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FILER’S FILES # 8 - 2007
Feb 21, 2007, 13:45

Shuttle Films Caribbean "Divers"

NASA shuttle is looking east, when three lights fly across Gulf of Mexico from the north.

Jeff Challender writes, "On Discovery's STS-116, twelfth day in orbit, December 21, 2006, she made a pass over the central United States, then out over the Atlantic Ocean near local midnight." We were treated by the INCO to a now rare block of "live" downlink from Shuttle's low-light black and white payload bay camera. (I say "rare" because today the amount of such night-time television of Earth from space is a much smaller quantity that just a few years ago. Of the total 309 hours which encompassed STS-116, less than one hour was night-time downlink TV.

STS-116 Astronauts Crew

As the Shuttle progressed southward, with the camera pointing west across Florida and Cuba to the Gulf of Mexico four luminous objects appeared. These were seen against the face of Earth, and were also moving to the south at great speed. In fact, their speed was quite close to that of Discovery. The objects were flying in a loose formation, and shifting position relative to each other as they went. What happened next is one of the most shocking events I've ever seen in downlink video from space.


Three of the four anomalies appeared to actually DIVE into the ocean west of Havana, Cuba!! I can't think of one single conventional object which could do this, let alone at orbital speed! After my first look at this event on my original recording from NASA Select TV, I was simply and completely stunned! Ships at sea, no matter how well lit, are never visible day or night from the altitude of Shuttle and ISS orbit. They are simply too far away. The same applies to airplanes. They are not visible from 220 miles (350 km). And none of them are capable of reaching anything close to the speed of the objects in this incident. Now, there is no certainty that the objects entered the water. They MAY have entered clouds instead. But it was really too dark to be sure.

X is location where anomalies disappeared.

It is certain that there was no hint of cloud over the cities of Florida, or above Havana, Cuba. But, even if the objects did enter clouds rather than the Caribbean Sea, it still PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that at least three of the four objects were truly at near sea level relative to the Shuttle orbiting at 220+ miles (350+ km) in space. Thanks to Jeff Challender. DVDs Now Available At Project P.R.O.V.E.!

Editor's Note:

Ancient City -- The UFOs appeared to dive into the Caribbean Sea in deep ocean waters off the Guanahacabibes Peninsula on Cuba's western tip.

In May 2001, an amazing discovery was made by Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), a Canadian company that was mapping the ocean bottom of Cuba's territorial waters. Sonar readings revealed 2,200 feet down stones laid out in a geometric pattern that looked very much like the ruins of a city. A team of Canadian and Cuban researchers have discovered the remains of what may be a 6,000-year-old city. Using sophisticated sonar and videotape equipment, offshore engineer Paulina Zelitsky, her husband, Paul Weinzweig, found megaliths "of a kind you'd find at Stonehenge or at Chicken Itza in Mexico."

They show very distinct shapes and symmetrical designs of a non-natural kind. The precise age of the underwater site is also unknown, although Cuban archeologists in 1966 excavated a land-based megalithic structure on the western coast, close to the new underwater discovery, said to date from 4000 BC. "Based on geological information, we're speculating that these structures are 6,000 years old," older than Samaria, and Egyptian Pyramids. If the dating estimate proves accurate, it would mean that an ancient civilization had designed and erected these vast stone structures in the Americas only 500 years after human settlements first became organized in cities and states. Thanks to the Toronto Globa and Mail

History Channel TV "Hangar 18"

What happens when a UFO crashes? Some experts claim that the UFO wreckage and even the pilots are transported to a top-secret facility in Dayton, Ohio called "Hangar 18" located on Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

The TV show claims Declassified Government documents prove that the "disk" from the famous Roswell event and fragments of other mysterious crashes were shipped to Wright Patterson. Hear stories involving elected officials, UFO researchers, and former base employees, some of whom are going on the record regarding "Hangar 18." They spin a tale of flying saucer debris, alien bodies, cryogenic chambers and a vast underground network that may hold the secrets to the UFO mystery. History Channel's, "Hangar 18" is and excellent truthful show worth seeing.

