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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #51 - 2011 Huge Mothership
Dec 14, 2011, 04:52

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 NASA title: International Space Station ISS-009 E11846 Low Cloud Formations, over Atlantic Ocean. Possible Mothership.
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned

In special reports, this week’s files cover: CIA Director UFOs Have Implications for National Security, Peru’s Light Skinned Blondes, South Africa ET Conference, Biological anthropologist Owen Lovejoy, Erich von Daniken Says Greek Gods Were Extraterrestrial, International Space Station Photographs Huge Mothership, ET Genes in Humans, and Iran Captures US Drone.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington, and West Virginia.
Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Argentina, Canada, Italy, Panama, Russia, and England in the United Kingdom.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.
 Special Reports

CIA Director UFOs Have Implications for National Security

CIA Director General Walter Bedell Smith
stated, “The Central Intelligence Agency has reviewed the current situation…Since 1947, approximately 2,000 official reports of sightings have been received, and of these, about 20% are as yet unexplained. It is my view that this situation has possible implications for our national security which transcend the interest of a single service…." CIA Director 1950 to 53. In a 1952 memorandum to the National Security Council. (Imperial War Museum)

Peru’s Light Skinned Blondes Had an Ancient Civilization.

The Chachapoyas in Northern Peru had lighter skin than other South American peoples and blond hair. This poses an enduring mystery for scholars of the region as to their ultimate origin; my theory is that alien visitors have helped the development of humans. Relative to our ancestors we have big bodies, long limbs, and large brains that I feel came from the Nordic type extraterrestrials. We humans and the world’s ancient monuments are evidence for this theory. Genetic evidence indicates when humans left Africa all known people on Earth had dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair.
Michael Holick, a professor Boston University School of Medicine who indicates when our ancestors left Africa they adjusted their skin tone to allow in more sunlight to get more Vitamin D. Genetic evidence indicates that light-skin-related mutations arose recently, and spread fast through Europe and Asia. The theory suggests that the reduction of game meat, fish, and some plants from the diet resulted in skin turning clear many thousands of years after settlement in Europe and Asia. This theory is supported by a study into the SLC24A5 gene which found that the allelle associated with light skin in Europe may have originated as recently as 6,000 years ago. According to scientists a whole series of mutations explains white skin, blue and green eyes and blonde hair.

However, living near the equator were people with light skin and hair in Peru who built these statues of their white ancestors.
According to explorer Gene Savoy the Chachapoyas had light hair and blue eyes. Spanish accounts called them the tallest and lightest-skinned people of the region. Their culture – art, architecture, musical instruments, ceramics, and clothes – seem to be very distinct when compared to other groups of the area. The Chachapoyas mummified their dead and some of the mummies have red or reddish blond hair. They were often called the cloud people since they lived high in the Andes Mountains where UFOs are often seen.
They were a fierce people that fought the Inca rule. They conducted extensive terracing throughout the region and built towers and extensive fortifications.

They mummified their dead, leaving hundreds of mummies throughout the region. These details have led some to speculate that the tribe came from a whole different wave of migration than the rest of the Amerindian people populating the Americas at that time. They could be descended from the people of the Indian legends such as Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, or Kulkulcan, the light-skinned gods who came from space.

Biological anthropologist Owen Lovejoy of Kent State University

 Owen Lovejoy, a Kent State University Professor of Anthropology, has taught for four decades. Lovejoy also has a long list of research accomplishments and honors including a Distinguished Scholar Award.
Certainly we are rare and strange: as biological anthropologist Owen Lovejoy states in Discover Magazine, “The chances that a creature like us will ever happen again are so small that I can’t even measure them.” Page 48 May 2011.

