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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #30 -2009
Jul 22, 2009, 12:12

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Ufologist Richard Hall Dies

Jerry Clark writes, "An e-mail from Mark Rodeghier, who got the news from Rob Swiatwek, reports the sad news that Dick Hall died of colon cancer. Dick was first a hero to me, then a valued friend. We've lost a giant." Richard Hall is a legend in Ufology and worked closely with many of the great Ufologists. Over thirty years ago he compiled his documentary report, "The UFO Evidence" for the leading UFO investigation group, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in Washington, D.C. Few people at that time were aware of the scope and consistency of UFO reports by credible witnesses such as scientists, professional pilots, police officers, and even U.S. Air Force personnel.

"The UFO Evidence" was released in July 1964, coinciding with a new wave of sightings and received international news coverage as well as serious attention in the U.S. Congress. Less than two years later, as the sightings increased, the House Armed Services Committee held hearings about UFOs. Late in 1966, with prodding from Congress, an investigation of UFOs was undertaken through a contract with the University of Colorado. Richard made his data available to the university. When Dr. E. U. Condon, the scientific director, repeatedly made public statements ridiculing the UFO subject before the investigation was completed, the Colorado Project became equally controversial. The CIA and other Government agencies closely carefully monitored Richard Hall�s findings.

He was an acting director of NICAP and the Director of the Fund for UFO Research and he insisted that the focus should be on credible reports from qualified witnesses showing strong patterns. Over the years Richard worked diligently trying to obtain new and better evidence. I visited Rich in his home in Maryland, discussing the crash at Fort Dix/ Mc Guire AFB. He later wrote "UFO Evidence II" and "Uninvited Guests" that on page 139 states, " Dr. Barry H. Downing, a Presbyterian clergyman, who believes the explanation for UFOs lies with the realm of faith. Citing Biblical examples of UFO-like phenomena, he argues that UFOs are part of the �heavenly transportation system� carrying angels of God who interact with man, and there will never be absolute scientific proof � only acceptance by faith�until God�s plan determines otherwise" We hope God�s Air Force picked up Richard�s soul. He will be greatly missed!

The Lord has made the heavens his throne; from there he rules over everything there is. Bless the Lord you mighty angels of his who carry out his orders, listening for each of his commands. Yes, bless the Lord, you armies of his angels who serve him constantly. Psalms 103

Japanese Satellite Images Utility Pole on the Moon

I found a tall structure on the moon taken by "Kaguya" the Japanese Space Agency Space Craft. The "YouTube" video "The central peak of Pythagoras" shows a utility like pole.

During the 1:06 minutes, from about 39 seconds to 43 seconds the HD video clearly shows "the hill and something like a utility pole on the hill and its long shadow on cliff of next hill." "The right white arrow points to an unusually long shadow with nearby structures. The left white arrow points to the top of the hill and the possible utility pole that creates the unusually long shadow.

If we consider the shadow was created by the object on the top of the hill and compare with other shadows created by nearby other objects, it can be seen its height with respect nearby other shadows. Something like structures are near the small crater in the middle of the peak. see  Thanks to JAXA

This NASA 14-66-9279 image shows what appears to be ancient dome like artifacts on the moon. Either humans or 'ETs' have traveled there in the past. An intelligent group apparently has secret technology such as antigravity and free energy, which has enabled them to set up bases on the Moon. The huge size of the domes would likely indicate an advanced civilization constructed them in the past.

Recent infrared/thermal photographs of the Moon's South Pole taken by NASA's LCROSS spacecraft was leaked, and suggests that yellow perimeter lines in the image are evidence for huge domes on the lunar surface.

Jupiter Hit by Comet or Ice

Jupiter has been hit by a comet or a huge block of ice hurtling through space. Jupiter has giant scar that has appeared near its South Pole, which NASA observed in infrared images after receiving a tip from Anthony Wesley an amateur sky watcher in Australia. The likely impact appears to have occurred exactly 15 years after Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 bombarded the planet in 1994. The latest impact was not predicted, and it was caught by chance. "We were extremely lucky to be seeing Jupiter at exactly the right time, the right hour, the right side of Jupiter to witness the event," said Glenn Orton, a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL's Infrared Telescope Facility atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii was used to collect evidence of the impact. Wesley noticed a new dark "scar" suddenly appear on Jupiter early Friday between 6 AM and 12 PM EDT.

