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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #37 - 2009
Sep 9, 2009, 12:31

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George Filer is MUFON New Jersey State Director

Special Reports

Japan's Next Prime Minister’s Wife Flew to Venus on a UFO

TOKYO) Miyuki Hatoyama, a former actress and wife of Yukio Hatoyama — who will likely be sworn in as Japan's prime minister on September 16 2009, promises to become one of Japan's most colorful first ladies ever. A strong believer in spiritualism, Hatoyama said in a TV appearance earlier this year claims that her soul  traveled to Venus on a UFO.  "I have a dream that I still believe will come true, which is to make a film in Hollywood with Tom Cruise because I knew him in a previous life. I also eat the sun," Hatoyama said on the program, looking up with her eyes closed, raising her arms high as if she was tearing pieces off an imaginary sun. "Like this, hum, hum, hum. It gives me enormous energy."  "My husband has recently started doing that too," said the 66-year-old Hatoyama, who was born to Japanese parents in Shanghai and met her husband in the United States where he was a PhD student at Stanford.
 The Democratic Party of Japan, which her husband heads, scored a sweeping victory in recent elections for the 480-seat lower house of parliament, winning 308 seats and ending the ruling party's virtually uninterrupted more than half-century domination of government.  His party's majority means he is a shoo-in to be the next prime minister.  Miyuki Hatoyama, a former actress, dancer and singer in the hugely popular Takarazuka Revue all-female theater group, wrote in a book published last year about her surrealistic space trip about 20 years ago.  "While my body was sleeping, I think my spirit flew on a triangular-shaped UFO to Venus," she said in the book called "Most Bizarre Things I've Encountered," according to an Internet bookstore .  "It was an extremely beautiful place and was very green," she said.  The book is a compilation of interviews with 26 prominent people originally published in her "Miracle Interview" column in the monthly spiritual magazine "Mu."  She is also known for her healthy cooking and making her husband look presentable and healthy. 

The Chinese Academy of Sciences Performs UFO Video Analysis

Scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing are reported to have confirmed that they filmed a UFO during the eclipse for 40 minutes. The Observatory is famous for discovering of 147 asteroids. They say that they will spend the next 12 months studying the footage before drawing any conclusions. The director of the observatory, Ji Hai-sheng, told that scientists would not be speculating publicly on the nature of what was captured on film until it had been properly studied. He added:"'Purple Mountain Observatory and Chinese Academy of Sciences said that during the July 22, 2009,  total solar eclipse observation, China had discovered near the sun, by observing staff, an unidentified object, it's physical nature remains to be further studied. "Currently manpower is being organized to deal with this data, complete the data analysis and reveal the scientific results and this will take at least one year's time to finalize."  Thanks to Jeff Hansen

Antarctica Cave Entrance

Ken Pfeifer writes, “After doing much research on strange sights on Google Earth, I was fortunate to see something very interesting on ATS [Above Top Secret].” Someone, with allot of patience, found a very large cave entrance in Antarctica. I was able to find it easily by typing in the longitude and latitude in the search box of Google Earth. If you have heard about the hollow earth theory, that has been around for a while, than this will really give you something to think about. The measurements of the one entrance is 265 wide by 100 ft high and is very secluded. The other entrance is smaller but apparently man made. The location is about 4.8 miles and a heading of 224 degrees from the main entrance. Luckily this area has not been tampered with but a large area of Antarctica has been blurred out for some reason. Thanks to ATS and Ken Pfeifer Mufon N.J

Moon Cross

 2 56N  21 27W Richard Buchli D.V.M. writes, “Google Moon streams show an ‘X’ or Cross I found on the Moon. I just learned how to measure areas on the moon. The distance across an arm of the ‘X’ structure from one end to the other is 15.70 feet by 15.70 feet. So now we have some idea about the actual size of things we find. This Google Moon is the most fun I have had in a good many years; to be able to zero in on anything up there and study it and measure it is beyond belief! It is apparently a huge ‘X’ shaped structure and all of it is below the surface level. All the various photos are from different angles and the bright ‘X’ is included the locations at the bottom of the shots. A shot taken at ground level does not show the ‘X.’ Those pictures of the parallel black tracks that I sent you, measure a little over 4 and a half miles from end to end! Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M. and Dorothy Buchli W.B.W.