Editor’s Note: Although Owen Lovejoy has unlikely seen the evidence I have for extraterrestrial visitation his conclusions are correct. I suggest ancient writings are accurate when they tell of humans mating with ET. Scientist Dr. Carl Sagan in his book, "Intelligent Life in the Universe" indicated Earth had likely been visited by extraterrestrials numerous times. He states, “We don't know where the Sumerians came from. I feel that if the Sumerian civilization is depicted by the descendents of the Sumerians themselves to be of non-human origin, the relevant legends should be examined carefully." (Page 456)

Erich von Daniken Says Greek Gods Were Extraterrestrial

 Erich von Daniken, Author, “Odyssey of the Gods”, best-selling author Erich Von Daniken turns his attention to ancient Greece! Von Daniken's exhausting research suggests the Greek 'gods' were in fact extraterrestrial beings who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. Archaeological evidence and the writings of the ancients, including Aristotle, prove these gods interbred with humans, performed genetic experiments, and bred 'mythical' creatures. There was an alien presence on planet Earth.

The further back in time archaeologically, the larger and larger the stones are – whether you are in Peru or Athens or Egypt. These huge megalithic stone structures would make sense if the structures were built by extraterrestrial giants or with their advanced technology.
We have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings and there is a legacy of these beings on Earth in the historical record, biological record, as well as in the archaeological record. The
 The oracular site of Delphi was an aircraft refueling station. What we now recognize as 'Greek myth' is in fact history.

Tom Reed’s Abduction Case part 2

I spent the weekend with Tom Reed at the Tennessee MUFON Nashville/Murfreesboro Conference and heard Tom’s story of abductions and spoke with him privately and feel he is telling the truth regarding his family - brother Matthew, mother Nancy, and grandmother have a documented history of multi-generational abductions that span over fifty years, and five states. Steve White and Max Mitchell are responsible for investigating the case and providing much of the information. They picked me up at the Nashville Airport for the conference.

In 1969, the grandmother Nancy and the two boys (Tom and Mathew photo) were coming home in their dark blue station wagon after a local horse show in the area when they saw an enormous craft. Thomas said it looked like a flying strip mall. Windows surrounded the entire craft, white and red lights came from under what looked like windows, the lights looked as if they shot out and went on and off.
This craft paced their car on the driver’s side for several miles behind the trees that lined the side of the road. During this abduction of Thomas' entire family, he could hear his mother calling for him while he was being held in an open holding area close to the size of a football field before being taken to a very small room with five beings who were not present in previous abductions.
In this cramped white and well lighted room, they had Thomas lay on a table. Thomas broke free and ran out an opening into a huge, complex, intersecting hallway that had markings on the floor. He stopped, disoriented, and did not know where to run. He was taken back to the examining table by his escort, where he was covered with a large tube that resembled a MRI machine with holes in it.
Small patches were placed on the left side of his body and a device on the top of his head, and then he was returned to the station wagon. Matthew was unconscious in the back seat, Nancy was in the front passenger seat, and Tom was returned behind the driver seat. Thomas was the second to awake, and saw his grandmother walking aimlessly in the street.

He left the station wagon to lead his grandmother back to the car. By the time he could reach her, she had stumbled into a store that sat by itself on the opposite side of the road. When Tom got to her she was holding on to a child's stroller, just moving it back forth with her head down, lost and scared.
Thomas walked back to the car with his grandmother; she would break out in tears, but got back to the car to find Nancy conscious, and now in the driver seat. Not a sound would be heard during the ride back to the house. 

This incident caused the family to sell their horses and home and move a good half hour away to a nearby town closer to the mother's job. The new house, strangely enough, had a huge willow tree.
Not long after moving into the new home, orbs appeared in Tom’s bedroom, hovering for ten minutes or more. He watched every move, noticing the difference in movement and color.
A week or so passed and on a clear day, Thomas was walking along the road next to a park with friends, eating some chips, and heading to the benches, when a VW Bug-sized orb appeared in the sky at about 50 feet up, over the park. This orb was traveling at about 70 miles an hour.
It came at Thomas' group, turned left, and flew parallel to the ground until it rose to clear a house, at the bottom of the hill. It had swirls of orange and red in it, but there was no heat or sound. No mention of any of these events was made due the political aspirations of Thomas' stepfather, who would run on the Democratic ticket indorsed by Senator Christopher Dodd, and be elected Mayor.
Thomas had a motorcycle accident in Hartford, Connecticut, causing him to be hospitalized. For the next ten years, there were no visitations and his family went on with their lives. Thanks to Steve White and Max Mitchell &
International Space Station Photographs Huge Mothership

Steve Tobias sent interesting NASA photographs taken from space. The photos show two disc shaped objects and unusual circular contrail clouds that are unlikely to be formed by natural forces. These clouds could be created by the long cylinder motherships aero braking into earth orbit.

