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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #03 - 2012 McDonald MUFON Director
Jan 18, 2012, 06:19

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Tyron, Georgia on January 15, 2012

Filer’s Files are now being emailed to 9750 each week plus 600 copies are forwarded to more thousands. Consider forwarding them to your friends and neighbors.
Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Dave McDonald is new MUFON Director, Supreme Allied Commander Mountbatten Saw UFOs, New Planet like Mars, Strange object on the Moon, GRAIL Spacecraft Reach our Moon, Why Spend More Millions to go to the Moon? Moon Image of Base, NASA’s Ken Johnson Claims Lunar Anomalies Exist, Chinese Roswell, Invitation to Seth Shostak of Seti, Missouri Flap, X-37B Secret Mission, Marines Take Delivery of Two F-35B Fighters, Alexander the Great Saw UFOs, Brian Levens Passes On, and Sightings Increase.
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington.
Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Canada, Hungary, Japan, United Kingdom, and Zaire.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this advanced research. The God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Dave McDonald is new Director of the Mutual UFO Network.

Clifford Clift, who has been the international director of MUFON, said he will step down at the end of the month because of personal and family commitments that require his full attention.

Clift was also a part of the committee that hired the new international director, David MacDonald shown on the right. He operates a school for pilots and aircraft dispatchers and owns Flamingo Air, a charter airline in Cincinnati. MacDonald has been involved with MUFON as the Kentucky State Director, assistant director of investigations and Star Team Administrator. He has conducted testing for new field investigators and sits on the MUFON board of directors.

“I think it is a great move,” Clift said. “It is at an airport where there is a lot of activity — a lot of flights and pilots who provide sighting reports.”
Editor’s Note: I thank Clifford for his great service and leadership and many improvements. David is an excellent choice as MUFON’s new Director with a wonderful personality. I expect great things for a growing organization with the most important world mission.

Supreme Allied Commander Mountbatten Saw UFOs

Earl Louis Mountbatten became First Sea Lord Admiral of the British Fleet the highest rank in the Royal Navy from 1954 until 1959. He was one of the three Supreme Allied Commanders of World War II (the others were Eisenhower and MacArthur) with a quarter million personnel under his direct command.
Later he was the last Viceroy of India, who orchestrated its independence from England. He was also the architect of the total reorganization of Britain’s armed forces. He also had a keen interest in UFOs.
Mountbatten wielded power over millions of people around the globe and was frequently seen with world’s leaders. Mountbatten was Governor of the Isle Wight from 1969 until 1974. He had the highest clearances and contacts put him position to know the inner most secrets of many countries. Mountbatten was a strong influence in the upbringing of his grand-nephew of Prince Charles, and later as a mentor. President Kennedy and Admiral Mountbatten
His interest in UFOs was so keen he tried to persuade the editor of the Sunday Dispatch to put a team on to sifting the reported cases and pursuing the more promising. He encouraged Prince Philip to research UFOs and put forward his theory that the mysterious objects came from outer space and were the inhabitants of other planets. 

His biography states, "What do you think about flying saucers?" He asked his daughter Patricia in a 1948 letter. He had been discussing the phenomena with his trusted close friend Peter Murphy.
"They were both convinced that they come from another planet but we mutually and independently came to the conclusion that they were not aeroplanes with silly almost human pilots, but are themselves the actual inhabitants: Martians, Venusians, Jupiterians or what have you. Why should life in another planet with entirely different conditions in any way resemble life on our planet? Their inhabitants might be ‘gaseous’ or circular or very large. They certainly don’t breathe, they may not have to eat, and I doubt if they have babies– bits of their great discs may break away and grow into a new creature. The fact they can hover and accelerate from the Earth’s gravity again and even resolve around a V-2 rocket in America (as reported by their head scientist) shows they are far ahead of us. If they really come over in a big way that may settle the capitalist communist war. If the human race wishes to survive they may have to band together."Page 493 & 494 Mountbatten by Phillip Ziegler.

