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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #42 - 2011 Einstein Believed in UFOs
Oct 12, 2011, 03:32

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Photo taken on Hebei Province, China above the Luannan Nuclear Power Plant.” September 9, 2011.

Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned

 The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers. “For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6

Special Reports
Albert Einstein Believed In UFOs

If the US Government had sufficient concern about UFOs during the phenomenon’s early years, they most certainly would have quietly heard out the “Great Minds” of the time for their views on the subject.

A little-known tape of a famed broadcaster’s lecture that was delivered over sixty years ago suggests that is precisely what had happened. It also suggests that Albert Einstein was one of those brilliant scientists. In the tape, which can be heard below, we learn that Einstein and other science notables had expressed to President Truman their concern about the UFOs, including those seen flying above our nation’s Capitol. According to Frank Edwards a radio broadcaster Albert Einstein and other prominent scientists had delivered an urgent message to then President Harry Truman, “not to attempt to shoot down the UFOs.”  Einstein maintained a long-standing and close relationship with a physicist who was a key member of a CIA UFO study group.
 In the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 7/30/52 reported that Einstein wrote evangelist Louis Gardner in reply to Gardner’s query about UFOs: “These people have seen something. What it is I do not know and I am not curious to know?” It sounds more like Einstein simply does not wish to engage someone outside of his circle on this obviously sensitive matter. Einstein feared our potential for a war-like reaction to the continued flyovers of craft that were piloted by beings that were not from here and that were unknown to science. Thanks to Bragalia Blogspot and Ken Pfeifer UFO

Editor’s Note: Einstein was likely aware of the heavy losses of military aircraft in engagements with the UFOs.  Timothy Good writes, "The destruction or disappearance of military aircraft during interceptions of UFOs continued apace." As General Benjamin Chidlaw, former commanding general of the Air Defense Command told Robert C. Gardener (ex USAF) in 1953: "We have stack of reports of flying saucers. We take them seriously, when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them."
Leonard Stringfield, a former Air Force intelligence officer was told by a reliable source in the 1950s that the "Air Force was losing about a plane a day to the UFOs. According to US Defense Department figures, from 1952 until the end of October 1956, there were 18,662 major accidents of military aircraft, broken down as follows:
 Year - Air Force - Navy - Total Accidents
1952   2,274   2,086  = 4360
1953   2,075   2,325  = 4400
1954   1,873   1,911  = 3784
1955   1,664   1,566  = 3230
1956   1,530   1,358  = 2888
Of this astonishing four year total of 14,302 US aircraft losses, many involved jets scrambled to intercept UFO, of which 56.2 per cent were found to be caused by pilot error; 8.1 per cent by ground-crew failure; 23.4 per cent by failure of equipment in the aircraft; and 9.5 per cent (1,773) were due to ‘unknown factors’. Thanks to Timothy Good’s book, "Need to Know" P.172

Cutting-Edge Science Reveals New Explanation for Rapid-Fire Collapse of the 9/11 Twin Towers

NEW YORK –  The Daily Galaxy reports, “Twin Towers giant sprinkler system + 60 tons of quickly melting aluminum from the airplane hulls accounted for the reported "explosions" heard by many as the towers fell floor-by-floor. "The aluminum industry had reported more than 250 ALUMINUM-WATER EXPLOSIONS since 1980," said, Christian Simensen, a scientist at SINTEF, an independent technology research institute based in Norway. He claims, "If my theory is correct, TONS OF ALUMINUM ran down through the towers, where the smelt came into contact with a few hundred liters of water." "From other disasters and experiments carried out by the aluminum industry, we know that reactions of this sort lead to VIOLENT EXPLOSIONS. The SHEER WEIGHT of the top floors would be enough to crush the lower part of the building," he said. A mix of sprinkling system water and melted aluminum from aircraft hulls likely triggered the EXPLOSIONS that felled New York's Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, a materials expert told a technology conference.

