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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #42 -2009
Oct 14, 2009, 20:57

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Special Reports
 If You Don�t Look You Won�t See

NASA�s Moon Bombing Fizzles, the Public Yawns, Scientists Celebrate

After gearing up for the space agency's much-hyped mission to hurl two spacecraft into the moon, the public turned away from the sky anything but dazzled. Photos and video of the impact showed little more than a fuzzy white flash. This mid-infrared image was taken in the last minutes of the LCROSS flight mission to the MOON on October 9, 2009, at a cost of $79 million Dollars. The small white spot (enlarged in the insets) seen within the dark shadow of lunar crater walls is the initial flash created by the impact of a spent Centaur upper stage rocket. Traveling at 1.5 miles per second, the Centaur rocket hit the LUNAR surface yesterday at 4:31 am UT, followed a few minutes later by the shepherding LCROSS spacecraft. Before crashing into the lunar surface the LCROSS spacecraft's instrumentation successfully recorded close-up the details of the rocket stage impact, the resulting crater, and debris cloud. In the coming weeks, mission data will be used to search for signs of water in the LUNAR material blasted from the surface. Yet scientists involved in the project were downright gleeful. NASA's much-anticipated 'moon bombing' mission in order to collect frozen water, may have literally hit a 'dry hole', as there were no billowing plumes of dust and ice visible after the impact. The dim impact suggests sandy soil was hit rather than rock The LCROSS spacecraft included nine individual science instruments.

This suite of instruments consisted of one visible camera, two near-infrared cameras, two mid-infrared cameras, a visible light spectrometer, two near-infrared spectrometers, and a photometer. All nine of those instruments were gathering data simultaneously and streaming that data back to Earth. 

Credit: NASA, LCROSS Mission Team You can view the crash at: and hear the NASA Mission team stating,  �We can see very small craters within the large crater. Women�s voice states, �We confirm a Thermal signature of the craters with our cameras; over.�

NASA Crash of LCROSS Anomalies

W. Travis a DOD employee writes, The NASA video shows HD thermal pockets on the moon where the LCROSS rocket was supposed to hit. However, NASA says the selected area was chosen due to the extreme cold temperatures where the Sun would not have melted any ice. There are two problems: 1. �The thermal camera shows clear pockets of circular hot spots that are in unlighted areas on the moon. This is impossible unless the cameras were adjusted to read a minute amount of heat. If the cameras were adjusted to pick up the smallest amounts of heat, the explosion would have been a very bright white spot on impact. There was not even the slightest hint of heat at the impact point even though NASA commentators said there were definite signatures from the explosion.�

2. From the 1969 Apollo tapes you can see there is at least an inch of dust that covers the moon. The second stage of the LCROSS rocket (which was recording the event) had 4 minutes to see at least the movement of that dust if the rocket had failed to detonate. If not the TNT included on the LC1 rocket would have accelerated anything into the view of the cameras. Even dust flying around (especially from an explosion), the particles put off small amount of heat when colliding with each other, when NASA switches to the thermal cameras they recorded nothing.

Other anomalies in the posted NASA video: The second stage of the rocket ends transmission clearly before impact, when NASA switches to the control room you can see a PC in the foreground still recording live images that we did not get to see. Shortly after the Mission is over, some congratulations were in order for everyone, except for the gentleman in the middle desk. He abruptly stands up, packs his laptop, and walks over to unplug his power pack. Another employee attempts to high five him; he sternly makes a remark and then exits quite quickly. Hmmmm! Thanks to W. Travis DoD Employee.  

Editor�s Note: W. Travis lives near the U.S. Space & Rocket Center at Huntsville, Alabama and likely knows, someone else is on the moon. Any heat from some of coldest places on the Moon would indicate volcanic action or heated structures or even spacecraft. The presence of usable quantities of water on the Moon is an important factor in rendering lunar habitation cost-effective, since transporting water from Earth would be prohibitively expensive. Water ice can be mined to provide liquid water for drinking and plant propagation. It can also be split into hydrogen and oxygen by solar panel-equipped electric power stations or a nuclear generator, providing breathable oxygen as well as the components of rocket fuel. Planetary geologist Carle Pieters of Brown University  in Rhode Island said, �Widespread water has been detected on the surface of the moon." 

