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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #34 - 2009
Aug 26, 2009, 16:20

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Special Reports
Mars Monument Proof of life

So we had a monolith discovered on Phobos Mar’s Moon and mentioned by Buzz Aldrin 2 weeks ago, and the NASA photo of the Moon landing site that raised more questions than it answered
because it showed a shadow 2 miles long; and now we have a new monolith discovered on Mars.

You would think that NASA would delete the question raising images. Actually quite a few whistleblowers have come forward describing how their full time jobs at NASA and JPL were to retouch UFOs and alien artifacts out of the pictures before they were released.
Gordon J. Gianninoto [[email protected]]

Soviet-Era UFO Sightings in and over Bodies of Water

Paul Stonehill writes, in Filer's Files #32 -2009 you mentioned Soviet submarines pursued by UFOs. I have been writing about Russian/Soviet/Eurasian USOs and UFOs for years. “Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon,” has a chapter concerning Naval officers reports, declassified intelligence files, and my book “The Soviet UFO Files” (1998) is a part of the U.S. Naval Archives library. In August 1965, a crew of the steamship RADUGA, while navigating in the Red Sea, observed a fiery sphere dashed out from under the water two miles away and hovered over the surface of the sea, illuminating it. The sphere was sixty meters in diameter, and it hovered at an altitude of 150 meters. A gigantic pillar of water rose as the sphere emerged from the sea and collapsed some moments later.

In December 1977, not far from the Novy Georgy Island, the crew of the fishing trawler VASILY KISELEV also observed a doughnut-shaped object rising vertically from under the water was. Its diameter was between 300 and 500 meters and it hovered at the altitude of four kilometers. The trawler's radar station was immediately rendered inoperative. The object hovered over the area for three hours, and then disappeared instantly. Soviet fishing trawlers were outfitted with intelligence gathering equipment and radio intercept equipment.

The testimony of Alexander G. Globa, a seaman from GORI, a Soviet tanker, was published in Zagadki Sfinksa Magazine. In June 1984, GORI was in the Mediterranean, twenty miles from the Straight of Gibraltar. At 16:00, Globa was on duty with Second-in-Command S. Bolotov standing watch when they observed a strange polychromatic object astern. S. Bolotov was agog, shaking his binoculars and shouting: "It is a flying saucer, a real saucer, my God, hurry, hurry, look!" Globa through his own binoculars saw a flattened out looking object that reminded him of an upside-down frying pan. The UFO was gleaming with a grayish metallic shine. The lower portion of the craft had a precise round shape, its diameter no more than twenty meters. Around the lower portion of it Globa also observed "waves" of protuberances on the outside plating. 

The base of the object's body consisted of two semi-discs, the smaller being on top; they slowly revolved in opposing directions. At the circumference of the lower disc Globa saw numerous shining, bright, bead-like lights. The bottom portion of the UFO looked completely even and smooth, its color that of a yolk, and in the middle of it Globa discerned a round, nucleus-like stain. At the edge of the UFO's bottom, was a pipe that glowed with an unnaturally bright rosy color, like a neon lamp. The top of the middle disc was crowned by a triangular-shaped something. It seemed that it moved in the same direction as the lower disc, but at a much slower pace.

Suddenly, the UFO jumped up several times, as if moved by an invisible wave. Many lights illuminated its bottom portion. The crew of GORI tried to attract the object's attention using a signal projector. By that time Captain Sokolovky was on the desk with his men. He and his Second-in-Command were watching the object intensely. However, the UFO's attention was distracted by an Arab dry cargo ship, on its way to Greece. The Arabs confirmed that the object hovered over their ship. A minute and a half later the object changed its flight's trajectory, listed to the right, gained speed and ascended rapidly. The Soviet seamen observed that when it rose through the clouds, appearing and disappearing again, it would occasional shine in the sun's rays. The craft then flared up, like a spark, and was gone instantly. Thanks to Paul Stonehill
Cessna Encounter with UFO over New York

BUFFALO –William N. writes, “I sat in the co-pilot seat of Cessna 120 #2112V enroute to Buffalo Airpark when out of a dark raincloud slid a large circular grey flat disc moving at a high rate of speed. Our aircraft was rattled as it passed directly beneath us. The other pilot, Stan Sc........, was so shaken up he was not able to land until after five passes; when I finally put the Cessna down. Also, an F-80 came out of the west and entered a large single cloud and never came out. This was witnessed by e.f. & me in my front yard. There was not another cloud in the sky.
Thanks to w.n.

