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Bolivia - Alien Gods from the Space


El Fuerte de Samaipata is a unique archaeological site in the mountains of central Bolivia. It features a stone hill carved with a wide variety of animal and geometric figures. It has been designated a World Heritage Site and included in the carvings is this disc shaped UFO..

The Pre-Inca civilization was extraordinary in its developments of human society and culture, ranking with the early civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Pre-Inca Civilizations seemed to spring up out of nowhere, and firmly believe their gods came from the skies

The Swiss theorist Erich von Dδniken (b. 1935) visited Samaipata twice, and concluded that two parallel running grooves carved in the rock were once used as a UFO launch site.

The pre-Incan legends explain that their god Viracocha came from space, and he is often shown with feathers depicting his ability to fly like a bird. He is an enlightened god who brings knowledge and also a warrior god with staves in his hands and a sun symbol around his head, not unlike the sun god Ra in ancient Egypt. Viracocha - is depicted as the sun god of creation wearing a sun crown and also as the moon god.

Viracocha, as the feathered serpent god, is one of the great mysteries of ancient American cultures. He was called Kukulkan by the Mayas, Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs, Viracocha by the Incas, Gucumatz in central America, Votan in Palenque and Zamna in Izamal. The Maya religious belief that certain gods and royal ancestors were carried down from the heavens to the earth within the vessel of a great serpent and referred to as 'Lord Starman'.

Pre-Inca religions centered in Tiahuanaco City which is where we first learn of a cult of a sky and thunder god named Viracocha. Gods with thunder bolts link with Zeus the main god of ancient Greece. Viracocha was generally depicted as having staves in both of his hands and an aureole around his head, represented on the bas-relief in the upper part of the famous Sun Gate in Tiahuanaco.

He is the supreme creator-god, who originated the Incas credited with saving the empire when it was threatened by the Chanca barbarians. He wandered the countryside instructing people on how to live prosperously. He ascended to the heavens aboard his craft where he fathered a race of protector gods. Ancient statues of Viracocha show a typical short grey alien dressed in spectacular clothes. The carvings appear to show his small body, a large head and eyes, and a small mouth. He has been shown having only four fingers. His description is very similar the aliens found near Roswell, New Mexico. If it looks like an alien according to the ancients came in a space ship it is logical to assume that is what it is. This is more evidence that the

Scientist Dr. Carl Sagan in his book, "Intelligent Life in the Universe" indicated Earth had likely been visited by extraterrestrials. He states: "Sumer was an early--perhaps the first -civilization the contemporary sense on the planet Earth. It was founded in the forth millennium B.C. or earlier. We don't know where the Sumerians came from. I feel that if the Sumerian civilization is depicted by the descendents of the Sumerians themselves to be of non-human origin, the relevant legends should be examined carefully." (page 456)

Moon Telescope

"The new MIT telescopes would explore one of the greatest unknown realms of astronomy, the so-called "Dark Ages" near the beginning of the universe when stars, star clusters and galaxies first came into existence."

The "huge array of hundreds of telescope modules" will be built by automated vehicles. A telescope array on the moon would not suffer from two major sources of interference occurring on earth — the ionosphere and radio and television transmissions which blanket our planet.

Mars Climate Once Capable of Supporting Life

MARS might once have had a climate capable of supporting life, new research has concluded. Massive canyon mountains on the Red Planet were created by vast amounts of underground water flowing close to the surface, scientists have found. The dramatic discovery in the Valles Marineris enhances the belief that Mars could have harbored life in the past. It must have had a "warm and wet" climate billions of years ago when the ridges and rift valleys, called grabens, were formed.

Dr Allan Treiman, a senior scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Arizona, said the mountains originate from fault zones – areas of multiple rock fractures – being cemented together by minerals carried during ancient groundwater flow. Dr Treiman believes that when the fault zones formed between 3,500 and 1,800 million years ago, in an age known as the Hesperian epoch, groundwater must have flowed close to the planet's surface. His study of images obtained from Viking, Mars Express, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Odyssey missions found the deposition of minerals by the water was "regionally significant".

Dr Treiman mapped the distribution of the mountain ridges and discovered that some extend many miles and are intimately associated with faults and fault zones. Dr Treiman said: "These erosion-resistant ridges, which can be tens of kilometres long, most likely represent cementation of the fault zones and surrounding rock by water-deposited minerals and suggest groundwater in this region flowed for long distances through major east-west-trending fault systems. "This interpretation implies that liquid water was stable at, or near, Mars's surface when the fault zones were cemented and that chemical deposition from groundwater was regionally significant."