Eisenhower's Secret Trip to Holloman AFB in 1955

Art Campbell is a nationally known UFO researcher and speaker who has been active in UFO research since 1957. Art will provide an exclusive weekly series. Art took time out for a successful teaching career, counselor, football coach, and high school principal between 1959 and 1989. Originally, Art was a NICAP investigator working with Donald E. Keyhoe. Art formed a NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) affiliate in Kansas City. He worked on an important NICAP investigation of George Adamski, who claimed an alien contact in the Kansas City train yard.

Art is also the principle investigator of UFO Crash at San Augustin, a little known, but highly significant crash of what the USAF referred to **(in the famous 1947 Gen. Ramey's telegram) as "Site #2 southwest of Magdalena, New Mexico." In the fall of 2006, Art received a 7-page letter from a retired airman who was assigned to the base hospital at Holloman AFB, New Mexico.

The airman details what he knew and what he and his friends saw when President Eisenhower visited Holloman in February of 1955. According to the press at the time, Ike was on a hunting trip to Thomasville, Georgia. In our next installment, we will take you to President Eisenhower's press conference on February 9, 1955, the departure from Andrews AFB the next day and the reception he received in the Thomasville Area.

Filer's Files will bring you, the reader, up to date information about this ongoing investigation in the coming weeks. Art says, "We are looking for a few good men, military or civilian or anyone who has any information about Ike's visit on or about February, 1955, to Holloman." We would also welcome reports from civilians, family members, children, etc., living in Alamogordo, NM in 1955, if you have or know of any information regarding this event. Write to [email protected], and send a copy to [email protected] Thanks to Art Campbell 711 Medford Center #129 Medford Oregon 97504 and click on Corso/Eisenho

Battle for Iwo Jima Photo of Cylinder

At the top left of the photo a cylinder shaped object is flying through the air in February 1945.

In one of the most fearsome battles of World War II sixty two years ago the US had 26,000 casualties in thirty-five days of fighting. 6,800 American servicemen were killed. They defeated the 22,000 Japanese defending the island. The anniversary of battle for Iwo Jima, took place February 19 to March 26, 1945, sixty two years ago. Of the 3,400 coming ashore with the Fifth Marine Division, Captain Haynes recalls only 600 were standing when the battle closed.

Mars Plumbing Indicates Water in the Past

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has spotted a subterranean natural plumbing system that might have ferried water beneath the surface of Valles Marineris. The image shows alternating layers of dark and light colored rocks in Candor Chasma al canyon. Thanks to John Schuessler and

Arizona Unknown Object Filmed

Phoenix -- I have seen several UFOs in the last few months in Phoenix. I took a photo of this spinning orb on January 11, 2006, at 9:21 am. I was going for a morning walk when I spotted a reflecting silvery white orb about 1,000 feet up. It was south of me towards central Phoenix, as I watched it, I was taking photos of it but it was to far away from me. I knew the photos of it wouldn't show up, but to my amazement it was coming toward me and at the same height. This is the only photo that came out. Photos is © by Heaven. To view go to:

Sedona -- Victoria Liljenquist writes, "On Christmas Eve 2000, a friend and I encountered some amazing phenomena and videotaped a Light Ship UFO." These two very special photographs (from live video captured on my Sony Camera) revealed pictographic images that I feel are a sacred language of light. Both of us could see a ten pronged "spinning spoke-like vehicle. We were in awe as we encountered this for 15 minutes. During this length of footage, slowing the film speed during editing, I discovered at least 250 different pictographic images of importance transmitted from the UFO.

I was communicating with the ship, asking if we would have peace…when the first photo "Dove of Peace" appeared. I could actually see this image of a dove during the filming.

The "Book Of Knowledge: Keys Of Enoch" by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, ccorrelates with this phenomena and explains the meaning of these two pictographs as "the sacred language of light". The book explains these Heavenly images are part of Earth’s contact with ultra-terrestrials. It is time to initiate activation thru these two sacred pictographs that are "alive."

 "Sacred Language of Light" Photo of UFO

"It is time for humanity to wake up, to take responsibility as citizens of the universe to encourage universal peace, not just for Earth but Peace with our family of other worlds, for someday we will be graduating into a Galactic Society. Ultra-Terrestrials and Heavenly Intelligence's are contacting the hearts of humanity to step thru the doorway of universal peace".