Frequently shown in NASA photos taken by astronauts are the cylinder- shaped white UFOs shown below that are likely of alien origin. They are thousands of feet long and much larger then any known craft produced on Earth. My radar estimated the one we were chasing was a mile long. In one aurora photo an object like a long cylindrical vapor creating object was seen in the center of a huge contrail and in the next photo it was leaving that contrail cloud. 

NASA title: International Space Station ISS-009 E11846 Low Cloud Formations, over Atlantic Ocean. NASA has a list of photos called unknowns in the photo listings area that appear to be UFOs. Steve Tobias writes”, The straight line of clouds are all the same size and in straight vertical lines at right suggests shadow of object may have been airbrushed out in this NASA photo near Greenland.”  
 .   Thanks to Steve Tobias

South Africa ET Conference

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa’s first UFO Science and Consciousness Conference claims Earth has become the battleground for extra-terrestrials to advance their own political agenda for the future of the planet. "There's a battle for Earth by some interesting dark forces," said author, scientist, and researcher Michael Tellinger, who organized the conference. He said the royal political bloodline was a small group of families whose origins could be traced to the first of mankind and who were inevitably in contact with the aliens. "All the governments in the world are puppets and instruments to implement the will of a small group of individuals. The royal political bloodline goes back thousand of years."
He said the South African government was one of the most important puppets of these extra-terrestrials because the country was rich in gold and diamonds. "We are at the heart of this global control because of our mineral resources."Like humans Extra-terrestrials had the potential to be both good and bad. "They came to Earth looking for gold and we are all still obsessed with gold."
Tettinger said research showed that the extra-terrestrial "Annunaki" (also known the Nephilim, the Watchers, or the Watchmen and referred to in the Bible in Genesis) came to Earth around 300 000 years ago to look for gold. They were also responsible for cloning their own genetic structures and creating mankind.

Laura Eisenhower, the great granddaughter of former United States president Dwight Eisenhower said, “Offering a first-hand account of her experiences of attempts by extra-terrestrials to control the mind and manipulate actions of humans, and our governments were trying to keep this under wraps”.
"Extra-terrestrials have been working with governments for a while," she said, adding that treaties with the other-worldly beings were signed every 10 years. She said natural faults in the Earth were being manipulated to produce catastrophes like tsunamis and earthquakes. She said, “I was recruited by an agent in 2006 to take part in a mission to a Mars colony.” She said, people had been teleported to Mars since the 1970s and that the size of the population there was continuing to shift and expand. She was able to break free from the mind control techniques...

Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

A group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. Begun formally in 1990, the U.S. Human Genome Project was a 13-year effort coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health.  Project goals were to identify all the approximately 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA, determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA, and store this information in databases,

The non-coding sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth, from molds to fish to humans. In human DNA, they constitute larger part of the total genome, says Prof. Sam Chang, the group leader. Non-coding sequences, originally known as "junk DNA", were discovered years ago, and their function remained a mystery. The overwhelming majority of Human DNA is "Off-world" in origin. The apparent "extraterrestrial junk genes" merely "enjoy the ride" with hard working active genes, passed from generation to generation. More information  on Dr. Michael Salla's Exopolitics Website

Iran Captures US Drone


Photo: AFP
Iran triumphantly displayed one of America’s most advanced intelligence-gathering aircraft on Thursday after a spy drone crashed on its territory, leading Russia and China to ask to inspect its technology.
The aircraft was shown beneath an Iranian flag, mostly intact after crashing 140 miles inside the country last Sunday. Photo: AFP