Who is Flying the Largest Air Force Aircraft

While the C-5 was turning over its engines, a female crewman gave the G.I.s on board the usual information regarding seat belts, emergency exits, etc. Finally, she said, 'Now sit back and enjoy your trip while your captain, Judith Campbell, and crew take you safely to Afghanistan.'An old MSgt. sitting in the eighth row thought to himself,
'Did I hear her right? Is the captain a woman? When the attendant came by he said, 'Did I understand you right? Is the captain a woman?'
'Yes,'! said the attendant, 'In fact, this entire crew is female.' 'My God,' he said, 'I wish I had two double scotch and sodas. I don't know what to think with only women up there in the cockpit.' 'That's another thing, Sergeant,' said the crew member,

'We no longer call it the cockpit' 'It's the box office..' Thanks to Nick Mulaney      

Road Found on the Moon?

On Google Earth 5.0 use the Moon feature from the toolbar and then type "Joy"
in the search bar. Looking closely and slightly west you will see a road or trail that runs south for miles. It even follows the contours of the terrain.
I located it last night and posted a video to YouTube. I have alerted KRON news desk too. There are many other strange anomalies I have found today, including trails to the south and west of the Apollo 15 site. I will point out in another posting shortly. Thanks to MUFON CMS

On August 10, 2009, at 11 PM, the moon was at about a 45degree from the horizon and almost full. It was a clear sky so I set up my camera on a tri-pod in night vision and 40 zoom and filmed the moon with my Canon z900 camcorder. I often film the moon in night vision, but tonight there was a very black dot moving across the bottom of the moon. The object flew down and passed the light of the moon and I could no longer see it. When I downloaded to my computer, it seemed to be a translucent triangle with large black spots on each point of the triangle as well as a thin black line connecting the dots. The moon passed the object, and I could no longer see it, but to me the object was stationary. I am at a loss for an explanation. Thanks to MUFON CMS


United States Sightings

Arizona Video of Lights

PHOENIX – On August 13, 2009, around 9:40 PM, I was driving north on I-10 near Fire Bird Raceway, when I noticed two bright yellow/orange lights. The center lights are from buildings, but the bright yellow lights were definitely off the ground. They lingered for a few seconds and disappeared, then reappeared. I drove on and the lights kept showing up parallel to me, and moving along with me. I'd drive for a few miles and they would reappear next to me. They were brilliant moving lights always off the ground. I took some video and a couple pictures. I would pull over, film the thing for a bit, get back on the road, pull over, and film it again.
You can see in the video that it keeps reappearing a few miles down the road. I pulled over to the side of the road four times to catch it on video and got really anxious and scared and drove the rest of the way home. The whole time, I was looking back, and still seeing it behind me. This thing scared me. I have attached the last video I took before I got uncomfortable. In the image I have attached, you can see they are off the ground, different than the lights that are y on the ground. Thanks to MUFON CMS

SEDONA -- We were driving in a vehicle waiting to visit a local establishment that was opening at 12 PM on August 15, 2009; we drove up Coffee Pot Drive where I got out of our vehicle, walked down a small path and took a few pictures of the rock formation. I heard no sound; I saw no lights but noted one small cloud over the rock formation when the picture was taken about 11:55 AM.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

California UFO Images

INDIO -- On June 11, 2009, my family and I were traveling and were at a rest stop near the Arizona/California border. My son pointed out a bight slow moving object that seemed to change colors from bright white, to amber, orange, to a light bluish/purple. This object also seemed to change shapes from a tear drop, to somewhat of a cross, then to an orb sort of shape? I was able to get five images using Fuji f480 digital camera 8.2 mega pixels. Three of images were shot around 6:30 PM, the tonight shots were taken from a gas station just outside of Indio, when my son informed me that it was still viable and he had kept his eye on it since it first became visible to us back at the rest stop. Thanks to MUFON CMS