The second sacred language of light photo represents the heart of humanity with faces appearing…that are reflections of our family from Other World. More images can be seen at: "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages, Thanks for allowing me to share - Victoria Liljenquist.

California Object with Symbols Underneath

Rancho Cucamonga -- We saw a bright orange object with symbols underneath on February 5, 2007, at 2:00 AM. It appeared to be in distress and flames were falling from it as it was stationary about 35 Miles east Los Angeles. It then darted off to the north over the San Gabriel Mountains.

Second Report by Witness :
1. It looked like a crossed top bun with 4 sections so it was kind of square with rounded off corners
2. What did the symbols look like? I couldn't see them very well, my wife said the they looked like Chinese writing. No sound at all
3. It was the size of a golf ball held at arm's length..
4. Object was observed for 7 to 10 minutes

Investigator's Notes: The witness describes a bright orange object with symbols underneath it. This sighting is somewhat unique in characteristics. The witness was also surprised that no one reported the object to the media. The object was hovering and then darted off. The flames coming out of the object also add intrigue to the sighting. I cannot identify this sighting given available information. Thanks to Bill Puckett

Florida Large Craft Taking Off

Jacksonville -- On February 13, 2007, at 9:15 PM, I was sitting in my room with my window open when I heard sounds of engines revving. At first it reminded me of the starting sound of police sirens but instead of ending the pitch cycle the pitch went higher and higher as the sound continued like an engine being revved. It was a sort of "silky" whirring unusual sound. It sounded like a loud aircraft taking off right from inside our neighborhood. That of course is weird since my area is heavily developed and housed. My actual impression is that it took off towards Glen Kernen Golf and Country Club. The total time from total silence to maximum pitch/volume was between 5-10 seconds.

I ran outside after a few seconds of listening and saw four white lights in a square formation and a red light on one side hovering in the western sky above the tree line which begins five houses down from ours. Either the craft was smaller and indeed hovering above the tree line itself, or much much bigger and hence farther away. It was dusk so it was difficult to make out the contours of the craft.

The craft itself seemed to be black, faintly visible against the dark sky with lights underside edges of the craft. The top may have had a dome. The craft was hovering above the trees slightly gliding and moving slowly. The sound of the engines became quieter and seemed to fade in intensity while the actual pitch of the sound remained the same. They were entirely engine based sounds. The sounds also started from complete silence, unlike the sounds of planes overhead which you can hear from miles away before they fly over. It appeared to be large and close. If I were to hold up a coin, it might have been two inches or more diameter. I lost sight of the craft as it slowly hovered out of visibility behind the tree tops. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Orange Colored Ball (UFO)

Aloha -- My son was walking down the road toward the house and said he saw something over the trees to the NW on January 29, or 31, 2006, a little before 10 PM. It was a light orange ball bigger than a pea and smaller than a tennis ball. He said it zig-zagged a little like it was trying to get his attention, then shot off to the North. It didn't leave any physical trail but because of the speed there was an optical memory like a cigarette being moved around quickly in the dark. He came in really shaken and told me about it. He goes to PSU and has evening classes on those 2 nights) We live SW of Portland, OR in Aloha. This is not a major event by any means but I thought I'd tell you about it in case any other reports came in. He actually had a much scarier one last year with a high whirring sound that oscillated and a bright, moon-sized, light above the trees. He was walking under--made the hair on his neck stand up, he said. It was last summer but I can't even begin to remember the date. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

Puerto Rico Objects Appear in Photographs

Moca -- On February 8, 2007, Lucy and Orlando visted la Casona as tourists. The sky was completely clear. Photos and video were taken. Returning home at 12:34 PM., and seeing the photos taken by Lucy, they noticed that images IMG_0637, IMG_0638, IMG_0639, IMG_0640 show objects that shouldn't be there. Four photos showing white objects in the sky were taken. The objects were seen in photograph form only and visually. Another with the 4 objects darkens in the middle and the other 3 move to the right of the photo. A whitish face with dark eyes appears on the second tree from left to right.

