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Weekly Filers Files Last Updated: Jan 9th, 2014 - 14:52:41

Filer's Files #22 -2009
May 27, 2009, 08:21

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Special Reports


We Have Lost Many Men and Planes Trying To

Intercept UFOs" General Benjamin Chidlaw,

Timothy Good writes, "The destruction or disappearance of military aircraft during interceptions of UFOs continued apace." As General Benjamin Chidlaw, former commanding general of the Air Defense Command told Robert C. Gardener (ex USAF) in 1953: "We have stack of reports of flying saucers. We take them seriously, when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them." Leonard Stringfield, the former Air Force intelligence officer was told by a reliable source in the 1950s that the "Air Force was losing about a plane a day to the UFOs. According to US Defense Department figures, from 1952 until the end of October 1956, there were 18,662 major accidents of military aircraft, broken down as follows: Year - Air Force - Navy - Total Accidents

1952 2,274 2,086 = 4360

1953 2,075 2,325 = 4400

1954 1,873 1,911 = 3784

1955 1,664 1,566 = 3230

1956 1,530 1,358 = 2888

Of this astonishing four year total of 14,302 US aircraft losses, most involved fast new jets (such as those scrambled in UFO interceptions), of which 56.2 per cent were found to be caused by pilot error; 8.1 per cent by ground-crew or other personnel failure; 23.4 per cent by failure of parts and equipment in the aircraft; 2.8 per cent by various ¡®unsafe conditions¡¯, and ¨9.5 per cent (1,773) were due to unknown factors. Thanks to Timothy Good new book, "Need to Know" P.172

Comments: When I chased a UFO we exceeded the red lined aircraft air speed by 20 knots. In the excitement of the chase it is easy to exceed aircraft capabilities and often some part of the aircraft may fail. Many stories are told of firing missiles and making direct hits on the UFOs that were unharmed only to have them return the fire and destroy the interceptor.

One well known example of aircraft loses to a UFO was the F-89 with tail number 51-5853A, piloted by 1st Lt. Felix Moncla, Jr, with Second Lt. Robert L. Wilson as the Radar Intercept Officer. I spoke with a radar operator who worked in the Air Defense Command radar site on November 23, 1953. During the evening, radar picked up an unidentified target over Lake Superior and alerted the 433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Truax Field, in Wisconsin. Lt. Moncla in his F-89 C all-weather interceptor was scrambled and instructed to intercept the target. The F-89 diving steeply down intercepted the target at 8,000 feet, and radar operators watched as the "blips" of the UFO and the F-89 merged on their scopes, in an apparent collision, and disappeared. No trace of the plane was ever found. You can visit Lt. Moncla's memorial headstone at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery in Moreauville, Louisiana, which reads:

. Photo Courtesy of NUFORC

During the summer of 1952, Americans reported a record amount of UFO sightings to Project Blue Book, the Air Force group responsible for investigating unidentified flying objects. Author/Illustrator Frank C. Feschino, Jr. has written an exciting book that encompasses the summer of 1952 and America's overwhelming UFO problem during that time. The author documents the numerous aerial encounters and confrontations that occurred between United States fighter planes and UFOs over America.

I spoke with Frank who spent 18 years searching for data to put in his excellent book. He told me that in July of 1952, an Air Force information officer revealed, "The jet pilots are, and have been under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can't talk them down." Feschino writes about the overwhelming amount of mysterious fighter plane accidents and vanished jets that occurred during the 1950s. I congratulate Frank Feschino for finding the story of our missing airmen in his many years of research into the UFO phenomena. "Shoot Them Down" is an important historical record of the deaths of brave men who were ordered to engage UFOs. Not only to hunt them down, but as Lt. Col. Moncel Monts is quoted in the book; "The jet pilots are, and have been under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can't talk them down".