Hacker Uncovered US Off-Planet Space Navy

Gary McKinnon, the English hacker facing 70 years in U.S. prison for searching Pentagon sites for UFO evidence, says the weirdest thing he found was a list of "Non-Terrestrial Officers" and fleet transfers between ships that don't exist in the U.S. Navy. Note - This is - possibly - a profoundly important development. If Mr. McKinnon's data is correct, it validates the assumption the US Navy may well be operating off-planet via back-engineered ET technology. His data indicates the Navy and probably the Air Force operate a fleet of space craft and officers to either man them or otherwise control them. The Clementine mission, you will recall it was a US Navy project which mapped the entire Moon.
 Gary McKinnon states, “I found a list of fleet-to-fleet transfers, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't U.S. Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet” .'  

September 1, 2009, Jeff Rense and I Discussed Space planes on his Radio Show

 Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine investigated myriad sightings of a two-stage-to-orbit system that could place a small military space plane in orbit during the 1990s. After the shuttle Challenger disaster in January 1986, and a subsequent string of expendable-booster failures, the military needed a quick method to get satellites into space to keep  tabs on its Cold War adversaries. Considerable evidence supports the existence of a highly classified system, and top Pentagon officials have hinted that it's "out there”. It appears the "Blackstar" system may have replaced the shelved U.S. SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft. It was composed of a large "Mothership," closely resembling the Air Force's historic XB-70 supersonic bomber with the orbital component under its fuselage, accelerating to supersonic speeds at high altitude before dropping the space plane. The orbiter's engines fire and boost the vehicle into space. The shuttle could also carry a small space plane into orbit, that could then be launched.
The National Aero-Space Plane (NASP) was under development during the Carter Administration that could reach low Earth orbit but was allegedly cancelled.
Satellite orbits are predictable and activities having intelligence value can be scheduled to avoid over flights. The Navy and Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) have wanted an operational space plane for years. Small maneuverable space craft could be carried into orbit by the Shuttle or launched from a Mothership and conduct key reconnaissance. The space plane is capable of carrying an advanced imaging suite that could be configured to deliver specialized microsatellites to low Earth orbit or, perhaps, be fitted with no-warhead hypervelocity weapons--what military visionaries have called "rods from god." Launched from the fringes of space, these high-Mach weapons could destroy deeply buried bunkers and weapons facilities.

Boeing DynaSoar X-20

“In 1986, Boeing filed a U.S. patent application for an advanced two-stage space transportation system. Patent No. 4,802,639, was awarded on Feb. 7, 1989, details how a small orbiter could be air-dropped from the belly of a large delta-winged carrier at Mach 3.3 and 103,800-ft. altitude. Tons of material--including long-lead structural items--for a third XB-70 Valkyrie had been stored in California warehouses years before, and a wealth of data from the X-20 DynaSoar military space plane program was readily available for application to a modern orbiter. The DynaSoar program in November 1959, was the first effort to use a manned boost-glider to fly in near-orbital space and return. The B-70 was to carry the 10,000-lb. DynaSoar glider and a 40,000-lb. liquid rocket booster to 70,000 ft. and release them while traveling at Mach 3. With this lofty start, the booster could then push the glider into its final 300-mile. orbit."
On October 4, 1998, an XB-70-like carrier aircraft was spotted flying over Salt Lake City at about 2:35 PM, by James Petty, the president of JP Rocket Engine Co. He saw a small highly swept-winged vehicle nestled under the belly of the XB-70-like aircraft climbing slowly on a west-southwest heading. The sky was clear enough to see both vehicles' leading edges, which Petty described as a dark gray or black. Thanks to Aviation Week.

