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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files # 53 - 2011 Happy New Year
Dec 28, 2011, 03:47

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Lakewood, Colorado photo taken on December 12, 2011.

New Jersey State Director

 MUFON Eastern Region Director

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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Scientists Suggest Finding Alien Structures on the Moon, Book - UFOs Above the Law, Thomas E. Reed Family Abduction part 3, Star of Bethlehem, Peru Observatory4200 years old, Russia’s Mars mission is dead, and Angels Letter

 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in the Atlantic Ocean, Australia, Canada, France, Portugal, South Africa, and England in the United Kingdom.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Scientists Suggest Finding Alien Structures on the Moon
Paul Davies and Robert Wagner of Arizona State University have suggested a crowd-sourcing effort to find artificial structures on the moon. After all, lunar missions like NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter are returning some dazzling, high-resolution imagery of the moon's surface. If aliens have been there, perhaps we could spot evidence of their presence.

Michael Bara suggests Astronauts have already found evidence of artificial dome structures on the north shore of Mare Crisium. Apollo 10 frame AS10-32-4421 was part of a sequence of photos that seem to show transparent domes designed to hold in atmosphere and occasionally reflect sunlight. The Astronauts’  Cernan or Young had a sense of what they were looking for as they circled the moon.

The "Double Domes" seem to be visible as outlined in yellow. There is also a possible "Face" on the left. The shape of the Dome and its placement in front of the background highlands are fully corroborated.

 “UFOs Above the Law”

Jim Bouck and Frank Soriano are two former law enforcement officers who wrote “UFOs Above the Law”  It is a collection of UFO reports from law enforcement officers and other government officials that prove that UFOs are not only real, but that they are here en masse. Those people who serve and protect the public tend to be the most credible witnesses and investigators when it comes to bringing forth the truth.

 With so many questions surrounding UFOs, there is great controversy that puts these respected men and women's reputations, families, and careers on the line with every report. Still, in the name of truth, they step forth. Learn about investigative procedures, read transcripts of radio chases, and investigate things that most people would run from! Join law enforcement officers from around the world in a pursuit for UFO disclosure. The book provides excellent insight into how UFOs are investigated by the law and is very enjoyable reading.

Tom Reed Abduction Case: part 3

I spent the weekend with Tom Reed at the Tennessee MUFON Nashville/Murfreesboro Conference and heard Tom’s story of abductions and spoke with him privately and feel he is telling the truth regarding his family - brother Matthew, mother Nancy, and grandmother have a documented history of multi-generational abductions that would span over fifty years, and five states MUFON. Investigators - Steve White and Max Mitchell are responsible for investigating the case and providing much of the information. They picked me up at the Nashville Airport for the conference.

Angie, Thomas' future wife, would move in with him. Angie AB Rh negative, became pregnant and things started up again. After leaving a black tie dinner at a local country club, Tom and Angie witnessed the landing of a craft within 100 yards of their car in Glastonbury, Connecticut.


Thomas shared the family abduction history from the start with Angie, and how his mother was first abducted in 1954. When his mother and as difficult as it was to talk about, discussed it back in the 1950’s with her mother, Thomas' grandmother, the grandmother would reveal to Nancy she also had been abducted as a child. Tom continued with the history and due to the pregnancy, would share his thoughts regarding the indoctrination period of select children.
Thomas and Angie moved to Fort Myers, Florida, where their son, Christopher was born. After Chris is taken home, he is found moved from face up to face down in his crib. Other effects such as rocking chairs rocking with nobody in them occurred.
Around the same time, a televised news report of a local man abducted from Fort Myers Beach makes local news. Tom and Angie were now concerned for Christopher. Thomas contacted the Miami MUFON chapter in 1994. Thomas and Anglia attended an abduction group in Fort Myers, and the investigation began. At this time, he handed over the drawings of symbols that he remembered from his time aboard the craft to the abduction's group director, who forwarded them for verification.

When they were returned, it was stated that they matched markings never before revealed to the public. Thomas speaks with Mary Zimmer, MUFON Assistant State Director. Angie became exhausted dealing with the abductions, and she had now had enough. Chris remained with Thomas after he and Angie divorced. Chris is a gifted boy and has been placed in accelerated programs and is especially high, in the 99 percentile in math by the 2nd grade.