Wesley said he almost missed spotting Jupiter's new blemish entirely because he was tired after a late-night sky watching session. "I'd noticed a dark spot rotating into view in Jupiter's south polar region and was starting to get curious, when first seen close to the limb it was only a vaguely dark spot, I thought likely to be just a normal dark polar storm. However as it rotated further into view, and the conditions also improved, I suddenly realized that it wasn't just dark, it was black in all channels, meaning it was truly a black spot."

The near-infrared image reveals an odd blemish with a bright center, and debris northwest of the impact site. "It could be the impact of a comet, but we don't know for sure yet," Orton said. A similar impact on Earth would cause widespread devastation on a global scale. Thanks to NASA

Shuttle Discovery Saw Alien Spacecraft

On March 13, 1989, Shuttle Discovery crew announced, "Houston this is Discovery, we still have the alien space craft under observation." See  

 Sightings in the United States

Arizona Bright Light Travels SSW and Vanishes

DOLAN SPRINGS -- I saw a reflected light that was half of the size of the International Space Station on July15, 2009, from 10:56 to 10:59 PM. The light was heading south-southwest in a straight line course. There was no blinking lights, nor change in direction across the sky. I heard no sound or other indications that it was a normal aircraft. It was traveling in the wrong direction to be the shuttle or space station. It faded out in an area of about 25 to 30 degrees above the horizon and about 50 miles SE of Las Vegas.

Note: The witness is correct that the direction of travel is different than the space station. No other recorded satellites were in the area of the sky at the time and location of the sighting. However, the light still could have been a satellite, but this is doubtful considering that the light disappeared high above the horizon. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

California Fleet of Oval Spheres

LAKE WILDWOOD -- While taking photos of the night sky with fellow UFO enthusiast at Lake Wildwood a number of strange anomalies came and went. The photo taken was straight over head and the single photo was taken over the tree lines which are of a strange large lit object which broke off the fleet and stayed behind as if it knew we were photographing it. Our initial aim was to attempt to get photos of UFOs or strange anomalies. The images of the fleets were enough to raise the hair on the back of our necks. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Editor�s Note: The photo above is likely a hoax. Many of the craft are cut and paste artifacts and several objects are repeated.


SACRAMENTO -- We have multiple photos of multiple UFO's taken in various directions of the night sky on July 17, 2009. Two of the people are known in the UFO community thru work at the UFO Congress, one is a reporter specializing in UFO's. We all saw the same things in the sky. There is video and photos and firsthand accounts avail from four people. They said, "The sky was VERY active and the experience was amazing."

Two of us have witnessed, recorded and noted these events since our initial report May 9, 2009. We have seen multiple objects of variable shapes, brightness�s and appearance. We did see this one on Friday night along with many others. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Roundish Object Photographed

LOUISVILLE -- I was taking photographs of a fire truck on the way home from work on July 21, 2009. I had the sunroof open and while stopped simply put my arm through the sunroof and started taking pictures. I was going to delete the photos after looking at them and upon finding a roundish object in the distance I decide to keep all four for reference. The photo taken immediately before this photo was taken at 15:44:02 and seven seconds later at 15:44:09 this object appeared in the next photo submitted. I take on average 7000 photos a week I will always get something interesting. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Florida Flying Triangle

LAND O LAKES � On July 1, 2009, I saw a triangular shaped object 20 miles north of Tampa, that had three white lights at each point with a dim light in the center. It also had a blue light, but I am not sure if it was blinking or phasing in and out because of movement. The object varies in speed and moved like a kite. It also rotated. I tried to take a picture, but my camera cannot zoom out that far.