Sightings in the United States

Alabama Four Balls of Light

SPANISH FORT -- It was about 1 AM, Sunday August 23, 2009, my husband and I went outside to smoke and instantly noticed this huge blinking light over Highway 31 about three miles away. My husband brought to my attention that planes only flash red and green lights while this object was flashing red, green, blue and orange lights in vibrant colors. It was swaying from side to side. My husband ran and got our camera and binoculars but my camera wouldn’t catch the object but when we looked through the binoculars you could see clearly that it was the most perfect circle ball shape ever. It stayed hovering in the same spot for an hour launching three smaller versions of the light circle with vibrant color flashes. This was no helicopter, weather balloon, or aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Arkansas Rectangular

36.2693 N 94.4636 W  After reading many reports of people taking random pictures of the sky on July 17, 2009, I and my main squeeze decided to start doing the same. We have captured quite a number odd objects in the sky using this method. One image appears to corroborate pictures taken in New York recently in report 19048. My cheap camera takes an image every three seconds and submitted is two pictures; one of the object and another three seconds later without the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Blimp Like UFO

LONG BEACH -- At 11:32 AM, on September 2, 2009, I was driving with a friend on 2nd Street and witnessed the object in the attached re-created photo. At first I thought it was a blimp, and pointed it out to my friend. I noted that it looked like an enormous advertisement banner towed by a plane with breaks in the solid lettering...but no plane was towing it.

I was 1 to 2x the length of a B-52 and twice as tall. It was flying at 8,000 feet altitude. I am a student pilot and aerospace engineer. After we turned the corner it disappeared. F-18 fighters were heard accelerating from Los Alimitos at 11:52 AM. Interestingly enough fires with smoke were burning today, and fires were burning when other objects were observed in November of 2008.

LA CRESENTA -- I was headed to Orange County to visit some family on Saturday August 29, when I began to take pictures of the fires on the mountainside. I thought nothing of it until i went back and looked at the pictures. In one frame there was nothing there, but in the next frame maybe 3 seconds later, I noticed a very faint orange balloon shaped object. It appears that this orange balloon had ripped through a part of the sky leaving a white trail behind it.


Almost every night, this Star appears with different colors red, green, and white. Through a telescope on September 5, 2009, it looks like a sparkling jagged edge star, then turns into a perfect circle, then a half circle. I took a photo with the camera looking through the telescope and this is what it shows. All of the other stars are white and not bouncing around like this one.

Georgia Aliens

UNICOI STATE PARK -- My husband and I went camping and on Sunday August 30, 2009, I went to the restroom around 4 PM, and was walking back to my tent with my lantern and felt there was someone behind me. I turned around and saw three gray aliens standing in the woods behind the building on the hill. They were just standing there. I thought it could be other people from the campground on the hill, but why would they just be standing in the middle of the woods at 4 AM?

When one of them turned and looked at me, I realized they were not human. Their arms were too long and their bodies were too thin. They had very large craniums with lumps on top with pale glossy skin. They had huge black eyes that seemed to pierce right through me. I stand 5'3" tall, and they looked several inches shorter than me. The one who saw me started to inch toward me, but I bolted back to my tent. When my husband asked me what was wrong, all I could say was "There's (expletive) aliens back there!" When he finally calmed me down, he went looking for the aliens but found nothing. I don't know if I had any missing time or not. It was around 5 AM, when I was finally calm enough to leave the tent, with my husband. Around 6 AM, we got a fire going and cooked breakfast. I didn't see any signs of a craft, but was wide awake when I saw the creatures. Thanks to MUFON

Hawaii Eight Lights in a Bar

KILAUEA -- The object appeared to be eight lights in a bar to the northeast on August 25, 2009, about twenty degrees above the horizon at 9 PM. The impression was that it was a relatively large object the sky was clear.  The lights appeared for a few seconds, and flashed much brighter for a few seconds and then quickly faded out. The lights were a warm, orange color. It was clearly mechanical / manufactured in its appearance. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois Cigar

