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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #25 2011 - Dead Sea Scrolls, Stonehenge,
Jun 16, 2011, 12:21

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Photo taken June 1, 2011, in Costa Rica

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Moon Openings


Dr. RICHARD BUCHLI writes, "Three moon openings area 1400 feet wide

Mars Structures


Norm Bryden writes the government should release the data for the existence of intelligent life in the universe. The secrecy prevents our planet from progressing to a clean-energy environment and gaining the knowledge to be civilized. You've provided a haven for corruption and look what you've done to the environment. You did this because you know about some of the civilizations beyond Earth and you saw how backward you may be.

You saw how futile your efforts have been to convince others that this is the way it should be. The species, oceans and lands you destroy are your doing because many of you have been dishonest about the scientific data. You did this to our planet.

Look at your results. Thanks to Norm Bryden

War of the Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness 

 Astronauts have always been distinguished men of valor and exploits. A couple of years ago, Dr. Edgar Mitchell and I had a brief conversation after we spoke to about fifty Congressional staff personnel in Washington DC. He indicated as I do that we may be visited by some type of intelligence from space. I asked Edgar, what he thought was the real secret to all of this concerning UFOs. He said, "The answers are all in the Dead Sea Scrolls."

Even now not all of these scrolls have not been revealed. I searched the scrolls myself later to find some meaning. The text of the "War of the Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness" describes where two sides are in an apocalyptic battle for Earth. The angels are described as being part of the fight.

"Warrior angels are in our muster, and He that is mighty in War is in our throng. The army of His spirits marches beside us. Our horsemen come like clouds or like banks of dew, to cover the earth, or like torrential showers, to rain judgment on all that grows in it. Opposing the good forces are the forces of darkness.

But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominion is darkness and guilt. All the spirits that are associated with him are angels of destruction. They follow only the laws of darkness, and their craving is directed toward it." Pages 414-416 The Dead Sea Scriptures.

UK Possible UFO Worship Stonehenge's Timber Twin and Cursus

During my four year Air Force tour in England I visited many prehistoric sites such as Stonehenge that could have been a landing place for disc shaped UFOs. A couple miles away is Woodhenge older than Stonehenge and was made from wood also in the shape of a disc. Archeologists claim the ancients worshipped the Sun or Moon, but these are balls not discs shaped. The timber circles were uncovered at Durrington Walls, the site of a Stone Age village and prehistoric earthworks were discovered in the early summer of 1925 as Squadron Leader Insall sat at the controls of his Sopwith Snipe and noticed the recently ploughed remains of several disc barrows which had been almost obliterated by decades of farming.

One particular barrow in Dough Covert caught his eye as it appeared to resemble Stonehenge, visible two miles away. Woodhenge was made by skilled carpenters who lived 4000 years ago. It was 127 feet in diameter and contained 2750 yards of wooden framework that required ten acres of land. It was probably built prior to Stonehenge and may have been as a model for the stone monolith. I suggest the ancients worshipped Unidentified Flying Objects that are frequently seen over the Stonehenge area. Woodhenge Timberhenge, and Stonehenge are disc shaped structures.

 Stonehenge, that ancient and mysterious circle of giant obelisks on England's Salisbury Plain, may once have had a nearby wooden "twin," according to a pioneering new archaeological survey. "The idea of finding something as significant and dramatic as this monument, so close to Stonehenge, is just brilliant," Henry Chapman, an archaeologist at the University of Birmingham and a member of the team that made the discovery, told AOL News. "It will completely change the way we think about Stonehenge and the surrounding landscape."

The discovery of the timber henge (a term used to describe any British circular ritual site dating from 3,000 to 2,000 B.C.) was made by a multinational team of archaeologists ?url=> , who started surveying the land around Stonehenge with sensors that provide a high-definition 3-D view of what's under the ground. "Every time you excavate, you damage the site by moving material," Chapman says. "With the technology we use, such as ground-penetrating radar, there's no need to dig."

Nearby is so-called Woodhenge, a monument once composed of six rings of wooden posts enclosed by an earthen embankment. A week after they started examining the area, the team spotted what appeared to be a circle of 24 post holes under the ground, less than 3,000 feet to the northwest of Stonehenge. The ring measured about 82 feet in diameter -- just 17 feet less than Stonehenge -- and was enclosed by an inner ditch and possibly an outer bank.

