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Filer's Files #40 - 2008
Oct 1, 2008, 13:32


Rocket Man Encounters UFO

The shiny "cigar-shaped" object was spotted as the Swiss daredevil became the first man to fly from France to Dover with a jet wing. Yves, 49, was filmed from the air as he made the record bid – but the footage also revealed a UFO (Circled). Expert Nick Pope – who investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence – said the mystery craft was too defined to be a cloud yet does not resemble a plane. Nick believes Friday’s sighting was "significant". He called on the MoD to use its state-of-the-art equipment to investigate the sighting. And he suggested that Yves’ flying stunt may have attracted a UFO – studying what was another milestone for the human race. Thanks to the Sun

Evidence for Rain on Mars?

ScienceDaily (Sep. 24, 2008) — Evidence that lake deposits once formed inside impact craters on Mars has been presented at the European Planetary Science Congress in Münster. About four billion years ago, there were lakes on Mars which may have been fed by short-lived rivers that were, in turn, fed by precipitation. These lakes filled craters that were formed by the impact of meteorites. Water accumulated in places where rivers broke through the crater rims. Deltas were formed at the mouths of the rivers, similar to how they are formed where rivers flow into lakes or seas on Earth.

These are the findings of an international team of researchers led by Ernst Hauber of the German Aerospace Center. They discovered delta deposits in these images, relatively unaffected by erosion, inside the craters. The scientists explored the Xanthe Terra area traversed by deeply incised valleys located near the equator in the Martian highlands. "For years scientists have been suspecting that the current appearance of the landscape has, in part, been shaped by rivers that cut into the surface." Rivers carry eroded material downstream. When the flow rate drops, there is not enough energy left to transport this sediment load and it will be deposited. Because this typically happens in places where a river flows into a larger basin, and where the flow rate nearly completely drops to zero, sedimentary deposits form in such locations. Deposits in such dry areas are called alluvial fans. Analysis of sedimentary bodies can therefore show if there were lakes on Mars.

Thus, there must have been precipitation on early Mars. This precipitation then flowed over the surface – this is also one of the findings of the joint research effort. Thanks to John Schuessler and NASA/JPL

Editors Note: Assuming a civilization existed on Mars they would attempt to reach a planet with better conditions such as Earth.

Bolivian Artifacts

The small triangle is from the Gold Museum in Bogotá Columbia. The center craft is from the Field Museum in Chicago, while the largest is from the Museum of a Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The objects were all cast in gold and vary in length from one to two inches. They come from Bolivian graves known to be from 400 to 1000 AD. The artifacts do not resemble any known bird, insect or fish. They appear to be representations of flying or space objects and have a design similar to the space shuttle.

The vehicles could represent objects designed to penetrate the atmosphere from space. All show they can reach supersonic speeds with their swept wings that reduce heating problems created by high friction from the atmosphere as the craft descend.

The NASCA lines in Peru can be seen from space and point to key ancient cities on the West coast of South America where the objects were found. They seem to represent supply vehicles coming from space. The blunt noses are suitable for high speed penetration from space. Many of the leaders in Peru and Bolivia have exceptionally large heads that infer colonization from another planet. An ancient city at Puma Punku, Bolivia contains a pyramid and strange architecture. This precision-made 6 mm wide groove contains equidistant, drilled holes. It seems impossible that these cuts were made with use of stone or copper tools.

China's First Spacewalker

Zhai Zhigang, China's first spacewalker shown above is a historical leap in China's space dreams. The Chinese launched a Long-March II-F carrier rocket carrying the Shenzhou-7 spaceship from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on September 25, 2008. The following the day, astronauts known as Taikonauts walked in space. This is China’s third successful launch into space. The three space travelers landed safely Sunday and China is planning to send Taikonauts to the moon in several years.