He said understanding groundwater flow was vital to assessing "the possibility of past and present Martian life". Dr Treiman added: "If groundwater were present at Mars's ancient surface in the Valles Marineris area, a thick permafrost layer could not have been present, which suggests a warm, wet climate when these graben-forming faults initiated and grew." But a day is very similar to Earth at 24 hours and 37 minutes. It is closer in temperature to Earth than any of the other planets in the solar system, but its weather is even more unpredictable than ours. Temperatures reach as high as 27C in the summer but drop as low as -87C in winter.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has called for a global program to explore Mars, bringing together European states and space powers such as the United States and Russia.

Navy Hits Satellite , Probably Hit Fuel Tank:

The Pentagon believes the Navy Standard Missile-3 fired from the USS Lake Erie at a decaying satellite likely struck the loaded, and toxic, fuel tank as intended. After an early delay because of rough seas, the Erie fired the SM-3 Wednesday night about 10:26 p.m. EST at the non-functioning intelligence satellite as it traveled in space about 133 nautical miles above the Pacific Ocean, according to a DOD statement. President Bush elected to attempt a shootdown because the satellite still had a full load of fuel. The Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., confirmed that the SM-3 had intercepted the satellite, which broke into pieces. Marine Corps Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Thursday told reporters that the Pentagon has "a high degree of confidence that we got the tank." A definite answer won't come for another day or two as analysts review the data, but Cartwright did say initial views of the debris field show nothing larger than a football. (American Forces Press Service report by Gerry Gilmore)

Fire Fighters Guide Chapter 13: Enemy Attack and UFO Potential

Few residents of the United States, except for those in Hawaii, have experienced an enemy attack on their hometown in this century; some think they have. The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of February 26, 1942, began at 2:25 A.M. when the U.S. Army announced the approach of hostile aircraft and the cities air raid warning system went into effect for the first time in World War II. "Suddenly the night was rent by sirens. Searchlights began to sweep the sky. Minutes later gun crews at Army forts along the coast line began pumping the first of 1,433 rounds of backpack into the moonlight.

Thousands of volunteer air raid wardens tumbled from their beds and grabbed their boots and helmets. Citizens awakened to the screech of sirens and, heedless of the blackout warning, began snapping on their lights . . . The din continued for two hours. Finally the guns fell silent. The enemy, evidently, had been routed. Los Angeles began to taste the exhilaration of its first military victory. "THE UFO THREAT--A FACT In this chapter we will now turn our attention to the very real threat posed by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), whether they exist or not. The well-documented and highly publicized War of the Worlds radio drama by Orson Welles shows how even a perceived existence to alien creatures can cause very real disaster-like conditions and panic among a given populace. In addition, if the apparent visits by alien beings and their space vehicles should pose any type of threat, it will, as always, be the fire service that is called upon to provide the first line of life-saving defense and disaster mitigation.

On April 25, 1991, radio station KSHE in St. Louis, Missouri. Was fined $25,000 by the Federal Communications Commission for broadcasting a mock warning of a nuclear attack during the Persian Gulf War. The seriousness with which the FCC treated this case is indicative of the very real panic that can be created from even illusionary or fictional phenomena. Certainly if these unexplainableevents become more prevalent, the possibility of panic could be even greater; and again, the fire department will be the agency called upon to handle the situation. Hence, as we near the year 2000 and move beyond, any comprehensive disaster plan should address the potential for panic and other deleterious effects that might befall a populated area when unexplainable phenomena occur. We will see, as we continue our discussion in this chapter, that widespread blackouts, communication disruptions, and other potentially disastrous conditions have been linked directly to UFO sightings. Hence, fire service leaders who want to ensure that their disaster planning is complete will not neglect an appendix to outline those things that could be done in preparation for the occurrence of such phenomena.