New Planet like Mars

A team of astronomers using the Kepler telescope have discovered the smallest exoplanets — and tiniest solar system — so far. And their existence may show that our solar system isn’t all that unique.
The planets orbit a single star, KOI-961, and range between .57 and .78 the size of the Earth with the smallest about the same size as Mars. Their discovery is important because most exoplanets have been gas giants like Saturn or Jupiter. “Astronomers are just beginning to confirm thousands of planet candidates uncovered by Kepler so far,” Doug Hudgins, a scientist with the Kepler program said in a press release. “Finding one as small as Mars is amazing, and hints that there may be a bounty of rocky planets all around us.” According to John Johnson, NASA’s Exoplanet Science Institute’s primary researcher, “This is the tiniest solar system found so far.” [NASA]

Strange object on the Moon


Strange object on the Moon obtained from Google Moon by Dr. Richard Buchli D.V.M  Ph.D. who has been searching for strange anomalies on the Moon and Mars.
Prof Paul Davies and Robert Wagner at Arizona State University argue that images of the moon and other information collected by scientists for their research should be scoured for signs of alien intervention. The proposal aims to complement other hunts for alien life, such as the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti), which draws on data from radiotelescopes to scour the heavens for messages beamed into space by alien civilisations.

"Although there is only a tiny probability that alien technology would have left traces on the moon in the form of an artifact or surface modification of lunar features, this location has the virtue of being close, and of preserving traces for an immense duration," the scientists write in a paper published online in the journal Acta Astronautica.

GRAIL Spacecraft Reach our Moon

 Over the decades, more than 100 spacecraft have gone to the Moon, “and yet we still don’t know why the front side of the Moon looks different than the back side of the Moon,” said Maria T. Zuber, the mission’s principal investigator. The first of two NASA spacecraft to study the moon in unprecedented detail has entered lunar orbit. NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL)-A spacecraft successfully completed its planned main engine burn and is in a moon orbit.

"My resolution for the new year is to unlock lunar mysteries and understand how the moon, Earth and other rocky planets evolved," said Maria Zuber, GRAIL principal investigator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This $496 million NASA mission, called the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, or Grail, will conduct a single measurement: a map of the Moon’s gravitational field. But it will do it with such precision that scientists will get a clear picture of the interior.

In March, the spacecraft will begin collecting the gravity data. Variations in density — for example, a mountain range or a clump of heavier metals below the surface — change the Moon’s gravitational pull and create wobbles in its orbits, and the gravity map will be calculated from the changes in distance and speed between the two spacecraft.

For the near side, the data will be 100 times better than what scientists have now, Dr. Zuber said. For the far side, the improvement will be a factor of 1,000. That precision will allow the scientists to test, for example, predictions of a hypothesis that the Moon is actually an amalgamation of two moons that collided long ago, with the remnants of the smaller moon forming the far-side highlands.

Why Spend More Millions to go to the Moon?

Harv Howard writes,  ‘Wanna think about the new probes going to the Moon to check out its gravity (?), etc. and why such a mission is deemed important enough to spend millions of dollars at this stage of exploring the Moon? Perhaps the probes are going to check for voids as found on Phobos the larger moon of Mars.
This all ties in with this week’s announcement by a couple of scientists that we should be looking at the Moon for signs of ETs.  (Of course, that” looking” suggested for the public and non-governmental ‘scopes is supposed to be for ancient ruins. Heaven forbid we should see an active base! You have to wonder if all of the hundreds of thousands of images taken by many probes over the decades were so blurry that civilians would be asked to look with their private instruments.  I swear, you just can’t make up stuff like this.  Of course, it is all part of the preparation of “discovery.” Thanks to Harv Howard

Moon Image of Base or Vehicle

Robert Morningstar sent this image of the Moon’s surface that contains a rectangle or triangular shaped object.
This image was provided to him from NASA engineer Ken Johnston.