Note: Another triangular shaped object is sighted at night. These types of sightings are very numerous. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

MELBOURNE -- We were driving north on I-95 in the early morning of July 16, 2009, when I noticed a black boomerang, oddly shaped object hovering high in the sky. I was looking east and it was definitely not a kite. I noticed a small crop plane flying around it, probably checking the stationary object out. Oh, if I could find that pilot. I was able to take three pictures, that are not great, but I did catch it. I lost sight of it as we drove away from it. My oldest son in the back seat saw it too. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Illinois Fire Melting off

GLEN ELLYN -- We had just parked our car and let the kids out on July 18, 2009, when my son looked up and said, "What is that dad? I looked up and saw what looked like a white dot moving pretty fast that changed into a glowing bag, with fire melting off of it. I asked my wife what the heck she thought it was and she had no answer. It made no noise at all. I have no idea how high it was because it was dark and really had no reference for it. It travelled to the southeast and I took a few pictures with my blackberry and then after about 20 seconds it just disappeared.

The pictures only show a white dot and then a reddish glowing dot. We were freaked out because we have never seen such a strange object. It is weird but when I go to view the picture details it shows that the pictures are from different dates and times, but they were all taken within seconds of one another. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Indiana Lights

ELKHART -- My family and I were sitting in our backyard on the evening of July 4, 2009, watching fireworks when I saw a red/orange sphere shaped object coming from the south. I knew it wasn't an airplane because of the way it moved in the sky. Two seconds later my wife noticed a second one and pointed it out to the rest of us.

She joked that it was a UFO. We tried to write it off as fireworks, but it turned right and flew straight up into the sky and disappeared. A second later a third object came and followed the others; and that�s when I asked my aunt to take a picture. We were in awe. The fourth one came and mimicked the others.

This pictures was taken with a cell phone and camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS"

Michigan Hovering Object

GERALD FORD AIRPORT -- We were driving back from Holland, and since I captured an object with my camera phone a year ago, I thought I would take more photos as we drove. When we were near same area I just started taking photos in hopes one would show up. I had read that digital cameras pick up what the eye cannot see, so I just took random photos and this popped up.

There was actually nothing in the sky that we could see, but something did get caught on film. My work requires me to go out to Grand Rapids at least once a week and I always get a weird feeling when driving through this area. You can tell it's not a bird by its relative size. It freaked us out. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Minnesota � Power lines UFO

Dean and Margaret DeHarpporte write, "We saw in Filer's Files that you are requesting UFO reports involving electrical connections." In 2003, as Field Investigators with MUFON we investigated a most interesting sighting in Southern Minnesota. Two craft were hovering ten feet above the power lines, a sonic boom was heard, and power in the area went off, and the local electrical provider found a problem with a transformer and replaced that. They also had to replace a section of underground cable that had shorted out. We have, along with our report, several computer generated drawings by the witness, of the positions of the crafts and how they behaved. Also observed was a beam of white light that shown from the craft down on the farm houses below. Thanks to Dean and Margaret DeHarpporte

Maryland Three Cylinder Pyramid

SALISBURY -- We were exiting the bypass on July 9 and July 10, 2009, from 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM, when we thought we saw a low flying airplane. We noticed very unusual lighting on it, so we slowed down to get a better look as it slowly flew over us. We could tell that this was no helicopter or plane. We tried to follow and came across it again hovering over a cornfield. We pulled over about 200 yards away from it and it slowly floated our way again back to where we originally saw it. So we followed but again we lost it. We finally gave up, but on our way home we saw a similar floating object far away with the same lights. From there we stared at it for about 45 minutes and also spotted shooting stars. The craft seemed like three cylinders stacked in a pyramid shape. From behind it had very bright blue lights all around and what looked like four headlights with a red glare.

Note: The shooting stars observed by the witnesses were probably not related to the "stacked cylinder" object. I don't have an explanation for this sighting. Many night time sightings probably could be explained if more data were available. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

New Jersey Sightings

MARLTON WOODLAKE � "On July 13, 2009, at 7:47 PM, the witness shot this movie of strange moving lights with his Cannon Powershot. I was facing the eastern skies over the woods. I also have a few stills if you are interested." size=4>

BERLIN -- I went out to film the sky on July 15, 2009, at 7 PM, and there was a disc shaped object flying around. It appears on the film at 23 seconds at the roof of the house moving left to right at an extremely high rate of speed. There is another UFO at 50 seconds into the video. You might have to watch the video four times to catch the fast moving objects. A disc shaped object hovers, and then shot away at high rate of speed... no sound. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 TABERNACLE � On July 9, 2009, at 12:30 AM, Sandra Casnet happened to notice lights outside her window and looked to see what it was. She saw a series of lights in a triangle formation similar to those photographed over Murrysville, Pennsylvania shown here. It was a silent flying weird rotating triangle type UFO on July 10, 2009, at 12:11 AM. As the object moved away the witness fell and hurt herself. Thanks to Bernadette Casnet who made the report.