Chinese Say They are Building 'Impossible' Space Drive

David Hambling reports, "Chinese researchers claim they've confirmed the theory behind an ‘impossible’ space drive, and are proceeding to build a demonstration version. If they're right, this might transform the economics of satellites, open up new possibilities for space exploration –- and give the Chinese a decisive military advantage in space. To say that the "Emdrive" (short for "electromagnetic drive") concept is controversial would be an understatement. According to Roger Shawyer, the British scientist who developed the concept, the drive converts electrical energy into thrust via microwaves, without violating any laws of physics. His company, Satellite Propulsion Research (SPR), has constructed demonstration engines, which he says produce thrust using a tapering resonant cavity filled with microwaves. He is adamant that this is not a perpetual motion machine, and does not violate the law of conservation of momentum because different reference frames apply to the drive and the waves within it. Shawyer says, NPU is "currently manufacturing" a "thruster" based on this theoretical work.

The Chinese should be capable of determining whether the thruster really works or whether the apparent forces are caused by experimental errors. The Chinese leader, Professor Yang has plenty of experience in this type of area, having previously done work on microwave plasma thrusters which use a resonant cavity to accelerate a plasma jet for propulsion. While the theory behind the Emdrive is very different, the engineering principles of building the hardware are similar. The possibilities are phenomenal: Instead of going out of service when they run out of fuel, satellites would have greatly extended endurance and be able to move around at will. What will China do with the technology? It may be relevant that professor Yang is not unknown in military circles, having published a paper called "Plasma Attack Against Low-Orbit Spy Satellites."

The Chinese have launched a kinetic kill vehicle which homed in and destroyed a defunct Feng Yun polar orbiting satellite. There is a growing threat of US space dominance from China, Russia, India, Japan, and unified Europe. Space isn’t a lonely place anymore with numerous nations and UFOs circling the globe.

Jennifer Ellison believes in aliens and scans for UFOs.


The ex-Brookside star, 25 — who is in the musical version of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds is convinced little green men are out there. She said: "I’ve never seen a UFO but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe and that we are alone. "You’d be naive to think we are the only life forms in the universe." Jennifer revealed her beliefs just a fortnight after The Sun told how UFO fan Robbie Williams claimed one flew into his recording studio in LA. Robbie Williams is preparing a new CD about UFOs. Thanks to the UK Sun News

July UFO Map

The map is provided by Steve Reichmuth ( and Peter Davenport (NUFORC) with 454 reported UFO sightings in red for July. MUFON CMS reported 276 sightings in blue for a total of 730 sightings in July.

New Mexico - Sighting and Museum Correction

ROSWELL – Director Julie Shuster writes, "The library was just reading the Filer's Files #39 and noticed an article on New Mexico UFO Activity. I felt I should contact you to clarify a couple of items listed. You do include the website for TV station out of Albuquerque that ran the piece. However, the fact that what Andre says was in fact a weather balloon launched out of Ft. Sumner, New Mexico was not included. The report even traced the path of the balloon. Also, even reading your files, there are lots of sightings around the world. Rare is not a word I would use for UFO sightings. They are not all extraterrestrial, but they are UFOs to someone.

The biggest issue with what is printed is that "city leaders are working on a plan to build a new $25 million UFO Museum." George, the city has nothing to do with the facility. We are the ones who have purchased the land, have the architect and as usual are doing it on our own with our own fundraising. Please remember we are a private non-profit corporation and the city is in no way involved. Thank you for listening. I appreciate what you have done with the files and the information you have provided, but just needed to set the "record" straight. Thanks to Julie Shuster.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations on the new museum. Fort Sumer is 85 miles NNE of Roswell and most people can tell the difference between a weather balloon and a UFO. I question when ever authorities claim weather balloons are UFOs. Twice a day, 92 balloons about 8 feet in diameter are released by the National Weather Service in the US and its territories. The balloon flights last for around two hours, can drift as far as 125 miles away, are filled with helium and are designed to quickly rise up to over 100,000 feet. (about 20 miles) in the atmosphere!

