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Mars Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Mars Anomalies
Jan 13, 2010, 16:57

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Mars Anomalies

Mars Anomaly Possible Structures

Richard Buchli D.V.M Ph.D. writes, This strange object on the bottom of this crater is five miles wide and certainly not a formation made by nature. It is located at 76 23 S 27 32 W. Note: At left the three identical domes creating light at the top of the dark structure.

Trees on Mars -- The "trees" are really trails of debris caused by landslides as ice melts in Mars's spring Photo according to NASA. The images appear to show rows of dark "conifers" sprouting from dunes and hills on the planet surface. But the scene is actually an optical illusion. The photographs actually show sand dunes coated with a thin layer of frozen carbon dioxide, or dry ice, less than 240 miles from the planet's north pole according to NASA.

Richard Buchli D.V.M Ph.D. writes, "We have here 5 strips of structures side by side. As single strips, these structures are found all over mars. some in short pieces and others in strips many miles long. This group measures eight miles from top to bottom of this view located at43 06 N 116 29 W.

40 27 S 54 13 W



Mars Tracks and Tubes

Richard Buchli D.V.M. writes, "Tracks located on Mars are 86 miles long located at 19-52N 167 W would indicate a large machine moving along the surface. Natural causes are unlikely".

This is an image of a human like figure. It seems unlikely the image is a natural structure.

European Space Agency image shows large areas where only stretch computer marks are shown. It is unknown what is being hidden or deleted.

Rich Richard Buchli D.V.M. writes, "We have here what appears to be a huge network of closed tubes. these tubes range from 500 to over a thousand feet in diameter just think of what could be transported within such a network. Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M.
Editor¡¯s Note: A civilization on Mars is likely to have gone underground because of meteor bombardment. Subway tubes would likely be used to transport water and supplies between underground facilities. The bombardments of meteorites probably made Earth and Mars more habitable by modifying their atmosphere. When a meteorite enters a planet¡¯s atmosphere, extreme heat causes some of the minerals and organic matter on its outer crust to be released as water and carbon dioxide that traps more energy from sunlight to sustain liquid oceans.

Dr. Richard Buchli writes, "At 25 35 S 47 20 W This is a real find of tubes system five miles wide and about half mile high. Cities, structures, and rivers could all be inside these tubes. Don't you think the big tube is our most important find so far?"

Tubes can serve as a shelter from the severe environment of the lunar surface, with its meteorite impacts, high-energy UV radiation and energetic particles, and extreme diurnal temperature variations. Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M.Dorothy Buchli [email protected]

Structure Within Circle
I have circled more building-like structures. Thanks to Norman Bryden

Mars 50 foot Bridge at 58 55S 51 21E. Also buildings and face to left of line Thanks to RICHARD BUCHLI D.V.M.  DOROTHY BUCHLI W.B.W.

Nefertiti Sculpture on Mars

Notice the similarity of the face and the Headdress in this Mars image on the left and 3500 year old Egyptian bust of Nefertiti dated 1355 BC in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

Mars crater has anomolous markings around edges of crater.

More Mars Structures

Dr. Richard Buchli writes, "You will find many wonderful images in the Southeast area of Mars at the bottom of this unnamed crater. It is hard to believe we could find so many things in such a small space. The resolution of that insert has allowed me to get down between the bedrocks and dig out all the things that would have been missed with less resolution of course; they have this superior resolution on all they survey. I do not imagine many of your readers would take the time to get between the stones!! I spent over ten hours yesterday and I am still not thru digging in the bedrock. I am studying every square inch of it!!

In this hookup, the piece marked is over 800 feet long with all we have seen, how can they wonder if there is life on mars? We are on bedrock in the bottom of a crater on mars.

Strange blue tube like structurs are noticeable at  28 15 S 40 29 E Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M. and Dorothy Buchli W.B.W.

28 09 S 40 20 E` strange white structure.

Mars swings to within 99 million kilometers of our Earth this week, making its closest approach until 2012. Get your telescope ready, or simply look up and gaze at the steady orange-red glow of the Red Planet. It rises in the east in the constellation Cancer just after sunset. At magnitude -1.3, Mars almost shines as bright as Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. You can't miss it.

28 09 S 40 31E Fluorescent Structures

The aliens seem to use various symbols such as an arrow, Es and Ys and Zs for marking of key installations. The letters are often bent, or of various types to contain key information often like a totem pole. Richard Buchli D.V.M. Ph.D. writes, "These objects are on top of a layer of bedrock at the bottom of a deep crater on Mars. The top object is 180 feet long. Notice the connections they all seem to have to go somewhere under them. Note the rectangular box on the top of the right end of the top object. 28 10 S 40 26 E

Editor¡¯s Note ¨C We can speculate that these structures situated at the bottom of a crater on bed rock are picking up heat from the interior of the planet. Heat could be transferred through tubes using heated air or water to other places on the planet in a subway like system. We have noticed a tube system in many areas of the planet that would be ideal considering there is minimal atmosphere and harsh cold temperatures. A civilization would likely choose to move underground as much as possible where temperatures are comparatively warm. In the lower right of the image notice the letter ¡®E¡¯ at the top of the arrow and the white building. NASA is already planning to create a Greenhouse effect on Mars. Note the skull like object below that was filmed the Mars Rover.

