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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #8 - 2011
Feb 16, 2011, 10:14

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 Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned 

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

NASA Says Possible ET Signal


Explanation: No one knows for sure what caused this signal. There is a slight possibility that it just might originate from an extraterrestrial intelligence.

The bright colors on the blue background indicate that an anomalous signal was received here on Earth by a radio telescope involved in a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
Time labels the vertical axis of the above plot, and frequency marks the horizontal axis. Although this strong signal was never positively identified, astronomers have identified in it many attributes characteristic of terrestrial origin. Many unusual signals from space remain unidentified. No signal has yet been strong enough or run long enough to be unambiguously identified as originating from an extraterrestrial intelligence. Thanks to the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Mars Rover Finds Recent Water – Life Likely


 Researchers at the American space agency made the discovery after the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit became stuck in wet ground on the red planet earlier this year.
Astronomers have become excited by the latest discovery, which they say proves that water favorable for life formed on the red planet more recently than previously thought.

Scientists had always believed water formed more than a billion years ago but the latest discovery is the first sign of liquid forming in the past few hundred thousand years. NASA’s latest study, reported in the Journal of Geophysical Research, concluded the liquid likely formed from melting snow, which then trickled into the subsurface and dissolved. It contained several minerals including hematite, silica and gypsum while ferric sulphates, which are more soluble, also were carried down by the water.  Thanks to NASA

Mars Large Tube like Structure and Tower


 Richard Buchli D.V.M PhD. writes, “This large tube is over 3 miles in diameter and seems to be damaged in several areas.” It joins several smaller tubes and all seem to feed the same destination at 11 38 S 35 18 W

 Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M.  PhD. and
Dorothy Buchli  W.B.W
[email protected]


 Norman Bryden writes, “The image is approximately .25 km across. The images show shapes similar to a house with a turn-around driveway, and sort of a monument tower at upper right.”

This is part of Image E10-01841 78.50°S       47.31°W
 Scaled pixel width:      2.90   Thanks to NASA Norman Bryden

Colony Earth and Watson Computer


If UFOs can reach us from other planets, dimensions or from under the sea their technology must be far in advance of our own. Not generally realized is how advanced our own Earth computers are becoming. Google for example is experiencing with computers that drive cars, there are more than 2000 robots fighting in Afghanistan alongside our troops, the Jeopardy game show was played with Watson an IBM computer this week against two former human champions. It is logical to assume the aliens also use advanced computers, and it is quite likely many of the aliens themselves are advanced robot computers, probably a combination of biological alien and computer.

It is predicted Earth computers will surpass human intelligence in the year 2023 and Watson is a terrific start. Computers are operating faster at an increasing rate and probably by 2035; computers will greatly transform our human civilization. The world as we know it may greatly change as society may decide to trust computers that have been programmed with ethical decisions to control governments, to judge court cases, drive cars and planes, and even clean our homes.

We can logically assume alien computers greatly exceed human intelligence and may be a reason they choose to remain comparatively hidden and anonymous. Abductees often report the aliens seem robot like and seldom talk or express emotions. Only a few aliens would be needed to control a vast array of robotic aliens collecting data, DNA, energy, foodstuffs and minerals from our planet.
Seven billion people now populate the Earth and resources and food are finite. Another twenty years the population will increase to eight billion people and we may have to colonize other planets to manage the growing population. The aliens may be here exploring to manage and upgrade their population for similar reasons.

Sir Francis Crick, 1962, a discoverer of DNA won the Nobel Prize for physiology/medicine, perhaps, said it best:
"Life did not evolve first on Earth; a highly advanced civilization became threatened so they devised a way to pass on their existence. They genetically-modified their DNA and sent it out from their planet on bacteria or meteorites with the hope that it would collide with another planet. It did, and that's why we're here. The DNA molecule is the most efficient information storage system in the entire universe. The immensity of complex, coded and precisely sequenced information is absolutely staggering. The DNA evidence speaks of an intelligent, information-bearing design.

Complex DNA coding is necessary for even the hypothetical first ‘so-called' simple cell(s). Our DNA was encoded with messages from that other civilization. They programmed the molecules so that when we reached a certain level of intelligence, we would be able to access their information, and they could therefore "teach" us about ourselves, and how to progress. For life to form by chance is mathematically virtually impossible." The UFOs in our skies appear to be updating, probing, investigating, and likely improving DNA. This may benefit both humans and aliens.

