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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #49 -2010
Dec 1, 2010, 13:11

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 The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth.

I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Search for Life on Other Planets News Conference


WASHINGTON, D.C. – NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, December 2, to discuss an ASTROBIOLOGY FINDING that will impact the search for EVIDENCE of EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. The news conference will be held at the NASA Headquarters auditorium at 300 E St. SW, in Washington, D.C. It will be broadcast live on NASA Television and streamed on the agency's Web site at:

Participants are: Mary Voytek, director, Astrobiology Program, NASA Headquarters, – Felisa Wolfe-Simon, NASA astrobiology research fellow, U.S. Geological Survey,– Pamela Conrad, astrobiologist,– Steven Benner, distinguished fellow, Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, Gainesville, FLA, – James Elser, professor, Arizona State University. Media representatives may attend the conference or phone Steve Cole at: 1–202 358-0918.  I phoned Steve, who claims he never heard of Dr. Gilbert Levin whose NASA Vikings Labeled Release Experiment detected living organisms in the soil of Mars according to the book “Mars the Living Planet.”

Thanks to NASA

  Puma Punku, Bolivia’s Gigantic Ruins


Puma Punku ruins, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia
(courtesy of and Martin Gray)

Puma Punku, truly startles the imagination. It seems to be the remains of a great wharf (for Lake Titicaca long ago lapped upon the shores of Tiahuanaco) and a massive, four-part, now collapsed building. One of the construction blocks from which the pier was fashioned weighs an estimated 440 tons (equal to nearly 600 full-size cars) and several other blocks laying about are between 100 and 150 tons. It is thought the site was built by ancient aliens.
The quarry for these giant blocks was on the western shore of Titicaca, some ten miles away. There is no known technology in the entire ancient world that could have transported stones of such massive weight and size. The Andean people of 500 AD, with their simple reed boats, could certainly not have moved them. Even today, with all the modern advances in engineering and mathematics, we could not fashion such a structure.


This is another 'temple area' with many finely cut stones some weighing over 100 tons. Its position to the south of the Akapana may have been important because it gave a good view to a sacred mountain far to the east. The architectural achievements seen at Pumapunku are striking in light of the presumed level of technological capability available during its construction. Due to the monumental proportions of the stones, the method by which they were transported to Pumapunku has been a topic of interest since the temple's discovery.

The largest of these stone blocks is 7.81 meters long, 5.17 meters wide, averages 1.07 meters thick, and is estimated to weigh about 131 metric tons. The second largest stone block found weight has been estimated to be 85.21 metric tons. Both of these stone blocks are part of the Plataforma Lítica and composed of red sandstone. Based upon detailed petrographic and chemical analyses archaeologists concluded that these and other red sandstone blocks were transported up a steep incline from a quarry near Lake Titicaca roughly 10 km away. Some stone blocks came from quarries about 90 km away.

Phantom Ray Will Be In Our Skies Soon


 Boeing achieved an important milestone in the development of its Phantom Ray unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on November 18, when it successfully completed low-speed taxi tests on a runway at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri.
According to Craig Brown, Phantom Ray program manager for Boeing, Phantom Ray "communicated with the ground control station, received its orders and made its way down the runway multiple times, allowing us to assess its performance and monitor the advanced systems on board.”
Phantom Ray is built upon knowledge gained in the shelved X-45 project that completed 64 flights. That plane achieved the first precision weapons demonstration by an unmanned combat system, and the first autonomous multivehicle flight under the control of a single pilot. Phantom Ray is based on the larger, fighter-sized X-45C. The new UAV will now travel to Edwards Air Force Base, aboard a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. Once at Edwards, it will undergo flight tests for missions that could include intelligence-gathering, reconnaissance, suppression, strike, and aerial refueling. Thanks to Giz-Mag.and Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

North Korea and Iran Create Dangerous Nuclear Threat

The Air Force has dispatched the JSTARS ground-surveillance aircraft to monitor North Korean military moves amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula, according to press reports. Last week, North Korean artillery shelled the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong in the Yellow Sea in an unprovoked attack, killing several inhabitants. On Sunday, the United States and South Korea began a four-day Yellow Sea naval exercise featuring the USS George Washington and its strike group.