Frank proceeds to lay his documented cases of pilot disappearances' as a result of actual aerial dogfights with documented sightings of UFO's. President Barack Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at the Arlington National Cemetery this Memorial Day, perhaps those who sacrificed their lives chasing Unknowns has a new meaning. Those who died intercepting UFOs has been ignored. Most of the men who died in our wars have been honored for their sacrifice, now it is time to honor those who died for their country fighting UFOs.  

Marine Major Donald Keyhoe, states .

"In 1949 the Air Force told me they had been ordered to 'get' a flying saucer by any possible means. This was admitted by an intelligence officer at the Pentagon ... Major Jere Boggs. In front of General Sory Smith, Boggs told me that one Air Force pilot had fired at a saucer over New Jersey."

"In the late 1950s, as a number of futile US chases mounted, some pilots were convinced that the UFOs were immune to gunfire and rockets. Several Intelligence analysts believed the aliens might be using some negative force linked with gravity control to repel or deflect bullets and missiles. But the top control group disagreed. In a special evaluation of US and foreign reports they found evidence that UFOs were not invulnerable. Some had been temporarily crippled, apparently from power or control failures, and a few others had been completely destroyed by strange explosions. In one or two cases, it appeared that missiles or rocket fire could have been the cause."  

Many cases involved the disappearance of aircraft and aircrews that are still missing.

The Fullerton News-Tribune, CA July 26, 1956...

"The United States Navy will not publicly admit that it believes in flying saucers, but it has officially ordered combat-ready pilots to 'shoot to kill' if saucers are encountered, OCNS [Orange County News Service] has learned. The information was first learned when Navy pilots navigating trans-Pacific routes from the United States to Hawaii were ordered in a briefing session to engage and identify ' any unidentified flying objects.' If the UFOs (saucers) appeared hostile the briefing officer told the pilots of Los Alamitos Naval Air Station reserve squadron VP 771, they are to be engaged in combat... It was found that the orders are not unusual."

May 5, 1953, Off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, the USN reported, "3 Navy fliers missing" that were aboard a "Douglas Sky Raider, a night attack bomber." The Navy reported, "A search by twenty-seven aircraft from daybreak to sundown, failed to find any trace of the men or plane."

Stanton T. Friedman states, "I have personally heard of seven instances in which military planes chasing flying saucers were never heard from again. The chasing isn't surprising, in view of the official USAF 1952 orders to shoot them down if they don't land when instructed to do so."

"If I have heard of seven such events, then surely there have been more. (More details are given in SHOOT THEM DOWN by Frank Feschino, Jr.). One can perhaps understand the reluctance of the government to admit that such losses have occurred (even though Major General Roger Ramey admitted in 1952 that more than 300 interceptors have been scrambled)." "Impotence in the face of intruders is not something that governments want to admit." Excerpt from, Flying Saucers and Science - A Scientist  

The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted ... lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled ... --General Nathan Twining, Head of Air Material Command (AMC), 1947.

Major General Robert B. Landry writes, "I was called one afternoon [in 1948] to come to the Oval Office ¨C the President wanted to see me.... I was directed to report quarterly to the President after consulting with Central Intelligence people, as to whether or not any UFO incidents received by them could be considered as having any strategic threatening implications .".

Major General Robert B. Landry, Air Force Aide to President Harry S. Truman getting another star.

It is sad to know that many governments kept a lid on these engagements. The deaths of many airmen were attributed to pilot error or engine failure when in reality they had died in air combat with craft not of this world. It is time to honor these men who died in aerial battles with UFO's after being scrambled to hunt them down.

"For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6

And there's the ET" (external tank) and UFOs!

