the Paramount Television series “Sightings.”  

I’m the same artist who brought the two Roswell UFO model kits to the Testor Corporation and the UFO vehicle concept for the “Roswell” Showtime movie.
The drawing of the UFO craft was a loose reconstruction attempt based upon the sighting from the statements of Russia Cosmonauts who photographed a ‘Sliver’ of space debris around the Mir and/or a Soyuz capsule in orbit circa 1993. I recall that a Russian cosmonaut did provide a rough-crude hand-lined sketch. The cosmonaut emphasized the four window-like ports toward the tapered end and the two more vertical ports to the wider end. After several hours I ended up designing a configuration which incorporated the blending of fuselage to wing-form in a manner which facilitated the “Shard” into a “Wave-rider” configuration. Please credit me as the forensic reconstruction illustrator who actually rendered the drawing. See more of Bill McDonald’s excellent artwork at:  
UFO above Underground Structure
 Richard Buchli writes, This NASA image appears to be an underground Moon entrance structure located at 21 06'57.59 N 17 20'50.57 E on Google Earth/Moon. We can assume the aliens use underground bases and are likely conducting mining operations on the moon. Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M., and Dorothy Buchli W.B.

India’s Moon Satellite Finds Minerals

BANGALORE: The Hindu India’s National Newspaper reports, “In its 10-month orbit around the moon, India’s Chandrayaan-1’s X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS) has detected titanium, and confirmed the presence of calcium. C1XS detected magnesium, aluminum and silicon during normal conditions, and detected calcium, iron, titanium, sodium and potassium in key areas in the southern hemisphere and on the far side of the Moon during the solar flares. .

University of Wisconsin Scientists Want to Mine Moon’s Energy

MADISON — University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists believe moon rocks contain all the energy the United States needs for the next millennium. “The moon’s surface is full of the energy source helium-3”, said Gerald Kulcinski, a nuclear engineering professor and director of the Fusion Technology Institute at UW. “If we could land the space shuttle on the moon, fill the cargo with canisters of helium-3 mined from the surface and bring the shuttle back to Earth, that cargo would supply the entire electrical power needs of the United States for an entire year,” he said. “Helium-3 provides one million times more energy per pound than a ton of coal and does not produce greenhouse emissions, and mining it would do little environmental harm,” Kulcinski said. Thanks to the Associated Press.

 Antarctica Possible Cave Entrance

This Shot of Possible Entrance in Antarctica Google Earth Image?  Over 600 Yards wide, also there seem to be at least two shipments standing in front of the two side by side openings. Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M.

Commanding General of the French Air Forces Says UFOs Are Real 

 General Lionel Max Chassin states, “That strange things have been seen is now beyond question, and the “psychological” explanations seem to have misfired. The number of thoughtful, intelligent, educated people in full possession of their faculties who have “seen something” and described it grows every day. Doubting Thomas’s among astronomers, engineers and officials who used to laugh at “saucers” have seen and repented. To reject out of hand testimony such as theirs becomes more and more presumptuous”
General Lionel Max Chassin was the Commanding General of the French Air Forces, and Air Defense Coordinator of NATO Allied Forces and president of GEPA (1964-1970) (Source: “Above Top Secret” by Timothy Good – Page 173.)

Sightings in the United States
Alabama & Pennsylvania Activity

John Jaeger writes, “For the past year, I've been working in SE Alabama. I've been watching unusual stationary or geo-sync ‘stars’ that change color.” I've used a powerful set of binoculars but all it does it make the changing colors more clear. I can't get any indication of size or see any type of craft. What I've noticed is the increase in "stars with changing colors". That's what really caught my attention. I'd seen the stars for the past seven months in the same area of the sky that could be a satellite but I'm not so sure. My binoculars have a camera so I'm going to see if I can snap some close up pictures.