Throughout this book, many of the references to actual events are based on the experiences of both of the authors. However, in this area of UFOs and their potential, we are relying largely on the research and experiences of Charles Bahme. Chuck has made a considerable study of this subject and is acquiring many publications and VCR tapes to augment his library on this and related phenomena. His interest in UFOs was greatly heightened when Congress in 1969 adopted a law (14 CFR Ch. V Part 1211- Extraterrestrial Exposure) which gave the NASA Administrator the arbitrary discretion to quarantine under armed guard any object, person, or other form of life which has been extraterrestrially exposed. The very fact that our congressmen believed there was a necessity for such drastic authority made Chuck wonder if they had only our astronauts in mind when they adopted it. Could it be applied to anyone who has had a UFO encounter? Whether it has or not is not likely to be a topic for public dissemination. snip

UFO Discussion --Why Now? The subject of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) was not included in previous editions of this book. The first edition was the Handbookof Disaster Control which Chuck personally published in 1952, following his release from active naval duty in the Korean War. Although his services in the conflict as Security Coordinator for the Chief of Naval Operations involved the creation of a worldwide disaster control organization for the protection of the physical properties of the Navy, it must be admitted that the directives approved for this new organization did not reflect any significant concern for a flying saucer threat to its shore establishment. That was in the 1950s. Now that we are in the 1990s it is doubtful that the UFO potential would be brushed off so lightly by our military security forces. This change of attitude was evidenced as far back as December 24, 1959, when the Inspector General of the Air Force issued the following Operations and Training Order: "Unidentified Flying Objects--sometimes treated lightly by the press and referred to as 'Flying Saucers'--must be rapidly and accurately identified as serious Air Force business...." There is no uncertainty about the reality of the war between nations on our planet and the disastrous effects of military actions. The 200 sorties flown every hour against Iraq in the Persian Gulf provided ample evidence of global war's destructive power. On the other hand, there are many persons who may believe that a discussion of the theoretical harm that could be caused by a real or imaginary invasion of UFOs would be 'far out!" But this is not so for the thousands of witnesses of unexplained aerial phenomena. To them it is also serious business. Chuck's interest in UFOs commenced during the early morning hours of August 26, 1942, while he was roller skating from his house to the nearest fire station a few blocks away; the wail of sirens had signaled his recall to fire duty, and with the stringent blackout orders in effect, driving was not wise; besides, it was much more exciting to be out in the open where he could see the spectacular aerial "fireworks" that filled the heavens all around him.

Few residents of the U.S. had ever experienced a real or imaginary invasion of UFOs like that which occurred in what has become known as "The Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942." The Army announced the approach of hostile aircraft and the city's air raid warning system went into effect for the first time in World War II. The defense to this "attack" is described in dramatic terms in the opening paragraph of this chapter. But what enemy had been routed? No one ever knew. All the fire fighters saw in the sky were the 15 or 20 moving "things" which seemed to change course at great speed apparently unaffected by the flak from bursting shells all around them. Rumors that one had been shot down were never verified, nor was the explanation that these zig-zagging invaders were weather balloons ever taken seriously. In any event, for Chuck, that unforgettable episode aroused a continuing interest in UFOs, rivaling his professional fields of law and fire protection. The fact that he subsequently was a member of a group whose sighting of a flight of UFOs was authenticated by airport radar helped to sustain that interest. Snip. Thanks to Jim Hickman and Charles Bahme..

California - Flying Triangle

SAN JOSE – On February 15, 2008, at 5:45 AM, I saw the craft on the west side of my vehicle while driving north on Highway 101 just past the Capitol Expressway Exit. It looked to be hovering about 600 feet from the ground with three very bright lights stationed at/or near the edge of each angle. They were red, blue, and white. The craft was stationary and I don't believe it to be a helicopter, because I could definitely make the triangle-shaped outline of the craft's silhouette from the ski-line as the sky became lighter and lighter. I watched the craft off-and-on for several minutes while I was driving. The craft never moved or changed position as long as I could see it while driving. I lowered the driver-side window and did not notice any sound. Momentarily during the sighting the radio station 107.7 "The Bone" went silent at one point during the sighting for approximately 45 seconds. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Florida - Nocturnal Light Formation

MIAMI BEACH -- On February 13, 2008, at 7 PM, I was driving east on the 41st Causeway towards Miami Beach when I noticed what I initially thought to be two very bright planes one farther off to the left of the causeway over the bay and one straight ahead of me over the causeway. The intense white light was what initially caught my attention then the fact that they seemed to be motionless. As I drove forward I began to see that it was a metallic neutral tan color with lights blinking on either end. I turned off the radio and opened the windows as I slowly drove under it and I heard no sound. It was shaped like a triangle with rounded corners. I did not see it again after I passed underneath it and did not return to investigate further. I am interested to know if anyone else saw this. I was attending a meeting and another person arrived about 10 minutes later.

