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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #28 - 2011 - UFOs at Nuclear Missile Sites
Jul 6, 2011, 06:49

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 Photo taken over Castle in Prague, Czech Republic on February 20, 2011
. Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned 

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

US and Britain 'Most at Risk' for Asteroid Strikes


Anissa Haddadi writes, “Experts at Southampton University have drawn up a list of countries most likely to suffer severe loss of life or catastrophic damage, should a large asteroid hit Earth.” The news comes days after UFOs were apparently spotted flying over the BBC building in London.
The countries most at risk from an asteroid strike are Brazil, Britain, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, the Philippines and the U.S. Any of these countries could mean millions of deaths.  Canada, the U.S., China, Japan and Sweden are rated most at risk in terms of potential damage to their infrastructure. The report comes after a rock the size of a house came within 7,500 miles of Earth earlier this week.  "The threat of Earth being hit by an asteroid is increasingly being accepted as the single greatest natural disaster hazard faced by humanity," said Nick Bailey, of the University of Southampton, who developed the NEOimpactor software."The consequences for human populations and infrastructure as a result of an impact are enormous."

Bailey also pointed out that an asteroid which landed in a remote spot near the Tunguska River in Russia in 1908 devastated a very large perimeter and the impacts would have been catastrophic if the area had been populated. "While it only flattened unpopulated forest, had it exploded over London it could have devastated everything within the M25," he said.
Scientists think that 65 million years ago, an asteroid was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs as a rock up to 10 miles in diameter hit Earth at 25,000 miles an hour with a force of 100 megatons, the equivalent of one Hiroshima bomb for everyone on the planet. The Apophis asteroid is expected to bring in Doomsday in 2036?
Many also insist that if Earth has until now managed to avoid being hit by such a large asteroid, it is partly due to Jupiter's gravitational field -- which limits our exposure to asteroids. Thanks to

North Dakota Dogfight With a UFO

FARGO -- An aerial dogfight between a pilot of the North Dakota Air National Guard and a UFO took place in the skies over Fargo on Oct. 1, 1948. The Air Guard pilot, George Gorman, was a seasoned flier, not knowing the intention of the pilot of the object, Gorman, in his P-51 Mustang, decided to engage the object. The 27-minute dogfight between the P-51 and the UFO was witnessed by two air traffic controllers in a tower at Hector Airport in Fargo and the pilot of a Piper Cub who witnessed it.
 Gorman was born July 7, 1923, and grew up in Fargo, where his father was a Cass County agent. During World War II, Gorman became a B-25 instructor for French aviation students. When the war was over, he returned to Fargo and was employed as the manager of a construction company. He joined the 178th Fighter Squadron as a second lieutenant. On October 1, 1948, Gorman was flying cross-country with other Guard members. Shortly after 8:30 p.m., the other pilots landed at Hector, but Gorman decided to get in some extra flying time. Gorman was notified by the control tower that a Piper Cub was in the area. He could see the smaller plane 500 feet below him. Five minutes later, he spotted a dimly lit disk-shaped object slowly circling the city. Gorman contacted the tower asking about another plane and was told there were only two planes in the air over Fargo.

