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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files # 45 - 2012 - Soviet Crashes
Nov 7, 2012, 04:56

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Disc photo taken in Cicero, Illinois UFO crossing the Moon on September 28, 2012

In special reports, this week’s files cover: General Marshall and Commander Bethune, Soviets Also Have Crashed Space Ships?  Russian UFO Crash, Scientists Could Find Alien Life within 40 Years, Heaven Is Real: A Doctors Experience with the Afterlife.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, and Texas.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Peru, Spain, and England in the United Kingdom, and South Vietnam.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Filer’s Files are now being emailed to 12,700 addresses each week plus 500 copies are forwarded to more thousands. Consider forwarding them to your friends and neighbors.
Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

Special Reports

General Marshall and Commander Bethune


Frank Chile writes, “I had recalled that Commander Graham Bethune (US Navy - VIP Plane Commander in the Flag Division with Top Secret Clearance) who while piloting 31 passengers) had a UFO sighting (of a 300' craft) on February 10, 1951 which was written up in Project Blue Book”
Graham had shared with me that on two separate occasions he flew General Marshall (as well as other VIP's) to two saucer retrieval sites. One was outside Reykjavik Iceland the craft was about 100' in diameter and saucer shaped.

The other event was in the American SW, I believe Commander Bethune had mentioned somewhere in Utah - this craft was also about 100' in diameter and slightly oval - both events had high ranking US Army and Navy officers in attendance as well as scientists and academics from various stateside universities. Both discs were retrieved and brought back to Wright Patterson.


Commander Bethune gave me this photo and was quite insistent that US Air Force was getting the focus of UFO attention from the public, but the real player in this and always behind the scenes was the US Navy. Graham was informed by Admiral Forney himself and Graham never doubted that a ploy was set-up to divert attention away from the Navy.

Commander Bethune also flew Secretary of the Navy Kimball who discussed with him seeing a craft come up out of the Pacific Ocean pacing two Navy aircraft doing barrel rolls around them. Graham had also spoken with Admiral Radford - who became the first Joint Chiefs of Staff - about the discs as well as aides to Admiral McCormick, who had relieved Eisenhower as the NATO Commander. lt seemed to be common knowledge at that level
Admiral Forney had given Commander Bethune some Navy photos of discs taken during the '50's which were quite astounding.


 George Catlett Marshall, Jr. (December 31, 1880 – October 16, 1959) was an American military leader, Chief of Staff of the Army, Secretary of State, and the third Secretary of Defense. Once noted as the "organizer of victory" by Winston Churchill for his leadership of the Allied victory in World War II, Marshall served as the United States Army Chief of Staff during the war and as the chief military adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As Secretary of State, his name was given to the Marshall Plan, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.
General George C. Marshall
 I attempted to retrieve some information on-line about General Marshall regarding the subject and found these two brief statements - both are indeed fascinating!
"The United States has recovered UFOs and their occupants. The UFOs were from a different planet and they were friendly. They have been hovering over defense facilities and airports. The U.S. authorities were convinced they had nothing to fear from them. The U.S. wanted people to concentrate on the real menace, communism, and not be distracted by the visitors from space. There has actually been contact with the men in the UFOs and there have been landings."
In 1955, Dr. Rolf Alexander, a prominent British UFOlogist, had a remarkable conversation with his old friend General George C. Marshall who told him,”Visitors from outer space are trying to work out a method of breathing and staying alive in our atmosphere before landing and establishing contact. “Apparently the general was privy to secret reports containing information of aliens before that information became available to UFOlogists in the 1960s." Thanks to Frank Chile
Soviets Also Have Crashed Space Ships

I was always surprised when the Soviets beat us into space with Sputnik satellite, but if they had an alien spaceship to obtain advanced technology it makes sense.
William Brophy writes, “I was invited by Dr. Roberto Pinotti to the San Marino Republic UFO Symposium as a speaker to talk about the 1933 UFO crash near Milano, Italy.” On June 13, 1933, a UFO crashed near Magenta, Italy just west of Milano. The occupants were tall blond Nordics with oriental like features on their light blue eyes.