USA Reports

California -Video

TORRANCE/LAWNDALE -- My sister, husband, and I were outside talking and I looked up and saw this bright star like object moving across the sky. I grabbed my camcorder and videotaped it on September 8, 2008. Upon viewing the video later, I noticed that the object seemed to have smaller crafts come out of it. In the video, when the helicopter flies nearby, one of the smaller crafts ascends towards the helicopter then quickly goes back. The smaller craft seemed to be protecting the larger bright craft. The smaller crafts could not be seen with the naked eye. We have seen these objects several times.

This object did not make any sound as it flew by. Generally, these objects look like a regular star, or a satellite, and then it begins to jet across the sky with no sound, no blinking light, just a steady solid white color that gets brighter and brighter. Thanks to MUFON CMS

LA MIRADA -- My husband and I saw nine illuminating objects flying in a V-formation at Midnight on September 20, 2008. They flew only 300 feet above us. Each of the objects had a triangle shape. It is hard to say the size, but they were not too big and were going south. The V formation stayed in perfect line and glided over our heads fairly fast without a sound. By the time we ran through the house to the front that took 4 or 5 seconds and looked up we couldn't see them anywhere.

Comments: The witnesses have described and illustrated a sighting similar to the "Lubbock Lights" of 1951 and the Phoenix Lights of March 13, 1997. It is quite doubtful that the lights would be birds although some bird migration patterns would be in a southerly direction at this time of year. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

SAN CLEMENTE – On September 20, 2008, at 9 PM, I saw a very bright rectangular UFO in the night sky with my whole family. It was the second brightest object in sky after the moon. The object appeared to twist or change shape with blue/white lights coming out of it. Someone in a nearby location pointed a searchlight at the clouds below the object. I can't find any news reports or current UFO reports. This thing was amazing. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Florida - UFO Video

SOUTH MIAMI – On August 18, 2008, I went outside and looked up to see the fast clouds ahead of Tropical Storm Fay and noticed a twirling silver object that maneuvered and morphed in the sky. I thought it could be a weather balloon but I ran to grab my video camera and filmed the object for some moments as it flew over. Upon closer observation, I'm not sure what the object is.

The video clearly shows two spheres attached to a longer part or parts. There also seems to be white lights on the object. I posted it to my account at YouTube, and I will attach it here as well.  

ST PETERSBURG -- On January 20, 2008, we packed up our camera and the Movement TV crew hit the road from Orlando for Tampa and St Pete. We were headed out there to cover a car show. It was late in the afternoon just before night fell when we were on the bridge, I-275 that connects Tampa and St Pete. We were about to get on that bridge again when we were on the on-ramp and decided to shoot the brilliant colored sky and saw lights in the sky. It looked like a bright light and it disappeared and reappeared. I remember yelling the lights are spitting red stuff, and I thought to myself a UFO. The lights seemed to be putting on some sort of fireworks show literally jumping from one location to another. The lights flew around in circles but it wasn't a fireworks display.

The lights seemed to merge and it looked like they turned to into a fireball or a comet. Only it didn't fly straight down. It made a turn that I thought was impossible, a sharp 180 degree turn and picked up speed and shot to the ground. I said, "It’s crashing son" ... then it shot up in the sky. The cars on the bridge were pulling over looking. I called our editor and told him that I just shot the greatest UFO footage ever. I watched the tape and I was so surprised it showed the UFO flying ahead of us and flew behind a building. Snip. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia - Low Flying Bright Light

LAKE LANIER -- On September 24, 2008, around 10 PM, I decided to stand outside and take a look to the west and noticed a very large slow moving object heading north just above the tree-line in a very low orbit. It was at least 5 xs in diameter of the brightest star in the sky and easily 5x as bright. It was distinctly yellow in color, and took approximately 1 to 2 minutes to pass out of view. There was no trail, and no change in course. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Illinois - Four Comets

HARVARD --I was driving home at dusk on September 26, 2008, at 7 PM, when I saw a small plane the size of a Cessna with comet looking things flying under it. In fact they were round with a comet like tail. They looked like they were falling from the plane and I thought its engine blew up. The plane made no evasive maneuvers or anything and the four objects leveled out at a certain point and stayed there with the tails no longer visible. I then thought maybe that the objects were flares. At this point some trees obstructed my view, but when I caught sight of one of the objects again it was moving rapidly north. It had a tail like a comet again and was moving like a fish in water as it flew north. I never saw a flare do that before!