CHERRY HILL -- It was small, like the size of a chair. It was spinning around a little here and there on July 15, 2009, at 7:30 PM. It was hovering slowly northeast from Cherry Hill and was black and had a triangular shape and looked somewhat like a B2 Spirit Bomber. At first I thought it could be a kite or a model plane, but it was pretty high, at least 300 feet, as it was more than double higher than a nearby 12 story apartment building.

Note: I don't know for sure what the witness saw, but sometimes kites that have broken away from suspension strings can stay suspended in "convective eddies" (updrafts) after a warm day. (I have personally witnessed this phenomenon.) It was warm clear day in the area with high temperatures in the mid 80s. Winds also were quite light. This would support updrafts through the early evening hours. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

HACKETTSTOWN -- Took a trip along the Delaware River to the Water Gap and on I 80 Heading east, I stopped as usual at the Lookout point/stop just passed the Hackettstown exitst, I've stopped here more times than I can remember always a pleasure overlooking the Valley and the River cuts into the Appalachian Mountains/foot hills, I noticed something that looked like clouds in the distance at 5:44 PM, but hanging low over the wooded area passed Hackettstown and asked my girlfriend for her binoculars, when I focused in on the object I noticed that 1) it was not clouds, 2) it was tilted from my view point left up and right down and it would slowly move like pivoting length wise but never completing a revolution, 3) it seemed to radiate a red/blue and silver color with the red becoming gold every few seconds, There was a light breeze and it never moved away from its position 4) There was no tower or any structure visible below it, it did not seem tethered, and it was over a heavily wooded area, there was a few people at the lookout taking picture with the background of the valley and I did notice a gentleman looking in the same direction with what looked like decent binoculars who rolled up his window and started talking on a phone, I continued to watch then I decided to go ask the man in SUV and he had left. My girlfriend took a few pictures of object and surrounding area and I had her shoot a couple of shots through one of the binoculars eye pieces.

Note: Investigation by MUFON�s Kristen Winslet seems to show these lights were reflections of the sun off two silos.

 New Mexico UFO Landing Circles

ANGELFIRE -- Local ranchers called me in November 2008, a couple of months after mowing down their hayfield. The rancher found some odd circles on which no hay had grown (or had grown and was ruined somehow, leaving the circles). I shot the first four photos in early November 2009 (the ground was wet and had been trampled by cattle). In late May 2009 I shot more photos of the same circles. They are even more pronounced now.

This land has been owned and hay grown/mown for 99+ years by the same folks. The rancher swears these circles appeared sometime last year. They worried him for two months after he noticed them before he finally told his wife, and she finally called me. The ranchers are currently requesting anonymity, but are willing to show them to a MUFON investigator.

Nothing is growing inside the rings, and the outside edges of the rings actually look a little wider now than they did last fall. The circles are in a straight line. The west circle appears smaller than the other two (about 8 feet in diameter). The center and east circles are 10'-12' in diameter. They are approximately 60' and 66' apart. A fourth small circle is 5'-6' in diameter. If a line was drawn connecting the circles, the resulting shape would be triangular. A mutilated animal was found at the top of the low hill about 75 yards away from the circles. Nobody reported any missing horses or cattle in 2008, so the ranchers are guessing the dead animal was an elk. The area DOES have people in it, but is pretty isolated. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Strange Images on Google

BRONX -- I was on Google Earth and decided to zoom in on a family member's neighborhood and saw an object between two project buildings. I wanted to get closer which I did about three blocks and was shocked to what I have seen. Some images are in different locations but show a UFO. I don't know how Google Earth works other than satellite. If it is a lens glare or what please analyze.