The ALUMINUM-WATER SCENARIO would account for explosions from within the buildings just prior to their collapse that have fuelled CONSPIRACY THEORIES suggesting that the STRUCTURES had been BOOBY-TRAPPED! The official report on the causes of the collapse blames over-heating and failure of structural steel beams in the centre of the buildings. "The aluminum industry had reported more than 250 ALUMINUM-WATER EXPLOSIONS since 1980," he said. In a controlled experiment carried out by Alcoa Aluminum, 20 kilos (44 pounds) of molten aluminum was allowed to react with 20 liters of water, along with a small quantity of rust. "The explosion destroyed the entire laboratory and left a crater 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter," Simensen said. By comparison, the aircraft carried 30 tons of aluminum into each of the towers, according to his calculations. Copyright © 2011 / The Daily Galaxy via AFP

Map of Moon Reveals Titanium Treasure Troves

A map of the Moon combining observations in visible and ultraviolet wavelengths shows a treasure trove of areas rich in Titanium ores. Not only is Titanium a valuable mineral, it is key to helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the Moon’s interior.  Mark Robinson and Brett Denevi will be presenting the results from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission today at the joint meeting of the European Planetary Science Congress and the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences.

“Looking up at the Moon, its surface appears painted with shades of grey – at least to the human eye. But with the right instruments, the Moon can appear colorful,” said Robinson, of Arizona State University. “The Maria appears reddish in some places and blue in others.  Although subtle, these color variations tell us important things about the chemistry and evolution of the lunar surface.  They indicate the titanium and iron abundance, as well as the maturity of a lunar soil.”

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) Wide Angle Camera (WAC) is imaging the surface in seven different wavelengths at a resolution of between 100 and 400 meters per pixel. Thanks to Mark Robinson Arizona State University,

Note: Frequently UFOs and indications of alien mining are reported on the moon. Titanium is a desired ore.

Mars Water Tracing the Canals of Mars

This 1894 map of Mars was prepared by Eugene Antoniadi.  (Right) A Hubble Telescope photo of Mars shows the modern view.  NASA

In a remarkable discovery, images taken over the past five years by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter seem to indicate the presence of liquid water there. This past August scientists found dozens of slopes across the southern hemisphere of Mars where previously undetected dark streaks come and go with the seasons. When the planet heats up, the streaks appear and expand downhill; they disappear when it gets cold. Scientists think it may be evidence of melted, salty water running down slopes during the Martian summer. 

Five image sequences from the Newton crater

and one from the Horowitz crater show the black lines appearing near the tops of slopes and then growing into scores of streaks that remain for months until the cold weather returns and they disappear. At Newton Crater, photos indicate as many as 1,000 of these possible streams flowing down the slopes and into a basin. If confirmed, the discovery would fundamentally change our understanding of Mars, lending support to the theory that the planet was once far more wet and warm, and would renew hope that it may be able to support life.
About 120 years ago, prominent astronomers were convinced that Mars was home to an advanced civilization. Martians, the theory went, had built an extensive network of canals to draw water down from the icecaps at the poles to irrigate a world that was drying out. Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, who in 1877 reported the appearance of certain long, thin lines he called canali, meaning channels in Italian. The man who 'discovered civilization' on Mars These immense illusory earthworks (Marsworks?) had been studied in detail by one of the greatest astronomers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s, the wealthy and socially prominent Percival Lowell. His widely read books included "Mars" (1895), "Mars and Its Canals" (1906), and "Mars as the Abode of Life" (1908). Richard Milner Astrobiology Magazine,

Norman Bryden writes, If you tell the people that Cities on Mars are being covered up by the government and other interests and open the door to the discussion of the people beyond Earth and the associated technologies, our planet will have far more access and accountability to that knowledge which will aid in the restoration of the balance of power.
Our governments will need to be accountable for funds currently being spent to exploit the extraterrestrial resources instead of keeping those badly needed resources for the few.
Kind regards, Norman Bryden

Latest X-47 B Drones from Northrop-Grumman

 The U.S. Navy said it made a breakthrough in drone technology with the first flight of the Northrop Grumman X-47B, a bat-winged unmanned jet designed to take off and land from an aircraft carrier, one of the most complex and difficult feats in aviation. These could be confused for a UFO. Thanks to Ron Regehr