Asteroid 2011-CA7 Apophis Could Hit Earth in 2036


"On Wednesday afternoon, 2011-CA7, an asteroid the size of a Volkswagen, will shoot past the Earth so close that it will be lower than some satellites. The probability of impact is microscopic. If the orbital elements of the asteroid are a tiny bit off, though, and it does hit us, the rock is expected to break apart high in the atmosphere with the pieces harmlessly burning up.

 If the rock manages to remain intact down into the lower atmosphere, and then breaks apart, it could flash off all at once like the rock that blew down an estimated 80 million trees in the Tunguska, Siberia forest in 1908. Wednesday’s asteroid is considerably smaller, but the possible energy available is still well within the yield of a nuclear weapon.

Less than a week ago, on February 4, 2011-CQ, an object about the same size as Wednesday’s 2-3 meter (6.5-10 ft) wide asteroid zipped past only 11,855 km (7,366 miles) from the surface of the Earth. Your TV satellite is about three times farther out in space. The Earth has been hit thousands of times in the past by large asteroids. It is believed the dinosaurs met their demise when one hit what became the Gulf of Mexico. Asteroid Apophis, will certainly come close as it passes by in 2029 and 2036. But how close?  Estimates range from a near-miss at 18,000 miles to a bull’s-eye hit. The energy available from a 300 meter 90 stories tall, 25 million ton chunk of flying rock is like the dinosaur ending event.

Professor Lenoid Sokolov of the St. Petersburg State University is the first to suggest that Apophis may pass through just the exact-right spot in space, called a gravitational keyhole, to perturb the 2029 pass enough to cause the 2036 pass to hit Earth. Thanks to Tom Carol and NASA.

Peru Nazca Lines UFO and Andes Mountain Runway Shaved


According to the video on YouTube, two medical professionals took an early morning flight in a Cessna plane to observe the Nazca Lines in Peru, near the foothills of the Andes on New Year's Day.
In the YouTube video, at 3'28, the aircraft is flying through rain clouds, when suddenly a UFO appears in a hole in the clouds at left, about 20 to 30 feet from the plane and seemingly on a collision course. The grey disk rapidly changes course and disappears back into the clouds, all within the space of a couple of seconds. Subsequent slow footage and still frame analysis of the incident clearly shows a flying saucer-shaped object. Is it possible the UFO was an alien craft navigating above the mysterious Nazca Lines?

Archeologists and anthropologists have studied the ancient Nazca culture and the complex to try to determine the purpose of the lines and figures.  

One theory is that the Nazca people created them to be seen by their gods in the sky. They can actually be seen from space and at least one Andes Mountain has been shaved off to allow for landings. Thousands of tons of earth and stone had to removed to create an apparent landing zone.
Eric Von Däniken maintains that the Nazca lines are runways of an ancient airfield that was used by extraterrestrials.


My theory is that the various animals and birds point to ancient cities used be the ancients.  From the air the huge drawings on the ground become a map of the ancient world.

Jerusalem UFO Videos Captured from Four Directions

JERUSALEM – Four cameras captured video of the UFO over the Dome of the Rock one of the holiest plaes on Earth. That makes a hoax a less likely as the explantion for the videos.


A UFO sighting in Jerusalem has left millions of true believers claiming smoking-gun “proof,” that and orb was actually seen over the city and may signal Armageddon. Ancient scriptures claim the Messiah will return to Earth and defeat the Antichrist in a battle of numerous nations in the battle of Armageddon. Millions have watched the videos claiming it is a signal for uprisings in the Middle East.
What makes the January 28, 2011 nighttime sighting over Jerusalem’s famous Dome of the Rock landmark unusual compared to other sightings is that video was captured from four different places. That makes calculating the angles, speeds and geometry a lot easier, and makes a deception much less probable.

