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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #34 -2010
Aug 19, 2010, 12:59

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Brazil Orders UFO Disclosure

Brazil has decided the public has a right to know what unidentified flying objects are over Brazil. President Lula Da Silva of Brazil admitted that his country is under threat from UFOs and has instructed all military personnel, airline pilots and civilians to immediately report all UFO sightings, abductions and attacks to the National Aerospace Defence Command in Brasilia.
The government feels that any unexplained atmospheric event is worthy of at least being keep track of since there have been numerous reports of UFOs in Brazil in recent decades. In 1986, air force jets were scrambled to investigate unidentified objects in the skies above Sao Paulo, but the phenomenon was never fully explained.  This is a drawing of UFOs above Brazil.
In 1977 the Amazon town of Vigia asked for military help after residents said they had been attacked by extra-terrestrials. One anonymous air traffic controller told the Brazilian newspaper O Dia that sightings had been reported at the highest level. He states, "I have heard of ministers and even a president who said they had seen a UFO."  Brazilian UFO watchers have welcomed the decision to make such information public in future.

Brazilian Air Force Commander, Lieutenant-General Juniti Saito has signed the decree calling for military and civilian pilots and air traffic controllers in Brazil to report to the Aerospace Defense Command any experiences they have with unidentified flying objects. They are to include with their reports any photos, videos or other material proof they may have.
London’s Daily Telegraph reports that a military air controller in Rio has said that “respectable witnesses have previously recounted experiences with UFOs.”According to The Huffington Post, a Brazilian Air Force spokesman has said that the air force has decades of UFO archives, but until now there has been no official policy regarding what to do with the material. Information released by the decree, which was published August 10, 2010, will be catalogued at the Air Force's Historic Documentation Center in Rio de Janeiro state. There, it will be made available to the general public. The Brazilian Air Force is the largest air force in Latin America, with more than 800 aircraft and 50,000 personnel. Thanks to The Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph,

Britain Releases More UFO Files

Dr David Clarke, author of The UFO files and senior lecturer in Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, said the latest papers demonstrate the extent to which official policy towards UFOs changed after the Cold War: 'In 1957, some officials were so concerned by a spate of incidents involving UFOs the subject was placed on the agenda of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC),'

Dr Clarke explained. 'But by the 50th anniversary of the "flying saucer" mystery, in 1997, the MoD was no longer interested in UFOs as a defence problem, but as a purely public relations issue. This inevitably led to the closure of the MoD's public UFO hotline at the end of 2009.'
Among hundreds of reports of sightings, 'UFO crashes' and other close encounters, the files reveal details of several unusual incidents which landed on the MoD's 'UFO desk' - Sec(AS)2. These include the unlikely tale of a man from Leeds who believed his 100-1 bet on alien life being discovered on earth before the end of the century was a winner. He approached the government for evidence to support his claim after Ladbrokes refused to pay out. The MoD said they were open-minded about extra-terrestrial life, but had no evidence of its existence. (See DEFE 24/2012, p72-77).
Further highlights from the files
A 'psychic premonition' of a terrorist attack on an RAF base in 1990 (see DEFE 24/1973, p13-14, p15, p18, p60-61 and DEFE 24/1978, p216, p220).
• The mountain rescue team called to investigate a 'crashed UFO' in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales in 1974 (see DEFE 24/2045, p17-20, p57-78).
• The inside story of the 14-minutes of 'missing' film relating to the Blue Streak missile test launch in 1964, believed by some to show a 'spaceman' (see DEFE 24/1983, p145-73).
• Sightings of a black triangular UFO over the home of the Shadow Home Secretary, Michael Howard, in Folkestone, March 1997 (see DEFE 24/1926, p13, p18, p74-75 and DEFE 24/2013, p10).
• Wiltshire - sometimes referred to as Britain's 'Area 51' (see DEFE 24/1995, p249-51).

• An account of a wartime meeting attended by Winston Churchill in which the Prime Minister allegedly discussed a UFO encounter with RAF bombers (see DEFE 24/2013, p205-209 and p273-77). Below is a copy of the letter.