On May 16, 2009 -- A space shuttles' external tank floats away, surrounded by "stationary" UFOs, along with strange other objects moving quickly on screen. From Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives. ET external tank space shuttle UFO NASA NASAUFO secret Transmissions TBLN Martyn T Stubbs

Underwater Roads near Cuba

Ken Pfeifer writes....I recently watched an hour show of UFO Hunters and they were concerned about an X pattern under the water. The location of their find was 106 miles south of Havana Cuba on the eastern shore of the Isle of Pines. I investigate for MUFON in New Jersey and Google Earth has many interesting and strange objects that defy explanation. While scanning the southern Cuban waters, I came across something quite shocking. There are amazing underwater markings between Cayo Rosario and Cayo Cantiles? Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J. Editors Note: Ten thousand years ago the oceans were 300 feet lower and this area was likely above the sea level so these lines may be ancient roads or walls.

Are UFOs Taking Electrical Power?

Electrical Engineer Ed Moran writes, "As for drawing power from a power line, it's possible to do with varying amounts of effort. I did a bit of armchair research and found that there are a few people who have found ways to do it.

One way is to simply run a wire on insulators under the power line, this creates a single-turn transformer, good for high voltage use. It's been used to power bare fluorescent lights which are very forgiving in voltage. There are other stories of campers sticking a pole in the ground under a power line and attaching a wire some distance above the ground, adjusting the height until they get 120 volts. There is also a rumor that the military is designing Unmanned Ariel Vehicles to land in power lines to recharge periodically. This is tricky from an engineering point of view, you need a covering that won't short out two power lines if you land at an angle, but with a low enough resistance to conduct well enough to recharge in a useful period of time. It's not impossible, just tricky, and I have no idea if they have been successful.

As for draining massive amounts of power, you can hover under the high tension line and take advantage of the voltage drop under the line. You form a circuit from the power line through the air to the top of your craft, though your craft, out the bottom of your craft through the air to ground. The air is the tricky part, it's a very good insulator so it will prevent much power from being transferred.

If you can ionize the air around you then the resistance drops dramatically and the power draw will be much greater. Ionization is very easy to do; an insulated nail tip surrounded by a ground sheet with a voltage difference of more than a few hundred volts will start to create ions. More is good, of course, and the more ionized air you can create between your craft and the power line overhead and the ground below will lower the resistance of the air and increase the power flow through your craft. Filtering and regulating the power flow and routing it into storage will take a bit more doing but it is not impossible.

So yes, you can capture power through power lines. It won't be very much without putting in some effort, but if you are far away from home base and the earthlings have created some nice, fat electrostatic potentials, then maybe the guys in engineering might be able to cook something up Of course, don't draw too much too fast or you might black out the Northeast US again. Thanks to Ed Moran.

Sightings in the United States

Arizona UFO Over Nuclear Power Plant

WINTERSBURG, PALO VERDI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ¨-- A little UFO slowly came out of the bottom of the big craft and moved to the west very rapidly after dropping 40 to 50 feet. We were on Cooling Tower 3 of Containment Building 3 during a power outage at 1:00 PM in 2003.

I was one of the Electricians on the tower with 15-20 people from the Carpenters Union. I just had to tell someone as its been on my mind a long time. I could say so much more but feel a little like I may be stepping into something. The plant is located 45 miles west of Phoenix, and is currently the largest nuclear generation facility in the United States, averaging over 3.2 gigawatts (GW) of electrical power production. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

Connecticut Flying Triangle

HARTFORD -- I was lying in bed late at night on March 29, 2009, when I heard a quiet rumbling, humming, vibrating noise outside. I quickly leaped to my window and saw a large triangular craft fly directly overhead. It approached me from behind, and apparently flew right over my house. It had three brilliant bright white lights with one on each corner. After five seconds, it slowly turned left and flew out of sight. I wasn't able to see it after it turned left, so I ran outside, but it had disappeared. I had previously seen a UFO on March 19, 2009, and I've noticed an increased amount of air traffic in my area. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Delaware Moving Lights