NASA’s Ken Johnson Claims Lunar Anomalies Exist

Russ Hamerly reports, NASA Whistleblower Ken Johnston who worked for NASA's Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions, says, “I he was fired for telling the truth.”
 He joined George Knapp on his Sunday night Coast to Coast Program to explain NASA knows there is evidence for both modern and ancient artifacts on the moon, as well as an active base. He explained that in his position as Photo Control Department Manager, he had access to highly detailed film and negatives taken during the Apollo missions. In viewing 16mm film shot by Apollo 14, they saw a shadow cast in the bottom of a crater, "and as we approached it, in the dark area there were like five domes lit from the inside, and a little plume that looked like steam streaking up above it”, Johnston said.
There are also Apollo pictures that show perfectly round holes, which he's concluded are vents rather than craters because they don't have ridges. Photos taken during the Apollo 15 mission show beams stretching across the surface that expose some of the lunar substructure, Johnston noted, adding that during seismic experiments the moon would ring like a bell, possibly indicating it was hollow. One of the more striking anomalous photos was taken by a Russian lunar orbiter which showed a fractured dome on the moon's surface, he commented. Another image, taken by the Lunik 13 Russian craft, looks like a drilling device and definitely appears artificial, he continued.
Johnston also talked about some of his early UFO contact experiences, where he was told he would become an ambassador between humans and ETs. He believes there is a group of ETs called the Watchers that keep tabs on humanity. Interestingly, he learned that Apollo astronauts were warned off by beings at one of the craters, and told not to return to the moon, and subsequently NASA scrapped the rest of its planned Apollo missions. Thanks to Russ Hamerly
Editor’s Note: Since observing a huge UFO over England I know it is fact that humanity has been observed by advanced off-world intelligences.

“The Chinese Roswell.”

Hartwig Hausdorf has ventured, virtually on foot, over many of the sacred places of China and had has written “The Chinese Roswell.” His book is a translation into English from German that clearly and concisely describes his investigations into unexplained mysteries of China. He tells that a doorway was opened into ancient vistas never before glimpsed.

Hausdorf states, “The mythical first emperors of the Middle Kingdom, called the ‘Sons of Heaven’ possessed, not only extraordinary knowledge but also the ability to maintain constant contact with the gods in heaven through the agency of flying dragons. The legendary Emperor Emperor Yu – said to have single-handedly willed into being the Xia Dynasty (2100-1,600 B.C.) – had in his possession a flying vehicle powered by two dragons it was for this reason that his contemporaries dubbed this power potentate the ’Lord of the Air.” Page 71.

Hausdorf aim has been to uncover tell-tale traces of an Alien Mind which may have passed that way millennia ago, and may be passing by again. He has visited dozens of Chinese Pyramids near the ancient city of Xian not generally opened to visitors. These ancient pyramids suggest a powerful ancient race.
Just one of the hundred pyramids allegedly took 70,000 workers twenty years to build.

Hausdorf unearthed evidence of advanced beings from another world who visited primitive humans, gave them the knowledge of engineering, mathematics, astronomy, and civilization that became the basis for their cultures as are evidenced by the ancient pyramids and beliefs in China.

Missouri Flap

Kenneth Larson writes, “The December 2011 MUFON UFO Journal  showed photos and comments from the witnesses of some 95 UFO sighting reports over Independence and Kansas City, Missouri.” Mormon prophet Joseph Smith visited Independence in 1831 and dedicated the site for the future New Jerusalem. Smith (with Orson Pratt) wrote that he saw an object in the clear sky over Palmyra, New York, about September 26, 1820, that descended, lit tree branches  in bright color, landed and two brilliant Personages appeared standing in the air who made clear they were the Father and Son.

Smith also had periodic visits from the Angel Moroni on each September 21-22, 1823 to September 21-22, 1827, explaining more information and Smith and his wife Emma recovered the ancient engraved gold plates from nearby HIll Cumorah in 1827 that served as the basis for THE BOOK OF MORMON published in 1830. Thanks to Kenneth Larson                

New Zealand UFO Photos

Rick Pinfold writes, “Another fabulous dispatch,....thank you Major Filer.....It is time that we commit to taking constructive steps of advancement in categorizing witnessed photographical instances of the now-billions of obviously genuine "Models" of transportation and "Drone' devices....we now need to eliminate "Friendly" terrestrially-created devices, i.e., advanced drone types. (I don`t yet believe that human pilotage has been achieved yet, given the impossible physical parameters involved.) Leading national technologies are not about to show us their cards of what stage of advancement they`re at, are they?
Instead of bashing our heads about just trying to justify what hundreds and thousands worldwide are now documenting, due to the explosion of camera phones etc. (Seems these things cannot be captured or seen without digital devices; ..there`s a clue...BUT THEN...there is the photo evidence of the weird "animal, insect" forms...which I have had close contact with, most unfortunately. Maybe that is why Defense reporting points, including ours here in New Zealand have been closed stifle info on programs that are already operating globally? i.e. advanced drone technology?...BUT...I have perhaps proof of most of what is being seen recently as being exactly that...It involves a recurring instance of human inquisitiveness and specific personal interest by the "operator/controller of the day"
.. It’s time for us to take the initiative....Thanks for publishing my photo this week...Kindest regards, Rick Pinfold

