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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files # 1 - 2011
Dec 29, 2010, 12:45

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.
Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was ¡°Be Happy¡± and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned 

Special Reports

 Happy New Year

The year 2010 was a good year for UFOs with a thousand sighting s reported each month.


UFOs disrupted airports in China, halting operations at the Baotou Airport in the Inner Mongolia province on September 11, 2010. UFOs showed up over virtually every country and capital in the world. UFOs also showed up in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and virtually every major city in the world.

Argentina Is Now Studying the UFO Phenomenon

  After UFO Disclosure by UK, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and recently by New Zealand governments, Chile is reopening a special UFO investigations unit CEFAA. This apparently forced the Air Force of Argentina to formally announce the formation of a committee to study the UFO phenomenon. The Director of Institutional Relations of the Argentinean Air Force confirmed on Telefe Newscast that it has recorded two UFO sightings it cannot account for by normal explanations.
The Argentinean Air Force further stated that the mission of the Air Force is to guard the security of Argentinean air space.
Thanks to UFO Blogger and Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey

New Zealand's UFO files


Thousands of previously classified reports detailing claims of UFO sightings and alien encounters have been released by the New Zealand military. Here are some examples:
1. A man who in 1995 met a giant alien sporting Pharaoh masks and wears huge shoes says the being told him that dying humans ascend as hydrogen atoms. "You will remain in hydrogen form for 150 years. Then it will change to sodium."
2. 1981 ¨C 1984 Various UFO sightings and reports on sightings at Christchurch International Airport and Temuka in 1982.

In one of the earliest reports, a UFO enthusiast wrote in to say that a witness had described seeing a "strange bowl-shaped object" fall from a clear sky. "As the object fell it made a hissing sound, hit the wharf pier he was standing on, and then bounced high and landed on a government survey vessel." Interviews with people involved in the 1978 Kaikoura sightings, which can be accessed here , thanks to UFO Eyes.

Zecharia Sitchin Dies


During the year we lost a great researcher Zecharia Sitchin on October 9, 2010, whose work was based on clay tablets some of oldest recorded writings known to man that were found in modern day Iraq (Samaria). Sitchin's work consists of eight books promoting an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. He explained to me that much of the ancient data is also contained in the Book of Genesis, which is the basis for many of the world's religions including Christianity and Judaism. Basically it tells that God created the Earth and all living things.

Visitors from space called the Nephilim came to Earth and mated with women. A great war occurred in the planet Heaven and a group of angels led by Satan were forced out and settled on Earth. Satan or the Devil attempts to convince mankind to follow his beliefs. The combatants are referred to in the Dead Sea Scrolls as the Sons of Light versus the Sons of Darkness. This war has continued for over 6,000 years. We can assume the craft in our skies have a connection with these ancient writings. Genesis has more relevance to the present day than you might realize. There are two wills in the universe, God's will and Satan's will.

Genesis 19 is one of the most commonly cited passages in the Bible that describes the destruction of Sodom. The term "Sodomite" was originally used to refer to an inhabitant of Sodom -- a city which was located in Canaan, present day Israel. It later became a legal term to refer to criminal sexual acts. It is now commonly used, at least on the Internet, airwaves and other media, by religious people as a derogatory synonym for homosexuals. God apparently had a fierce anger directed at the inhabitants of the town. He destroyed Sodom with fire and brimstone (sulfur) dumped from above. According to the story, he killed all of the inhabitants of Sodom for threatening the rape of two angels who blinded their attackers.


"Genesis Revisited" is probably my favorite book from Sitchin, because it details the main points of all his books after new scientific finds came to light. Here is an image from the book showing ancient entwined serpents and their possible meaning. At top right, the two entwined snakes and the ladder like ribbons between the serpents bodies.....does it remind you of anything? Remember that these images are five thousand years old. Today we still use the image of the entwined serpent as a sign of medicine. The entwined serpents, the symbol for medicine and healing to this very day are also the symbol of the double helix structure of DNA. The entwined Serpents emulate the structure of the genetic code, the secret knowledge of which enabled the creation of the Adam the first man.