NEWARK -- On May 21, 2009, at 11:33 PM, I went out to stargaze and noticed three stars/lights/objects, that shouldn¡¯t be there. There were two bottom lights spread equidistant apart, with a third light slightly elevated at dead center. Then the bottom right light moved quickly to the right and very quickly disappeared. I ran into get my Bushnell 7 X 35 Binoculars, 420' @ 1000 yards and focused on both lights that moved independently of each other to the left and right. They were both moving above and below the tree tops. Both objects/lights exhibited very, very rapid strobe light emissions with no apparent patterns. Far left light/object faded, disappeared quickly. Center one faded in and out of visibility throughout the event changing course and maneuvering until it faded and disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia UFO Rises Out of River

COLUMBUS -- It was early in the morning and I was running along the river walk getting some exercise on March 8, 1984, when I saw a tear drop shaft craft rise up out of the Chatahoochee River. It hovered for a few moments with water running off of it. The craft was silver in color and looked smooth and didn't stay there for long. The crafted rotated so that the "tip" of the teardrop was pointing towards the sky, at which point it just shot straight up into the air at a very high speed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Disc UFO Photo

YORKTOWN -- On May 20, 2009, at 1:04 PM, like most clear days, I take pictures to record whatever may be overhead. The pictures are then zoom inspected on the computer. When you zoom in on the object, you can see sun light reflecting off of it. The blurring indicates the object was moving very fast. I use Canon SD630 Digital Elph 6 mega pixel Camera; with a shutter speed 15-1/1500 seconds. I was in my back yard shooting ENE. I did not see the object in the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maryland Triangle Video

WASHINGTON D.C. -- On May 19, 2009, I was sitting on the sofa watching a movie with my friend and we just happened to look out and saw this sphere shape pulsating with lights. We went out on to the balcony to see make sure it wasn't a plane. There was a plane stationed above it or what we believe to be a plane and we watched it for fifteen minutes but we heard no sound whatsoever! The object was pulsating various beautiful, green, orange, purple, and pink. It was too big to be a star and stars don't just vanish in a cloudless sky tonight. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nevada Close Encounter

FALLON -- On May 7, 2009, my girlfriend and I were driving home from the desert about 10:30 PM, when I saw a boomerang shaped aircraft with five lights on the front. I have lived near the Top Gun Air Base all of my life, so I¡¯m used to seeing weird lights in the sky but this was totally different. We saw three strange aircraft flying together erratically in a triangle formation. They stopped and one UFO fell in a slow motion to the ground as if it had crashed. The other two flew southwest so we followed until one of them was parallel to my truck. I was going 35mph and so was the craft, I sped up to 50 mph and so did the craft it shadowed me until we drove to a dead end. The craft flew over the top of us twice, then hovered maybe 250 yards away.

My girlfriend plugged in my 3 million candle power spotlight and I shined it on the translucent craft. The light reflected off of it, so we put the spotlight away. The craft swooped in like an airplane would banking until it was facing us with five super bright white-orange lights. It hovered at less than 100 yards away for about ten minutes. We could now hear a slight hum as it flew off and then over us twice. It seemed as if it was playing with us which pretty much rules out the military in my opinion. It hovered for another ten minutes as the other craft circled behind us almost like back up to make sure we weren¡¯t hostile. Then the first craft turned hard to the left making the crafts light shift from five lights to one. Then as it turned it became completely invisible only to reappear over Highway 50 revealing many little yellow lights. It shifted back to five lights and flew parallel with us until we got closer to the lights of the town. It pulled up behind us and hovered for a minute as we drove closer to town, then they departed heading back to the dead end. We were pretty shaken after seeing this.