Moretus crater (top right) not far from the LCROSS crash site at Cabeus A (bottom center) has building like structures. The image at right is an enlarged close up image of Moretus Crater structures at right image arrow that may have caused the infrared heat indications.

Moon Structure on Google

 21 47 N 12 30 E. RICHARD BUCHLI D.V.M writes be sure to look at this structure, it is one of the clearest of the subsurface items!!!  Thanks to RICHARD and DOROTHY BUCHLI W.B.W. For those interested in discovering this anomaly for themselves, one can follow these steps:
Alan Caviness writes get Google Earth for yourself free and search the moon for structures.
-Download Google Earth at
-Obtain Google Earth home page
-Click on View
-Click on Explore
-Click on Moon
-Place the coordinates into the box located at left: Thanks to Alan Caviness

Egypt On The Horizon

Valerie l. Fehrenback, PH.D. writes, �My August trip began by flying into Cairo, Egypt; the largest city on the African continent. From the airplane I could see the Great Pyramids of Giza and the serpent like Nile River. The presence of the pyramids from the air is astonishing. It was as though the Pyramids were created to be a beacon for weary intergalactic travelers. The city of Cairo had friendly people that spoke English. All American tourists were accompanied by governmental agents to protect us from any harm. This accompaniment transpired after the September 11th, 2001 incident; with our subsequent bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan. The people of Egypt felt threatened and angered by an American presence. Many of the Egyptian peoples attitude shifted after President Obama�s election, and I found myself greeted with a frequent �thumbs up� expressed to me with the word �Obama�. 

I chose Egypt as a country of interest because of my longstanding research into UFO�s, and also because I am a MUFON investigator in the State of New Jersey. There was something deep and inspiring about seeing the land of the pyramids, and all of the art expressions that you could find in the Cairo museum. The Cairo museum was enormous, but also very enlightening. If you spent three minutes at each exhibit, it would take you about nine months to go through the entire museum. The highlight of the Cairo Museum was the King Tutankhamen Mask, Coffins and Jewelry. The latest research seems to indicate that whoever was buried in King Tutankanmem�s tomb; may have been an imposter.

It would not have been uncommon for an Egyptian King to not be buried in the place that he was said to be mummified. There was a considerable amount of tomb robbing, and often the real burial places were found in obscure areas that were difficult to reach. The Valley of the Kings and Queens was an example of how these necropolises were hidden in difficult desert mountain regions.           
I felt safe and welcomed throughout the whole country. The poverty and discrepancy between the upper middle class and poor was very pronounced. In Cairo you saw goats and other farm animals roaming the streets. They had poor waste disposal and you often saw garbage being burnt in the streets. The temperature was very hot in their summer months; but it can become much cooler during the winter season. There is a feeling of life and energy in Cairo, and a �must� experience is the open market place. No one will sell you anything at the price first offered. You must barter your way down to a reasonable cost. 
I took an airplane from Cairo to Aswan, and then took a three day cruise back up the Nile River to Cairo. Along the Nile River you would see people from very small villages taking their produce to market on the back of a donkey. Sometimes those people were children. All children had compulsory education provided for by the government. The land along the Nile was not very developed, and you had an uncanny feeling that we were living in the Old Biblical era; thousands of years ago. The weather in southern Egypt was notably hotter than Cairo; often above 110 degrees. The story is continued next week. Thanks to Valerie l. Fehrenback
Sightings in the United States

Arizona Two Giant UFOs

I've been very reluctant about posting this, but after watching "I Know What I Saw" tonight, I decided it's time. I was sitting in my chair looking due west for satellites when from the north appeared two extremely large UFOs heading southwest. They were near the edge of the atmosphere and probably three to five miles across.