The files are made up of more than 5,000 pages of UFO reports  released as part of a three-year project between The National Archives and the Ministry of Defence. A Defense Ministry official's response from September, 1999 was also among the files. It reads: "It was generally the case that before 1967 all UFO files were destroyed after five years as there was insufficient public interest in the subject to merit their permanent retention." “On the contrary, according to a separate note found, these claims were taken extremely serious by the Prime Minister and his staff.”

UFOs Are from Here

Lane writes, “Hi George, I listen to you on the Rense Radio Show the first Tuesday of the month and I want to ask you to mention that these craft are from RIGHT here in the good ole USA for a change!” All I hear MUFON saying is they are aliens. Bun; we are making them  RIGHT HERE. Just look at the technology from the late 40's-50's mentioned all the way up to about 1958 and then the black curtain came down from the Military Industrial Complex. No more mention of it since, really.  We have had electro-gravitic technology and craft operating since the 60's.
Yes, maybe some craft are from Uranus, but I think MOST are from RIGHT HERE!
 As a member of the M.I.C. for 27 years here at Lockheed Martin, I can tell you that such things are possible with a little system known as "compartmentalization."  Thanks to Lane. Photo Courtesy of Michael Schratt.

The UK National Archives new clippings below indicate a US Saucer flying into Scotland and a crash near Stonehenge below.
The UFO Christianity Connection – Fact or Fiction?
A New Book from noted Author and Researcher Fred R. David asks, What associations did Ancient Civilizations have with UFOs, and what are the implications for Christianity and the 12-21-12 Mayan end date?

As early humans gazed into the sky at night, they were more certain than mankind today that “we are not alone in the universe.” God expects human beings to think and strive to become all that we can become, as indicated in Romans 12:2 which says: “Do not be conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good, acceptable, and perfect.” Thus, this book aims to renew your mind and perhaps strengthen your faith by expanding your knowledge of the UFO Christianity connection.
Most people every day conduct their lives with an understanding of religion based largely on what they were taught as a child. This is generally a good thing, but being open minded to new discoveries and knowledge is important. Blind faith in Christianity is admirable, but expanding one’s knowledge and realizing there may be a scientific basis for events in the Bible, may strengthen one’s faith. This book examines current knowledge from paleontology, archeology, geology, anthropology, astronomy, physics, and genetics as related to UFOs. The missing link between science and religion may be UFOs, or more specifically the beings inside those craft. Science and religion are much more closely intertwined than most people realize.

This book examines writings of the Maya, Aztec, Egyptians, Sumerians, and Indians, which indicate that UFOs played a significant role in how ancient civilizations lived. People thousands of years ago for example somehow built megalithic structures without heavy lifting equipment, predicted celestial events without telescopes, and drew similar pictures of sky people. This book examines evidence that ancient civilizations had contact with ancient astronauts – which they called gods or sky people. The Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, is accelerating its Program to assure humanity that star visitors are real, are in the Bible, and are children of God, too. The Vatican’s Monsignor Corrado Balducei recently proclaimed on Italian national television that “encounters people have had and do have with star visitors are real, not a delusion, and not a case of demon possession.”
This book will enable you to decide for yourself whether the UFO Christianity Connection is “Fact or Fiction.”

Suns Super Solar Storms May Create Power Grid Disaster!

By Lawrence E. Joseph, the New York Times, The last Solar Super Storm was 90 years ago knocking out worldwide power grids! We are similarly unready for another potential natural disaster: solar storms, bursts of gas on the sun's surface that release tremendous energy pulses. Occasionally, a large solar storm can rain energy down on the earth, overpowering electrical grids. About once a century, a giant pulse can knock out worldwide power systems for months or even years. It's been 90 years since the last super storm, but scientists say we are on the verge of another period of high solar activity.