The United States is marching in step with the historic pattern that has led to the demise of every great empire in history.


 U.S. Senator and Dr. Tom Coburn an M.D. warned Americans this Sunday of an apocalyptic economic future, with Great Depression levels of unemployment and a destruction of the country's middle class. The Oklahoma Republican told Fox News that unless Washington cuts spending and reduces the national debt, unemployment in the United States could rise dramatically. Recent polls indicate an actual 24% unemployment rate and $5 trillion has been wasted in the stimulus"

Although we have made some gains in Afghanistan with the recent buildup, our nation cannot sustain the cost. The repeal of ¡®don¡¯t ask, don¡¯t tell regarding gay rights in the military has provided Muslim forces with a great moral victory. They believe as God destroyed Sodom, he will destroy the sodomite forces. The new rules do nothing to make our military better, and provide the Muslim extremists with a propaganda victory, as the teachings of the Quran are against homosexuality. Male homosexuals commit abominations and act senselessly. (Quran 27:54-55 )

Various rival insurgent factions including Taliban and al Qaeda fighting units from different tribes are now joining forces in ways not seen before to fight our coalition troops. Yesterday Pakistan¡'s US allied ruling party suffered a major blow to its hold on power, when a coalition partner said it would quit the cabinet deepening nation¡¯s political turmoil. New elections would likely lead to a government not as friendly to the US.

President Obama has followed through on his campaign promises, to get rid of our European missile defense system and to sign the Nuclear Arms Treaty to please the Russians. However, everyone knows the Russians don't live up to agreements and the treaty leaves the US with a much smaller nuclear arsenal than Russia, who has far more tactical nukes than the US. The Lame Duck 111th Congress has spent more money than all those put together before it.

We have been fighting for ten years in Afghanistan and defense spending will top 700 billion dollars this year. It's the biggest military budget since World War II, and 23 percent larger than it was at the peak of the Cold War. Yet much of our military equipment and aircraft are getting old and need replacement. 

The evangelist Franklin Graham says secularists remain at "war" with Christ and Christians. In an exclusive Christmas video message to Newsmax readers, Rev. Graham slapped the U.S. military for its restrictions on chaplains who can no longer publicly profess their faith in Christ. Despite over 50,000 American troops still in Iraq, we won't guard Christians so they can worship on Christmas Day. What kind of message does this send to Al Qaeda and the World?

Meanwhile, on Christmas Day Pope Benedict denounced Muslim terrorist attacks on Christians in Iraq, the Philippines, Nigeria, and around the globe. He stated, ¡°I express my heartfelt condolences to the victims of this absurd violence and once again appeal to abandon ways of hatred and find peaceful solutions to conflicts so people can live in peace and security. He underlined his rejection of same ¨Csex marriage and abortion, the pope said all children deserve a mother and father who will love them and welcome them as a gift.

For the record I am not a Catholic, but feel the Pope is the only world leader to express concern for God's principles and the killing of Christians. Conversely, each attack and the killing of Muslim extremists creates new soldiers for their side. Tribal regions of Pakistan are the havens for Muslim extremists, but they brag for each soldier killed a brother, uncle, and son takes his place.


Up until September 11, 2001 and the deaths of nearly 3,000 people in New York and Washington DC the United States lived a charmed existence defeating virtually all its enemies. It is my opinion the US was blessed by the concept of in God we trust. In recent years the people of US have shown a much lesser belief in God and his commandments.

The believers in the Muslim faith have shown a much greater willingness to follow Allah, to expend their strength, capability and wealth in defeating Western Nations. Essentially we are involved in a religious war, that Muslims freely describe as Jihad their religious duty to conduct a Holy War.

I am haunted by thoughts of a mushroom cloud rising over an American or Western European city. I feel it is likely that a Muslim Terrorist group will attempt to attack the US with nuclear weapons. A successful attack is more likely than the public realizes. Our borders are essentially open to any well organized terrorist group. North Korea, former Russian nations, Iran, Pakistan would likely sell a nuclear weapon to anyone with a few million dollars.


