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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #35 - 2009
Aug 26, 2009, 17:26

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 George A. Filer - MUFON Eastern Region Director

Special Reports
Deep Secrets of a UFO Think Tank Exposed!

 Anthony Bragalia writes, “Since the 1940's the U.S. government has quietly engaged one of its key defense and intelligence agency contractors as a secret UFO "think tank." New investigation reveals that the esteemed RAND Corporation is a "think tank" that has given far more than "passing thought" to things extraterrestrial. RAND's hidden history of UFO involvement has been discovered to include work in policy analysis; evaluation of evidence and in advising on the potential technological advantages achieved from UFO study. Telling connections have also been found between RAND and the Roswell crash event of 1947.

RAND Corporation was established in 1946 by the U.S. Army Air Force as Project RAND (for Research and Development) and is today registered as a nonprofit organization. It is funded through government contracts, university collaborators and by "private donors." RAND's primary agency clients include the CIA and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.) Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA the think tank maintains branches worldwide. RAND's stated mission is to "help to improve policy and decision making through objective research and analysis." Its work is officially conducted "for the public welfare and security of the United States of America." Over 30 Nobel Prize winners have been employed by RAND. From physics to economics, the 2000 person think tank provides high-level information and evaluation to the U.S. government. Deeper review shows that RAND has conducted studies in such areas as weapons development, intelligence gathering and analysis and the design of sensitive underground installations for the USAF. Far more concealed is RAND's intimate involvement in highly classified UFO study for the U.S. government:


From its very inception, the men of RAND knew much about saucers. RAND was conceived by Donald Douglas, CEO of Douglas Aircraft along with two military officer luminaries. Douglas often confided in friends about the reality of the UFOs. These officers carried with them significant "UFO histories." The officers behind RAND were Major General Curtis LeMay (the US Air Force's Chief of Development) and General Hap Arnold (considered the "father" of the modern U.S. Air Force.) In May of 1948 RAND was separated from Douglas Aircraft and became its own operating entity. Among RAND's earliest government reports was the release of the enigmatically titled, "Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship."

General Curtis LeMay expressed deep interest and concern about the flying saucer phenomena. More than this, LeMay himself was a keeper of the purported 1947 Roswell UFO crash  debris. This was revealed in a stunningly candid interview with the late U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater (a former U.S. Presidential Candidate, Major General and Command Pilot) was General LeMay's professional associate and close friend.

LeMay's UFO involvement was related by Goldwater in a live worldwide broadcast with CNN's Larry King in 1994. The USAF had just issued its report that debunked the Roswell crash of 1947 as a Mogul balloon. Goldwater (who died just a few years later) informed King that he knew the truth to be far different.  He knew this, he explained, because in the 1960's he had approached LeMay about the crashed UFO issue. Goldwater -who no doubt himself held the highest security clearances- told Larry King:

"I think at Wright-Patterson, if you could get into certain places, you'll find what the Air Force and the government knows about UFOs. Reportedly, a spaceship landed. It was all hushed up. I called Curtis LeMay and I said, 'General, I know we have a room at Wright Patterson where you put all of this secret stuff. Could I go in there? I've never heard General LeMay get mad, but he got madder than hell at me, cussed me out and said, 'Don't ever ask me that question again!" Goldwater never did.

 LeMay was very well-acquainted with Roswell Army Air Field Base Commander Butch Blanchard. Blanchard oversaw the base at the time of the Roswell crash event in 1947. It is believed that Blanchard helped issue the original press release on the crash- which prompted the famous resulting headline "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region."