I recently moved my family from Souderton, Hilltown Township Pennsylvania to Alabama. There is a Naval Air Station in Doylestown with heavy air traffic. Every once in a while we'd hear a really loud (house shaking) planes but I could never locate them in the sky. Interestingly, those really loud planes were flown while there was a low overcast ceiling making it hard to find. But even on clear days, I couldn't see them in the sky. I know that sound is deceiving, but when the house shakes I think its overhead. Could it be a form of cloaking?  Thanks to John Jaeger PUFOIN, Director Paranormal and UFO Information Network (

Arizona Red Mass Falls From Craft

QUEEN CREEK -- The witness was out viewing the Perseid meteor showers on August 9, 2009, at 9:55 PM, when he saw an object to the north and a large red mass which "appeared to drip like water" from the object. The mass descended and stopped. He grabbed his camera and snapped several photos. The red mass was visible for 10 to 15 minutes and then abruptly disappeared. The photo was taken towards the North Star (Polaris). Williams Field Air Force Base and Luke Air Force Base are in the direction of where the photos were taken with a Kodak Z1015 IS (12 megapixel) digital camera.
Note: It is not known if the military was conducting exercises in the area and if they were, one wonders what the "red mass" would be? According to the witness no fire retardant was being dropped and no fires were in the area. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

California Large Dark Triangular Object Seen Over Airport

SAN MATEO -- I saw a large, black triangular craft (it looked like a stealth aircraft) with no running lights of any kind September 17, 2009, near San Francisco Airport at about 9:30 PM. It was headed south in a straight line moving from high altitude to Earth at lightening quick speed. I was exiting Highway 92 turning onto the ramp for Highway 101 N. When I saw the object out of my peripheral vision, slowing way down on the ramp I caught sight as the craft was heading towards the Earth. I thought it was an aircraft from San Francisco Airport and I could see many commercial aircraft above the object. This object looked like it was going to crash into the water (San Francisco Bay). I waited for a loud crashing noise, but there never was one and I had to speed up as I was then entering merging traffic on to Highway 101. I am just surprised no reports have been on the news about this craft appearing on radar or others not seeing it in the night sky in such a heavily populated area.

Note: This object must have been very large and prominent given that it was a dark object and seen in the night sky. Flying triangles are one of the most frequent type of reports that our organization receives, but most witnesses report slow movement. This craft was moving very fast. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Connecticut Small Disk Shape 20 Foot Diameter

LEBANON -- Our neighbors and I observed a pulsating dim red light, at about 300 yards distant. Witnesses were: Roderick E Gouin, his brother Keith J. Gouin, the Father Robert F Gouin Sr. and neighbor Timothy Ellis. We walked 300 yards toward the craft to within 100 yards to investigate. A few minutes later the round bright silver disk about the size of a large van rose silently to about ten feet off the ground and slowly moved away. After a few minutes it increased in speed and disappeared never making a sound. The next morning I investigated to find the growing hay flattened in a circular pattern of about 20 feet in diameter. I experience abduction dreams at a vivid level. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Mothership?

WHEELING -- On September 8, 2009, after reading up the Disclosure Project site and watching an interview with Steven Greer saying now it is time for people initiate the contact themselves using certain mind techniques. I have telepathically asked for a contact and wanted to see a giant ET ship, so I was sending focused mental messages through out a day.
Around 9 PM, I heard some strange movement and looked up to see a giant Mothership type cigar-shaped UFO traveling slowly northbound at about 7,000 feet altitude. It was two to three football fields in length, going over our house with one light after another in fixed formation. I called my Mom and she saw it passing over our heads. I said, “Mom they are here for us, they have arrived!” An electrifying feeling went though our bodies and we waived and jumped in joy, asking them to stop for us. The object stopped for 40 seconds with the front going up as bottom back light dimmed out and then the brighter light followed and just disappeared.