Osama bin Laden has bragged, "My organization has several nuclear devices but they are only a deterrent." Assuming his statements are true it logical to assume he may attempt to place them in an US or European City. He has challenged Muslims to fight on his side against the West and against their own regimes.
A nuclear attack could cost the lives of many thousands, usher in an era of martial law and totalitarian government.
I¡¯m asking everyone to say a prayer for "Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan and they have lost 9 marines in 4 days.
Semper Fi, Always Faithful, and God Bless the United States Marine Corps...

If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7-14)

Mars South Pole Structures


Norman Bryden ¡°Tell the world about the other civilizations beyond Earth. They do indeed exist. Not all of us are subject to total control. Some of us have a mind and see ways out. ¡°
Image ID (picno): R09-04155  Longitude of image center:    260.03¡ãW
Latitude 83.25¡ãS Scaled pixel width:5.76 meters


 NASA's Mars Rover Spirit picks up strange structure. No communication has been received from Spirit since Sol 2210 (March 22, 2010). NASA has removed two of the Spirit Sol 2169 images, ¡®Spirit Front Hazcam 2169¡ä. The image is a screenshot from NASA¡¯s Mars Rover gallery. The reason why we captured the screenshot is it contains the Mars Exploration Rover Mission image labeled Spirit: Rear Hazcam: Sol 2169. Over at YouTube, the discovery of the UFO video UFO EXCLUSIVE! Breaking News Clear UFO Base Caught on Cam By Mars Rovers December 2010. The video posted by OnLifeMars.

ABCs TV Show 'V' returns Tuesday January 4, 2011 at 9|8c


Sightings in the United States

California Sightings


HOLLYWOOD -- On December 22, 2010, my friend and I went out to do some Christmas shopping at the Grove Shopping Mall. And after three days of rain it stopped and we noticed people pointing at the sky and taking pictures. In the wake of the storm was a brilliant double rainbow, so I decided to take some photos. I noticed through the screen on my cell, four orbs gliding effortlessly in tandem in front of this beautiful rainbow. As I took the picture my phone died and I look up and they are gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS


 PILLAR POINT HARBOR -- On December 15, 2010, a shimmering UFO appears to be hovering low over the water off the coast of El Granada. It appears behind a fishing boat sometimes casting a light below as it hovers low over the water.  The camera moves up from the mast of the fishing boat before we see the object. Therefore the "UFO" must be at least a hundred feet above the water. Utube Pillar Point Harbor 12/15/¨- Thanks to Brian Vike

Connecticut Strange Objects


Just to see the sky's above my section of the world, I typed my address coordinates, and found LOTS of pictures like these. I don't have any idea what the heck these are.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Florida Orange Ball

BRADENTON -- I got a Nikon 3100 Camera and 55-200mm lens for Christmas. I am currently staying at my Grandmother's condo which is on the 5th floor of the building. I was playing with my camera on December 25, 2010, zooming in on an airplane through the viewfinder, flying far south of me, when a fast moving orange sphere entered the frame. It was far in front of the plane and traveled quickly from south to north. I ran to get my battery and was able to snap 3 pictures before it disappeared into the hazy sky. I could see a glowing orange sphere that at first looked like a fire ball. I captured a ball of orange light.

MERRITT ISLAND -- On December 5, 2010, at 5 PM, I spotted and object that is hard to explain, but has the shape of a meteor falling to earth. When these pictures were taken, the object was not moving. The strangeness is the detail to the object on one of the pictures. It looks as if the parallel beams fade into the sky and can be seen faintly when looking at the picture with inverse colors. Thanks to Brian Vike

RIVIERA BEACH -- On December 26, 2010, driving down I-95 southbound my girlfriend spotted a group of people pointing towards the southwestern sky at a disc shaped craft glowing orange. She then called me at home and took two photographs of the object with her 6.2 mega pixel Kodak C613 digital camera. In one clear photo you can make out the shape of a craft moving away. Not sure what it was but it had attracted enough attention to get people to stop on the side of a busy highway to view it. She also saw a smaller glowing object come out from the main craft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Colored Lights