South Dakota Pulsed Contrails

Earl Benezet writes, “In Filer Files #41 2011, under South Dakota that is not a pulsed contrail at is the chemicals coming out of it as it flies.” They get wider and wider because of the chemical coming out of it...People want to think they have witnessed some high performance jet they haven't been told about...but that is not the case at all...We see these kind of Chemtrails everyday in Lexington, KY and all over the world...there would have to be hundreds of thousands of high performance special jets and there are NOT..
Thanks to Earl Benezet

Canary Island Earthquake Swarm Continues

There have now been seventeen magnitude earthquakes measuring 3.5 to 3.8 in the Canary Islands and thousands of smaller earthquakes. One earthquake was above 4.3 magnitude quake and an underwater volcanic eruption has prompted the authorities to evacuate 500 people from El Hierro Island on Tuesday. The shape of the events show a magma chamber underneath and magma may be filling the magma chamber below the volcano as a cause for the thousands of earthquakes.
One flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma is unstable and could plunge into the ocean during an earthquake or during the volcano's next eruption. If the volcano collapsed in one block of rock weighing 500 billion tons would fall into the Atlantic Ocean and create a dome of water about a mile high that would form and then collapse. A Mega Tsunami will fan out in every direction; traveling at speeds of up to 500 mph. Waves several hundred feet high would hit Africa and Europe. A wall of water would race across the entire Atlantic Ocean six hours to devastate the East Coast of the United States, the Caribbean and South America. Tsunamis each about 30 meters (98 feet) to 60 meters (197 feet) high sweeping away everything in its path up to 20 miles inland. Millions could be killed in coastal cities.

Real Unemployment Rate Is Probably at Plus 21 Percent


 According to Donald Trump the official unemployment rate released by the Department of Labor for September was 9.1 percent. At the height of the Great Depression of the 1930s the number stood at about 25 percent.

“The sad thing is unemployment is really probably at 21 percent if you go by the real numbers,” Trump said. “When you say 9.1 … that number is not a real number, the real number is 21 percent and it could even be higher than that.” Those who do not receive unemployment checks are not counted.

“So it’s a bad time and we wrote the Midas Touch," Trump continued. "We had great success in our first book -- it went to the number one book on just about every list, and it was really a terrific book, but we think this is better. And we wrote this for these times. We feel there are better opportunities today than there were five years ago.”

Read more on Trump, Kiyosaki: Real Unemployment Near Depression Era Levels

Sightings in the United States

California Red Glowing Round Object

RIDGECREST -- About 9 PM, on October 9, 2011, we were sitting on the front porch and to the west a red glowing round object appeared. It appeared to be shaped like a derby hat. My boyfriend was observing as well and both of us confirmed that it was NOT a meteor. We watched it for about two minutes as it slowly headed west silently and just disappeared. A couple minutes later a second red glowing round object appeared as the second was breaking up into three or four objects until it disappeared in the same direction. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Diamond

DENVER -- My girlfriend and I were going to her sister’s house heading north on Tennyson when we witnessed a bar of lights which looked like a big jet liner heading towards us right above the tree line. We both remarked that it looked like it may be crashing since it was so big and so low and none of its lights were blinking like a normal aircraft. It had a bunch of strange lights as we came up to the top of the hill at 32nd Avenue and we saw it in full. It was about 70 feet above us flying silently and slowly just above the tree line. It consisted of a white set of lights forming a triangle facing forward, and a red set of lights making a triangle facing backwards. The craft had four main points and was no ordinary aircraft giving the craft a diamond shape
The craft blacked out stars and was just a black shadow. The lights did not blink and the tail red light shifted with an upward mechanical motion as it flew. We followed it for six blocks when it disappeared. I hung half my body out of the car window and saw a second much smaller craft that consisted of strobing bluish lights that also disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Lights