"The post holes are up to a meter in diameter, which suggests that the timbers they'd have held would have been at least 10 feet high," Chapman says. He adds that the towering structure was likely built "about 4,500 years ago, on the basis of comparing it with similar sites." That's approximately the same time that Stonehenge's world-famous trilithons -- a prehistoric structure with two upright stone blocks supporting a third placed across the top -- were erected.

And curiously, the newly discovered monument mirrors a similar henge some 4,270 feet southeast of Stonehenge, which was first uncovered in 1937. Like the newly discovered site, that circle overlooks the ancient stone structure and has two entrances. All three henges appear to have been deliberately aligned.

The latest find throws into question previous assumptions about Britain's most famous ancient monument. "Many interpretations have traditionally placed Stonehenge at the center of the site in isolation," Chapman says. "But what we're seeing is that Stonehenge, when it entered its very grand phrase, wasn't the only structure in the area. It was surrounded by other complex structures, that may have been used much like medieval cathedrals." So instead of being the focus of all the ancient folks' attention, Stonehenge was likely just one -- admittedly impressive -- part of the religious landscape.

 As the ancient Britons didn't record their thoughts, we'll likely never know exactly why they built Stonehenge and its smaller siblings. But Chapman says the latest discovery offers an insight into their beliefs. He suggests that the "wood and stone" circles may have been placed close together as the two materials had intertwined "symbolic meanings" for Neolithic Brits. That ties in with the thinking of Mike Parker Pearson

Geographic/dp/1426305990&lid=68627&uid=2716796&sid=24610&mid=21727> , a Sheffield University archaeologist and henge expert, who has suggested that the wooden structures might have been associated with feasts for the living, while stone circles were realms of the dead.

The discovery of the new wooden henge is likely just the first of many surprise discoveries to come from Chapman and his fellow archaeologists. By 2014, they intend to have scanned about 5 square miles of land around Stonehenge, which will then be collated into a detailed map.

"I think in the next four years, we're going to have quite a different understanding of Stonehenge," Chapman says. "We're going to fill in the detail between the standing monuments, and hopefully by doing that, show the complexities and subtleties of the Neolithic people who were here." 

Nearby is the Stonehenge Cursus a long rectangular earthwork that runs for about 3km (1.8 miles) on an east-west alignment.


It was built during the Neolithic period around 3100 BC, making it slightly earlier than the circular bank and ditch of the first phase of Stonehenge.  similar cursus monuments exist in England and many theories have been put forward, we do not know the purpose of these mysterious monuments. They generally survive only as marks, shallow banks and ditches visible only from the air. Cursus (plural 'curs s' or 'cursuses') was a name given by early British archaeologists such as William Mothership photographed over Rhode Island.

 They range in length from 50 metres to almost 10 kilometres and the distance between the parallel earthworks can be up to 100 metres. Banks at the terminal ends enclose the cursus.

Contemporary internal features are rare and it has been traditionally thought that the cursuses were used as processional routes. They are often aligned on and respect the position of pre-existing long barrows  and bank barrows and appear to ignore difficulties in terrain. The Dorset Cursus the longest known example, crosses a river and three valleys along its course across Cranborne Chase  and is close to the henge monuments at Knowlton It has been conjectured that they were used in rituals connected with ancestor worship, that they follow astronomical alignments or that they served as buffer zones between ceremonial and occupation landscapes.  in Yorkshire within sight of the more famous Stonehenge. I chased a mile long Mothership over England and the ancient Britain's would have been impressed like I was.

Note: There is strong evidence that ancient man worshiped disc shaped and cylinder shaped objects. American Indians in Ohio were buried in their mounds with small flint circular stones. Although, writing has not been found, it is possible to infer that circular objects observed in the sky became objects of worship.

Air Force Gains Space-Surveillance Asset

 The 1st Space Operations Squadron at Schriever AFB, Colorado has taken operational control of the Space Tracking and Surveillance System Advanced Technology Risk Reduction satellite from the Missile Defense Agency. This addition gives the Air Force another on-orbit asset for monitoring objects in space as part of the space situational awareness mission. "[B]ringing ATRR onboard will further enhance 1st SOPS' capabilities and contributions to the broader SSA mission," said Col. John Shaw, commander of Schriever's 50th Operations Group. STSS ATRR reached orbit in May 2009 for use in missile tracking experiments for MDA. After 20 months of testing that showed the satellite had operational utility, MDA last November announced plans to transfer the  by Jennifer Thibault) Note: (Our satellites track Fast walkers, or UFO's about twice a week).