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il and his son and successor Jong-un visited the artillery base from where shells were fired at a South Korea just hours before the attack. The son allegedly authorized the firing on Yeonpyeong. North Korea’s news media is calling the son the general, even though he has no military experience in an effort to enhance his leadership resume.

North Korea has recently built a state of the art nuclear complex where it builds nuclear weapons and recently showed long-range missiles capability in a military parade. It is speculated North Korea may have sold nuclear weapons to Al Qaida who is are attempting to infiltrate them into key western cities and create the deaths of thousands. Their nuclear expertise has also aided Iran’s nuclear capability.

Recent revelations in classified US State Department cables indicate many Middle Eastern Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia have shown their concern and asked the US to disrupt Iranian nuclear plans. Several released cables infer many Arab nations would like Israel or the US to destroy Iranian nuclear capabilities.
The 28 NATO members have agreed to develop a defensive shield to protect Europe from ballistic missiles as a core element of their collective defense. Faced with "real and growing" missile proliferation threatening the "Euro-Atlantic area," the allies are committed defending their populations. The greatest threat may be from smuggled in nuclear weapons. NATO's will expand the existing missile defense command and control capabilities and seek cooperation with Russia. A real nuclear threat continues to grow.

Sightings in the United States

Arizona Pie-Shaped Craft

TEMPE --It was a bright, clear, sunny day on November 1, 2010, at 12:50 PM, when I left my apartment riding my bicycle and saw in the eastern sky 40 degrees up a silver inverted pie-shaped craft. It was gliding across the sky for about 15 second when I went under a tree which obscured my view for about two seconds. After I emerged the craft was completely gone.

The object was about the size of the moon flying north to south. I happened to notice this easily because I live in the flight path of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and the planes usually fly east to west. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

California Boomerang


TRACY – On November 25, 2010, at 9:15 PM, I was sitting on my mother in laws front porch looking at the stars, when an UFO flew directly overhead. The aircraft was unlike anything I have seen before. The object was shaped like a large boomerang without lights but had four reddish colored, circular-shaped parts on the underside of each "wing" with one in the" front" of the craft.

The circle shapes looked like headlights that were not illuminated and each circle had a surface that looked like dark tinted glass. There was a small "cross" shape in the middle of each "light." The object flew with a gliding motion in northwest. As the object approached, I could see it very flat, which gave me the impression that the aircraft could not have been a "manned" one.
The aircraft was flying a couple hundred feet above the ground, just above my head. The speed and altitude of the craft was constant making no sound. I watched the UFO until it was beyond the horizon-line. I excitedly ran to get my husband, who missed seeing it and went back inside. Three minutes later a craft flew overhead again and heading northwest. I watched the craft until it crossed beyond the opposite horizon and was no longer visible. Thanks to MUFON CMS


SAN FRANCISCO -- I saw a bright object hovering thirty miles north of San Francisco then moving south on November 24, 2010, at 5:50 AM. It was very clear this morning and the object was east of Highway 101. A small craft appeared to emerge from the large one and stayed for at least 35 minutes. It would be in direct line of sight east of me then move in an instant directly south of me. I saw two airplanes with marker lights go toward it, but I was driving so I did look away many times.

Note: The witness likely sighted Venus, which was very bright to the east in the morning sky at the time of the sighting. The apparent "distortion" is due to time exposure due to camera movement as the photo was taken from a moving car. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Colorado Star Ship Enterprise


PARKER -- It was still light out but the sun had just begun to set and I was driving home on November 21, 2010. I saw a bright light in the sky above the trees and pulled over and started taking close up pictures thinking it was Mars. When I zoomed out, I saw three bright lights in formation and hovering. Then another orb shaped white light rose from the horizon with two smaller lights.