Gorman approached the object to investigate and it suddenly brightened and accelerated. The object had been traveling “about 250 miles per hour,” but as Gorman began the chase, it speeded up to “about 600 miles per hour.” The P-51 could only travel 400 mph, so the object quickly outdistanced Gorman. It then made a “180-degree turn and came straight at him.” Gorman “attempted to crash into it,” but as they neared, it veered upward and passed over him.
When Gorman continued his pursuit, the object climbed to 14,000 feet, the P-51 in its chase went into a power stall, and Gorman temporarily passed out. At this point, the object turned in a northwest direction and disappeared. Observing this action were Lloyd D. Jensen and H.E. Johnson, two air traffic controllers in the tower at Hector. Another eyewitness was Dr. Cannon, a Fargo physician, who was the pilot of the Piper Cub. Both controllers noted the object’s rapid rate of speed and how it easily outdistanced the P-51. Gorman was so shaken up he had difficulty landing his P-51. He then contacted his commanding officer, Major D.C. Jones and gave him a signed statement and referred the incident to U.S. Air Force intelligence. On October 4, an intelligence unit headed by Maj. Paul Kubala arrived in Fargo and questioned Gorman, Cannon and the two controllers.
Gorman signed another sworn statement on Oct. 23, stating: “I am convinced that there was definite thought behind its maneuvers. “I am further convinced that the object was governed by the laws of inertia because its acceleration was rapid but not immediate and although it was able to turn fairly tight at considerable speed, it still followed a natural curve. “When I attempted to turn with the object I blacked out temporarily due to excessive speed… I do not believe that there are many if any pilots who could withstand the turn and speed effected by the object and remain conscious.“The object was not only able to out turn and out speed my aircraft, but was able to attain a far steeper climb and able to maintain a constant rate of climb far in excess of my aircraft.”
The Air Force concluded that the object was a weather balloon but weather observer George Sanderson stated,- “the time and altitudes didn’t fit, and the wind direction was wrong.” With this evidence, Gorman insisted that it was not a weather balloon.

The Air Material Command then warned Gorman not to divulge any more information or he would be subject to a court-martial.
Gorman maintained his silence. He retired from the Air Force with the rank of lieutenant colonel. After retiring, Gorman was a building contractor and talked publicly about his experience with the UFO. He did reveal to friends that, until his death on July 31, 1982, “he was never convinced that he had been dueling with a lighted balloon for 27 minutes.”Thanks to UFO Casebook and  Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey

UFOs at Nuclear Missile Sites in 1967-68

 Robert Hastings writes, Last night I revised part of my book, I am working on the second edition--and integrated some new material I received from a former Minuteman launch officer.
 In 2005, I posted a series of messages on the Yahoo missile_talk group’s bulletin board, summarizing the testimony of former and retired USAF sources who had reported their UFO-related experiences at various nuclear missile sites over the years. My hope was that some of the group’s members, come forth and discuss their own experiences. A few of them, including Larry Manross wrote,
“Robert, you are right on. As a launch crew commander at Minot AFB from 1966-1970, I will tell you that there were UFO incidents. In one [during which I was present] the security team upstairs went into a defensive posture with lights turned out. They had called in a UFO sighting to the base and radar was tracking it. All of a sudden it buzzed the launch control center and that was when they cut the lights and took a defensive position.”
 During 1967 or 1968, I was a 1st Lieutenant and a junior officer in the capsule. The security team kept us informed of their concerns; especially the buzzing of the Launch Control Center. I wish I had been upstairs when the incident took place, but as you know the launch crews were down in the capsules for 24 hour uninterrupted stretches. But Base Ops did confirm that they were tracking an unidentified object on radar.

I later asked Manross to elaborate on these statements. He responded, “
As a missile launch officer we had numerous UFO incidents that seemed to be all around us.” I was in the 742nd Strategic Missile Squadron, and we manned Kilo, Lima, Motel, November, and Oscar. I was primarily assigned to Kilo or Lima with the commanders Capt. John Deresky and later Capt. Charles Brickley. Neither of them was with me that night. Later I moved up to the commander role. I was attempting to sleep while the commander was dealing with security upstairs and the base headquarters regarding some unidentified [flying] object. It was when his board lit up like a Christmas tree for a moment that he got scared and asked for back-up. The lit-up board signals that the missiles have launched. It was a false signal but correlated with the incident taking place upstairs. It all happened quite  fast. Then things returned to normal.

 [Anyway,] that was when I became engaged. The commander was rattled and so was the security team upstairs. The security team reported that something had buzzed the LCF and that they had gone into a defensive posture, turning out the lights and drawing their weapons. They indicated it was very bright and traveling at a high rate of speed. They did not describe any shape, etc., other than it was bright. [Then] base headquarters reported that the unidentified object was no longer on radar and that was the last we heard of it.
There was no debriefing—nada. Just another day pulling an alert at Minot. I do remember the senior officer saying something about how I should not talk about the incident without getting authorization. [In spite of that,] all the officers talked about UFOs and what was going on. As you can imagine there was quite a range of opinions. The common assumption among many [officers] was that the objects were somehow drawing power from the missile warheads.