As they headed southwest, they were crisscrossing with each other and then just vanished! The whole event lasted about four seconds. They were silver in color with a black center and had what looked like multiple cracks on the underside. The sun was also reflecting off of them, giving them a gold/yellowish/orange appearance. A month later I was watching �UFO Hunters� and realized what I had seen was done in an animation for the show as shown here. You can view it on YouTube "UFO Hunters Giant Ufo's 1/5:25". Pause at the 25 sec mark. I've had two sightings prior to this and 1 since, all different, but this is the most vivid of them all! Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Sightings

SAN FRANCISCO -- Witness responds, �There was no object above the hotel when I took this photo at 9:47 AM, on September 21, 2009.  After I downloaded the pictures is when I noticed the object�.  Three pictures were taken of the hotel and only one showed this strange anomaly.  We were on highway 101 southbound when I took the pictures.  This case is under investigation by MUFON California. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J.        

VALLEJO � I was taking photos of the moon on October 4, 2009, at midnight when object appeared overhead. It was there then it was

MODESTO -- I was driving down Tully Road to Bangs when I noticed two blue lights in the distance moving in sporadic patterns. The light on the right was more active and I took three photos. After the second photo the lights stopped in midair. I turned left on Bangs headed east hoping to get a better photo. When I got to the train tracks I could see the three lights in a triangle shape about thirty to fifty feet with one being above the other. My two year old began to cry and my six year old said, "Daddy, I'm afraid." I traveled for through Pelandale when my daughter said "Daddy, it is following us." I told her to pray and not to worry. As we approached the next light there were many workers repaving the road and a police car. By the time we reached Standiford she said, �It went away.� It was not much larger than a vehicle. My daughter told me that she saw a window at the top with light coming out of it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MT. WILSON OBSERVATORY � I live in Los Angeles and enjoy looking at the view from the Mt Wilson Tower cam and on October 5, 2009, at 5:22 AM, I went to the site to see how the moon was illuminating the countryside. I copied to my computer a rather bright blob in the upper right side of the camera image. I copied images about every two minutes and saw the object was moving. I continued to copy the images until it left the camera screen. Each image has the Tower cam�s information on it: date, time and UCLA data. I continued to watch the Tower cam images and could see the light from the sunrise gradually taking over the sky and the stars disappearing. Since the Tower cam was pointed east any bright light source behind it could have possibly reflected off of some object.

Note: The moon would have been in the opposite direction of the Tower cam (southwest) at the time of filming. The Tower cam is oriented towards the northeast. There were no bright celestial objects (planets, stars) were visible in the direction of the light. Perhaps the light could be a reflection, but not enough information is available to make that determination. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest 

Colorado Three Discs


CASTLE ROCK -- I was taking a photo out back of the nice sunset on September 19, 2009, and noticed three circular lights and said; �Mom look at those beautiful three lights.� I didn't relate it to being UFO's that evening. I said, �That represents the holy trinity or three angels. Mom answered; �No, those represent the three children you are going to have.� At the time I was pregnant which weeks later resulted in a miscarriage. I didn�t' notice the perfect circular figure until tonight when I zoomed in on the photo. I think I caught three UFO'S in this picture. My heart started pumping and I felt chills all over. But when I look at this photo I get a sense of peace, I set this photo as my wallpaper on my cell phone, because I love those three lights with the sunset. It definitely has a meaning. The objects remained in that same spot until the sunset. I haven't seen them again. I do hope they come back. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Florida Disc

WEST PALM BEACH -- At around 6 PM, I was in the backyard with my Canon EOS Rebel XT digital camera taking photographs of the natural landscape and noticed a small helium balloon and decided to take a few pictures. After I shot the first picture of the balloon I noticed a small white object moving rapidly from left to right within the view finder. I quickly tried to take a second photograph of the object but was unable to as it vanished before I could focus on it accurately. However, when I came upstairs and uploaded all of the images the second picture had the strange white object within its frame.