Invitation to Seth Shostak of Seti

 Dr. Harry Willnus writes, “I've been following the UFO phenomenon for over 55 years.  I'm  presently listed as a consultant for MUFON.  Back in the early 1970's I was the first appointed investigator in Michigan to work with Allen Hynek's newly formed Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) based in Evanston, IL.  This came after Hynek retired from working as a scientific consultant with Project Blue Book which ended in 1969.  I truly admired Hynek as he was one of the very few scientists at the time who pushed for scientific inquiry into the UFO phenomenon.  While he began as a debunker of UFOs he realized, after a time, that there was indeed a real phenomenon present.”

I heard Hynek speak numerous times and I recall how he once noted that he appeared on a panel along with Keith Shostak who was (and still is) associated with the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). I recall that Hynek had an opportunity to converse with Shostak and asked what Shostak thought about several of the well known close-encounter UFO cases.  Hynek was surprised that Shostak knew virtually nothing of these cases as well as having very limited knowledge of the UFO field.
 That was nearly 40 years ago. Little has changed. I'll be attending the 21st Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival in Scottsdale, AZ from Feb. 22-26. This yearly symposium is one of the best of it's kind in the world.  It's a shame that SETI people do not take advantage of symposiums which highlight the massive amount of UFO evidence that has been gathered to date.
I have offered-up to Seth Shostak that I will pay for a "full ride" for him if he will attend this symposium.  My email to him has gone unanswered to this point.
Thanks to Dr. Harry Willnus

Marines Take Delivery of its First Two F-35B Strike Fighters

The Marine Corps on Wednesday took delivery of its first two F-35B strike fighter production aircraft. BF-6 and BF-8 arrived at Eglin AFB, Florida, from Lockheed's F-35 assembly plant in Fort Worth, Texas. They are now assigned to the 33rd Fighter Wing that runs Eglin's joint F-35 schoolhouse.

Alexander the Great Saw UFOs

Harry Hubbard writes, “Major Filer, I have enjoyed reading your files for a long time.  Years ago, I did a presentation in Chicago titled – “Aliens from the Lost Tomb”. It has received critical acclaim and is certainly not speculative or contrived in any manner.  I ask you to please review this video and if you determine it is suitable to place a link on your next files release, by all means - do so.  I'm certain all the fellows at MUFON will also enjoy this is not at all like any other UFO lecture. I thank you for your reports and unbiased nature. Harry Hubbard

X-37B Mission Remains Secret

Air Force officials declined to comment on speculation that the US military is using the X-37B spaceplane currently in orbit to keep tabs on Chinese activities in space. AF spokeswoman Major Tracy Bunko told the Daily Report that officials were "really uncomfortable talking about specific orbits and missions" of the X-37B because they are classified. This Boeing-built spaceplane, the second X-37B in the series, is a "technology demonstrator," known as Orbital Test Vehicle-2, that the Air Force launched into space last March. It is conducting "on-orbit experimentation to meet its test objectives" in low Earth orbit, said Bunko. Britain's Spaceflight Magazine suggested in a recent article picked up by the BBC that the X-37B might be monitoring Tiangong 1—China's recently launched space laboratoryMSNBC. Thanks to Amy McCullough..

Brian Levens Passes On

Victoria writes: Faithful listeners to CURS-ED NET BREAKTHROUGH RADIO:
Brian Levens (AKA: Byron LeBeau) has gone on to be with the Lord as of December 7, 2011. As much as Ed Goodman, Richard Stout and myself are happy that he had found peace with God and is now in the arms of his Lord and Savior, Yeshua. We do feel the loss and he will be greatly missed. His great passion to reach many by way of Internet talk radio has not only inspired me to listen, but to also assist in producing the many podcasts he hosted. We are truly grateful to have been introduced to him and will be praying for his family during this time of mourning. We plan on continuing Curs-ed Net | Facebook

Worldwide Sightings Increase

 "Last January 2011, MUFON recorded about 500 reports, and we're already up to 233 after just the first week of 2012," said MUFON International Director Clifford Clift.
"For December, we had 800, compared to about 500 in December 2010." CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. Dozens of TV stations report UFOs.