A security team was stationed at one of the missile launchers because the radar surveillance was out. A UFO hovered over the launch pad and they discharged their weapons and claim they heard plinks as the bullets hit the object. Every security team I worked with said it was a true story and had taken place at Minot AFB. The number of UFO incidents at the time, during 1966-’70, were so frequent, that in the summer the security team sometimes would put chairs in front of the building, or on the roof of the building, to watch for UFOs. Can you believe it?

I had heard nearly identical stories from other former or retired USAF personnel who had been stationed at Ellsworth, F.E. Warren, and Malmstrom AFBs during that era. This particular side show is almost humorous: Nuclear missile security guards sitting outside Minuteman Launch Control Facilities at night looking for UFOs because the objects appeared above the missile field so frequently! If only the American media had been given that story at the time. But almost no information leaked out to the press or public. Thanks to Robert Hastings

Babylonian Creation Story of Enuma Elish

The Enuma Elish is a Babylonian creation story contrasting the forces of creation and chaos.  The fragments of these seven clay Akkadian Cuniform tablets were found by Austen Henry Layard in 1849 at the ruins of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh.  There is a discrepancy regarding the original date of the tablets; with an estimate of anywhere from the 18th century BCE to the 11th century BCE.

George Smith published the Enuma Elish tablets in 1876 as The Chaldean Genesis.  These tablets were similar to the book of Genesis in that they both depicted a creator god that brought organization to a universe filled with chaos.   Did the authors of the book of Genesis rewrite the Enuma Elish and claim it as their own? Of particular interest is the fifth tablet.  Many of the lines are missing; but enough are left to suggest that the Babylonian hero god named Marduk created star stations for other gods to dwell upon.

 He constructed stations for the great gods, fixing their astral likenesses as the stars of the Zodiac. (2) He founded the station of the pole star [Nebiru] to determine their bounds, (6) that none might err or go astray.
Alongside it he set up the stations of Enlil and Ea. (8) having opened up the gates on both sides, He strengthened the locks to the left and the right. (10)

Tower of Babel

The epic myth in the Enuma Elish is about a civil war between the gods.  The god Marduk is chosen to lead the rebellion against Tiamet, the dragon of the primordial sea and against the leader of the Anunnaki.  Marduk was renowned as the god of Mars with the symbol of the snake-dragon.  Snake-dragons to this day appear on many royal crests, and many ancient societies venerated snakes and dragons.  Perhaps some of the ruins on Mars that we so often see in Filers Files may be remnants from this war. Thanks to Valerie Lesley, Ph.D.

Billions Found at Hindu Temple in India

A treasure trove of gold and silver jewelry, coins and precious stones said to be worth 500 billion rupees ($11.2 billion) has been found in a Hindu temple in southern India.
 Thousands of necklaces, coins and precious stones have been kept in at least five underground vaults at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple which is renowned for its intricate sculptures.
The temple, dedicated to Hindu lord Vishnu, was built hundreds of years ago by the king of Travancore and donations by devotees have been kept in the temple's vaults since.

Watch the  The Secret KGB UFO Files with Roger Moore and Me

I start the movie.

  Watch the  The Secret KGB UFO Files - part 1 of 6

In June, California had 42 UFO reports leading the nation, Illinois had 27 reports; Texas 25 reports; Indiana 22 reports; and New York 21 reports. MUFON received 462 sightings last month.

Sightings of UFOs in the United States

Alabama Glowing Orbs

BIRMINGHAM – I saw three amber glowing orbs in a triangle formation from the drive thru at McDonalds over the Hibbetts Sports Store southwest. The just hovered in one place and did not move until they disappeared.