I still can�t help but wonder what the object could have been, as it flew very quickly and completely silently before it disappeared. The sky was also very clear and there was no other air traffic that I could see within my vicinity. The photograph of the object was taken with the following settings: Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec. Aperture: F6.3 ISO Speed: 100 Lens: 75-300mm Focal Length: 300mm. I increased the contrast to make the object a little brighter. I have never seen an object of this shape in flight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii Disc Photographed


HALEIWA -- I was sitting on the Banzai Pipeline Beach on October 9, 2009, taking pictures of the surfers and the waves. When I took a picture of the sun behind the palm tree, I did not notice the object. I only saw it once I loaded the picture in the computer. There was no noise of helicopter or plane as I took the picture. There is a strange metallic oval object with a triangular structure on top
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan Humming Craft

BELMONT -- She was sitting at her computer at 6:30 AM, on October 9, 2009, and saw a light outside making a deep humming noise. Kathy said she could actually feel the hum in her belly. The light was as bright as lightening lighting up the area of sky below what looked to be some sort of aircraft. The light was like a reverse funnel, the widest end facing the Earth. The craft was less than a mile away. The craft was more glowing than lit and was about two inches long at arm�s length. It wasn't very high in the sky. The lights and the humming stopped at the same time. She could still see the craft glowing once the light coming below the craft had been distinguished. Then they came back on within a couple seconds with the same low humming. The craft had not moved at all. This second and last time the light disappeared, the craft vanished as well. Kathy said it probably took all of 5 seconds for the entire visitation to transpire. She has no doubt that it was a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nevada Photos and Video

MCGILL -- My husband, son and I were 50 miles northeast of McGill driving home on October 1, 2009, and saw a big, bright orange ball of light appear directly in front of us (east). It just hung there for about ten seconds and then disappeared. We all asked each other if we had seen it and we had. About 30 seconds later it showed up again out the driver's window (north) and we all started yelling and I pulled over. By the time I had stopped it was gone. We got out of the car and it popped up in front of us again. So I took out my little camera and waited. A few seconds later we saw it way far off to the northeast. It was really dim. Then it kind of blinked out and it was right in front of us again, but now there were two of them.

 They just hung there for about 10 to 20 seconds. I got some video of them then they just disappeared. All the cars that had been behind us had pulled over and were watching. A man pulled up next to us and asked if we were seeing this. While we were talking three re-appeared. They were very large and bright orange and kind of bounced up and down and I got a little of that on camera. All of a sudden there were jets coming from all directions and we didn't see the lights again. They were similar to looking a street lamp from about 50 yards away. It really was the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

Note: I have contacted the witness and requested the sketch and video footage. No response has yet been received from the witness. Obviously this report has no logical explanation. No rocket launches or other phenomena fit this report. Some sightings in the Southwest U.S. can be attributed to rocket launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

New Jersey Pink Spray Plane

NEWTON -- Traveling on Route 206 south around 5;50 PM on Saturday, October 10, 2009, we noticed a chemtrail as it got closer we noticed the bright PINK color the "plane" was the only thing that was pink. The smoke it was spraying was gray, and the sky was blue. The sun was not setting so nothing had a pink hue like when the sun sets. It was moving north almost parallel to 206. It looked like a �plane,� but had a tall fin on top with several points or fins out of the bottom and side. I always have my camera because this is not the 1st video capture you can visit YouTube and search mikie8865 for UFO video's. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Bright Star-Like Object

NEWBURG -- We dropped Dad off at the Stewart Airport early in the morning on the 10th or 11th September and drove north on NY Thruway 87 and a saw a really bright star in the dark sky. In a second the star moved really close, got a little bigger and brighter and I said, �What's that Mom?� I was driving and when my daughter yelled out I looked where she was pointing in the sky. I glanced away from the road and saw a bright light quite close, about 2000 feet high- below cloud level, basketball sized at arm�s length. It was changing from a single white light to several lights that flashed in series around an oval shape surrounded by a dark-grayish mist or smoke and within. The lights flashed around this oval object at least two times as the mist around it began to dissipate. The object changed shape again from oval to triangular, but a strange triangle that was very dark with slightly swept back wings.
The light configuration changed at the same time to two large bright lights underneath and slightly back from the tip of the triangle shape- like two bug eyes close together. The mist was almost completely gone now. The object rotated so those lights faced us (west) and then suddenly a small light on the end of each wing appeared and began to blink alternately- one reddish, one white. So fast, so amazing was this transformation. I finally pulled over to watch and the object just seemed to 'float' west toward Pennsylvania. We didn't hear any noise, but it disappeared rather quickly. I tried to figure out what we saw. It might have been a plane making its approach for landing. But I've seen hundreds of planes didn't make sense with all the mist and light changes. My husband was a pilot and expert on aircraft through the Vietnam War. Has anyone else seen similar morphing objects recently in the area? When I first saw the object I said- "Wow! That's a UFO!� �Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Streak of Light