The videos show a bright light hovering hundreds of meters above the shrine, then after a minute it begins a slow, steady descent to hover very close to ground level. Suddenly there is a bright flash of light and the mystery object shoots skyward extremely fast.
No shape can be detected, but the light is round, so the object is being described as an orb.  Calling it an object may prejudice the discussion; it may just as well be an atmospheric phenomenon. Great Britain’s former Ministry of Defense UFO investigator, Nick Pope said, “If these are real, they are some of the most incredible videos ever shot; if they are not, then this is a very well-planned and coordinated hoax designed to eliminate elements of doubt.” Thanks to James H. Abernathy and

UFO Was Filmed in Jaws Movie in 1975


MARTHA'S VINEYARD -- Seven unknown airborne objects appeared in the filming of the first Jaws movie in 1975. In this clip four unknown flying objects appeared. In the first scene a bright object shows up moving from right to left low behind the boat. Later a light is seen in front of the cabin as Roy Schneider moves forward. Later a bright streaking object goes across the sky as shown in the still image above.  Near the end of the clip two dark objects show up close to the water. They were moving too fast to be birds.)Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

 Al-Qaida Could Have Nuclear Bomb


U.S. intelligence Chief James Clapper says terrorism is the top national security threat facing the U.S. homeland, and its allies. Al-Qaida has the time, materials and talent to assemble radioactive “dirty” bombs, according to leaked documents obtained by the London Telegraph newspaper.

The cables, released on the WikiLeaks website, reveal that NATO security chief’s briefed leaders in January 2009 that al-Qaida had an active unit assembling "dirty radioactive improvised explosive devices (IEDs)” using rogue nuclear scientists.

The makeshift nuclear bombs could be used against soldiers fighting in Afghanistan or against cities of the West. They would contaminate the surrounding area for years to come, the Telegraph reported. The security officials also told leaders that al-Qaida papers found in 2007 convinced security officials that "greater advances" had been made in bio-terrorism than was previously feared. In 2008, American officials were warned that terrorists had "the technical competence to manufacture an explosive device beyond a mere dirty bomb." The leaked reports also gave examples of nuclear smuggling.

One memo detailed how a freight train on the Kazakhstan-Russia border was found to be carrying weapons-grade material while a "small-time" dealer in Lisbon tried to sell radioactive plates stolen from Chernobyl, the Telegraph reported. Another memo documented a January 2010 meeting between Janet Napolitano, US Secretary of Homeland Security, and European ministers in which the German interior minister revealed his concerns over aircraft security. Thomas de Maiziere expressed his fear that terrorists could use "children's articles to introduce bombs into airplanes," according to the cable.

In an exclusive sit-down with Newsmax.TV, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, “The U.S. must face emerging threats, including EMP or Electro Magnetic Pulse weapons.” Thanks to Newsmax.

Sightings in the United States

Arizona Strange Craft

TUCSON -- I took my dogs out at dusk and noticed two Chinook helicopters flying in a diagonal formation with their lights on. It didn't faze me because I live on their normal flight path. I then noticed something light or white with something dark or brown in the middle of a strange craft. It may be an insignia or a dark window on a square shaped object that was light enough for me to see. It made no noise, just the Chinooks did, the square object skipped through the air. It would stop, go, stop, go, stop, go...but really fast but slow enough that you could tell it was a stop, go movement.
I didn’t have my camera when it passed over my house. It flew west as the Chinooks went to the northwest towards Ryan airfield...oh I forget. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Disc


ANTIOCH – On January 18, 2011, I saw an object that was rusty gray almost like the clouds at 9:30 PM. I don't know the size, but it was quite large. It was big enough to see chambers around it and if it were two objects with one hovering above the other. There was no sound and reminded me of a jellyfish at the bottom.

There was a cluster of fire like glowing lights and from the center of the object fell a bright orange beacon. As it continued it dropped three more of the same objects. It was coming west towards me and then sharply turned and headed north toward the marina when it disappeared back into the clouds.
Note: The official weather observation indicates it was clear and conflicts with the witness report. There could have been some clouds in the area, but not over the weather station which wasn't at the exact location where the witness saw the object. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Colorado Triangle

LAKEWOOD – On February 12, 2011, I was sitting on our back porch after dinner and heard or felt a low rumble/hum. I caught movement of a huge real object flying low in the sky but moving 200 to 300 mph. It was 60-80 feet wide or more and flew right between the tree line and my home. It seemed like 6-8 dim stars moving through the night sky that were bigger and brighter in the center and then smaller or fading out towards the ends.