California Orbs and Silver Object

EL MONTE – On June 26, 2011, 4:35 PM, the witness was outside by her swimming pool when she noticed silver objects in the sky. At 4:35 PM, the first object moved eastbound and five minutes later, three objects stopped close by the first one forming a triangle facing west. At 4:48 PM, the last one moved east and now the triangle is facing east. At 5:05 PM, Now the head of the triangle moved slowly and went under the first object. Then I went in and to tell my husband, fetched my Nikon digital camera and snapped several photos. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

FRESNO -- I filmed this myself on June 10, 2011, at 2 PM. What do you think?
Note: The witness videotaped an unknown silver object that was hovering in the day sky. He uploaded the video to YouTube. Several frames shows a jet and others can be heard. It is unclear if the jets were pursuing the object. The object does not appear to be a balloon, blimp, kite or any other "flotation device."  Venus was barely visible. The witness uses his zoom setting that clearly reveals a silver object. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Idaho Rectangle

CAREY – A rectangular object was observed for three minutes on June 25, 2011, at 4:40 PM, that instantly vanished. As a skeptic regarding UFO sightings, this is not easy to report. We were traveling 14 miles east of Carey eastbound on Idaho State Highway 20. The object was ahead of us and appeared stationary for about three minutes and then was instantly gone. It was rectangular in shape, but had no visible lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Illinois Red Light

 CHICAGO RIDGE -- At about 10:06 PM, on July 4, 2011, I looked west out of my balcony doors to a clear sky and fireworks were going off. I thought at first it was fireworks, but it was the same red light I saw two nights ago. It was bright red light that hovered high in the sky. An airplane happened to fly below it slowly, so I know for sure it wasn't an airplane. It starts getting smaller and smaller then just disappears quickly! Two nights prior on July 2, 2011, my friend and I were driving at 10 PM, at night and we saw the same light. It just hovered there and then disappeared in Palos Park. On July 3rd that same friend called me and said he saw the light again at 8 PM, over Alsip, Illinois.

MELROSE PARK – I was outside looking at building the lights that I just turned on, when the circuit breaker popped off as large light in the clouds caught my attention on July 5 2011. It was a solid orange red color heading east. It took about 5 to 8 seconds flying over head as it past it turned black and I could then see it was circular in shape against the clouds. A few seconds later a loud plane flew over head with its lights blinking and smaller than the object. I realized the orange red light was silent. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Glowing Red Object

AUBURN -- My wife and I were standing in our yard looking east when we spotted a glowing red object flying northeast. We watched it fly silently at a slow pace. As it was becoming obstructed from view by my neighbor’s house, I ran around to the other side to watch it. As it flew across the sky I happened to look straight up and I saw a large white object flying southeast over head. We were lucky enough to catch it on video as it flew off and faded away to nothing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maryland Star Brightens

  HAYSTACK MOUNTAIN -- My girlfriend and I sat down to relax on my parent’s patio on June 29, 2011, facing southeast towards Haystack Mountain. We saw a light like a very bright star gliding southeast. I said, "I hope they come for us!" The object was just moving through the same space in the trees as it had just moved. It was like a glitch in the Matrix. Like in the movie, “The Matrix” when the cat walks in front of the door twice, like it’s on a loop. It seemed brighter and bigger than before.

It was moving fast enough that it should have kept going over the mountain and out of sight, but it was like magic. I ran to get a closer look and it wasn't in the part of the sky I expected, it was further down the mountain towards Cumberland. It was moving faster and becoming 10 or 20 times bigger, then faded to a dim red star and vanished. There was no sound. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan Flying Object

 HOWELL-- I was in my swimming pool with my two children at about 9 PM on July 5, 2011, when my 6 year old daughter pointed, “Look it’s a space shuttle.” I grabbed my glasses and I could see no wings and there was no noise. It was a white cigar shaped object from my perspective. My 7 year old son, who has much better vision than I do, said it had three windows and he drew this picture of the object. I would guess it to be 500 feet above us. It was a very bright white color and reminded me of a blimp but going much faster than that. It flew south over the trees and out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Object Photographed

WENTZVILLE -- On June 27, 2011, around 7:30 PM, I was on phone talking to a classmate and looking southwest when I noticed a round black dot in the sky. The object performed linear maneuvers, up, down and left to right. It seemed very controlled and deliberate. I was able to determine that the object was moving independently. I told my classmate what I was seeing and it drew closer. I tried to take a photo with my cell phone camera but it was unable to focus so I grabbed my digital camera. I snapped a photo as the object made a backwards letter J swoop and shot outward and disappeared beyond the horizon.
The object was round and black, solid, possesses detail such as a domed top, maybe a flat bottom, circular in shape. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Huge Pulsing Colors Object