Blanchard's former wife and daughter Dale say that he was highly affected and visibly upset by the event. He repeated only, "those Russians have some amazing things." Roswell mayor William Brainerd says that Blanchard told him, "What I saw was the damndest thing I've ever seen!" To Art McQuiddy -editor of the Roswell Morning Dispatch in 1947- Blanchard said when questioned, "I'll tell you this and nothing more- the stuff I saw I'd never seen anyplace else in my life." Thanks to Anthony Bragalia [email protected]


UFO above Mars Spirit Rover

Elizabeth Fuller writes, “I have a picture that may be good for Filer's Files.  I'm still looking through the Spirit and Opportunity shots on the NASA/JPL rover website. Attached is one of the 262 images from Spirit on SOL 006 (panoramic view), and you can clearly see a UFO in the sky. I've looked closely at all the other 261 images, and I cannot find the UFO in any other pictures. There are UFO's in many other rover pictures, but none that jump out at you like this one does.
Additionally, if you look very closely, there is a magnificent town at the bottom of the image. On the left is a large multi-story modern looking complex, and what looks like terraced houses or structures moving out from center. As they are throughout the planet, these structures are carved into the rock and landscape, I would imagine both for protection from the ultra-violet light (lack of atmosphere), and also due to the lack other natural building materials.  Everything appears to lead underground..
I have seen similar structures in recent enhanced photos of the Moon. There are a lot of good quality photos out there. Loved the video of the Japanese satellite that was crashed on the Moon, you can really see the structures and how similar they are to the structures on Mars. Thanks to Elizabeth Fuller

Strange Moon Road 

Kal from New Zealand writes, “Attached is my interpretation of a couple of cell-like towers next to the south going highway.  I also followed the path northwards, up from Joy, saw that the path disappeared, and then re-appeared later on towards the north. The furthest northern part of the path that I could find was at the top of this image you should notice the crater named "Montes Caucasus" - terrestrial Caucasus Mountains. 
The furthest southern part that I could find at the bottom of this image is the crater named "Mare Vaporium" - Sea of Vapors. The white road on the image  is a depiction of the route.
In the middle of this image is the crater called Joy (named after Alfred Harrison Joy, (1882–1973) an American astronomer). At the bottom of this image is the Moon's latitude and longitude positions for Joy, as noted within Google. If you draw an imagined line between these two craters, then it passes Joy slightly to the west. This is more or less the path that this "probable road" could be following.

The big "band" of light in the middle of the picture (going east to west) is probably detail from a close up satellite.  It is within this band of light that the path is visible. If you zoom in closely at the top of this "band", at the position where the imagined line comes into the band of light, then it is here that you can see the path coming in.

One can follow it a little bit to the south, and then it suddenly disappears (as if it could be air-brushed out there).  Then closer towards Joy, the path becomes visible again, and stays visible until the lower part of the "band of light" has been reached. Towards the south of Joy on this path I noticed that there are these shadows next to the road that I think could be the result of high buildings or cell-like tower structures. Thanks to Kal. Actual road runs up and down through the center of image.
Sonya Porter writes, “One of the reasons as to why the Government(s) won't come clean about the existence of UFOs is they are concerned what we will be told. I read in the “Book of the Damned” by Charles Fort where Earth had contacted peoples of another planet to find that they were very friendly and informative except about one subject -- that of God, religion and spiritual matters. The hero is befriended by one of the female members of her race and by accident he is with her when an alien dies and he actually 'sees' the soul of the alien leave the body and soar into space. He asks his friend, “Why they have never told Earth's people about this?”. As he says, there is could be nothing more wonderful for humans than to be told that death is definitely not the end, that they have a soul! After a pause, the alien replies:  “You don’t.”  Charles Fort was an American journalist of the early 20th century, who spent much of his life in London searching through the archives of newspapers dating from the 18th century, noting strange events. His conclusion was that the earth was owned by ...someone or something.
Editors’ Note: Dear Sonya, It may be that most people don’t have souls, but essentially the Christian thinking is that believing Jews and those who accept Christ into their life do have souls. One friend of mine was transferred into a UFO research group in the Air Force. He just made Lieutenant Colonel and had a promising career ahead of him. After a year, he quit the Air Force and became an Episcopal priest, his friend in the unit had become an alcoholic. You may have hit upon some important information. 

Japanese Folklore Describes a UFO Encounter in 1803?