Note: I am not sure if the above apparent object is a camera "artifact" or a real object. Several images taken at different locations show the object. The Google Earth satellite image was taken in October of 2006. It is not known if the street view image shown was taken in the same time period. I was able to replicate most of these images using Google Earth Pro. Therefore the images were not fabricated. The person who found the images on Google Earth sent ten images. Perhaps this is a real object? We have received some comments that the image is due to a "lens flare" effect. Perhaps this is what caused the image, but I have one question: Why is the same image showing up in photos taken at various angles? There is still an "aura" of mystery surrounding these photos. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest  

Ohio Video

FOSTORIA � George Ritter was filming with VHS on July 16, 2009 1:53 AM. George saw something moving around in the sky so started filming around 12 AM to 12:16:09 AM. Object was moving so fast it was only in one frame of the video. Thanks to George W. Ritter

 Oregon Spinners

SHERWOOD -- Every night for the last three months I have witnessed UFOs that my family and I have decided to call "spinners" in the skies over our home. They look like very bright stars with a distinct shape and brilliant light with flashes of color. With binoculars you can see the underside of the crafts spinning as shown on July 17, 2009. They usually stay stationary in specific spots. Last night, we saw three flying spinners flying very low; one at 10:30 PM, another at 1:00 and the last at 3:30 AM. They make no noise and flash green, red, and brilliant white-yellow lights. One night I counted 18 in just one area of the sky. I have seen one fly so low and close to me that I could have hit it with a rock. There is a weird whooosh sound around 5 AM, every morning when they leave. I can see them from my bed and many nights I watch till they are gone. Sometimes you can hear a pulsing sound that almost has a musical tone to it.

Nearly every night we lay out on the trampoline in the back yard and watch them. We also see oval shaped crafts flying silently overhead, sometimes they hover and park. One actually parked in the handle of the big dipper the other night! On four occasions I have seen a triangle shaped craft with a light on each corner with a multi-colored light on the underside. My daughter and I heard a loud pulsing humming noise as the house actually vibrated. There was a flash of light above our house, I ran out and there hovering directly over our neighbor�s roof, was a huge triangle shaped craft, pulsing and humming that flew off slowly. I have also seen luminous flying jellyfish. My husband and I saw a "V� shaped craft floated silently with three lights on one side and four on the other. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BEAVERTON -- A massive triangle flew slowly over around 11:30 PM, without making any sounds on July 2009. The structure looked as big as two football fields. Each tip of the triangle had a glowing light and in the middle it had a sort of symmetrical light pattern. All the lights seemed to be a reddish color. I watched this for about 10-15 seconds until the triangle was blocked by the tree line. It was flying slowly and it was disturbing how big and slow it was moving! It was less than a mile up in the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Orange Orb

BARRANQUITAS -- I was just taking a series of pictures of the clouds on July 17, 2009, with my new Nikon D60 and I didn't notice the object until I saw them home on my computer. I thought it was dirt on the lens. But I checked it and it was clean. I then thought it could be a reflection of light into the lens, no way because of the color. Thanks to MUFON CMS

  Tennessee Craft

NASHVILLE � Gary Mansfield writes, "We MUFON investigators not only investigate, but sometimes we are fortunate enough to actually witness the proof ourselves... that the truth is out there... in 3D... and as real as the day is long!

I saw it flash on July 2, 2009 at 2:25 AM... I turned my scope on it in the early morning hours of my sky watch...and I captured the reality of it! Seeing is believing! Thanks to Gary Mansfield and MUFON CMS

  Texas Huge Dark Triangle over House

PLANO � On July 20, 2009, the witness was lying in bed at 1:33 AM, and heard a sound described as a continuous low hum horn sound. He said, "I looked outside and saw a huge dark triangular object with two red lights on the back directly over my house moving slowly northward." He stated, "The stars were blotted out by the object and it vanished in mid-air after about 30 seconds." There was some thunderstorm activity was in the area at the time. He went to awaken his mother to look at the object, but the object never returned. The witness left a voice-mail message to report his sighting a few minutes after it occurred. Listen to Interview with Witness (MP3)

Note: The witness is 16 years old, but was explicit in the accounting of events and description of his sighting. He clearly was impacted by the sighting given that he reported it in the middle of the night a few minutes after it happened. I have no reason to doubt this story. Like other similar triangular object sightings I have no explanation. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Wisconsin Flying Triangle

HALES CORNERS � On July 20, 2009, I walked outside my apartment to smoke and heard a really weird noise coming from the distance. A giant black triangle, half a football field in size with three yellow lights and a reddish black pulsating light in the middle flew almost directly over me.