ALBANY -- On December 26, 2010, when coming home from my parent¡¯s home my girlfriend noticed a star in the SE sky while heading south on Highway 82. It was amber white in the center, with the edges changing or shifting from blue, green, red to orange. We pulled into our driveway and checked Google Star Maps to check the entity near Procyon. Upon multiple viewings the object was moving left to right, forward and backwards, and very tight circles. There is a small airport nearby but no plane could turn the radius in a quick manner. There were several planes nearby, and all were much larger and had distinctive wing lights. I was a bit electrified with my nerves flashing down my back. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii Flashing UFO


OAHU -- I saw a flashing light, in the night sky at 9:30 PM, on December 18, 2010. I saw a blue/green flare for couple seconds then it dimmed to a blinking light almost like it was communicating Morris Code. I videotaped half of the incident with my camera phone over the eastern portion of Oahu. For about a minute the object gradually ascended while blinking then it blinked out. I thought that it could be a star, but when it started to rise upward and flash, I figured it might be one of these UFO things. I posted on YouTube a couple of days ago under HAWAII FLASHING UFO. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Indiana Fragment


 PATOKA LAKE -- I am 44 years old registered nurse. On July 9, 2010, my sister and I took a group of kids camping in the Hoosier National Forest and we were all in the tents for the night. Lights began to flash and were shining on our tent. It looked like someone had flash lights and were swinging them around. I heard footsteps coming that came to my tent and played like I was asleep. Whoever they were went away. Fifteen minutes later, my sister who was in a different tent was yelling at the kids to get back in the tents and to quit playing around. She thought the lights and the sound of footsteps were the kids. I was forced to stand up to confront whoever was there for her protection, there was no one there. The lights stopped flashing and there was no sound of footsteps leaving the site.

We were trying to figure out what had occurred. Not long after our trip I noticed a small piece of metal in my thumb nail shown above. It is less than a millimeter across. It has since moved to the edge of my nail bed as my nail has grown. A few months after the trip I noticed a similar pattern of flashing light outside, but nothing significant happened. My nephew, who is 11, said he remembers flashing lights and heavy footsteps but nothing more. The metallic splinter was noticed not long after the night that the flashing lights occurred. I cannot explain where it came from as I work as a nurse in a hospital and do no mechanical work. On the camping trip my nephew took care of the campfire and I handled no wood.
Note: A preliminary analysis revealed that the object was neither magnetic nor radioactive. Given the occupation of the witness it seems that he would not have been likely to pick up a sliver or fragment unknowingly.
The physical effects of the witnesses are unusual and probably related to the "close encounter" with the lights. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Maine photo of UFO


PORTLAND -- Here are photos of a UFO that appeared in my pictures today. I was documenting the chemtrail assault of the sky. This UFO appears in the top of the first photo and in the center of the fourth. It came overhead apparently, and travelled quite a ways in three seconds. In the second photo the UFO has apparently travelled away and is now only 1/4 the size of the first. One who knows how to calculate the size/velocity/distance thing might be able to tell more about that.

I have taken tens of thousands of photographs and never seen anything like this. It is semi-transparent and has a reflection off the sun but it's on the wrong side of the object. It looks alternately cubic and cylindrical, darker towards the left side. The light stripes are uneven and it looks like a cube with a three-dimensional appearance of being hollow or open between the two light sides. Thanks to Chemtrail Photographer

Maryland Triangle


SILVER SPRINGS -- On December 26, 2010, the witness went outside at 3:30 AM, to check on a cat and saw a huge triangular object coming up the street about 400 feet above the ground. The object moved toward him, stopped, and hovered over him. The object was "shimmering like pavement on a hot day." It was blue-green/yellow-orange and was metallic. After about 45 seconds he heard a "slight wind" sound as the object abruptly streaked away. Listen to Clip of Witness Interview Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Michigan Object Comes Out of the Water

TAWAS CITY -- I live down the street from a public access beach. It was Mother's Day on May 8, 2010, about 4 AM, along the western shore of Lake Huron. We walked down the beach and sat on a bench and saw a really bright figure laid over the water. My friends said it was a boat, but I thought otherwise. It kept getting bigger and bigger. We left before we really knew what it was, but somehow I think it was something coming out of the water. It was not a boat I know that and I know it wasn't a buoy or a dock. I grew up here and I know these waters like the back of my hands. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Minnesota Line of Spheres