The Italians called the UFO la Campania; the Germans called it Die Locked. Benito Mussolini the Prime Minister of Italy informed Pope Pius 11 of the crash and placed G. Marconi in charge of the special RS-33 Study Group.

 The Japanese told the Italians and Germans that those tall blonde-haired people were in their legends; this led to the Axis Alliance. Pope Pius 11 was furious and informed President Roosevelt about the UFO crash in 1938. Winston Churchill and Mussolini also carried on secret correspondence about the 1933 crash. It’s thought at the end of World War 11 the Soviets invading Army captured the craft.

As confirmation Ufologist Jorge Martin was told Fidel Castro confided in his friend named Juan Mari Bras that, “The Soviets had captured several alien vehicles and Castro was taken to a Cosmodrome and shown several alien vehicles of various shapes.” Juan is a person of great integrity, and would not say something like this if it not was true. Castro also told us, “The Soviets knew the Americans had a similar lab and research center with crafts and alien bodies.”

It is likely Castro was taken to the Plesetsk Cosmodrome or the Kapustin Yar missile center. Here there are several large hangars and an underground facility with several floors, in which Russian scientists could study alien technology of captured and crashed alien spacecrafts.

Under these lines we are showing a sketch with data on some of the extraterrestrial spacecrafts that the Russian Government keeps at this research center, made by a confidential Russian source, which was delivered to Italian journalist and UFO researcher Constantino Paglialunga in 1997.

KGB officers sold secret Soviet film to several countries. I saw some amazing footage used in the film “Secret KGB UFO Files.” A documentary that attempts to ascertain what the Soviet Union knew about UFOs. Via interviews with scientists, soldiers, and spies, viewers get a picture of KGB discoveries and their secret campaigns. It is very possible that Fidel Castro saw the alien spaceship and the alien corpse at Kapustin Yar. Thanks to Jorge Martin

Russian UFO Crash

B J Booth writes, “According to the unsubstantiated reports, not far from the city of Prohlandnyi, in the USSR at 1 AM, on August 10, 1989, Soviet military radar picked up an unidentified flying object. An attempt was made to contact the craft, without success. The UFO was classified as "hostile." Soviet defenses were put on alert, and MIG-25s were put in the air to find and identify the UFO.


The MIG- 25s closed on the UFO and were given the authority to attack. When the UFO refused to answer hails, the MIGs fired, hitting the UFO that ditched over the Caucasian Mountains. A crew aboard an M1-8 helicopter located the disc-shaped UFO outside of Nizhnizy Chegem. The area was completely cordoned off to everyone except military personnel.

The UFO was about 20 feet long and 10 feet tall and shaped like a long cigar. There was a long rutted out place in the ground where the object had obviously skidded as it plowed to a stop.


There was obvious damage to the exterior of the craft. The retrieval team, wearing protective outer wear, moved to the site. There was a small amount of radiation, and some members of the team were effected.

A helicopter on the scene was hooked up to the craft, and the UFO was transported to Mozdok Air Base. The base was rumored to store nuclear weapons, and long range bombers. Another investigative team was sent to Mozdok to begin a scientific analysis of the UFO. A KGB cover-up was in full operation by this time.
 Team members entered the craft, and found were three alien bodies-two dead, one barely alive.

A team of doctors and other medical personnel made every effort to keep the alien alive, but failed. All three of the beings were about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall, with gray outer wear. Underneath, their skin was a blue-green color with a reptilian texture. They had no hair, large black eyes covered with a protective lid, and web fingers ended their long, slender arms. The alien bodies were being kept in glass containers and UFO was taken to Kapustin Yar. This information originated from three Russian investigators-Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov who do not have documentation to support their claims. Thanks to B J Booth

Scientists Could Find Alien Life within 40 Years

Scientists could find alien life within 40 years, says royal astronomer
The question of whether alien life exists could be answered within 40 years, according to the Queen's astronomer.


The Queen's astronomer Martin Rees Photo: Jay Williams
Martin Rees, former president of the Royal Society said, “Evidence of whether beings exist not only beyond earth but beyond our solar system, could be found in that time.”

