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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #01 -- 2006
By George Filer
Jan 4, 2006, 17:42

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History of the World Changed

If we look at the history of humankind, not too long ago cavemen were making stone tools such as spear heads and were hunting animals.

Almost over night they were building grand temples and pyramids. Suddenly, primitive men were making structures that would be difficult to duplicate today. Dozens of ancient manuscripts in almost every nation explain the Earth was visited by extraterrestrials who taught them and are often referred to as angels, watchers, givers of knowledge.

At this time my mother's life is coming to an end. She taught me to pray and believe in God, and that the Bible tells us, "Everything that exists in the universe is part of God's divine creation. Thus extraterrestrials are part of the divine creation." In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.

My Mother spotted a UFO in her backyard in Western Springs, Illinois hovering over the trees for at least ten minutes.

At almost the same time, I was flying over England in a tanker aircraft and was asked to intercept a UFO by London Control. They had a UFO on their radar above Stonehenge, and directed us to intercept. I picked up a huge return on our aircraft radar the size of an aircraft carrier and saw it climb into space. I believe my Mother saw a UFO and I believe what I saw.

I also know the Air Force has thousand of photos and gun camera footage of the craft. General Twining as a three star General told Higher Headquarters UFOs were real and most likely extraterrestrial.

The question is why has the government attempted to keep UFOs secret.

NASA apparently asked the Brookings Institute should the public be told if our astronauts start finding remnants from other civilizations during our ventures into space. The Brookings Institution concluded the discovery of other civilizations would be detrimental to the public if knowledge of such findings were announced. The study called "Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs." It states, The implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life. "Recent publicity given to efforts to detect extraterrestrial messages via radio telescope has popularized --and legitimized---speculations about the impact of such a discovery on human values….While face-to face meetings with it will not occur within the next 20 years (unless its technology is more advanced than ours, qualifying it to visit Earth), artifacts left at some point in time by these life forms might possibly be discovered through our space activities on the Moon, Mars or Venus." Page 215.

"It has been speculated that of all groups scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery or relatively superior creatures, since these professions are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature rather than understanding and expression of men." (Note: The theory of Evolution and many laws of physics would immediately be questioned and likely proven to be false.) The "The Fundamentalist and anti science sects are growing space around the world….For them the discovery of other life—rather than any other space product would be electrifying". Page . 225

I happened to work in Intelligence at Tactical Air Command Headquarters at Langley Air Force Base, where the astronauts were training to go to the Moon. Everyday for years, I saw the astronauts made practice landings on a giant structure, while photo interpreters were looking for the best potential landing sites. Within the intelligence community, it was openly discussed that NASA had discovered ancient structures and possible alien bases on the Moon.

APOLLO 11 Astronauts Saw UFO on way to the Moon

The following 5 photos courtesy of NASA/JPL

According to Apollo 11 transcripts of the technical debriefing following the mission, astronauts Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins told of an encounter with a large cylindrical UFO even before reaching the moon. Aldrin said, "The first unusual thing that we saw I guess was one day out or pretty close to the moon. It had a sizable dimension to it..." Aldrin said the Apollo crew at first thought the object was the Saturn 4 booster rocket (S-IVB) but added, "We called the ground and were told the S-IVB was 6,000 miles away." Aldrin described the UFO as a cylinder while Armstrong said it was "...really two rings. Two connected rings." Collins also said it appeared to be a hollow cylinder which was tumbling. " Aldrin and Armstrong, after they reached the moon saw lights inside a crater near their landing site for the next day. As they circled the moon, Armstrong saw a mysterious bright florescence light on the inner wall of the crater Aristarchus. For thousands of years lights have been recorded on the moon. The area in the crater was brighter than anything else he could see.