Sightings in the United States

Alaska Triangle

SEWARD -- Robert Mackey writes, “Just got into town from Anchorage at 7:15 PM, on January 13, 2012, with unlimited visibility and saw two smaller craft moving into the east, as I watched them move across the sky into a part of the starlight sky that looked very different tonight.” They disappear into the night sky. I noticed a huge triangle pointing up. Then it turned down pointing to the earth, then moved sideways, and slowly moved across the sky over the mountains and out of view. This craft was huge beyond belief, the size of an aircraft carrier. I saw three huge light beacons in a triangle shape move across the sky. It’s extremely cold here, and I went inside to send this off soon as possible. I’m going to dress warmly and see if I can get something on camera. Thanks to Robert Mackey

Arizona Triangle

CASA GRANDE -- I was driving in my truck heading east on Interstate 8 just coming off Interstate 10 on January 11, 2012, when I noticed to my right what I thought was a plane flying low. When I got closer I saw it was hovering or moving very slow. As I kept driving I ended up almost right underneath the object. I didn’t really have a chance to stop and get a good look, but it had three lights that made a triangle shape on the bottom. I lost sight of the object as I kept driving so I don’t know how long it stayed there. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Sightings

PACIFICA – On January 1, 2012 at 12:04 AM, I was just outside my house watching fireworks and I noticed four lights hover not far from my house. I ran into the house to get my camera as one of the lights floated out of sight. I was able to catch a picture of three of the lights before they took off in the same direction.
Note: The apparent streaking of the lights is due to camera movement, advance of lights and/or slow shutter speed. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

SILICON VALLEY — I watched the object for over five minutes, and took plenty of pictures and called my nephew out to see it. He did not believe it, until he saw it. We watched together, while I used my Rebel TI3 12.2 MP, with 300 MM zoom lens and took plenty of pictures. I; went inside to put them on my computer; had to zoon in 300% to get good look. The flying object changed shape during its path, like another I saw at same place, same time of day, three years prior. Thanks to MUFON CMS

CHINA LAKE -- At 6 PM, on January 10, 2012, there were two of these things craft with two white light bars between colored strobing lights flying in circles north of me. At about 7 PM, there was a brace of red lights that looked like laser pointers moving west on a flat winged structure..
For several years one on these craft would orbit the town every time an unusual UFO passed by here for hours! The wing like objects seen earlier have always looked like an aircraft with its underside wing festooned with strobing colored lights I thought it was laying down chemtrails; but recently I saw the same pattern of lights with the two white connecting bars between the lights on a UFO that was over a Chinese airport. So what’s really going on? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut Triangle

BOLTON -- I was on my way home from work on Route 85, around 8:10 PM, on January 5, 2012, when I saw a three light tipped triangle cross the road just above the tree tops. I was on the phone with my mother and told her I saw some weird lights. The craft was enormous, larger than a commercial airliner flying within 100 feet of the tree tops. Two seconds behind it, I saw a second identical triangle pass along the same path moving south. I was yelling into the phone. By the time I got to my home, I could see nothing.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to MUFON CMS and Thanks to Ken Pfeifer

Florida Light

SAMSULA -- I was traveling on east SR 44 in the Deland, FL area on January 12, 2012. I drove past a green light and a police car and proceeded around the bend and saw three deer. I sped up to 70 mph when a light flew right over the car less than 50 feet off the ground. It was moving about 80 MPH. I noticed a large white light in the back with a large red light on top. The moon shined on a 40 feet long cylindrical cigar shape that looked like a bunch of entangled piping. There was nothing smooth on the surface. It sped up and moved to the left side of the road and then the right. Soon it was hovering over the woods to my right and then moved quickly to the left side of the car again. Then it slowed down, headed back to me, but flew off. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Cylinder

 TYRONE -- At about 7 PM on January 15, 2005, I was taking out the trash and noticed an extremely bright light. It was brighter than any stars or planes in the sky. I called my wife and we watched it for ten  minutes before grabbing our cameras. We ended up watching the object and taking pictures for 40 minutes or so. We live close to the Atlanta Airport and several planes came close to the object. After looking at our pictures and video we noticed the object was disc shaped but the object changed shape. Around 7:40 PM, the object dimmed and slowly moved out of site. I used a Canon 50D and my wife used a Nikon D90. This was definitely out of the ordinary. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Illinois Cigar