Lord Rees, who has been Astronomer Royal - a senior position within the Royal Household offering advice to the Queen on astronomical matters - since 1995, said: "Within 10 or 20 years we will be able to image other planets like the earth, orbiting other stars.”That will be a really exciting subject to see if there is evidence for extra-terrestrial life or not."

Scientists at Aberdeen University believe they can show millions more planets are capable of supporting life. Scientists have designed new models for testing whether a planet could support life by searching for evidence of underground water. Instead of looking for surface water, the new tools identify whether there may be water kept liquid by core heat, according to the BBC. The development could mean more planets and moons are found to be capable of sustaining life forms.

The research, which was presented at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen, challenges the "Goldilocks" theory that planets need to be within a defined distance from the sun to support life before water either freezes or evaporates.


Sean McMahon, a PhD student from Aberdeen University, said: "It's the idea of a range of distances from a star within which the surface of an Earthlike planet is not too hot or too cold for water to be liquid. "So traditionally people have said that if a planet is in this Goldilocks zone – not too hot and not too cold – then it can have liquid water on its surface and be a habitable planet."

The new research could be an important breakthrough in establishing signs of life where planets and moons generate their own heat rather than receiving heat from a star like the sun.

Professor John Parnell, lead researcher from Aberdeen University, said: "There is a significant habitat for microorganisms below the surface of the Earth, extending down several kilometers and that the bulk of life on Earth could even reside in this deep biosphere."

Mr. McMahon added: "If you take into account the possibility of deep biospheres, then you have a problem reconciling that with the idea of a narrow habitable zone defined only by conditions at the surface. There will be several times more habitable planets." Thanks to Telegraph and Sonya Porter
Heaven Is Real: A Doctors Experience with the Afterlife

As a neurosurgeon, I did not believe in the phenomenon of near-death experiences. I grew up in a scientific world, the son of a neurosurgeon. I followed my father’s path and became an academic neurosurgeon, teaching at Harvard Medical School and other universities. I understand what happens to the brain when people are near death, and I had always believed there were good scientific explanations for the heavenly out-of-body journeys described by those who narrowly escaped death.

Dr. Eben Alexander fell into a coma for seven days in 2008 after contracting meningitis. During his illness Dr Alexander says that the part of his brain which controls human thought and emotion "shut down" and that he then experienced "something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death." In an essay for Newsweek to promote his book “Proof of Heaven.”

Dr Alexander says, “I was met by a beautiful blue-eyed woman in a ‘place of clouds, big fluffy pink-white ones’ and "shimmering beings".
He continues: "Birds? Angels? These words registered later, when I was writing down my recollections. But neither of these words do justice to the beings themselves, which were quite simply different from anything I have known on this planet. They were more advanced and higher forms." The doctor adds that a "huge and booming like a glorious chant, came down from above, and I wondered if the winged beings were producing it. The sound was palpable and almost material, like a rain that you can feel on your skin but doesn't get you wet."

Dr Alexander says he had heard stories from patients who spoke of outer body experiences but had disregarded them as "wishful thinking" but has reconsidered his opinion following his own experience.

He added: "I know full well how extraordinary, how frankly unbelievable, all this sounds. Had someone even a doctor told me a story like this in the old days, I would have been quite certain that they were under the spell of some delusion.

Editor’s Note: The Bible tell us Heaven is a planet where God lives, and he sends his angel messengers to tell us to love one another. God even sent his Son to show his love. I have lost two grandsons who drowned and ask you to spend some time with your loved ones, give them a warm hug and say, 'I love you' to your partner. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you. Give time to love, give time to talk, and share your precious thoughts and make the world a little bit better.

UFO Sightings in the US

Alaska Discs

        SEWARD -- Robert Mackey writes, “I have been using lasers to point at UFO’s for last two years and have gotten wild results many times.” UFOs appear in the night sky; they power up and then go dark. We live near a glacier area that is a hot spot for UFOs nightly. When I pointed at one with a laser, many more came flying in quickly, and many lit up all over the sky, right after hitting the first one. Ten or more showed up like they meant business. My wife ran back into the house in fear, that I was upsetting them.