OREGON -- I was driving west on Route 64 just east of town about 7:30 PM, on August 26, 2009, and caught the movement of a glass like object flying south at about 170 mph. This object was the same color as the sky and only viewable because of its outline. It was 1200 feet west of me and about 700 feet above the power lines; just high enough to see over hilly terrain. I watched it move south for about five seconds before I lost it in the tree line. The scary part for me is that I didn't think you could see something like that on a clear sunny day. I could only see the hazy edge of its outline as it moved, like intense heat shimmering off pavement. It was large about 80 to 100 feet from edge to edge and about 30 feet from top to bottom. Thanks to MUFON CMS
PALOS – I observed three chrome looking spheres about 30,000 feet high at 12:45 AM while flying RC airplanes on August 23, 2009. These were not from the Palos RC Airfield and they were highly luminescent sometimes steady lit or flickering. They were hovering and seen by at least ten people. They were not joined together in any way. They looked like chrome pin balls. The sighting was only ten minutes in duration before they drifted slowly up and out to the south. There were several outgoing jets from Midway Airport that passed by them at a much faster pace. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Iowa Five Oval Lights

FAIRFIELD -- At 3:17 AM, I went outside before going to bed on August 23, 2009, and saw what I thought were airplane lights. I then noticed five or more lights in an oval shape moving through the sky. The lights were like small stars, but bright enough that their movement against a dark clear sky was apparent. The movement was slow and steady. I went quickly into the house and shouted to my brother to come immediately. He came out and also watched the object. The Pleiades were higher and south of this object. It flew northeast and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Kentucky Abduction Disc

Depiction of sighting
MT. STERLING -- While attending Morehead State University one Thursday evening a friend and I set off to blow off steam in Mt. Sterling. We got on I-64 headed westbound, then stopped for soft drinks at the convenient station at the second exit in Owensville, KY. It was still daylight and we had sixteen miles until our destination. We drove and missed the first Mt. Sterling exit ... but no big deal because the second exit was only another four miles past the first. That's when I realized how much was really wrong because we'd passed both exits and it was almost dark. We turned around and started eastbound back toward Mt. Sterling. Somehow it was now full dark.
 At the very next overpass off the right shoulder by about fifteen was this big, oval metallic thing floating in mid-air twenty or twenty-five feet off the ground. It was a big long straight stretch and we could see it as we approached for a long time. I remember thinking at the time that from a distance it was cigar shaped but the closer we got until we could see it from the bottom it looked saucer shaped, so it depended on the angle you were seeing it from exactly what shape you might think you saw. It was solid silver and all around the top side from what I could see looked like window shaped indentions but they were silver too. It was almost like I was hypnotized by it because I had slowed almost to a stop as we approached it and started pulling off the highway to the shoulder. The lights were all around the outer edge and on the bottom. There was a vibration, sort of rhythmic, that you could sort of feel reverberating through your chest but there was no sound, no air displacement stirring up the nearby vegetation, nothing to suggest a propulsion system we might be familiar with. It didn't have any markings or emblems. We were out in the middle of nowhere on a totally empty stretch of interstate. We are both professionals. Thanks to MUFON CMS Photo is a depiction of the sighting
Michigan Maneuvering UFO

PONTIAC -- My girlfriend and I had gone to the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival where bands are playing all the time. We had gone to see the band Los Lobos play and were sitting on the lawn to watch and we both looked up at the sky because it was such a beautiful night. I caught my eye on what I thought was a balloon and pointed it out to my girlfriend. Then I realized it wasn't a balloon. It was traveling east and as it was traveling, it was zigzagging, maneuvering with real quick zigzags. I was mesmerized watching it and then it went behind a cloud. I looked at my girlfriend and without me saying anything; she says "I think we just saw a UFO". I started laughing because I was thinking the same thing. We waited for it to appear after the cloud moved but never saw it again.

Massachusetts Triangle

AMESBURY -- On August 25, 2009, we were driving on Route 495 when a very fast triangle shaped craft flew over our van left to right at 4:20 PM. Its speed was supersonic as it shot upward like a rocket and scared us. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York Fireballs

ROCHESTER – On September 3, 2009, I was standing on my driveway with my dog at 9:20 PM, I looked up to see several glowing red lights coasting through the sky. Five or six of these glowing red spheres passed over in a group. There were too many to be aircraft. I snapped pictures with my cell phone before racing back inside and yelled for my parents to look. My Dad came out side as a dozen red glowing fireballs flew over and then disappeared. My Mom also joined us and I had snapped eight pictures of these flying objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio – “V” Shaped UFO