In 2005, Thomas car was struck while sitting at a stoplight by tractor trailer truck in Boca Raton, Florida. He then moved to east Tennessee with Christopher, Matthew moved to Indiana. On his way home from work in April, 2009, Matthew awoke several miles off his normal route home with three hours of missing time and contacts MUFON.

Investigator Stewart Hill will document that the rear of the SUV is affecting a compass. There are other reports of UFO activity in the area. Thomas spoke with his brother Matthew and in time would also file a report with MUFON. Thomas also files a report with Steve White, a C.C. Detective with the Roane County Sheriff’s Office and an Investigator with MUFON, after Thomas and his girlfriend are again experiencing activity in their home.

Chris has another series of awful nose bleeds. Steve and Thomas go over 50 years of abduction reports. Steve contacts the Assistant Director of MUFON in Miami who had been in contact with Thomas for over ten years. On February 2, 2010, Thomas awoke at 2:35 AM, to find himself hovering over his bed in a frozen state in an illuminated room. His feet and legs were near the ceiling fan, and his head and neck were on the bed and pillow, his arms were fixed to his side.
With every bit of his strength he was able to move his arm about two feet to the bed's headboard. He could not breathe or move for about 15 seconds. Then the room darkened and he was back in his bed and still wide awake.
Thomas awoke again in February in the same frozen state, unable to breath, wide awake this time sideways in the bedroom floating next to the window above his tanning bed, feet next to the window. The only thing he could move was his eyes, again 2:33 AM. Thomas met with Steve and the Director of the Tennessee MUFON Chapter in Knoxville. He is asked if Thomas would agree to speak alongside of Travis Walton in Nashville in September, 2010. Thomas agrees and per MUFON's request, undergoes regression hypnosis. Both Thomas and his son Christopher have exhibited some form of remote viewing capability with Chris exhibiting more than Thomas. Some of Christopher’s ability was witnessed by the Knoxville Hypnosis Center, June 16, 2010.

Thomas would meet MUFON’S Investigator Steve White at a licensed polygraph service in Knoxville. This well respected polygraph office has been in business over 20 years. It is owned and operated by a retired police officer.  This same officer discussed the events and history for over 3 hours in detail before submitting Thomas the polygraph. Tom passed the polygraph test dated 08-04-10 with a reading of: 0.1 (99.9%). :


Star of Bethlehem

Kenneth Larson writes, “During the Christmas season, I noted a comment on the Internet that according to the Bible Jesus Christ is half alien and half human.”  This might explain the theory that the "star" of Bethlehem (St.Matthew 2) could have been a UFO that guided the wise men from the east westward  to Jerusalem and then made a sharp turn to the south at Jerusalem and then flew four miles to Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born, circa AD 1.  This could explain why the Bible said Christ read people's minds, walked through solid walls, walked on water, was raised from the dead, ascended up into space or heaven, will return to the Earth the same way, will lead a parade of heavenly angels that might orbit the world so as to be seen by all eyes, etc. Thanks to Kenneth Larson

Peru Observatory 4200 years old

Ryan B. Schreiber in the Missourian News reports that the Temple of the Fox lay covered by dirt and sand for 4,000 years in the barren hills of Buena Vista, Peru, before it was unearthed in June 2004 by Robert Benfer, professor of anthropology at Missouri University. In the 33-foot high Andean temple, Benfer’s team found the earliest known astronomical alignment and sculptures in the New World. “We did not expect to find architecture like this,” he said. “No one did.” For Benfer, the most significant finds from the temple were the numerous astronomical alignments, suggesting that the Andeans used constellations to guide their lives.

He said, “Ancient Andean forecasters used the astronomical alignments to predict weather such as droughts and floods.” He added other excavated temples in the region contained the exact same angle alignments, which further supports his theory. A second unexpected discovery was that Colonial churches and missions from Texas to Perú often were architecturally aligned with astronomical phenomena.
His team also found ancient artwork on the 16-acre site, including a mural of a fox carved inside a painted llama. Andean people held the fox with the utmost respect because they believed foxes walked in areas suitable for building canals. Buena Vista is a 20 acre archaeological site an hour's drive north of Lima.