Its shape was like the stealth B-2 bomber. It was a very soft angled triangle shape with star like lights that seemed to bend the light around the craft. The light was faint almost ghost like. The back half of the structure beyond the lights was like looking at a rippling water triangle shape in the sky. Honestly this really looked like it was a stealth bomber cloaked, but it made almost no noise. It just kept moving steady in a north northwest direction keeping parallel with the mountains until it vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Webcam UFO and Rectangles


JUPITER BEACH -- Looking at a web cam on one of the Jupiter Beach Condos that takes stills every 15 seconds exposure and 1600 ISO. I have a whole bunch of these photos; can someone please tell me if this is an airplane or a UFO? Some photos have three separate lights side by side. I don’t think jetliners fly side by side very close. If it’s a plane, then that’s fine, I just want to know... Thanks to MUFON CMS


HOLIDAY -- On February 12, 2011, I was taking pictures of an amazing sunset and some chemtrails when I noticed a very bright white object by them. I looked southeast to see three identical objects to the first one, hovering above the direction of Tampa International Airport. Their altitude was much higher than any planes I`ve seen approach or flying near it.

Two disappeared while one hovered for twenty seconds before disappearing. I was able to get three pretty good pictures, one has a bird in, and the other two are pretty startling zoom shots. Clearly not a plane or weather balloon! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Red Lights

BARTLETT -- Starting about a month ago, I became aware of these strange glowing lights when I looked towards Chicago’s O'Hare Airport. These objects stayed in one relative spot, moving slightly around each other. They would form a triangular or linear configuration. They don't blink; they glow, and slightly flicker. These objects would appear out of nowhere starting around 6 PM, and would usually leave or fade out around 9 PM.

On February 14, 2010, I recorded them at dusk and when I uploaded they showed up as six spheres in a triangular pattern with three smaller ones in the middle. As time has progressed, these sightings have become more frequent, with at least five but seldom more than eight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kansas Ed Stevens Report

WICHITA – Ed Stevens writes, “I had a daylight sighting in early September 1975, of an object traveling south on what seemed to be a final landing approach to McConnell Air Force Base.


The craft’s elevation was 100 to 250 feet and the airspeed was that of a jet aircraft (KC-135) on final approach. The craft appeared to have no wings, fins, or windows. The color was a dull grey primer like on a KC-135 and no noise was heard. Numerous others say the craft as calls were made to the radio station we had on. The DJ stated it was a weather balloon. Where have we heard that before? I was at the base weather detachment at the time. My Father in Law was driving and saw the craft with me. About a month later I asked him what he thought it was?

 He absolutely froze up and refused to acknowledge my question. He was retired Air Force so whether it was an ingrained reaction or he was read the riot act over the mention of our sighting I do not know. Whether the craft we saw was an ET craft of something of ours is 50/50 for me. If it was ours I would guess it was destined for the Boeing side of the shared air field. I almost forgot to mention that the shape of the craft was that of the body of the Goodyear Blimp. I’m sending this in hope that if you decide to post this that others can add to my sighting. Thanks to Ed Stevens.

Kentucky Triangular Shape Lights


WHITE MILLS -- On January 22, 2011, we saw a large bright light and stopped our vehicle as the light was very close to the ground, hovering above a home. When we stopped the light moved rapidly back and forth and flew above the home. We had a camera and began to take pictures as the large triangular shape silhouetted in the moon light. At least three lights surrounded the object as it came closer to us. Then it moved far away, zooming quickly to the side and out of sight.

We drove less than an eighth of a mile and saw another triangular shaped lit object; again hovering lower to the ground.
We began videotaping the event and both triangular shaped objects came into view and began zigzagging across the sky above the car for ten minutes. The lights disappeared. He pictures that did develop were of orb-like, yellow/red/white lights that were similar to arcing electricity. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Louisiana Report Concerning an UFO Communicated by Thomas Jefferson in 1800

BATON ROUGE -- This one page notice appeared in the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society vol. 6 Part 1 (Philadelphia, 1804), p. 25. At the time it was written, Thomas Jefferson was president of the Society and also Vice President of the United States.

Apparently it was written and submitted by the naturalist William Dunbar, and communicated or presented to the society by Jefferson. Unfortunately, the plate referred to is missing. The entire volume (21 MB), which is in the public domain, may be downloaded from: No. III

Description of a singular Phenomenon seen at Baton Rouge, by William Dunbar, Esq. communicated by Thomas Jefferson, President A. P. S.      Natchez, June 30th, 1800.
Read 16th January 1801.

A PHENOMENON was seen to pass Baton Rouge on the night of the 5th April 1800, of which the following is the best description I have been able to obtain. It was first seen in the South West, and moved so rapidly, passing over the heads of the spectators, as to disappear in the North East in about a quarter of a minute. It appeared to be of the size of a large house, 70 or 80 feet long and of a form nearly resembling Fig. 5. in Plate, iv.