Indiana Disc Under Cloud

LAFAYETTE -- When reviewing the photograph I noticed the object under the funnel cloud I shot on July 26, 2009. When I snapped the shot it was of the signage located on Creasy Lane east of SR 38. The photograph looks north, and I did not notice the object at the time. Did the object drop from the funnel cloud?
Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Massachusetts Photo

FITCHBURG – I was outside taking pictures of the clouds on June 22, 2009, and saw this after reviewing my pictures and was advised to send it to you folks. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan Object Goes into Lake Huron

-- We were camping on September 12, 2009, at Lake Huron Campground, at 9:25 PM, and noticed four very bright red/pink lights. The four lights were in a perfect geometric form similar to a cross, and did not blink or lose their form from the time we saw them until they moved from north to south. They flew toward us in perfect formation then suddenly the two center lights dimmed and disappeared. The top and bottom lights went out at the same time. We thought that the lights may have been flares, but a plane’s altitude would have been very low to drop them and we heard nothing. Also, the lights did not flicker or vary from their exact formation. If they were flares the lake breeze would have caused some shift in formation and flickering.

After the red lights went out, we noticed a dark shadowy object moving east faster than any jet from where the red lights had been. As it moved east, it got lower and flew over Lake Huron. It was three tree tops in size as it descended towards the water and we saw flickers of white light directly underneath the object similar to a reflection of light that was shimmering off moving water. It kind of sparkled under the object. The object was darker than the starlit night sky and appeared as if covered by black camouflage fabric. It made absolutely no noise and appeared to vanish either onto or into Lake Huron. My husband and I both have Master's Degrees; we're intelligent, reputable individuals. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Montana Cylinder

ENNIS -- My husband and I were on a road trip for two weeks and stopped at a cute B&B called Old Kirby Place Fishing Lodge on the Madison River in Madison County. I'm a photographer and wanted to take some photos on August 27, 2009, in the mid afternoon of the property. It wasn't until I was home and editing my photos that I noticed a white and maybe metallic saucer shape because the bottom metallic side is slightly longer than the white top part. It somewhat appears to be rectangular in shape too. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 New Jersey Has a Dozen Sightings

CLAYTON -- On September 19, 2009, a teardrop light hovers gets brighter rises and vanishes at 8:05 PM. My wife and I both saw an incredible light that was not man made no way. It had a beam of light underneath it too! This inverted beam of white light underneath the teardrop looking super bright light was wide, then it closed/narrowed and as it did the aura around it all got weirdly brighter. It "hovered" at about 1000 feet, left of the Orion constellation and the haze around it began to glow... It was a stark obvious difference than all the rest of the clear sky. The narrowing inverted v "closed" the light rose and suddenly vanished! The haze that was glowing began to dissipate and fell closer to us and dissolved descending upon us about 300 feet toward us as it lost its "glow" ...

EDITOR’S NOTE: NASA launched a rocket from Wallops Island, Virginia a few minutes before 8 PM, that was seen throughout the East Coast. The light came from an artificial noctilucent cloud formed by the exhaust particles of the rocket's fourth stage about 173 miles high.

ALLENTOWN -- On September 19, 2009, I saw a bright light in the sky that made the shape of a cone underneath it at 8:45 PM.  It was similar to an upside down ice cream cone with a light on top.  It was a white light.  There were no colors.
 The bright light at the top of the cone faded leaving the cone itself. Then the cone faded as well. The object was stationary. About 45 minutes later I saw a bright light that blinked slowly at an irregular pace moving north to south across the sky. It did not appear to be a plane because the light was very bright and blinked slowly - about three times - then it disappeared. This light was also white.

CHERRY HILL – I was making a video of grandson came out the sky was hovering laser lights flashing captured image on video.
I would like to send the video to James Carrion. The evidence is clear vivid.

SANDY HOOK – The sighting of a triangle shaped UFO lit up entire night sky then vanished on September 19, 2009, Saturday at 11:30 PM. A former military man reports seeing a triangle composed of three fluorescent bulbs, one on each of three sides. The light that it emitted was so bright that it lit up the sea like daytime. The entire craft was lit in a triangular shape and was at least 30 feet long on each side, and emitted a cloud of smoke after it lit the ocean then disappeared. It was about a thousand feet from the witness when it suddenly was GONE!