MIDDLETON – On September 5, 2009, I was driving with my Mom on Roosevelt Boulevard as we admired the full moon we saw lights in a ‘V’ shape. My Mom was complaining about the other cars stopping in front of us because they were watching the lights. We decided to try and follow the lights, when they scattered in different directions and disappeared. Then we spotted airplanes circling but the bright lights were scattered away from them. The bright lights were maneuvering too quickly to be a regular plane. The planes had red and blue lights on them that were the real planes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Antique Egg

TOBYHANA -- Driving home from the doctors on August 20, 2009, my girlfriend noticed a silver shaped object flying along side of us. She told me to “Look over at the UFO!” and when the tree line opened up there was a silver egg shaped object just hovering about a quarter of a mile above the tree line. People in the car in front of us slowed down and were looking up at the hovering object.. It made no sound and had no windows, doors, or engines. I felt like we were being watched, so I told my girlfriend to keep going. Thanks to MUFON CMS

JEANNETTE -- 41.1753 N 74.9184 W -- For the previous two nights I witnessed and filmed over a dozen orange/yellow orbs coming out of the woods in front of my valley. Having seen them before flying over our house on May 13, and 18, 2009, I kept watching the woods. One after another they came up from the trees and  turned on plane FAA lights, and then they speed up and fly off. Some appear to start flashing out of nowhere higher up from this area without the Orb appearance first.
They form in the woods at the edge of a private community golf course just past the Murrysville line. At dusk, I took photographs at 1600 ISO with flash that revealed multiple orbs. I drove to the maintenance road and could see an active plasma ball orb hovering above the golf course and shot it. I drove around to where the houses were at the highest point and started filming (so you can't say it's a plane's approach lights). It did the usual transformation into a Fake Plane by starting blinking a colored light on each side of the big orb, which tones down into a headlight type appearance, then turns off to reveal regular wing-tip navigation red/green lights with flashing white strobes. As it flies over, the white strobes illuminate what appears to be a tail. Upon blow up of each still of those flashes, however, the "tail" is a structure that changes and transforms a little between each flash. This is not the first UFO I've filmed to do so, so I'm not surprised. They are most active from Monday to Thursday nights. The video is in HD and is viewed here: 

Rhode Island Video

NEWPORT – On September 6, 2009, for over an hour this UFO hovered over my house. It made no noise as it climbed and descended. It was not affected by the wind and would move at will. It stayed absolutely still for more than ten minutes, I turned away for a moment and it was gone. (I ran out of tape) I've seen many UFO's here in Newport and have made a web site to tell the ongoing story.

Tennessee Cylinder

CARTHAGE -- My wife spotted a cylinder shaped object as she traveled along I-40 between Lebanon and Gainesboro at 7 PM, on August 31, 2008. It was low on the horizon and was stationary for six minutes. My wife couldn't discern any vertical or horizontal stabilizers, standard navigation lights, or anything else that suggested it his was a blimp. The cylinder appeared to be thinner and more elongated than blimps and didn't come to a point on either end. After traveling a short distance she lost sight of it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Bowling Pin Lights

EDOM -- Appears to be lit cylinder about the size of a skinny bowling pin on December 1, 2008. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Disc

SEATTLE -- I met a co-worker at a nearby downtown Irish bar after work and we sat outside as it was a sunny summer day. I had only two sips from my beer when I looked up at an white triangular object to the north of the new building. I asked my friend, "What is that? We both observed it slowly move south and fly behind the new building. It seemed to change shape and "morph" into a roundish, oval shape, then back to a triangle, then roundish with a strange fuzzy ‘filter’ surrounding the object. We thought the ‘filter’, was meant to obscure ones vision. The building is 40 stories high and the object was about 17 stories high up and four blocks behind the building. Two other patrons were outside and stated, "That's something you don't see every day in Seattle", Ten minutes later it was now above the building, and flying slowly southwest toward the Puget Sound gaining altitude. It was about the size of a compact car and we observed it for twenty minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