I keep thinking they have a base under the 1,100 square miles Harding Ice Field in our area, or an undersea base close by.” Most UFOs come in via the Harding Ice Field and icebergs shown here. I’ve seen small craft 50 feet in size to huge aircraft carrier size, with like fighter caps that rotate around the big ones. Many people in Seward have seen them, and told to keep quiet about this. I’ve also seen Bigfoot creatures on the ground while UFO incidents are going on and feel there is a connection between these creatures and UFOs. Thanks to Robert Mackey

Arizona Rectangle


YUMA – At 9 PM, on October 29,-2012, the rectangle shaped object was seen traveling at 2500 feet altitude. Then a total of four identical rectangle objects flew past in a perfect line then banking right to the southwest. The rectangles were outlined in black with very bright red light inside flying at a speed that seemed too slow for an object that long in length to be able to stay airborne. Their length exceeded my fist. Then top #4 blinked once then went out, #3 then blinked once and then went out with #2 and #1 following.

My neighbor and I watched them for 30 seconds before all went out. Photo is a rendering of UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Arkansas Orb


RODGERS -- My son initially reported he saw a strange light outside on November 1, 2012. Then our entire family saw a second light fly overhead about five minutes later. I grabbed my digital video camera before the third one flew over silently five minutes later. To the naked eye, they appeared to be spinning orange colored flames. When you see the magnified video, the flames appear to have a square structure around them. These lights were not flashing like you see on aircraft, and didn’t fall like you a flare. I recorded the video with my iPhone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Sightings


SAN FRANCISCO -- The video is posted on YouTube and a viewer posted a comment about seeing something I never noticed on October 7, 2012. If I stop the video at 3:53, I do catch and see it near the Bay Bridge tower and if I start and stop it quickly from 3:54 I see it to the far right. It is moving very fast and is too big to be a bird.

Note: UFO activity has frequently been reported at “Blue Angels” air shows. The witness presents an argument that the “blurry UFO” is not a bird because it is behind the bridge. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

EL CAJON -- My sister and I were on our way home on October 31, 2012 (Halloween night) on Freeway 8 around 8:50 PM. As I approached Main Street I saw a straight line of blue lights in the sky.
I’ve had other sightings and I quickly pulled over and sat in my car for over an hour. At first there was a pattern to the lights that were blinking on and off. This line started to move side to side silently, but above these lights I saw a small unlit round object. "It was a UFO." As it started to become foggy I was no longer able to see the small object but the lights remained.

My camera was able to capture them pretty high in the sky.  My sister was also able to identify what I was seeing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Light

 MIAMI BEACH -- I was in the kitchen when I noticed a bright light, I grabbed the camera and took pictures of the object for ten minutes. The object was hovered and eventually went into the water.
I have never seen this before.
This was during the day time and I had clear view of the object. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

 ORLANDO – On November 4, 2012, I exited off Route 408 onto Challenger Parkway and looked up and thought I saw a helicopter. Then I noticed yellow/white lights circling around it, revealing a disc-like shape. It was moving away from me but I kept staring at it because I was confused. It was not a helicopter, and flying very low and moving smoothly away. A witness from another location also saw the UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii Light

KIHEI – I saw an orange light with no tail in the south sky off the island of Maui on August 31, 2012, at 7:40 PM. I know a lot about astronomy, and I know this was not a comet/meteor. I have never seen anything like this before. It increased speed, slowed down, increasing speed again, it slowed down again, and then it vanished. I am certain it was not a lantern in the sky! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Moon UFO


CICERO -- As I was sitting in my backyard filming the full moon, two discs flew past the moon at high speed in less than six seconds. I saw the unidentified objects in the camcorder screen and was stunned. The first UFO flew pass at high speeds and kind of wobbled in a straight slanted line turning upside down. The second UFO dropped down like a tear drop at high speeds and it had like an American eagle shape to it at one point. I felt stunned to spot something pass the moon so fast and see on my camcorder. I showed my girlfriend and friends right after I caught it on film. After the sighting, I watched the video over 100 times to finally come to a conclusion that these were UFOs. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky Landing

 PARIS --While mowing my pasture on October 20, 2012, I came across this circular patch of ground approximately 14 feet in diameter. The plants are dead, the soil is discolored and balled up, and the rock on the surface has an orange tint in the center of the circle.

