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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #25 -- 2006
Jun 21, 2006, 11:22

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Comet Has Building Blocks Of Life

The University of Maryland-led NASA mission that smashed into mostly coal black surface of Tempel 1 comet this past July 4th, found water ice on the surface of a comet. This is the first time ice has been detected on the solid body of a comet according to the journal Science. Deep Impact Principal Investigator Michael Ahearn states: "We can conclude that most of the water vapor that escapes from comets is contained in ice particles found below the surface."

As a comet approaches the Sun, it releases gas and dust forming a cloud (coma) that obscures the nucleus from view unless a spacecraft can get very close Stereo images show the largest area of ice to be a depression 80 meters below surrounding areas.

Comets are described as ‘frozen balls of dirty ice’; the findings from Tempel- 1 indicate that it is made of broken up rocks that contain clays and carbonates -- the minerals of limestones and seashells that are formed only in liquid water. "How do clays and carbonates form in frozen comets where there isn't liquid water?" asked Dr. C.M. Lisse, a Mission scientist; "Nobody expected this," he said. The Spitzer space telescope also detected in Tempel-l crystalline silicates - a form of the mineral that requires at least 1300 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures to form. How do you put that stuff into a comet that forms out by Pluto?" asked the puzzled Dr. Lisse. How, indeed, do you get mineral-melting temperatures in a region of absolute cold?

Dr. Lisse of John Hopkins University and other scientists expanded the list of Earthlike components discovered in the comet to include chemicals associated with living organisms. They listed clays, silicates, carbonates, iron sulfides, alumina, and compounds called PAHs "which are among many organic chemicals that show up in living organisms on Earth." Another reported surprise: "The team has detected an unexpectedly high concentration of methyl cyanide; biologists say methyl cyanide is a key player in reactions that form DNA" (Christian Science Monitor).

Mars Seas

Xenotech Research shows mud polygons at the same site, showing chunks and pieces. Image copyright (c) Michael Almond. Now let's compare these with another image of mud polygons. I will place the photo from one location right next to the photo from the location above, and we will see how closely the two match. I have also adjusted the color slightly so that we get a closer match, but that is cosmetic.

If you look, the patterns of slabs almost continue from one picture to the next. This is a nearly perfect match. Nobody would deny that these are both pictures of mud polygons, if they could in fact confirm that either of the pictures was mud polygons. This is because they are clearly identical and could not be distinguished from each other. Clearly the same processes created both.

What is most interesting is that the left image is from Mars, from Opportunity on Sol 632. The right image, however, is Death Valley, California. It is a dried lake bottom and is made of mud. If you did not know the difference, you could not tell the difference. My conclusion? Meridiani Planum on Mars is absolutely, positively a dried sea bed. The slabs of stone we are seeing are sediments and mud that dried slowly as the water receded and left those patterns of polygons we see today.

Why do I say that Meridiani was a sea and not perhaps a lake? Because it extends for thousands of kilometers. A salty body of water, thousands of kilometers in extent, is not a lake, it is a sea or ocean.

To see the original images, click: Mars images from NASA/.JPL are located here. Michael Almond's excellent photography is located here.

Sea Urchins on Mars

Sir Charles at Xenotech Research reports some of the best images from the Opportunity Rover were released very early in the mission. Sol 028 microscopic images at right above contained some of the best and clearest features and are still outstanding in content and detail. I have located a terrestrial urchin that matches the most prominent features of this particular fossil organism well enough for the uninitiated to see for themselves.

A - the cleft that appears on so many of the spherules, similar to the cleft on a peach.

B - the margins around the cleft that are raised and divided by sutures, almost like lips.

C - shallower clefts that surround the major cleft in a roughly pentagonal manner.

D - a prominent single bump at the apex of the shell on both the terrestrial Sea Gopher (left) and the Martian urchin (right).

Sea urchins are close relatives of sea biscuits and sand dollars, and all share many features of their anatomy. Many of the Martian specimens are clearly sand dollars, others are like sea biscuits, and some are clearly urchins. All three classes existed on Mars, just as they do in our seas here on Earth. Thanks to Sir Charles W. Shults III, K. B. B.