MIAMI AIRPORT -- A lot of light with different shapes was seen but the most common was a cylindrical object observed around 12 midnight on October 3, 2011. The sound was like a microwave oven and I observed electrostatic charges in the air no more than 30-40 centimeters, or about 1 or 2 feet. There was a cloud that opened like a star gate.
There were lots of lights that started to exist through my neighborhood and went towards the everglades. I didn’t see any helicopters or airplanes in the area but north you could see a commercial plane going to Miami Airport. Thanks to MUFON CMS

ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- On June 10, 2011 a video was taken of an airliner taking off from the airport on 1:15 to 1:20 PM. The videographer was capturing footage of his Mother on a Midwest aircraft and posted the video on YouTube a few days later. The video immediately generated much interest because it showed a strange quick moving object exiting a cloud near the airliner which was just taking off.
It turns out he actually videotaped TRS Airtrans Flight 15, a 737 enroute to Puerto Rico.
The aircraft later turned south and headed for Puerto Rico tracked on radar. The object could have been inserted in the video, but the apparent fragmentation of the cloud where the object exited would be difficult to stage. Voice tapes were also obtained but did not indicate that the pilot saw the craft. The analyzed radar data shows a lone return was detected near the time of takeoff at the position where the witness took the video.
It is understandable that the radar would probably only pick up one return given the speed of movement of the object. This is not concrete proof of a radar-visual, but it certainly bears mentioning that we could have radar confirmation of the object. Video posted by the witness can be viewed on YouTube at: Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

TAMPA -- We took these photos at Tampa Terrace Park on October 5, 2011, in the early afternoon between Noon and 3 PM.
Note: The anomaly in the photo is due to a "lens flare" effect as the result of taking the photo into the Sun.
Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest 

Georgia Rectangle

DALLAS -- We were driving home at 7:38 PM, on September 28, 2011 on GA Highway 278 just crossing 120 when I finally took the picture with my cell phone. I originally noticed the strange cloud formation as we crossed Highway 92. A few miles later I noticed two glowing objects. One was rectangular with not as sharp geometry more in the cloud and the other was smaller but its horizontal and vertical lines were perfect. I began to watch the stationary objects but they flew out of sight.

After looking closer at the image on my computer there is also a sphere in the cloud formation. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Idaho Disc

NAMPA --- My wife and I saw a huge disc shaped object hover about 20 feet in the air at 3 AM behind the Archer Mall two blocks away. It was about half the size of a football field and a dull silver metal color. I observed the craft for about 45 minutes or longer. There were no visible rivets or seams in the craft. Its lights reminded me of different colored socks tumbling in a dryer. The red one looked to be 10 feet long by 4 feet wide. The blue one tumbling randomly with the red was 8 feet long by 6 feet wide. The yellow light 12 feet long by 3 feet wide. The green light was 6 feet long by 4 feet wide. There was no sound from the craft and there was no sound from the frogs or crickets that struck me as odd. The bottom of the craft was a very bright white light that did not reflect onto the blacktop. The dome of the craft was transparent just like the center line of the craft.
 It was hiding behind oak trees and an old outdoor theater which only covered a third of the craft for five minutes and then it shot strait up out of our atmosphere. This happened in 1977, and I have suspected for a long time that this is in fact our technology. The Nephilim may make an entrance on December 21, 2012. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BOISE -- About ten miles south of Boise there was no actual sighting. We were out in the desert taking pictures 3 PM on October 1, 2011. We saw nothing and heard nothing the whole time that we were there. We later looked back at the pictures and there was this UFO above our heads

Note: Analysis shows that this photo has been edited. This case is likely a hoax. The original photo has been requested from the witness, but no response has been received. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Michigan Lights

WIXOM -- My wife and I were driving home from dinner on October 1, 2011, and 9:20 PM, and I noticed an orange fireball rising up from the horizon. It was traveling almost perfectly from north to south. All you could really see was the V-shaped plume of fire behind it. If you extended your arm fully out in front of you, the plume appeared the size of your pinky fingernail. It was traveling straight at a steady pace. What was really odd was that after it traversed the sky and went out of site, about 20 seconds later, another one appeared from the same origin, traveling the exact same path. This occurred four times and I have separate videos of each.
COMMERCE TOWNSHIP – On October 4, 2011, at 8:05 PM, I saw a large orange sphere about the 1/8 size of the moon traveling from southeast to northwest. My sighting lasted 5 to 10 seconds with a trailer of fire. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Missouri Multiple Sightings