Edgar Mitchell the sixth Astronaut to walk on the Moon stated,

"Yes there have been ET visitations, there have been crashed craft. There has been material and bodies recovered and there has been reverse engineering. Friends have told me there are strange structures and UFOs on the Moon. There is smoking gun evidence of ET, but little evidence of malevolent intent. He then told me to study the Dead Sea Scrolls, the information is all there." I asked, Do you mean the part about the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness and he answered, :"Yes."

Keith Laney's has a wonderful web site that shows some of the photographic evidence of the alien structures on the Moon and Mars. Aerial archaeology is a strong science on Earth, but few archaeologists have studied the Moon or Mars. My expertise was looking for potential enemy structures and rockets on photos. Nature has produced meandering curves, while intelligence tends to design structures at sharp angles.

Our Moon's Magelhaens Crater Has an Alien Structure

Keith Laney's writes, "The first manned circumlunar mission of Apollo 8 captured thousands of high resolution photographs of the lunar surface. For example AS8-13-2224 image shows an oblique of crater Goclenius and its immediate vicinity in the Sea of Fertility. The largest crater seen in the foreground is Goclenius, which is 70km in diameter.

Nearby is Magelhaens A, where a structure appears in the near center of the smaller 32-kilometer (km.) diameter rough floored crater. The location coordinates for Magelhaens A are 12.6 south lat, 45.0 east long. Bear in mind here that the scale is very large, and the structure is huge by Earth standards. The lighting is coming from the lower left or east. Evidenced also by the shadows the object itself casts; it is a standing structure, extending upwards. The structure is arrowed.

The general dimensions of the structure are four by three km. square at base, and better than one and a half km.tall. Notice the double line leading towards the left and right from the central area the object sits on, which is indicative of walls or perhaps a "causeway". The central complex is surrounded by visibly peculiar rectilinearities on all sides, indicative of additional outlying structure. These are attributes common to most archaeological ruins here on Earth.

This is a true oddity, for in it lies a deep central depression with a huge structure fitting the description of a ruin! By what is known of superposition, this feature does not appear to fit the accepted model.

The stepped structure sitting among the highly geometric shapes spread over this crater bottom does not appear to fit into the pattern of observable impact structures. Thanks to Keith Laney

Soviet Satellite Spots UFO

Russian Colonel Dr. Maria Popovitch whose husband Pavel is a general and cosmonaut claims, "The last transmissions from the Soviet Phobos 2 satellite was an image of a gigantic cylindrical spaceship photographed on 25 March 1989.

After that last frame was transmitted to Earth, the probe mysteriously disappeared. One transmission showed an oblong like a marquise shaped shadow on the surface of Mars.

According to Dr. John Becklake of the London Science Museum the shadow is something that is between the spacecraft and Mars. He stressed that the object was seen by both the optical and the infrared (heat seeking) cameras. The spindle shadow is inconsistent with any possible shadow cast by the moon Phobos and is similar to a giant, hovering cigar- shaped mother craft like those seen over the US.

Phobo's images also released on Canadian TV, according to Dr. Becklake present an infrared scan radiometer image of the Martian surface that showed clearly defined rectangular areas. These are interconnected with a latticework of perfectly straight channels, much resembling a city.

The corresponding surface features taken optical cameras do not reveal the city. We can make the assumption that much of the Martian Base system is underground based on the geometrically regular heat signatures. According to Dr. John Becklake, "The city-like pattern is 60 kilometers wide and could be easily be mistaken for an aerial view of Los Angeles." The infrared camera takes pictures of objects using the heat that they radiate, and not by the play of light and shadow on them. The pattern of parallel lines and rectangles covering an area of almost two hundred and fifty square miles was a source of heat radiation. It is highly unlikely that a natural source of heat radiation (a geyser or a concentration of radioactive minerals under the surface, for example) would create such a perfect geometric pattern. When viewed over and over again, the pattern definitely looks artificial; but as for what it was, the scientist said "I certainly don't know."

November 2005 UFO 'Weather Map'

Steve Reichmuth writes, "Flaps appear to be occurring in and around all over California, and in Michigan, Long Island, New York, Texas, and Florida.