WASHINGTON -- I was leaving my apartment around 6 PM on January 11, 2012, and saw two huge cigar shaped objects. They were huge skinny rectangle objects with five flashing orange lights coming from square windows. The one cigar shaped UFO was slowly turning around counter clockwise. The cigar shaped UFO to the right of the first moved towards the rotating UFO and then it crossed in front of it. A black helicopter was hurrying around both of the UFOs, but I don’t know what it was doing? Inspecting? The whole event took place under 30 seconds because I ran back to get my mother and son to look at the phenomenon.
I was scared to death! When we came outside they were gone. Last week, I witnessed a star light object hovering in the sky in Peoria, IL. Thanks to MUFON CMS
 COLLINSVILLE – My friend and I were driving to a friend’s house at 11 PM, on January 15, 2012, and saw a large circular shaped object above the tree line. As we started to stop the object took off, turned at an angle, and then slowed staying above the tree line. We picked up another friend and searched for the craft. A couple hours later we saw three objects in the sky in with a formation like Orion’s Belt. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana UFO Activity

40.5512165 N 85.602364 W. -- Leaving Indiana on my way back to Philly I was scared as hell on December 22, 2011. We spotted a large white orb on one side of the van, that flew over us  to the other side of the van quickly. I got scare when it came toward me so I jumped and tried to get film it. We were in shock! Thanks to MUFON CMS
INDIANAPOLIS -- George, there was a tremendous amount of activity in Southwestern Indiana on January 6, 2012. There were many eye-witnesses tonight; my second go round this week. I don't have video or camera if I did a picture tells a thousand tales. Four of the UFO's remained relatively in the same spots for nearly an hour. Can you believe that we were listening to the radio a woman called it in and the DJ told her, “She was on crack?” If the ass would have looked outside, I bet he'd sung a different tune. Do you have any insight on all the objects we saw streaking through the sky leaving the vapor trails. Some you never saw all of a sudden there was a long vapor trail. Well we are definitely keeping our eye to the skies. We all feel they wanted us to see them; they were fantastic. We fear not! Any helpful suggestions on how to handle it publically? Thanks to John Heiken aka Indy

Editor’s Note: It is difficult for many people to understand our world is being visited. Most people have little no knowledge of UFOs or that it is the greatest government secret, for that is the reason I’m writing these files each week to inform. I encourage you to forward these filed to those who are not convinced. If possible go and meet with those who do not understand the true situation. These files have successfully convinced almost any person who has an open mind. They are soon over whelmed by the factual data available. Regards George Filer Major USAF ret.

Minnesota Disc

MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL -- Interesting UFO Footage: alleged mother ship hovering over the city for six hours on August 19, 2010.
There was a 30 mph wind.

New Jersey Light Triangle

Yvonne Supak writes, “I am attaching my video we took during our reported sighting on December 24, 2012 of triangular lights”. We also captured an incoming airplane, which can be clearly heard. The orange lights were silent. I cannot believe nothing has been mentioned in the news, since so many people have posted similar experiences at the same time.

North Carolina Objects

DURUM -- My family and I were coming back from D.C. on Route 85 south. My wife was taking pictures on March 4, 2011, through our car’s tinted windows of the sky. When we looked at the pictures later we saw two objects directly above the sun. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Note: This may be the sun’s reflection on the camera lens.

Ohio Moving Object

COLUMBUS -- I took three pictures within about 35 seconds with my phone on January 9, 2012, at 5:50 PM. I did not notice anything in the sky when taking pictures of the clouds but later noticed the objects. Sure enough, it was in each picture, and seemed to be moving across the sky. These are the original pictures from my phone and not altered in any way.
Note: The witness took three photos. The first frame is displayed above with an enlargement of the light in each of the three photos. The object was moving right to left. Each of the three frames reveals a different structure. The red light in the middle frame is most interesting! Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Washington Triangle