The RQ-170 Sentinel, supposedly the CIA’s unseen “eye in the sky”, capable of beaming back a trove of imagery and electronic intercepts, was broadcast on Iranian state television. Iran State television claimed that an electronic attack had forced the drone down by overriding its flight systems. Russia and Iran have a treaty for studying UFOs and work together for bringing one down. Surveillance flights over Iran by CIA-operated aircraft have been taking place for several years, using bases in neighboring Afghanistan. Iran’s nuclear installations are believed to be the prime target. The Sentinel, which entered service in 2009, is reconnaissance aircraft that hovers at 50,000 feet and carries no weapons. The skin of the craft is allegedly able to evade detection by radar. This “stealth technology” is also used by the F-22 Raptor that is longer in production due to cost. Apparently the drone was too far inside Iran to attempt recovery that is usually attempted. This is major gain for Iran. in its program to develop nuclear weapons, but may backfire in that the US may now give Israel the OK to launch attacks on Iran’s Nuclear sites.

Sightings in the United States

Arizona Lights

TONOPAH -- I was coming home from work on November 16, 2011, where I often see lights to the northwest and tonight there were three lights up in the sky. I looked back at the road then back up to the lights and they were gone. When I got home I got my camera and tried to take a video of them as the lights go on and then off, and come on in another area of the northwest sky. I took video of them for about three hours off and on. These lights were not airplanes, although there some planes visible and when the planes came near the lights they would go out. Then come back on when the plane passed. I gave up watching and went to bed about 10 PM, Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Abduction

WALNUT CREEK -- In the late 1990s, I was in my back yard barbecuing and saw a flying disk shaped object flying about the speed of a small plane. It was flying from the Walnut Creek Hills and flew directly over our head at about two hundred feet at 8 PM. It was silver and about 25 feet in diameter about nine large white lights on the underside that flashed in a circular formation.

I watched it fly towards Buchanan Field and don't remember anything past that. I looked at my wife and she looked at me and I said, "Oh look, a flying saucer”. The craft was only 200 feet above us, silent, moving slow and in broad daylight. My children were young, around 6 and 8 years old, but they say they remember it. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

OCEAN BEACH -- My wife first spotted objects in a triangle formation while parking her car on December 9, 2011. She ran into their house to get me and we both went outside to observe the objects break triangle formation and proceed slowly east a mile apart. Each object was separated by a mile. The first thing we thought is, "Here they are again". Several years ago we saw similar craft. All witnesses were pretty amazed but this sighting wasn't as dramatic as the Feb. 27th / March 2nd, 2008, sightings that were located in the exact same airspace. All objects departed beyond the horizon due east. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Triangle

ST. PETERSBURG -- Driving with a friend in a residential/commercial area on December 12, 2011, I noticed an object was out of place in the sky. At first, I thought it was probably a plane but then it started hovering. It was a dark triangular craft with lights at each point and one in the middle. It hovered in place and than turned abruptly and disappeared instantly. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Georgia Triangle
US 84 – My wife saw a fast flying low object that slowed down as it went above our car and hovered right off the road. I stopped along with six others cars to watch the object hover for about 30 to 60 seconds and then shoot off. When the object went over the car my wife lost all towers on her cell phone. The object was a dark triangle with four bright white lights that seem to go fade in and out. For years I have told my wife we are not alone and now she knows. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Idaho Triangle

SAGLE -- I was leaving a friend's property, and while closing his gate, I spotted an object maneuvering erratically in front of Gold Hill on October 31, 2011. I pretty much knew it was a UFO as the object was yellowish-orange turning to a reddish color. My son had just called me to come pick him up from trick or treating so I went to pick him up. We drove back to Gold Hill so my son could see the object and it was still there. We then drove five miles home and I told my mother about it and she came outside and saw it too. I got my camera and started taking pictures. An hour had passed when I noticed the second object rising up from behind Gold Hill and took numerous pictures. The second object moved towards the first object where it stayed for several hours. I finally went inside at about 2:30 AM, because it was freezing. The objects were still there when I went inside. I managed to get seven fairly good pictures. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Triangle and Pilot’s Sighting