It was cruising a little faster than a blimp. I felt scared and kissed my cross and went inside and prayed. I found this picture online that is almost what I saw. Thanks to MUFON CMS

  Sightings World Wide

Argentina: Strange Lights


NOGOY� -- Diario Victoria reports, "Local residents informed Diario Nogoy� of manifestations of strange lights in the sky that moved in different directions on July 16, 2009." Thursday evening persons, living in a field near the Estancia farm claimed seeing traveling lights in the sky, before ascending and returning in the opposite direction to their original position. Other people were summoned to verify the sightings and the following night the lights were brighter than stars, and one of them appeared to come closer at one time, shifting colors from white to red, and growing larger. The protagonists stated that the landscape offers better visibility toward the Victoria area, as it slopes downward.

A Roundup of Argentina UFO Sightings follows:

15 December 2008: A Pampan pilot photographs two strange objects at La Pampa border.

8 December 2008: Witnesses at Ataliva Roca see a powerful red light toward the west, oscillating under cloudy skies.

16 December 2008: A luminous huge triangle flies over Santa Rosa in a SE-NW heading.

16 March 2008: UFO photographed in seen in Santa Rosa and photographed over General Pico.

10 January 2008: Several residents of Santa Rosa see a UFO in broad daylight, amidst a storm.

6 June 2009: Oscar "Chango" Guitierrez, a TV producer photographs a strange object as he travels near Peru along Rt. 35 pulling over to take a photo of the sunrise.

24 June 2009: Members of CEUFO photograph two strange luminous objects over Laguna Don Tom�s in Santa Rosa. (Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to INEXPLICATA

Bulgaria Two UFOs

SOZOPOL -- On July 29, 2009, four people saw two unidentified flying objects during 10-12 minute sighting.

Canada Sightings

OSHAWA -- Based on the data and what I have witnessed and even heard by others. It is no secret that these crafts are attracted to nuclear power plants. They are curious and maybe some even download energy-like a recharge. Many sightings over field hydro towers are common. The area surveillance by satellite, probably can read of any intrusion anywhere-thus dispatch our aircraft for a shoo and observation. I bet that targets - even persons like me are under intense controlled remote viewing for any signs of contact. I have noticed many helicopters and two military jets fly together along those lines in Scarborough.

I will keep watch and camera ready. On August 13, 2003, the day I discovered I was taken as a child there was a-power outage. I laughed and really wonder if my EMOTIONS set off a power outage. Attached is picture taken July 5, 2009, at 1:21 PM, of unidentifieds near aircraft. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Egypt Sightings

CAIRO -- Dr.Wahid Ibrahim writes, "Dear Major George Filer attached is a short video film plus 4 photos recorded by my cell-phone Nokia 6111, at 1:30 AM, on July 10, 2009. This UFO was very clear in the sky and appeared together with the full moon and flying southeast to southwest (as usual) and it was located around 10 km south Cairo as usual. The altitude was around 30-50 km in the sky. It was vanished around 5: AM. The object was changing colors from white to blue to red, and to green color. At the same time I noticed three objects at different sky locations, One was blue, the second yellow, and the third object was in white color. But all of those three UFOs taking one orbit from west to east heading to Giza Plateau where Pyramids are located. With my best wishes and regards from Egypt , Thanks to Dr.Wahid Ibrahim

N.B I will prepare the Pyramids subject soon with my remarks and the scientific evidence. This matter is very rich and somehow complicated to anyone who wants to know the real truth!! Wahid

France Huge Glowing Sphere

SARTHE REGION -- Michael Cohen reports, "On April 18, 2009, local police were called by scared residents who claimed to have seen a huge glowing sphere move through nearby forest and fields." A police patrol arrived at the scene to see a huge glowing Sphere hovering over the ground at a height of less than one meter. The sphere was larger than a car and moved towards the police vehicles. The police drew their guns and were afraid, but there was no evidence of any hostile intent. As the UFO interfered with the vehicle electrics and headlights while its own incredibly intense glow further brightened, illuminating the entire area. The object then shot away. The object was silent, smooth sphere of light with no doors, windows or vents. While the event was completely blacked out by the media it has been big news within the French Police Department where it has been the subject of multiple meetings. GEIPAN is also believed to be investigating the incident. Thanks to Michael Cohen and [email protected]