Comments: Whew! I don't think that comets follow airplanes nor do flares. What could this be? I have written to the witness to learn more details about his sighting. Any new information will be posted. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Indiana - Photo

GREENWOOD -- It was about 11 PM, on August 8, 2008, and I was lying in bed awake when I chanced to look for the occasional UH-60 Blackhawk out the window, but what I saw threw my body into overdrive. At first, being a believer in UFO's, I assumed that’s what it was. So as I looked closer I saw a thin blue light screaming by at low level heading northeast at a precise altitude. I immediately bolted for my camera phone and snapped a picture of a bright light surrounded by what looked to be a cloud of vapor.

I took mental notes on position, height, sound, and I even took the time to clock the relative speed. I placed it at about 300 feet off the ground at eye level, with a speed of around 1000 mph, and created a mental picture of it for on the spot referencing. It was traveling northeast, which fits the object based on the only other report from the state. Today, I had an old friend confirm that it was not a military jet. My friend came to the conclusion that the light was created by a strong artificially created electromagnetic force field. Unfortunately the color of the object was distorted while transferring the digital photo to my computer. This caused it to turn green. She also inferred that for 1 millisecond the objects light seemed to dim, as if it started to move away as soon as I saw it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Louisiana - Object Lights Up Sky

LAFOURCHE - TERREBONNE PARISHES -- My friend and I saw the object flying horizontal at very fast speed on September 25, 2008, at 11:06 PM. Then we heard a (BOOM) noise and the sky glowed a light pale blue, which was seen at least 30 miles in each direction. The light was so bright we had to look away. The next morning the radio station was swamped with calls from people seeing and hearing the boom from miles in all directions from where I was at the time of seeing this. No authorities can explain what this was but I know it was a UFO. If someone else has seen this or can help us get more resources that we may look into to get a better understand of this great sighting. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

New Hampshire - Video of Unknown

WHITE MOUNTAINS -- We were sitting by the campfire in the woods when we saw flashing lights on September 18, 2008, at 11 PM, three were white and one was red. They appeared twice in the sky above us. We saw a round object spinning rapidly with lights that became flat or oval-shaped. The sighting lasted 10 to 15 seconds. There were six witnesses, including the photographer who used an Aiptek - ISDV2.4, multifunction DV (4x zoom/7.4 mm lens).

3. The lights didn't move at all. If you slow down the video at the beginning, you will be able to make out the lights more clearly. Later in the video there are sparks from the fire, which are quite obviously sparks.

Comments: The video doesn't show the spinning object. It is difficult to determine the movement of the lights in the video because of probable camera movement. The witnesses stated that the lights were stationary when the video was taken. Analysis of still images extracted from video did not reveal any more details. The source of the lights in the beginning of the video is therefore not known. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

New Jersey Lights Blink Out

BAYVILLE – On September 24, 2008, I was out with my dogs about 5:55 AM and saw what at first I thought very very illuminated bright stars were. I thought it odd as they were directly below each other, but almost looking connected with a stick. I stared for a couple of minutes then looked away for literally a second. When I looked back they were gone! I was so taken by it that I went back outside after telling my husband, to see if they were there again, but of course they were not. I am not one who has ever thought of "other beings," but now I am intrigued and cannot stop thinking of what I saw.