They stayed in the same place for several minutes and then slowly left one at a time following each other. I could see the front had two bright white lights and the back two red lights. I finally got a close up of the last craft as it was moving away. I said, "Got ya, don't know what it is but I got a picture of it, which looks like a small Star Ship Enterprise.” Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut Huge Disk

MONTVILLE -- I was with three of my friends on November 10, 2010, at about 7 35 PM, when we were sitting in the car waiting for our food when we saw a huge triangular plane fly over our car. We then saw multiple flashing lights and got out of the car to see what it was. The object covered half the sky and was moving downward very slowly. We all were in disbelief and didn’t know what it was. All three of us saw it and throughout the night, we saw more planes than normal flying through the night sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

SANFORD – On Sunday, I was taking pictures of the full moon at 8:20 PM, on November 21, 2010 and after reviewing the pictures, I noticed the circle's in the one pictures. My condominium is in the flight path of Sanford Airport, which would be to right of the circle. Could it be from the flash of the camera? It is hard to tell, but after re-examination of the area, there were lights off the pool, but not that high in the sky. If you notice the moon shot, there is a faint circle, below the moon about the same diameter. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Lights


CONYERS -- On the night of November 8, 2010, I was coming home from town and as I pulled in the driveway, I noticed three bright lights in a diagonal line over the trees across the field. I parked in the field and watched the top light move down and the lights were now in a triangular formation. They were very bright and appeared to be very close and low, just over the trees. They hovered in the same spot for about 15 minutes and then one just faded out.

The next night, I was coming home with my nephew, we saw the same lights hovering in the same location as before, and they hung around for at least 15 minutes. We drove to see if we could tell what the object(s) were but all we could see were the lights. One by one, they just faded away. There are reports of sightings in several surrounding counties in the last two weeks. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Stationary Disk

INVERNESS -- At 1:17 AM, on November 2010, I noticed through the window a green flashing light larger than a star about 40 degrees above the eastern horizon. I studied the light because the green color was alternating flashing with red then white seemed odd to me. The object did not move but appeared to stay suspended in the same location. After ten minutes of waiting for it to move in the sky or to better recognize this type of pulsing or flashing light as a celestial body, I got out my little Nikon 9 x 25 binoculars for a better look, and then the object became much more visible.

At this point, I woke up my husband and he observed a flashing a brilliant blue, red, yellow, white sequence that changed or alternated color about once per second, almost in time to my ticking mantel clock. I presumed the green I had seen without binoculars was a blending of the yellow and blue in the atmosphere. The brilliant colors of the flashing or pulsing light all originated from the center of the object, sometimes flashing brighter than other times. The object seemed quite distant, as the atmospheric distortion between it and me on the ground made it difficult to focus at times. I could see the object appeared to be flat across the bottom, with “walls” that were roughly 1/4 the height of the overall width of the object. It seemed to rise higher in the middle from where the light pulsed. On the "walls" of the object, there were two large round dark disks or circles on each side of the central disk through or over which flashed the pulsing lights. In other words, there seemed to be five very large circular disks evenly spaced along the sides of the object, two on each side of the centrally located flashing light.

The details, for all the distortion and difficulty with keeping the object in focus, were actually quite sharp and surprisingly clear. At 1:55 AM, I stopped watching the object, which still was in the same location and went to bed. I am an attorney and my husband is an orthodontist. Neither of us has seen anything like this before. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Indiana Numerous Triangle sightings

CRAWFORDSVILLE -- Starting about a week and a half ago around November 1, 2010, I started seeing these craft over our house. They are extremely hard to see and seem to have the ability to make their selves look like the background behind them. Occasionally I can see a faint small blue-green light on them. I can see a vapor coming off them and sometimes when they move I can see very faint white lights. The military obviously knows they are up there, because they are constantly flying right through the area where they are. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Maine Entity Walking Around

BROOKS -- My buddy had I decided we would test his new four wheel drive Ford on his property and we drove to the ridge on November 24, 2010 at roughly 6:30 PM. When we got up there he shut off the lights so only the parking lights were on, and the engine was running. Then something caught my eye about 100 yards away that was somewhat shiny and just the corners were lit up on it. It was a triangle only 100 feet from us hovering 40 feet above the pine trees. My friend turned off the engine and parking lights and the engine as we saw something on the ground with a light moving like it was looking for something. It scanned the ground for five minutes then the lights went away, but quickly came back and started to search around again. However, this time the lights were brighter and closer.