I asked her if she saw the "airplanes" and she replied "the ones with the very bright lights? Yes." So I can only assume that they were still there.

Comments: This one of several sightings of silent, hovering (or slow moving) triangular shaped craft that we receive. The identity of these craft is a mystery. The witness report does not sound like a sighting of a conventional aircraft. Apparently one other witness saw the craft. No additional reports have been received from this area at the time of the sighting. The witness provided these drawings that illustrate what he saw as he approached the object and drove underneath it. The witness is a professional artist and certainly if his illustrations are accurate this is a strange object. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

DAYTONA BEACH -- On February 20, 2008, a Daytona man and his father reported strange lights in the evening sky at around 8:30 PM Eastern Time. They watched the light show performed over the Atlantic Ocean for approximately 20 minutes. The father and son reported that they saw "Green lights going around" off the coast that night. They said that "it [was] moving up and down and back and forth." The general direction of the UFOs was north and south. The passive object didn't make a sound in the calm night sky. Although distances were difficult to determine, they said that they would estimate the objects were approximately 200 feet in altitude. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact immediately. Thanks to Christopher Montgomery, Executive Director UFORC International Global Network

Georgia - Nocturnal Lights Formation

ALPHARETTA – Also on February 20, 2008, a Georgia family reports, "We were watching the eclipse of the moon when my husband pointed out four lights, high in the sky that were not as bright as stars but bright enough." Within two seconds, they shot off to the left at four times the speed of a F16 and in a direct, soundless line. Then, they must have circled round because we saw them do the exact same thing. They flew from right to left, which lasted about 7-10 seconds each time." They added, "It was totally amazing and we were totally disbelievers until seeing this with our eyes."

As there were tons worldwide watching the eclipse, and the lights were not hiding but not that easy to see, some others must have seen it." What about satellite? Don't they record what's going on below? It must have been recorded. I cannot explain it and would like to see what other's saw during the eclipse." They said that the sighting occurred at around 10:25 PM Eastern Time. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact immediately. Thanks to Christopher Montgomery, Executive Director UFORC International Global Network,

Iowa - White Object Glows Red

ALTOONA --I was in my upstairs bathroom when I looked outside the window at the moon on February 23, 2008, at 10:55 PM. Then, in the western sky I saw a large bright star like object heading towards the east fairly fast. This object was flying low at about 500 feet or so. This craft looked larger then a jet. What was weird about it was while watching the object the bright light suddenly just shut off and it started glowing red. This couldn't have been an airline because they wouldn't just shut off their lights.

I have reported a similar craft before except this object didn't flash like the others. Also, this object flew lower then the others. I watched this object for about four minutes. I guess we have a local UFO that comes to visit from time to time here in town. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Michigan - Oblong Shaped Craft

GOODRICH -- My son and I were driving south bound on M-15 from a day spent riding motorcycles on February 9, 2008. It was 9:30 PM, when I saw what I thought was a police helicopter ahead with white lights pointing down. It was hovering at about 500 feet, and we saw the object for about thirty seconds as we approached it. But as we got closer and underneath it, I realized that it was no helicopter. This is when we saw the oblong shape of the craft and four large diameter white lights at each outboard corner, and numerous blue lights throughout the hull of the craft. The shape was parabolic with barbed style wings on both sides. As we passed the craft and started looking back we could not see it, as if it had disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

New Jersey - Slow Moving Object

NEWARK -- Tonight, I witnessed something unusual in the sky looking east towards Newark from the vantage point of Millburn, NJ and as of 10:24 PM The object was still in the night sky, and shone much like a planet-which I thought it was at first- but then as I stood in a very still manner, measuring it against a telephone wire which was in front of me, I witnessed this object - whatever it was- move very very slowly - almost in detectably forward and past the telephone wire. In order to make sure that I wasn't witnessing an effect of the earth's rotation, I compared it in the same way to another nearby star, and saw that this one did NOT move. The object in question seemed to glimmer intensely, and as I looked at it more closely, I noticed that the twinkle was actually more like a popping, dynamic energy erupting in a very uninhibited way- no pattern at all.