I had my Dad and my brother go with me back to where we had originally seen the craft we saw one of them but much farther away this time at first we thought that this was just an airplane but more light became visible on it three in the front it stopped and hovered for about half an hour when we were out there we noticed a truck with a spotlight looking for something when we stopped to look for the aircraft the truck killed all his lights as we were leaving we saw a black SUV with tinted windows driving toward the trucks location we also saw a helicopter spotlighting the ground (we think looking for the third craft)and people in nearby fields with spotlights

Spoke with witness. Boomerang shape 50 feet wide object was 100 yards away and at 200 feet altitude at closest approach. Appeared solid when viewed head-on, changing to translucent while retaining faint outline of itself when turning or banking. Bright, intense light at nose with two occasionally flashing yellow lights on each side. No lights on bottom. Vehicle clock showed 9:15 at start of event and 10:10 PM, at end of event. Witness said the total elapsed time felt more like five minutes. (Poss. CAT3?) Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Triangle with 3 Red Lights in the Back

MANALAPAN -- On May 22, 2009, at 9:50 PM, I went outside on a clear night and was looking up to the north and noticed a very bright hovering orb. At first I thought it was a bright star but realized it was too low to be one. It was about 10,000 feet high and hovered for about 45 seconds and then sped away and was gone. It shot straight up into the sky and faded away in about seven seconds.

ELMER -- On May 19, 2009, at 11 20 PM, I went outside noticed again a stationary huge orange ball of light half of a mile away. It was flashing a fire like color, so I called my Mother who came out side. Then we saw a huge at least three hundred yards long triangle shaped craft hovering a half mile away at Green Branch Park in Pittsgrove. It was rotating. As I proceeded to take a picture my camera would not turn on so I put in new batteries. I ran to the rode and tried to take a picture but my camera the battery's drained as soon as I hit click. I could not get a shot of this object. I am really pissed because this is kind of UFO I have never seen.

It stayed there over the tree lines then vanished. The woods in front of me lit up like the color of the sun. My Mom and I got in the car and tried our best to get a picture of this thing. The gates of the park were locked so we couldn¡¯t get closer. Then about 45 minutes later I looked outside again and this triangle thing shot straight up in the air like a bullet!

Our phone lines were not working, and get hear a loud humming noise outside. I ran to get my Dad¡¯s cell phone to call Kenny Pfeiffer the MUFON investigator but my Dad¡¯s cell phone was also dead. Two cars stopped apparently to look! I assure you there's heavy UFO and paranormal activity around here from 10:30 PM to midnight every few days.

A few weeks ago with a storm coming, I took this picture towards the park and four little tan men to the left bottom were in the picture! Ken Pfeiffer and Bill Stevenson are investigating.

Oklahoma Triangle

EDMOND - My friend and I were feeding horses in a rural area between Piedmont and Edmond. My friend spotted the object that had three red lights and a smaller yellow or white fourth light that formed a triangle shape. I got out of the truck and noticed there was no sound and watched the object along with her. The lights were constant and not pulsating. It was very low and moving too fast with an erratic flight path to be an airplane. The object moved to the east and about three miles away began to hover. It hovered in one spot for thirty seconds and then abruptly disappeared. The entire event happened took less than a minute. No normal aircraft is able to perform this movement. Neither of us has ever seen anything like this. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Silver Ball

40-7104 N 76-6275 W -- I walked outside on May 22, 2009, at 7:24 PM, and looked up because a plane was landing. Right next to the plane was a perfectly round, really high up, but plain as day silver noiseless ball. It was not a disc. It was traveling at a tremendous rate of speed, with no noise, and no heat trail. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MURRYSVILLE -- I was still awake around 4 AM, on May 22, 2009, because I had been looking for a third return of an orange UFO. We saw it on both March 13, and 18 2009,

I was ready with my new, two day old $1200 Sony HDR-XR500V HD camcorder, and Celestron Skymaster Giant Binoculars 20x80....... I thought I may as well take another last look when I saw a flashing craft going slow and low just above the tree line in front of my house.

I opened the window and there was no sound. I grabbed my new camcorder, opened the patio door and filmed this thing! It was heading west and was lost behind some large trees. Before you think it's just an aircraft, look how the torpedo thing on right side changes and the porthole/exhaust hole-looking things changes. There's square windows lit up by the flashing light and a little probe that whizzes past the craft from the right to the left! In one blow up, it looks bullet shaped with two holes.