We sat and watched quietly for another ten minutes. We were scared and I am a good-sized person. I know that it was not a chopper because they fly overhead all the time, and this was dead silent. The only thing that we heard was a low frequency hum. The lights kept getting brighter like they were getting closer so I told my friend, "Let's get the hell out of there."

However, even after he started the truck and turned around it was still there, searching for something like it did not care that we were there. It could have been up there for hours after we left. All I know is there is only one way in and there is NO possible way to get a truck in were we saw these lights. I thought at first maybe someone had a wheeler up there but its posted property......and no sounds, not even the sound of someone walking which there was something walking around cause we could see its light. This was a very intense situation. I know people get all freaked out when they see things in the sky, but how would they react if that something was out of the ship walking around by them???? Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan Orbs


LAKE MICHIGAN -- We were watching the fireworks at Lake Michigan, on July 4, 2010, and immediately after the fireworks stopped, we saw fifteen objects flying in formation. They were flying in formation...too slow to be planes and too fast to be balloons. They flew right over us, from the south of the lake. Everybody was saying..."What the heck is that?"  They looked like giant jack lanterns lit up inside...We took several photos of the formation, but only ONE turned out! We have multiple witnesses.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Note: They may have been Chinese Lanterns launched for celebrations.

New Jersey Sightings


I took this picture two weeks ago, about November 9, 2010, at a lake I love to visit and of course my sister tells me to check it out better, you know, magnify it. I did, and sure enough, there is a disc in the picture. I cannot make it out, maybe you can.

I saw no planes at the time. Thanks to my sister, I actually look now to make sure there are no planes or UFO's but again, here it is. Thanks to Fallen Angel

 NEWARK -- I was traveling south bound on the Garden State Parkway at 3:30 PM, on November 19, 2010, when I observed an extremely wide jet stream making a very slow vertical decent. My first observation was near East Orange when I noticed a half dozen jets flying around in the addition to the typical Newark airport traffic. As I continued south to Roselle Park, the object was observable and traffic came to a sudden halt, and then picked up again in about thirty seconds.

After the roadway turned, the object was not observable. I turned west onto North Street and saw a reflecting light from a bear metal object. The reflecting light then moved horizontal at a slow pace and disappeared. I saw a plane descending to Newark Airport and the object was very different.  I made a turn onto South Avenue and observed the object reflecting light and still lots of planes in the sky.  This case is under investigation. Thanks to MUFON’s Ken Pfeifer


MARLTON – This strange object shown was photographed in the eastern skies on October 12, 2010, at 11:16 PM with a Canon Power Shot A560 Camera. Thanks Ed Tarka

New Mexico Orbs


LAS CRUCES – On July 3, 2010, my husband and I were driving through Southern New Mexico, thirty miles north of Las Cruces when I commented on the beauty of the clouds and took a photo using my digital camera. I did not see anything unusual; however, when I uploaded the image to my computer I was very surprised to see something in the upper left portion of the picture, which looked like a metal hinge of sorts with several squarish openings in it.

My husband and I looked at it with wonder, discussing if it could be a reflection from anything inside the car. We determined that it could not be that, and remarked at how the UFO image was embedded within the clouds -- in front and behind. The attached image of this UFO has not been altered in any way.

Later, I noticed small light circular objects lower in the picture that may be related to the UFO. Later, was viewing the Project Camelot Portal when I saw Frame #ISS-007-E06886, "unidentified" object photographed outside ISS during expedition 7, I recognized the similarity to the UFO in my picture and e-mailed Ms. Cassidy in this regard but have not yet heard back from her. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Lights


BEND -- I was putting our cat out at 6:19 AM, on November 26, 2010, moving northwest very smoothly fifteen degrees below the moon was an object shown in photo. It was in orbit and outside of our atmosphere, and appeared to be bright white flying at a very high altitude because its movement was quick yet it was not passing through a great deal of the sky.