MANKATO -- On Christmas about 5:30 PM, I looked out my window and saw orange lights flying below the clouds moving south. At first, I thought they were helicopters flying in formation. I walked outside to get a better look and was struck by the fact that there was no noise for how low they seemed to be flying. Also the lights were not blinking and seemed to disappear as they flew south. Here were about seven lights in the group flying in a loose formation and I could see two or three of them maneuvering around each other. The main group moved south of my location and disappeared. There was one straggler.
My parents were driving north of town and they saw the lights as well. They called me to see if I could see them from town and confirmed that there was no sound from the objects and that they were flying beneath the low clouds. I Goggled recent UFO sightings and saw a video taken yesterday in North Carolina that shows exactly the same lights. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Three Very Bright Orangey Objects
SOUTH AMBOY, MIDDLESEX -- I was sitting on my porch on Christmas December 25, 2010, and noticed three egg shaped roundish extremely orangey and very slow moving objects. They were bright and looked to be in formation and climbing. They scared me because I thought they were extremely close.

The first object appeared with two others right behind. I ran and got my digital camera and lined up a shot from my porch. One object had disappeared, but the other two kept going and then they disappeared as they flew over our friend's homes. I did get a clear picture and we printed close ups and puzzled. And, yes, everyone said I probably saw Santa. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Line of Spheres

I am posting yet another event that just now happened. I just finished up posting a report on this site, and happened to look outside again, and all I can say is ¡°Oh My God, there are at least 100 spheres of yellow/orange or reddish/orange were moving across the sky in a line.¡±
Some of them were forming triangle shapes, but were all following each other across the sky. I took almost 15 minutes of video of this event standing outside on the patio of my house! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! They were not planes, and there were no other aircraft in the area that might have been dropping flares. These things were completely silent, and they just kept coming. You will see from the video that I took, (this time with my digital camera) them coming from the tree line on the right, and slowly moving across the sky to the left, before fading out. I would rule out these were planes or celestial objects. These things were moving across the sky in a line, and kept coming for probably a total of 20 minutes Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Disc Ten Miles South of Eugene


SAGINAW -- I was sitting at my picture window, overlooking the valley having coffee on December 21, 2010, at 10 AM. A round dirty turquoise green light came right over the house. I jumped up, grabbed my spy glasses and saw it going over the hilltop trees behind my house. It took about six seconds for it to cross the valley.
It made no sound, moved in straight line, and was flying low and five times faster small private planes fly. It was round, and disk shaped. I saw it just before it topped some fir trees. I estimate it to be 10 to 15 feet in diameter or larger, based on the width of the fir tree tops.
I saw no lights or doors, or markings. It made no noise, and moved quickly in a straight line and was not a balloon. The object resembled this still image extracted from YouTube video.
Note: Skies were mostly cloudy at the time of the sighting. A few clouds were measured with bases at 4,000 feet and skies were mostly cloudy with bases at 10,000 feet. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Pennsylvania Two Orange Lights

WALLINGFORD -- On December 24, 2010, at 8 PM, I saw two orange orbs floating across my neighborhood. It is Christmas Eve, and I was outside with my dog. I saw the first one and figured by the time I got anyone outside to see it, it would be gone. But then a second one came along the same path as the first one so I called my husband to come outside and he saw both of them.

I Googled and found your site. I am absolutely positive they were not typical flying aircraft, there was no noise. They were way closer to the ground than an aircraft. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks to Brian Vike

South Carolina Bright light


WATERS ROAD INMAN -- My friend and I were outside when he noticed a bright light in the sky on December 10, 2010, at 4 PM. He asked what it might be. It was the brightest thing in the sky, brighter than any star I have ever seen. At first I thought it was a plane with its headlights pointed in our direction, but it was not moving.