BELLINGHAM -- I live on Reed Lake/Cain Lake under a set of mountains just west of Mt. Baker where at the tree line on the mountain were three balls of light, clearly larger then any star. Being a helicopter pilot, and knowing the specific routes flying over my house I new these lights were not planes. Also I no for a fact there is no tower or structure that would be on top of the mountain. The lights were in a triangle formation for about a minute or two. Then they slowly formed a straight line, pulsated three times and disappeared. I was left with an amazing feeling of joy and wonder. During the event I was stuck staring at the lights, not able to break away and grab my camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Reports

Canada Triangle

MONCTON NB -- This morning on January 9, 2012, I came home from work when I spotted a big and round UFO with a white light flying slowly at a very low altitude it disappeared into the darkness. I wish I had a witness, If you look up in the sky on a clear day you will see them. They are here.
My friend and his dad saw two oval shaped metallic UFOs in 1972 to 1975 in Canwood, Ontario that landed in a field then flew off in a flash. Thanks to Carol and Leo LaPlante

 CORNWALL, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND – This is an account from two professional mature people, well up the socio economic ladder. My wife and I were on our deck about 9:45 PM on January 9, 2012. I had my Celestron spotter binoculars out. My wife pointed out a bright light due west. With my binoculars I could see a craft that I assumed was a helicopter. I saw a red light on one side and a green light on the other, and a bright white light to give definition of triangle with a dimmer white LED'ish strobe light in the center. The lights seemed absurdly bright, yet not blinding. It rotated 360 degrees and flew the nose of the craft headed directly to our location and flew directly above us at 500 feet quietly.

I saw a triangular black craft similar to a stealth bomber with wings from nose, but straight across the tail from wing tip to wingtip (triangular). Its lights were ridiculously bright, but did not seem to emit light as it was directly above us and we could see its belly. It was moving no more than 30 km's per hour. And suddenly we both could see the entire craft except its very tips with the lights transformed into the whitest and most perfectly spherical ball of white light. It was perfectly round and whitish blue, and only the tips of the craft were protruding. Despite the blinding whiteness of this orb, the colored lights were also very noticeable. The bright sphere went out and the craft flashed three pink lights nose to tail and then instantly two lights inside the colored lights of the wings. The center of the rear light flashed in the three sequence. And then it carried on to the east and stopped about a half mile from me. It seemed to consciously skirt the town of Cornwall circling three times and then went north and disappeared after an hour. My iPhone only recorded when the thing was beyond a quarter mile. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Hungary Disc

BUDAPEST --. 19.50330 E 447.162494 N --A tourist from Croatia took this photo on January 6, 2012.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Japan - Brothers Witness Spheres

OMIYA -- Two brothers witness ten to fifteen spherical objects traveling southeast toward Tokyo on January 7, 2012. My brother and I were on a train platform 14 miles northwest of Tokyo looking at an advertising structure on a building when we saw several small, spherical objects traveling in a southeasterly direction. The objects “appeared” to be about the size of basketballs 100 meters to 165 meters away. The objects were silver, were of a uniform size, and were easy to see against the bright blue sky. They did not rise or fall, but stayed in the same position relative to each other and all traveled at the same altitude and direction. Thanks to

United Kingdom Flying Objects

REDDITCH, WORCESTERSHIRE -- I was driving at 25 MPH on my way to visit a friend on January 12, 2012, who was sitting in his parked car 250 yards away. I suddenly noticed this orange light moving towards me at about 0640 hours. It caught my attention because of its color and short beam of light. At first I thought was an aircraft, but the lights were dull orange and I live within two miles of a major airport. It only lasted 20 seconds as two flew directly over my vehicle. On meeting with my parked friend, he immediately spoke of seeing four objects. He stated, “The four were orange  travelling south, at a moderate speed.’ Thanks to MUFON CMS

Zaire Huge Boomerang Shape

DURBAN -- At about 7:30 PM, on January 12, 2012, I was standing on our deck looking at Venus low on horizon, and looked up at Saturn, and called my wife Dawn. As I pointed out Saturn, we both saw the materialization of a very large boomerang shaped flying vehicle about 25,000 feet high. I served in air force so I have a good eye for heights. The vehicle was in excess of five kilometers wide and surrounded in a luminous white light, and was a dark silvery color showing two blue and one red light. The air had a peculiar vibration. It flew at 1,500 km/hour for a distance of 75 kilometers, and then faded out to nothing. My wife could not believe her eyes. I have seen other craft before over the years. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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