NEWARK -- I was relaxing on my back stoop on June 29, 2011, at 10:16 PM, and spotted a ball of light rising in front of me from the west, and tracking nearly straight up. I live in the traffic lanes of Newark Liberty Airport, and have seen and photographed many planes going overhead. I had my cell phone nearby, and videotaped a very bright ISS, at magnitude -3.7.
I reviewed the footage and glanced back at the area where the ISS had emerged and saw an oval, canted, glowing jellyfish, about half the width of my outstretched index finger, slowly drifting silently south on the western horizon. It was like a bubble with white top and bottom of the ellipse, with red pulsing light on the bottom tip that changed colors, and a few other greens and blues in the top end.

I caught a few seconds of video and pictures before the object brightened, then moved out of sight. The object reappeared in a hole between two trees. I posted this to Facebook, and a witness in a nearby town claims she heard engines and it was an advertising blimp. A second witness in the same town claims he saw the same object at 3AM that morning. Thanks to MUFON CMS

POINT PLEASANT -- Barbara Broughlette writes, “I have never seen or reported anything even remotely like a UFO before. I saw something on June 29, 2011, with many red unblinking lights emanating from the sides and bottom, and possibly the top. It was about maybe 1,000 to 1,500 feet high with no sound. The sky still had a bit of light in it, and I could see that the "body" was matte black or dark in color. Although I was seeing it mostly from the underside, it did seem to have a compact roundish shape, and I think there was some sort of dome on the top - again, like maybe a helicopter might have.”
The stars were out already and it was a clear night so I got a good look at it traveling in a large arc going from west to southeast. I saw it for several minutes and was shaking so I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I saw it again around 10 PM, and didn't remember to look at the clock. It was hard to concentrate on anything after the experience.  It was not traveling too fast, maybe about 100-150 miles an hour. The way it moved reminded me of a helicopter, but there was no sound, and only the non-blinking red lights and lots of them. I also did not see any propeller on top. It seemed to fly south over the ocean. Then as I watched all the lights went off except one non-blinking red light. A few seconds later, it disappeared.

I can't imagine that one of the military bases in the area would let something fly at night with lights that would be confusing to other pilots. And there are lots of small planes around here and higher above where I saw the thing is a path that is used routinely by jets. Oh, and I’m not crazy. I’m a grandmother, ex-corporate fortune 500 management people. Last night I was up at the beach around 10 to see if it was coming back. It’s really bothering me. Thanks to Barbara Broughlette

Oklahoma Streak

 On July 2, 2011, it was wobbling around high in the sky. It was somewhat reminiscent of an eye. Very bright white in the center like a star but brighter than any other star. There were four yellow rays fanning down and four yellow rays pointing up. It slowly drifted up and to the south all the while wobbling side to side and up and down.

The oddest part is when I viewed it through binoculars it appeared completely different. It was like a triangular emerald with the point down and shooting out from the point was a yellow bolt like lightning. Directly under the bolt was a white chevron. At first I was excited to again see a UFO, but then I felt let down as nothing more happened. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania UFOs

WARREN -- I was fishing by myself on the Alleghany River, at 9:17 PM; and I looked above the refinery across the river to see it start to move slowly. I flashed them the cross sign with my L.E.D. flashlight, to let them know I could see them. The UFO moved very slowly then in about two minutes it accelerated fast and was gone. Five minutes later, the UFO appeared above me and vanished. At 9:30 PM, I noticed two stars that look like they’re coming out, and the right star started to move slowly to the right and I saw another UFO above me hovering at about 1000 feet. I pulled out my light and gave them my flash sign as it started to move slowly down fast towards me. It gained in size and brightness about five times. They flashed me back with their ship and they were coming down and went back up to the right slowly following the other UFO buddy. Thirty seconds later they vanished. I caught a nice 14 inch catfish right after the UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Rhode Island Flying Road Flare