Though less frequent than large hurricanes, significant storms have hit earth several times over the last 150 years, most notably in 1859 and 1921. Those occurred before the development of the modern power grid; recovering from a storm that size today would cost up to $2 trillion a year for several years. In March 1989 two smaller solar blasts shut down most of the grid in Quebec, leaving millions of customers without power for nine hours. Another storm, in 2003, caused a blackout in Sweden and fried 14 high-voltage transformers in South Africa.

The South African experience was particularly telling — the storm was relatively weak, but by damaging transformers it put parts of the country off-line for months. That's because high-voltage transformers, which handle enormous amounts of electricity, are the most sensitive part of a grid; a strong electromagnetic pulse can easily fuse their copper wiring, damaging them beyond repair.

Even worse, transformers are hard to replace. They weigh up to 100 tons, so they can't be easily moved from the factories in Europe and Asia where most of them are made; right now, there's already a three-year waiting list for new ones. Without aggressive preparation, we run the risk of disaster magnitudes greater than Hurricane Katrina. Little or no electricity means little or no telecommunications, refrigeration, clean water or fuel. Basic law enforcement and national security could be compromised.

Fortunately, there are several defenses against solar storms. The most important are grid-level surge suppressors, which are essentially giant versions of the devices we use at home to protect computers. There are some 5,000 vulnerable transformers in North America; at $50,000 for each suppressor, we could protect the grid for about $250 million. Earlier this year the House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow the White House to require utilities to put grid-protection measures in place, and then recoup the costs from customers. Unfortunately, the companion bill in the Senate contains no such provision. It's not a lost cause, though; lawmakers can still insert the grid-protection language during conference. If they don't, there could be trouble soon: the next period of heavy solar activity will be in late 2012. Having gone unprepared for one recent natural disaster, we would make a grave mistake not to get ready for the next.  Lawrence E. Joseph is the author of Aftermath: A Guide To Preparing For And Surviving Apocalypse 2012.

NASA, Europeans to Search for Life on Mars

Charles Cooper CBS news writes,  In 2003, the NASA found evidence of methane on the Red Planet, a discovery that excited imaginations within scientific circles as the gas might suggest that life exists on Mars. Now NASA is heading back in collaboration with the European Space Agency - for a joint mission set for 2016 to study the Martian atmosphere in more detail.
This map of Mars shows Methane release during the Northern Summer. The orbiter will carry a European entry, descent and landing demonstrator vehicle.
In the first of the three joint missions, the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, a European-built small lander demonstrator, will circumnavigate the planet, studying the chemical makeup of the Martian atmosphere. It will be on the lookout for traces of gases, especially methane, as it may indicate the existence of life on Mars.

Editor’s Note: Each year the planet turns green indicating the growth of living organisms. This photo was sent indicating some type of fortress structure on Mars

Moon Emissions from Dark Holes

RICHARD BUCHLI writes, “ I made a careful 50 mile search on the moon and found
a total of 6 of the exits with emissions.  one is completely covered but with care, you can see the form below the mist.”

Thanks to Richard Buchli  D.V.M.  Ph.D
[email protected]


Sightings in the United States

Arizona 4,000 Feet Long Craft

LAKE HAVASU – On August 15, 2010, my wife and I were watching TV when our oldest son came in and told us to look at the sky. We went out onto our balcony to see nine aircraft with extremely bright strobing lights north of us flying west extremely fast. Then once nearly out of sight they turned and came back towards the east. When flying west a bright red light flew ahead of the conventional aircraft. The red light made an abrupt and complete stop and then changed directions flying back in the direction it came from. The other aircraft made their turns and began following. We lost sight of them , then within thirty seconds a triangle shaped object with a deep red light in the center came flying directly overhead, followed minutes later by the group of jets again.