LEES SUMMIT -- My granddaughter and I saw a straight long line of lights just hovering about 7:55 PM on October 4, 2011. I stopped just before the intersection of 3rd and Ward and it was right above me making no sound. My sunroof hesitated each time I tried to open it, and I barely got it open. My granddaughter kept asking me "What is it Granny?” All I could say is, "I don't know."
It was above me and I could see lights that outlined the shape of a triangle. It began to move forward so I parked at Papa Murphy’s Pizza lot as it slowly flew over. Other people saw it. We got back in the car and drove west on Ward and followed. My granddaughter and I were totally freaked out. We called the police but they told me they had not received any calls. I had sightings 30 years ago and 15 years ago. Thanks to MUFON CMS

37.9642529 N 91.8318334W -- My husband, children and I were driving home at 8 PM, on October 3, 2011, when we saw an object that had shape of stealth bomber with green and white lights hovering over the highway. As we got closer it was doing weird maneuvers and eventually shot off like a rocket. Another object flew over with a very bright light. I then called my father (retired navy) to ask him if stealth bombers hover? He said, “No, but it might be a Harrier.” It didn't look like that either. Thanks to MUFON CMS

INDEPENDENCE -- On October 4, 2011, about 7:30 PM, I was driving home and hovering above the clubhouse was a big mass of lights. As I got closer, I could see was a triangle shaped craft as big as three huge houses hovering at 500 feet. It was black and looked like it was made of mercury. The whole underside had pulsating yellow-orange lights at each corner and blue and white lights just inside the perimeter. They cast a bright light on everything below without glare like our normal lights do. Just as I got in front of the clubhouse, it rotated and took off toward my house so I drove home. There was a group of people running and a guy yelled, "Did you see that freaking' space ship!"

It went just past my house and waited for me! I pulled in the driveway honking for my daughter to come outside and ran to get my camera as it spun around and took off almost straight up. Thanks to MUFON CMS

FENTON – On October 8, 2011, my girlfriend and I were about 28 miles out of St. Louis on I 44 when we noticed some strange lights in the sky and I asked her to start filming. We noticed that there were about a dozen craft hovering near I-270, coming over the trees from the south. There were three white/yellow/red color lights in the front that formed a triangle and seemed to pause in the sky. Another light caught up and merged with the triangle and all the lights then flew north.
The next three to follow were in a straight line yet the closer we got to being directly below them they were in a slight triangle. We were able to capture some of the phenomenon on film yet it was shaky. During this sighting we were cussing trying to figure out what these lights possibly could be. This gave us the chills. Thanks to MUFON

RAYTOWN -- I was driving home on October 11, 2011 and stopped at a light when I saw an object hovering in the sky so I took this photo to let you folks take a look. Thanks to MUFON CMS
New York Triangle
Westchester – My three friends and I were outside at night talking when I noticed a formation of bright white lights in the formation of a triangle hovering over the Tappan Zee Bridge. We watched the object hover and the lights seemed to get brighter. After about ten minutes the object either flew away or gained too much ascension and distance from us to see the lights any longer. My boyfriend and I have seen similar objects in the area earlier this year. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Lights

BOILER BAY -- My husband and I were vacationing in Lincoln City on September 27, 2011, about 1:15 PM. We couldn't walk the beach so we decided to enjoy the waves at different vantage points along the coast. Driving north, we decided to revisit Boiler Bay as it was so spectacular that day with the high tide. I had already taken lots of shots and noticed an interesting cloud to our north. I took two shots of the cloud and didn't see anything until I downloaded the photos to my hard drive.
Note: The bright spots in the above photo are likely not real objects and are probably due to "lens flare" effects.
Comments: I disagree about the lights that the gal captured with her camera is lens flare. I'm a pro photographer and know what lens abnormalities look like. This looks like points of light coming from an object in the sky. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Pennsylvania Triangle Lights