ELEPHANT SEAL BEACH – On July 11, 2009, my husband and I were sightseeing along the Pacific Coast Highway at 1:30 PM. We noticed some windsurfers and stopped the car to take some pictures with our digital camera. After we got home to Dickinson, North Carolina, we noticed the strange objects after we put them on our computer. Case is under investigation by MUFON. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

SAN RAFAEL -- While taking pictures, of the Navy's Blue Angels, at a local air show on October 6, 2006, the witness states, “I captured an unusual object that i did not see when taking the photograph. It was only when I downloaded the picture to my computer that I noticed the object”....Note: Every year the Navy hosts "Fleet Week" in October and the Blue Angels perform over the San Francisco Bay area. These mysterious rods are associated with many MUFON cases across the United States. Thanks to MUFON CA and Ken Pfeifer, and to MUFON CMS

VICTORVILLE -- We were on our way to Las Vegas near Victorville on July 3, 2009, when we saw white objects in sky from 6:30 to 6:45 AM. The objects disappeared right after we took the photos. The photos were from my daughter's camera. I will ask her to send you the FULL MEGA file of each photo. This was not a video, but consecutive pictures within 1 to 2 minutes each before the objects vanished...
Note: More needs to be learned regarding the image on the left. The photos don't appear to be airplanes, helicopters or birds. I originally thought that the images were extracted from video, but the witness says that a video was not taken. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Florida Rectangular UFO sighted on I-75

INTERSTATE 75 – On August 2, 2009, I was traveling north on I-75 between Mile Markers, 270 and 276, at 10:30 AM, and observed a rectangular flying object. It was charcoal in color traveling west that was very clearly visible against the white clouds. It was fairly low in the sky and at first I thought it was a sign pulled by an airplane, but as I got closer it was obvious that there was no writing on it. It was somewhat transparent but charcoal in color. And I would say the dimensions would be similar to a tractor-trailer or train boxcar. It was perfectly rectangular in shape. While driving 78 mph I took some pictures with my I-phone with one hand. Even with my low quality camera I can see the object in a couple of them. I am a retired sixty year old Tool Maker. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director  

Illinois UFO

CHICAGO -- At about 4 AM, on August 1, 2009, I was smoking on my balcony and looked up and saw the something warp the sky creating a white trail or streak. I did not see what made this happen; there was no sound just a spark at the end of the streak. I happened in less than two seconds. I tried to convince myself it was a shooting star but it was way too close to me and way too bright and shot straight up instead of across the sky. I can't stop thinking about what I saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 

Kansas Light

SALINA – On August 4, 2009, a glowing sphere moving south and changing light intensity stopped and hovered at 11:10 PM.
I was on the phone and happened to glance up and saw a brightly glowing sphere moving south faster than a plane. It dimmed to half light and slowed down about 10 seconds and stopped about two inches above another star and glowed the same brightness, I sat there until about 00:05 until I was tired and couldn’t wait anymore and came inside to report it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 

Massachusetts Odd Shaped Flying Object

ROCKPORT -- On August 1, 2009, in a semi-forested area I saw what looked circular or oval-shaped flying object at 9 PM. It looked too round to be an air plane but flew as fast a normal aircraft. It had two or three blinking lights on it, one red and two blue. Though I was the only person who saw it at least twenty people, including myself, heard an odd noise before and after the object was within sight. The sound was very similar to soft thunder even though the sky was clear. The sound was too continuous to be from fireworks. I even speculated that it could have been sheets and cloth flapping in the wind, for it did sound like that just stronger and farther away.  I'm posting because I want to hear if other people who know more about UFO's think this could be something that is out-of-this-world. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 

Missouri Moving Lights

Stanley Ruchniewski wrote: The Missouri orange light, which reportedly became three separate lights, is exactly what I had seen and reported to you in my letter. It is actually one craft; it starts out as one bright orange light at a distance and then as it gets closer is seen as three lights; as it gets even closer, it is a slow moving V wing, with three lights on each portion. It was so close I could have hit it with a handgun if I wanted, only one block north of me, actually half, and 100-150 feet in altitude. I could see the superstructure of this one and possibly a double set of lights above it; not very large; only 200 feet across in length or so; moves at a snail's pace, say 30 mph. {I'm glad I didn't shoot at it, and risk an intergalactic war!}  This is from Filer's File #29.
37.0089 N   91.5974 W -- This was late evening when friends and I were outside on August 13, 2009, and started noticing lots of objects in the sky. One object was thought to be a helicopter, and after turning checking it’s clear what we recorded was not a helicopter. I was trying to take a picture and thought I got nothing until I watched on my computer. It was a flying tether, or the object was moving so fast that I got it in one frame, and there is no blur in or around the photo.