I watched it for a second assuming it was a satellite, when I looked around it and saw a second one moving in exact tandem with it at a distance of half a foot at arm's length. It was to the lower left side of the moon moving in the exact same speed and northwestern direction as the first light. The second one was the same: speed, trajectory, size, and color as the first. I did not see a third light. The lights were larger than satellites, but I never saw two satellites moving together,

I took my cell to use its video camera, found it, located the two objects in the sky, again, and shot footage as they maintained their trajectory but never did seem to travel much of the sky.  I looked at NASA's Human Space Flight Sky Log database/site, but did not see any two satellites that moved in the same direction at exactly the same time.  Thanks to MUFON CMS


SMITH ROCK PARK -- On May 7, 2010, a friend and I were hiking near Redmond, Oregon and took several photos. We never saw the object but noticed in the photo only recently after enlarging it. I did see another very similar object in the same area the year before oddly enough, but did not have a camera at that time.

My experience is as a combat weather technician for the USAF and I have the ability to spot and recognize all types of atmospheric phenomena as well as aircraft from around the world. The object in the photo is not a craft I recognize, nor was it visible to the naked eye. It did not show up in any other pictures I took that day. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Rhode Island Two Missiles.

COVENTRY/WEST GREENWICH – My family and I were driving home on Route 95 from the Showcase Theater on November 2, 2010, about 5 PM, when we saw two objects in the sky. They were about three miles apart, and they were creating a missile shaped tail. We were at Exit 7, and one looked like it was "traveling" east and the other looked like it was "shooting" up but it was getting closer and closer to the ground. We took a picture of them on the cell phone, but it is very small.
This was not a plane. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Tennessee Flying Object


KNOXVILLE – I was taking pictures of the moon on November 20, 2010, when we noticed the object after we down loaded them onto our computer. I have no idea what it is? I did find it interesting enough to want to send it to someone. Both my wife and I were very curious when I zoomed in on the shot on our computer and adjusted the exposure.

We got several different shots and were making fun of each other of how we got pictures of UFOs. The more we looked at it the more it looked like something we could not explain. We love to take pictures, never took one like this! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Falling Disc


HOUSTON -- On November 18, 2010, I exited my car at the 1300 block of Woodway and noticed a long trail in the sky. I have never seen a trail like that, so I started taking pictures of it with my iPhone. I pointed to the sky to a former Marine, who could not identify it. We went into a nearby restaurant, and continued to watch from the window for about 25 minutes. I noticed the object make several turns, but it always appeared to be going down. By the time, we finished dinner, it was dark and I could not see the object.

At first, I thought the object was probably a jet. But, I later zoomed into the pictures, and noticed that the object appeared disc-like. Thanks to MUFON CMS


HOUSTON – On November 27, 2010, I sited about twenty silver disc shaped objects flying in formation from the northeast headed towards the southwest at 25 to 30k feet. After watching them for a few minutes, I realized they were not birds but silver discs and they were rotating and reflecting bright light as they turned. I ran in the house and got my video camera that I had rigged up after seeing these things earlier in the month. I wanted to see if I could get a close up view of them if I ever saw them again.

I filmed these objects back on November 6 but the video was somewhat shaky so this time I was prepared with a tripod and a 500-x zoom lens. When I returned outside with my camera the first group was gone and I saw another large group flying over but they disappeared by the time I got my camera setup to start filming. I gazed into the sky for several minutes when I saw two discs flying over and I filmed them as well as several others over the next 45 minutes. Some were silver rotating discs that flashed bright light as they turned others were a bright fire orange/red color. I have several minutes of video. These objects are flying almost any day the sky is clear. The video I am uploading shows one disc and another zoom past it. The video was shot with a Sony TRV-730 Hi8 video and a 500x zoom lens. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Lights

SEATTLE -- I am reporting a fleet of bright lights flying from the north above the Wallingford District and crossing over Lake Union on November 20, 2010, from 7:15 to 7:45 PM. The lights were not in a precision formation, but they flew together with their flight path along the north-south axis. They kept their distances synchronized and their speed on both the E-W axis and the N-S axis. The author has witnessed hundreds of seaplane landings and estimates the lights speed was 30 mph, at about 1500 feet. KOMO TV tower is in the background. The lights did not follow the wind nor did they have buoyancy like balloons. In addition, balloons would not stay in such a tightly synchronized formation.