Easy Rider talks about UFO's

Jack Nicholson claims UFOs are here and he saw forty in Mexico and government knows all about them. Thanks to Norman Bryden

What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery

 Suzanne Taylor Producer/Director, What is ignored in the ET/UFO question is the positive effect that establishing contact might have. Science fiction portrays how bad it could be, but how about how good it could be? Think of the ideal. We are in contact. They are helping us. Their technology makes Earth thrive. Whether our relationship is directly physical or not, can you imagine what that would do to each and every one of us? It would be a new framework in which to experience life. We all would be learning life again. We would be so uplifted in our lifetimes. And while we have been confined to Earth, they have been travelling, so what is in this vast universe that they can open us up to? What picture they can bring us of life out there?

To get us open to a next reality, consider how likely it is that ETs would be friendly. If otherwise, wouldn't they have attacked by now? And why we've had no friendly visit yet could be they are waiting for us to get that they're for real. If we were open to them, they could come in with no force or fear in play. In looking to the circles as a doorway, there's GREAT NEWS for crop circle fans! What on Earth? Is on iTunes.

Crop circle movie is on iTunes. What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery ?

UFO Sightings in the US 

Alaska UFOs

SEWARD -- I saw two UFO's coming from the northwest at a fast speed on May 25, 2011. I ran to my motor home, grabbed my camera phone, looking out the window I saw another coming from same direction. I snapped this photo, it's the first one, I've been lucky enough to get. I usually, never have a camera around. I've seen these objects now and I've have been putting cameras all around my property, and now carry my phone camera with me all the time. It flew to the southwest. There is a lot of activity, in Seward area, but the summer is very cloudy, but when it clears in the night sky, it's off the hook.

Once in the day time one was just hiding in a hovering single cloud. I felt I was being watched, and kept my eye on the small cloud in the clear sky. It seemed out of place far away from the cloud front moving in, then the cloud dissipated and there it was. It must have noticed at the same time because right then it flew southeast to a cloud bank about two miles away. I clearly saw it in mid afternoon. I and many others have seen UFO's in Seward; some see them breaching the surface of the ocean, and flying away. Many others just drop in from space as it would seem, many times hovering over Bear Mountain, and Mt Marathon. I have to put salmon away for the winter, storing one year's supply of food hear the next few years might be extra hard and we may have earthquakes here soon.Thanks to Robert Mackey AK

California Jellyfish

 Kevinmc360 recorded this event. I copied the videos from YouTube; Kevinmc360 UFO and the Oakland debunking video.

No one has pointed out that these moving five star like objects passed behind a stationary star like object. I seen this type with my own eyes passing behind stars before; and that's why I noticed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oakdale -- I was coming back from a poker tournament with a friend on June 10, 2011, when I saw something in the air about 75 feet high. I kept looking and couldn't figure out what it was, it stayed in the same spot and as we were getting closer to it coming down Mariposa Road toward Stockton. I asked, "Do you see that April?

It looked like a large jellyfish with a round top, something around the middle and large wavy things that hung down as it hovered silently that came to a point at a wide angle. I have NEVER seen anything like it and it had no lights, and it was a dark grey color.

We turned around to try to catch it on video on our phones, but were not successful. Shortly after we turned around a jet fast flying very low passed very near. Suddenly it was gone! POOF! It was definitely a UFO right above the road. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Disc

TAMPA -- I was testing out a thermal camera, about 1:20 AM, and noticed a heat signature above the tree line that was pulsing low to high heat. About that time a plane coming into Tampa airport was going by to the right of the object when it completely went cold. Once the plane flew by it started pulsing again. I switched the camera to black its hot setting and you could see that stereo typical disc shape. It then started getting smaller like it was flying away then went straight up very fast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Six Craft and Light