Making Mars Habitable

National Geographic Germany reports that, according to NASA astronomers, the greenhouse effect could make Mars inhabitable in 1000 years. For a population to live on Mars, the surface temperature first has to rise, so that bonded CO2 will be deposited on the pole caps and the earth. This could well happen, say NASA scientists. A space impact could be controlled through the factory production of greenhouse gases and the use of reflectors in the orbit of the planet, they reported.

Once the greenhouse effect and CO2 has raised the average temperature to over freezing point, rain will fall and water will flow on Mars. This is the first step towards life! After this humans could grow bacteria, algae and lichen in the stony deserts and later cultivate flowering plants and trees. Energy for the developing towns could be generated through atomic factories, wind farms or even fusion reactors. Admittedly humans would need breathing apparatus in the open on Mars, even 1000 years after the beginning of settlement, as the concentration of oxygen in the air would rise very slowly. The idea of man inhabiting Mars may not be confined to science.

 Mars Has Huge YHWH Sign

Yahweh is the personal name of God in the Hebrew Bible. This form is a modern scholarly convention: in Hebrew it is written as four consonants, rendered in Roman letters as YHWH. The most likely meaning of the name may be ¡°He Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists," but there are many theories and none is regarded as conclusive by scholars.[1]

The Bible describes Yahweh as the one true God who delivered Israel from Egypt and gave the Ten Commandments, "Then God spoke all these words. He said, ¡®I am Yahweh your God who brought you out of Egypt, where you lived as slaves. You shall have no other gods to rival me.¡¯

Mars Pyramid

Richard Buchli D.V.M. Ph.D. writes, "We have just learned that this pyramid that I found on Mars is the famous D&M pyramid that is a mile and a quarter high. Mr. George J. Haas has dedicated an entire chapter to this pyramid in his new book "Martian Codex". Any of you that are interested in the things we have been finding on mars may be very interested in obtaining a copy of this book."

Marja wrote: "I was in Mexico and atop one of the pyramids...where one of the people of this ancient civilization live and literally, his feet never touched the ground; food and incense were brought up to him." He was in contact with the gods, and brought them down with him when he went to the games nearby. He was carried there by men who held poles and he was in a open container on the boxes. The top of the pyramid was between the sky and the earth. Mexico the group of pyramids including the Pyramid of the sun is known by people in Mexico by legend as "Place where the gods touch the earth." In all evidence this probably means where the aliens landed. Where they touched the Earth...

George J. Haas is founder and premier investigator of The Cydonia Institute, established in 1991. He is a member of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Pre-Columbian Society of the University of Pennsylvania. He became interested in the "Face on Mars" after reading a book on the subject by Randolfo Rafael Pozos in 1991.

George Haas and William Saunders investigate Martian archaeological sites and suggest that a technological civilization once lived on Mars and made various artistic illustrations of great Martians. The Cydonia Codex finds renewed proof that we may be a colony of Mars, which is what is needed to further investigate this theory. The book gives insight into human origins and establishes evidence for Martians bringing their technology and art to Earth. Martian structures show a relationship to ancient Mesoamerican and Egyptian and cultures and the images from Mars are repeated in the religious and cultural artifacts from those ancient civilizations. Besides the Olmec-like helmet feature, the most prominent feature on the left side of the 1998 Face image is the elaborate headdress, which has attracted a lot of attention among concerned researchers.

The evidence of a Mars version of a sphinx and the apparent pyramidal structures in the surrounding area has some researchers, suggesting that this headdress feature may be another Egyptian link. This interpretation is fostered by the "lateral stripes" or "furrows" that run perpendicular to the gradual slope of the base, off the left side of the Face. The combined effect of the headdress and these faint "stripes" that run to the ground in an orderly fashion, have been interpreted by researcher Mike Bara1 as resembling an Egyptian death mask, much like the one worn by King Tutankhamen

The European Space Agency's orbiting spacecraft has recently detected methane gas in orbit. This gas will float in the air and we know that on earth organic material, animals, and humans generates the majority of methane on the surface. Mars has no active volcanoes and supposedly no life at all, yet both an abundance of water and methane indicate life. We have shown large areas where huge circular shrubs or trees appear to grow as the planet turns green each spring.

Examining 10,000 images from the Spirit Rover for the first two years of exploration has resulted in the discovery of dozens of artificially made objects. Dr. Buchli is adding large numbers of images that suggest life. Just because NASA has been silent about these objects, the images they release show that life may exist on Mars. NASA has apparently been instructed to keep quiet about intelligent life in space. Astronauts must sign agreements not to release this information. Now the Obama Administration is trying to stop NASA from returning to the Moon.

Note the skull like object that was filmed by the Mars Rover.

Looks like at least one tall (square) structure and three smaller structures joined together.Location is: 28 12 44.14S 40 30 28.73E Elevation is 560 meters. Thanks Gary Prowant

The Spirit Rover landed in the Gusev crater and in our opinion struck an ancient city or temple site on Mars that we have nicknamed "Gavesak" based on some of the letters or symbols we have found. The area is covered with millions of rocks laying in the soil that were once part of this city that included stone carvings, symbols and sculpted faces. Although it is difficult to determine a date this happened based on the slim evidence, all indications are that the blast occurred thousands, if not millions of years ago. The main Gusev crater is estimated to be almost four billion years old when reptiles were beginning on Earth.

Streaks in the Martian sky may be meteorite contrails, though there is a possibility this could be an Earth-made satellite. Credit: NASA/JPL Looks like a UFO to me.

© Copyright 2012 National UFO Center by George Filer

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