In 2006, archaeologist Robert Benfer and his team announced the discovery of a 4200-year-old observatory at Buena Vista. Named the "Temple of the Fox" by archaeologists, the observatory is located atop a 33 feet (10 m) high pyramid mound.
A large stone disk is believed by archaeologist to be a representation of the Andean God of the Earth, Pancha Mama, was unearthed in June 2005 in the Temple of the Fox. Courtesy of Project Buena Vista


Russia’s Mars Mission Is Dead

 Phobos-Grunt was an ambitious project aimed to return samples from the Martian moon Phobos, but Russian operators never got to fire its engines. As the mission’s launch window to Mars closed communications were lost with the failed probe. It will eventually plunge back to Earth.
This is unsettling news for NASA, which, with the retirement of the space shuttle, is now reliant on the Russians to get humans into orbit as another Russian resupply ISS Rocket also failed.


Metal Ball Falls from Sky

WINDHOEK -- The mysterious large metallic ball that fell out of the sky in Namibia, sparking considerable panic, is most likely a fuel tank from an unmanned rocket.
The hollow "space ball", which weighs six kilograms and has a circumference of 1.1 metres, was found near a village on a remote grassland about 750km from the capital. Locals contacted NASA for advice. Rumors began swirling that it may be evidence of extra-terrestrial life.


Angels Letter

April Seekamp writes, “I wanted to give you this link that sort of supports your theory about angels/Jesus and advanced technology.”  You may have seen it already, but it definitely provides support to Filer’s Files # 52 report. Thanks again for the Filer Files :

Thanks to April Seekamp

 UFO Reports in the United States

Arizona Blue Ball

 MOHAVE -- I noticed a bright ball south of the moon on December 11, 2011, at 9:30 PM, I went in the house and got my wife and camera. I began taking pictures of the ball as it was south of the moon traveling north past the moon. Then it started flashing and took off out of sight at a high speed .When I downloaded the pictures I also noticed two small amber orbs that seemed interesting when enlarged.
Note: The first photo appears to show just the moon. Upon brightening and adjusting contrast the second photo shows a strange looking "mass." I couldn't find the two amber orbs mentioned by witness. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Alaska Lights

SEWARD -- I was awake, in my motor home on December 23, 2011, at 4 AM, I saw UFO that appeared in front of a star that was extremely bright. It then powered down although I could still see it. The dim light headed off in a easterly direction. A half hour later, another one appeared, right over the city. It then disappeared from sight around 8 PM. We had a sharp earthquake that hit hard once then mellowed out. It made me wonder if there was a coincidence between the UFO’s and the earthquake. Thanks to Robert Mackey
Editor’s Note: The tremendous pressure on the underground rocks during earthquakes often causes earth lights that can be mistaken for UFOs.

California Lights

SACRAMENTO  -- On December 22, 2011, about 12:10 AM, we were leaving Elk Grove heading north on I-5 when I saw five red orbs in the sky. The lights seemed to be moving in a semi triangle shape. I lost sight of the objects as we merged onto 50.
Five minutes later when we got to my house my coworkers car died but started up again about ten minutes later. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Bright Lights

LAKEWOOD -- I was letting dogs out in the exercise yard on December 12, 2011. I was standing in a stairwell watching the dog I had let out when I noticed the bright light. It was about 1:45 AM, when I saw the UFO.

First I saw a bright light with no sounds. Even though the light shined on me nothing was lit up. The object headed northwest and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Delaware Lights

WILMINGTON -- I was doing exposure photos with my Canon t3i of this really cool road on December 22, 2011,  and captured some sort of yellow sonic booms. That's the closest way I can describe it.  I noticed these booms when I was reviewing the photo in my car when I packed up. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Orbs

HOLLYWOOD – I stepped outside to smoke and saw these uncommon lights moving west slowly. My neighbor kept yelling at me, if I was seeing them and I acknowledged. I ran inside and got my canon video camera and stared filming. The rest you can see if you would like. Thanks to MUFON CMS

SANTA ROSA BEACH -- Sheila Wise writes, “My husband and I went out on December 21, 2011, to take some pictures of our lighted angels, and got a lot more!” We captured pictures of the orbs around the angels. My husband points out that there is one orb that looks as if it has the letters FORC written in it. When I was reading over your UFO Files where you say some Devas are organized in a military hierarchy. That being the case, the letters in the orb FORC would make total sense!!!!