Comments: No bright planets were visible in the sky at the time of the sighting. The fact that the witness lost sight of the lights abruptly rules out celestial phenomena. Perhaps with more data an explanation could be rendered. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

New Mexico - Object Changes Color and Shape

SILVER CITY -- While walking west I noticed out of corner of eye something to the south moving west in the sky. It was big and bright around the outside, and dark in the middle. As I tried to get out from under trees to get a better view, it seemed to move rather quickly away to the south west slowly. At one point it sort of tilted and looked like a triangle with the lights going around the outside perimeter, red, yellow, either green or blue. The lights didn't flash, but sort of pulsated in a continuous, circular manner around the perimeter, much slower than airplane lights flash.

It also very quickly went straight up, then straight down and then back to parallel to the ground lower than airplanes fly. When it went up and down and for the rest of the time I could see it, it looked like an oblong thing with the lights still going around the perimeter. It kept going further away until it was just a speck- always heading west. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Pennsylvania - Cylindrical Bright Light

OXFORD VALLEY -- I was waiting out in front of my son's elementary school on Trenton Road, while on the phone with my mother-in-law when at first I noticed a low flying Army Transport Plane. It was about 4-6 stories high and about to fly over the school when I noticed a cylindrical bright light in the sky above our local Wal-Mart Oxford Valley Road. Before the transport plane could cross in front of my view of this thing, it faded out. This light was to the right of the transport plane. It was a very interesting sight. On my way home from picking my son up we noticed a military helicopter flying over our area. I don't make much of this as we see many helicopters flying around throughout the day. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina - Large Green Ball Explodes

CHERAW -- I was coming home from town on September 25, 2008, about 11 PM, and I looked up at the clouds because it was raining. As I was looking out over the field a big green looking ball explodes and like beams of light shoots off it and it disappears. I thought we were being bombed or something. My fiancé looked at me and said, "What was that? I was so scared I couldn't sleep. It was no transformer blowing up because it was neon green and it made no sound. It exploded taller than the trees, it was huge. It happened not even a mile from my home. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Washington - UFO Photo

LAKE CRESCENT -- We didn't actually see the object until we got home and looked at the pictures from our camping trip on July 12, 2008. We were at Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula and the picture was probably taken around 6 or 7 PM. It was taken as we were riding a trail along the shore on our mountain bikes. The picture intrigued me because my girlfriend took several pictures of the same area and the object only appears in one. All the pictures were taken in the space of about a minute and a half. There are 3 pictures labeled ridge no object, then one picture labeled ridge object very small. The object is just below the moon and just above the ridge at about the 7 o'clock spot and is cylindrical in shape.

Comments: We receive many photos whereby witnesses don't see anything unusual, but later notice unknown artifacts in the background of their photos. In many cases we believe that these objects are out of focus birds or insects. The object in the photo above is out of focus and somewhat faint. It may be an insect, but this is not known for sure. The photo was taken with a Nikon Coolpix L4 digital camera. The maximum resolution of this camera is 4 mega-pixels. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Outside USA Reports

Australia - Another Mass UFO Sighting

Matt Cunningham The Northern Territory News reports September 24, 2008, 08:53 a.m.

Three station workers and three backpackers have been left stunned after witnessing strange lights flying over a remote station in the NT outback. Ray Aylett, Normie Hooker and Alan "Doc" McIntosh were sitting on their pergola at Muckaty Station with three European backpackers when a bright light appeared. Mr. Aylett, 58, said they were all stunned by the bizarre sighting. "This strange light was coming straight for us, over the house," he said.

"We all walked outside and were watching it come towards us, then it went straight east and faded out.''

"I have never seen anything like it. Normie and Doc had never seen anything like it either, and those backpackers, they were in shock. "You could see it coming towards us but it wasn't a plane. It made no noise - you couldn't hear anything.'' Mr. Aylett said there was no way their judgment could have been affected by alcohol. "I and Doc had had a couple of beers, but Normie doesn't drink,'' he said. He said the light returned the next night, this time coming from the other direction. Thanks to ufodigest,,23599,24394927-13762,00.html

WOOLI, NEW SOUTH WALES – On September 30, 2008, while taking photos of the sunset, I turned towards the beach to take photos of my daughter. I took three photos in quick succession.