I fully recognize that this could be a comet or meteor or asteroid for that matter, but it was not possible that it was an airplane or anything of that nature as it was moving too slowly from my vantage point. At the distance it was, it had to be HUGE, as it was very far away, and very bright- could it be a satellite reflecting the moonlight? I witnessed in its small halo. Thanks to C. Hopkins.

MINE HILL -- My husband and I were standing on our deck looking at the lunar eclipse on February 20, 2008, at 10:28 PM.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement in the sky, obviously, the movement was very low for me to have seen it with my side vision. I turned my head and immediately said to my husband, "What is that?" Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

New York - UFO Photo

ROCKAWAY BEACH -- We photographed and video filmed an oval object hovering and moving around the sky while walking on February 16, 2008, at 3:30 PM. It was a beautiful clear day and near the almost a full moon was a circular object. My girlfriend and I had cameras so we started taking photos!

It disappeared for a while then came back. JFK airport is very close and the airplanes land in the same area as the UFO was flying. I have a dozen detailed photos. One has the UFO and an Airplane in the same shot! This object was watched by me and my girlfriend for about 20 minutes before it went out of the atmosphere.


North Carolina - "V" Photo

CHARLOTTE – Beth writes: One evening in the summer of 1988, I was sitting on our balcony of the apartment where I live facing Green Oaks Lane at dusk when I became aware of a moving object over the Cambridge Apartments. I grabbed my camera and it was going across from me in a straight line very slowly. I thought to myself, I wish it would come closer and turn towards me. Suddenly the object turned and came straight at me. It made no sound and looked like a lot of colored lights that were sort of in the shape of a "V" like a coat hanger without the hook. I could not believe my luck as it did get close and it was colorful. It was about 15 to 25 feet wide at the widest point. It went over the top of the apartment above me. I took this photo just before it disappeared. Thanks to Beth S.

Oregon - Disc Photographed

UMPQUA RIVER NEAR CANYONVILLE -- The witness originally made the report by faxing three photos. I contacted him and he stated that he and two others were floating west on the Umpqua River in near Canyonville. One of the team (river guide) had a camera and it was February 3, 2008, at 11 AM PST. They noticed a tan-brown metallic object hovering in the trees close to the river. The guide snapped three photos of the object.

The object emitted no sound and did not move. As soon as they sighted the object one of the thermos bottles exploded. (It is not known if this was related to the presence of the object.) The object was to the southwest of the river in cloudy skies with light snow. They continued to float westward and lost sight of the object. The object did not move during their sighting.

Comments: This is an impressive sighting considering that the witnesses were close to the object, three witnessed the object, photos were taken, unusual phenomena occurred (exploding thermos bottle), and the object displayed non-conventional behavior (hovering). The witness said that he will send the original digital photos in a few days. These photos will be posted. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Texas - Photos and Punch Biopsy

AUSTIN -- These "objects" have been patrolling the Austin skies since at least January 9, 2008, which was the first time I saw one. They emerge around dusk and buzz around until about 10 PM. They are so frequent and exceptional I find it hard to believe that more people aren't reporting them. They usually track from the north to south but the really big ones almost always come from the west to east. About 70% of them hug the tree lines and roof tops. Here's a detailed image of the rear-end of one that shook my house Wednesday evening. Thanks to MUFON CMS

PARIS -- After stepping outside for a short break on February 10, 2008, I noticed a vapor trail that I thought was much too close to the ground. Feeling that a commercial aircraft may have crashed, I hastily went back inside and told the elderly woman for whom I work to switch the television to one of the major local news stations to see what was causing the strange sight. After hearing nothing on the news, I took my second break of the day at 11 and once again stepped outside and noticed trails of fighter jets littered an otherwise completely clear sky. Confused, I stared at the trails and noticed a cigar-shaped object in the sky that was much higher than the jet trails. I am sorry to say that I had only about 5 seconds in which to see this object and can give hardly any details about it's appearance. The object moved in a WSW direction and was, as best as I could tell, black in color. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

HOUSTON -- Hi, my name is (removed), I've had one punch biopsy and another mark of which is oval in shape with several layers of skin missing which healed fast. I have no pictures and I regret this because I feel a need to get this information out there. Basically, these marks are the only thing that makes me believe I was taken, otherwise I would just think that I had night terrors or sleep paralysis. I just want you to know another person out there has had these marks always following strange night time happenings. My punch biopsy was on my left leg, on the inside of the leg right where the knee bends, kind of in that tender part of the leg. Anyway I don't think it matters where they appear as one of my friends had two on his left leg. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

SAN ANTONIO -- I set up my camera with a fish eye scope to take pictures of strange clouds around 12 noon, on February 21, 2008 and took these pictures around 12:30. I noticed strange bright light in a cloud and kept the camera fixed on it.