This is the second sighting in the same area within the past month.  The first one that I saw was during the daytime and I sent in a photo of this to you.

JACKSON – My cousin and I noticed lights outside my window on February 16, 1988, at 5 PM. I looked at them and studied them: There were five bright white circles standing in a vertical formation moving in circular motions while remaining in a vertical line. My cousin said, "What’s with all the lights?" I watched for five minutes and wasn’t sure what to make of it so I went to bed where a cloud of light sleepy air took over my mind and I went to sleep.

NEWTON -- I was outside with my wife on September 19, 2009, and children enjoying a clear evening at 8:45 PM when to the south a bright light illuminated a cone directly underneath. It was odd the sky should "glow" under the light almost as if there was some powder released just before the light began. The light lasted about 25 seconds, but left a very faint white glimmer of a cloud in its wake. It was too dark to skydive safely at the time the light was spotted and there were no planes. I am a private pilot and due to its position in the sky and the brief appearance, it was almost impossible to judge distance.  It looked to be high in the atmosphere. I have never seen anything that looked like this and could not think of any explanation for its occurrence. 

PATTERSON -- My mother and I were outside when we saw a star like object with huge light trail on September 19, 2009, at 8:15 PM. which got sucked back into it and then vanished. Almost as if it was projecting a beam into the sky with a trail at the end. This object was in earth’s atmosphere.

TRENTON -- My five year old and I were outside looking at stars on September 19, 2009, at 7:30 PM, and we saw a very bright light, too close to be star. It was a gigantic, very bright light with a cone shining down. As if someone was shining a gigantic flashlight down thru the clouds, except it wasn't cloudy. It was way too big to be a plane and it was moving slowly upward. It was far away from us. We viewed it for about a minute. The light went out and the cone slowly faded away. The most amazing thing I have ever seen. My son remarked, "The lights went out and God got a flashlight".

HADDON HEIGHTS -- -Around 7:45 p.m. on September 19, 2009, I was alone in my backyard. There were no clouds; the sky was completely clear. I saw a light appear in the south. It was joined by a cone of light below it, the whole effect looking like a spotlight from a helicopter or a flashlight pointing down from above, shining through fog or smoke. The bright light lasted 10-15 seconds, finally flickering out and leaving just the cloud, which faded quickly. I went inside to get my wife and she noticed I was shaken up.

EDGEWATER PARK -- My wife and kid and next door neighbor were outside on September 19, 2009, and noticed a bright light that shown down like a police helicopter that lasted 10 to 15 seconds. We didn’t hear any sound and didn’t see any object in the sky. The light was brighter on the outer edges and darker in the center, almost like an upside down V. About 10 minutes later, I noticed what looked like a star moving across the sky from south to north. My wife thought it might be a plane. It was very high and was not blinking and the light stayed consistent the whole time. About 20 minutes after that I saw the same light traveling the same direction. The brightness or the shape of the light did not change as it went across the sky. We never heard a sound from any of these objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Photo

ALBUQUERQUE -- I got pictures from outside of our hotel on Saturday, September 19, 2009, that shows the same stationary object about 5:15 to 7:30 PM. We were walking into our hotel and saw this and decided to go back to the car and grab the binoculars. Using them, we could see that it wasn't a hot air balloon. It was silvery/pearly white teardrop with no basket on the bottom. The inside was dark grey-black, like a small circle in the middle with nothing attached showing it was not a weather balloon, either.
We watched from our room and it still hadn't moved, but clouds started coming across it. We decided to go for a sunset drive into the foothills and it was still there as the black area inside of it started to turn orange/red. By the time dusk turned to night, it started to fade and was gone completely. In two hours, it didn't move left or right, up or down. Considering this, its design, and strange behavior, we decided that it couldn't be a weather balloon. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Sightings

PATCHOGUE and NEWBURGH -- A bright light that was first thought to be the moon was seen in the southern sky on September 19, 2009, about 8 PM. The light emitted a bright beam of light that appeared to ‘vaporize’ and disappear in about three seconds.
Note: Several other reports were received in the Eastern U.S. that was due to a NASA Black Brant XII Suborbital Sounding Rocket launched from Wallops Island, Virginia. to study the Earth's highest clouds. Read news release. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

KIRKWOOD – I was filming the sunset and did not see the UFO on September 14, 2009, until reviewing the video. An object seems to be flying around the sun then zips off down at a right angle then returns.
MONROE -- I was staying at my son’s house and woke up at 4 AM, and noticed a cone shaped stationary object with a cloud around it and also a hint of lights on September 19, 2009. I watched for about 5 minutes and didn’t move.