Several Japanese books of folklore such as the Utsuro-Bune tell the story of a UFO like craft landing with strange writing and beautiful girl carrying a mysterious box speaking an unknown language. Hitachi state folklore may describe perhaps one of the earliest UFO stories as posted by Epsi.  A mysterious 200 year old hand drawn Japanese accounts of a strange women from a metal bowl/disk shaped craft that flew out of the sea during the Edo period of Japan.  The Iwase Bunko Depository library has in its ownership a record known as the Hyouryuukishuu translated to the ‘Tales of Castaways’. The document was printed during the late Edo period which modern fans of the paranormal understand this vessel to be the ‘Edo-period UFO’. The evidence recorded tells the tales of Japanese mariners who find themselves in unfamiliar nations after becoming lost in the ocean, as well as castaway visitors washed  on the seashores of Japan. To the Japanese public, who during this period had existed living in a extended time of national seclusion, these unusual stories must have appeared extremely sensational.
Together with these tales is the report of a damaged ship with a extremely mystifying form. According to the record, this large craft washed up on shore at Harashagahama. The specifications of the craft were three meters tall by five meters in width, had been built from red sandalwood and metal and was equipped with openings of glass or crystal. The mystifying characters of an unfamiliar writing system were discovered etched inside the craft. Aboard the wandering vessel was a delicately decorated young lady with pale face and red eyebrows and locks. She was assessed to be amid eighteen to twenty years of age. Considering that she uttered an unfamiliar language, those that chanced upon her were incapable of determining from where she came.
In her arms, she grasped a basic timber case that looked to be of great importance to her, as she would permit nobody to approach it Check out the video of the incident below which contains detailed information about the Utsuro Bune UFO.

Sightings in the United States

Arizona Light Streaks

TUCSON -- The best way to describe this sighting is just by sending you the pictures, I like to take pictures of the sunset, then I found those this day. I took those pictures from my apartment on the 2nd floor on May 26, 2009. The time of this sighting was exactly 7:41 PM. They were taken from the location above. The pictures are attached.
Note: I don't think that the white streaks in the photos are clouds, but that is a possibility. The streaks also could be due to lens flare. However, not enough information is available to make this determination.

GOODYEAR-- On August 19, 2009, I walked out into my back yard and noticed what I thought was a very bright star flickering with all kinds of colors. I noticed it was moving northwest very slowly; too slow to be an airplane. It didn't make any noise so I knew it wasn't a helicopter, and obviously it wasn't a star. I ran inside and grabbed my camcorder and my wife and we watched it slowly move away. At times it appeared to have stopped and then continued moving again. My wife doesn't believe in anything and this got her attention. She watched it through binoculars as I taped. I propped the camcorder on a nearby table so you can see just how slowly it was moving without me shaking the camera. I have attached a couple of pictures from the video for your review. I have the original video if anyone wants to analyze it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Lights

LONG BEACH -- Witness states, “From 6:59 to 7:25 pm on March 17, 2009, my sons and I saw another UFO in the skies over Long Beach.  We were in the backyard of my home taking pictures of whatever might look interesting. There was an object that was going from West to East and there was no red or green lights visible [required by FAA regulations].  The object then started to hover and immediately changed direction. We took sixty pictures of the strange lights. Thanks to, and Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey
FELICITY— On May 24, 2009, Witness responds, “While taking pictures of the California-Arizona border near Felicity California, I captured an object in one of my photos.” The camera used was a Nikon Coolpix S51 digital. Thanks to and Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey.


Connecticut Flying Triangle


GUILFORD -- I am a private investigator and was performing surveillance when I observed a large object hovering motionless a 100 yards in front of me, at 600 feet above my vehicle on August 24, 2009.  It was flat and triangular, with rounded corners and sides, and several lights that were yellowish-white, red, blue and green and which were pulsating. I stopped immediately, grabbed my camcorder and exited my vehicle as the object darted away at a "bullet-like" speed. As it darted away, all of its lights went out and was unable to obtain any video. The object was half the size of a football field. Its surface appeared to be black or dark gray and emitted no sounds. I am also a licensed pilot and I am familiar with most aircraft and this object was unlike any aircraft I know, and was much larger than any aircraft I have ever seen. Thanks to MUFON CMS This is a depiction of the sighting.