 Every morning when we ride our bikes, I say good morning Mother Earth, good morning Mother Nature, good morning all you Furry, Feathered, Reptilian, Elemental/Deva friends! I think perhaps I have built up a repoire with them to the point that they trust us? Not sure what's going on, but am quite sure there are more things going on than meet the eye!!! We tried taking pictures again tonight and there were no orbs. There are many paranormal type happenings for us lately and also I witnessed two capsule type air craft, wingless, windowless, and flying just above pine tree height. God Bless You All!! Thanks to Sheila Wise

Illinois Triangle Larger Then a Football Field

CHESTER -- Here is the UFO I saw on the way home from work on December 8, 2011, at 7:30 PM tonight. I uploaded to YouTube video 1 is at
I turn my phone right side up and you can see the four lights on video 2 at:  Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Kansas the "UFO" that panicked

WINFIELD -- Chris Matyszczyk reports as anyone who has ever pulled a white rabbit out of a black hat will tell you, the art of fooling people depends on doing things right in front of their eyes. What, then, might one think of the explanations being offered to the poor, frightened people of Cowley County in Kansas? For just a few hours, they witnessed what some of them suspected was an extra-terrestrial craft being wheeled through their streets. It was only last Monday afternoon when a vast shrink-wrapped, saucer-shaped thing was seen being towed down Cowley County's Highway 77.

Street signs had to be moved so that this saucer didn't fly into them. Is it any wonder that slightly cowed Cowleyites believed this to be a UFO? Because technology lies at the very heart of Kansas--why, Sprint is headquartered there--the locals filmed this troubling sight. The saucer must have been at least 30 feet wide. Of course, the local authorities, no doubt feeling the need to be authoritative, immediately announced there was no need to be alarmed.
Sheriff Don Read declared that this was a drone created by the clever people at Northrop Grumman. A PR man from Northrop Grumman suddenly materialized to tell the world that this was an X-47B drone, destined for use by the Navy. CNET has more about the UFO that wasn't here. 

Editor’s Note: X-47Bs shown has wings, is not a disc, and has air intakes for a jet engine. The craft on the truck is 30 foot disc shaped vehicle with no apparent intake or exhaust duct for a jet engine so perhaps it uses an antigravity propulsion system.

Kentucky Possible Crash and Explosion

HAZARD -- A thing was seen crashing into a hillside by witnesses in Perry County on or about December 16, 2011, at 9:30 PM. It made the local news and at first was almost written off as a mine explosion until no evidence of such could be found. Also no debris of a crashed craft was found. This needs to be put out there because it is a small county in Kentucky, where such things become local legend but nothing more. So far no OFFICIAL conclusion as been given for the explosion or the people who saw something fall from the sky. SOMETHING BIG HAS HAPPENED and many people here are afraid it will be swept under the rug. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Maryland Triangle

ELKRIDGE -- I know what I saw is a UFO. I was driving eastbound down Marshalee Drive on December 12, 2011, a little after 11 PM, next to the Troy Golf Course. I was the only car on the road until I saw a huge shiny black triangle craft with alternating red, white, and green lights on the corners. I slowed and the lights seemed to purposely change.

The UFO also had a box-shaped structure behind which followed its every move and looked as though it was connected to the triangle. The UFO was flying at roughly 500 feet at 30 mph. It seemed to change shape to become a very skinny triangle as the craft rocketed across my windshield finishing in a floating stop. The UFO followed me side-by-side like it was tracking me, and flew over us again and just disappeared in mid air. Kens note: The above image is a rendering. A similar sighting in Alloway, New Jersey had a black box on the bottom of the triangle was for collecting farm animals. Thanks to MUFON CMS and Ken Pfeifer

New Jersey Cigar

HILLSBOROUGH – On December 20, 2011, my husband and I were outside on the porch at 1:25 AM, and saw a rod/cigar shaped, moving quickly across the sky. It looked like a thin cloud layer, but it was a definite structure, and completely silent. It was huge and heading southwest and flew between Jupiter and Orion. I have witnessed UFOs before around here, but never seen anything like this! I am thankful my husband had also seen it, so I know I wasn't imagining it! We lost sight of it after a few seconds due to some cloud coverage. My husband also claims he had a ringing sound (like crickets) in his ears. I did not experience that myself. We definitely felt it was NOT man made! Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Orb

On December 25, 2011, my wife and I went to bed at 10 PM, when she got up and observed a glowing object that faded out. I went to the window and a second object appeared that was moving south. It was much larger than a star and its surface was covered with twinkling red/yellow/orange lights and an irregular outline. We watched this object for a couple of minutes, and then it also faded out. A third object then appeared and I got my Panasonic DMC-ZS3 camera and went downstairs as the third light faded, and a fourth appeared and I took a nice picture.