FORT BRAGG -- On October 1, 2009, at 8:25 PM, the witness saw a bright light flying high in a southerly direction. The light was visible for only about 5 to 10 seconds in a clear sky. No strobes or markings on the light were observed. The light flashed a couple of times and then disappeared. The witness called Air Traffic Control at Fayetteville Airport and nearby Pope Air Force Base. It is not known if information was provided, but it is doubtful whether either agency would respond to a public request of this nature. Thanks to MUFON CMS

SUGAR GROVE -- I have a few photos that were taken in my front yard on January 3, 2009, at 10:45 PM, that I decided to share. I live in a rather secluded place in the woods in the Western North Carolina Mountains. I am used to different types of craft and beings since 1975. In one of the photos there are faces, gray, and reptilian. I have several that I will locate later. There are some interesting objects and lights as well as grays with the large black eyes.
Note: Little is known about the above photo other than the fact that it appears to be not "tampered" with. In estimating the time and date above I made the assumption that the date and time settings were correct on the camera. A Hewlett-Packard Photosmart M425 digital camera was used to take the photos. The camera has a maximum resolution of 5 mega-pixels. The witness says that he has taken photos of "gray aliens�. I have requested more photos from the witness. Updates will be posted.  Listen to Taping of Witness Report (MP3) Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest 

 Rhode Island Light

PROVIDENCE -- I work 3rd shift doing security at an apartment complex downtown and at 5 AM, on October 10, 2009, I was walking from one building to the next when I noticed a light moving much too slow to be an airplane. It was completely silent and similar to the way a hot air balloon would glow at night, but I do not believe this was a balloon. I took out my cell phone, as quick as I could, and took a couple pictures of these phenomena. It was moving from the north to the south in a straight line. It was completely overcast and it seemed as if the light was inside the cloud cover, as I could see no structure, just an orb of light. From the first picture to the last is a time span of about 1 minute. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Flying Triangle

PORTLAND -- On October 10, 2009, at 12:30 AM while we were at Club 9 downtown, the whole patio saw a triangular UFO pass from west to east over South Ptown (halfway between OHSU and Pioneer square), then turn south over the I5/405 interchange. It was maybe 50' above the downtown buildings. It was about 75 feet across and was moving rather quickly. The triangle seemed to have round corners and the three main lights underneath were grayish in color. When it turned south, it banked at a 40 degree angle. There was a slight anomaly with the air - it seemed to shimmer as though there was intense heat, a shimmer that one would see coming off of a road during the summer sun, but it was slight. The ship was extremely clear to see, although it seemed to be solid flat black (minus the lights of course).

I made a quick animation of what we saw (attached) from my perspective. There was no sound. I was trying to take a photograph of three girls, but the camera wasn't working, when someone yelled 'That's a UFO!' I looked up and to my right; I immediately saw it as it passed right in front of us. There was no doubt that it was a huge craft gliding through the night sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Rotating Lights Videotaped

FORT WORTH -- The witness's husband called and stated his wife and mother were driving home and noticed a strange rotating airborne circle of lights over an array of warehouses on October 10, 2009, about 9:25 PM. The daughter took out her Samsung digital camera and began shooting a video. The lights appeared to move with the car and were not projected from a stationary source on the ground. The original video wasn't too dark to discern the light pattern. Through video editing software the image has been brightened.
Note: I don't have a ready explanation for the lights. They could be reflections of a ground source on the low clouds. (The cloud bases were only 1,500 feet at the time of the sighting.) The witness's husband stated that an "Entertain Mart" was in the area and that sometimes they displayed rotating lights to advertise promotions. However, the mart was not right in the industrial area where the lights were seen. A check of other databases has not revealed any other sightings in the area. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Worldwide Sightings
Australia Three Objects

MELBOURNE -- Witness replies, �I'm not sure if anyone besides us saw these objects but they were moving at a high rate of speed on September 8, 2009, and two other people were with me at the time.� I work in the city as a stockbroker and I was walking home with two colleagues when we saw the objects darting around moving really fast, then they just stopped on a dime. One colleague was shaken by the event and the strange thing was the objects seemed to disappear and go invisible within the clouds, and then slowly reappear. There was no noise we could hear. Thanks to UFO Case Book and Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J.