It appeared to be about 200 yards above the surface of the earth, wholly luminous, but not emitting sparks; of a color resembling the sun near the horizon in a cold frosty evening, which may be called crimson red. When passing right over the heads of the spectators, the light on the surface of the earth, was little short of the effect of sun-beams, though at the same time, looking another way, the stars were visible, which appears to be a confirmation of the opinion formed of its moderate elevation. In passing, a considerable degree of heat was felt but no electric sensation. Immediately after it disappeared in the North East, a violent rushing noise was heard, as if the phenomenon was bearing down the forest before it, and in a few seconds a tremendous crash was heard similar to that of the largest piece of ordnance, causing a very sensible earthquake.

I have been informed, that search has been made in the place where the burning body fell, and that a considerable portion of the surface of the earth was found broken up, and every vegetable body burned or greatly scorched. I have not yet received answers to a number of queries I have sent on, which may perhaps bring to light more particulars. Thanks to Dr. Robert G. Bedrosian

Missouri Orb

MARYLAND HEIGHTS -- On February 13, 2011, today my fiancé said check out how much they're spraying us! This is the most and closest chemtrails I've seen. I have more photos and longer videos. I clipped one video, and when I scan past the house there are two objects that fly away in an unusual way. They were not a plane, helicopter, or weather balloon. I didn't notice them until I watched the video around 4 PM, looking east. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Montana Unidentified Photo

CLARK FORK RIVER -- I took pictures of thunder clouds after a thunder storm, and captured an anomalous object on July 18, 2007, at 8:05 PM. I didn't see the object when I took the picture, and didn't notice it until I loaded the images into my computer. The picture was taken above the Clark Fork River.

Note: This witness has had a number of sightings where he has "signaled" unknown aerial craft and found that the craft exhibited a response. The camera was set to infinity focus since the distant mountains and scenery are in focus. The object is nearer the camera and out of focus, and looks like a bird. `Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

New Jersey Green Orb

TURNERSVILLE -- On January 26, 2011, at 11:35 PM, during a snowstorm, I'm sitting in my chair watching TV when the power goes out. Then instantly a glowing neon green orb the size of a basketball at whizzes by the side of the house making a whooshing sound. Ten seconds later the lights come back on. Ten minutes later, I make an outside inspection of the entire home perimeter that reveals no disturbances in the snow.

Power lines are connected on the side of the house where orb was detected. All electrical power wires are in there proper place and still connected. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Oddly enough, back inside it seems that only the one side of the house where the orb passed by experienced electrical disturbance.
Note: The above image is a rendering by Brent Berry Arts. This case is under investigation by Ed Dobson and Bernie Buckley of MUFON New Jersey. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey

Texas Golden Spheres

DUBLIN -- I was getting in my vehicle and noticed a bright glowing object in the sky southwest over Dublin. I looked at the sphere and it disappeared, then a second one appeared just left of the where the first one disappeared. It glowed for about ten seconds then it disappeared as well. After it disappeared then I notice five military jets right in the same small area where the spheres were. Within 30 seconds the jets started dispersing flying west. After a minute, they turned around and headed back east grouping up again in a small area. I watched for another minute or two and only saw the five jets, so I went on.
About eight weeks ago my wife and I saw three of these same gold/bronze spheres in the same exact location. Each time one would disappear, another or the same one would reappear in a different location a couple of sphere widths to the side. This lasted for 30 seconds or so, when the jets arrived again and seemed to searching. A year my wife, my son and his wife all saw four gold/bronze spheres on the west side of Stephenville. Thanks to MUFON CMS

West Virginia Disc with Fins on Rear

REEDSVILLE -- As I was delivering newspapers on a back road on February 13, 2011, about 2 a.m. I was speaking to my sister who was in another part of the county also delivering. I approached an intersection I saw a light at the horizon that was too big to be a star and was smaller than the moon. I told my sister that I thought an aircraft was going to crash in the field northeast of the intersection. The silent object got within 200 yards of me and stopped in midair and grew brighter. I became alarmed when a broad beam of light shone toward me. I made a right turn at the intersection for my paper route, and as I drove along the field, the object followed alongside my car at roughly 200yards. It was about 75 yards high and the light was making a sweeping motion from the front of my vehicle to the rear. At this point I was quite alarmed and drove into a snow bank as I couldn’t bring myself to take my eyes off of it.