CARBONDALE -- I saw a long shinny cylinder in the northwest sky around 6:54 am, as I was going to work on November 2, 2002. The sun was out, and there were no stars in the sky. I went back into my house and got my camera, that took about three minutes; and to my surprise the object was still there. After snapping the first shot, it was gone. I've seen a lot of strange crafts in the skies, but this was the first time I was able to get a photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MORRIS -- I was outside at 10:15 PM, on June 3, 2011, looking up in the sky with a Genie night vision scope. I saw at least five different craft at very high altitude flying north and one was traveling west in a slightly erratic flight path. I was able to film this craft via night vision and iPhone. The last craft was a glowing orange sphere at a low altitude and could be seen with a naked eye. I was able to video a craft clearly moving south that was very bright glowing object. Will try to post them later. None of the craft left trails. The skies are getting busier. Just get outside and look up. Thanks to MUFON CMS

St. Charles -- My boyfriend I were taking a walk through my neighborhood on June 3, 2011, when I noticed a very bright, amber star in the w est traveling fairly quickly about 10:50 PM. I noticed the "comet continued in a steady unfaltering east path flicker ing very consistently. My father is an Air Traffic Controller and I am fairly familiar with aircraft and I assured him we had not seen a plane, probably just space debris.

Ten minutes later, I spotted another object, identical to the other flying east. By now, being halfway across the sky, this strange orb was fitting absolutely no description of anything I had ever recognized. It was much like the flame on a candle. It seems to be consistently traveling at a fairly low altitude and had a straight, steady flight pattern. We also both noticed that both objects had been entirely silent. Suddenly, the object just shut off.

Note: The witness who reported the sighting seems to have a good knowledge of the appearance of conventional aircraft. However, some of the characteristics listed fit the description of Chinese Lanterns. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


Indiana Cylinder

 FORT WAYNE -- On June 12, 2011, I was taking garbage outside and I saw a long bright silver object flying high. There was no sound, and even when it was flying right over me, I did not see any wings. I ran inside to get my cameras, and it was gliding across the sky pretty steady. There was another smaller grey object that flew from the opposite side of the craft at a faster speed, and it disappeared after they crossed the paths. I'm not saying it flew inside the other craft, but I did not see it anymore.

The silver craft had a little dark stripe across of it, like a belt. It was a little closer to the head, not in the dead center. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kansas Two UFOs

WICHITA -- My wife and I took our dog for a walk in Harvest Park about 9 pm, on June 8, 2011. I noticed the lights of two craft, closer than I've ever seen two craft together. They were identical, and had both solid and blinking lights a deep saturated yellow. They were traveling at a steady high rate of speed without sound. They were so low; they disappeared the behind trees on the horizon. Then we spotted another pair of identical craft to the north, heading west.

I called Wesley Medical Center, Wichita Life Watch, and Eagle Med to determine if they had any helicopters paired up and flying over Wichita. I called the FAA who said they didn't know of anything. I had a very weird conversation with a traffic control woman who denied there was any traffic. She suggested I talk to the TV news stations to see if they have any reports. The above image is a rendering. Thanks to MUFON CMS and Ken

Minnesota Triangle

BYRON -- On June12, 2011, my w ife was on the phone outside having a cigarette facing south. She came and got me and I ran out as it traveled behind the moon and it appeared as a bright light but in triangular. It traveled faster than a plane but made no sound and had no blinking lights. It looked like a ball of light as it got further away traveling NE and then seemed to veer east until it was out of sight. The sighting left us in awe and bewildered. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Flying Object

Ramapo Lake -- Something I saw a few weeks ago has been on my mind. Up until recently I considered myself a sane, normal person. That being said here is a picture taken from Castle Point above Ramapo Lake of a silent object. There is no blur seeming to imply it was standing still. The picture was taken by me on my, a Sony Eriksson 518 cell phone. My only witness is my developmentally delayed daughter. I'm not saying its UFO. Thanks to Andy

CAPE MAY COUNTY COURTHOUSE -- On June 8, 2011, around 8:30 pm, I was out in front smoking and spotted a fairly large bright orange glowing orb, traveling east. It made a few erratic turns, slowed up, and traveled into the space. Then it hovered for a minute, until it disappeared into thin air. I said to myself that it was probably a flare.