Mexico Mothership

MEXICO CITY -- Here is a recent video posted to YouTube which shows a large indistinct rotating sphere of a yellow color releasing dozens of white spheres. Clearly this is nothing but an extraterrestrial display. Of interest is that the total volume of the spheres far exceeds the volume of the Mothership. The video is in Spanish, captured from Mexican TV, with English subtitles. A man was on a bus and happened to get off and recorded the aerial display.

It is a clear statement from the ETs that "We are here, get used to it." The video was shot May 22, 2009, and posted to YouTube on July 5th. The Mexican people and government are far more receptive to these events than other nations so it is a good place to get the message out. I became aware of this from the weekly free newsletter from ZetaTalk.Com. Thanks to Gordon & Janet

Turkey UFOs

KUMBURGAZ/ISTANBUL -- This extraordinary incident took place in a compound in Istanbul and was witnessed by many residents and filmed by night guard Yalcin Yalman. The images captured are expected to have a tremendous impact throughout the world and be listed as "the most important UFO/extraterrestrial images ever filmed."

Between May and September 2008, many nationwide UFO sightings were reported from different parts of Turkey, while some of them were filmed and photographed and aired. These footages are considered as the closest and the most significant images ever filmed. Their metallic structures are clearly visible.  


MIDDLESBROUGH --I just put my daughter to bed around 11:40 PM, on July 19, 2009, and went to bathroom to take a shower and opened the window when eight to ten orange objects in a staggered line moving across the sky. I noticed one of the objects at the back moved sideways, remained there for around five seconds, and then moved back where it was originally. I called for my daughter to come and see, and got my mobile phone to video the objects. We both stared at it until they passed my house. When I moved to the front of my house they all disappeared except for one which eventually disappeared too. They made absolutely no sound. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

TILE HILL -- I was a little excited to find that craft in one of my pictures, yet the feeling was get out and take the pictures that got me off the chair? The date was Sunday July 19, 2009, at 7:10 PM, west of Coventry, perhaps over the Tile Hill area Its double interesting, I was drawn to get up from the golf and look/picture outside, don�t claim any links with the ET visit, but it makes you wonder ? Mike N.

SOUTH WALES - CROESYCEILIOG, CWMBRAN, TORFAEN -- On June 13th 2009, four witnesses saw a long oval shaped object around 10 PM. The witnesses took several photos in a clear sky and did not feel it was a balloon. It was a clear night, when my son first noticed the object moving slowly, changing direction, and then disappearing into the sky.

The second sighting happened about an hour later, but came from behind the mountain, we actually saw it come up, move slowly again, fly above us and disappear slowly. Thanks to UFOINFO  


CORNWALL -- This picture was taken from an aloft hot air balloon in August 2006, flying at 2000 feet. It was around 5 PM when one of the women noticed the object. The witness managed to get three clear shots of the object before it took off and was gone in seconds. RAF St Mawgan is a few miles away and the picture was taken with a CANON SLR with a high speed motor drive.

Note: These are some of the clearest UFO pictures we have ever seen. Thanks to UFO Case Book and Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

40th Annual MUFON UFO Symposium August 6-9, 2009 in Denver, CO


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I need your help. It is very time consuming and expensive to research and prepare the files. Only a few people who have enjoyed the files for years have chosen to provide a donation. I would greatly appreciate your contributions to help sustain my production, reporting and research efforts. I also want to thank everyone who has sent their UFO sightings, without your help there would be no files. I want to thank the few people who have sent $25.00 and more for donations to Filer�s Files for this year. When you send in a subscription please include your latest E-mail address. Don't miss the latest images of UFOs from Earth and Mars. YES! I'm concerned about UFOs, and their impact on the Earth. Sign me up right now for Filer�s Files. PLUS, I can keep all the reports I've received � and receive a pro-rated refund on the unused portion of my subscription.

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God Bless Our Troops and Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

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