PORTSMOUTH -- While at a cookout party close to midnight on July 1, 2011, I noticed a reddish orange flickering light similar to that given off by a road flare moving across the northwest quadrant of the sky. It flew out of the airport flying north just above the tree line. It was moving slowly and climbing slightly taking perhaps a minute to cross a 45 degree arc of sky. Then it came closer silently to out location near the Greendale Vineyards. I called my friend’s attention to it trying to figure out what it was. We observed it as it came closer, then rose almost vertically out of sight. We made several UFO jokes afterwards. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Bright Object

PINEY FLATS -- I was driving home from my boyfriend's house on December 2, 2011, and the sky was a pretty pink color and it was close to sunset and so I took out my cell phone and took a picture of the horizon. Later as I looked at the picture, I realized there was an object in the upper right corner that I did not notice when I took the picture. I zoomed the object in and could not come to any explanation as to what it might be. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Triangular Craft Descends Alarmingly Low

RED OAK -- Three members of my family and I were sitting in our backyard on June 10, 2011, at 9 PM, when we noticed an object in the northwestern sky. We kept our eyes trained on it as it descended lower and lower. As it continued to descend we recognized it to be a metallic triangular craft having three white lights affixed to each of its corners. The craft continued to descend to about 500 feet, or less, above us. It was DEFINITELY aware of our presence, and at this altitude to get a closer view of us. The natural outdoor lighting around this time wasn't optimal, so scant details of the craft's exterior were acquired. We could however make out that it was metallic. The craft's lights were jarringly bright. It hovered, silently, above us at this altitude for about a minute and then silently disappeared. The craft exited at an out-of-this-world speed into the northeastern sky. We have seen strange lights in the corn-field behind our house for years, but no experience can equate to this encounter. My family claims to have experienced encounters of the fourth kind as well, resulting in possible implantation of seemingly metallic objects no larger than a centimeter. We have lost four hours or more at a time during these encounters. I feel they are more common than people report or admit.
Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

ZAPATA – On June 24, 2011, I was riding in back seat as we drove from Laredo to South Padre, when our driver saw a craft and pointed it out to us."To my amazement there was a round object moving westbound no higher than two to three stories over our head next to the road, that flew silently and just disappeared out of my sight. My cousin, who saw it first approaching our vehicle, described it as a silver triangle."
"When I was able to see it more clearly, it was already overhead and it looked like a disk with a lot of lights underneath. I couldn't identify the object as aircrafts I have ever seen." Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Triangle

CHICAHOMINY -- On July 1, 2011, I was looking outside and saw a squadron of three lights flying over the house. I walked outside with my camera twice and again saw lights. This time upon closer inspection I captured a triangle on film. After the triangle seemingly disappeared over the tree line I sat outside and waited. Soon I saw a flashing orb with 2 white and one red light flying over I observed said object for about 4 minutes until it faded over the river. (I live on the Chicahominy River) I acquired an overwhelming feeling of excitement and anxiety and as noted on the tape I cursed many times. I do not want this to be exposed to the media! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Video

 BONNEY LAKE -- We saw 15 to 20 red lights moving in a pattern towards Mt. Rainier on June 25, 2011, at 10:09 PM. The witness reported his sighting using our report form. He provided a link to the video that he uploaded to YouTube. The video was downloaded and brightened some to better reveal detail. Several lights can be seen on the video although they don't show up as bright. One still image is posted above. The video above has been clipped, but shows the most revealing frames. Users wishing to view the entire video can view on YouTube at the address supplied in the description above. Some portions of the video do show erratic moving lights. One light appears to a reflection of ground lights, but that does not explain the other lights. No frames show 15 to 20 lights as described by witness. However, this not unusual given that the video was taken with a cell phone (IPhone). YouTube link:

BREMERTON -- These all happened on June 28th at 10:03 PM. The lights lasted just 30 seconds and they vanished. The photos are all in order. This happened in Bremerton, Washington on the east side at the apartments.
Note: The weather report showed that winds were light and scattered clouds were measured at 10,000 feet. The streaking of the lights in the photo is probably due to a combination of motion of the lights and camera movement. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Worldwide Sightings