California Object Was Round with Rings of Blue

Fresno -- My sighting was the same day when the U.S. shot down an incoming target missile coming in from the Pacific as part of the SDI military program on July 14, 2001. They hit the missile leaving a trail of smoke and unused fuel in the western sky. This was at sundown and my sighting happened at about 9:30 p.m. I was in my backyard looking up about 45 degrees and noticed a bright white star like object coming in from space traveling very fast. Then it hit the atmosphere and when it did it blew up or expanded from the white light to an object that looked like the end of a kaleidoscope. Meaning the object was about the size of a fifty cent piece at arm's length and was round, with rings of blue, white and violet colors.

It also had an about 18 degree pie shape missing. I have seen pictures on the web of objects like this but they all have been black and white. As the object hit the atmosphere and expanded, it changed direction from coming in toward the earth to traveling parallel to the earth for a short time and then blinked out. All this took only a couple of seconds.

I have to note that east over the mountains is area 51 and China Lake Naval Station. So this might have been one of the governments vehicles coming back to base after watching the SDI target practice. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

Kentucky Train Hits UFO Continued

Paintsville -- Robby Vaughn is further investigating the story of a train hitting a UFO. The milepost on the Big Sandy start at 0.0 which is at Big Sandy Junction exactly 10 miles south of Russell Yard in Russell, KY. The only RR bridge north of CMG 42 (52 miles south of Russell) would be the one a few dozen feet north of RB Cabin at CMG 27.3 (37.3 miles south of Russell).

 This bridge is a single track monster of a truss design. This means the bridge structure fully surrounds the train as it passes not only over the bridge but through it making it almost impossible for something to be "hovering" over the bridge in the path of a train. Perhaps if the object had been located at the very end of the structure? This bridge is also in a fairly populated area on the southern side of Louisa, KY. Thanks to Robby Vaughn


North Carolina Huge Triangular Craft

FRANKLIN -- My wife and I were riding my motorcycle home at 11 PM, on Sylva Highway near Bud warehouse on February 1986, a clear cold night. I happened to look up and what I saw made me stop quickly and jerk my helmet off. My wife did the same and we watched three lights, red in color, not unusually bright but distinct, a perfect triangle. The lights never varied in distance to each other and were obviously at the tips of a huge craft. The outline of the craft was indistinct but the mass blocked the stars and sky while it passed overhead. It was totally silent. I shut off the engine and there was no ambient noise at all.

 Depiction of craft


It was no more than about 300 feet up and moving at a crawl, maybe 10 mph, it was massive and about 100 yards (300 feet) in-between each light. The thing felt like it weighed a million tons. I was fearful that if it suddenly landed on us we would be a grease spot on the pavement. I also recall thinking that I could easily shoot it with a pistol, indeed with a strong bow and arrow ! It was that low. I could see no markings or distinct features underneath. It was too dark but the red lights at the edges were quite distinct.

It was either a government project or more likely a UFO. As the craft flew north, it performed an amazing feat! It rose slightly in altitude and as it moved away and at a point of a mile or so away, it stopped and turned up on its axis and cart wheeled off into the eastern sky! The red lights performed what might be called a "show", with one light pointing north and the other two to its rear. It is flying "flat" and now the two lights behind spin up so the one light formerly ahead is now at the bottom. And then the three start spinning off, rolling to the right, clockwise into the eastern sky. I'm struck by the massive size and the 'feel' of the thing. It had the impression of a huge and incredibly heavy ship but it didn't 'float' like a large balloon would. It, although totally silent, moved with 'purpose'. It was the size of a battleship moving slowly over your head, without a sound.

Editor’s Note: Numerous witnesses have close up sightings of these craft that could be triangular shaped dirigibles

New Jersey Black Orb With Lights

Newark – On June 11, 2006, I was leaving my grandmother's house with a friend and walking to my car at 8:30 PM. I took a quick look at an airplane flying by when a smaller dark orb shaped object caught my eye going the opposite direction of the plane and moving a lot faster. I quickly got my friends attention and said "bro look at that plane move" he then said that’s not a plane. In my head I knew that already but I wanted to see what he thought of the object before I stuck the thoughts of UFO in his head.