OTTAWA -- Around 7 PM on December 6, 2011, I walked outside to my deck to smoke and I looked north to see four scattered lights. In one minute time the lights were directly over me forming a straight line as the dogs started to bark excessively. I grabbed my camera phone and four circular lights formed a triangular shape. The lights were bright yellow in the center and a darker orange around the edge of the lights. The three lights maintained a triangle heading south while the fourth one stayed behind and was consistent in speed. After a couple minutes the lights were just gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

CHICAGO -- As a pilot of 22 years, flying everything from relatively large passenger jet aircraft to aerobatic aircraft, I am pretty familiar with objects in the sky. Nine years ago, there was an abnormally bright star that at first I thought was a flight descending from high altitude above O’Hare International Airport gaining in intensity as it got closer to us. It was bright and a pure white color that caught our attention and we started looking at the object way before it started moving. In fact, that is what was so curious about it at first, usually the atmosphere will appear to make something flicker, and show different colors like a prism. But there were no navigation lights, no strobes, no wings, nor multiple lights.
After several minutes the bright light started moving in a zigzag pattern across the sky. I used the fixed points to see if it was in fact moving or just an illusion. It was not swaying, and other "fixed" objects in the sky kept a relative position compared to it. Only this one light had motion. For it to zigzag and turn so abruptly it would cause incredible G-forces on any object. This was not an efficient flight path as the object froze again in the sky and just stayed there for several minutes. It must have been a round-like object either emitting light or reflecting light from the sun still beyond the horizon. Then without any noise, the object accelerated to an unimaginable velocity in a steep turning arc to the northeast and disappeared over the houses Several minutes later a second object seemed to chase after the first object. Even at a medium altitude it would have been hypersonic. I did report the event to the UFO hotline. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Disc

 FORTVILLE -- I was coming from work driving on SR 67 heading toward McCordsville on June 29th, 2011 at 4:28 PM. I saw an object maybe 350 feet above the ground, and 500 yards away.
I saw a hovering craft in the middle of a corn field that was not a balloon. It was a dull metallic grey sphere or even square disturbing the atmosphere around it. I took my phone camera, and waited to get an opening when there was a break in the tree line. I took a picture. The more I look at the photo and zoom in on the object, the more I am convinced there is not a reasonable explanation for object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maine Object

SOUTH PORTLAND -- I was driving with a friend about 60 mph on a spur to Route 295, when I saw a perfect white round ball next to a charter plane about half mile from the airport on December 11, 2011.
Looking out the windshield the object was about the size of a car tire. I noticed a large luminous light that circled it completely. I have been studying UFO's for six years now and always watching when I'm out. I am very knowledgeable about UFO's and planes.
NOTE:  The above image is a rendering. Thanks to MUFON CMS and Thanks to Ken Pfeifer

Massachusetts Saucer

IPSWICH -- I noticed a bright light outside my window on December 3, 2011, as my dogs ears perked, and his fur was on end. The cat was scared and frozen by the window. I looked out the window and saw a huge saucer hovering 15 feet in the air. The grass and trees looked like a helicopter was near them. It hovered, spraying bright light over the neighborhood. I could see my street perfectly because of the light. Thanks to MUFON CMS
New Jersey Video
HAMILTON – A series of videos were taken during early November of a strange object that had two bright lights. It hovered in the area for an extended period.

 New Mexico Space Craft

 ALBUQUERQUE -- I wanted to see if I could capture some photos of the Leonid Meteor shower so I drove, to a dark fence of Kirtland Air Force Base on November 18, 2011. I set up my camera and immediately noticed a "star" traveling east at an exceptionally fast rate. It turned to the northeast traveling at a very high rate of speed. All of a sudden, it stopped and began bouncing around in the sky.
The second "UFO" that I witnessed was mistaken for Mars until it began bouncing around in the sky as well. In June, a friend, and her 12 year old daughter watched something bounce all over the for more than an hour. Thanks to MUFON CMS and Ken Pfeifer