I managed to pull out of the snow bank with the object slightly behind me. I stopped the car and watched as the object rapidly headed off to the northwest. I was in air defense in the military and without a doubt that this was no aircraft I've ever seen. As the light quit shining on me, I could see that the object was disc-shaped with a domed top and what I can only describe as fins on the back with red lights along them similar to this photo taken in the UK. The fins were large and rounded like tailfins on an old car. I was quite frightened and my sister panicked on the phone as I described apparently quite loud. She could hear the panic and fear in my voice. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide Sightings

Argentina UFO Landing Photographed 

POSADAS -- Michael Cohen writes, “The UFO photograph shown was taken in the province of Misiones around four months ago.” The UFO was seen and photographed by Luis Przysieznik, a well-respected leader of Argentina's Polish community who has confirmed that the sighting was genuine and sent the image to a local astronomical laboratory for analysis.

Australia Lights

MELBOURNE – On February 9, 2011, two UFOs following each other seemed to flash and communicate with each other at 1:39 AM. The camera was 10 - 15 degrees from the horizon, so they were very low. They were moving from 166 degrees south to the East at 76 degrees. They were moving away from me so I lost them behind the trees. The total footage is over five minutes as I was waiting to see if they would fly out from behind the trees, but I didn't see them again. Thanks to Jennifer and UFO Casebook

Canada Sighting

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO – On February 9, 2011, while at work I took a couple of pictures facing south towards Lake Ontario at 12:27 PM. I have enhanced photograph to show two anomalous white objects close together. I blocked out direct sun light to see if the camera could capture anything that the eye could not see. These do appear strange and unnatural and disk like. I will keep watch for anything strange. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Italy Luminous Sphere That Changed Color

RESERVOIR OF LATIN -- In February 2011 a videotape was taken of this red object that was observed for ten minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Japan UFO Fleet Makes Big News across Asia


MT. FUJI -- Accounts of what is being described as a UFO fleet flying above Mt. Fuji are making big headlines across Asia, and particularly in UFO obsessed China.

The sighting of the UFO convoy was initially reported on the Japanese TV station, Channel 9. This is an image from a video clip of the event. Chinese media outlet quoted Japanese paranormal researcher Mr Junichi Yaoi who stated, “Judging from the size of the objects in relation to Mt Fuji they must have been rather large. Mr Yaoi believes, based on the evidence presented to him that these craft were indeed of extraterrestrial origin. UFOs are commonly seen in Japan, although rarely reported in the West Michael Cohen

UFO photos from Korean researcher

Jong han Seo has been researching UFO reports from the Korean peninsula for over 30 years. His full time job is as a researcher at the Korea UFO Research Association and director of the Korea UFO Analysis Center.
He says he receives over 1000 UFO reports per year. His work was featured in a story by the Korean Times. He recently shared a couple of his personal UFO photographs with This image was taken nearly ten years ago by Seo himself. Thanks to Alejandro Rojas

Mexico UFO flotilla

LOS MOCHIS, SINALOA -- According to Yohanan Diaz Vargas, a flotilla of UFOs appeared in the northwestern part of Mexico on January 29, 2011 at 9:30 PM. Dozens of people reported the objects on the Twitter network above the two cities.

“In the first UFO sighting, there was reported the presence of a formation of strange lights in the sky moving very slowly. UFO witness Velbel was able to capture video with an IPhone of a UFO "fleet" with white areas that had a reddish halo protruding from the black sky.

The UFO fleet did not produce any sound and was seen for three minutes. A couple of days ago there a UFO fleet was videotaped in France that has the same characteristics as those reported in Mexico.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON -- Yohanan Diaz Vargas reports that thirty minutes later “dozens of messages from Twitter users stated categorically the presence of a bright UFO over a field with flashes of light that hovered for more than three hours. A witness conducted a live broadcast with a webcam that went to dozens of people from around the world who witnessed in real time the presence of a white and green circular object.


I had my brother visiting me from Germany over Christmas to New Years Eve 2009 to 2010. We got in the car to leave a friend’s house a few minutes after midnight, when we saw four orange flying objects. My brother who was formerly in the Army said, “They are flying in a formation with the right one leading and one behind in a triangle shape formation.” They were flying very high and far too quick for that height. Usually when a plane is flying very high it seems to be moving slow, but these objects were really quick and suddenly their four lights switched.
The map showing blue aircraft indicates the location of recent sightings of these objects and in German "orange Lichter" means "orange lights." Thanks to MUFON CMS

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