New Jersey Video

MORRISTOWN -- My wife took a bunch of images with her Nikon Cool Pix on August 13, 2009. She was having a cigarette about 1 AM, outside on our deck. She told me she saw a UFO and she pointed to Jupiter. I pulled out my cheap telescope and showed her that it was a planet. We went to bed and forgot about it. On Saturday morning she showed me the videos that she took. I couldn't believe what I saw. Please review this AVI and let me know what it is. It is definitely a pentagon shaped object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

CAMDEN -- I was out back filming for a disc shaped object that I have been seeing. And out of nowhere a disc shape object shot across the sky above my head at a high rate of speed and made little to no sound; perhaps a slight high pitch whistle hum, like a wind sound. Look closely at 56 seconds into the video, goes by very fast! It’s on the left then makes a quick bend to the right.
TOMS RIVER -- My girlfriend and I were on the patio cleaning crabs for dinner about 5 PM, and put on my polarized sunglasses and noticed a vapor trail above the clouds that had not moved or dissipated. I got our digital camera, and aimed it thru the lens of the sunglasses and snapped a few pictures of an object in relation to the rooftops. After twenty minutes passed there was still no dissipation of the vapor trail. It remained a thin sliver of light, brighter in the center. Now it moved vertically but not diagonally or horizontally. I went to our neighbors and asked if they had seen this too, and all did and were equally as perplexed. Over the period of about an hour its brilliance and angle remained constant, just moving up and down very slowly, contrary to the receding clouds. A vapor trail could not have remained intact for the duration of this event! Thanks to MUFON CMS

ATLANTIC CITY – Ken Pfeifer writes, “I investigate UFO sightings for.  I decided to take my grandson to the practice session of the Air Force Thunderbirds at Atlantic City's Boardwalk.   The main show is on Wednesday on the beach. I took about 20 pictures with my digital camera and i caught an image in one of the photos.  After enlarging the picture to the max amount without distortion, the object is not a bird or a plane. It is a very clear image of some kind of unidentified flying object.  There is another strange object on a few of the other pictures but it may be lens flair or something within the camera but i will check it out with a professional photo technician. Of course i did not see the object when i was taking the pictures. After downloading the pictures to my lap top is when i made the discovery. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON in NJ

New Mexico Blue/Green Glowing Figure eight Shape

ALBUQUERQUE – My wife and I were out walking our dogs on August 4, 2009, at 8:57 PM, when we noticed an aircraft flying at less than a 1,000 feet altitude over Eddy Street. It looked like a C-130 flying north along the Sandia Mountains. The engines were pretty loud when I noticed a weird object in front of the plane. The C-130 appeared to be chasing the strange object with flashing blue/green lights. The object appeared as a figure 8 pattern on its side. I could not tell if the space between the outline of the figure 8 was solid as it was getting dark. I could see the blue/green lights circling around the figure 8 pattern. I work on Kirtland Air Force Base and spent twelve years in the USAF, the only aircraft in the inventory that I would even guess this could be is an Osprey (shown here) aircraft. They have them at Kirtland but I have never seen propellers radiate a blue/green light in the strange pattern. I would also not understand why it was followed by a C-130. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director  

New York Circular Object with White Lights

SKANEATELES -- I was driving down a back road in the woods on August 2, 2009, and was turning onto another road when I saw what first appeared to be a very low helicopter. I was stopped at a stop sign and took a better look but it was not a helicopter-there was no sound at all. There were multiple white lights around the entire circular object and there was a spot light above these lights. The object was only 10-20 feet from the ground. I continued on the road I turned on, turned around as soon as I could, return to the location, and the object was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Ohio Rods

FOSTORIA – Video of strange object flying above farm caught with night shot video camera by George Ritter on August 13, 2009.
The object was captured in only one frame of the video indicating it was moving at very high speed. It seems to have a biological or plasma aspect to it. Thanks to George Ritter