This latest Michigan flap harkens to a large flap in this same area in 1978. One 'Entity' 'E' symbol directly in the center of this Michigan flap coming from Grand Blanc, Michigan from an instructor (?) at a Montessori school . Scanning over this report initially....I find it difficult to believe this teacher would stick their neck out unless they felt it was really that important. This could be a remarkable case.

North of Los Angeles, California and just south of Sacramento are the hot areas. I

have noticed Lake Ontario has consistently had UFO sightings every month since this plot began around the entire perimeter of this great lake. Something remarkable must have occurred on November 7, 2005 around Navarre, Florida. Reports from military and civilians in this area all on the same night. The whole symbol catalog was used in this tight area of the 'UFO weather map'. Triangles shapes, formations, lights, disks, changing, ovals, cigars, 'W' shaped hovering light formations all reported.

Mexico had three reports in November. One in Tijuana, and two along the northern end of the Sea of Cortez. Of these, one object was photographed in a sequence of three images in the Mufon CMS data base rising out of the water. This was photographed by an American tourist in Puerto Peñasco.

Some personal thoughts. Since plotting these maps, I have noticed what appear to be what I refer to as 'mini' flaps. It is acknowledged my maps do reflect population densities to much extent, and both data bases cannot represent a complete picture. But never-the-less, UFO activity seems to me to form in two apparent

patterns. A 'dispersed pattern', spread out over several states, and a 'moving swarm pattern', where large numbers of sightings focus and concentrate.

I think numbers of object sightings and abductions are linked. Much like a school of fish, a few broach the surface, the larger school of activity below remains unseen from our vantage point so far.

Had a minor heart attack on December 12th, 2005. Open heart surgery. Recovering extremely well. I feel like a million bucks. A fascinating experience. Everyone has been so very supportive. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth Mufon California SSD - Alameda Co.[email protected]

California Disk UFO

Rose Bluff -- At 12:57 PM, just past Rose Bluff on I-5 traveling south my brother Jay Gilliland observed a large metallic disk with a dome on top. It was about two miles away and stationary. The object appeared to be at best guess around 300 feet. He drove quite a long way while talking to me on his cell phone and the object just hovered for over 15 minutes until a cloud moved in front of it. When the cloud disappeared so did the object. If anyone else happened to see this object or take pictures please contact us. There was a whole freeway of cars in the presence of this object. Thanks to James Gilliland

Disc similar to one shot over Kyoto, Japan Photo courtesy of J.

Fairfield – The observer saw three lights rotating and changing colors and shape on December 13, 2005, at 6 PM. The object appeared as three bright orange lights then it flashed on both sides and began to rotate. After a few minutes it appeared in a triangular form where it seemed to meet up with a white probe like object. The probe circled around the object then left. The original object began to travel at a high speed for about twenty minutes then it came to a stop as a bright orange light. After ten minutes the object flashed again and move until we lost track of it. Later we began to see strange lights in the sky Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida Oval

Bonifay -- The witness reports, "I have live uncut UFO footage taken on December 13, 2005, at 8 PM, from a security digital camera, that was recently installed. However, the angle on one of the camera's was positioned up too high. We have 45 minutes of footage of a raisin size object next to the sun that is the size of a silver dollar. The sun sets on the video as the dome shaped object with a flat bottom climbs in altitude. The craft is angled slightly to the top and the center and is dome shaped. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois Hovering, Flashing Object

West Dundee --Often at night I sit on my back porch. I face due east towards Chicago (45 miles east). My porch has a spectacular view of the night sky. I sit and watch the planes come in and out of O'Hare Airport as well as the beautiful night sky on December 11, 2005, at 9:45 PM. More times than not, I can locate an object that appears to be a brilliant star. However, it moves. It also flashes green, red and what I guess is yellow. It's not a plane, I know it's not a star, it's not a satellite. If you sit and watch it with just the naked eye, it appears to be hovering and flashing different colors. It's usually out there. With sophisticated recorders (better than my hand held), I know anyone would see what I'm seeing. What is it?? I will try to tape it this week... Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey Boomerang and Gold Balls