In the second photo there is an odd sphere shape in the sky that I cannot account for as it is not in the photos on either side of the middle photo. I would like your opinion on what you think it is. As soon as I saw the photo I called the family over to show them what called a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada - Sightings

NIAGARA FALLS -- Around 6:15 AM, just passing Matthews Drive I saw a very bright light in the sky and at first I thought it was a weird looking plane or a cell phone tower because it was so bright.. Then I realized there were no towers of any kind supporting it. I slowed down, seeing it was not moving, and then I got very scared. I got closer and noticed it must be very large and it had two headlights (?) and was round (?). As I started driving away from it, I realized it was gone and that I was so scared that my legs felt weak. I am very observant and others may have passed this off as nothing. I, on the other hand, definitely saw something. Thanks to Brian Vike

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK – On September 23, 2008, at 9:30 PM, an object appeared to "come out" of a red/blue/green object. At first it was a small faded light, then grew into a bright white silvery light and travelled at a substantial speed to a point in the sky, where it faded then reappeared from where it was last seen. It then went back the exact same way, faded into view and then faded away.

I've seen quite a few unidentified objects lately. Last week my sister in-law and I witnessed four very, very large square objects moving slowly and at a low altitude. They traveled quite a distance in the sky and went from being four bright red lights to two faded lights without a sound. They hovered in the night sky for about 5 minutes. We are seeing these lights on a nightly basis and I have checked with other people I know who work at the airport here where I live and they've said they cannot talk about things like that. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research, and

B.C. - Sees Spike in Sasquatch Sightings

VANCOUVER -- Cheryl Chan, Canwest News Service reports, "Tales of a giant, hairy ape-like creature tramping through the woods are running wild in a northern interior B.C. town after a rash of sasquatch sightings." There have been three reported sightings in the area within a month, said Brian Vike, the Houston, B.C.-based director of HBCC UFO Research. "To be honest with you, I don't know what to make of all this," said Mr. Vike. "I know with UFOs we're doing well in B.C., but I don't know with the sasquatch. I'm just trying to figure it out." One of the sightings was reported by Houston resident Delores Harrie, who was at home on July 28 just after 6 p.m., when her two dogs began barking furiously. She saw the doorknob rattle, and when she went outside to investigate, she saw a shaggy creature running across the tree line into the bushes. "It was huge - about seven to eight feet tall - and hairy," said Ms. Harrie, 45. "He had long hair, shaggy . . . in a pine-beetle color, totally covered." "I couldn't believe how fast he moved," she added. "I can't see it being a grizzly. They run but they don't run on two legs. I know it's not a moose either."

Ms. Harrie reported the incident to Mr. Vike, who investigated and recorded some strange markings on the ground. "Definitely something had been there," said Mr. Vike. "There are some cow tracks, but this was something else - someone with a good-sized foot."The other sightings were on Morgan Road in Houston in July and on Telkwa Highway Road in Moricetown, also in northern B.C., on Aug. 27. There was also a reported sasquatch encounter in Campbell River on Aug. 31. Ms. Harrie, who was "freaked out" about the encounter, said she's trying to be open-minded about what she saw. "There are so many things out there. I think it would be a little crazy to think we're the only ones here." Thanks to the Vancouver Province Published September 24, 2008

ST. WALBURG, SASKATCHEWAN --The film crew and I were in an open field on September 27, 2008, after 8 PM, filming an episode for the History Channel. During the session I happened to look up in the sky. There was a rather large strange looking light travelling northeast. The film crew saw it too but the camera could not pick it up as it was too far away and too high up. It was a strange kind of soft yellow and/or white color. Not a perfect round shape either. Like it had a ring around it only the entire light form was one piece. We watched it until it disappeared behind a large cluster of darker clouds. The light did not flash and remained constant. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Mexico - Flying Humanoid

MEXICO CITY – A video of human shaped objects flying in the sky was captured last week. Some witnesses claim the object is spinning and maneuvering. Mexican newspapers and TV showed video of the object.  