It seemed to lower itself and turn a blackish color as it descended. It made no noise and when I checked the lens for debris, there was none and I took a picture immediately afterwards showing a dark orb. I looked at it with naked eyes and although it was smaller, it was still visible and non moving, but it had a slight haze around There were no lights blinking but it alternated between black and silver color before becoming smaller and disappearing (I believe it ascended). I had reported seeing these things to MUFON before with pictures and close up shots taken since November. When I would do a certain old special prayer, it would show up within minutes. I stopped after having very bad nights of feeling being watched and/or looked at late in evening and during sleep. I am hoping it does not start up again, but I have to let people know to look up. Again I do not care if anyone believes me or not, I just want there to be documentation if something happens. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia - Cylinder

CULPEPER -- Brandon McCain writes, "I was out playing Airsoft over the past weekend taking some nice photos of the game." I walked back to my car about 600 feet away from the battlefield to get some more water. For some odd reason, I just felt I should take a moment and meditate and when I opened my eyes I felt kind of high; I glanced up at the tree-line and noticed some whirling around. it looked like a cross between and plastic bag, and a fire. I couldn't take my eyes off of it because I really thought I was going delusional. I squinted my eyes and noticed I had a huge halo effect of the object, but it did not seem reflective, nor bright like a sun. I reached in my flak jacket attempting to grab my camera, at that time it slowly just faded into nothing. What the heck was that?

I did not get the "fire" object on the photo, but I did get a nice Cylinder that was higher up in the same spot that was not visible to the human eye. On the way home, I took another photo-which I think was two airplanes flying very close? But this capture of the two flying objects looks like how the one fire in the tree looked, but with no "smoking" haze to it. If you look in my rear view you clearly see the car behind me does not have its lights on as cause for reflection. Thanks to Brandon McCain

Washington - Bright Round Sphere

CAMANO ISLAND -- It was the day of the eclipse February, 21, 2008, at 7:30 p.m., so my friend and I were talking over the phone. I was standing outside and so was my friend at her house, but I was cold so I went inside and sat on the couch. I was still on the phone when she said, oh my gosh, look outside. I ran to the window and right over the water of my house and up in the air probably 90 feet and it was hovering, then two minutes later it disappeared, I was so freaked out. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Australia - Cigar Shaped Craft/UFO

GOLD COAST --I was sitting on my deck at my home in Bonogin hinterland over looking the Gold Coast at the Surfer's Paradise building sky line. As I was peering out I noticed this dark grey object in the sky out above the buildings or a bit further out over the ocean. I first thought it might be a plane banking out over the building on its way out over the ocean, but then I realized how large it was and it stopped moving and just sat there in the sky not getting bigger or smaller. The size of it compared to the buildings made it "way too big" at that distance to be an aircraft. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Canada - Alien and UFO Photo

ONTARIO – I was out at night on Friday February 8, 2008, to take pictures of our old large tree. We captured some strange things on film on our Sony Digital Camera. The last picture I took that night, was a face of an alien with an open mouth. I have NO IDEA why it looks green. What's going on?

When I took the photo and looked at it briefly on the camera, I thought it was an apparition of a soldier with an army helmet. Then, when I uploaded the photo to my computer, I saw what looked like a green alien face with very large eyes and mouth open. Looks like I just caught the right half of it's face and torso. I think the flashes of many pictures attracted it, then when it came closer, the first smaller flash startled it, it opened it's mouth in a panic then the main big flash caught that site/expression. Photo contrast is enhanced.

Back in the summer of August 2007, I had an encounter with a VERY LARGE star-light craft, that flew silently over the HUGE tree on my street right in front of my house, I waved/flagged it down, it came towards me very low to the ground and I ran towards it. My friend came out of the house towards me, the craft saw him approach and it took off the other direction going east of Orillia, Ontario. Since then, nothing has happened, that I know of. There were, however, pictures in the local newspaper of crafts the week before I saw mine. There was no smoke, bright lights or fog around. This photo is just one of four amazing pictures that really need to be checked out by professionals. Thanks to Ms. T. .B and MUFON CMS.