We watched it for about 15 minutes, and then decided to try and drive to it because from where we were, it seemed only a few hundred yards off the ground and maybe a mile or so away. We drove southeast towards the object on Asheville Highway, but as we felt like we should be getting closer, it wasn't getting closer to us. We turned around and went back to my house where we continued to watch it. It did seem to move on one occasion diagonally then stopped again. It didn't move like a satellite, plane, or helicopter. Thanks to Brian Vike

TANYARD -- Driving along near FM 1119, near the Madison/Leon County line, I spotted three bright, white, star like objects on the SE horizon. They appeared to be equidistant from one another and were positioned in the manner of Orion's Belt, although it was higher up in the sky. I kept my eye on them and the two outermost objects moved slightly upwards. I lost sight of the objects for a few seconds due to trees. When I regained sight of them, the leftmost object was gone. I don't know if they were otherworldly objects or someone having fun with flares. All I know is they were unidentified and were flying. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington DC Investigation


This December 7, 2010, photo looks a lot like a Ring-billed Gull flying away with gray wing above with white trailing edge, white below, primaries black with white tip.  I think I can see the yellow bill with a black ring sticking out beyond the shoulder.
Thanks to Lt. Col. Don Ware ret.

Wisconsin Light

 HAYWARD -- On December 26, 2010, I was coming up the road to our job site off of School House Road and the light suddenly appeared. I grabbed my phone and got the picture.  Seconds later it zipped off to the west! I took another picture of the same spot to show that it wasn't "the sun" or something else. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide Sightings

Australia Bright Light

ANDERGROVE, QLD MACKAY -- It was 3 AM, on December 12, 2010, a Sunday morning when my friend and I were woken up by a phone call from my brother-in-law saying he had been in an accident. So my friend and I went out onto my veranda and we noticed a huge bright white light in the sky.

At first we thought it was just an oversized star, maybe a plane until it slowly started getting smaller and further away then moving a bit faster. The bright star like object disappeared into space. Thanks to Brian Vike

Canada Train Spots UFO Possible Abduction

MANITOBA -- After dark on December 10, 2010, two hours north of Fox Lake Manitoba engineers on a train saw blue and green lights hovering off to the side of the tracks. Then it shinned really bright lights over the train and lit up the surroundings.

They reported also seeing red, blue and green lights before it shot up in the sky. It messed up their satellite signals and the train couldn't move for couple hours. Passengers and conductors saw it too! Thanks to Brian Vike

EDMONTON -- I previously filed a report about a strange set of birds I filmed back in July that just disintegrated in mid air with an outward traveling ring of white light.
I was traveling back to Calgary from Edmonton, traveling south on Highway 216 a little south of Stoney Plain Road. The next thing I know I was on a Range Road going North on the East side of the city. I missed my Junction to Calgary and can't recall how I got there. The (216) is a ring Road that runs around the city of Edmonton. I did not feel any adverse health effects prior to or after the incident, but I was confused as to how I got there. Now unless I drove for 15 minutes at 110 km/h with no consciousness and negotiated multiple curves then something else happened. For the life of me I can't recall that stretch of driving to that point. My sense of time off too, like I wasn't even there for it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

India's Police Battle UFO

SANALAKEDHA -- A village in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was damaged by what has been described as a laser beam during a UFO attack on December 14, 2010. Locals described a giant rotating blue craft hovering over their village for over fifteen minutes before shooting a laser at a rooftop, setting it on fire. Police were called in response to the event and in one case opened fire at the UFO which zoomed off unharmed.
The attack occurred in the vicinity of the Narmada valley where ancient paintings of aliens and UFOs were recently found in a cave hidden in thick jungle. Many Indian scientists are now certain that a UFO/alien base exists in the area. link to

Ireland Bright Red Light and Triangle

CORK -- On December 22, 2010, at 9:30 PM, a distant red light was seen from the kitchen window travelling in a gradually higher arc towards the east. I then ran out into the back garden, and watched until it disappeared from view. The object was similar to a moving bright red "star". Thanks to Brian Vike at: [email protected]

SLIGO TOWN -- On December 14, 2010, at 8 PM, I went out for a cigarette and was looking over the town when I noticed a bright red light come up from the east on a cloudy and almost foggy night. It stopped dead over the town for about four minutes burning a really bright red. I called for my partner who saw it sitting in the sky. Then after that time it began to make a decent straight down and as it did it faded and I lost sight of it.