Kansas Flying Triangle

SHAWNEE -- My five friends and I were visiting the neighborhood pond when one of us pointed out a lighted object on August 21, 2009. We watched the object circle around and one of my friends jokingly called out, "Ha-ha look it's a UFO!" Two of the guys decided it looked like a blimp. I snapped a pic of the aircraft on my cell phone while it was still visible. The lights became much brighter now and behind us. We all turned around to see the object close up and right in front of us just above the tree line. The craft was about the size of a small house, and continuing to move slowly right above our heads. At this point we could see the distinct outline of a very thin triangular shaped black object. Numerous lights lit up the underneath and a slight hum could be heard. We watched it pass and increase speed. The object disappeared within the blink of an eye. I was in complete shock. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Massachusetts Streak of Light

QUINCY --About 11:40 PM, on August 18, 2009, I observed a streak of light in the sky in the Metro Boston, area while shore fishing. It appeared to be a shooting star entering the atmosphere at first, and then it changed direction. It made a 90 degree turn upwards, then another 90 degree turn (in a "Z" pattern) and continued to travel in the same direction as it originally was. It was a white glowing spherical shape with a tail. After the second turn that the area around the white glow was black. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan over Lake Huron

41-83 N 84.46 W -- It was Monday night August 17th, 2009 at around 11pm to Midnight sometime. I didn't have a watch on. My brother, his girlfriend and her sister and I where all in the boat, with my brother driving the boat with the motor. We made our way around for probably 20 minutes and slowed down and decided to drift. We sat there for a bit, and I began to look up and saw two white lights round that looked unusual. I let everyone on the boat know and as I watched it, at that point it started moving. It was right above us when I first saw it, and had a feeling it had been there. The two lights where round and fixed apart and the light was the same brightness as the moon is. So, as all of us became aware of it as it moved to our right or the west very slowly and very slowly dimmed its lights off. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Sightings

MARLTON -- Here the picture taken out back a few nights ago on August 14, 2009 at 9:56:58 AM.  This was taken with my Cannon Power Shot A560.
The camera settings as follows: File Name IMG_0940.JPG, Shooting Mode Manual, Av (Aperture Value) 5.5, TV (Shutter Speed) 1, Light Metering Evaluative, Exposure Compensation 0, ISO Speed 200, Lens 5.8 - 23.2 mm, Focal Length 23.2 mm, Digital Zoom x 4.0,Image Size 3072x2304, Image Quality Fine, Flash Off, White Balance Auto, AF Mode Single AF, Parameters Contrast, Sharpness, and Saturation were Normal.Color Space s RGB, File Size 373 KB, Drive Mode Single-frame shooting, Any idea of what this may be? I would appreciate if you could please advise. Thanks to Ed
NEW BRUNSWICK -- I was sitting on my back deck on August 21, 2009, with my eyes trained on a particularly bright white star very high up that moving in a slight pendulum-like motion at 10:15 PM. The object then moved with incredibly velocity just slightly to the left, stopped, and began a series of extraordinarily swift start/stop movements to the right. It became stationary for another minute or so and then began darting left to right/up and down in very sudden and precise movements. Its movements were almost geometric in nature. Small spherical pulses of light began to appear and dissipate around the craft.

About four minutes later, another white spherical object appeared overhead moving very slowly east, that was bigger and brighter than the first object. It gave off an incredible pulse of bright, white light expanding to twice its original size and then shrank back to its initial size. It began to move left to right/up and down an in highly erratic fashion exactly like the first object. I watched both objects for about 35 minutes before both objects lined up in an exact straight line with small spherical pulses of light. At around the forty minute mark both objects shot off to the northeast. I am going to have to accept that not everything on this earth can be explained. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS.