BUFFALO -- There were three of us at a campfire outside the eastern edge of Buffalo on September 19, 2009, where we could see a bright star at 10:26 PM. To the right I saw a spherical light that had a cone shaped glowing beam below it. I said "What is that?" The light made no movements at all and no sound. We watched and it slowly went out, starting at the lowest part of the cone, also the largest part, almost like it was retracting back into the source. The light that it shined was extremely bright but not blinding, and I don't understand how it could be motionless, with no sound, and still seem so bright. All three of us saw it, and it was amazing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Disc

TALENT -- Witness states, “I took this picture with my HP Photo mart M415 5.2 megapixel camera on June 12, 2007, while observing chemtrail planes.” After downloading the numerous pictures later I noticed the disc. Earlier in the day I noticed an object trailing a plane, but I did not capture it. Thanks to UCB and Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ.

Pennsylvania Light Shaft

HARRISBURG -- After reporting what I saw to MUFON, I put up a status about the event on my Face book and was tipped off that what we saw was not a UFO, but the International Space Station which was viewable from my area last week. It looks like a star with a light beam. And can be seen for about two to five minutes.

GETTYSBURG -- My boyfriend and I were on the access road at the bottom of Triangular Field in the Gettysburg National Park on September 19, 2009. I am a paranormal investigator; we were doing some experiments and taking photos. He told me to look over in his direction and I noticed a black/gray cloudy area and suddenly, a cone-shaped beam of light came from this area in the sky shining on the ground.
He saw a triangular shape in the sky where the beam of light was coming from and there was no sound. The beam of light retracted up towards the triangle and they disappeared. Today, I was listening to my recordings and there seems to be about three minutes of recordings missing. I am a Paranormal Investigator that has seen many things but, nothing like this ever. Thanks to MUFON CMS

WILLIAMSPORT -- Witness reports, “I was driving eastbound on Third Street in when I took two pictures of the Goodyear blimp with my digital EnV2 2.0 camera on August 25, 2008. The day was clear and sunny while the Goodyear blimp after the Little League World Series Game. Thanks to UCB and  Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey.

South Carolina Arrow Shape String of Lights

MOUNT PLEASANT -- I saw a half arrow shaped string of white dimly flaring Christmas-style lights flying south on September 15, 2009, from 8:40 to 8:43 PM, on the coast few miles NE of Charleston.
Note: Given the brevity of this report it is hard to say anything definitive. The witness has not responded my email whereby I asked for some clarification of his sighting. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Tennessee Light
35.361 N 85.7446 W – I took this photo on September 4, 2009. You have no comprehension of the magnitude with which these phantoms of our atmosphere exist. They are untouchable!
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Liquid Falls from Aerial Triangular Object
CORPUS CHRISTI -- My fiancé and I were outside sitting on a table about six inches apart on September 16, 2009, about 9:30 PM, when I felt a drop of liquid hit my left arm. I looked up to see if there were any clouds and there were none. A half a second later I felt my right arm get sprinkled with what I thought was water so I looked up again, and we both saw a large dark triangle shaped object above us. It had very faint lights along two sides of the triangle. It appeared to be solid because the lights ran the whole length of both sides. I couldn't see the lights on the third side and it didn't make any noise. It appeared to be far away, but was very large.