BELLVILLE -- My wife and I were out in lawn chairs in our small yard facing north east watching the Pleiades meteor shower on August 12, 2009 at 10:30 PM, EDT, It was clear, and we saw quite a few nice examples of meteors. We heard our cat meow so I went over to him, when my wife said, "Honey! it's a UFO!". I turned around just in time to see a dimly lit, almost shrouded configuration of three dull amber/brownish lights in the north east sky, and they seemed to be pretty low in altitude. It resembled the effect of someone shining three muted lights in a triangular pattern on a low and overcast sky. It's a tough thing to explain.
Anyway, we ran into the middle of the street which is maybe 50 yards from where we were sitting, and watched the triangular pattern steadily move from east to west to finally be obscured by a large tree in our yard. In the time my wife had seen the object, before I had turned around at her warning of it, she said that it had slowly appeared out of the east and stopped, rotated from a configuration of two lights leading a third, to a single light leading the other two. I guess a better description would be to imagine a triangle with a light on all three tips, and having it rotate from the fat side of the triangle facing, to the tip facing. It also seemed to have solid mass in the middle, and not three separate objects.
I've seen some unusual things in the sky before in the past, but I was by myself, and could easily rationalize them in my mind as maybe my imagination. But seeing it with someone else, well, it makes it pretty hard to explain away so easily to myself. I definitely felt the hair stand up all over my body when we saw it, and I don't feel so nuts since my wife saw it too. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Cigar

ST. HELENS VOLCANO - 46.0444 N and 122.973 W. I watched the craft as it moved south a little, stopping every so often and hovering for about 5 minutes, then it came to a dead stop. It hovered there for about 4 minutes and I started to get my co workers attention, before she could find it in the sky it darted straight for a cloud bank that was between where I was and the Mt. St. Helens Volcano. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Disc Photo

SAVANNAH -- I take pictures of the sky since getting my digital camera. I found these two photos after uploading...they look like UFO's to me...they were taken while standing in my yard in the afternoons. One was in July of 09 and the other August 8, 2009. Photo has been enlarged. Thanks to MUFON CMS

  Texas UFO on Flatbed and Triangle?

ARLINGTON -- There is a situation here that has been unfolding since last Saturday. I was curious if MUFON was aware of this case. There has been a report filed with UFO Casebook by the person that took the photos of what appears to be a saucer shaped object on a flat bed trailer going down I-20. There were many witnesses and many called the local radio station 97.9 The Beat. People were allegedly forced off the highway by police and the on ramps were blocked. Some witnesses said, military was present and that some of the escort cars were black SUV's and Hummers. Supposedly, the audio has disappeared, and the radio station refuses to play it again. There also seems to be police reports made that night about flashes of light and loud booms.
I also had a very odd experience 24 hours prior to these photos. I recommend someone there take a look at this on the UFO Casebook website as well as the photos I have attached. I would just like to point out something odd about the photos. All wide load transports are required to have a "Wide Load” sign, there is not one. The photos are blurry, but I can see that there is no sign. We need your experts to investigate this, because there are conflicting reports and we need someone to get the real facts. Thanks to Christian Smith and MUFON CMS

TOMBALL -- At 4 AM, on August 3, 2009, I saw a glowing white triangular object with a sparkle on one corner facing upward in the sky. Then it dipped down, turned on its side and flew off very quickly to the west in one fluid motion. There was no moon visible. It was about 200 feet above the ground about a mile away. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director  

CANYON CITY -- -- I was about to disconnect my extension cords from my boat's batteries at Copperas Cove when I heard a humming to a whistling sound and looked up to see an object hovering and at times moving left to right and back again. I reached for my cell phone and took one photo. It was white bright in color with a stream of light coming from the bottom to the ground. After twenty minutes it sped away. Once it was closer and hovering moving left to right that is when it became surreal, and seemed as if it wasn't really there. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Flying Triangle