The triangle shaped object (depiction) made no sound as it flew overhead, yet we could hear the conventional aircraft as they flew by. Over the next several minutes, the aircraft continued to maneuver around the airspace near the city at extreme speeds. We all witnessed changes in speed, including full stops, direction and altitude, which are not possible with currently known technologies. After 35 minutes, the aircraft all flew over the horizon. We had a similar experience in May, are excited, and frustrated not knowing exactly what we were seeing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

PARKER -- A friend and myself were living on a ranch 70 miles due east of Parker, AZ. In late November, 1981. We drove to the top of the levy that had a clear view of the 15 miles long and 8 miles wide valley as the sun set. We looked out the truck window and saw a light in the east doing maneuvers no conventional aircraft could do. I have 20 hours of flight training  and I realized it was climbed straight up 5000 feet, make a sudden dead stop, and descended back down in the fraction of a second. It was able to fly the length of the valley in less than a second. After fifteen minutes, there were more crafts then we could count at north end of the valley. They were small maneuverable orbs brightly lit about two and a half feet in diameter. I believe these crafts to be a multi-functional device used for surveying and exploration mapping.
All of the animals were silent and at this time the night fades out and we have many hours missing from our memory. The next thing I remember is grabbing my friend’s arm and pointing at a huge ship that makes a modern aircraft carrier look small. As it passed behind the mountain on the east side of the valley, it was so large only a third of the ship was hidden. It was at least 4,000 feet long. It flew south along the east side of the valley hovering about 2,000 feet altitude. In a split second, all of the small orbs attached themselves to the mother ship and we watched it shoot straight up and out of the atmosphere in a split second. I would not trade this experience for anything. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Sightings

 PALM SPRINGS -- We saw three different flashing lights on August 7, 2010, at 9:30 PM, that they looked like they were near Sky Valley. We saw random white lights with some red lights intermittently flashing. Thanks to MUFON CMS
BODFISH – On August 14, 2010, from 10:25 PM to 11 PM, I saw a slow moving bright vertically cigar shaped star. In the moonlight, I got a glimpse of some kind of big and dark military plane, like a nighthawk that made no sound. Another plane was following shortly behind it. I live in an area where no planes ever fly over. The long shaped light moved at different speeds, and different directions, suddenly stopping, hovering, and then going again. It was very high up like a star and brightest. The planes were flying quite low but we were not able to hear them. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Colorado Silver Flashing Object.

LAKEWOOD – On July 29, 2010, at 9 AM, over the Rocky Mountains, I saw a grey/silver object hovering around 30,000 feet. It was too high for a helicopter, and not moving, and periodically and flash a bright white light randomly at me. It was as bright as a super bright iridium flare. In about ten minutes, it flew slowly off to the north where I could not see it anymore. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center \

Florida Light

HOMESTEAD – On August 17, 2010, this is mind blowing, Orion started to communicate with me a, year ago, telling me everything that is happening to our world. I told everyone about Orion and they thought I was crazy, and I became very withdrawn and depressed. He told me get a camera, and go outside, when I looked up, there was a beautiful huge cylinder UFO hovering over my house so I can take his picture and show everyone that made fun of me, he is real. He is pure love. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii Circular Lights

PEARL CITY -- On July 29, 2010, we were sitting smoking outside, and talking on the phone when I saw red lights flashing with zigzag movements in the sky from 12:20 to 12:35 PM. I never saw this before so I sat up to get a closer look. It kept going around one area of the sky to another. While the red lights were blinking and spinning around the overall object was moving around in a pattern. I was freaking out.

I called my younger brother to come look, we were both shocked, and wondering what it could possibly be. He mentioned that at one angle it looked like it was in the shape of a two dimensional triangle and when it moved, at another angle, made it look like a three dimensional triangle. The movement was not like a regular kind of aircraft, its speed, movement, and lights were different. We kept watching it. Then suddenly it drops down to land and disappears. Thanks to UFOINFO

Illinois Couple Experience "Time Interruption"

MIDLOTHIAN – On August 11, 2010, at 3:06 PM, in a suburb south of Chicago the witness called stating, “My boyfriend and I were playing pool in my basement and I had just lit up a cigarette when we suddenly felt a flicker and awoke in the same position by the pool table and the lighted cigarettes were gone.” The boyfriend said he felt a flash of light and then a time lapse. He thought fifteen minutes was missing. Listen to Witness Report (MP3)