Note: Sightings of slow moving large triangles are commonplace. Sometime electrical interference has been reported near these objects. This is the first report of residue falling from these objects. A check of weather conditions showed that no rainfall was measured anytime on the date of the sighting. The temperature was 81.0 degrees Fahrenheit, the dew point was 75.9 degrees Fahrenheit (quite high), the relative humidity was 85% (fairly high) and  south wind at 7 mph. There is a chance the witness experienced moisture due to condensation given the moist conditions, but the fact that the moisture was felt when the object was overhead is likely not coincidental. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest 

West Virginia Triangle

PHILIPPI -- The witness reports, “After I went to bed on September 13, 2009, I looked out the window and saw a dark triangle shaped object which was almost stationary. It had round lights at each corner which were alternating between red and white. I did not get a good look as I was viewing it through some trees for about four minutes, when it left.” Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wyoming Rectangle

CASPER --I let the dog out at 2:45 PM, on November 14, 2008, and noticed that part of the sky was blacked out by a craft with two people or beings looking right at me through its windows. They were so close that I could see the one was wearing a baseball style like cap. He waved at me and I realized it's too late to try and do anything else but wave. As it passed over I was too stupefied to do anything but sit there and watch. I thought, "It must be an Air Force recon ship." I could hear a slight buzz, so I think that the ship was a lighter than air and was maneuvered by electric motors.
My second thought was the U.S. has developed a hydrogen gel. It seemed like humans and human made. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 World Wide Sightings

Brazil Mushroom

COGUMELOS --- My name is Rosely Vaz de Lima and I have a Ufology team in Brazil. I was with my friend Chico Penteado on August 29, 30, 2009, when an object appeared not far from us. First, it was a bright ball that suddenly changed into a green mushroom shape as it sent out a beam. In Filer's Files #38 – 2009, a similar photo was shot in Toledo, Ohio (shown on the right.) In Brazil, when the UFO sent out the beam we heard a terror scream from a man. Perhaps we were witnesses to an attack or abduction by aliens, although we never found who screamed. Our photo on the left was taken with a night vision monocular touching the lens of a professional camera. Thanks to Rosely Vaz de Lima

Bulgaria Red Flashing Light

PLOVDIV -- I was on my balcony, when I saw a red flashing light at a distance of about 10 km, moving to the west, not too high above the horizon on September 22, 2009. . Suddenly it disappeared. Few seconds later it came back, only this time it was moving in an opposite direction (to the east) and a little bit higher. Then it disappeared again. And when it showed up it was moving to the west again. It went on for a few kilometers accelerating its speed and disappeared again just to show up moments later moving to the east but this time much slower. It accelerated again decreasing its altitude and I lost it out of sight when it went behind a building. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Costa Rica Photo

34 43 N 10 33 W – On  September 5, 2009, at 9:50 PM I saw this particular object flying over a soccer stadium during a important game, between Mexico Vs Costa Rica. When I first saw the object I thought it was a plane, but it stayed in one position for a long period of time. Then it moved very slowly The object was round with flashing lights on its sides. I filmed with my digital camera for more than five minutes these weird almost invisible objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Sighting

TORONTO -- I was on my morning run on St. George Street and Bernard Avenue when I noticed a strange looking cloud not far from the sun on September 16, 2009, rapidly breaking and changing shape. It was odd because it wasn't a windy day and other clouds in the vicinity were much bigger and stationary. Then I noticed a metallic sphere appear in the middle of the cloud pulsating with bright white light. It wasn’t moving, just hovering there, silently. It looked like it was changing shape, but the flashes were so bright that it was hard to see the exact form. Seconds later it was gone and the small cloud surrounding it also disappeared instantly.
Thanks to MUFON CMS\

Chile Photo

VALPARAÍSO -- On August 2, 2009, we were walking near the beach my family stopped to take a photo, and captured a series of lights. I spotted them on the computer, but I had already seen similar objects twice near my house. A few months ago I sighted one. There was a ball running around the UFO that is similar to this photo. If put this on zoom, you can see two black balls around the UFO. They keep moving, running all around the central light but not too fast and not too slow, like a magnetic poles. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico UFO

I and my husband would love some rational explanation for the sightings however it seems no objects we create are of this nature, our eyes are glued to the sky now with camcorder in hand to see if we can film these weird almost invisible objects

Poland Air show SU-27s and UFO

 DRUGI DZIEN POKAZÓW –A video was released on September 21, 2009, was taken at a military air show and depicts a UFO within the footage that clearly shows its superiority in speed and maneuverability. The UFO passes the jet formation at twice the speed.