CAMPBELLTOWN -- My older brother and I were playing Hide and Seek on April 12, 1997, around 8 PM. when we heard very low pitched humming and pulsing sound. We saw a dark triangular object around the length of a bus flying VERY slowly that we could have easily outrun.
It was directly above the road at an extremely low altitude, so low that its belly was illuminated as it passed over the street lights. It was a perfect triangle with sharp points that curved as they receded towards the top of the craft. It was constructed from was very dark, non reflective and completely smooth material. There was a large, spherical object embedded in its center with smaller spherical objects near each tip. These were, in contrast to the rest of the craft, shiny and lighter in color. We noticed beveled lines that moved out from the center orb to the orbs at each tip. I felt overwhelming fear as it was extremely ominous and very close to us.
My brother grabbed me and wrapped his arms around my chest in a tight bear hug. He told me, “If they take me, they'd have to take him as well.” He'd seen "Fire in the Sky" weeks before the incident and he thought we were going to be abducted.  It disappeared from our view as it passed over a group of trees. My brother believes that it's a military black project. I beg to differ in opinion as I can see no logical reason why the military would fly such technologically advanced aircraft at low altitude and speed over a heavily populated suburban area. It goes against the operating procedure of all previously top secret military aircraft. The image is a 3D model that I created. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Argentina UFO Formation

BUENOS AIRES -- On August 11, 2009, at 8:11 PM, a parallel formation of lenticular UFOs were observed in the southern sky. There were two strange lights that flew very slowly and were reducing their luminosity.
This happened fifteen minutes after the ISS flew over in the southwest. No satellites were for that hour. This is a still from our video. The small Glaucoart Observatory sends a heartfelt greeting. Thanks to Ricardo E D'angelo .

CORONEL SUÁREZ --We received the following message and photo from our good friend Raul Oscar Chaves of the Ciufos-La Pampa Group: "The attached image was taken in early August 2009, using a Kodak EasyShare 7 Mp with 4x zoom. A series of environmental photos were being taken and the unknown object's presence was detected upon downloading the entire photo stream to a computer. " Thanks to Scott Corrales

Canada Green Lights Fly By

AYLMER -- On August 5, 2009, I was using my computer next to a big window that faces the Ottawa River, and I saw an object with two green lights fly by at 12:45 AM. It flew very fast and quickly vanished. I know it was not a plane of any type. I would say it was circular based on the lights. It flew from Aylmer towards the Ottawa area. My eyes started watering... pretty weird considering just last week an unidentified flying object crashed on the Ottawa River at the Deschenes Rapids which is right near here.

SCARBOROUGH -- It is my anniversary today, on August 13, 2003, on this day I confirmed being taken when I was a young child 1963 to 1965 . Today, six years later I witnessed at 10:05 AM, a translucent white morphing object directly overhead. I was camera ready because I had a feeling I would witness something unidentified today. This object moved south on a straight flight path at a couple thousand feet. I witnessed this object for less than two minutes has it moved across the sky slowly. I took a short video clip from the start and five still shots. The object just vanished before my eyes. These images reveal a white translucent morphing white anomaly. This once again confirms a feeling to let me know there is definitely a presence happening here. Thanks for your great work with Filer’s Report.  Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis
BRANTFORD -- I was outside having a cigarette, looking up when the shape of a triangular craft with flashing lights came into view. The lights were ever-changing. Four lights could be seen, blinking and flashing. Two would blink, and then the other two, then they'd go dark and blink one after the other clockwise, with at least two or three rotations per second. The object proceeded to zigzagged across the sky, over me and kept going at an estimated altitude of 10,000 feet. The lights were neon green, blue, red, and white. It continued on until out of my sight, moving much too fast for an airplane. No engines were heard. It would travel a great distance, then stop abruptly, move diagonally, and then speed up again. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director  

Colombia Diamond Light

BOGOTA -- I cannot believe what I saw. on August 1, 2009, I was out with my girlfriend and i start watching a light i said, "Oh Look a planet" It was red and started turning blue it was really similar to a large star but it became to turn like a diamond and it change from red to blue then to green and it gets more intense so we saw the edge of the strange object. I can’t believe so i run to the center of my village i call the security guy to come out and see it. He was trying to laugh but minutes later he turn really scared. Then i take out my phone so i can take a picture and it was totally blocked. So I take the battery out and reset it, and I call my Dad to came down to see it, went i was in the call the light star to go to the back and it disappeared in 3 seconds. Wow the light was moving in square and sometimes became bigger. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 
Costa Rica Flashing Bright Green Light
This is a update of what I saw days ago, I was looking for a familiar case and I founded one very similar to what I saw on a mountain near my house. The case #18654, Ohio, Huber Heights, is exactly what I saw on August 1, 2009, while walking home on near power lines. I saw a flash of bright green light at 8:20 PM, which lasted about four seconds and then vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Egypt Light