OSHAWA – Paul Shishis has been taking photos over Lake Ontario on February 20, 2008. I like this photo out of the bunch.

This looks like a smaller boomerang shape craft, above a larger craft. Still looking into the mound along the shore line. Error in spelling of the name ;;Correct title " Lynde Shores Conservation Park" Enjoy and thanks again for your interest. Paul

Ecuador - Cylinder UFO over Volcano

TUNGURAHUA VOLCANO -- Raul Oscar Chaves writes: "This image was taken in late 2007 by a member of CIUFOS during his stay in Ecuador. The presence of a cigar-shaped "chance" UFO can be seen over the Tungurahua Volcano. A 5 megapixel Sony digital camera was employed in taking the photo - the object was noticed only when the imges were downloaded to a computer." Thanks to La Pampa, Inexplicata, The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

New Zealand Ball of Light

AUCKLAND – I live 20 minutes from Auckland City and on January 26, 2008, the cows were bellowing all night and I went outside at 01:40 AM and there was a strange ball of light over the city. It was not stationary on the horizon, it was bouncing; it had strange lighting as well, like the cross that you see from a bright light in a dark sky.

The moon was three quarters and the sky was clear, so this was odd. The cross was straight through from bottom left to top right like in the position of 8 o'clock and 2 o'clock. But there was another at 4 o'clock and none other where you would expect around the 10 o'clock position.

I dragged my wife out to look, as I was questioning my own eyes and what I was seeing. When I went to bed around 3 AM, the ball had moved to the bottom of Orion on the right side of the two stars below the belt still strangely lit but closer to us and in that constellation of Orion. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: [email protected] Website:

Phillipines - Youtube Video

MANILLA -- Makati UFO Caught on Video. This video was put on Utube by banonan on February 20, 2008. It seems too good to be true.

Spain - Jet Fighters Chasing UFO

La Cala de Mijas Mijas Costa Costa Del Sol -- I was sitting in my backyard marveling at the clear sky when something in the East caught my eye. It looked exactly like a star -- except that this was in the middle of the afternoon. I watched it for around ten minutes. It seemed to be quite far up (I can't even guess how high) but it didn't move from its fixed point. It didn't get any bigger or smaller until after around ten minutes, when it just suddenly disappeared.

Turkey Disc Filmed

ISTANBUL / Kumburgaz -- Sirius reports they obtained a video of a disc shaped craft captured on July 30, 2007 at 4:50 PM. The disc appeared to be a metallic blue and about thirty feet in diameter. A similar craft was videotaped on August 1 and 2, 2007.

UK- North Ireland

LIMAVADY, CO. DERRY, -- I was out on my deck looking up in the night sky to sight a satellite on February 13, 2008, about 10:20 PM, and I spotted three lights that had the size and distance characteristics typical of a moving satellite. However, these were in definite triangular formation and appeared for about 30 seconds moving 2-3 times faster than a satellite. The direction was from north star to tip of plough. I thought they must be high altitude aircraft and when I Googled the sighting for last night it appears that last year and 2006 these were also spotted off the County Down coast by large numbers of people. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

ECCLESHILL BRADFORD, England -- My wife was driving and as we turned the corner an orange sphere moved towards us and to our left all in one motion on February 12, 2008, at 10:40 PM. When it went to the left, a building obscured my view so I cannot say where it went. It was about 30 feet in the air and about 50 feet away, just above the roof of a building. No noise. Both my wife and I saw it. I mentioned it to a neighbor and they said they had seen a similar thing, but roughly ten years ago on the next road. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

WOLVERHAMPTON --I viewed from Sandford Rise, four solid red lights flying in a rectangular formation on February 11, 2008, approaching from the south west at 6:30 PM, flying quite slowly almost directly overhead and continuing north east in perfect formation, until disappearing into the distance over some houses. When roughly overhead, a low rumbling like a distant large aircraft could be heard until they disappeared into the distance. Other aircraft (commercial planes etc) were in the sky, though I'd say these lights were higher up from the angle as they flew into the distance. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Peter Robbins and Jackie Perkins present award to me and my blonde wife Janet on right. 

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