We are near Holloman AFB, and regularly see flares are different and show an object one above the other connected by a fuzzy irregular tubular structure with no parachute. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Red Cloud

35.759 N 79.019 W. – We saw red light in the clouds that was saucer shaped on December 22, 2011. It looked like a plane had gone by with a red saucer with smoke. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Orange Ball

SILVERDALE -- On December 10, 2011 around 11 PM, I was traveling south on Route 113 that at first I thought it was a plane but realized it was a reddish orange ball of light traveling towards me at a medium pace. I watched six spheres appear following each other evenly spaced apart. They moved following the same path making no noise, disappearing just south of me. I tried to get some other driver’s attention by jumping up and down pointing to the objects in the sky. Being a scientist I tried to rationalize what I saw, but couldn’t come up with any reasonable explanation except that these reddish orange spheres were UFO’s. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Cigar

  GUANICA -- The object came out of nowhere and its color is between yellow and gold and had the appearance of cigar. People in the hospital saw it from there and managed to take a photo. The object made no noise and the sighting lasted only a few minutes. The object is impressive for the large size and its slow movement along the coast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

SAN SEBASTIAN -- On December 12, 2011, arriving home from work I slowed down because the road is bumpy, when I noticed an alien vessel descending and glowing white blue, for about a second. It made no sound, and I lost track of it as it passed through clouds and faded. It was about 150-200 feet from me flying 80 mph. I recognized what it was and was in shock, scared, and then overwhelmed and paralyzed rapidly. I told my wife and reported it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Abduction Encounter

North Central Texas -- Dear Major Filer, “I heard you on tonight...Excellent interview. Please add me to your weekly newsletter list. “I am 50 years old come April 2012. I want to add my witness testimony to the list. I was 7 years of age. I am female and of sound mind and body to this day.”
My mother and as usual women of her age were holding a luncheon pot luck get together with our local involved church in a member’s new home. The children were asked to go into the back yard and amuse our selves and I was surrounded by mainly boys aged 6-13. The mother's busy about visiting locked the glass patio door to keep us children from being a constant nuisance. There was a lovely yard with a cyclone fence vine roses growing up to conceal the fence and nothing behind but empty barren farm land. Then at dusk after many hours it seemed of playing with these wretched “boys", THEY CAME.
Across the barren and weed ridden field...was the silver glowing ship slowly settling to the ground. It seemed a long a very long ways away.

The boys and I ran to that cyclone fence, enclosing the large back yard area and pushing our way against thorny rose bushes, pressed ourselves up to see ...this sight". Time seemed to stand still and the boys fell, sleep ridden to the ground. All around me lay boys loud and mean little boys only moments before, lay soundly asleep upon the ground". I stood alone watching them come...faster and closer floating upon the field. I see the face...the "Whitley Strieber Contact" face in my minds eye to this day. They were upon me.
As a child I KNEW this to be evil and wrong to my person, so I turned...looking at that shiny new ranch home with it's locked patio door. I thought, " Mother, please hear me". I tried to run...fighting the feeling of total lethargy in my every muscle. Somehow, I fought against this appealing sensual and tempting idea to just, “GIVE IN". I found myself surrounded in green mist that was all around me. This was upsetting enough let alone the brutal fight I was in not “GIVE UP". I kept seeing the boisterous boys...all suddenly dead lying around me ...hopefully sleeping and that face in my eyes. Those large eyes and round grey head and non human elongated thin arms and hands they displayed. The deepest part of me was alive with resistance. Life and death type of a call only known to those who have witnessed that which in polite society was not spoken about.