Note: Only Lucy Guzman’s photos and video have been subjected to pre-evaluation. The ones taken by Orlando Pla have not. It should be noted that poltergeist phenomena have been reported in the house (dark shadows, opening doors, loud noises, chains, almost all of them at night). Upon reconstructing the house Indian artifacts were found, suggesting the possibility of native burial grounds. Source: Ovni.Net

Puerto Rico Unexplained Light illustration

Lake Carraizo -- Lucy Guzman A very bright white light with the apparent size of a ping-pong ball was seen on Route 52 from Caguas to San Juan. Vanished before camcorder could be secured on 2 AM, on February 9, 2007 :00 AM. Lucy Guzman and Orlando Pla were returning from Mayaguez, had paid the last toll near Caguas and were near Lake Carraizo. Lucy noticed that to her right, above the lake, there was a very bright ball of light approximately 1000 meters high, moving from east to west.

It was slowly heading toward the expressway. She had her gear in the back seat; she reached for the camcorder, but by the time she removed the lens cap, the light was gone. She looked all around for it and it was nowhere to be seen. She doesn’t know if the object made any noise, as the car radio and air conditioner were on. Thanks to Lucy Guzman Ovni.Net Conclusions: Known objects were discarded. It was not possible to identify the source of the light.

Tennessee Woman Sights Boomerang

Crossville – The witness states," It was morning, daylight about six AM central time and I was walking up from our field in late January 2007, when I heard a faint noise, a light swoosh, swoosh, swoosh sound. I looked up and right over my head there was a light silvery ship passing over me below the low clouds. It curved around and took off through the clouds heading southwest. What I noticed the most was the boomerang shape, color and the sound it made swooshing through the clouds." It was a cloudy morning but broad daylight, very bright actually and the ship looked sleek and sort of invisible but cloaked as if the clouds gave it color. If it would have been a clear blue sky, it would have been entirely invisible. It was flying right below and into low clouds very quiet and graceful. Crossville is about 100 miles east of Nashville.

Investigator's Notes: Every attribute noticed about the object in this sighting defines the object as something "unconventional." This sighting is unexplained. It is a UFO! Thanks to Bill Puckett

Washington Three Black Orbs

Kent, (Seattle Area) -- I saw three black orbs clustered in a triangular fashion at 4 PM on February 11, 2007, that were climbing slowly at a 45 degree angle. They leveled off flying north, and then climbed again in an acute angle of greater than 45 degrees. My line of sight became blocked as the object moved behind a tree. If the object maintained it's ascent, it would have then moved beyond the tree. It didn't. I couldn't find it again. While it looked like large balloons, they didn't move like helium balloons over West hill of Kent at South 228th. The sighting lasted about one to two minutes. The weather was cloudy but aircraft from SeaTac were taking off to the south at that time.

Investigator's Notes: Bill Puckett writes, This is an interesting sighting considering that it occurred in the day under a cloudy sky. Some possibility exists that the objects could have been balloons because they were moving northward and the winds were from south to southwest. This means that the objects could been drifting with the wind like balloons, but the nearest weather balloon could have been launched over 100 miles away and only one balloon would have been launched. Also weather balloons are not black in color. Thanks to Bill Puckett

Australia UFO Photos

Kathy D. writes, "I was staying at my beach house last week when I decided to take shots of the night sky over the ocean. Two bright objects were observed in front of the dark clouds. I have no idea what they are." Camera used...Nikon Coolpix 5900. Thanks to Kathy D.....Adelaide

Chile --UFO Reported Over Downtown

Villarrica --Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports the community was stunned at 7 AM, on February 6, 2007, morning by the sighting of an UFO flying over the city. A group of workers waited for the bus at the Rural Terminal and vendors for the International Fair set up their stands for the day’s displays. They looked up to the sky to see an enormous UFO that hung in the air above for nearly 5 seconds.

Luis Obregon states, "I was waiting for the bus with some friends and saw a giant orange light in the sky with several lights behind it. It was a large vessel with very powerful lights. Behind it were some 15 smaller lights that glowed brightly. "It was a fast ship with powerful movements, like a comet or a flare," he said.