CAIRO -- The attached short video film sent on August 14, 2009, plus the four photos I shot at 10:30 PM of a UFO above a high building located ten kilometers south Cairo. I was using only my cell-phone camera type Nokia 6111. The object was just hovering in one area like a lonely big and clear star.
This is just an ordinary housing area. When I enlarged the photos on my computer later I found out it was different shape from the UFO's which I recorded before. One when enlarged was a‘V’ shaped object the first I have seen in Cairo.! Best regards and wishes from Egypt. Thanks to Dr. Wahid Ibrahim:

France Glowing Oval Lights

CARIGNAN DE BORDEAUX -- Near Bordeaux City on August 16, 2009 at 12:23 AM, I brought my dog outside to play, when I spotted four glowing red or orange oval lights in horizontal formation. They came from the north and were absolutely incompatible with known human flying craft or fireworks. - The four UFOs where hovering slowly in my direction in perfect silence. I ran in my house to get my binocular and came back out to my garden.
They turned to the east at the same slow speed following each other in line. Then suddenly the first and second UFOs vanished as if they dematerialized. Twenty seconds later the third and fourth craft also vanished. My Nickname is Elyansun and I swear on my honor that this declaration is genuine. The UFOs looked like this one shot Arizona on August 13. 2009 MUFON Case:#18658. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Italy Disc Over Lake

LAKE LACENO -- I'm not the eyewitness, I'm just reporting a story read in the local news and lately validated by the local Carabinieri (military police). A30 year old man on July 27, 2009, was taking pictures of Laceno a mountain lake at 40°48'N - 15°05'E. Once he got home, and downloaded the pitures he was amazed to see a disc flying across the lake.

He brought ten pituress to the local Carabinieri's, and they passed them to the R.I.S. (special investigation squad) which validated the pictures as "unmanipulated" and "original". You can read about the story here (only in Italian, sorry):   

Netherlands Round Silver Ball

OOSTERHOUT -- While I was preparing my tent with my mother, I was looking in the sky and saw a silver round ball flying from right to left. It went quite slow, and it was not too far away. At first I thought it was a bird, but it didn't have wings. I thought to myself, it was impossible for a ball to fly. I kept looking at the object until it disappeared behind the Monastir Tower. It didn't make any noise, and it didn't leave any traces. I realized that it could be nothing else than an UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 

Turkey Oval

ISTANBUL -- I was looking to the sky at ten minutes to midnight on July 29, 2009, and I saw a moving yellow object in the sky. It has some black geometric something’s on top and it moved across the sky in four to five seconds, then nothing.. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 

UK Mayan Motif Returns to Silbury Hill

Sonya Porter writes, “The Crop Circle you included last week is interesting, but this one is probably the best which has turned up this year; it’s very complex and I think it is worth including in FF. This spellbinding event brings back memories of another wonderful formation also with a Mayan motif that appeared in the same field at Silbury Hill in 2004. Both these events could be making us aware of the date of the 21st December 2012. This is the date the Mayan calendar comes to an end. The sheer beauty of this new formation takes ones breath away. The location with Silbury Hill as a backdrop has to be of great significance in itself. Thanks to Sonya Porter, Image by John Montgomery Copyright 2009
 PRESTON -- My family and I were out camping in Croston on a campsite called the Royal Umpire. Around 10:30 PM, my dad said , “What the bloody hell is that?” There was this bright orange glow in the sky moving quite slowly in a clear sky. I took some photos then they disappeared. We got around the camera and I had just taken two red lights which were not visible to us earlier. All five agreed there were no red lights, which really puzzled us when viewing the pictures.
LOWESTOFT -- On August 17, 2009, I was walking down the beach, looking up at the sky when I saw ten objects which did not seem to be stars. I recorded the time of the event as 9:15 PM. I stayed and viewed the ten objects, some of which moved slowly and others which slowed down and speeded up. They moved from west to east. I stayed and watched for thirty minutes and obtained a photograph of what I saw which is attached to this report. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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