I was thinking that this is the result of a lightning strike but I’ve always seen lightning take some sort of path and not just be a circle. I have been careful not to disturb the possible landing site in any way. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Louisiana Object


NEW ORLEANS -- Walking down Bienville Avenue, going south towards the river when I noticed an unusual glittering, randomly blinking, and shining object about the size of an aspirin hovering over the Mississippi River. I was instantly suspicious as it did not have the traditional navigation or anti-collision lights and was just hovering in an unusual way.

I took pictures a mile from the hovering object and ran up Bienville towards the river stopping to take a few pictures. The object looked smaller as I got closer to the river and lost sight of it.
I asked some people who had been sitting on the levee if they saw it and they said they did not and couldn’t believe the pictures I got. The object was not flying normally and it glinted in an unusual way. Thanks to MUFON CMS

  • Nebraska Hovering Large Rectangle-

OMAHA -- I saw a large rectangle shaped object with lights in the sky on October 29, 2012 at 7:45 PM, over the 150th Street area just south of Dodge Expressway.
It had bright white lights all across the front and underneath the craft. You could see a faint light coming from inside the object. At the back was a red light.

It came from the southwest and hovered over about 150th Street on the south side of Dodge for about three minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

New Hampshire Lights

NEWTON -- My boyfriend and I were driving in my Mustang to my house on Route 108 on November 1, 2012. He points and says, “Look at that light hovering over the treeline!” It dipped down then shot straight up and then came toward us. I pulled over as the aspirin size bright white light was coming toward us.

It was performing just for us, it hovered there for several seconds and then the lights went out.  A second later seven horizontal lights came on nearly perpendicular to our view. In the Photoshop sketch above this is exactly what it looked like.

My boyfriend got my camera and took a video, but only two black still shots came out. The UFO flew directly over us and out of site. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Image


 WOLCOTT -- My husband and I had a campsite on shore of Lake Ontario on September 24, 2012. I always carry my camera and take many pictures. We were watching a line of storms moving across the lake that were producing waterspouts about 8 AM. I thought I saw a ship trying to avoid the storms so I took some images as the sunlight reflected on it.
The light seemed to be reflecting on all sides.
When I looked at pictures on my computer they really looked strange. We were facing north and it was just glowing. The whole object was illuminated and seemed above the water and showed no signs of being affected by the rough water. It also looked very square which didn’t make sense for a ship or barge. It was traveling east and then turned north and just disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Editor’s Note:  Superior mirages are mirages of objects which occur above horizon and may occur when there is a strong temperature inversion.

South Carolina Orb


 -- On October 31, 2012, I had been photographing this object for the last week. It is a bright white light and moves in all directions and hovers.

 Through binoculars it is a glowing green.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Pitch Black Triangle

COLLEGE STATION -- I work graveyard shift on Texas A&M campus and went outside on October 29, 2012, between 1:40-1:45 AM, and was looking at Orion's Belt and saw a very subtle motion near it. I noticed it was a perfect ‘V’shape. At first I thought it was geese because of the shape, but it was travelling too fast, and the shape was a perfect ‘V’ with no fluctuation.

It appeared to be a solid V-shaped object, and I could see two V edges, but I’m not sure about a third edge. It appeared solid and uniform. It was black on black against the night sky. The ‘very large dark triangle/boomerang shaped V’ was flying southeast object about the altitude and speed of a regular plane.

I only got about 4-5 seconds of being able to see it before it blended into the night sky too far away. Maybe it was military aircraft? Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Cigar Chemtrail plane's disguise UFO escort


WEST WYALONG -- On October 28, 2012, I noticed an aeroplane leaving a Chemtrail over my small town area. Thirty seconds later another one came into view on the same linear path but slightly east of the first one at 2 PM. They were both heading south and I thought this was a bit strange that two planes were so close together. Then another plane followed on the same path and again slightly east of the last one. Five seconds behind there was one more.