I pressed; hard to breathe and push myself forward to the GLASS LOCKED PATIO DOOR...Surely salvation was there if I could just reach it. “Time" stood still or was lost during this harrowing experience. GOD HELPS ME PLEASE...GOD HELP ME". I threw myself upon all I knew as real and trustworthy about God's love and the horrors of the devil and how to seek God's help in a great time of need. As I cried out in this swirling midst of green smoke, as time and I were moving in slow motion....I suddenly was thrust out. I was freed from the gaseous green haze and time seemed to catch up and kicked me in the hind parts that hurt.

I was able to lurch for the door...the golden locked patio door. As I reached the door I looked back. I was enveloped in terror and a sense of dogged determination. The terrible green gaseous spiral was close, but did not envelope me anymore. The grey entities were sneering at me; those that wish to remove my will and take me were certainly not amused by my sudden freedom. I was free, however raggedly I was FREE.

I beat my fist against that door as and my shocked into a rude awakening as only spoiled southern belles of that day could, unlocked that glass heaven to me. "MOTHER, MOTHER, MOTHER", I exclaimed! Her look to this day, stands in my minds eye.
 Her eyes and response was harsh and looking at me and yet unlocking that golden glass door to me. "Wait till I tell your father", and I have never spoken these words again in fear I yelled,” HELP ME!” The boys all lay sleepless upon the ground and their mothers exclaimed, "Oh my God", they exclaimed in unison, instantly, as only fairy tales can tell, the bad boys "AWOKE".

Brushing off those burly waking angels, the mothers and boys reconciled...." All was well". This was done I might add with no recollection of the beautiful shiny disc or huge black insecticide shaped eyes. All was well. My mother making her fastidious apologies for her abrupt and ill mannered daughter begged to go home. We drove home in my Mother’s new Buick with one great difference. I lay tucked up against my mother. She never allowed such extreme intimacy from any of her offspring to date.
She asked, “Did a boy try and touch you. You must tell me if this occurred!” I told her knowing she would never believe me." Mother, they came for us and I stopped it, never...never give into them, they are not our friends!"  As a child the most innocent of intuitions was to repel them at any cost. They are real.  Are they of love? Ask a child....her innocent heart will surely declare to you...."NO". I’m a warrior against evil to this day. Thanks to Lisa Krug

Washington Jupiter and Lights

LYNNWOOD -- On December 21, 2011, at 8 PM, the witness reported his sighting. He said that he had been seeing a bright light on clear nights in the southern sky. He zoomed in with his video camera and took some footage.
Note: The light in the video is the planet Jupiter that was very bright (magnitude -2.7). The large size of the light and the "diamond type" shape is due to the clipping of the image by the camera aperture. The reason for this sighting is to show that some sightings that may appear strange do have explanations. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest
REPUBLIC -- Small white flashing lights all over sky and bigger round non flashing object traveling low above a woman’s car was seen on Sherman Pass, on November 23, 2011. I came over the top of Sherman Pass, and saw many lights flashing randomly in the sky around a large object that had many colored lights. The bigger object was not flashing and moving very slowly and low. The closer it came I could tell that it was round with red, yellow, and blue lights in a circle pattern at the bottom with lights shining out the sides. It flew slowly towards us and crossed very close above my car. It was big and changing colors. I was very scared it was following me and I didn’t really look back. I didn't want to believe what I had seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Wyoming Mothership

WIND RIVER CANYON -- While driving a semi truck hauling a caterpillar bulldozer in July 1978 about 7:30 AM, my wife noticed a star moving toward us and growing larger. The meteoric thought was getting much bigger until it neared a small mountain directly in front of us at about 5000 feet altitude. The object hovered for about 30 seconds then appeared to land on the side of the mountain. I’m estimating I was 5000 to 10000 feet in diameter. I’ve never seen anything this large that was capable of moving under its own power. I’m a licensed commercial pilot and only stopped flying recently.
When they landed small silvery objects that looked like a lifting body type aircraft with no  apparent wings shaped like a spear point came out of object made one orbit around large object and flew northwest at mach 2+. Remember this was a daylight UFO with 45 vehicles stopped and 100+ people watching with several taking 8 mm movies of the craft. When the object departed it climbed into space in thirty seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Atlantic Ocean (in flight)Telephoned Report to Hotline:

The FAA called NUFORC to report that the crew of a Lear jet, enroute to Europe, on December 16, 2011, reported a bizarre, red strobing light to the south of their location about 9:30 PM. The crew reported a bizarre, red strobing object. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Australia Disc

 ADELAIDE -- Thank you for displaying my photo of "BLIMP and UFO" on your web site. However the photo
appears to be quite distorted and it’s hard to see the blimp and "UFO" so I’m sending
you a better photo of the incident. Regards Tony Tkalec

Canada Orbs

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO – On December 25, 2011 at 6:45 PM, two reddish-orange orbs like flames on small candle flew southwest below the clouds. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

France UFO

LAYRAC -- Thanks to our friend Jacques, who sent his beautiful original photo of the UFO he has photographed in the Lot-et-Garonne, south-west France, on December 24, 2011!  One more piece to pay the big issue of UFOs in their intrusions in the sky. T hanks to Jacques's blog, and photos to Layrac.

Portugal Light

ALGARVE -- I was driving home on December 22, 2011, surrounded by mountains when I saw a very bright light like a landing light on an airplane. There is an airport not to far away in the city of Faro, This particular light I saw was near dusk and lower than any normal star and brighter than normal. The light was not much higher than the mountain and moving a bit back and forth. It was ahead of me at this point about five miles ahead when suddenly it veered at a super speed and lit about a mile south and instantly took off and was gone. The catch is that I've now seen it three nights in a row. I got here about 6 PM, and saw it again tonight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Africa Orbs

DIE WILGERS, EASTERN PRETORIA -- On 13th December and 24 December 2011, I saw a UFO that were witnessed by nine people at my house. On 13th December at 9 PM, my wife saw a fireworks flare rising up behind the trees in the field across the street. The amber “light” was hanging above the tree line taking too long to burn out, in a very steady glow.  This amber light approached at constant altitude, quite slowly, with a light unlike a Police helicopter.  The amber light was too big and there was no sound.  I called out my two sons and friends who are all in their twenties. Eight of us were staring at the nearby bulb-like amber light moving south right above our heads. It slowly moved away. My wife thinks she was able to make out a triangle shape inside the light glow.

On December 24, 2011 at 20:10 hours, I looked up and saw several big amber lights exactly in the same direction as the light I saw on the 13th.  But this time there was no less than eight lights hanging in the sky, so I ran and got my binoculars, shouting for my son and his fiancé to come help me.  The lights were moving towards us and I could make out a round object with the amber glow around it. The lights moved up through the cloud cover while two lingered below but also started to move upwards. Thanks to Philip Smit and

United Kingdom Sightings

EARLESTOWN – I have filmed several UFOs and reviewed a film I made on 25 November 2011. I had just dressed and noticed an orange light flashing at 300 feet altitude a mile west flying at 10 mph. I ran 40 yards to the fields with a camcorder but the light had gone, but another orange light was in sky 1000 yards to west going SW slowly. I filmed a stationary UFO, and noticed a very bright ''star'' to the NE at 400 yards, that was moving west at 300 feet altitude.
I filmed a large orange sphere at 600 yards that turned on sixpence and flew at 5 mph overhead at 75 feet. It flew low as a broad beam of light emanated down onto our tree tops. I filmed a shiny silver sphere between me and the other alien craft. I will upload to you-tube and UFO Matrix mag. Thanks Robert Newton, near Liverpool.

Police UK on Duty sightings 9th PRUFOS, Police Database by DC Gary Heseltine

PETERBOROUGH, CAMBRIDGESHIRE – On March 23, 1909, two uniformed officers including PC M. Kettle observed a cigar shaped object as it passed over the skies of Peterborough. I can find no record of any airships that were flying in that area at that time therefore this sighting remains listed as an unidentified flying object. Source: Peterborough Press.

WARRINGTON, CHESHIRE – On December 9, 1969, in the early hours, PC Sydney Edwards while on duty reported seeing a bright pulsating UFO over Warrangton describing it as like a ‘flickering’ star. The incident was also witnessed by Inspector Alan Machin who described it as ‘big and white with no shape at all.’ The object was seen to travel slowly across the sky with a ‘jerky’ movement before suddenly vanishing from sight. Source: Perception Magazine (July 1969 issue). Editor – Graham Cowell. Thanks to Gary Heseltine

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