Washington Lights

SEATTLE -- These were taken in on 11-11-11 with a Motorola Droid II Cell Phone, 5 MP, using Solarize, Infra-Red, red tint and normal settings. The elongated arms that you see angling left, then right, seemingly projected from the moon, are not a camera flare or any product of the lens, nor is the "UFO" dot that you see moving around from place to place in each picture. Both these phenomenon could be seen with the naked eye. You can see from the file names the time signatures for each photo There was 100% visibility that night, with absolutely no clouds. What is that dot, what is the elongated flare, and why are both moving? Thanks to MUFON CMS
Washington Abductions

TACOMA The witness has had several dreams of encountering unknown flying craft multiple dates in 2011, and says that she has been shown future events on Earth. Recently she found an unknown scar on the back of neck although the photo is not real clear but shows redness. She has been seeing her physician for 10 years and her physician has no explanation for the mark. The witness has a daughter living with her who also has had some strange experiences.
Note: I interviewed the witness. She seems quite credible and of sound mind. She sincerely believes that something unusual has been happening to her and wants to know what it could be. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

West Virginia Oval

JANE LEW -- My Mother and I were coming back from my girlfriend’s house on December 6, 2011, and noticed a light above the car that drew my attention. I looked up and I saw a dark object maybe 20-30 feet in size and within 50 -75 feet above the car. It was in the shape of an oval and had lights coming from the bottom. The object was grayish blue with a definite shape and did not have wings of any sort. It seemed to hover for a split second then shoot directly over the car. When I looked out the back window as we passed it was gone. I kind of screamed I think I just saw a UFO. It definitely wasn't an aircraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Sightings Around the World

Argentina Triangle

 BUENOS AIRES -- A triangular UFO was recorded on video at Ituzaingó about 21:30 hours on November 24 2011.
A resident in the province of Buenos Aires was able to capture the object with red lights.
The witness lost no time at all and started recording the situation when the UFO appeared. The object emitted bright red flashes and the color of its lights did not resemble airliner beacons.
This could be a vehicle of extraterrestrial origin, given the type of maneuver and what it is capable of performing in flight. Source: El Intransigente.

Canada Lights

  OSHAWA, ONTARIO – Paul Shishis writes, “I have been in touch by Patricia who in May 2011 witnessed an assortment of lights in color of white, orange, and multicolored lights”. The last sighting Patricia witnessed and filmed happened on December 1, 2011.

Patricia states, “I can't say how far away they were- and the orange orbs weren't visible to the naked eye- only my camera picked them up. I saw the large white one again last night, even though it was quite cloudy. I was looking out my window about 7:30 PM, and wondering if I'd see "my friends" and no sooner had I thought that to myself. I then could see them; they were higher than normal, same general location though. I usually see them after 10 PM and they stay until I go to bed - usually around 11 PM. On occasion I've gone to bed, and then got back up about 30 minutes later and take a quick look outside, and they are not visible, but within seconds they appear. How strange is that??

When I was a child back in the 1970s, there was a UFO sighting over the highway 401 near my house - it was cigar shaped and descending. The next day there were three equidistant rings imprinted on the grass in the ravine at the end of my street. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Italy Crop Circle

"Riva presso Chieri" - I'm Italian and I saw the circle of the grain in Poirino. I think the dots are groups of stars. I discovered that the 23 circles on the tips of the star make the number 161 (23x7). 161x161 is 25,921, the exact number on the precession of the equinoxes. The crop, therefore, indicates the end of our era processional. The large dot is on number 21 (refer to December 21, 2012?). It is also found in the tip relative to the constellation of Pegasus which, incidentally, refers to the god Enki who signed the crop circles.