 HIGHLANDS – On August 15, 2009, I took a photo on the way over to a boating party held the 3rd Saturday of August every year. It was mostly a far shot of the boats anchored on the island. When I got home I transferred the photo from my cell phone to my computer and cropped most of the sea and sky away. That’s when I noticed this sky blue object over the island. Just for your information, this island is across the bay from Earle Ammunition base. It was too high in the sky for a balloon which I thought it was at first. I sent the photo on to someone that may have had better close-up program. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Bright Object

FOSTORIA -- Video of strange object flying above farm caught with VHS video camera by George Ritter on August 23, 2009. The object was captured in only one frame of the video indicating it was moving at very high speed. Thanks to George Ritter

LOVELAND – On August 24, 2009, at 8:10 PM, my daughter told me there was a bright object in the sky. I went outside to look and it was still light out so I was surprised to see this very bright white object that probably was Venus. I had brought my binoculars for viewing and watched for about 15 minutes. I noticed a west bound commercial plane approaching close to the object so I kept on viewing the object and at one point I could see the object and the plane within the view of my binoculars. The plane appeared to be at cruising altitude so I'm guessing 30-35,000 feet. The plane didn't react to the object so this further bolstered my belief it was a star or planet. At that moment the object became very fuzzy and dimmer. Thinking I had fogged up my binoculars I cleaned the optics and returned to viewing the object. At this point there was a wispy plume coming off of the now dimmer object and within the plume I could see smaller white orbs shooting through. I instantly thought this reminded me of a YouTube UFO video from Mexico where an object was shooting orbs out of it, I mean it looked almost exactly like that. I ran in to get my video camera and by the time I got back the event was over I swear to everyone who reads this that I actually saw this event as described. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Red Light Videotaped

 OREGON CITY -- Our family, My wife and my two sons, had just come home from a day trip on August 22, 2009. to the Upper section of the Clackamas river. We were in the process of cleaning up the car. When all of a sudden our son Noah shouts; UFO's! UFO's in the sky! I thought he was kidding since I have told them the story of what had happened the previous week. As I head straight to back yard, I look at the sky and saw five lights flying. As they did before they were flying form the North East going to South East section of the sky. At this time the distance from the house was eastern from the previous week. I asked my son to bring me the video camera and started recording them. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Pennsylvania Triangle

BEDFORD – Bill Stephenson a MUFON investigator met with me and provided as series of photos taken by his grandson. .Four witnesses spotted a huge triangle at 9 PM, on Sunday, August 9, 2009, above I-70 with white bright lights on each corner. You could make out the triangle form very clearly. Its altitude was about 2000 feet above the mountains. Photos were taken, but the screen was blank. Thanks to Bill Stephenson.

 MURRYSVILLE – On August 25, 2009, unidentified objects were videotaped on a similar flight path as other sightings--coming from an easterly direction and flew over the Oakmont Country Club Golf course as viewed from across the Allegheny River 2000 feet away. Multicolored flashing lights, flying too low for any plane, totally silent.  Skimming the tops and even flying behind the tree line. When over the golf course low, it turned on only 3 white lights to reveal that it is same triangle craft filmed in Murrysville on July 16th and August 4th. Here is a shot before it did the triangle light thing with some weird structures. I feel they are interested in our progress of the PA Turnpike reconstruction and the building of a new "cutting edge design" bridge over the river. The HD video of it flying can be seen on my YouTube channel: seeingUFOsPA

Rhode Island Gray Rectangular Domino Object

WANTAGE -- I was driving west on Route 44 towards my home on August 25, 2009, and spotted five bright spotlights just over the trees about a quarter of a mile ahead. I continued driving toward the lights, past the turnoff to my road, because I was curious. When I neared the lights I slowed the car and realized the lights were on the front of a large rectangular grayish object that was hovering above the trees. I stopped my car 150 feet away and the object made no noise. There were several white lights on the side, no wings, and the object was 50 to 75 feet in length. I was astounded to say the least. Several seconds after I stopped, the object sped away in a southeasterly direction and I noticed a red light on the back. It was gone in an instant. There was no other traffic and the sky was clear. I was scared to say the least. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina Strange Light

SALTER PATH -- I was taking photos of the meteor shower on August 12, 2009, right after the bright meteor hit the atmosphere I noticed what looked like a star getting closer. I realized when it darted in an unusual path and left this kind of star dust behind it that something was strange. I kept taking pictures and an oval shaped object with two bright lights that reminded me of star wars because they were so brightly white flew by. Then it was gone. I looked at pictures on my computer saw I had caught it on camera. I am still not sure what I saw that night; it was out of this world for sure. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Texas Orb

COLUMBUS – On August 16, 2009, I was going to San Antonio and spotted a white sphere flying east. I tried to film but looked very small in the video. During the second clip, I zoomed in to the max, but I didn't do a very good job getting it in the field of vision. But, I did manage to get a glimpse of it.