Note: This experience probably is not an "alien abduction" phenomenon, but certainly fits into the paranormal realm. I have received about a half dozen reports in the past 5 years describing similar "time lapses." Thanks to William Puckett
VOLO -- On August 12, 2010, I saw a formation of six small airplanes "flying" in a vertical formation in the northern sky. They had orange double headlamps on each craft that were stationary with a shimming quality to the lights. They shimmered and then "disappeared" behind what I assume was a bank of clouds, but there were no clouds10:40 PM. I called Fox Lake Police, the Lake County Sheriff and the FAA.
Note: The witness didn't state what responses he received from the agencies to which he reported his sighting. Normally these agencies do not respond to UFO reports. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Minnesota Blinking Row of Lights

ST. PAUL -- On August 10, 2010, Cory Kampschoer, of television station KSTP-TV, shot footage of anomalous lights in the Twin Cities’ skies. Shooting for most of the night, the news crew observed with local residents the lights flickering, floating and moving about.
Check the footage with the various light blinking. What do you make of it?
Thanks to KSTP-TV,

Montana Anomaly

BUTTE -- On August 3, 2010, I was taking random pictures of the sky and I found you would see some type of anomaly in every six out ten pictures. They seem to be cloaked until you go through the process of filming, or videotaping. Often they can not be seen with the naked eye. I decided they are too frequent to report every time I spot one, unless it is a fantastic sighting. This one threw me for a loop and my 55-year-old heart feels there is something incredible about to happen. I really did not believe in UFOs until a year ago, when I had my first sighting, and I have seen many, since then. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Purple Triangle

MATAWAN – On August 7, 2010, I was lying in bed at 4:30 AM, when I heard a loud humming noise from outside and got up to look outside and saw a bright glowing purple and green triangular shaped object above my neighbor's house. It was stationary, silent, and glowing very brightly. I quickly ran outside for a better look but the object had disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MARLTON -- I captured this photo tonight of a hovering object on August 13, 2010, on various camera settings? Any clue to what they are.
Thanks to Ed Tarka

Oregon Strange Flashes

PORT ORCHARD -- On August 4, 2010, a little after midnight I went out on my back porch to smoke and noticed an object at satellite height changing both speed and direction. It was like one I saw last night but moved slower.
After ten minutes, the object suddenly disappeared, but returned around 2:30 PM! I noticed strange flashes around the object as it moved. It moved around in the same general area of the sky accompanied by a couple smaller objects that moved independently. They would chase each other around and have the same strange flashes around them. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina Maneuvering Objects

SUMTER -- On August 14, 2010, while lying in a field during the Perseid meteor shower, my family and I saw maneuvering craft at 10:01 PM. We saw meteors streak across the sky joined by a white light moving extremely high up in the sky. They were tiny specks of light traveling quite a distance that we knew were not meteors. As they reached one another, both stopped, and one emitted a very bright light before dimming and becoming less obvious. Both moved off traveling at the same speed as before and vanished behind the clouds.
Moments later, blinking white lights trekked across the sky before splitting into two craft, followed by a third. The first two began doing aerial acrobatics crisscrossing one another at dangerously close intervals. They had amazing maneuverability flying at acute angles with increased velocity, as one made a sharp V and headed in a different direction. While these two were playing, the third gave chase joining the group. When they increased their speed, their lights would blink faster until they were nothing but a blur, like a meteor but with no tail. When they slowed, their white lights blinked less and turned to three red lights at a slight pause before they resumed flying right, and circling.
At 10 PM, it seemed the area became a no-fly zone, until 10:35 PM, when an airplane entered from the left, at which time; the unknown aircraft proceeded to flee the area, reappearing at a lower altitude, when the airplane had passed. They resumed their acrobatics for another 15 minutes before leaving. These three aircraft made a loud, deep, growling engine noise deeper than any combat aircraft I have encountered in my five years of service as an infantryman. I believe in reverse engineering and believe these aircraft could possibly be proof. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Texas Huge V UFO.