Five of these things have been seen by Paul and I moving silently overhead for a couple of months now. We had never seen planes with three white lights on the back with a big red light underneath. See images are copyrighted.

Tennessee UFO


HORN LAKE -- Around 10:30 a formation of lights sit in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end watch as three lights appear below them. You get to see one appear out of nowhere. Its amazing thing to...

KNOXVILLE -- On May 22, 2009, I looked up and saw a white and a red strobing light about 60 degrees high in the night sky. After a couple of minutes it had dropped 15 degrees and seemed to strobe. The object was circling in a small radius motion. It just hung there in the sky until it dropped. The lights were really moving fast and not an aircraft. I've never seen anything like this before. It just seemed to hang in the air until it dropped.

Sightings World Wide

Argentina Disc Photo

BUENOS AIRES -- This photograph was taken on Sunday, January 4, 2009, while traveling aboard a ship of Buquebus Companies from the city of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, to Buenos Aires.

I did not see the object at the time and only saw it while reviewing it on my PC. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Australia a Red Light and Symbols on a Craft

COOMERA GOLD COAST QLD -- Yesterday, May 3, 2009, at 6:02 PM, my brother and his friend and I finished fishing at Coomera River when a red/orange light in the sky caught my attention. I watched it for about a second and a half when it changed color to white and squashed itself into a flat shape object and within seconds it disappeared. The whole thing lasted about three seconds, and the others had missed it. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

SYDNEY -- On May 22, 2009, at 5:37 PM, I was driving north on Old Brooklyn Highway a somewhat secluded road about 13 kilometers north of Berowra, NSW, to beat traffic. I was winding through the cliff tops when I saw in the distance 5 to 6 small bright white lights all in a circle rotating around another in the center of them, just as children would play ring around the Rosie, or reminiscent of a formation of wheel studs, all of them converging close to the center one and all moving out again, but they were continuously rotating all together like a dance.

I was at 1228 Pacific Highway just Past Mile Marker 83 when I stopped to watch them fade in and out circling in a clockwise rotation around the one in the middle all keeping in formation, and did not stray or move much in distance at all. Then they moved in a very fast motion all together and disappeared behind a ridge. I started driving and ten minutes later as I crossed the Mooney Bridge, I saw one only 300 feet off the mountain cross the road and traveled Northeast over the bridge toward Cogra Bay.

The object was about 1300 feet off the ground. It was as big as a two story house and it looked like a giant creamy marble in perfect ball shape. It rotated slowly and I saw markings on the side that resembled a deck of cards symbol of the clubs and also a straight line vertical and an arch over this straight line like an un-joined arrow. The second sighting lasted for about a minute as mountain peaks of Cogra Bay obscured it.

I thought it seemed to do something to the water too, but I am not sure. It was very fleeting as I saw this as I turned away, but was if it flashed five light rays from underneath it at the water. I thought the water was being disturbed as it passed this light on the water's surface. I can't really be sure. I couldn't see anymore as it was becoming distant and obscured. Note: Given that the witness's report and illustrations are reasonably accurate makes this a most unusual (unidentified) sighting. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Brazil UFO Photo

CURITIBA -- On December 22, 2008, at 10:40 PM, the witness spotted intense lights and shot a spectacular video for thirty minutes. This is one frame from the amazing video. The witness claims they often see these craft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BRASILIA -- On May 22, 2009, I was having my breakfast in my kitchen that is on a hill above Brasilia and noticed a bright flash at 10 PM and spotted a very huge, cigar shaped object. It was shinny polished gray about 30 meters long hovering for 10 minutes until in an amazing speed shot off to the sky! I know that at least five other people saw it because saw them looking to the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada UFO over Ontario Hydro Power Lines

MONTREAL, QUEBEC -- On July 28, 2008, at 9:30 AM, I took a photo of the marina in the Old Port in Montreal. About 9 months later I noticed the speck on the photo and zoomed in to see the UFO. I was actually unaware that I sighted anything at the time. I would really like for someone with the training and the tools to analyze this further. I used Photoshop to define the color differences of the object as well as the original.