Brazil Orb

 BUENOS AIRES -- This Monday, on June 27, 2011, this object was filmed towards the south of the Federal Capital and to about 60/70 of Altitude. It does not fit with any known satellite orbital transits, or passages of the ISS and only one Iridium that appears in the Lists of Heaven Above.
Thanks to Ricardo D' Angelo and MUFON CMS

Bulgaria UFO Flies over the Power-Vested

SOFIA’S – A UFO flew over the homes of important men in the VIP neighborhood of Boyana. Late Friday evening, July I, 2011, a flying object accompanied by a dozen lights appeared in the sky over Boyana. The Bulgarian National Television broadcast the shocking images taken by a witness to the event. “It was about 10:30 PM, when a UFO flew silently east from Vitosha.” Assen Yovov spoke live on TV. “I saw the large discs as bright-red as fire, and have not seen anything like this before. I do not know what it is but I want this disc to go to a laboratory and be researched. I do not want people to think I am mad.” Nobody from the residences of the Bulgarian President and Prime Minister commented on the UFO appearance. Thanks to Bulgarian TV.

 Brazil Ovals

MACEIO AL -- I saw unidentified objects flying over the sea in various directions that were illuminated and sometimes seemed to be on fire on June 24, 2011, at 2 PM. They then came back to flash various colors. It was wonderful to see them. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Canada Flashing Lights

PENTICTON, B.C. -- At about 10:30 PM, on June 28, 2011, I looked out the doorway and saw what looked like a star that was flashing red and blue intermittently. Upon closer inspection it seemed to be moving ever so slightly like a firefly. I called my roommate to look and as soon as she came it started releasing little white glowing orbs. Then two glowing objects shot across the sky at high speed zigzagging along. They covered the entire sky in three seconds and made an abrupt 90 degree turn without slowing down. Also three balls of light formed a triangle then became one, and then disappeared reappearing a short distance away. It almost looked like projectiles were being fired back and forth between different objects, but they were too far away to tell for sure. This went on for hours before I went to bed at about 4 AM. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Czech Metallic Disk

 PRAGUE -- My girlfriend was taking pictures of the castle in Prague, on holiday with her sister on February 20, 2011. When I reviewed the pictures I saw a metallic disk in the top right hand corner of the picture. At first I was reminded of Billy Meier's Plejaren Beamships as I research a great deal into UFO and our relations with the ancients. Then because I am from a military background (specialist soldier) and currently work with former specialist troops. I asked the opinion of some helicopter pilots. They said they couldn't tell what it was which fueled my suspicion of what it was. One pilot thought it could be a bird. I have no doubt it probably is a UFO because I saw many as a boy in Scotland. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kazakhstan Disc

ASTANA -- Sensational UFO video from Kazakhstan on May 2, 2011.

This intense alien activity in the region has led many to believe that ETs attached to a secret UFO base beneath the Black Sea are stepping up their activity in preparation for open contact with humanity.

Slovenia Disc Image

LJUBJANA -- I took pictures of a UFO this Saturday, on June 18, 2011, about 11:18 AM.
Note: The photos were sent by a friend of the photographer. They were taken with a Nikon D200 Digital camera with a Nikkor 28 – 200 mm lens. This photo was taken with a resolution of 10.1 million pixels.. This allowed the blowup of the object to reveal more detail. The object does not appear to be a bird or insect. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Sweden Bright Teardrop

HEBY -- A very big, very bright (whiter than white) flash-bulb shaped thing with no tail was observed falling very fast from the sky on June 27, 2011, at 11:45 PM. It was faster than any plane but not as fast as a "falling star". It made no sound and fell into a forest where it is not possible for me to go to. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

UK/England Two UFOs

BOREHAMWOOD HERTS -- My partner and I were out in the back garden last night and we both saw two UFOs. The first was at 10:25 PM, which was a spherical, shimmering yellow-orange object travelling north. It stayed in position for about 30 seconds as it faded and disappeared. The second appeared at 10.40 PM, and was much smaller as it was much further away but similar in appearance. It came from the west and went towards the north, travelling for around 45 minutes as a dot of light getting smaller until it disappeared. Thanks to Christine Brock


•  National Archives in previously classified files about unidentified flying objects now releases a series of photographs and sketches.

2011 MUFON Symposium

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