The object disappeared behind some buildings, so we got into my car. As we drove down the street I continued looking for the object between the houses and that’s when we both noticed an even bigger object with lights with the orb dancing around it. At first I thought the larger object was a small private plane. I had said to my friend " check that out man, its going nuts" and he had responded " it looks like its changing shapes". The larger object was sort of morphing and the smaller was dancing around it. I tried to pull over but there was no space because of parked cars and the traffic behind me was going crazy with their horns so I was forced to continue down the street and lost sight of the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Video

Lordsburg -- Benjie Medina writes, "In May and now in June 2006, we have a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video. The light hovered in the sky, and periodically changed shape but stayed in the area for over five minutes. Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramon Ortiz

North Carolina A Long White Slender Object

Southern Cumberland County -- I am the fellow that had the sighting in Bladen, Cumberland County. On June 1, 2006, I was on the same road highway 87 going south as I work in Tarheel in the same area. I had the last sighting, and I had another one, a long white slender object was less than a mile away. It was right near the power-lines again and as I watched, it disappeared into a cloud. I went up to Dandelion Lane and made a U-turn heading north. I pulled over for about five minutes waiting to see it again, but I didn't see anything. The object was going in the same direction as the last one.

Ohio Unseen Huge Craft Rises Out of the Water

Zanesville -- My brother, father and I were fishing at a place called Dillon Dam in May of 1999, about 10 PM. We know the area very well. All three of us were sitting by the water's edge with our fishing poles in the water on pitch black out evening and were using a Coleman lantern for our light. We were fishing a small bay about 3-4 feet deep when we heard something "huge" coming out of the water. My brother felt it was as big as a house. It sounded as if an aircraft carrier was emerging from the water. However, we could not see it. You could hear the water falling back down off the object, back to the lake. No one said a word, but instinctively, we all rushed backwards about 15 yards or so.

My brother is an avid outdoors man and hunter and he was standing there with his pistol pointed to the water. The water rushed down off the unseen object. You could tell the object was rising due to the sound of the water falling back to the lake. We stood there, totally scared to death for a few minutes. Without our poles, light, and tackle-box we rushed to the car and left. My father and brother said they never wanted this mentioned again. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

FOSTORIA – A cigar shaped flying object was videotaped by George Ritter on June 13, 2006, over a neighbor's farm.

Texas Object Changes Shape

Lake O' The Pines -- On June 8, 2006 at 6:59 PM, I was at the lake shore and spotted an extremely bright object to my east after looking for a jet I heard in that general direction. My mother was with me, and my dog came along for a walk with us. My mother eventually spotted the object. My dog didn't react at all, though she's nearly ten and is somewhat hard of hearing. My mother had her 10 X 50 binoculars with her, and I had my 10- 30 X 50 binoculars with me to which I've mounted my camera, which is a Canon Powershot S 2 IS with a 1.5 teleconverter lens, making the optical zoom a full 18 X. We watched the object through our binoculars for approximately seven minutes until we could no longer see it due to distance. I snapped 423 (yes, four hundred twenty-three!) pictures of the object as I viewed it through my binoculars. The object made no sound that we could hear, and it drifted slowly west (just about directly over us), then south, then southwest of us where we finally lost sight of it. There was only a little amount of breeze from various directions as I recall. It was quite high I believe, but I have no way to judge its actual altitude or size.

With my unaided eye it was just a very small white dot, though it was very bright. It changed shapes frequently throughout the time we saw it, and the picture sequence confirms this. The object was definitely not a plane or a bird or bug, though I'm not really sure what it is. I believe if it were a cluster of balloons I would have been able to tell while looking at it through my binoculars as well as looking at the pictures of it. I can only assume that it was self-illuminated due to its extreme brightness and that what we saw was the result of plasma surrounding a craft rather than the actual structure of the craft itself .Thanks Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH To view photos:

.Wyoming Strange Objects at Missile Sites

CHEYNNE -- I have 10 years in the reserves and my son is still in the Air Force at F. E. Warren Base. He is a missile cop and has seen and heard strange things at the missile sites. He was a 50 cal gunner for the Stryker Brigade in the Big Red 1 in Iraq. My son joined the Air Force and they put him in the Army for convoy duty.

Canada Silver Sphere Glowing Blue Object

Oshawa, Ontario -- Paul Shishis writes, "I have something to share of a strange "O-ring" white cloud seen tonight, May 30, 2006, at 8 PM. Facing west, I noticed this "O ring" cloud formation.