CONNELLSVILLE -- Every day I drive my 13 year old son to his bus stop and we sit and watch the stars every morning. On October 7, 2011 he asked, "Mom, what star is that, and why is it moving, how could it move that fast?” I saw ten more of the same lights flying within a millisecond of each other, and they kept repeating at ten second intervals. At this time, a commercial airplane was flying right past these. It almost appeared as though the lights were moving in the shape of a triangle. We got out of the car and everywhere we looked in the sky, we could see them. These were not stars. My son's bus came and I drove down the road to my house and saw in the sky a much larger light that was actually moving along a path. It was blinking at intervals and move from one place to a completely different place in a second. I ran in the house for my sister yelling, “Come see the UFO's!” She came outside and witnessed the last light as it disappeared. I have never witnessed so many lights at one time. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina Lights

YORK -- I was watching the sky looking at a star like object moving when I noticed one moving much slower heading west. I noticed a bluish white light that started fading to red, back to blue and kept this up. The object stops moving and hovers for a couple seconds before the object jumps north and immediately back to where it was hovering. It then does this same movement to the south and then again to the east. Returning to where it was hovering. A feeling of fear came over me and I could not stay there any longer to watch it because it was almost overhead and I didn't want them to see me. I returned 15 minutes later and the object was gone. I have seen objects in the sky before but none of them every made me feel this way before.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Black Objects

 KNOXVILLE -- On October 8, 2011, at 3:30 PM, I saw four silver hovering UFOs above my house. I went inside to find my camera, and when I came back out three of the objects were gone. The last one started moving very slow and when I tried to look at it with binoculars it was gone. I do not know if anyone else around me saw the same thing. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but they look like dots in the sky.
Note: At my request the witness sent the photo. Enhancements show a few bright pixels towards the bottom of the photo. Inverting the photo indicated that the pixels represent a real object. The contrast and brightness were adjusted to add clarity to the object. The photo by itself is not very revealing, but combined with the witness report it adds some corroboration to the sighting. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

MEMPHIS -- I was on break outside my work on October 7, 2011, and noticed a white looking spot that was hanging around a cloud. I asked the others about it and six of us saw it. It was ascending coming toward us and suddenly stopped. It stayed in place for about 15 seconds, and started going away from us. We saw two of them at the same time. After break I got my camera and saw towards the Memphis Airport and saw two black dots. I automatically thought maybe they are having a show this weekend. The two dots were flying zigzagging in and out with each other and going around each other. They were too close to be planes and they don't do that. I was able to take pictures of them after becoming one. I caught two UFO's that AINT NO AIRCRAFT. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MEMPHIS -- I was riding in a truck leaving downtown Memphis on I40 at 2 PM, on October 10, 2011, get I noticed two very dark objects in the sky right below the 4,000 feet clouds. I watched them for ten seconds and decided to say something to the other two people in the truck. As I got half way through telling them to look at what I was seeing the two objects were just gone. The thing is that the planes in Memphis don't depart over the downtown area. These two objects were solid black and hovering almost like when you see military planes flying in formation. The front was a big triangle with a skinny strip going from it to the rear smaller triangle. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Orb

AUSTIN -- Again, here is another video taken on October 6, 2011, where I thought I saw something and I got my camera out and began taping and the camera caught something when I thought I didn’t get anything.

This is the beginning section of the video taken. I see these reflections in the sky quite often. Now that I have a good video camera I’ll try to capture them and send you a copy. Thanks to Michael May

Washington Light

ELLENSBURG -- I was sitting in my backyard sky watching on October 1, 2011, at 9:30 PM, when I saw a star looking thing. I looked at it with my binoculars and saw blue and green lights so I took my camera and took some pictures. What I saw will blow your mind.
Note: An examination of the photo showed that the camera aperture was open for 16 seconds. Therefore the above photo represents the movement of the light over a 16 second time frame. Analysis also indicates that the photo was edited by the witness. (This does not mean that the photo is a fabrication and only means that it was edited by the witness.) The original photo has been requested. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Worldwide Sightings