"The next time I came out was at 9:15 PM, and saw a similar object, with a bright orange light that performed the same types of weird maneuvers as the first and passed behind the tree across my street. Then two more objects that looked precisely the same as the first object appeared. However, the second two were flying in formation, matching each other's speed. The lead object went dark nearly simultaneously with the appearance of the second two craft, but this time I could make out a very feint, oddly colored strobe light that soon disappeared completely. The other two objects were flying in a 1 o'clock 7 o'clock formation, but it wasn't long before they too vanished. Special thanks to Eric Marks and investigator for World UFO Photos. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey 

Atlantic City -- I went outside early in the morning after having seen a particularly bright star from my bedroom window as I laid in bed watching TV on May 30, 2011. I decided to go outside and saw a similar thing to what I had seen last night. But this time, the object seemed to be much lower with another point of light connected to it. At dawn the object slowly floated towards the horizon and faded slowly into the sky as the two objects stayed equidistant from one another.

I have no idea what the objects were. The light was completely steady and white for the whole time until it dimmed as dawn was breaking... My reactions were one of awe because I didn't expect to see an object again like the anomalous object I viewed the previous night. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Orb

Albuquerque -- Unknown object in pictures of the sunset on June 9, 2011, that were not visible to the naked eye.

There is a heavy blanket of smoke over the whole state from forest fires in Arizona and planes and even stars have not been visible for the last week.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Note; This may be an internal camera reflection of the sunlight

Ohio Disc

MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP - - A man who believes he saw a UFO in Geauga County shared his amazing story Thursday night. "There's this disc above the lake," longtime resident Glenn Frohring said. "It just hovered there and all of a sudden it was like it was on a giant rubber band and went woof just like that."

Frohring said he believes the disc he saw that day in 1954 was a UFO. And there were other sightings during that same decade. One man reported seeing a UFO leave a crop circle at Patti Clemson's grandparents' farm in Montville Township. "I just remember them saying it was a UFO and this man saw it and went home to get someone and came back and it was gone," Clemson recalled. She was seven years old at the time. The subject of UFO sightings resurfaced with the planned opening of Observatory Park, which will offer a unique look into outer space. The facility is about a mile from the farm Patti Clemson's grandparents once owned.

 " she said of the mysterious crop circles.

Frohring has a theory about why there were so many UFO sightings in the 1950s. He believes it had something to do with the setting off of atom bombs. And why were the sightings in Geauga County and not Cleveland? "It's rural," Frohring said. "People are outside." By: Deb Lee, 

Pennsylvania Object

Wayne/Philadelphia -- I was taking pictures of airplane contrails on April 19, 2001. The next morning I was looking over my pictures, when I noticed an unusual object in the photo. I saw and heard nothing unusual. I have no idea what this thing is. I showed the photo to my wife, who is VERY skeptical of any kind of "paranormal" stuff. She couldn't figure out what it was. I took the photo with my I phone's 12 megapixel camera. I sent this picture, to Mr. Robert Gardner, who requested I fill out this report. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina Round Objects

33.836081 N 81.1637245 W -- I went outside just happened to look up at the sky from the back yard. I saw two objects I thought were aircraft at first. I thought one was a training craft and the other perhaps the instructor. Neither craft made a sound. I thought that maybe one was a glider but then I asked myself-no engine sound, and they both look alike. Then they banked as they did so I could see that they were round craft. I watched stunned as they flew of into the horizon. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Orange Spheres

FRANKLIN -- We were driving home when my husband pulled the car over at 9:05 PM, on June 4, 2011, and he pointed up into the sky. Over a field to our left, we saw five orange sphere-like objects hovering around each other. They were divided into groups of two and three. These spheres appeared to be probe-like. This made us uneasy. My husband took a picture with his cell phone. After a couple minutes, the first group disappeared and then the second group. Thanks to MUFON CMS