So I figured to try an experiment, in photographing what the camera might pick-up. Surprisingly, I found the two sharpest pictures in the bunch, showing a stream like object in both photos. They do have definition in length-rod type objects that are similar to what George Ritter has been filming. They do appear strange, as they were not seen with the naked eye. Might be another confirmation, that Infra-Red Tech captures anomalies, we don't see. Thanks to Paul Shishis

TRANSCONA, MANITOBA – On June 2, 2006, at 11:45 PM, I was sitting on the deck with my wife and sister and we all saw a glowing blue object behind the clouds. At first I thought it was a large spot light scanning the sky from Club Regent Casino until it hit an unclouded patch and it was like a blue roman candle (about that size if you were looking at it close up) only it was far away. It was moving horizontally east to west. I thought it was a near miss of a meteor because it broke up into 3 or 4 smaller lights and vanished very quickly. We were on the outskirts of Winnipeg by the perimeter in Transcona when we all saw it. Thanks to Brian Vike Director HBCC Research

BIENFAIT, SASKATCHEWAN --A very bright bluish green object was observed on June 2, 2006, between 11:30 and midnight. The kids were just getting out from the hot tub on a very calm and clear evening. The dogs barked and my girlfriend and I turned to see, coming from behind the house heading northward, a very bright, bluish green object streaking across the sky. We could even see it through the trees as for its brightness. We both ran out the driveway but it had already disappeared. It was traveling at a very great speed, probably thousands of miles per hour but without a sonic boom more than likely because of the distance it was away. It seemed quite close, but also could have been a very great distance away. The brightness and color would have been equivalent to a welding arc or magnesium burning, but with a hint of green. What struck me as odd was it did not make an arc due to gravitational pull. It went straight. I have seen many, many meteors but never with the duration of burn and the straightness in its path as this one. I still think what everyone saw was a meteor. But I've been known to be wrong in the past.Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

SPRINGHILL, NOVA SCOTIA -- I am a pilot, and have kept my sighting of a strange object somewhat quiet since 1995. I did not feel comfortable talking about the experience because at the time I was serving as a Police Officer and did not need my credibility brought into question. I have the exact date of my sighting in my pilot's logbook. During the summer in the mid afternoon, I was flying a small 4 place aircraft from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) to Summerside, Prince Edward Island. I had my young son and my 67-year-old father-in-law with me. We were level flight at 4000 feet and the weather was sunny with a few scattered clouds. My son was asleep in the rear of the plane and my father-in-law was sitting in the right seat. When we flew over Springhill, my father-in-law was looking past me and to the left of our plane and said "What's that?" pointing his finger at what I can only describe as a "Chrome Sphere" maybe 30 feet in diameter and 1000 feet lower than us, about three miles to the direct left of us and at about the same airspeed.

I told my father-in-law that I didn't know what it was! He asked if it was a helicopter and I replied it wasn't, as it was a perfectly round shiny ball. I remember feeling excited and having a sickly feeling in my stomach! I kept the plane in level flight and contacted "Flight Following." Asked if there were any other aircraft in my vicinity and received a "Negative, You're the only aircraft on the scope." I then called back and said I have an object to my left same direction of travel and speed at approximately 3000' and 3 miles away! Flight following replied again that they have nothing else on radar. I turned my plane west towards "the ball" and all of a sudden it "shot away" at an extreme rate of speed taking it a good 10 - 15 miles away in a mere second! The way it traveled resembled a baseball heading away from you and making a slight curve to the left and upwards at the same time. When it stopped, it was a barely visible speck. I banked right and resumed my heading towards Summerside. My father-in-law just looked stunned and remained quiet for a few minutes. After a bit, he asked again if it was a helicopter or another plane? I told him I didn't know what it was, but it was definitely no plane or helicopter like I had ever seen. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

China UFO Photo

GuangZhou --I was walking on the top of a mountain in a early morning of June 4, 2006, and was attracted by the flash object against the cloudy sky. I thought it was a UFO when I saw it was moving towards the horizon and a few seconds later it disappeared. I was amazed, and soon took the camera and shot the scene as the object moved towards the horizon and then disappeared. MUFON CMS

Mexican Journalist Photographs UFO

YUCATAN -- An image published on June 2, 2002 by Merida’s "De Peso" Newspaper reporter Ylmar Pacheco, was taking photos of a senior citizen event in the Salvador Alvarado Sur district when he suddenly saw a Mexican Air Force helicopter fly past. Feeling curious at seeing it fly so low, he pointed his camera toward it and took several photos. The witness did not become aware of the UFO until he examined the images; nothing unusual was seen when the photos were taken. The researchers who made this story known are brothers Raul and Gustavo Aleman of OVNIMERIDA Thanks to (Translation (c) 2006 S. Corrales, IHU. Special Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid shown here.