West Virginia Object Made Ninety Degree Turns

PARKERSBURG – An object blinking red and white lights was seen heading west, made a 90 degree turn to the north, then east, and then south before disappearing on August 27, 2009. The shape could not be made out because it was too high up. These were sharp turns at straight right angles. We watched it for about a minute, it then turned and traveled for about thirty seconds or so each time before turning again, and after the third turn we watched it for about 20 seconds and it just disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wisconsin Strange Light

MENOMONIE -- I was taking pictures of the Moon and Venus when I saw a white light move to my left that got very bright. There was a reddish beam of light and then it was gone at 10:30 PM, on August 14, 2009. When I went through my pictures, it was there but was very small and faint. The next picture is much larger, but still faint. Then the last picture it is illuminated and very bright. It appears to be a sphere of some sort.
Note: Normally I would think that the bright light in the photo above to the left of the moon could be a "lens flare" affect, but considering that the witness saw the light rules out this explanation. The brightening and enlargement of the light is unusual. I have no explanation for this sighting. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Worldwide Sightings

Australia Discs

For three years I watched discs landing on three occasions. I witnessed at least 80 to 90 discs coming out of a huge cigar shaped Mothership back in August 15, 1970. Using my telescope I could see that this Mothership was six to eight floors high. There at least fifty lights showing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Definitely Not A Plane

REGINA – On August 25, 2009, I was standing outside and looked up at 9 PM, and saw two star like lights hovering there, when one flew around the other light and then kind of slowly hovered towards the top of the building where I work. The circular object had a white light on the front, two red ones on the side, and blue lights on the bottom. I did not hear anything at all that is why I seem to think it’s a UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

China Disc

 SHANDONG -- Michael Cohen writes, In the wake of two UFO mega-events that took place in China over the last few months, namely the solar eclipse UFO incident and the two 'Mothership' UFOs seen over Chinese media and authorities are being flooded with more reports of UFO sightings. Numerous residents reported seeing a UFO on the night of September 7, 2009.

The government owned news outlet Xinhua carried the story. The UFO was described as a spinning glowing ball that circled above the city before moving away. Thanks to Michael Cohen

 Costa Rica Disc

SAN JOSE – The photographer took photos of a flying disc on May 4, 2009, above the mountains of Escazú. I took a photo of the buildings that have been under construction in the mountains of Escazu. I observed the black colored object later when I reviewed the photos in my computer. I found five more objects in the picture that are very similar. Thanks to MUFON CMS and Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J.

 Italy Fireballs

NAPLES -- On April 3, 2009 at 11:40 PM, my wife, daughter, and I were waiting at traffic light on Via Galiani Road looking toward the hill when we saw many fireballs come out of the clouds. We were unable to explain what those objects were as they flew northeast in and out of the clouds. The objects had a spherical shape and were red. The outlines were not well delineated like a real ball of fire. I exchanged phone numbers with people who also felt they were UFOs. Dozens of fireballs passed and I took a picture with my Nokia N96 phone. After ten minutes after the objects disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

COLOFSCO – On September 1, 2009, I had a clear webcam sighting of an orange UFO, taken around 9 AM. It appears in 3 frames that refresh every 5 minutes, so it was in the air for a good 15 minutes.  Better yet flick through them in succession to see the object move. It is an orange/red color about just off center to the bottom right. Please let me know what you think and publish with a credit to myself.
Nathan Marika
Note: The webcam is pointed to the northeast with the sun to the right of the webcam. Given this scenario the flaming image could be a ‘lens flare.’

Netherlands Alien Craft

THE HAGUE -- It is Ramadan the holy month for Muslims and I was preparing for my fast on August 26, 2009, and went out on my balcony at 5:10 AM, and spotted a blinking oval shaped UFOs flying in formation. I am a legal intern at International Criminal Court at The Hague and I can’t believe my eyes that really there are supernatural or extraterrestrial beings more intelligent than humans or any race of humans, which are watching this human race. I’m an experienced observer.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Nicaragua Fireballs

MANAGUA -- On September 3, 2009, I was preparing me to go asleep when I saw two fire balls like a big white light. It was only 19 seconds viewing, but one of them drives by itself from one place to another and then disappears. I left this video for you. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Korea Earth Light

SEOUL-- I am operating an Internet UFO Café and a woman member photographed a bright orb on August 31, 2009, at 1:55 PM. While waiting with the preschool children, she saw the fact that the object flies near the window. It does appear to be a reflection on a glass window.