The community of Quino, 5 kilometers from Victoria, was buzzed by a UFO that caused consternation among locals. Diario Austral de Temuco (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nunez, IIEE)

Chilean Pilots Have UFO Encounters

Viña del Mar -- The Chilean government has disclosed a series of sightings and encounters between military pilots and unidentified flying objects (UFO). Captain Rodrigo Bravo, with authorization of the Army Command, took part in an international discussion of the subject, in which he disclosed "spectacular" experiences in various parts of Chile. Bravo presented videos and photographs during the meeting while discussing the encounters that pilots of his branch had undergone in the past 10 years.

Chilean Mirage Fighter

Chile, with 15.5 million inhabitants, ranks fifth in the world when it comes to the highest number of UFO sightings, after the United States, Peru, Brazil and Russia. Over 600 sightings have been recorded in Chile over the past 60 years. These include "CE3K" -type contacts with extraterrestrials. The Army officer recalled that on April 2, 1997, in the city of Arica's Chacalluyta Airport, the pilot of a T-212 aircraft witnessed an elongated orange object in the sky for nine minutes.

Another incident of similar characteristics took place in early 2000 in the southern region of Los Lagos, while three military helicopters flew by in broad daylight. "The crew members witnessed an object on the ground that swiftly rose to the same altitude as the aircraft, positioning itself in front of them, almost on a collision course." The UFO vanished at high speed after engaging in zig-zagging movements.

Graneros -- On March 18, 2000, 70 kilometers south of Santiago, the crew of a military aircraft claimed having seen an elongated, lead-colored object that took off at high speed after having flown beside them. "All of these cases are certified by the Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFFA), the best suited in Chile for this type of research," added the military man.

Rodrigo Fuenzalida, director of the Agrupación de Investigaciones Ovniológicas de Chile (AION), told EFE that having the Army's cooperation sets the example for mature behavior on the part of "this institution, which consented to open its files and have them subjected to serious scrutiny." Fuenzalida maintains that all that is needed now is for the Government to assume a similar posture and support the opening of these files, which has occurred in such countries as Brazil. UFO sightings "are no longer a novelty" and experts claim that 60 million people worldwide have witnessed this phenomenon, although only ten percent of these experiences are made known, due to the fear of being ridiculed. (translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ing. Marco Reynoso, Fundacion Cosmos, A.C.)

China May Have An Underground UFO Base?

Ladakh --
John Winston writes, "Many stories have surfaced that both China and India know about an underground UFO base near Kongka La a low ridge pass in the Himalayas on the disputed India-China border. The Chinese hold the northeastern part is known as Aksai Chin and Indian the southwest known as Ladakh. The two countries fought a major war in 1962, over the area that is one of the least accessed area in the world. By agreement the two countries do not patrol that part of the border. Local people claim UFOs are seen coming out of the ground, and this is known by both governments.

Aksai Chin, China photo of antelope, Photo courtesy of

According to many tourists, the Indian and Chinese military maintain a line of control to prevent people going to the UFO base. Recently Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash saw strange lights in the sky and the local guides while in the Chinese territory told them that this was nothing new and is a normal phenomenon from the Kongka Pass area. Strange lighted triangular silent craft come out of mountains and fly almost vertically up. Some of the adventurous pilgrims wanted to look into the site but were turned away at both Indian and Chinese Guard posts despite their permit to travel between the two countries.

The Indian border patrol personnel said, "They had orders not to allow any one near the area of interest and it is true that strange objects come out from under the ground with amplified and modulated lights. India's Spec-al Forces and possible visit the area by intelligence agencies. The locals start laughing in that area when they are asked about these UFO sightings. According to the locals the extra-terrestrial presence is well known and is in deep into the ground where the Euresian plate and the Indian plate have created convergent plate boundaries. The double thick earth crust allows the creation of underground bases deep into the tectonic plates. Convergent plate boundaries are formed where one plate dives under another. Kongka La has beautiful rocks and granites but neither Chinese nor Indian authorities ever excavate, dig or mine holes in this area. The area is pristine and untouched. Thanks to the

The Chinese after winning Aksai Chin from India in 1962, built a strategic military highway, but are not using it and are using an alternate highway. Recently in the local school, young children of the area entered into a drawing contest. More than half of the drawings had to do with strange objects in the sky and some coming out of the mountains. Many of them even know what and when to look for.