This is the third time I have seen this object. The first time was on October 31st, then on November 4th and now on December 14th. Each time it was more or less the same, would climb into the sky, sit and then go away, however, last night it was really glowing red and really visible. Thanks to Brian Vike

Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano UFO


CENAPRED web cam image of Mexico¡¯s Popocat¨¦petl Volcano, December 26, 3:15 AM, EST
There's a mystery involving the live streaming web cam focused on Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano. For the past few days we've visited CENAPRED's web cam to view the volcano. Earlier today we discovered the web cam was no longer live while the site displayed an image of the volcano. We captured the image and posted it above.

The image is dated December 26, 2010, 17:20:18 (Mexico time). As of 3:15 AM, EST, the image still up on the site. There is a giant unidentified object in the upper right corner larger than a full moon. The image, frozen in time is available.


TULUM --This picture was taken at the Mayan ruins. The UFO's pictured were not visible at the time. My father and I were accompanied by an entire tour group and snapping photos of the ruins and surrounding areas, in all we caught five UFOs above the ruins between both of our cameras that day. It was only now, a week later, after going through the photos that we saw these objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Zealand Convoy


 CHRISTCHURCH -- Jessica Rowe writes, A Christchurch family believe they saw a convoy of UFOs travelling above their house ¨C and say they¡¯ve got the pictures to prove it. It comes a day after secret documents of UFO sightings were released by the New Zealand Defence Force. Caught on video is what is thought to be one of ten UFOs travelling in a convoy above the streets of Christchurch.
Jeannine Mander spotted the series of lights moving in the sky above her house last Wednesday, at 10 PM. ¡°Bright, bright orange lights, with a flicker in them,¡± she explains. Family and neighbors saw it. ¡°I believe there is something out there, we can¡¯t be the only living form,¡± says Ms Mander. Thanks to UFO Casebook

Scotland UK Triangular Object

MUSSELBURGH, EAST LOTHIAN -- An object came from west of Musselburgh and traveled slowly east on December 24, 2010, at 9:45 PM.  It slowed down in line with a neighbor¡¯s house and started heading southeast and climbing slowly in altitude. It then was gone, at same time we saw a shooting star. Thanks to Brian Vike

UK England Fireballs

BRIDGWATER SOMERSET -- My girlfriend and I were travelling through the town center along Broadway at about 5.15 PM on December 24, 2010. We both had a clear view from the car of an object we could only describe as like an orange ball of fire travelling horizontally across the sky until we lost sight of the object as we drove out of its view. Thanks to Brian Vike


CRAMLINGTON, NORTHUMBERLAND -- On December 23, 1010, was the most amazing night for the orange UFO's we are all seeing across the UK.
 I've seen the same orange UFO four times over the months and the last one flew close past my house. I see the familiar strange orange glow appear in the sky.

While fumbling with the camera but still transfixed on the UFO, I see it drop small red lights exactly like the first time I saw it. It drops a small red light that disappears after about three seconds. I got no shots and almost immediately I see another orange glow come but my camera cannot focus and I miss getting a shot but another comes!
This time I call my neighbors who also see them. I'm shaking but start to get shots with my camera, hurrah. Then I see a fifth and a sixth for an amazing night. It took about 15mins from seeing the first to seeing the last fly past. The photos and video simply don't capture the brightness and deep darkish orange these things were. Thanks to UK-UFO, Mike Bathurst and Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey

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I need your help. It is very time consuming and expensive to research and prepare the files.  Only a few people who have enjoyed the files for years have chosen to provide a donation. I would greatly appreciate your contributions to help sustain my production, reporting and research efforts. I want to thank the few people who have sent $25.00 and more for donations to Filer¡¯s Files for this year. When you send in a subscription, please include your latest E-mail address. Do not miss the latest images of UFOs from Earth and Mars.  What are they doing to humans and animals? 
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I am offering twelve years of Filer's Files on a DVD with thousands of photographs and sightings for a donation of $50 that includes this year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.
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