FORT MCKAVETT – On August 10 and 11, 2010, at 11:15 PM, the witness called and left a voice-mail with his sighting. He saw a very large V shaped object flying low that he could keep up with by walking. He estimated the object to be a half-mile across and it made no sound Listen to Witness Report (MP3). Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

Washington Red and Blue Twinkles

PORTLAND -- My girlfriend and I were taking pictures of the downtown lights at night on August 15, 2010. When my girlfriend saw a strange light, she thought it was a police car, but the lights were not flashing. Then the light floated above the downtown bridge, and then she knew it was not a car! She got my attention, and I took a picture before I switched my camera to video. I think I got some good footage of it floating way above bridge and even going way below them almost on top of the river, which proves it is not a helicopter! It is twinkling red and blue then fades away into nothing. I posted it on YouTube. Thanks to MUFON CMS 

Wyoming UFO

AFTON – The photo was taken on July 10, 2010, and a month later, I noticed the metallic object.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Worldwide Sightings

Australia Rectangular Object

BELLEVUE PERTH – On August 2, 2010, at 11:30 AM, first I thought it was a plane with the sun reflecting off the side of it. It had a perfect rectangular shape, seemed to move a little and then hover for a second before it vanished.
GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND – On August 3, 2010, at 8 PM I was looking up at that huge star that's been around for a few weeks now and saw a tiny star moving toward it. It was very far away so was very small. It was way too high to be an aeroplane and it was ascending diagonally. Planes do not move like that, at that height. It did not flash either like plane lights do. It must have been moving up and away because it was hard for me to track it as it got smaller and smaller. Then it just dissolved. This is the second sighting on the Gold Coast for me in the last four months. The same happened before. The star object moved very quickly then just dissolved out of sight. Thanks to UFOINFO

Canada Sightings

MELANCTHON, ONTARIO – During July, my neighbors and I have been going out in the township taking pictures of many wind turbines near Shelburne. The first pictures captured of the object were in daylight near the turbines. The following night I went with them and I took some similar pictures and videotaped. Some of the pictures my neighbor captured are bizarre beams of light!

My friend had an encounter with a being when she was 10-years- old at Bellwood Lake Campgrounds not far from here. Last weekend, we went camping there and we caught a very bizarre picture of her. Tonight, we went back out near the windmills and took photos of an object that looked circular and very bright. We could see it pulsing and maneuvering. I have also seen a bright green orb above my neighbor’s roof. Two nights ago, we saw a bright green/blue orb fly by a plane making it look like it was standing still. Thanks to MUFON CMS

WINNIPEG MANITOBA -- On August 2, 2010, I had just finished working out and was walking home and took a picture of the clouds in front of our bank.
On August 14, 2010, I was looking through the pictures on my I-phone when I noticed on the cloud picture with a weird object in between the hydro lines. It doesn’t look like a bird or a plane. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MAINPRIZE PARK, SK -- On August 2, 2010 at 9:30 PM, there was a vehicle pulled over so  I stopped to ask if they needed help? They said, “We’re watching that manoeuvring orange light in the sky.” We watched it for ten minutes it moved slowly back and forth across the southeast sky near the North Dakota border. The family in the car said they seen the exact same object there the night before. It moved back and forth silently, geo smaller or the light dimmed and it disappeared. It is not a tower, or a balloon. We thought it could be an unmanned border patrol plane but it was completely silent and appeared to disappear before our eyes. Thanks to UFOINFO

Colombia Triangle

 TAGANGA, SANTAMARTA -- It was a normal day at the beach on April 28, 2010, and I was taking some pictures of my friends and realized something white was shining around the sun. It was visible with UV filter lenses on my sunglasses so I took  some pictures using the ND filter of my Cannon G11.