Panama Lights

DAVID --- On December 7. 2011, I went outside my house at 5 AM to see if I could see more of these strange lights for the second day. I saw more than five strange lights that were all with different speeds and directions. The rarest is to see some close together. They make me deduce that some are planes based on their speed. I continue watching until I’m sure that they are lights moving across the sky, but the lights flickered stronger and brighter than a plane. I continue in my research. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Russia Recce Vehicle

 MOSCOW -- Footage has emerged of an apparent 'unidentified flying object' soaring above during a political protest in Bolotnaya Square in the Russian capital on December 10, 2011. Thousands of onlookers who were meant to be protesting Putin’s election watched the strange craft that might be a reconnaissance craft taking their pictures.
As with most apparent alien craft sightings, the quality of the footage and picture is poor, and the shape or size of the object is difficult to work out.
The strange craft appears to have legs or blade-like parts similar to that of a helicopter. But witnesses to the UFO 'sighting' insisted it looked like it was flying without a rotor blade or engine.
Read more:

 South Africa Orange balls of Light

DURBAN, KWAZULU NATAL -- Jim McCarthy writes, “I was in my bedroom and was walking to my window; I saw what seemed like Christmas lights reflecting on my window.” My sister’s house is below mine and I thought maybe her lights from her Christmas tree were reflecting on my window. I went to the window and realized it was not that, as I looked up to the sky, there were a bunch of orange lights in the sky. I quickly ran out the door and there they were, and then ran inside to get my phone, I took a picture but unfortunately it is black as it doesn't have a flash. I shouted for my sister and husband, by the time they got out the rest had disappeared into the clouds and there was one that had been a bit behind which they managed to see. They said it could be air force planes or something. Never have I seen anything like it. They were like balls of red light, there were about eleven lights scattered but moving together. What I saw did not seem natural, it was strange, and I have never seen anything like it. I run a carpet and upholstery business, I am also a practicing Yoga Teacher. I have never read anything about UFOs. Have heard stories about them but have never thought much on it. Jenna and Jim

UK/ During an Abduction Alien Killed with a Coal Shovel’

GATESHEAD -- There was a bizarre UFO sighting and abduction in 1940, which is now the subject of a TV special. The story involves several young boys who encountered a UFO and alien beings. Stories of alien abductions peaked in the Sixties and Seventies, but one case that predates them is said to have taken place in the North East.
Gavin Havery reports, it was a sunny spring day in 1940, and soldiers were marching south along Saltwell Road, in Gateshead. Nearby, five-year-old Robert Hall is playing with his friends in the maze of red brick Tyneside terraces. Robert Hall states, "They weren’t bloody green, they were grey. I will take it to my grave."
Earlier in the day, he had seen something whizzing about in the sky and, after he tired of playing with his friends, he decided to go to his Hedley Street home around the corner. Robert, a retired window cleaner, says he was confronted by a craft the like of which he had never seen before. He described it as “a big egg-shaped thing surround by bright light”.

Robert says it was then that he spotted strange-looking creatures. He says three of them were built like men, but ranged from 2 feet to 4 feet in height, one looked like Big Foot while another had long flowing hair and a coat that partially covered a skeletal body and bat wings. “Other children were petrified and in shock. They were trying to get over the railway, but there was barbed wire and they were getting cut and were screaming,” he says.
Robert Hall is 76 and he has been telling the same story all his life. And now he is telling it in a television program that has brought his story to a worldwide audience. Recalling what happened, Robert says the creatures spoke to him in perfect English, with no accent, and asked if they could examine him. “I told them it was 1940 and we were at war with Germany,” he says. “They took blood out of the back of my neck and put some jelly on. I kept my eyes shut. I was so frightened I was shaking.” After 20 terrifying minutes, he was allowed to go. He says, “My parents thought I was kidding and so did the soldiers”.
The next day, Robert says, two men with black suits came to the house and warned him that if he said anything, he would disappear. A few days later, a grey alien with big eyes and a large head, grabbed him. “He was on me in a couple of seconds,” he says. “I fell over the curb and bashed my toe. My Uncle Ernie saw what was happening and bashed its head in with a coal shovel.”
The alien’s body was put in a coal sack and Robert was sent to find a local policeman, Sergeant Brookes. He says, “The Army was called and took the body to a church”.
“Interestingly, Robert says the creatures had a short, white hand-held device which could subdue or immobilize somebody and there are the triangular marks that were left on his face. Robert’s story has become the subject of a television documentary called, “The Rich Planet Starship”.
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