That night I was staying at Hilton on Westover Hills Blvd at 9:45 PM, I saw a pulsating object flying north across the sky. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

 BRECKENRIDGE --Aug. 19, 2009 -. I had just fed our big dog, who will only eat at night. I was standing on the deck, looking at the sky. I was looking through binoculars at a cluster of stars at 1:29 AM at 80 degrees above the southwest horizon. Suddenly something large, red and reflective passed through my field of view. It was traveling exceptionally fast, close and it startled me. I stepped off the deck and another lighted object flew overhead. These objects were rectangular and had a dim, reddish glow. I became unnerved when I looked east and saw a brightly lit object moving due east at 80 degrees. By the time it got to 40 degrees East AGL (my vantage point), it vanished. The objects depiction was like two orbs connected by a rod, much like a dumbbell/barbell drawn here. The light was pure white, with a short orange-flame at the end of the rear orb like something dripping There was no meteor-like tail. It did not disappear like a meteor does when it burns up. It was more like disappearing into a dark tunnel. There was no sound.. It seemed to me, that the object was very large and within close proximity to me, between 500 and 1,000 feet. The Object in the depiction I am sending is close to actual size of the object as I witnessed it for 2 brief seconds. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Several Sightings of Disc

AUBURN -- We have videos of discs or white objects that need to be enhanced. I am sending them in the hopes that someone will be able to help us and share the results with us. If you play them as is you will see only black - They need to be enhanced somehow. On August 24, 2009, there were other sightings. Following the second sighting she and her nephew noticed one street over was lit up unusually bright beyond what a porch light or street light was capable of doing. It appeared the whole street was lit up. This isn't the first time they (mother and daughter) have experienced a sighting or strange dreams (with insect like creatures) associated with sightings. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide Sightings

Australia is a Great Place to see UFOs

SYDNEY-- (Reuters Life) - Pauline Askin writes, “How about some UFOs with your holiday?” An Australian photographer and self-styled alien hunter believes the country's north is a hotspot for unexplained aerial activity, and the tourism association is not discouraging him. Alan Ferguson believes the vast Northern Territory state has more than its share of unidentified flying objects that could one day rival more established tourist attractions."All these years I've been sitting watching these things and thought: 200,000 people a year go to Roswell in the U.S. to see a museum, why wouldn't you entice people to come here, to see the real thing," Ferguson told Reuters.
Ferguson has been taking photographs in the Northern Territory for years and says he has seen many UFOs over the last 5 years. While he acknowledges 80 percent of these sightings are likely due to military exercises at nearby bases, he says the rest cannot be accounted for."I've seen hundreds of these vehicles. They're a very, very light grey and have a black center and when they stop they wobble from side to side, no way do the come from here," he said. Ferguson recently provided a video, aired on national television, which he says proves his case. The segment is now posted on the Internet. Ferguson suggested his idea of promoting UFO-watching holidays to Tourism Top End (, the region's tourist association, which provides a link to his website without actually endorsing it."It's been amazing, there's a huge amount of interest," Top End Tourism President Sylvia Wolf told Reuters. 

Bulgaria Orange Ball

STARA ZAGORA – On August 17, 2009, I got up because I couldn`t get to sleep. I went to the terrace and spotted a UFO that looked like a ball with orange light. While I was watching a smaller ball comes out of the UFO. I was not scared and went to sleep. After two nights I see it again in front of me while I was laying in bed. I see it for 4-5 seconds and fall asleep. Two nights later I see it again. But this time it was very far away as you can see in the photo. I looked at it for forty minutes. It was moving and hid behind a big building. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Photos