Barnegat – My two sons and I were traveling on Barnegat Boulevard on December 10, 2005, at 6:18 PM, when four gold balls appeared in succession and then blinked out together. I had earlier pointed out Venus to my sons and had been looking in that direction, when I saw two gold balls the same or slightly larger than Venus. My first reaction was that they were aircraft since we routinely have aircraft from McGuire Air Force Base flying in formation over our area. My son was looking and said, "Oh my God, what is that?" There were two gold balls at first, then "bing" a third ball, and "bing" a fourth ball. Then all at once they were gone (exactly at the same moment). These were gold, flying high in the sky, not flashing, and looked like bright SOLID objects. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Maple Shade -- My experience occurred around 9:30 AM, on January 4, 2006, I do not know how high up these things were, but there were about eight or nine of what looked birds. However, they were not birds and no amount of money in the world can change my mind about that. For a period of about 3 minutes after I noticed them, they flew around in circles. When they were facing away from me (their tails), they seemed to fade away or become invisible. Then they would reappear, but as a light surrounded by a ball of energy. It kind of looked like a clear color psi-ball. As they came into full vision and flying towards me again, they looked like they were made of metal because the sun was reflecting off them and they shined. The other thing that was freaky about it was the way their wings moved. They flapped as if they were mechanical or robotic. You know how a birds wings kind of flow when they flap? Well these didn't have that characteristic. They were stiffer, quick, up and down motions. The movements that I have described about circling-they did that for about 2 minutes then one by one they flew away towards the north. Except for the last one who stayed for another 30 seconds, turned south, and vanished. I was so excited and I am still and always will be so convinced of what I saw. No way were these fliers natural to Earth! mlc0908

Pennsylvania Lights Line Up vertically

Harrisburg -- My son and I were at the Giant Market on Linglestown Road on December 13, 2005, at 6:30 PM, when we saw a warm yellow light. It divided into two, three, then four lights of the same size lined up vertically. Then they disappeared. I then saw a flare just above the tree line and then very small individual points of light blinking on then off in different locations all over that area of sky. This much of the event probably lasted for about five minutes.

We had seen something similar in the same area of the sky one week previously at about the same time. Fort Indiantown Gap is located in that region and there may be some experimentation going on there. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Massachusetts Fast Bright Light

LOWELL -- Traveling South on Route 3 (Nashua NH to Lowell MA) on December 14, 2005, at 5:48 PM just passed the exit for Route 40 and to the east a bright circle traveling at extreme velocity and a very steep angle appeared, it was impossible to miss, all vehicles on Route 3 slowed down. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Nevada Lights Filmed Before Christmas

Las Vegas -- I was driving home from work on I-15, Thursday, the 8th of December 2005, at around 4 PM, when I saw a large object in the sky, completely circular and gray. It hovered just above the mountain to the south. It hovered there for about a minute as I started down the 215 West. During that turnoff, my view was blocked and the craft was gone. I was able to observe it for less than 30 seconds. It was so large, I am astonished no one else has reported this. I asked a few friends in town if they had seen it, and they hadn't. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

LAS VEGAS – Scott writes: These images are from December 20, 2005, that my girlfriend just gave back to me. I have enhanced some of these photos using light/contrast but the original is included. I was blown away by these. The nighttime photo of the craft appears to have portholes and a defined top behind the bright light. I thought it was a rare look at part of one of the craft I see. Thanks to Scott K.

New Jersey Circle Object with Five Lights

Demarest --My friends and I were sledding when my friend saw a flying object on December 10, 2005, at 4 PM that looked like a hexagon/circle kind of figure. It had lights on all five sides and two red lights in the center. I took out my camera phone to take a picture but it didn't show up on the camera screen. The craft was completely silent. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York Flying Rectangle

Poughkeepsie – The witness reports an object flew from north to south very slowly, and at a very low altitude on December 13, 2005, at 12:14 AM. It almost looked like a rectangular parachute so I tried to snap off a couple shots with my camera, but all I got was the flash off of the window. Its altitude was 1,000 feet or less off the ground. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director spoke with this witness, who sounded quite credible.