The author counted fifty of these lights in the span of sky covered by two hands extended at arm’s length. Each light seemed to be 5 feet across and somewhat rectangular. They were much too big to be Chinese lanterns or Candelabras, The photographs were taken while the author stood along the southeast shore of Lake Union a spotted an armada of at least 100 of these lights. The camera used was a Pentax Optio30. The author called the Seattle 911 Center at 10:30 PM and inquired if any citizen reports of lights over Lake Union had been made. The dispatcher confirmed that nobody had called in. The author is a retired electronics engineer and member of IEEE. The temperature was 40 degrees F, and the wind about 10 mph with low-lying scattered clouds. The lights vanished as the objects seemed to veer westward. Comments Received November 24, 2010: I was driving with my girlfriend and we both saw the lights and looking at them.
 Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Worldwide Sightings

Australia Flashing White Light

DARWIN – I saw a bright flashing white light in the clear sky at midnight on November 8, 2010, the light flashed thirty seconds apart, six times before moving further away. I initially thought it could be a plane flying over at high altitude, but it was just one flash of light rather than normal plane lights, plus it did not track across the sky. I counted a flash every 32 seconds. This happened about six times until the flashes got dimmer quite quickly as if moving away. I was looking towards 'Orion' at the time. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Finland Disc


 NYKARLEBY -- I was smoking out on our porch on November 27, 2010, when I noticed a lonely cloud in the sky hovering to the southwest. I went in to fetch my camera, and told my girlfriend that I was going to take a few shots of a cute little cloud. The sky was completely clear in the area of the cloud, and I thought it cool. When I came back out, the cloud had not at all dispersed, but remained intact and I started taking several photographs of the object as it sailed slowly west. I took photographs and studied the object as it continued its slow passage. A light, cold, wind came in from the north and I stopped photographing when the object disappeared from my view behind the treetops.

During all this time, it did not change shape, like a regular cloud, but indeed seemed solid. The object seemed to be flying one or two kilometers from me. I heard no sound. I took a whole series of photos of the object as it flew over with different zoom levels and I included parts of the terrain and surroundings in some and the trees. Telephone lines show the slow western travel of the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ireland Orange Balls and Formation

DUBLIN – On November 3, 2010. UFOs were caught live in daylight on BBC News 24 channel moving behind the Irish Finance minister at 10:30 PM. Links to video:
CELBRIDGE, CO KILDARE -- I saw something in the sky tonight when I went onto Facebook and saw a lot of posts about strange flashing lights over Celbridge. All my friends were talking about it online. My girlfriend gave me a call and asked did I see them. Directly above my head I saw two dim orange balls floating over my head in formation and one inch away from each other heading on the same trajectory. They were flying at a small aircraft's standard altitude and twice as fast.

The left orb sped up very slightly and suddenly shot forward and backward very violently. Imagine violently tapping your car breaks a few times while on a straight road and having a car beside you going in the same direction. The second orb speed suddenly increased to match the speed of the first orb and they continued off into the distance. Four minutes later, I saw two massive white flashes that literally lit up the entire area that was probably lightning. However, what were those two orbs prior to that with the strange vibration? I have never seen anything do that. Six hours earlier similar orbs were sighted in Ireland. Thanks to Ross Canpolat and Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Jamaica Flying Object


KINGSTON -- I am a Colombian citizen living in Jamaica. Yesterday's sunset on November 27, 2010, was particularly beautiful on so I went out to the yard to take some pictures of it. I loved the colors of a cloud that was above me, so I took a picture of it.