Canada Disks and Cylinder

KINGSTON, ONTARIO --This sighting occurred at 7:30 to about 8:05 PM, on July 20, 2009. The angles that the craft were seen precludes a reflection from the sun causing a halo/obscuration effect.
The craft was low enough to be seen through an arc of 90-120 degrees, through the reflection of the sun, so this aspect is taken care of. The craft was seen during the photo taking of the 'Chemtrails' at approximately 7:54 PM. The craft moved fast enough that only the few shots where managed to be taken. Deadly silent, and no more than about 5-6000 feet up.

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO -- Paul Shishis writes, �I�m still in wonder that there is so much photographic evidence available, this is a cropped photo of UFO over my work roof on September 17, 2009, after lunch at 1:19 PM.  There does appear to be another white object with a trail-that could be a plane.� Thanks  to John Wilkie for cropping this picture and highlighting that day on:.  I did not see this with the naked eye-though noticed some bright flashes. Thanks to  Paul Shishis

 Denmark Photo of Gray Object

55 22 25 N - 10 25 57 E -- I was on my bicycle on September 13, 2009, after visiting my Mum and saw this beautiful sunset, so I took about 14-15 pictures. I didn�t see the object while I took the pictures! I was actually wondering about some weird looking clouds and concentrating on the fast changing sunset scenery. The images were taken right after each other in a 14 seconds timeframe, with the mode dial function set to "Sun", which clearly gave the best results in this particular situation. I use Photoshop often and made an animation with the four photos, and I can see there, that the object appears to be steady while the clouds passing by it quite fast. Original 10M Pixel pics (3872x2592) taken with a Sony A-100 reflex camera you may request for further research: For more info and pictures:

Greece Hellenic Gods Fly Over

HYDRA -- Michael Cohen writes, �A strange fleet of glowing cloud-like UFOs were seen on Sunday, October 4, 2009, by many tourists and locals on the Greek Isle of in the Aegean Sea. The alleged UFO fleet was observed silently floating across the sky until it disappeared from view.� A number of tourists enjoying seaside lunch, conveniently with cameras in hand, managed to get photos (As seen below). Greek UFO enthusiasts are now debating whether these were indeed extraterrestrial spaceships, unusual cloud formations or some other natural phenomena.UFO events occur very often in Greece. Just last year in October an event involving a UFO that was reported by an airline pilot as well as seen by both the military and airport tower staff made international news. In this case jets were scrambled to chase the craft and the authorities attempted to subsequently hush the event up. Michael Cohen [email protected]

New Zealand Two Objects Observed
CHRISTCHURCH -- I was standing outside having coffee when I noticed a light streak fly from south to north then suddenly stop and hover on October 9, 2009, at 9 PM. Then it began to move at high speed erratically across the sky. The first object appeared as a very bright point of light that would dim as it moved at high speed. At its lowest point it looked disk like. I observed this object for over ten minutes as it made right angle turns and moved around at very high speeds.
The second object appeared in much the same way as the first except it was flying west, then both began to move to follow each other at which point I lost sight of them as a bank of cloud rolled in. This would put both objects at a very high altitude and by their movement and way of arrival I cannot see this as an aircraft. I did not notice any sound. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Russia Strange Cloud Formation

 MOSCOW -- Bizarre clouds were filmed over Moscow in early October 2009. According to the Wikipedia entry: this type of cloud formation is called Fallstreak Hole. It is believed that a disruption in the stability of the cloud layer, such as that caused by a passing jet or UFO may induce the domino process of evaporation which creates the hole. 

Uruguay UFO Photographed

LA SONDA � Two flying objects were photographed together over the Atlantic Ocean on April 19, 2008. The two objects were parked near �xendra" or dimensional door!