POLAND: Photo of Luminous Being

Tempelberg near Obrowiec [Woj.Opolskie], on July 13, 2005, at 11:00 AM. It was a chance photo taken with a cell-photo camera. These photos taken in Poland. are similar to photos were taken on June 4, 2006, in Sombreretillo Dam [Mexico] and published by INEXPLICATA - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology. NOL decided to present the following report with photo taken on July 13th 2005. The object photographed on Tempelberg resembles a shining man.

Peru: UFO Photographed Over Volcano

UBINAS VOLCANO Ana Luisa Cid writes, "According to the preliminary report by Dr. Anthony Choy, a UFO was photographed by Marco Antonio Zeballos, a member of the Civil Defense Regional Committee (CRDC), when the witness was in the town of Matalaque preparing to evacuate families affected by the volcano.

Researcher Choy says that the photo has not yet been subjected to detailed scrutiny. However, in his opinion, there is a high likelihood that it is an anomalous object that crossed the camera's field of view, without entirely dismissing that it could be an insect or bird that flew past quickly, causing distortion in the image. He also reported that Mr. Zeballos did not observe the probable UFO and only realized its presence when the photos were reviewed, adding that this is not the first time that sightings have occurred in that part of Peru. This suggests a possible relationship between anomalous aerial phenomena and natural or human disasters.

The Ubinas Volcano has presented activity since April 19, 2006, producing audible explosions and the formation of eruption columns of up to 3 km high. For this reason, families living near the volcano have been evacuated. Dr. Choy highlighted the importance that the photo was taken by an active official with the National Civil Defense Institute, as well as his openness by providing the image to a reporter for the "Correo de Tacna" newspaper. Thanks to the Journal of Hispanic Ufology,Photo © Marco Antonio Zeballos, Report by Dr. Anthony Choy Correspondent Julio Berlanga (Enigmas Perú), Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid.

Wales, UK -- Yellow Triangular UFO

Mid Glamorgan -- I am contacting you because I have been having triangle markings on my elbow for a number of years now. Three pinpricks forming a triangle, always in the same place, on my hip/pelvis area. My entire family including myself sighted a yellow triangular UFO outside my home when I was about ten (14 years ago). My Mum says she has sighted the same thing a few times since, in the same place outside our home. It always seems to follow the electricity cables. Periodically, I wake up with these markings. They disappear after about a day or so. I have no recollection of any 'abductions'. I noticed you have had similar reports. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

Erupting Volcanos

Earth's Currently Erupting Volcanos are: Ambrym S Pacific, Anatahan Mariana Islands, Aoba Vanuatu, Arenal Costa Rica, Augustine Alaska, Barren Islands, Indian Ocean, - Bezymianny Kamchatka, Russia, - Colima, Mexico, Dabbahu Ethiopia, Dukono, Indonesia, Ebeko Kurile Is, Egon Indonesia, Erta Ale Ethiopia, Fuego, Guatemala, -Galeras Columbia, Karangetang Sangihe Is, Karymsky Kamchatka, Karthala Indian Ocean, Kerinci Sumatra, Kilauea Hawaii, Krakatau Indonesia, Langila New Guinea, Lokon Empung Sulawes,i Lopevi S. Pacific, Manam New Guinea, Marapi Sumatra, Mauna Loa Hawaii, Merapi Java, Mt Erebus Antarctica, Mt. Etna Sicily, Mt St.Helens United States - Growth of the new lava dome inside the crater of Mount St. Helens continues, accompanied by low rates of seismicity, low emissions of steam and volcanic gases, and minor production of ash., Nyiragongo C Africa, Ol Doinyo Lengai E Africa, Pacaya Guatemala, Papandayan Java, Piton Dela Fournaise Indian Ocean, Popocatepetl Mexico, Rabaul New Britain, Sakura-jima Japan, San Cristobal Nicaragua, Sangay Ecuador, Santa Ana El Salvador, Santa Maria Guatemala, Semeru Java, Sheveluch Kamchatka, Sierra Negra Galapagos Is., Soputan Sulawesi, Soufriere Hills West Indies, Stromboli Italy, Suwanose-jima Japan, Talang Sumatra, Tungurahua Ecuador, Ulawun New Britain,

Veniaminof Alaska, Villarrica, Chile, Yasur Pacific, Bulusan, and Poas Ubinas. The large number is unusual and indicates unstable conditions.

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