CRANBROOK, B.C. -- When I took this photo I only saw the bird, but I do remember lots of bugs flying around, so that is what I figure it was. I shot this with a Panasonic DMC-FZ30 Focal length 43.3mm on May 5, 2006 at 12:38 PM. I know this for fact because I looked up the details in the photo today. Although I do believe in UFO's I really don't think this is more than a fly or something in that nature.
 BRITISH COLUMBIA – On August 21, 2009, I watched the clouds laying in my lawn chair recliner with binoculars glued to my head scanning the sky and noticed a very small shinny objects travelling in front of the clouds on a slow consistent southwest path. I observed it for 20 minutes when my neighbor startled me to ask to check why the sink leaks. Fifteen minutes later I was outside again trying to predict where it had gone. After looking all over, to my excitement I had found it again. It appeared much farther away. After a long viewing of the object through binoculars and not seeing much more than a point of silver light I took my telescope out and tried to find it. By now it was low in the west travelling what seemed to be farther away and creeping north. I took about 30 pictures through my telescope in magnifications ranging from 48xs, 96xs, and 120xs. The pictures were quite blurry so I used the video recording option at 120x magnification. The object was perfect round. This picture is taken from the third video and sharpened with paint shop pro. Thanks to MUFON CMS

SCARBOROUGH -- Several people contacted the Evening News with reports after earlier this week we published an article detailing recent unexplained sightings. Lecturer Pat Argent said two groups of his foreign exchange students spotted an unexplained flying object (UFO) above Scarborough Castle at 9.45pm on Tuesday August 18. He said one group had been at the top of the steps at the side of the Grand Hotel and the others were sitting on the beach at the time of the sighting and they all saw it."It was like a big fireball. It started to go up from the castle area and it was moving up in the sky with a straight trajectory. After a few minutes it stopped and it became fixed for around five minutes. Then it disappeared," he said.
Cyprus Bright Orange Light

LIMASSOL -- I was outside looking for my cat on August 22, 2009, and out of the corner of my eye I saw bright orange color, as I focused It came from above the hill and came down to earth not changing in size. It must have fallen somewhere before Limassol. It was so orange it looked like the moon had fallen out of the sky. I ran to my neighbor’s house and he missed it but saw another the same size and color. But this one stayed level, difficult to judge how high, but clearly visible that flew as fast as a light aircraft over Pafos town and out to sea until it disappeared.
 I have seen comets here with big blue flames, but this was amazing, it was so orange and big. I have worked all my life as an airhostess and retired now.
The first one frightened me as it was so big and coming down pretty fast, I thought there might be an explosion or house damage, and when I saw another my mind thought it must be fragments of a planet that exploded, I really didn’t know, but I will never forget this amazing feeling of being vulnerable and how we forget how little our planet is. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Estonia Flying Disc Photographed

 MIKITAMAE -- The witness explained she took this picture because of the view and not the object she captured by mistake. She claims it’s possible that the object was moving so fast that the camera captured the image and her eyes did not on April 14, 2008, at 11:09 AM. The camera model is FE170, X760. Thanks to UFO Case Book and Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J.

 Mexico Flying Humanoid

TOLUCA -- I took a picture of the rainbow on May 22, 2009, and later realized there was something else in the frame that I cannot explain. Could someone help me out?
 Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England UFO Spotted Hovering


HERTFORDSHIRE -- Diane Prior took the shot after her husband Andy, 40, raised the alarm. He was in his back garden in Welwyn Garden City at about 10.45 PM when he saw two strange objects over his head. Mr. Prior said, "They were above the clouds, swinging left to right.”There was no noise whatsoever. I was absolutely gob smacked. I have never seen anything like it before." Andy said they couldn't have been planes, helicopters or Chinese lanterns. "It wasn't a laser show because you would have seen the light going up." The sales executive insisted he was as sober as a judge when he spotted the suspected UFOs last Friday night." The last time I had a pint was last Wednesday night," said Mr. Prior. He has reported the sighting to the Ministry of Defence. A spokeswoman said: "The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorized military activity.”Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported."
SKIPTON -- Disc shaped object soaring past the window, roughly 30 feet in diameter at a very low altitude on August 25, 2009. Shortly afterwards a stealth bomber soared past in the same direction. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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