UK/England Sightings

 STONEHENGE � The photo was taken by my daughter on October 10, 2009. I was at work (security) on a building site alone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

RUNCORN, CHESHIRE -- I had left my cabin for a cigarette on October 11, 2009, and coming from the west and travelling east was an orange/red light. It was moving slowly but in a straight line maybe 1000 feet up. I took my cell phone out and videoed what I saw about 70 meters away. There is an embankment which has a main road on top so I could only see the objects until they went over the top. No sooner had the first gone out of view, when a second object appeared and did the same followed by a third and fourth. Twenty minutes later, I saw the four objects in close formation zoom off at great speed to the north. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 BRISTOL -- I decided to go outside for a smoke on October 9, 2009, and my hubby came out and said very excited, �Come here and look at this!� There were bright lights, following each other in the sky, quite low and without noise. I didn�t know what they were, and was amazed since we never saw anything like it before. By the time we got the camera most of them had disappeared.

Europe's UFO Files Remain Mostly Under Wraps
The British and French governments are among a select few in Europe to have declassified previously top secret files and experts believe that, while they may currently be in the minority in revealing their documents, they are certainly not alone in having recorded sightings. Germany refuses to say whether it has any UFO files. "The French released their UFO files through their space agency in 2007, Britain is mid-way through a 3-4 year program of revealing theirs under the Freedom of Information Act, while the Norwegians and the Danes have already released some files as have the Italians."

Nick Pope, a former investigator of UFO reports and sightings with the British MoD and an expert on the topic, told Deutsche Welle. "The UFO phenomenon is a global phenomenon; there are unquestionably sightings all around the world so all European countries will certainly have had UFO sightings."
Germany is one of the many European countries which have not declassified their UFO files, despite the fact that independent organizations record 75 sightings a year in the skies over Germany.,,4783950,00.html

Massachusetts UFO Show
Friday, October 16, 2009 at 7:00 PM, Hibernian Hall, 151 Watertown Street Watertown, MA 02472 with Peter Robbins - Bentwaters UFO Incident, Nick Redfern - Cosmic UFO Crashes, John Horrigan - Los Angeles Air Raid, and Tim Binnall - Ufology 2009.,
Pittsburgh UFO conference set for October 17 in Youngwood
The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network will present a UFO Conference on Saturday, October 17, 2009, from 10 am to 6 pm at the Westmoreland Community College.

Cinnaminson NJ Library George Filer is Speaking October 20, 2009 at 7 PM.

History Channel Airs Acclaimed UFO Documentary 'I Know What I Saw,'
 Directed By James Fox, on October 19, Film Exposes Covert U.S. Investigation of Worldwide UFO Cases

Swine Flu Prevention

Influenza vaccination is the primary method the medical profession uses to prevent swine flu and is being released to the public, so you may wish to obtain a vaccination for yourself. Only half of the population is expected to take the vaccine. Dr. Mark Nicas, professor at the School of Public Health, University of California, studies "the exposure intensity of contaminants in the air," including the H1N1 virus. He says, �When an infected person coughs or sneezes larger particles settle out quickly within three feet of origination but in contrast, the smaller particles disperse throughout the room and can be inhaled deeply into the lungs.� The viruses in these small airborne particles can survive for hours and are able to travel from room to room. If you aren�t blessed with a particularly robust immune system, this can and does lead to increased likelihood of exposure and infection.

I have personally found a method to keep my immune system strong and fight flu, colds, and other illness with special colored light therapy. Adults typically get two to four colds a year, while children may get as many as ten. Several of my friends, my family and I use experimental light therapy to successfully prevent many illnesses and have not had colds or flu over the last several years while using the green lights.
My wife and I started using green polyester light and have been free of colds and flu for several years. It�s never too late to heal your body by helping your immune system to fight infection and disease. It�s time to drop your old ideas about home remedies being �less powerful� than drugs or vaccines�it�s just not true. Ancient treatments are often much safer and more effective, than vaccines. A green light will cause no harm and will likely improve your immune system and help you fight numerous ailments including the flu. The light theory also works successfully on cats, dogs.

Light is the medicine of the future that is a nonintrusive, very powerful tool, that resides at the core of the new 'energy medicine'. We are prepared to offer the special experimental flu lights for $50 which includes shipping and handling at the address below.
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