I was starting to get concerned about what these plane's were leaving in their wake in such a uniformed manner when my eye's adjusted to see one more object east again of the last plane following within meters of the last plane without leaving any trail at all... It was similar in size but didn't seem to have the span where the wings should be. There was no Chemtrail, no wings, and I think it was an escort and possibly atmosphere manipulation to help this escort. This image is a depiction of the event. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Brazil Crop Circle Season


 IPUAÇU -- A. J. Gevaerd writes, “The 2012 crop circle season in Brazil started two weeks earlier than expected on October 13, 2012.” An immense crop circle was found in the State of Santa Catarina, in south Brazil.

Again, for the fourth year since 2008, the formation was found 320 miles west of Florianópolis near Ipuaçu, where they always manifest.
 Strangely, the phenomena was never reported in Brazil prior to 2008, and since then the crop circle season starts every year in the last days of October..

The first formation of this year was confirmed by residents of the city and is a beautiful exotic pattern. It has an immensely more complex shape and is significantly bigger than the formations of the previous years. The figure was found in a fresh green wheat field and is a perfect geometric composition. The “agroglyph” is composed by a larger circle of about 130 feet in diameter of folded plants in one extremity, circled by nothing less than 30 smaller circles disposed as satellites with plants in their interiors alternately folded clockwise and counter-clockwise.  

This set is connected by a “corridor” of folded plants towards another set of two concentric rings and another circle inside. All of the agroglyphs registered in Brazil are situated some 20 miles radius from that town, making it clear that the manifestations have something related to that specific location.
Watch the agro glyph video:
Thanks to A. J. Gevaerd Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine

Canada Strange Object

TORONTO – I was trying to take photos of Jupiter on October 25. 2012, at 10 PM, and noticed a strange object in the photos. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Over 100 UFOs seen along India China border

NEW DELHI -- The Indian Army troops deployed along the China border from Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in northeast have reported more than 100 sightings of UFOs in the last three months.


The Army Agencies have not yet been able to identify these luminous flying objects. The 14 Corps, which looks after military deployment along Kargil-Leh and looks after the frontiers with China, has sent reports of sightings of UFOs. Reports suggested that these yellowish spheres appear to lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing. The officials confirmed that these UFOs were not Chinese drones or satellites.

Ireland Clouds

HAMEDAN – A few days ago we saw flying  object at night which came down from above and flew north.

Photo of strange clouds was taken on February 2, 2008, that suggests something was inside them.

DUBLIN – On October 31, 2012, I was in my back garden when I saw a bright red object move at steady high speed at about 15,000 feet altitude. At first I thought it was a meteor. I tracked it moving silently across the sky, and ran to the front of the house and object was on same trajectory at high speed.  I finally lost sight as the object disappeared over horizon.
The sighting lasted about two minutes. It was like a bright red star moving at high speed at low altitude across the sky Thanks to MUFON CMS

Peru Moving Glowing Cylinder

LIMA – I was talking on the phone on my roof due to poor cell phone service and looked up to see a bright red and orange glowing ball or a vertical rectangle-type object on October 27, 2012, at 9:12 PM. The district was firing off fireworks, but what I saw was NOT part of the show and was alone, and moving on its own. The fireworks were in a total opposite direction. It moved slowly to the right and when I ran downstairs to get my camera to film a video, I returned with my girlfriend to the roof but the object was no longer visible. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Spain Lights


 BENIDORM -- This amazing footage was captured by me in, on the night of October 13/14th in the middle of the night. I recorded this ten minute video using my Sony Cyber Shot H70 Digital Video Camera using the best possible quality at 720P with Bionz technology and zoomed in as close as possible using 10X optical zoom. This is not a hoax, this footage is 100% authentic and I have the original film still on my memory card. The space ship craft appears to be morphing, changing size and shape as the lights in the video appear to be all over the place. The lights are also changing colors from white to BLUE and other colors too.