North Carolina Circular Lights

Charlotte – My Mother and I were on our way home from the grocery store when I saw a light in the sky on December 11, 2005, that was too bright and too low to be a star. My Mother saw it and eventually we pulled over and watched it for 5 to 10 minutes. All of a sudden it got brighter, and then dimmer, and then brighter, and then dim again. We drove home and looked out our spare bedroom window and it was still there. It started doing the brighter dimmer routine again, then, I saw seven or eight other lights form a circle that included the original light. Then just the one light kept going dim and bright dim and bright. Finally, it got dimmer and dimmer until it didn't shine again. We called the police and asked if there were any other reports. There weren't any. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico Dan Fry Interview (continued)

Alamogordo -- Kristen Vasques a college graduate writes, I was visiting friends in New Mexico and told their friend Dan Fry, had been met by an extra-planetary aliens during four years and had convinced Dan that they had good intentions. They explained to Dan that they were working as Emissaries of higher forces, and were here to help Earth and the human race survive into the next millennium. Our existence, they explained, had become much more tenuous and on the verge of annihilation than our governments were letting on to. Dan wrote a book that tells all about the encounter that's called "To Men Of Earth". Kristen arranged to meet Dan in a small town outside of Phoenix called Tonapah and got a ride through the New Mexico desert under the bright stars in a red Trans Am with Dale. He asked Dale, "I wonder how many of the planets out there may have life on them?"

He stated, "One Christmas when a lot of the family was together," he went on, "all the guys were in the kitchen having a few beers. One of my uncles had Top Secret Clearance in the military. He was stationed in New Mexico in the 40s. He started telling us about one night when he and some other guys were awakened in the middle of the night by frantic military personnel. They were piled into the back of a military van and driven around so that they'd lose their sense of direction and not be able to find the place again on their own. "They took them out in a remote desert location and the area was littered with parts from some sort of a crash. These guys were instructed to silently gather the pieces and catalog each part." He said, "There were alien bodies and a couple were dead, but one was walking around in a daze. The bodies were brought back to the base, and sent to Wright Patterson in Ohio."

We drove all night and reached my sister's in Phoenix in the early morning . I quickly brought my bags in and called Dan Fry who had a good-natured voice "I'd love to come and meet you, I said, hoping for an invitation. "Why don't you come up tomorrow for the weekend!", Dan said. I was on cloud nine! "Florence and I would be glad to have you here. (to be continued) Thanks to Kristen Vasques

Oklahoma Bright Light Town

Coalgate -- Driving home on December 12, 2005, at 6:30 PM, I noticed a bright, white light north of town that was visible for a few seconds and then would disappear. The light appeared to be stationary because every time it would reappear it was in pretty much the same location in the sky. After a few seconds of not seeing it, I noticed several bright lights streak very fast across the sky heading south as if it was leaving and then disappeared for good. About 7 minutes later, I was on the other side of Coalgate heading east and the light appeared again, so I stopped in the middle of the road. I noticed two smaller orange lights a few seconds before disappearing. As an oncoming car was coming, I began to drive off to see a slow moving orange fireball which was leaving a small tail behind it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington Light Seen for Five Minutes

Seattle -- While walking north on 18th Avenue NE in Seattle's University District between 8:35 and 8:40 PM, on December 12, 2005, I noticed a very bright orange light traveling slowly southward in the sky under a vast gray cloud cover. I thought it was an airplane until I noticed that it was just a singular bright orange light with no other lights attached to it blinking or otherwise. When I stopped to really observe it, it slowed and stopped, then slowly began moving again. It slowed to a standstill and started again 3 or 4 more times. I stopped a passerby and asked if he could see the orange light and he said he could see it. I looked for it again a few seconds later and saw the orange light was still stationary but getting very dim as if disappearing into the gray clouds above it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