Portugal Pink Great Orb Light

ODELEITE -- Algarve with my ex-girl and we parked the vehicle 300 meters inside the trees on August 25, 1999. After staying there chatting for awhile and listen to some music we start feeling static in the radio but the zone is near Spain and often occurs. We put on a tape and got in the back seats. When we both were naked and were starting we were surprised by a bright light too intense for our eyes. We both jumped into the front seats thinking another car was catching us. We saw a revolving pink great orb light.

It was a triangular red/pink light rotating fast. The orb was behind and occupying four large trees and we could see ray's coming out the middle of the rotation. It was ten meters in diameter and that distance away. We didn't see much more as I started the car immediately and got out fast. We stopped the car one kilometer away and got dressed. We saw some kind orb anomaly and feel we probably had a time lapse. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Turkey Sphere

ISTANBUL – I was on vacation and taking pictures of the sunset with my brother from our balcony at 6:30 PM, on September 20, 2009, and took a picture of what I thought was the moon at first glance. My husband told me it was not the moon, and not of this earth. The shape was a perfect sphere, with two or three belts going around the bottom of it. It was floating at an angle and had a round door hatch on the very bottom of the craft. The outside of the sphere had a very bright, white colored, lace like surface. The belts seemed to represent windows or different levels of the craft. I know for a fact, this craft (as large as it is),was not in my viewing screen. My husband said that these crafts are very difficult to take pictures. Thanks to MUFON CMS
UK’s UFO Sightings More Than Triple This Year

YORKSHIRE -- Over the past three weeks my husband and I have witnessed almost invisible objects against the night sky the first occurred when we were walking down the garden when a spherical object appeared over our heads and looked almost invisible against the sky. It was a well lit night as the moon was almost full. The object moved quite fast and was a blurry grey in color. It passed over head and then another silent object appeared next to it.
There were no lights as it disappeared into the night sky. One week later we again witnessed an almost invisible grey object moving fast that would pause then move off Last night, my husband woke me up at 11:30 PM, as he had witnessed a horse shoe shaped object!

Swine Flu Prevention

Influenza vaccination is the primary method the medical profession uses to prevent swine flu. Dr. Mark Nicas, professor at the School of Public Health, University of California, studies "the exposure intensity of contaminants in the air," including the H1N1 virus. He says, “When an infected person coughs or sneezes larger particles settle out quickly within three feet of origination but in contrast, the smaller particles disperse throughout the room and can be inhaled deeply into the lungs.” The viruses in these small airborne particles can survive for hours and are able to travel from room to room. If you aren’t blessed with a particularly robust immune system, this can and does lead to increased likelihood of exposure and infection.
I have personally found a method to keep my immune system strong and fight flu, colds, and other illness with special colored light therapy. Adults typically get two to four colds a year, while children may get as many as ten. Several of my friends, my family and I use experimental light therapy to successfully prevent many illnesses and have not had colds or flu over the last several years.

My wife and I started using green polyester light and have been free of colds and flu for several years. It’s never too late to heal your body by helping your immune system to fight infection and disease. It’s time to drop your old ideas about home remedies being “less powerful” than drugs or vaccines—it’s just not true. Ancient treatments are often much safer and more effective, than vaccines. A green light will cause no harm and will likely improve your immune system and help you fight numerous ailments including the flu. The light theory also works successfully on cats, dogs.
Light is the medicine of the future that is a nonintrusive, very powerful tool, that resides at the core of the new 'energy medicine'. We are prepared to offer the special experimental flu lights for $50 which includes shipping and handling at the address below.

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