Netherland - Dark Triangular Shaped Craft

UTRECHT -- In 1985+/- just after sunset, I was stargazing in my backyard, when I saw a very dark triangular shaped object moving north towards the Soesterberg NATO Base. If you draw a line over the point Highway A2 - Thoriumweg and the Mill Geesina (1853) at the Ruigenhoeksedijk northeast of Utrecht then you can see where it flew. It was horizontally 30 meters and vertically 50 meters away from me, flying in the direction of the base. I saw it for some ten seconds and it made no sound at all. In that time there were some rumors that there were planes with anti-sound and I don't know if this object was one of those, but why flying that low and soundless?

The object was triangular with sides of 4 meters (12 feet) very dark, with no engines or exhausts; and there was no reflection of the city lights on the object. There were no other lights and no sound. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Sweden - UFO

GREBBESTAD -- The white spheres were dancing around in the sky. I think they are causing so called "Chemtrails". Watch the cloud coming very quickly from above and driving the other cloud forward. This you can see on my Power Point Presentation at my website. Photos of white spheres from Live Webcam Grebbestad, Sweden. . Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK - Sightings

MANCHESTER -- A silver metallic doughnut shaped object was seen hovering over a petrol station on Moseley Road on August 9, 2008, at 12:45 p.m. The sun was causing reflections off its metal shape. The object hovered about 500 feet altitude for around 45 seconds, shaking from side to side. I got my binoculars so I could get a good look at it and saw a black window or door on it. It disappeared within the blink of an eye. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

North Yorkshire Moors -- This is in response to your sighting of a cylindrical object by a couple on the N. Yorks Moors the previous day to my sighting. There have been numerous sightings in the area on the August 14/15/16th, 2008, of the month some have been reported to the local press.

I saw the two low, slow flying objects as I was returning home approaching the RAF Fylingdales Radar Station near Saltersgate at around at 10: 30 PM, on the 15th. There were two very readily visible golden yellow lights moving at slow speed almost directly above station. I’m an ex pilot, knowing that airspace is restricted as a danger to aircraft area due to radar emissions. I found this highly unusual and suspicious.

I found a safe spot to pull over and took out my camcorder and filmed a couple of minutes of footage. There were no anti-collision lights of any kind, which was confirmed by review of the video. The two objects flew in slow, close formation and moved eastwards towards the town of Scarborough, which is some 10 miles away. They were completely silent, with a spherical bright orange/yellow glow, seemingly around dark objects at the glow centre - the dark objects appeared roughly disk shaped (cylindrical from a side view) - no fuselage or control surfaces were observable.

Driving further across the moors closer to Whitby, the objects were still visible and I was able to film them once more. For further information local UFO expert Russ Kellett at would be their best bet. He has an extensive list of local/uk sightings on his site. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

LONDON --I was walking along Thames river path on September 26, 2008, for sightseeing and to see proposed art on Thames river exhibition. I was on the north bank of river opposite to Mayor's Building and took photos of the nice night scene of Tower Bridge. I took this photo of Tower Bridge and Mayors Building using my Sony Ericsson K800i phone with 3.2 Cybershot camera.

I have submitted two photos in a previous report and this is just 15 minutes later and I took one photo looking south side of the bridge from middle. I saw some weird object in my mobile screen after taking the photo so I again quickly took another snap in the almost same position. Again, after that I took few more photos but in these two photos this oval shaped object is visible and moving. This object wasn't visible with naked eye. It was only on the photo. It was a bit strange because in none of other photos did anything like that appear. It also doesn’t look like some kind of light refection or light scattering. Could it be UFO? Thanks to MUFON CMS.

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