The photograph shows a luminous flying object. To my judgment it has is a spherical shape UFO. Thanks to Zio Kim South Korea


NUNEATON -- Last night driving down Grange Road outside the Foxford School I saw a light coming towards me from the south. It had no strobe lights, so I pulled over to watch it pass. It was coming very fast and high in the sky, lighting up the clouds here and there as it went north towards Nuneaton. When it got closer I could see a dull white light in the lower centre of the craft, and it appeared to be ball shaped as small lights went up around the sides from top to bottom. Around the lower white light was a ring of changing yellow/orange as it passed over going north silent and very fast, I tried to take a picture with my mobile phone, but it passed too quick for that. I grabbed my dowsing rod and dowsed the craft for the alien tag, but it was not there, that’s the power of the Sun I find with UFOs and the grays. The object passed in a direct line leaving no exhaust trail and was silent. I watched over normal planes for two hours but these were very clear with powerful strobe lights flashing, and could never have been the sighting I had earlier. You could see and hear and the difference between the two stood out. Thanks to  Mike N.

Swine Flu Prevention

Influenza vaccination is the primary method the medical profession uses to prevent swine flu. The idea is to develop antibodies to identify and neutralize the flu virus. There is already controversy about the new untested H1N1 Swine flu vaccine that is likely to be issued early to hopefully prevent an epidemic. A review by the National Institutes of Health in 2008 concluded that "Seasonal influenza causes more than 200,000 hospitalizations and 41,000 deaths in the U.S. every year, and is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S." The various flu strains change quickly and in the 2007/2008 flu seasons the medical community admits the match of flu strains was poor. People inoculated with a mis-matched vaccine have limited effectiveness against the newer strain of flu.
A new study shows that health care workers and many in the general public refuse to get vaccinated, fearing that risks of a new vaccine could outweigh its benefits. Less than half of health care workers surveyed in Hong Kong intend to get vaccinated against swine flu, citing uncertainty about its effectiveness and possible side effects. Some experts claim thousands could die from taking an untested flu vaccine.
Thus far this new flu is relatively mild respiratory illness with fever, cough or sore throat being reported. Other symptoms reported are vomiting, diarrhea, myalgia (muscle pain), headache, chills, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. However, swine flu can progress into severe disease such as pneumonia, respiratory failure and even death.
Prevention: Keep a distance of at least six feet from any ill persons; wear protective equipment such as a fit-tested N95 respirator, and if unavailable, wear a surgical mask. Also wear disposable gloves, gown, and goggles. Wash hands often and thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand gel.

I have personally found a method to keep my immune system strong and fight flu and colds with special colored light therapy. Adults typically get two to four colds a year, while children may get as many as ten. Several of my friends, my family and I use experimental light therapy to successfully prevent many illnesses and have not had colds or flu over the last several years.
I have also interviewed dozens of abductees who claim they were healed by aliens using blue or green lights. I checked around and my friend Curtis invited me to attend a conference explaining the successful healing of patients in hospitals in the 1930s with light. I find the soft light quite relaxing and there are no bad side effects like you often get from drugs. My wife and I started using green polyester light and have been free of colds and flu for several years.
It’s never too late to heal your body by helping your immune system to fight infection and disease. It’s time to drop your old ideas about home remedies being “less powerful” than drugs or vaccines—it’s just not true. Ancient treatments are often much safer and more effective, than vaccines. A green light will cause no harm and will likely improve your immune system and help you fight numerous ailments including the flu. The light theory also works successfully on cats, dogs.
Light is the medicine of the future that is a nonintrusive, very powerful tool, that resides at the core of the new 'energy medicine'. In the years to come, it will become increasingly evident that light is the basic component from which all life originates, develops, heals, and evolves. Just as plant photosynthesis is stimulated by sunlight, your cells also react positively to various light wavelengths. Even our body clocks are regulated by light. We are prepared to offer the special experimental flu lights for $50 which includes shipping and handling.

Send check or money order to:
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