Note: Here is another video of airborne lights. It is difficult to determine whether or not these lights are unusual based on the video footage. The witness did use a quality camera to capture the footage. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

UK/England Lights

NORWICH -- I was walking home with my girlfriend, when we stopped to decide if we should get some food, when a huge glowing light came across the sky on September 21, 2012. I thought maybe it was an asteroid as cars stopped to look, but then two objects were ejected from the primary object and trailing behind the biggest one. We both stood there and watched and I ran down the road to see but was blocked by buildings. Thanks to MUFON CMS

ICKENHAM -- Lying in bed I saw a flashing very bright red light in the sky on October 31, 2012. It was coming across our view above the airport so we jumped out of bed and went to the window. The object seemed to move quickly and as it turned toward the airport we saw another white light that we assumed was a plane that appeared to have taken off from Northolt.

The flashing red light turned towards the white constant light and the red light passed over slightly above the white one at a right angle. As they crossed the white light disappeared completely and was absorbed into the red light. The red light continued to go round in a circle and headed off towards the west. I am a private pilot and interested in all things aviation.

HIGH WYCOMBE -- In the evening I visited my friend’s house on November 3, 2012, about 8 PM, and came outside for a cigarette and saw a small object flying at high altitude. I thought it was a satellite passing over when I spot a second object flying parallel to the first one. Suddenly the second object changed direction and began to approach the first one and the two objects played with each other. They changed direction, accelerate, slowed down to overtake each other. They look like living creatures playing with each other and flew off over the roof of the building next door. I quickly went into the street, but I lost them. They were too fast to be airplanes and something very strange. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Vietnam Unidentified

PLIEKU -- In the spring of 1969, I was 20 years old and in the U.S. Army stationed in Plieku, South Vietnam. I was in the 62nd Maintenance Battalion working in the security platoon. Guard duty was my main job.

On this day, I started the second shift at 3 PM and was scheduled to work until midnight. The temperature was around 75 degrees. I was on a SSE guard tower overlooking a 100 yards perimeter. Rows of razor wire extended 300 feet and the perimeter was surrounded by miles of rice paddies.


At 6 PM, I had been on tower guard for about three hours, when an unidentified glowing object caught my eye over rice paddies a couple miles out. I observed the yellowish glowing object for about five minutes, and I felt like this object was communicating with me by putting calming thoughts into my head. At this time, I had no fear of the object. It was hovering two to three feet off of the ridgeline near the rice paddies.

It made no sound, and I had a thought that this strange object was going to move directly in front of me. No sooner than I had this thought, the strange object flew from the rice paddies to directly in front of my location, some 300 feet from my guard tower. Now it was hovering just above two light poles. Whatever the object was, it moved with incredible speed. In just a split second, it had traveled three miles to my location. I was stunned by the speed, but I still had no fear of it.

Now I could see this cloaked cloud had what seemed to have a dirty mist surrounding it as this cloaking got thicker surrounding the object. The glowing was coming from inside of the cloud. After a minute or so, the mist surrounding the object was growing really thick and suddenly there were three or four silver colored orbs out in the perimeter. They were the size of a medicine ball and were just floating in the air at different heights from the ground and different locations from the razor wire. Still I heard no noise and as suddenly as the orbs appeared, they simply disappeared.
I observed this strange object for a few more minutes and suddenly it was gone. It just disappeared from sight. This sighting took place over an eight to ten minute period of time. I did manage to take a photograph of the object while it hovered above the light pole.

NOTE: The witness took the photo from a “30 foot gun tower” while on guard duty. He always carried a camera with him. He did not report the incident nor did he discuss it with anyone in his Battalion.

The witness showed this picture to a “UFO expert” that he had heard on a radio show around 1985.  He signed a release statement and the UFO investigator sent the photo to the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena, CA. Two months later the witness received the photo back and a typewritten report. The report said that the object was “unidentified and was a genuine UFO.” The witness moved to Florida and his house was burglarized and the JPL report was taken among other belongings. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

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