When I replayed the pictures on the camera I zoomed in and found this triangular shaped "something".  It's clearly too high to be a plane and too triangular for any known aircraft. This picture has a little Photoshop on it, just color and saturation corrections. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Cuba Glowing Lights

VARADERO -- After dinner, a number of people were having a drink at the hotel open air bar when eight glowing lights appeared in the distance north sky over the sea. They formed various diamonds and rectangle formations with sometimes four or more of them. The formations moved at great speed across the sky, abruptly stopping and changing direction. Eventually they blinked out one by one and that was it.
Many people saw them and were talking excitedly about the origin of the lights, and yelling UFOs. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ireland Four "Orange Balls

ELBRIDGE CO. KILDARE – On August 02, 2010, at 11:30 PM, I saw four "orange balls" in the sky over Castletown in Celbridge at 11:30 PM. They were very high in the sky and seemed to be "flickering" as if illuminated by fire. They could not be silly balloons because they were moving in different directions very quickly and turned left and right in a strange lightning fast sort of way. After about five minutes, two disappeared and the other two moved off very quickly into the wind. Thanks to UFOINFO
DUBLIN – On August 3, 2010, at 9:50 PM, I observed a plane on the flight path for landing near my home (about 5km offset) and there rose an orange light approaching the inbound plane. It was moving fast away towards the Irish Sea. It was not steady in flight and then as I followed its lights they faded, and I could glimpse a black shell form as it left our eyesight. Thanks to UFOINFO

New Zealand Light Ball

AUCKLAND -- I found this photo in my 2008 collection. This UFO image looks similar to the picture �orange light ball and rectangle UFO�..
Are they the same object? This picture was captured on December 18, 2008, at 8:30 AM, with camera exposure time of 1/1000 second. It shows one orange colored light ball popping out from the black UFO.

Please add this attached picture to case 18817 file (long term visitation).  Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Africa Circular in shape

SANDTON/JOHANNESBURG -- On August 1, 2010, at 7 PM, We saw headed towards Marlboro Road off ramp, a bright orange light with a bright beam. The orange light then changed to three bright little lights moving very quickly. The craft moved fast and then hung in the air. The lights were flashing erratically and that is what drew our attention to the sky. Thanks to UFOINFO

UK/England Sighting and Crop Circle

NORTHDOWNS -- Crop Circle near Beckhampton, Wiltshire was reported August 13, 2010. Is this a Star wars craft or direction sign?
During Nick Redfern’s talk at the 2010 Denver MUFON Conference he mentioned finding a M-15 UK government document: “The early days World War II in 1940 and 1941 produced avalanche of spies and fifth columnists. “This report is not concerned with fifth columnists such as sabotage, and capturing airfields, it concerns methods used in communicating to each other and to the enemy. Reports from Holland, France, and Belgium showed that they used ground markings for the guidance of bombers, paratroops, and lights by night. Such ground markings might be the cutting of cornfields into guiding marks for aircraft.” M-15 collaborated that from interviews conducted with personnel who had taken part in hostilities in Poland, it had been determined that one of the ways that Nazi spies were communicating with German Luftwaffe pilots was by beating out signs, twenty meters ‘in diameter, on harrowed fields or mowing such signs on meadows or cornfields. Crop Circles in other words…
The files also reveal that M15 agents were dispatched throughout the UK to examine similar crop formations found in British fields in the early 1940s, in an attempt to determine if they too were linked to the Nazis. The files are an officially documented example of the fact that are not just a phenomenon of the modern era, but were reported to and investigated by high-level government departments seventy years ago. Thanks to Nick Redfern’s talk at the Denver MUFON Conference.  

SOUTHAMPTON – On March 8, 2010, I was outside playing with my newly modified infrared camcorder when this huge bright object in the sky went over.

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Openminds.Tv/ French-UFO-Report-
A new French report released on May 31, 2010 concluded that UFOs are definitely real and possibly of extraterrestrial origin. While not an official government study, the Progress Report of the Sigma/3AF Commission comes from a highly credible source, the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France. The Commission’s President is Alain Boudier, a former French Defense attaché. The Sigma/3AF is a work in progress that provides good background material on the history of official UFO research in France. The report outlines the famous COMETA Report of 1999, which concluded that UFOs were real and probably extraterrestrial. The English translation report can be downloaded at

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