Note: The witness sent the enhancement whereby he edited the resolution (zoomed in), the contrast, brightness, and color. He also sent the original photo which was taken with a Nikon Coolpix S200 digital camera with a resolution of 7.1 megapixels. The object is too small and/or too far away to ascertain any definitive shape. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

This latest UFO video from Ontario sounds really interesting. According to video footage and eyewitness on February 4, 2009, a UFO was videotaped over Ontario Hydro lines. It beeps, signals, stays stationary, moves slowly, turns to bright orange light, gains height and fly away. It also touches eight power lines from bottom to top before moving away.

CREE LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN -- On May 10, 2009, the witness came across human like footprints which measured 18 inches in length and approximately 8 inches in width that are likely Sasquatch/Bigfoot Tracks. Pictures were taken. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

Columbia Cylinder UFO Sighting

RUNGE -- I was with my father on March 3, 2003, and took a picture of the landscape at that time saw nothing, but when we saw the photo in more detail we saw that it was something strange.

There is an airport nearby but the image does not look like an aircraft. When I saw the image detail, I was confused. Runge is 56 kilometers north of Santiago. Thanks to the Institute of Hispanic Ufology Translation, Scott Corrales


PENTREBANE, CARDIFF, SOUTH WALES -- Me and my mate were walking home at 9:30 PM, on April 13, 2009, and spotted three fireballs in the sky. They were travelling quite slow coming towards us. This is the second time we have seen them in the same area and we have video footage but didn't know how to put it on here. Thanks to UFOINFO for this report.

LLANTWIT FADRE, PONTYPRIDD, SOUTH WALES -- On May 2, 2009, at 10:30 PM, I came out of the house to go to the shop, I looked up, which I often do because we live very close to Cardiff Airport and are used to seeing planes, but this was different. The object was moving slowly through the sky at only a few hundred feet. It appeared to be a ball of flame similar to the light I had seen five months before with four witnesses. I filmed it for about 90 seconds with my mobile camera as it moved across the sky with no noise towards Cardiff and disappeared at a very steep rate towards the stars. The two objects I had seen before did exactly the same thing about five minutes apart. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

UK/Northern Ireland Two Orange Glowing Spheres

NORTH COAST of COUNTY DOWN -- At 10:05 PM, on Monday, May 11, 2009 on a beautiful clear night I noticed an orange glowing shape travel fast across the sky. It was silent and was flying low as an aircraft. I called my husband who also witnessed it disappearing across the sky. Then another appeared and followed the path of the first one. We have not seen anything like it before. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

EDINBURGH , SCOTLAND -- On May 21, 2009, at 10:30 PM, two UFOs were filmed by Jackie Gillies as they rise from the Gorebridge area to intercept a passenger airliner forming an acrobatic crossover across the length of the port wing. Air Traffic Control has referred the matter to the MOD for comment. Watch the video at:

LOWESTOFT SUFFOLK -- On May 8, 2009, I was outside playing with my dog and chatting with my partner when I saw a silvery white bright star-like object drifting overhead slowly and silently at 10:40 PM. I said to my partner, "Look up," and at that moment the object illuminated to an intense brilliance that almost hurt our eyes. The light took on a square shape while at full illumination and was headed away. It quickly dimmed back to the original circular shape. We were excited and saw the UFO for approximately one minute. After being lit up so bright, it faded in luminosity and totally vanished. The UFO flew directly overhead in a clear sky.

I have had sightings for years and once reported a sighting to the MOD and they dismissed it, even though fighter jets had flown in to intercept the UFO. Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

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