West Virginia Cylinder

BIG OTTER Highway -- My family and I were visiting my Aunt on June 10, 2011 in Clay County on a warm clear evening when the moon caught my attention, and just above it was what I thought to be an airplane. I decided to test out the zoom on my recently bought camera and I tried taking several pictures of the airplane. The first picture I caught the whole object. The second picture I only captured half plus a random tree branch from the tree in her front yard. I thought nothing more of the object being anything other than an airplane until right when I took the second photo. After I pushed the button to take the second photo I looked up and it disappeared. I felt puzzled and zoomed in on the object in the images and realized it had no wings or tail. It just looked like the cigar shaped UFOs. It was white silver cylinder shaped object. When we came home we took the pictures and expanded them on the computer. It looked like five orbs together, making the cylinder object. Then I started looking up cigar shaped UFOs. I came across this document "Cigar UFO reported 'streaking' over West Virginia sunny sky" by Roger Marsh. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Disc

Melbourne -- My name is Ed Catmull about one month ago I discovered a photo that was taken of me by a friend of mine somewhere in rural New South Wales or Queensland back in 1980, it was originally on slide film but I had it transferred to disc with a number of other shots of that road trip. Now the actual photo is not great quality ( a bit dark) and I had pondered on a number of occasions to delete the photo from my computer for that reason but because it was one of the few photos of that trip I never did! Thank goodness as I was casually looking at my computer screen one night as I use photos rotating as screensavers when I noticed something above the tree line in the background!

After 31 years I discovered to my amazement and excitement as I started to enlarge the object that right behind me at that point in time was a disc craft UFO! They are all around us it seems and mostly we never notice I hope you find this shot useful. Regards Ed

Brazil Lights

Catarina State, The object was shot at 17:49 PM on Saturday, June 11, 2011. Upon sighting there were no witnesses. I wish to have the video analyzed. There are many sightings in Balneario, Brazil. The object appeared to be flying over the sea towards the mountains, and then it begins to fall between trees. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Cigar and Abductions

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan -- I stepped outside and looked up to see a white cigar-shaped UFO heading East over Moose Jaw on June 9, 2011. It didn't appear to have any wings or trails. I've included a few cropped screenshots of a few frames from the video recording of the event. During the night I saw star-like objects heading north. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Scarborough, Ontario -- Paul writes, "When I was eight years old on a in mid afternoon on a Sunday in August 1967, I witnessed my first daylight UFO sighting, as pointed out by my neighbor. I witnessed an actual silver pear shape craft up close in August 1977. Through the years I witnessed several craft sightings include witnesses. One spectacular sighting I alone observed was in late August 1995, where over 80-100 lights appeared and disappeared in a bell shape form over Georgian Bay.

After experiencing my ninth sighting at camp about 2:30 AM, on August 3rd 2002, a crop circle formation was found in Howick, Quebec and reported by the Toronto Star Newspaper. I found myself questioning; what the heck is going on around here and why was I witnessing all these UFOs so I contacted a local investigator. He helped me reveal childhood nightmares? I clearly remember being carried out in a cradle position along our bedroom hall by two tall non human beings. I could see thin long legs moving in a robotic motion. I felt very strange and could hear my parents snoring in their room as I passed my parents bedroom. I then looked into the face of a very hideous white grayish insect like creature what was carrying me.

It was looking at this large headed creature with wrapped around piercing black eyes similar to a praying mantis species. The huge eyes gave me a stunning stare with a message, "How dare you look at me? I was very frightened and could only move my eyes and could not scream as these two beings were quite tall and walked together side by side. I now find myself in a corner-less room with no lights and no furniture. The room seems to be like a murky light tone mushroom color. There was a group of about six smaller different creatures in a circle that resembled a white snowman. They were tossing me around to each other like a ball. While one was holding me, I noticed the large cranial head moving from side to side like an insect as checking me out from head to toe. I was deeply frightened in this dream. The group appeared to have some type of humor amongst them. I was like a ball in a game.

Furthering these nightmares, I remember being in a dark place without light. Then with my eyes open in this deep darkness, I could see this small spherical bright white light. It moved side to side like a pendulum then moved in closer to me getting bigger. It surrounded me with a crushing sensation to the chest. I woke up in my bed screaming for my parents that early morning. I was sweating and had a high temperature. My parents came into my room and my Father said,'should we take him to the hospital ? My Mother said, "He just has a bad fever. I'll take him to our bed and get a cold cloth to cool him down. I was terribly shaken from that dream.