"Little Big Horn Untold Story" has UFO"

J.M. Aldridridge writes, "I saw a film on the History Channel called "The Little Big Horn the Untold Story." This film has a large UFO in it just after Crazy Horse does his War dance before Custer 's Troops. My family in Tennessee and North Caroline depend on my letting them know where the sightings are. Thanks to J.M. Aldridridge

Argentina: There's a UFO on the Road

A bus traveling from Cordoba to San Luis was forced to stop December 29, 2005, due to the presence of a flying saucer on the road. A passenger says everyone got out to take a look at the phenomenon. A woman also claimed having seen a UFO last Friday along the same route from the microbus belonging to the Andesmar Company. The passenger said that during the night, the bus stopped facing an enormous light and that other passengers and drivers got out of the vehicle to witness the event.

"The time was 21:45 and the bus suddenly stopped. Upon looking down the aisle, I noticed a huge light in the middle of the road. I immediately jumped out of my seat and saw something that I will never forget: a cone-shaped light in the middle of the road," the passenger told the El Liberal newspaper. Later on, the woman said that she felt herself overcome by a sensation of peace and curiosity, to the extent that she began taking photos of the object with her digital camera. "Suddenly, the object was enveloped in a bluish-white light and started to spin like a top and rise straight up, lighting the landscape like daytime. In the measure that it ascended, it issued colored lights in intense phosphorescent shades. It suddenly disappeared to become a glowing dot. I immediately began perceiving an odor of heated metal that blended with a very particular smell resembling sulfur," remarked the traveler. Thanks for the translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, (IHU).

Canada Orbs

Paul Shishis writes, Objects were seen on December 30, 2005, at 1:45 PM. You can see this white object to the upper right, opposite the jet. You will have to zoom. Rainbow prism images were also seen on December 30, 2005 at about 10:10 AM to follow. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Mexico Flying Triangle Video

-- Ana Luisa Cid reports: This video was taken by Sergio Javier Mayén Cigarroa, whose camera recorded the passing of a triangular UFO over the Torre Blanca district of the Mexican capital on December 16, 2005. The 16 year old witness took these photos with a Sony handycam.

They have been enhanced. The evidence was captured on, model DCR-HC15, at 8:15 PM. Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid. and translation by Scott Corrales. Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Ireland Big Blue Circular Light

Donegal -- Last Friday evening, December 23, 2005, at 5.35 PM GMT, I was driving with a friend through Glenveigh National Park and as we descended towards Lough Barra, I could see a big blue circular light about a meter or more in diameter positioned on the rock face of Crockfadda at about 330 meters up the mountain. As we drove closer to the lake the blue light was directly above us to our right about 2/3rds of the way up the rock face.

The light grew more intense and was pulsating in color from dark to electric blue but with little flare light or discernable pattern. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks to Brian Vike

UK/England Brightly Lit Object

Photo taken December 26, 2005,

Telscombe Cliffs --This image is a still that we made from a .wmv digital movie that we'd recently received at the UFO RESOURCE CENTER. This unidentified flying object was filmed on the eve of December 26, 2005. On the film, you can be see this UFO making maneuvers that would be humanly impossible

Lichfield -- It was a dark night and an extremely bright object could be seen through the clouds on November 27, 2005, at 3 AM. It instantaneously moved 3-4 miles back and forth, so quickly you didn't see it move. At one point it looked slightly triangular but its speed and intensity of light made it look very odd. We took a pretty poor quality photo on the cell phone, where you can make out the offside door pillar as a point of reference and the camera was pointing up and the photo taken in the rear passenger seat. I don't know what the square shape is, at first I thought it was the car mirror but that wasn't in view of the camera. There is also a tree looking object, but there weren't any that close. There was no camera flash nor were there any lights on that particular road.

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