I did not see anything unusual, when I downloaded the pictures to my computer. Then; I noticed a bright spot in the upper left side of the picture. I would love to know what the object on the picture is. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kosovo round ball of fire

PRISTINA -- I was with a friend waiting to pickup a person from their flat at 7:15 PM, on November 10, 2010, when suddenly we saw a orange ball of fire fly over us. It looked like the orange burning ball was going to crash and confused us since we have never seen anything like that. We drove five kilometers southeast from the city to meet with some other friends who also told us that they saw the same thing travelling very fast. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Mexico Strange lights

MORELIA -- The sun had just gone down on November 2, 2010, at 6:50 PM, when I saw a light the size of a big star zigzagging very fast toward the south at high altitude. It was traveling at very high speed when it came to a stop for about one minute. It then took off at a very fast speed and disappeared. There were also no com-lights. This is the third time we have been witness to UFOs. The locals say they see these things often. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Slovakia an Unknown Bright Red Object

BRATISLAVA -- I am a pilot and I do not necessarily believe in UFOs, but now I am not so sure. I was standing at a busy bus stop during rush hour preparing to go home at 6:30 PM, on November 2, 2010, when I saw an airplane approaching. A bright red light was flying towards me at about 4,000 feet. The aircraft was flying to the Southwest and coming towards me slower than an aircraft was still showing red, as manufacturing its own light and simulating an aircraft.
After a moment, I began to think it was not an aircraft flying low and very slow. The night navigation lights were all wrong, with the craft having one big red light with what looked like an aircraft strobe light coming from the center. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

South Africa Bright Light
JOHANNESBURG -- At around 8:45 PM, my wife and I saw a red light hovering in the sky on November 4, 2010. After a few minutes, we saw another five lights in the sky. Some were moving up and down, and others side to side. I then phoned my brother in law who witnessed the same event. Then a very big yellow oval light flew toward the red lights. They were moving around for around 20 minutes and then they flew very fast out of view. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

Thailand UFO Caught On Film  


ANCIENT CITY -- Photo was taken in June this year at a place called Ancient City, which is, I am told is the largest outdoors museum in the world. It is about 20 miles south of Bangkok.

Therefore, I blew it up and was quite shocked to see it behind me. I checked through the previous photos and could just about make it out as a very distant spec, probably four miles away.

There was no more than ten seconds between the two photos, so it must have been travelling at high speed. The camera is a Samsung ES17  12.2 mega pixel. Thanks to Brian Vike and Annalee Newitz [email protected].

Turkey Disc Video

Filled with the sound of morning birdsong, this video of a UFO over Turkey taken on November 19, 2010, at 6:13 PM, is as much a slice of Turkish city life as it is a record of possible alien incursion.
I like the way you can hear what sounds like somebody chopping vegetables in the background - I think this was taken out a kitchen window. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Sightings Hotspot


SCARBOROUGH -- The North of England was last night crowned the world's top hotspot for UFO sightings - as the latest weird footage emerged from Scarborough on November 7, 2010. Ex-MoD UFO expert Nick Pope said: "At the moment the North of England seems to be having more than its fair share.”
The video shows an object flying from left to right with strange strings hanging down.

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I need your help. It is very time consuming and expensive to research and prepare the files.  Only a few people who have enjoyed the files for years have chosen to provide a donation. I would greatly appreciate your contributions to help sustain my production, reporting and research efforts. I want to thank the few people who have sent $25.00 and more for donations to Filer’s Files for this year. When you send in a subscription, please include your latest E-mail address. Do not miss the latest images of UFOs from Earth and Mars.  What are they doing to humans and animals? 
Sign me up right now for Filer’s Files. In addition, I can keep all the reports I have received — and receive a pro-rated refund on the unused portion of my subscription.
Send check or money order to: George Filer, 222 Jackson Road, Medford, NJ 08055.
I am offering twelve years of Filer's Files on a DVD with thousands of photographs and sightings for a donation of $50 that includes this year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.
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