Victor believes I was abducted as a child, so I decided to research UFO's and alien abduction reports worldwide. I could not get enough information and conducted an obsessive research during 2002 to 2003. The town of Oshawa, Ontario had a series of many power outages from January to April 2003. Adding that in 2003, I had witnessed about 16 UFO daylight sightings and pointed them out to many other witnesses. After witnessing a close encounter of a flying snake like creature at camp on August 7th 2003, it became clear that this is utterly paranormal.

I decided to research my possible abductions and I got a hit from an article dated August 21, 1965, claiming UFOs were seen over Scarborough for several weeks. I was deeply shocked to learn my childhood nightmares; were not nightmares. This is obviously connected to why I've been witnessing these UFO's and associated paranormal in my life.

The answer I found was very over whelming to my psyche and I have the feeling I had been watched my entire life. Following day on August 14, 2003. There was a massive power outage along the eastern seaboard at 4:11 PM Eastern. Now I was in a deeper bewilderment. The last time this massive outage happened was 1965 "November 9th.

Another coincidence happening in observation of the year of the August 21, 1965 article found? I was at a point in my life that I had discovered something further. The connection to having many UFO sightings and encounters was now opening up to discovery. I realize that something has been revealing itself more and more to me.

In honestly, I do feel alone with this one. The idea of seeing a UFO has less ridicule today but alien abduction is another reality. Species unknown to us are interacting with us. In conclusion, I do believe there are further signs of contact happening. I feel this information should be exposed to help others cope in similar situations. We are NOT alone. Attached Composite drawing of craft 1977, and the best the best picture I found that resembles the tall ones. I thank you for your time and interest. Thanks to Paul

China Triangle


In May 25, 2011 I went to Yunnan province for travelling. It was the time when I went to small minority tribe village.

I took some pictures and I came back to my home Seoul, Korea and organized those from my Yunam and found this at picture. As you can see distance was too far to see like kite or any plane. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Costar Rica Orb

These photos were sent to me by an anonymous person on vacation last week, June 1, 2011, in Costa Rica. I thought you would like to have them for your research.

Best regards, Fletcher Gray, MUFON Star Team Manager, Assistant State Director

Chief Investigator of Texas

Saudi Arabia Massive UFO

MECCA -- I may have taken unknowingly a photo of what appears to be a massive UFO hovering over Mecca. There are so many lights in the mosque at night that an object regardless of how big may pass unnoticed over the massive building. It appeared in two of the pictures I took. It is a little further in one but had moved closer in the other. I took this photo with my Nokia N95 in the evening of May 21, 2011. I was in Mecca for a pilgrimage with my brother and his family. We posed and took photos before leaving the premises. I didn't notice the strange disc until eleven days later while dragging the photos into a folder. It could be reflected light but how a reflection fuses into a disc with different colors and produce other lights five of which are distinctly bright. Other lights are dim and bluish scattered around the disc. Later when I took another look at the photos; I was shocked when I realized that the photo was a reflected mirror image of the brightly lighted grand mosque of Mecca just below that thing. Compare the photo of the grand mosque at night and that thing in the sky. It is a miniature image of the mosque below. What is this? Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/ England

NEWCASTLE -- In my back yard I noticed the sky was very clear and the only cloud was where the sun was setting. I noticed two strange objects, one which appeared stationary and the other had what looked like a vapor trail as it if was moving. The object seemed too distant to be considered a plane in my opinion. I had to replace my camera batteries before taking tee photos. Objects were there for 45 minutes, and then the object with the trail faded into obscurity, while the other remained until sunset. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 LONDON -- At the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011, at least six UFOs have been reported on YouTube, Face book, MUFON and

MrKevandrews  writes, "I checked the trajectory of all three objects in the film and all have different trajectories in relation to the camera shooting the footage. This can be verified by a simple camera match

The trajectory of all three objects in the film and all have different trajectories in relation to the camera shooting the footage. This can be verified by a simple camera match experiment by isolating: The two main objects in the scene: The main camera from the Lancaster Bomber window: The object in the foreground (Hurricane fighter) the mean trajectories show that it is "not" a fly on the window or other visual anomaly on the window of the Lancaster itself. In my opinion this is a UFO. MrKevandrews


London -- Another camera catches two UFOs over Westminster Hall and Westminster Abbey to the right during the wedding day April 29, 2011. The craft are moving at high speed from right to left (North to South. Numerous cameras stationed for the Royal Wedding have picked up UFOs.

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