Many UFO researchers believe that there are hidden UFO bases under the ocean and deep under the ground. Kongka La is experiencing some strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains. Why is this region continuously reporting UFO sightings from various kinds of people? Thanks to

China Alien Abduction

The best-known alien abduction story in China is the case of Meng Zhao Guo, a young tree farmer, from Wuchang, in Heilongjiang province. In June 1994 Zhao Guo and two other farm workers, working at Red Flag logging camp saw something unusual on nearby Mount Pheonix. Meng was hit by a beam of light, and experienced an abduction and a sexual encounter with a female alien.

Meng Zhaoguo, a rural worker explains he was 29 when he broke his marital vows for the first and only time -- with an extraterrestrial of unusually robust build.

"She was 10 feet [3.03 metres] tall and had six fingers, but otherwise she looked completely like a human,'' he says. "I told my wife all about it afterwards. She wasn't too angry.'' During September 2003 Zhang Jingping, a Beijing-based UFO researcher, had psychologists and police technicians subject Zhao Guo to hypnosis and a lie detector test in Beijing. Zhang indicated the test results proved the abductee was telling the truth.

He also indicated that doctors had indicated that Zhao Guo’s scars "could not possibly have been caused by common injuries or surgery." Thanks to John Winston. [email protected]

Estonia Huge Plate Shaped Craft with Lights

Vajangu -- I was just was searching in the Internet for information if there has been UFO cases (seen) in the end of January 2007 in northern Europe/esp. Estonia and according this page found the triangle-lights case in Tallinn on January 28, 2007 (afternoon). However, in the same night (28.01 and knowing good the time because looked straight the clock - 2:35 AM I saw as well in Estonia in the village called Vajangu (Lääne-Virumaa county; center of Estonian country) a thing which I consider to be UFO. My words here are not enough! In that time I was watching the musical masterpiece of A.L.Webber "The Cats" on DVD. Suddenly started to hear some noise which sounded from outside the house and it was like a strong bass-sound from the outside. Turned the volume off from the "Cats" I could better hear it, sounded like a heavy-weighted helicopter.

The first thought was "wow, it must be flying so near and in this village!" (normally you don't see helicopters in Vajangu-village at all!). Went to one window, incredible a large kind of plate (to my calculations 50-100m wide!) went over our neighbor houses towards the forest. It had small yellow lights all way around (horizontally) and this thing just flew away. I saw it for 10-15 seconds and woke up my dad and asked if he heard something? He had heard the noise and I saw it. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: [email protected] Website:

Latvia Possible Meteorite

KARKI INCIDENT -- On February 4, 2007, an unidentified object but probably a meteorite fell into the pond in Northern Latvia punching a hole in the ice. On the same night locals claims to see a UFO that could be explained by he light phenomena accompanying the meteorite. Anyway - alleged light manifestations took place a week later in the pond area... some claims to see beams of light. The case is under investigation of Latvian groups. Thanks to Piotr Cielebias w[email protected], npn, "

UK/England Annual PRUFO's Police Report 2006

Detective Constable 1877 Gary Heseltine British Transport Police writes, "This report is now the fifth one I have completed since I launched the PRUFOS Police Database in January 2002, but does not reflect the views of the British Transport Police. I have discovered 213 cases dating between 1901 and 2005 involving 500 British police officers.

Haworth, West Yorkshire --At 0045 hours on December 21,1901, two uniformed police officers, PS John Johnson and PC Clark were walking along a snow covered beat in Haworth when suddenly a green light illuminated the surrounding area. The officers looked up to the sky to see a luminous UFO shaped like a cigar pointed at both ends. The object emitted occasional flashes and sparks. They watched the object for 15 minutes as it slowly and silently moved across the night sky before disappearing into the distance. P. S. JOHNSON stated that the object was seen at an altitude of 100-150 feet before gradually gaining height. Two members of the public reported seeing similar objects in Keighley and Shipley respectively. UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND). On duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – Mr Midgley via Keighley News

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