Canada Flashing Fire

 KITCHENER, ONTARIO -- I was driving down Traynor Avenue when I spotted a randomly pulsating and flashing fire in the sky. I pulled into the church parking lot to park and get out for a better view. Three people were looking at the object that I thought might be a plane on fire that disappeared for a split second and reappeared in a different spot a little higher. It was a beautiful evening 20 c, with no noise as the object disappeared.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

China Pyramid UFO video

 Michael Cohen writes, “A new and astonishingly clear video of a pyramid UFO was filmed in China on September 9, 2011, in Hebei Province above the Luannan Nuclear Power Plant.” The video was uploaded about a month ago on to the Internet in China where it became a sensation and resulted in heated debates between UFO enthusiasts and skeptics. Some observers suggested the UFO shown in the video was merely a computer generated image. Chinese UFO enthusiasts countered that numerous witnesses have filmed and attested to seeing these pyramid UFOs at various locales throughout the nation. Pyramid UFOs have also been seen the UK, Spain, Colombia and Russia.
 It is believed they are the craft of a benevolent race of aliens of Andromedan origin and are able to easily achieve faster-than-light travel. Chinese whistle-blowers have alleged that the Chinese government is secretly engaging with this extraterrestrial race.

Germany Disc


Camping in the woods on October 2, 2011, had a feeling of not being alone or being watched, shot once full flash randomly into the darkness, look and see.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Ireland ‘V’ Lights

DUBLIN – On October 10, 2011, I was standing looking over the bay on the east coast of Ireland and saw lights in a ‘V’ around 9 PM. We often see airplanes and sea rescue operations. But last night's event was something else. The humming noise was loud, as I was talking to my sister on the phone. Talk about being surprised, as who'd believe in these things. Thanks to Mark F Gillan

Italy Orange Orb

VICENZA – The event took place during a football game at Caserma Ederle, about 8:30 PM, on October 7, 2011. I saw a very bright orange-red orb in the sky that moved slowly with a flashing red light that was not characteristic of a plane because the flashing light was not apart from the bright orb. Thirty minutes later more orbs were seen one behind the other low on the horizon moving north towards us. They moved slow but steady approaching us, then rose straight up and slowly arched towards the west following each other silently. As they rose each one then dimmed to a pinpoint and disappeared. I noticed a dim object a 1/4 mile away drifting west in a straight line and a steady speed. It was saucer shaped emitting or reflecting light quickly disappearing over the horizon at tree level. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Red Lights

MEXICO CITY -- My girlfriend and I were aboard a boat in Cuemanco, Xochimilco watching a play about 10:15 PM, on October 8, 2011. I noticed a bright red amber glowing orb flying in the distance. It was color too red to be from a commercial airplane. It slowly went overhead close to where we were flying parallel to the canal we were on. I mentioned the lights to my girlfriend and another couple on our boat. The boat rowers were also pointing at the two lights that eventually flew over the horizon. Then a final light appeared and got much closer and with a glowing solid light flying silently just above the treetops that disappeared into the horizon. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Namibia Discs

 WINDHOEK – I took the photo of Windhoek skyline from the African hotel through window. I saw the artifact when I downloaded the photo from my camera. It could be an artifact on the window or a UFO? Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Orb

SWANSEE – On October 6, 2010, my two year old daughter was looking out the window and said, “Bright light in sky!”  I looked and watched an egg shaped bright orange object for ten minutes. It looked like a mini sun and got my wife, and saw the object shoot down and land on the salt marshes less than a mile away. I had a clear view of the craft below us, and a helicopter came up the estuary towards the landed object.  I could only see a red and white light and hear the noise of a helicopter that shone a beam at the landed object. When it reached it the light went off and the helicopter went back in the same direction it had come from. This happened quite a few times.
The landed object kept sending huge pulsating blindly bright lights towards my house, a different color every five seconds. Another object was in the sky directly opposite the landed object and kept getting brighter then dimmer and intercepted the helicopter each time it went towards the landed object as if to warn it off. After the first 20 minutes of watching I got my camera and binoculars and took 35 pictures. I contacted the police, the coast guard, local RAF bases to ask if it was there helicopter it was not. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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